Stupid Ignorant Proud Filipinos (That’s 99% of you) – WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Stupid Filipinos. Yes, I generalize, because after living in Philippines for 10 years, it is extremely rare that I have met a Filipino with a measurable level of awareness or intelligence. One example of just how unbelievably apathetic, stupid, and completely ignorant and rude Filipinos are, is to watch street traffic. It sets the tone for how they behave and operate in all other aspects of Filipino life.

Watch them not give an ounce of courtesy, cooperation, or common-fucking-sense. Every single one of them. Doesn’t matter the traffic. By foot, by bicycle, by motorcycle, they all go about in pure ignorance and a me-first mindset.

Then they walk around boasting Pinoy Pride. What a bunch of utter nonsense. The world doesn’t believe you Filipinos, because we see the opposite in your country. Your delusional words do not cover up what the world sees in Philippines.

Stop blaming the government. They have the power BECAUSE YOU CONTINUE TO GIVE IT TO THEM! Far too few of you have the courage or intelligence to stand up and organize and take the country back, because you’re all corrupt and dishonest minded idiots.




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    as a rule, the left lane is for fast traffic, right lane for buses and public transportation.
    but in da feelipinnes, you must be able to switch lanes at least 5 times per block, or no license,
    these people have internet for scamming, why not watch you tube to see how traffic moves in other countries
    JUST SHOOT ME is my ”motto”

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      They are, and the video is well done too. As I’ve said several times, there ARE a few smart, GENUINELY patriotic Filipinos who desperately want something better for their country. Like … maybe six. Then there are 99,999,994 others who just want to shout “Pinoy Pride!”, throw their trash in the storm drains, and hold their hands out for a passing politican to deposit P500 and a packet of ramen into it. It’s no wonder the smart ones just give up and leave.

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    I beg to differ. Filipinos are not all as you say. They can’t just do anything especially about the traffic. What can you do if your car is stuck in the traffic? You should have known not to pass by the road with traffic, I say.
    Why the hate if you live here and has the blood of pinoy. And if you are not Pinoy, how dare you! Why are you here anyway, or even stay if you feel this country is a ‘fail’. Find a country that will love you.
    As I always say to those who doesn’t love the country, get out! What can we do if we are born here, and you are not? If you are so knowledgeable, why don’t do something about your complain, than just complain.

    1. Profile gravatar of Boo Radley
      Boo Radley

      Why don’t I do something? Why? It’s YOUR COUNTRY YOU DUMB SHIT! YOU Filipinos fucked it up, now you want ME to fix it? Why don’t YOU do something to make it worth staying? It’s your country, YOU DO SOMETHING!

      YOU are the country who lies to the world by claiming “It’s more fun in the Philippines”

      YOU should be the one to do something about the failed state your country is in. You want foreigners to come and invest and tour, but when they come and are disgusted by your behavior, your rudeness, your stupidity, your lack of common sense, your filthy conditions, and they say so, you tell them if they don’t like it, to leave. This is why you are a fucking idiot.

      You ask us to come, you lie about how wonderful it is here to get us to come, then when we come, we find out how filthy and corrupt and stupid you are, then you tell us to leave.

      If you want us to like it here, THEN MAKE IT SOMETHING TO LIKE!!!! You fucking moron!

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      You BEG to differ? Well you Filipinos are certainly good at begging aren’t you?

      They can’t do anything about the traffic? How about OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS?????? They can choose to obey traffic laws. That’s what they CAN DO. They CAN choose to be cooperative instead of ME-FIRST ME-FIRST. The CAN choose to have just a little bit of common sense. They can choose to press the brake pedal instead of the horn when people are in a pedestrian crosswalk. If everyone obeyed traffic laws, there would be a whole lot less fucked up traffic in your country.

      But there you are, making mindlessly pathetic excuses for your fellow moron’s behavior.

      And that’s why Filipinos like yourself are so fucking stupid. You can’t figure out even the simplest solutions to a problem. You just say “I can’t”.

      You are pathetic. I mean REALLY pathetic. The only thing you’re very good at is making pathetic excuses to why you’re not good at ANYTHING. You refuse to take any responsibility for your stupidity. You just blame blame blame and make yourself a victim of everything.

      Pathetic pathetic pathetic. Sickening pathetic.

    3. Profile gravatar of Stu Pidasso
      Stu Pidasso

      Lalaine. Let’s give you a fair shot here. Please tell me, in your view, what are the 10 or 5 best things about the Philippines and Filipinos?

      Hope that’s not a hard question for you.

    4. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      In any other country comment like this would be considered as a troll since no one really can be this stupid… unless you’re Pinoy.

      There’s more “we can’t” in the Philippines!

    5. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      If you knew anything at all about the way your country works, Lalaine, you’d know that foreigners are forbidden by the constitution from participating in the economy EXCEPT in very limited, heavily proscribed ways. We can’t “do something”. Basically, foreigners are allowed to give the country (foreign) money, but they’re not allowed to do anything else. The State is a dirty little street kid with its hand held out, and it’ll only accept cash.

    6. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      And incidentally, many of your countrymen have taken your helpful advice. The smart ones are so sick of retards shouting “if you don’t like it just leave” … that they did. Anyone who might have made a positive contribution to your country has left the rest of you to wallow in your own self-made hell – because idiots like you told them to.

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      Lalaine, you blabbering idiot. You’re the sort of person who represents the stupidity of just about every Flip out there who makes me ashamed to call myself a Filipino in the world of common sense and intelligent people. As several have already pointed out before me, if a lot more drivers AND pedestrians on the road decided to be courteous, respectful and follow the rules we would have a lot less traffic. I make it a point to follow as best as I can the road rules in our shitty streets, including slowing down and stopping for pedestrians on a crosswalk. You however, I will happily run over.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Well said ArgentinaPinoy. I have a lot of respect for what you said, and I don’t hate on you one bit for being Filipino. See, it’s the stupid actions that disgusts me the most about this country. Filipinos like Lalaine is what makes this country so unacceptable; nationally and internationally. I don’t know much about your background Argentina, but if you are this disappointed, then its safe to assume that you are one of the few exceptional Pinoys who doesn’t contribute to the ignorant ways of the Philippines, and you try your best on your part to correct it. I’m glad you have this view, and I hope many other Filipinos can share this view and apply it.

    8. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Oh wow! The same old “Get out of our country” slogan whenever a typical Filipino finds out how unpleasant we find your country…. You tell us to get out as if that will fix all of your problems. Well guess what, it doesn’t! How about trying to fix your country if you have any pride in leaving an everlasting good impression of your country, or isn’t that too hard for your people?

      I talk shit about my own country when I was there, and what became of it? IMPROVEMENTS! People reacting to my demands. We form unions to make our country better. I’m aware that Philippines is different and have their own ways. But we all know there is some level of global standard that each country meet, and Philippines continues to fail to meet that standard.

      Just ask yourself this one question Lalaine before you start getting blindly angry at everyone for pointing these facts. “IS WHAT WE SAY IS TRUE?” We can’t change your country (since we are not the problem, and we can’t), you Filipinos needs to take that initiative.

      If we are just making this shit up, then you have a means to argue.

    9. Profile gravatar of TheD

      What can you do if your car is stuck in the traffic?
      Not weave in and out of other lanes in an attempt to get one inch ahead of your fellow pare.

