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PLDT – Typical Poor, Unreliable, Inconsistent Service

PLDT really has no interest in customer service. My internet package is supposed to give me 10mbps speed. Lately I’ve had frequent disconnections and ridiculously slow speeds. I’ve been dealing with PLDT for years. Their “technicians” are under-qualified and pretty fuckin’ stupid. Ever wonder why PLDT reports record profits? BECAUSE THEY SAVE MONEY BY NOT […]

More About Globe And Their NON-Service

Globe Telecom, Inc., one of the Philippines’ top telecommunications companies, has pioneered services in different ways, including delivery of the newest technologies. Its innovative G-Cash SMS-based service enables money transfers and purchases and payments via mobile phones. It has made Internet connection possible on handheld devices, first through GPRS, and later through Mobile Broadband 3G […]