Sweeping Water And Epidemic Aquaphobia In Philippines

What is up with this epidemic fear of water that Filipinos have? I swear to gawd, if it’s raining, they’ll make themselves late for work because they can’t get a few raindrops on them. “I will wait until the light rain stops, then I’ll go to work”. Oh there’s umbrellas, but even with an umbrella, you risk getting moist. They’ll even cancel school if it rains a bit too hard! Can you believe that?? WTF???


sweeping waterAnd then OH MY FUCKING GOD!! If there’s a puddle in the curb, SWEEP IT! And 10 minutes later, it will rain again, and there will be another puddle. And no doubt some old filipina bitty will be right back out there sweeping the water again. It’s as if she sits and waits for puddles to show up, so she can go out and sweep them.

It’s really quite hilarious. Idiotic, but hilarious.

So Filipino idiots will reply to this with, “We’re concerned about people slipping, so we sweep the water away to remove the hazzard.”

My reply to them is, “You have 1000 times more chance of tripping on dry ground in Philippines than slipping from a puddle of water. You can’t walk 10 feet anywhere on the public streets in Philippines without massive trip hazzards, so why are you not concerned about that??”

Idiots, total and complete idiots. tsk tsk tsk….

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    Strangest thing I ever saw – a tropical island full of people petrified of water and sunlight. I mean, people come to these islands from all around the world for tourism and vacation – to enjoy the beaches and get tan. But when it rains? Bring the umbrella and remain indoors at all costs. If its too sunny outside? Bring the umbrella and stay indoors at all costs. You are so right…

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    they think if they get wet they will get sick, and that being wet is the cause! So stupid! I cant tell you how many times ive had people call in sick and their excuse the got rained on the day before. OMFG! That is not how it works! Also having a wet shirt from sweating causes the same problem. Thats why you see these dumb fuck people with towels down the back of their shirts, or constant changing of shirts/shirtlessness. Again OMFG IDIOTS! It’s science people sickness comes from viruses and bacteria not getting wet! They fail to realize that they take (or should take) a shower every morning! Ang Tanga!

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    Dude…I actually had a conversation with someone – that when presented with the logic that there is no difference between taking a shower and getting wet in the rain – said to me –> “here in the Philippines the water in the shower will not make you sick. It’s different water”

    I gave them the infamous blank-stare and changed the topic

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      Captain PFB Post author

      I was just recovering from the flu, and was going to meet a friend. Texted that I was going to have a shower then go to meet with him. He replies, “NO! DON’T SHOWER! YOU’RE GOING TO GET SICK AGAIN!”

      After my shower I just replied, “ah ok”

      My gawd when will these people stop living by ancient wives tales and myths?

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    One time it was piss pouring rain in my neighbourhood and everyone, as usual, huddled up beneath the shelter provided by the shop I was standing in front of. My house is only 10 seconds walk around the corner and didn’t have an umbrella and I needed to go home. No big deal. The minute I took a step out, everyone stopped what they were doing and collectively shot me the same bewildered stare you’d give to someone fucking an exhaust pipe in clear daylight.

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    I don’t know why,,, evry time I shower with cold wate r in this country,, I get a week long dirty, rotten cold…????
    be careul,, because standing water may contain rat urine and give you a nasty desease if it gets on you

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    Deathly afraid of the sun and rain, not being able to swim, and no idea how to prepare for natural disasters. Spain, Britain, Japan, and the U.S. must’ve been amazed at how these people survived, when first arriving, on an everday basis.

    Or just laughed at the insane levels of retardation around them.