      I beg to differ. Filipinos are not all as you say.
      I agree with you 100%. I have some of them as my best friends and I would honestly die for them. But the sheep mentality causes most to act in the way that they do.

      Why the hate if you live here
      Why not take the constructive criticize or prove the comments as untrue.

      Let me give you some examples. I am birish. I commended about china claiming the spratley islands and how stupid it was. My british friends said “doesnt england own the falklands” agggh fuck you’re right. An island a hell of a long way away from england and yet we claim we own it. Yes, we have no right to own it.

      Have you been to other countries? What did you think?
      Malaysia is so clean and so well organized. Your country could be the same. Don’t you want this for your children and family? If not, why not?

      What can we do if we are born here, and you are not?
      Another peoples revolution. Let me pose one question. What would Jose Rizal say about the Philippines if he was here today? God bless Jose. I am sure he would cry for his fellow countrymen as THIS IS NOT WHAT HE DIED FOR. Or is it?
      What is your opinion?

      1. Profile gravatar of

        I was amused by your comment about the Spratlys being rebutted with a comparison to the Falklands. I believe las islas Malvinas belong to Argentina but in a referendum done a few years ago, all the Falkland islanders except three voted to stay British.

        The point is, when brought up with the Falklands example, you were able to easily say “agggh fuck you’re right” whereas in the Philippines we would try to find any silly way to prove we’re not wrong. If Jose Rizal rose up from his grave and see what we have made of his “querida Filipinas” he would grab the honor guard and beg him to shoot him in the face.

        1. Profile gravatar of TheD

          Thank you. I do not think it is fair to fling mud without first checking to see if I am covered in mud.
          Should the Falklands be British territory? Fuck no. Same goes for Gibraltar.
          The only place that I think we did well was Hong Kong. It is now the financial capital of Asia.

          That is why these people back home are my friends because they will openly criticize my opinions as I do theirs so that we can foster a learning environment and bounce ideas off each other. People who see this for the first time think we are fighting, but we are just pointing out the stupidity of each others arguments. I believe it is called evolution.

    10. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      since the philippines gets hit with 20 or so typhoons every year,, why don’t the Feelippines have a dedicated disaster plan instead of begging and begging ALL THE TIME?????????

      1. Profile gravatar of Anne

        We tried to deal with this in our thesis (me and my two groupmates). We wanted to model an inventory system for the pre- and post-disaster phase that might help the government (esp the local ones) or even the NGOs in improving the distribution plan + the logistics when disasters strikes. also wanted to cover preparedness. But half-way our research, we actually gave up since our adviser told us 2 groups from the past five years has proposed the same topic, but no group has been successful. Even if the disaster plan or the model is feasible, there is a huge probability that the government wouldn’t even care about it and just continually ask for donations using the media.

        PS we have also read a lot of articles where in local government officials use in-kind donations that are in the distribution centers, re-packs them and label it as their donation (plastic printed with their hideous faces + names) before distributing it to the beneficiaries. -.- It’s like “HEY, I HELP YOU NOW, VOTE ME LATER”

  3. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    he dares to say he doesn’t like the way things go here, now stand over him like a cave bitch and stomp on his verbal fears with your hairy a$$ legs. make him afraid to talk like that, tell him to get the fuck out of the country before u get even angrier!! scream at his children for not liking the country!! yell at his man ass!! yell at hIIIIIMMM!!
    racially vilify him for having individual tastes he developed in a country he deserves more to be in.

    then pray to jesus all day for carrying the roman cross.

    (second personality)
    but please feel sorry for him for carrying the burden of your countries problems without permanently living there..buyag. Have some respect because he made it ten years and that’s 3 times longer than me. Give him a dollar value haha and be grateful he is a “big spender” have pity on him piiity him for feeling the way you like, the way that leaves him a free man. he is not a terrorist and doesn’t deserve to be deported for being upset at uh……… stupidity…(throw me a line tell me the nicest way to say that). he is actually feqrful of being hit while driving..thats the uh impression I got..not another get the fuck outta here quick warning

  4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Lalaine says: “I beg to differ. Filipinos are not all as you say.”

    So Lalaine, are you calling me a lier? Are you saying that I only imagine the utter stupidity whenever I have any contact with any Filipino for any reason?

    Are you saying I’m only imagining that the customer service never calls back when they promise? Are you saying that I only imagine the technician doesn’t show up when promised? Are you saying I only imagine cars speed by me honking at me while I’m trying to cross in a pedestrian crosswalk?

    Are you saying that I only imagine that Cignal TV charges me 700p to come fix what I am already paying for?

    Are you saying that I only imagine that something is out of stock every time I have a list of things to buy? I’m only imagining my restaurant food is cold upon arrival?

    Are you saying that I only imagine seeing people turning left from the right lane, and right from the left lane? You’re saying all the stupidities we all experience every day, with everything we do, with everything we buy, with everywhere we go, we’re all just imagining it?

    You’re calling us all liers? Or do you think we might just be coming to the conclusion that Filipinos, in general, are brainless idiots because we experience it every day, everywhere in your country?

    Do you REALLY think you’re going to convince us with your words that conflict with what our eyes see every day?

    If so, you are seriously delusional. Seeing is believing, no matter what words come flowing out of your mouth. What we see every day here does not match up with your words.

    Sorry to burst your Pinoy Pride bubble.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I really can’t picture myself being this delusional. I wonder how much brainwashing it took for them to think that ‘shit’ is ‘chocolate.’ That’s pretty much what I’m hearing here. It’s impossible to win an argument against a Pinoy if they are so delusional that they can look at something, construct an image in their mind that is different from what they are seeing, and have the nerve to voice that image into words, which has nothing to do with what they are looking at.

      The Pinoy Way = See One Thing, Imagine Something Else, and do/say something that is the complete opposite.

      1. Profile gravatar of TheD

        When you have nothing else, you have pride. Although I never fully understood that.
        The issue in my opinion is soooooo deep rooted.
        The people are oppressed. How can you not be oppressed when the politicians have played the most dangerous game in the world to get where they are? They risked their entirely family being slaughtered just to get where they are. How can they not look down on the general population?
        There is a difference between fighting for what is right and fighting for what is the most dangerous position in the whole world.

        Lets just say for one moment that the people in power really do want the very best for the people, even though no evidence suggests it.

        Vice claims “The Philippines are the most dangerous place in the world to run for office, as politicians are routinely killed by their rivals.”
        They even call the Philippines “Assassination Nation”.
        Disagree? Get them to change their mind and I will too. Don’t shoot the messenger.

        Go to google and enter “Human rights” what is the first suggestions? “Human Rights in the Philippines” hmmm. Funny that.

        “After 22 years of advocacy and lobbying, the Philippines enacted the Anti-Torture Law in November 2009”
        It seriously took until 2009? You’re pinoy, explain it.

        “Amnesty International has serious concerns about the widespread use of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in the Philippines.”
        Again, I am merely the messenger. If it is not true, tell Amnesty international it is not true.

        Morong 43? Google it!
        Then explain it if the Philippines is a haven of beauty and tranquility.

        One more thing. Believe me, I would make this country better if I could, but the first step towards solving a problem is admitting there is a problem. If you refuse to admit that what happened to toe Morong 43 is wrong, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  5. Profile gravatar of TheD

    Or maybe this story “76 Journalists Killed in Philippines since 1992”
    Of that number 62% covered Politics and 42% covered Corruption. It adds up to more than 100% because they usually covered more than one topic at the time they were gunned down.

