Stupid Filipino Family

Ok here I go again with the latest tale of stupidity

I asked my G/F to marry me a couple years ago and seeing how I already knew her Mama was a blood sucking leach I decided on buying my G/F a cheap ass ring because I knew only 1 of a couple things would happen .

She would pawn it at Mamas advice orstupid filipina scammer bitch lose it or it would be ripped off.
Well it was misplaced while she was doing dishes ? No one seen it or knew anything about it

Fast forward appox a year and It shows up on Mamas hand !!! And she has the nerve to wear it on her ring finger and show it to my G/F who asked for it back because it was her engagement ring after all .

Her mama said NO i,m borrowing it ???? As soon as I found out I went to the market (where she works) And asked why she was wearing her engagement ring ? Oh I found it well Papa found it .
I told her give it to me NOW !!! which she did but it caused much chika among the other sellers and I had embarrassed her in front of her peers .

Now the whole family has said why would there daughter tell me and why wouldn’t, she just come on her own to ask for the ring back ? They tell her all the time that family problems are not to be shared with me even if I am directly involved because they don,t want to be seen in a bad light .

give me moneyWhat kind of a person would take a engagement ring from there own daughter ?
They say when forced to give it back its a cheap piece of shit and I should have just thrown it away. I,m glad this happened because now my G/F has seen the true evil that infects her Mama and Papa and has washed her hands of helping anymore .

I have been waiting for her to see this for herself because me forcing her to abandon her family would come back to bite me in the ass but she has made the choice now .

Now I know the family has her on ignore no calls visits or contact because in the past that has worked to get her to crack and give some money They are very nice as long as shes paying the bills and giving Mama all her money .

This last trip so much stuff has happened IE: Back biting , Lying ,Scamming, with many deeds exposed from the past . I have decided to stop all support and contact with the parents .

Pure idiots if they just treated my g/f with respect and maybe a little towards me I would have gave them more than they would have ever asked . But they have made it clear I am not part of the family and I am to be used for cash inflows only .

On the bright side this will save me a ton of cash and headaches.

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    Good luck with this. In my experience the g/f will not, and can not handle being ex-communicated from the family, especially the Mama and Papa. I just sent my g/f of nearly five years back to her family. I told her if you are prepared to put up with all the dishonest things your family do to me, then you can go and live with them. Its a real shame because it is her five year old son who is going to miss out in life, and I really do love him.

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    Never compromise unless it benefits the both of you, especially in a Filipina/Foreigner relationship. My ex wife’s family (Filipina) were bloodsucking demonic vampires that never did shit but sit on their asses and try to collect for doing absolutely fuck all. Now with my current gf I do help her family out but they help me as well, which is how it should be. When I go to Davao, where my gf is from, her family does anything they can to make me feel like part of the family. They may not monetarily help me out, but they (yes even her Father and brothers) go out of their way to show me a good time and take care of me when I visit the house. We tend to the garden together, cook together, drink together (surprisingly civilized drinking, no savagery), we play cards/dominoes, and oh yea, everyone in her immediate family actively tries working instead of sitting on their asses. My gf’s dad is a construction worker (tons of work in Davao due to economic growth), her mom takes care of the garden at home (sweet potatoes and mango trees 😀 ), her sister goes to “college” (well education here meh) and works part time at a flower shop, and her brothers work as fishermen near Indonesian waters. It may not bring in huge earnings but at least they have self respect and TRY to do things on their own, unlike most of the general population, sheesh!

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      I can definitely relate to you, but in the opposite way. I did savage drinking with my idiot wife’s father. It wasn’t sophisticated like going to a fancy restaurant sipping on wine, it wasn’t even going to a bar drinking beers, it was just drinking that nasty shit called,”Tanduay Rhum” from the same shot glass with a bunch of visiting neighbors with bad oral hygiene, drinking can’t get much worst than that. It’s not that I am germaphobic, but when somebody is exhaling bad breah, or is old with less than 5 teeth, and drinking out the same glass as me, I find that very sickening! And yes, they sit on their asses too not doing nothing except for leeching off my income. I’m thinking about putting them up to a test to see if they are even deserving of my monthly charity. I wanna catch them red-handed to the point where my idiot wife has to choose between me, or her worthless family. Obviously she will choose them since she is overly attached to them, so that will set me free from my idiot wife. I’m actually looking forward for her to choose them over me, that gives me enough excuse to leave her ass. I’m tired of supporting them without them contributing any kind of input to make my life one bit easier. Well anyway, I just came back from Mindoro and I’m tired. Had fun at White Beach without my idiot wife. I enjoyed my 3 days of freedom, now I’m back 🙁

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        Pearl Of My Ass

        Fafi, next time you go there, in case, I could recommend Sunset at Aninuan Beach, on Aninuan beach, next to White Beach. Less lively but nice standard and good food. If you seek tranquility and good service, we found it really nice.

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    Disapointed Post author

    Well Kiwi I think she is the one who has excommunicated her Family

    She knows her Mama is fucked in the head but taking her ring was the final straw The things they said to her after broke her heart ,
    She sees them for who they are

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    Ironically my idiot wife had lost the engagement ring I gave her that I spent $1500 on, that’s why I only spent $200 on her wedding ring. I think she pawned her engagement ring or had it stolen from family members. I’m sure she already had her $200 wedding ring appraised and realized she can’t get much for it, therefore she still kept it for over 3 years, but the $1500 engagement ring was ‘lost’ (wink-wink) within a year.

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    Pinay Lover

    “What kind of a person would take a engagement ring from there own daughter ?”

    Only Filipino parents would. They procreate for this purpose only. Having lots of kid’s, manipulating them to be subservient drones for their leeching tendencies. They look at their kid’s as nothing more than cash cows and call it a “culture” if you ever express any negative light on the subject.

    If you were to say to a them “you are disgusting abusive leeches who use your kid’s for money” they would simply tell you, “but it’s our culture” to make it ‘right’!