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Stupid Ignorant Proud Filipinos (That’s 99% of you) – WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Stupid Filipinos. Yes, I generalize, because after living in Philippines for 10 years, it is extremely rare that I have met a Filipino with a measurable level of awareness or intelligence. One example of just how unbelievably apathetic, stupid, and completely ignorant and rude Filipinos are, is to watch street traffic. It sets the tone […]

Everyone is Filipino

Everyone is Filipino

Hey buddies, I know it’s been 5 weeks since I last been on here, but I can’t run away forever.  I knew I would be back on here eventually if I ran into a Filipino-related problem (which is inevitably inescapable). Actually, I had negative Filipino encounters during those 5 weeks with my first one being […]

In Light of the Singapore “Hate Blog” Against Filipinos

So the big news going on in Philippines right now is about the Singapore “hate blog” which allegedly advocated and encouraged discrimination or unfair treatment of Filipinos in Singapore. “The Philippine embassy has urged Singaporean authorities to take action against the blogger.” I have to say that if that blogger was instigating or encouraging unfair […]