    What about the Maguindanao massacre?
    I could go on for days and days.

    Note that I am not saying the Philippines was acting alone. Evidence suggests that the CIA were also involved, but the blood is spilled here on your soil where there is so much pinoy pride.

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD

      God damnit. I think my comment was too harsh.
      A mirror is being held up to the Philippine people and they dont like if. However, if a mirror is being held up to you, only the same would be fair for us.
      So lets flip the table.

      First I will bundle all the issues into one. War, rendition flights, indirectly sponsoring torture and directly sponsoring terrorism.
      My reply: Yup, the government are cock sucking, lying skumbags. I do not deny that. I am not saying that they are better than other governments because they arent.

      I believe the real issue is misplaced pride. I am ashamed to be white because of what the west has done and still does.

      However, the difference is if you came up to me and said “your government are corrupt etc” my reply would not be “FUCK OFF, WE DONT WANT YOU HERE”, my reply WOULD be “We have so much in common, lets have a drink”.

      I realize my government are lying skumbags.

      Do pinoys not want change? Or do they simply accept that change can not happen. Any opinions are just a voice in the sea. Any demonstrators disappear.

      Maybe that is a question to direct at the westerners here: How can you expect the Philippines to change when the government is corrupt as hell and are known for torturing people who try to change them or demonstrate?

      I dont think that will answer why companies act in such a retarded manner having 10 staff do that job that 1 staff could do in a fraction of the time.

      Its also not fair to tarnish everyone with the same brush, but so many people here are carbon copies, it is very hard to find anything different, but it does happen.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        You are absolutely right @TheD

        The idiot Pinoy cannot muster up enough insight or intelligence to understand.

        They think that by criticizing them, we are saying we are perfect. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        But their stupidities, corruption, and ignorance go so far beyond any average, to the point that they now are constantly battling this filipino stupidity movement that the world has brought onto them, and they are sorely losing it.

        They just cannot understand that in order for us to believe what they claim, and say, their behavior and actions need to match their words. But nothing could be so separated than that. Their words paint a glorious, incredible blissful scene of perfection, while the eyes of the world see Philippines with their eyes, not their ears. A filthy, desperately corrupt, unbelievably ignorant load of stupid morons who refuse to change or progress.

        Their news media can make up all the false stories they want. But those of us who are here see different things than their words proclaim.

        They are just too fucking stupid to conceive and understand that behavior and actions speak much louder than their words. And their behavior and actions are what we see. And they are almost always the complete opposite of what they say.

        1. Profile gravatar of TheD

          Thank you.
          The question is: What can they do?
          They can not solicit change, the government refuses to do so as it would mean that they would be unable to steal everything that wasnt nailed down and that leaves you in a stalemate.
          If you to push for change, you will likely be killed. If you run for office and are honest, you will be killed.
          Abused children tend to abuse. Children brought up in homes with domestic violence tend to dish out domestic violence in their own home when they are old enough. The circle never ends as there is no way to break it.

          Great example is all the traffic lights near me. Most do not work and just flash orange 24 hours a day. The ones that do work have traffic enforcement officers waving people through at opposite times to the lights changing.
          Escalators that dont work because the local government cant afford the electricity bill. Why there were installed in the first place is beyond me.
          Clocks displayed in the center of a junction. 3 sides, 3 clocks, all working, all telling a different time, not one of them even close to the right time.

          You can never have proper progression when the progression that does happen is not fostered, cared for and monitored.

          But that brings me back to the start. Technology will not be fostered as it is a catalyst to change. Change will not happen as the corrupt would be removed.

          This seems to trickle down from the highest levels to the lowest.
          Home owners do not oil their windows or doors because it cost extra money, then they bitch that the windows or doors fell off or wont open due to the hinges being entirely rusted through.

          I honestly do not think it is stupidity. I think it is bad management and poor organizational skills.

          I even presented some companies with a proposal showing them how they could have less staff, spend less money, have less wastage, be more productive and make more money. They refused the proposal on the grounds that that was not how they did it. That is just bad management through and through.

          Why do I have so many people trying to help me when I am in Ace or SM and yet not one of them knows a single thing about the products that they are trying to sell me.
          Log off Facebook, exit YouTube, switch the TV off and read a fucking book or get a documentary. Learn, experience, test theories.
          If you are not moving, you are stagnating and that is what we all see here. A complete stagnation of all logic and progress.

          Another example of a contradiction is the taxi driver going past a church makes a sign of the cross and touches his rosary beads while the meter is rigged.

          My neighbor cleaned out her dog cage, walked from her house, across the road to my house and threw the dog shit down the drain. My girlfriend asked her not to do it and suggested that she instead put it in her bin like we do with our cat litter. She replied “but it smells”. IT SMELLS so you dont want it near you, but there is no one seconds thought for the poor bastard you put it next to!

          Always looking at themselves and what is good for them. No wonder their facebook is full of selfies. Even when they go to bed. “Bed time” they post along with 4-5 photos of them lying in the bed just in case you couldnt imagine what “bed time” meant.


          When I go out, I take photos of things I see, the scenery, the buildings, the streets. When they go out, every god damned picture is of them. Its all “look at me, look where I am” mentality.

          I want to google “honest politician philippines” but am worried it might crash the whole internet trying to find just one result! I already searched for “Intelligent Pinoy” and found no results on the first page.

          1. Profile gravatar of TheD

            Maybe the correct term would be Intellectually and Logically Retarded.
            Or to be PC about it all, Intellectually and Logically differently abled.

            Though I never understood that PC crap. Im not a pervert, I am just differently moralled!

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Very insightful @TheD and 99.9% agree.

            This is where I do not agree:

            “I honestly do not think it is stupidity. I think it is bad management and poor organizational skills.”

            Nope, they’re stupid as a fuckin’ tree stump. Otherwise, very well said.

          3. Profile gravatar of TheD

            Hello, I agree that most have the stupidity so ingrained that they can not change. However, I employed people and after sacking the idiots, I managed to get staff who were very clever, pointed out things I had missed and became extremely logical.
            They then promptly went shit crazy having to deal with retards all day long, just as you and I have done.

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            I was going to say they CAN organize a coupe….

            Then I thought about how gutless and stupid they are.

            Won’t happen. Just not enough people with enough brains or balls to keep it a secret when offered 500p for information. They wouldn’t get 100 people before someone blows the whistle.

          5. Profile gravatar of TheD

            and theyre all killed.
            So what is the solution from our western perspective?
            I am not trying to corner you or make you look stupid, I just honestly do not know the answer myself. It is a complete quagmire, a stalemate of nonsense.

            I had a similar problem in the UK. Nothing would work. Those in power didnt give a fuck. The only solution was to overthrow the government and kill them in their office so they could never come back. But even talking about that can get you thrown in jail.

            You end up in a constant circle of: we need change >> those in power will never allow change >> change doesnt happen >> we need change.
            How do you get to a point where you are not circling and constantly coming back to point A?
            I have seen demonstrations here where foreign demonstrators were deported as undesirables simply because they were present in an anti government protest. That is not democracy in any way, shape or form.

            “Fear and propaganda are blunt weapons if used on their own, so Stalin also used rewards. Party members were rewarded for their loyalty and their good service through a system of: higher wages, better apartments, better hospitals, better schools and special shops that stocked better goods than the ordinary citizen’s shops.”
            I see the same happen here. Change takes a lifetime, preventing change takes one bullet.

