Stupid Filipinos And Cash Transactions – No Proper Change

I have managed businesses all my life. On two occasions, I have managed retail business which involve cash transactions. Who’s responsibility is it to provide the correct change? Well, if you’re not a stupid fucking idiot, you would know that it’s the SELLER’S responsibility to provide proper change in a cash transaction.

But I would estimate that 50% of the time when I buy something or ride a taxi, and give them a 500 peso bill or 1000 peso bill, they claim to not have change. Taxi’s have been driving around all day long, taking money from customers, and they don’t have change???? What the fuck kind of service is that??? I tell them they better find change if they want to get paid. Filipinos are such idiots.

Paying the bill at a restaurant, I give 1000 note, they return with only PART of the change, and ask “do you have 100 pesos sir?” WHAT THE FUCK??? How many times are we going to go back and forth before the transaction is completed??? It’s a fucking restaurant with cash transactions going on all day long, and they don’t have proper change, and have to make 2 trips to complete a simple cash transaction??

I tell them, “NO, You’re inconveniencing me, your customer, with haggling over change. If I had exact amount, I would have given it in the first place. It is YOUR responsibility to provide proper change for any cash transaction.”

There is absolutely no sense of customer convenience in Philippines. Such NON-consideration and ignorance is rampant. If you want people’s business, ACT LIKE IT! Don’t inconvenience your customers! Be prepared always to provide change to them no matter what, and don’t go asking them for smaller bill or anything. It’s called responsibility and customer service. Something which is completely ignored in this country of morons.

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    Dude, whoever you are I feel the same way. The Philippines is a country of God fearing Morons, Slow shitty Service, Bank Sucks big time (especially BDO) Online banking sucks! Keep up the good work and post every stupidity that you experience. Your blogs are accurate. I agree with you 110% and I am happy someone has been doing something for a change! GEEEeeeez for all the years this country is just getting hotter, Filipino’s are still fucking idiots. I arrived in the Philippines last year for a long vacation just to see what’s up. There is no progress and its the same shit hole like before. Now there are more cars and people WTF!

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    Ha ha ha. Did you ever screw with them? I know that you may not always have time to do that, but maybe it might drive the message home. For example, the waiter comes back with partial change and he asks if you have 100 pesos. Dig into your pockets for something small, like a 5 peso coin. Hand it to him and say: “I don’t have 100 pesos, but I have this. Does that help any? Now you just need to find 95 more. Go ask the people over on that table. They look like they have money.”

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      Yeah, it’s never ceases to annoy me how VIRTUALLY any time you are at an obvious place of business, even big business like SM or a major restaurant, that if you try to pay a 100 to 200 peso price/tab with a 1000 peso bill, they instantly give you a nasty look, then ask you for a smaller bill. I will often pull my wad of cash from my pocket, loaded with 50 peso bills, 100 bills, 500 bills, let them see it, then give them a 1000 peso bill. When they ask for a smaller bill, I will say, sorry, but if you’re allowed to preserve your smaller bills, so am I. The difference is I’M THE CUSTOMER, YOU’RE THE BUSINESS WANTING ME TO SHOP IN YOUR STORE, SO YOU’RE OBLIGATED TO CONVENIENCE ME, AND BE PREPARED TO MAKE CHANGE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! Fucking idiots.

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    Hey fellas this thing about asking for smaller change and not completely giving the proper amount of change is a new thing in businesses, its been going on of course for a long time but more blatant recently as if it is institutionalize already. Im Filipino and i get annoyed also bout this. Its not just foreigners they ‘re doing this but everybody. Usually i dont give in, but when im in hurry no choice unless i got really no small change. Bout not giving you the correct change like lacking 50 or 35 centavos, they say “is it okey sir? i usually came back at them like”if i lack 25 cents can i buy also this item?” of course NOT. but you just have to be assertive, other times in grocery where line is long i anticipate already what the cashiers will do since i observe the lines before me, -lacking small change- Id say hell no complete it no matter how long you have to find the change I GOT ALL DAY TO WAIT ON THIS LINE mam, hehehe and they quickly give me the lacking change…sometimes more…LOL

    However, theres more to it than just costumer service, According to my sources, the cashiers and supervisors are into it,…Those change they dont give back are not registered on their electronic cashiers, so when inventory comes those EXTRA changes becomes thousands of pesos every day, untraceable and will go the pockets of the cashiers and anybody else. Perfect Robbery, not even the owners of Malls knows this.

