Teach Your Children Well?

 I had to go to a meeting at our son’s school today. The meeting was for the parents of the thirty two candidates for Mr. and Miss Nutrition Month. Apparently July is nutrition month in the Philippines. Anyone with a calendar can already see a problem with this meeting. Today is the 16th of July. The month is already half way over and we are just now having a meeting about nutrition month.

 The meeting is scheduled to start at 4:00 PM, which to me means, be there at 1550. At 4:15 the second attendee shows up. I can already see where this is going. Finally by 4:30 there are ten of us out of thirty two sitting in the room and the principal decides that is enough to start.  On the agenda for the meeting is of course a fund raiser. The student government decided they want to add a PA system to the school. (I have my doubts this was from the student government, but I will keep that to myself) My first and the most obvious question was, “How much is the PA system going to cost”? The staff had no idea. Yeah. I shit you not, they really had no idea. They had not even begun to research how much a PA system is going to cost but yet called a meeting to discuss it. Unfreakingbelievable.  And these are the ass hats that I am paying to educate my children.

 Now on to the fund raiser. From everything I could gather the students that are competing for the title of Mr. or Miss Nutrition need to come up with some money. OK so far I guess. The student that comes up with the most money is the winner. Still OK, sort of. Here is the kicker. The money will be returned to the people that “donated” it, minus a small amount. Wait, what? Yeah. This is just a “show me the money” event. Wait, what? The school staff actually told me this: “All you have to do is let your child bring X amount of pesos to the school on the 30th of July”. “Then we will return the money to the student, minus a small amount”. (We were actually there to vote on what that small amount would be) “If your child shows the most money,  he or she will be crowned the winner”.  At this point I almost lost it, then I heard this gem, “The winner will be awarded a crown and EARN EXTRA POINTS TOWARDS THEIR FINAL GRADE”. Yes, you read that correctly. I asked another question that I thought was pretty obvious, “Are you fucking kidding me”? (Ok technically that was a rhetorical question, but a question none the less) So basically I can buy my kid a crown and extra points? No thanks.

“So the kid that can come to school with the most money on a given day is the winner”? I asked that three times just to make sure that I understood the concept. Yes. The kid that can “show” the most cash is crowned, literally crowned, the winner. Now I lost it. I stood up and looked around the room and said, “Is this the lesson that we want to teach our children”? Of course, blank stares. “Seriously, you are telling our children that the richest kids are the winners”. “It has nothing to do with their effort, it is all about how much cash they can flash”?  There were a few Filipinos looking embarrassed for me as if thinking, “Yeah how else are you going to differentiate between winners and losers”. (Just kidding we all know Filipinos are incapable of feeling shame) I was absolutely floored by all of this. I don’t think I have ever heard of anything so crazy, and I have dropped LSD at a Frank Zappa concert. I feel like I am taking crazy pills.


 I guess the story has a sort of happy ending. They actually agreed to scrap making the “fund raising” idea a competition. Now they are having a talent show and question and answer on nutrition to determine the winner of Mr. or Miss Nutrition. Imagine that, Filipinos actually being judged on their efforts and merits. I am sure they are just humoring me. As soon as the Barangay captain’s daughter is passed over because she didn’t prepare, things will go back to the way they were.  

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    Don Quixote

    AHHH FRANK AND THE MOTHERS, brings back memories or does it , I cant remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you can remember the 70’s you weren’t there

    So they now have an EDUCATIONAL program in a SCHOOL towards the EXTRA POINTS towards their final exams.
    WHAT A NOVEL IDEA.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We get hit up by the nieces for this or that , beauty queen shit, the same thing happens the one with the richest parents always wins. Trust me Ive seen some winners the dog wouldn’t even play with.
    I also noted in the Miss Whatever for adults, the GFs and LBs attached or close to organizers of local adult contests always seem to win too.
    They couldn’t run a straight competition in a outhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Pinay Lover

    So typical. This culture is all about hand outs and who can con others for free money to flash around, after all. That is the greatest talent these Natives have. Why?

    Takes no effort
    Takes little brains

    And if you can do this without feeling shame, you are a winner! This culture is all about scamming, being materialistic, showing off and being the most shallow individual of them all. This is pride in the Philippines.

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    My stepson goes to ”IT” school. So the wife gets a text from him wanting 200 pesos for school ”projects” ASAP, right now. I asked my beloved wife ”why would a school that teaches forward planning and IT ask for a student to fork over 200 pesos ”right now”
    Do these idiots ever plan anything besides eating????
    ”Schools” are another sink hole of dishonesty and stupity.
    Back in the days when I was growing up,, students went to school 8 hours of the day and never had to bother with this moronic idiocy. the parents would soon demand the school board get another teacher!!

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      My wife got wound up Wednesday. Heard her starting to get loud while I surfed the web so I walked in to find out what was up. The niece who stays with us just walked in the door from school and told wife that she needed supplies for a school project, no problem with the niece as she never ask for anything. But what cause the wife to get heated was that the teacher will send a project assignment that the kids have to turn in the next day! For some reason the teacher thinks that a project ( which requires a special trip to the store to get materials) assigned on Monday is due when they walk in the door Tuesday.
      So after wife told me that I just looked at her and asked why yell at us? Call the teacher and yell at her. So wife picks up the phone and calls and what do I hear? An instantly clam voice! Seems said teacher has been getting a lot of complaints about the above. In addition said teacher will not hand out homework over the weekend, her excuse “It’s Friday.” Nope, any assignments had to be turned in the next day.