            I believe it was Lenin who said that the best way to control opposition is to be part of it. That way you know what they are doing and who is involved. We humans are genuinely fucked on a global scale.

            Even after a government is overthrown the situation is always the same. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
            The CIA supported Marcos and then supported overthrowing him, which passively means they supported the new regime.

            If the Philippines were not poor, how could the US give aid and make conditions that bases exist in the Philippines? They couldnt. So its best that the Philippines remains stupid and poor even if that is due to who is placed in power by international powers.

            Roland G. Simbulan of the University of the Philippines in a lecture stated “For a long time, Manila has been the main station, if not the regional headquarters, of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for Southeast Asia. This is perhaps so because the Philippines has always been regarded as a stronghold of US imperial power in Asia. Since the Americanized Filipinos were under the spell of American culture, they were easy to recruit without realizing they were committing treason to their own people and country. And from the beginning of the 20th century to 1992, there were the US military bases, the mighty symbols and infrastructure of American power.”

            I am well aware that this is waaaaay to deep of a discussion to be having online, so I will end it here with a drink and salute all readers.

            I am drinking Colt45, one of the most popular beers here, named after the gun. The Colt .45 1911 model was also called the Filipino Killer.

            “During its campaign against the Moros, 1899 –1935, the U.S. Army adopted the Colt .45 Model 1911 semiautomatic pistol after American soldiers found that the .38 caliber New Army Long Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers they had previously used were unable to stop the fierce Moro warriors of the Southern Philippines.”

            Knowledge itself is power – Sir Francis Bacon (1597)
            Power corrupts absolutely – John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (1887)
            We’re totally fucked – Me (right now)

          6. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            Yes, stagnation, cultural and intellectual. When I first came here intending to do business, I read through the Philippine Constitution and the Civil Code. The whole f-ing lot. The Constitution is a real eye-opener; it explains a lot of what goes on (not least because it reads like a 13-year-old’s “what I would do if I were President” school essay).

            Stagnation is built in to the very fabric of the law. It’s in there by design, and it can’t be changed. Consider the part about “reserving sections of the economy for Filipinos”. Apart from the fact that it’s a physical impossibility – unless the country cuts itself off from all contact with the world – it shouldn’t be in the Constitution. Rightly or wrongly, some countries indulge in protectionism as they develop. It’s probably harmful, but they do it anyway, and eventually open their markets. At that point development usually roars ahead full throttle. But the Philippines can NEVER do this. The basic law of the land says that the country will never, ever become a citizen of the world. It must – by the decree of people long since out of office, and who slept through Economics 101 – remain forever trapped in an economic misunderstanding.

            The desire for stagnation runs through the entire culture. “That’s not how we do it in the Philippines” is the standard response to any suggestion for improvement. I’ve heard it so often I don’t waste my breath anymore. Even supposedly educated people – with MSc’s and the like – give me the same response. It basically means “don’t make me think”.

          7. Profile gravatar of TheD

            Too true. You dont need investors or backers when you have aid. Investment takes a while before you see the tax from it, aid can be siphoned off immediately.
            The recent international aid showed that. The food packages ended up in the shops in Manila ffs!
            If you had investors, you wouldnt need aid and they couldnt take their cut from the finances.
            I had to bribe many government officials in my time. Why? Was I in trouble? Trying to break the law? No, I wanted the tax office to recognize my business and was told they wouldnt unless I bought them dinner. I was so temped to turn up with a sandwich and say “here is your dinner kuya”. They even offered to make it look as if I had paid all my taxes without paying any. I refused and told them I wanted to be fully legal.
            They want their own countrymen to be the business owners and there is nothing wrong with that in principle, but in practice it doesnt work. If it did, we would not be on here talking as the site wouldnt exist as there would be no horror stories about these companies.

  6. Profile gravatar of

    Clearly, Lalaine hasn’t seen or been to a civilised country!
    But Kudos to you girl for having all the nerves to defend your fellow idiots filipinos. Way to go!
    I am Filipino but disgusted for someone like you who is absolutely stupid and mindf*cked.

    Seriously, I do not understand why our government cannot do something about this bloody Traffic and these arseholes drivers? I see in other countries implementing ticket fines, black points and etc. And it works for them, but not in Philippines??

    1. Profile gravatar of Andrei

      It’s not just the government. Ticket fines, black points, and even imprisonment is present in the Philippine law. It is the ROTTEN ATTITUDE which is the problem here. As mentioned earlier, Our kababayans do not care about others! They only think about what will benefit them. It has been that way in the past, and it still is now.

  7. Profile gravatar of peelking

    That’s a very interesting video. If anything, there’s more and more filipinos that are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’ve been seeing more and more self evaluation and cynical takes on the internet by Filipinos. It’s pretty cool to talk to a Filipino that gets it. I know a handful myself here in the states and in the motherland. There’s a little bit of a swell. Tiny, but a swell nonetheless.

    Yes, the way these guys drive and their traffic congestion says a whole lot about their mindset. Eat or be eaten. It starts from the very top down to the bottom feeders. It’s so fucked up, I cringe everytime I see “Pinoy Pride this, Pinoy pride that” . How do fuck do you guys sleep at night knowing that there a bazillion kids starving around you.

    These motherfucks in government have absolutely no shame. Every single fucking one of em. their corruption is so fucking blatant and obvious and the sad part is that the rest of the dimwits allows themselves to be bamboozled every single time. Prime example, the leading candidate to be the next president will come from another political family dynasty..sigh

    I don’t know what the answer is. The Philippines could be sooo much more, just the natural resources alone can make them jump out of the third world category if utilized, spread out and marketed properly. But no one is giving in an inch. Every man for himself. Anyone that is already entrenched in the corrupt machinery, will never give up their piece of the pie for the greater good. Nobody. No fucking quarter.

    Until these jerkoffs can learn to look at themselves and realize that they are all part of the problem but can also be a huge part of the solution, they’re fucked. The whole lot of em.
    Change has to start from within. The younger generation needs to see sites like this one to fucking realize, we ain’t laughing with you, we’re laughing at you guys. Hysterically.

    Maybe then, it can start something.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      First thing they need to do is admit the problem. Most of them don’t. They’re too busy trying to delude the world that they are great at everything.

    2. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

      @peelking’re fil-am?no wonder your english is great ..I wish i could go abroad ,i wanna speak english as fluent as brits and americans…One of my friend now lives in canada ..I really envy her she’s become more sophisticated in her clothings and she now speaks marvelous english..i’m in awe everytime she speaks with an accent and when she speak in local dialect i sometimes get lost because she sounds smarter..I think there is an increase in iq when an individual lives in a western country..You being a Fil-am what can you say about this??

  8. Profile gravatar of Pnoy syndrome
    Pnoy syndrome

    OLIGARCH CAPITALIST RULERS equals mind controlled ignorant modern Filipino zombie slaves. Tricked and deceived Parent Filipino Banana Brain Monkeys to produce more future generation Filipino Banana Brain Monkey children slaves for another century of cheap labor wages. These Bloody Filipinos are bloody brain damage zombies walking everyday.