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      We know they don’t just short change foreigners. It just comes from their cluelessness and sense of entitlement of the average Filipino. It blows my mind that a professional company would even ask “is it ok sir?”. IT IS NEVER OK!!!! And that is what makes them so fuckin’ stupid! They have no clue about common sense and courtesy.

      Imagine if that cashier gets the “ok” from 30 or 40 customers per day to be short changed 25 or 30 centavos. Add that up per day, then add that up per month, then per year. That cashier certainly pockets that overage that they end up with at the end of each shift. Yes, it’s still not much money, but that is beside the point. The point is, a professional company should know it’s NEVER OK TO SHORT CHANGE YOUR CUSTOMERS, EVEN IF IT’S 1 CENTAVOS!! It’s unprofessional, it’s stupid, and it’s a sure sign of utter cluelessness.


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      I agree completely. I’ve even experienced this kind of service here that I do now believe it is rampant. it is so damn inconvenient for me that I, being a considerate fellow customer, would just nod in agreement so the transaction would go quickly if not smoothly and the next customer can have his/her goods checked. But then I learned my lesson. I keep coins from 10 cents to P1.00 so that if the cashier would ask for smaller cash, I have some ready. I don’t want to be robbed blind by some mall when I’m short on cash and on a tight budget myself.

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        This is why stupidity, ignorance, discourtesy, and corruption continues in Philippines. Because everyone so quickly succumbs to it. It meets no opposition. People so gutlessly and pathetically give in and seldom force others to do the right thing.

        Here is what should be done:
        Whenever I am in a taxi, and the driver says “sorry no change” I say in reply, “Then sorry, no pay. I am the customer, you are the idiot who wants my business. It is customary and STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD that when doing business on cash basis, you keep a supply of change for your customers. THAT IS YOUR OBLIGATION IF YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS YOU COMPLETE MORON!! Now, do you want to get paid for this fare? Produce proper change!!!” Inevitably they produce the change. This “sorry no change” BULLSHIT is just their way of blatantly ripping you off!!


        Sorry, but your method only allows the stupidity to continue. When in a mall or any business, and I give them a 1000 peso note, and they come back with PART of the change and ask, “Sir, do you have 100 pesos?” I reply, “What the fuck is this?? An auction? If I had proper change, I would not have given you 1000 you dumb fuck! What an inconvenience!!! Listen idiot, I am in this restaurant because it’s YOUR JOB TO CONVENIENCE ME!!! IT’S NOT MY JOB TO CONVENIENCE YOU!! Now get me the proper change, because that’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A BUSINESS YOU IDIOT!!”

        Such utter fucking stupidity beyond anything imaginable!!

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    This proper change drives me nuts. After my meal in a restaurant the other day I asked for my check. It took quite awhile to get it even though there were only a few customers. I paid with a large bill. After 15 minutes of waiting for my change I went looking for the waiter. I couldn’t find him but talked to the manager. He said he sent the waiter out to get change. No fucking change anywhere in the fucking restaurant. After another 10 minutes I was getting very pissed and gave the manager a piece of my mind. He asked me to be patient. At that time the waiter came back with several bags of items for the restaurant. Turns out the manager sent the waiter to the market to get my change and had him do some some shopping while he was there. Didn’t even give a fuck that he was making me wait for my change. A total fucking idiot.