  9. Profile gravatar of Nikki

    Hello… I moved to Virginia 2 years ago and work with a lot of Filipinos on my job in a supermarket. Before working there, I didn’t prejudge them at all !!!!! However I googled this post because I KNEW something had to come up. Since working there….as I think about the dumb things they have done,,, I feel like screaming , crying and falling to my knees… It really is UNBELIEVABLE and sad. I will just post some examples:

    I was on a cash register about 15 feet away from an office that has a glass window in front of it. At the register I can’t see into the office from the front, because of my angle. An older Filipino woman was STANDING DIRECTLY in front of the window that I couldn’t see into since I’m 15 feet away (she can see directly into it since she is RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT, ) asked me if anyone is in the office (she should know this before me because she is inches away from the window and I am 15 feet away from it and at an angle that I can’t see into it !!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe she would ask me something so dumb and I was with customers.

    A Filipino woman on my job was talking about how good a particular frozen pizza is and I said that I have to try it sometimes. She said (VERY EXCITED) “yeah and you can even microwave it”, as if its the very first and only frozen pizza that can ever be microwaved. I couldn’t believe she said that.

    You know those paper towels that come 6 in a plastic bundle and no one with an ant’s size of common sense would even think of putting it in a grocery plastic bag, because it is obviously TOO BIG. Well a Filipino woman customer stood in self checkout (blocking people from moving freely), trying to put one of these in a plastic bag. She did this for about 3-4 minutes. She looked at me with a very puzzled look on her face and like she needed a logical explanation about why it wouldn’t fit in it. First of all its already in a plastic bag !!!!!! I again couldn’t believe this amount of stupidity.

    I was working in self checkout and a Filipino woman who works there (in a different department) comes by and asks if self check out is working. First of all, the machines are turned on and people are using them…… (this would mean they are working) also she doesn’t work in my department at all , so why is she concerned with it….and she wasn’t about to use it. I thought that this was a very annoying and dumb question, since its obvious that they are working.

    A Filipino guy works as a cashier. When he rings up an item for the customer , if it says “item not found”, he is supposed to either type in the barcode number or call a manager to get a price check. Instead he just looks at the customer and says “item not found” and shrugs. Then he will sit there for about 1 minute and not do anything , but just look blankly at the screen in front of the customer.

    This same guy mentioned above, when he rings up food items he is supposed to turn on the conveyor belt so that it will move and send stuff down for baggers to bag. There is a switch to turn “on and off” to do this. When the belt is moving like its supposed too, he throws the food down to the baggers instead of just putting the food down so that it will normally go down. Then when the belt is turned “off” and not moving , instead of turning it on , which you are supposed to do, he just lets the food pile up near him, so that its not even moving closer to the bagger so that they can bag it !!!

    I was working in self checkout and next to self checkout is a soda stand. It is away from the exit door leading outside (which is about 10 feet away) however still in the store. A Filipino customer that used to work there ( so she should know better) was about to come through self checkout, with a few items in her hands and turned and asked me if it was ok if she got a soda !!!! As if she needed permission from me. I said “why do you have to ask me that”, and she said because its near the front door and she didn’t want me to think that she was stealing. The soda stand is still inside of the store and is about 10 feet away from the exit door.

    Today I was sitting outside in front of the store and a Filipino woman was about to go inside of the store with her shopping cart and stopped to ask me if she could go into the store through the opening doors that were opening right in front of her. If the doors are opening to let her in, why would she have to stop and ask me this ?!?!?!!?

    Today in self checkout , my manager put up a sign saying that if any customer has case lot items that they can’t use self check out but have to go to the regular line. There is also a sign up that says this. A Filipino customer comes up with case lot items and I tell her and show her what the sign says (since they like to play the game of “I don’t understand what you said” even though its something very simple and they have been in this country for about 10 years) . She asks me 2 times if its ok if she can use self check out . I give her the same answer and then walk away from her because I can’t take it anymore. Then she mentions it about 3 more times to me, same question and I tell her to read the same sign again (If you have case lot items , you can’t use self checkout – which is very simple and not a long paragraph at all)….Then my manager comes and she asks the manager the same question and the manager has to read the same sign to her again and she is still asking the same question !!!!! Then this same customer goes outside of the store and asks if she could BUY the water hose that is connected to our store (every business has this , I think), which is not for sale at all !!!!!!!!

    Also in self checkout , we have 5 registers. There is one register that is TURNED OFF (the light is OFF) and has a sign on it that covers it, saying that its not working !!!! A few Filipino customers went up to it, about to use it and when it didn’t ring the first item up, they looked at me like “whats wrong”.

    Also there are other Filipino customers , at least 20-30 different ones , who find everything that I say to be soooo funny !!!!! Examples that are soooooooo funny to them are my saying: “The grapes are on sale”, “Do you want paper or plastic”, “Do you want this coupon”, “There is a coupon for this”. Or if I do simple things like help them on self checkout for a half a minute if the machine is acting up , tell them I need to get a price check or briefly show them how to do something. Actions like this by me are sooooo Hilarious to them….

    All of the people that I mentioned before are working people and are adults !!!!! I feel traumatized by their level of stupidity because I can’t react to them the way I would like too since I’m on the job. Now my thoughts toward them are not good at all. I wonder why they are so dumb like this and if something happened in their country that affected them mentally (real talk). I CAN’T IMAGINE HOW THEIR COUNTRY IS RAN, if they have this mentality here. I felt like kicking some of them in their face when they acted so dumb. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM (if I could make these letters 20 feet tall I would) ??????

  10. Profile gravatar of Nikki

    Also in the supermarket that I work in , I went to a line to buy something and there was a Filipino male cashier and a Filipino bagger. I told the cashier that I wanted plastic bags (not paper). This should be a very simple command , but he looked at her and told her and she kept repeating it back to him (like is that what you want ?) He said it more times in a lazy way (like it was hard for him to convey this thought to her)…. This lasted for about a minutes (literally) and I said out loud “I’M NOT ASKING FOR AN ENGINEERING PROJECT, i JUST WANT PLASTIC BAGS” !!!!

    This same Filipino woman, was a bagger for a line I was on and 2 black men that I know came through it and I talked to them. They were talking and laughing and you could tell that they were friends. They looked about as different as Mike Tyson looks compared to Steve Urkell and Spike Lee (the movie director)…. She turns to ask them if they are twins !!!!!!!!!

    This same Filipino woman saw a couple with a baby in a stroller. The baby was wearing flowers and had something else in her stroller that had flowers on it. The Filipino woman asks them if its a boy with a serious (yet pleasant ) look on her face !!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      Ok now imagine your supermarket scenarios and multiply them a hundred fold, you still wouldn’t come close to the level of stupidity in the Shitlippines πŸ™

  11. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

    When I first came to the Philippines two years ago, an American expat once told me that I should eliminate the word should and never ask why. I was a little confused as to his meaning. It didn’t take long for me to catch on. Never ask why it is out of stock. Never say, but it should be done this way or there should be stop signs or there should be some logic in what they do. This country is beyond salvation and the only way out is to have a violent revolution which we all know will never take place because the Filipinos are apathetic and lazy to the core.

      1. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

        Yes..This country still has hope..I voted duterte because i know he will purge this country of all the crazy dumb sh8t shackling us in poverty and stupidity…I’m filipino chinese by the way:) if you happen to go on vacation you can visit my coffee shop at siargao island:)

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Well @tomlimjucohrn, we only think that because 99% of the people we encounter here every day are retards. Is there some kind of smart people’s club where all the smart people are hiding out and staying out of common daily life in Philippines? Because we’re just not encountering them.

            I guess the 40% who are smart don’t drive. Because I can say with all confidence 100% of drivers are utterly dumb as fuck.

            Please Tom…70 hour a week engineer Tom…tell us where these 40,000,000 smart people are hiding out and staying hidden. Because if 40% were smart, I think there would be a 40% chance we would run into some each time we go out.

            Unfortunately, we don’t. Which is why we think 99% are retards. Does that make any sense? You see, we don’t makes this shit up. We’re all here just going by our daily observations while in your country. We are just going by what our eyes see and our ears hear. 99% of what is going into our eyes and ears while we’re in Philippines is stupidity, ignorance, and we do a whole lot of {{{{{{{{{FACEPALM}}}}}}}}}} in our minds everywhere we go, everything we do, with 99% of everyone we have any kind of encounter with.

            So on can only come to the conclusion that 99% are fucking retards. 40% smart would mean we should be getting through a day of errands with only {{{{{{FACEPALMING}}}}}}} 60% of the time. But that’s just not the case Tom. It’s just not the case.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            And where do you get the 99.999%????

            If you read the “About Us” page, it states it this way:

            In a very bold, blunt, and often harsh manner, this blog openly expresses our observations, frustrations, and experiences of and with the people and policies of The Philippines in general. And when I say β€œgeneral” I am speaking about the common and cultural mindset, or vast majority. This blog does not apply to ALL Filipinos, but the vast majority of native Filipinos.

            Do you see any numbers in that statement dummy? You’re so typically butt-hurt, that I honestly believe if we even said 10% are stupid, you would deny it and lay claim to being a nation of power and innovation…..OOPS TOO LATE, YOU ALREADY LAID THAT CLAIM! LOL!!!

            But I have to admit, over my 12 years spent there, if I had to put a number on it, I would say it’s pretty darn close to 99%

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I noticed he never did list any medical break through , technology break throughs nor world renowned filipinos besides pacman.

          1. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            He kills only the drug lords,drug users,rapist and murderers and i am ok with that..Hope?hahaha..funny idiotic guy..The Philippines has ”OK” Human Development Index compared to most and it is expected to reach high income status by the year 2050 with its sound economic policies..hahaha..

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Sound economic policies? Hate to bust your bubble but begging for cash aid and hand outs from other countries is not sound economic policies.

          1. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            Hahaha..The philippine national is 86 which means it is only of low intellect and retardation starts with iq 70-80..hahaha..idiotic ignuramus..

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Fil Chi,

            86 is low intellect huh? Just what the hell you think we have been saying? But it’s nice to have a filipino admit they are not that smart.

          3. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @filchiacumen hahahahaha! What The fuck are you smoking monkey?! The guys breaking human rights laws left and right! Hes murdered numerous innocent people! You are another Retard! You’re one post away from going into the hall of shame with that comment with your flip brother tom.. Lol

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            It’s GREAT!!!! FilChi just said filipinos have a low IQ. So here he admits filipinos are not that bright and goes on to prove it with his statement “retardation starts with iq 70-80” He did not notice that only 6 points separates them from retardation. So he proved it twice in just that one statement. Bragging that filipinos are 6 points away from retardation.

          5. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            Well yeah 86 is low intellect and below average as with almost 90% of countries in the 13 countries actually have iq’s above 100..

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        @oldnavyfart lol the funny part is without all their cheating the IQ score would be below 70! Haha @filchiacumen do you even know what economic policies are? You say the Philippines “will be a first worl country” how will you achieve that status? Give us some facts. Let me guess Durtyturd is going to kill all the bad guys and then you rejects are going to do a money dance and then youll become a first world country?? Fucken retard!

      2. Profile gravatar of

        @filchiacumen I think we’ll be in the 90s soon. Prob be around the same as the America soon.. πŸ˜‡ I’m proud to be Filipino and good things are coming. DU πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          @pinoypete – Please tell us exactly what you’re proud of about Philippines. Please try to use facts and not delusions and wishful thinking.

          I never could understand any “national pride” shit. You’re Filipino because you were born that way. You had no choice in the matter. You had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with being Filipino!

          But going beyond that, I’m curious to know what exactly about Philippines and Filipino are you proud of?

    1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

      Really looking forward to a great input from FlipTomFlop.

      I mean; An input of importance, sincerely build upon facts, goals, politics to get there….. and perhaps more..!!!

    2. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen
      FilChiAcumen are an ignuramus,what else could be expected from you..? but idiotic question any child could answer,,
      The Philippines already have very good economic plans in place ,economic think tanks have already agreed that a few decades from now we will become high income status..hahaha

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        Tell you what @filchiacumen, when you all have brains enough to bring Philippines to high income status, I’ll shut this blog down. But as long as the vast majority of you are dumbfucks, this blog remains.

        When we run out of stories of Filipino dumbfuckery, this blog will die. But as long as you idiots keep being idiots, this blog with thrive.

        You don’t like like blogs that speak the truth about Filipinos? Then CHANGE THE TRUTH!!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            And what are those sound economic policies?
            1.) Investors are leaving the country. Texas Instruments already closed their plant on Luzon. Yahoo moved to Singapore just to name a few.
            2.) Exported items are not that many nor in great demand.
            3.) Philippines has slid 11 spots in the failed states list in the last two years.
            4.) Philippines charges 40% tax on things coming into the country. Japan charged 10% for philippine goods going into Japan then Japan raised it to 15%. The philippines threw a fit saying 15% was way too much and no one should have to pay that high excise.
            5.) Philippines keeps making the news over things like the bullet scam and others. That only drives tourist and investors away.
            6.) All companies/businesses have to be 60% owned by a filipino. So why would anyone come here with $10 Million USD and start a company only to lose any say in it right away?

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            See here is the stupid part. We had a storm come through with thunder, high winds, heavy rain and lightening. In fact a bolt struck the water tank on the house on next block over. And what is going on? Filipinos are sending their kids out to play in that. That right there is just plain stupid.

            While back son had a bad infection on his big toe. it was black, filled with pus and nail lifting up. So I take him to the hospital and you know what I’m told? They looked me in the eye and said “We can’t look at him because the injury did not happen today.” I shit you not that’s what they said. That was plain stupid.

            When I walk down the sidewalk and a single scooter goes speeding past from behind that is stupid.

        1. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

          I couldn’t care less whatever you write about my country or how long you intend to write blogs about us so long as i can express what i think ,then i’m ok with everythin..Besides ,your rants serve as an eye opener for us Filipinos how you foreigners perceive us.

          1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @filchiacumen exactly you don’t care.. You should be paying to be on this website for all the free consultation you’re getting from everyone. Now if your little brain could soak up 50% of the things people say on here your country would improved drastically. Nope you’re a FLIPTARD and you go pray to your DUurtyturd to do it for you…

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I like how you shifted the blame of your actions so that it’s someone else’s fault and not the filipinos.
            “How you foreigners perceive us.” No it’s not a perception of filipinos, it’s the way most filipinos really are.
            1.) filipinos throw their trash everywhere. True or false? TRUE
            2.) filipinos piss in public everywhere. True or False? TRUE.
            3.) filipinos are assholes when driving. True or False? TRUE.
            4.) Most filipinos have little or no manners. True or False? True.
            5.) Most filipinos do not value life. True or False? True.
            6.) Most filipino do not take responsibility or admit fault. True or False? TRUE.
            So filipinos are perceived by foreigners as they way they are. Don’t like that then change it.

          3. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            @Mike There are actually two sides of the coins..The negative and the positive side..Some Foreigners have very experience here and tell wonderful stories about the philippines..Others the likes of you will always emphasize the negatives sides of this country..

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I noticed you said some foreigners have a very experience here and tell wonderful stories.

            Yes some do. But how do you know they had a great time? They might have come and stayed for 2 weeks before leaving, most likely here to meet the future child bride. So here’s what happened. The pinay and tribe met him at the airport and made sure he was never out of their sight during the entire time he was here. So his experience with the daily filipino was pretty much limited.

            Now you say some but I noticed you did not say most. Funny thing the philippines does not make the top 25 on any best place to visit in Asia. But it did make the top ten in most hated country.
            So we can have 25,50 or 100 websites that say something filipinos don’t like but is true. But if they find one website that disagrees with the majority then the majority of the websites are wrong. See, what makes this great is a neighbor I had a few years back. This guy happened to work for the UN and was always being sent to Africa. Now according to him Africa is really messed up but the philippines is very close to catching up and surpassing Africa.

          5. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Filipinos speak English huh? It’s “There are two side to a coin.” Now let’s look at that shall we? One side of the coin is say positive and the other negative. Here is the philippine/filipino coin. It comes up negative a lot more than positive. That is not hateful nor racist, just a fact.

          6. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            @Mike Yes mr.Mike most of us do speak and understand english ..I know it leaves a bit to be desired but you have to understand it’s pretty hard to use 4 different languages altogether..i get mumble jumble …if only i was rich enough i would to go to america and master english as good as native speakers and get to boast it to everyone…Yes mr.Mike ,sad to say but their are more “negatives” here than a foreigner could tolerate but if you know the right destinations it’s likely you will have a good here!For example if you go to Siargao island you will enjoy surfing there,it’s not crowded amenities are good,people are cool πŸ™‚

          7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Well we perceive you in such a negative way because….well….it’s what we see and experience. How else should we perceive you? You behave like idiots, function like idiots, do business like idiots.

            How are we supposed to perceive you as the delusions you feed yourselves about each other????

            Sorry, we can’t live in a state of denial like you so easily can. We live in reality.

          8. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            @Captain PFB hhmm i see your point Cap ..the foreign retirees here sound so blissful when talking about this country as if living in paradise that i thought if they can be like that why couldn’t other foreigners..but..oh well..We have good beaches though..You can visit here for a while without seeing/experiencing too much idiocy if you go to less crowded places like palawan,or the safer davao city ..If you’re an old folk then maybe retiring here wouldn’t be a bad idea..I saw a blog that says the Philippines is one of better places to retire..

          9. Profile gravatar of Mike


            We’re not saying there are not good spots or nice people. I did go to Dinagat island and did enjoy myself. The beach for the most part was clean as was the water. But most of the time that is not the case. Lived close to the beach on Leyte once and the houses on the beach ran pipes from their toilets right onto the beach. Then if you were in an area away from the houses, you sit down, start to work your feet in the sand only to find trash. The locals would go out, dig a hole and bury their trash. Then when tide comes in it uncovered and spread it every where.

            I would buy fire wood and have a little fire going on the beach at night and here come the locals. Use the light to dig a hole to bury their trash.

    1. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

      Well, first off it has a very good economic growth rate 2nd it has vast manpower resource who speak english and deployed globally,3rd it has rich natural resources,mineral and aquatic resources..The Philippines today is continuing to improve ,from cutting corruption down to leapfrogging 17 points in WEF global competitiveness rankings..Lastly we are also one of the fastest growing economies in Asia! from sick man to Asia’s rising tiger!

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        That’s great news, but means absolutely sweet fuck all when you’ve got 1.8 million abandoned children on the streets. Has anybody got any plans to tackle that besides putting a few in hotels when the pope visits?

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I like how they keep saying “sound economic policies” but do not list any of these sound economic policies. They say they have made great changes but again do not list any.

      2. Profile gravatar of Tomlimjucohrn

        @phildoh he points out above exactly how we are currently achieving that status. Why can’t you just except the Philippines is the rising tiger of Asia? The Filipinos are good people and we’re going to fix this place.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          All about the status isn’t it?

          I accept (not except) that the economy has been healthy for a number of years, but that’s done nothing to help those living in poverty and curing the general dumbfuck attitudes of tens of millions. You can read a filipino news site every day and find a new story which just boggles the mind at the sheer moronic and dishonest behavior going on.

          Look at this from today –

          How the fuck can somebody lose eight full body scanners? Or should I be asking – how can somebody steal eight full body scanners?

      3. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        @filchiacumen the reason you’ve had 6% GDP for The past few years is because of all of those overpriced condos in Manila. You’ve also had a BPO boom as well which has really helped. Now if you stopped watching flip news and started learning about economics you would see that the Philippines is heading for a massive crash in the markets… Why and how?? Ok flip I’ll explain a little.. First off you have so many flips taking out bad bank loans (cars, condos etc) Flips pushing up the markets value on anything they can. Now you have a president that Just might crush any hope you had at getting better dumbass.. I can’t wait for all of you little idiots to be crying to suck some good old USA dick when your little World comes crumbling down. I hope no one helps you this time for your own good.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Here we have a country sitting a prime spot in Asia with farm land and other resources. Now here is something to point out. If the philippines is doing as great GDP wise and such as these three claim then here is the question. How come some of the states in the states have a GDP higher than the philippines? Consider if you will:

          Philippines has a population of 100 million and a GDP of 771 Billion USD.
          California has a population of 38.8 million and a GDP of $2.458 trillion USD.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            More info. TWENTY states in the U.S have higher GDP than the philippines and all of these states have limited manpower and resources compared to the philippines. Even South Dakota has a higher GDP with a population of under 1 million!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            Excellent point you might have to dumb that down for these idiots to understand lol they probably never even heard the word trillion lol

          3. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            @Mike hmmm..i have to say that is one impressive feat achieved by america’s golden state mr mike:)…i hope they get richer because it really benefits the millions of fillipinos living in america:)

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Notice I also said South Dakota beats out the philippines and they 880,000 population. So if filipinos are so great and so smart how come 880,000 people in one states are doing better than 100 million and a whole country?

          5. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            Well, i never said we were great and smart..not to say we don’t have great and smart Filipinos..but admittedly with below average iq becoming like california state would take a whole lot of time and effort for us to achieve..But the Filipinos in America are doing quite well though and they’re living the cali lavish life literally..

          6. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Yes they are living a good life style. Why? Because they worked for it and decided to make a change. Ok, here we go. You agree that 86 is low IQ and you agree it will take a long time for the philippines to improve. I agree with both. But 5 years is not a long time and if the philippines does improve it will take a lot longer than five years.

        2. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

          Nope..Its not about overpriced condos in manila or whatnots it is the remittances sent by filipinos abroad,the BPO industry, government spending on infrastructure projects, increased government aids for the poor like the 4P’s program..

          1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @filchiacumen what Infrastructure projects? The skyway for the rich people from alabang hills? Ok you have OFW’s from Singapore and Dubai sending money back but how long will that last? Oh and if you think the BPO industry will last forever here you better think again. Look at the history of the BPO industry it’s a ten year cycle. Also Mike @oldnavyfart asked you some great questions. can you please answer and stop trying to hide from those questions. Mike he’s pretending like he didn’t see your post haha

          2. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @filchiacumen government aid from your country???? Really? “It’s not about overpriced condos” did you understand my question? Ok I’ll ask again, how many flipos can actually afford Those condos? I also stated bad loans destroy economies. So you’re saying your country has sound banking and investments ? :/

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I ran a search online regarding the philippines and tourism. The travel sites like Trip Advisor make the philippines sound great. But if you check sites from people who did vist most have nothing good to say. Then you can also check online with the governments of other countries and see what they say. Google most hated countries and look for a top ten list and read the comments about the philippines and filipinos. Singapore huh? Well I knew a pinay married to a Brit and they went to Singapore all the time.

            She told me that the philippines was a shit hole compared to other nations. Another thing she told me was the signs they had up in parks, stores and other public areas, “Beware of Filipino pickpockets”. That right there says a lot about the reputation filipinos have.

          4. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @filchiacumen I beg to differ. I’m from San Jose CA and yes there are some successful Filipinos but most live in Oakland and San Francisco. A lot of them in San Fran are living under the poverty line and the Oakland ones are even worse. Don’t live off of a few peoples success stories.

          5. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @oldnavyfart yep, The Singaporeans really dislike Filipinos. I have a lot of Singaporean friends and they pretty much want to deport all of them. The flips have to be the most hated people in the world,right behind Isis.

          6. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @filchiacumen just comes on here for attention. When you start asking him difficult questions his brain goes into overload. He could also be reading some positive articles about the Philippines so that he can post it on here. I’m starting to think actually it’s both.. Filchi I’m waiting for your educated response and insight, should I give you some time to think more?

          7. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            @oldnavyfart theres a few of them.. They’re definitely not the majority that’s for sure.. The ratio is pretty much one successful flip to 1 million retards.

          8. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I know a filipino who was a tailor in Galas Quezon City, owned his own shop in his house and 5 hectares of land in Bulacan. Said filipino moved to the SF in the states, sold his land and house in the pi and started out doing alterations for Men’s Warehouse. After a few years he saved enough to put money down on a 3-4 story house and started his own tailor shop on the lower floor. Then he bought the house next to his, a house in Reno and land up by the capital. His estimated worth is now over $5 million USD.

          9. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

            I wasn’t aware that Filipino FB users were that terrible..goodness me…It’s good to know it came from an enlightened pinoy in harvard. it would be worst if it came from mr.zuckerberg himself..Anyway,i’m not really like that..When i see post with a bit of narrative below i usually skim through it then hit the emoji’s and likes if it’s cool enough..

  12. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

    I had a Philippine guy contacted me on Facebook with this;

    When I commented this on his profile; Quite good news. I would like to know the whole figure for this particular area, not only Davao City. Anyone know of any statistics for this region- or Philippines in general…?…… ….hell broke loose.

    I got a real shitstorm my way form FlipFlops all over the world.

    Trying to argue with them on facts simply failed. Showing them this;

    ….. I was told to either shot up or being reported to Facebook Administrator for spreading lies about Philippines…. hehehehehe

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      There are two comments to your pinoytrend link. Might want to read them and watch. Simply amazing isn’t it? I mean ONE website says Davao is the safest city and if you run a search no other website the a single philippine city in the top 50.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Back in MM I skimmed through a history book brought home from school by a 12 year old. In it one thing caught my eye and I read a little further. It was about the War of 1898. Reading along it said that in 1898 the philippine navy sailed into Manila Bay and caught the Spanish fleet unawares and sank some ships until the Spanish surrendered.

          So here is what I asked filipinos who told me that was true:
          1.) Name one philippine ship that took part in that attack.
          2.) Name the filipino admiral in command of the fleet that sank the Spanish fleet.
          3.) What was the name of the flagship ?

          I have yet to meet any filipino who can answer those questions.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Did you see the link that lead to pinoy trending above? Well I posted a comment and said that Davao was rated safest city on one website. If you google 50 safest cities in the world there is not one philippine city on any of them. Needless to say my comment was deleted. That goes to show that filipinos cannot stand the truth.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Yes, make any comment on that site and it has to be approved by pinoy trending.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Yep, they deleted my comment already. All I said was if people research they will find that Davao as safest city appears on only one website. If they google 50 safest cities not one philippines city is on any other list. They deleted that. Then they pinay said DU30 and Marcos great for the country and that she was in Dubai. I asked her if they are so great then why don’t she move back to the philippines and gave her a thumbs down. Well pinoy trending deleted that question and the thumbs down.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I unloaded on pinoy trending trying to pull their chain for a reply. Most likely will get banned.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            The problem with that is that they are worse in the course of the day in real life than they are on FB.

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        @oldnavyfart even the ones in the states act this way.. They always have their little agenda. About ten years ago (this is before I had any knowledge about the idiots and the way they are) I had a Real estate agent in California that was a flip. This lazy pig would always fuck up my bids on houses and try to ask me to set up my nephews with her nieces in the Philippines. I Eventually caught on to her lazy ass and canned the flip. We lost out on 15 houses because of her incompetence.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          My wife ran into some more of Tom, PP and FilChi “sound economic policies” of the philippines. We live in a gated subdivision with guards at the gates. Every time wife comes through the gate a guard flat out ask her for 300, 500 pesos. EVERY TIME! It goes to show just how much the beggar mentality is ingrained in the culture. Grown men with a job begging money.

          1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

            lol and when you don’t give them anything boy oh boy do they throw tantrums.. They’re all like little kids

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            And it does not matter how much they have Mikey, they can be the richest in the family, but if there are any gifts or money to be had, they must not be left out! In fact, I found that amongst Flips, the richer they are the greedier they get!! and if you don’t favor them by giving them the most gifts or money, be prepared for tampos (and we’re talking about adults here).

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Absolutely correct Phil Doh. Noticed the pattern of his sentence and grammar? Exactly the same!! And it’s not just you and I who has noticed that Tom Dum-Dum has created 2 more personas to bat for him. πŸ™‚ So ol’ Tommy boy here is just not delusional as well but has multiple personalities?

      I mentioned several times in the past about the Philippines being a cesspool of personality disorders, right? Well, Tom Dum-Dum (look that one up too, Tom Dum-Dum) are yet another proof of what I said above.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Not only that. But when a filipino cannot face the facts they all do the same thing most of the time in this order:
        1.) DENY
        2.) Blame someone else.
        3.) Try to justify it.
        4.) Shift attention elsewhere.
        Then when these fail it’s on to
        5.) Start with name calling.
        6.) Start with insults.
        7.) Start in their local dialect so no one can reply.

        Now as we have all seen Tom and his butt buddies have followed this pattern. Last night they started number 7.

    1. Profile gravatar of FilChiAcumen

      Something good always comes out of optimism Phil Doh..Now i don’t know why nothing yet has come out of my as for me,well i get along everyday needs and i’m just happily cruising and surfing the waves here:)

  13. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    Put a can of beans and a steak knife in a room full of ten thousand can openers, and the Filipino will still try and open the can by stabbing it with the steak knife… This is the level of intelligence that we are dealing with.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Rice, we can always tell if a (pretentious) Pinay has not left the country at all despite being well dressed… she tries to cut the steak with a spoon!! πŸ™‚

      By pretentious, I meant that just because she’s with a foreign man, she behaves like Lady Mac from Turd Island. πŸ™‚ And there’s too many of that kind in Flipland. πŸ™‚