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        I swear they get a commision from National Book store. Of course to get this junk,, you have to go through rush hour trapic, visit 10 stores, and the project has to be handed in next morning. How come thye do not these projects and supplies needed in their program for the year.. Same thing with ”military training”.
        As for field trips,, wtf,,, wandering around in a mall 101 with finger shoved up their ass.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I don’t care what the project is, make a volcano out of shit and set it on fire in the class room.
          Watch them scream and stomp on the shit to put it out.
          When they bitch say It was a NATIONAL CALAMITY I NEED BUDGET MONEY TO FIX

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    To Mike.
    That is truly a ”wtf” moment. You have to wonder what kind of drugs they are using?? I could make a lot of money for that in Canada.

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      Sometimes Im wondering about the same. Once you go to the SM or especially to some Hypermarkets you will see the slow movement. Before I though that they are smoking some week or something here all the time. In my hometown there was one small supermarket, they guy that cashier over there was like 150 kg but he made things more fast than a 10 people together. Here 10 filipinos cant make it in the same way as the fat 150 kg cashier did in Poland. They will scan the things slow and also pack it even slower.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I just wonder if there might be another reason they are slow. I wonder if they slow down so they can listen to our accents. But then they are slow.

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    Don Quixote

    How about the useless field trips.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We were paying for our nieces education at a Private School , as she was living with us, I wanted to ensure at least whilst she was our responsibility she had the best chance in life.
    Anyway, she arrives home with a note she needs 500 peso or something for a field trip to San Fernando the State capital of Pamapanga and the former Capital of Zambales. I asked what she was going to see on the field trip.
    As we have all seen the bloody field trips to the MALLS when children clog up the checkouts whilst they splurge on candy.
    I got the Filipino Stare stupid smile., cocked head like I was an Imbo. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN BOYS AND GIRLS.
    So before I give her any money I ask her to bring me a Program or schedule of events so I know where she is and what she will be doing, like a responsible parent would.
    I WAS SUMMONED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF.
    They were not happy I wanted to know what they were up too.
    So the Child Bride and I walked to the school, me getting a lecture all the way about HIGH BLOOD.
    I was INFORMED that going on Field trips is MANDATORY and forms part of their marks towards the end of the year assessment. WTF AGAIN.
    I still wanted to know where the trip was going. Museum’s, the State Capital etc.
    NOPE, They were going on a bus to visit Shopping Malls.
    So the 500 peso was just the start. I thought to myself.
    It was not as like she had never been to these malls before we had been many times with her.
    I said well the niece will not be going on the trip. We will home school her for the day if there are no teachers available for the children who can not afford the trip. As I was sure they could not get 100% to pay up.
    NO SCHOOL that day at all for her class. it was not a sport day, or a review day it was a FUCKING Education day.
    I also threaten that if she loses any marks she will not be also going to the graduation for the year. another rip off and she will be leaving the school after this semester.
    As LOGIC was gone and steam coming out my ears. WE LEFT.
    The day of the trip, WHAT a FUCKING DRAMA because I wouldn’t let her go. You would swear she had started Menstruating.
    Life became too hard for us, after that she went back to the swill she lived in before she moved in with us, because we were too hard on her. The Child Bride backed me 100% . Now that was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The fucking teachers just wanted to go XMAS shopping and wanted a PAID excuse to do it..

  6. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “the day of the trip, WHAT a FUCKING DRAMA because I wouldn’t let her go. You would swear she had started Menstruating. Life became too hard for us, after that she went back to the swill she lived in before she moved in with us, because we were too hard on her”.

    Typical Pinay. Ungrateful, self-centered, focusing only for today. Glad your wife backed you up on that Don. Give it a few months and she’ll be begging you to take her back.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Nope that was two years ago.Living in a single room house with 4 others , approx Ive been told 10ft x 6 ft.
      Nope the Marks was for the class of Community Studies or some bullshit they actually have in their Syllabus.
      Perhaps someone with kids can elaborate, its the indoctrination of the children in how great the Philippines is and how to grow the community.
      As soon as it was a touchy feely subject it lost me. ME MATHS ,SCIENCE , HISTORY and ECONOMICS
      And the 500p or what ever it was, but it was enough to get my attention.was just for the trip, with a lunch. spending was extra.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        So if lunch was separate, who gets the P500??? Yes, field trips…..it ime better off learning reading, writing, maths, science. They’d learn more dissecting frogs than going to malls where they learn materialism, spend today what you’d earn tomorrow. Bahala na bukas, after all God will provide via Kano uncle from Oz.

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    Sum Dum Joe Post author

    Our school just had three half days at the end of last week. I made the mistake of asking why. They were given the afternoons off to practice their dance moves for an acquaintance dance on Saturday evening. The children lost around 12 hours of class room time, so they could practice their dance moves. And not even culturally significant dancing to keep some of the old traditions alive, hip hop dancing.
    I wonder if the children of India, China, Japan or Korea take that much time off to learn how to shake their butts?

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I woke up this am and mini me 2.0 was not in school. When asked why was told it was a holiday. So I asked what holiday only to be told last day of Ramadan. So let me get this straight. Give the kids a day off from school because the muslims stopped starving themselves and will start back up with the terror activities?

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        The Failippines has taken political correctness to extremes. I was informed that a % of government jobs are reserved for Muslims only. And what percent are the population in the Philippines out of 100 million? Any idea why nothing gets passed in the senate that would benefit the country as a whole? Because half of the Philippine senate are full of communists, NPAs and Muslims! Tribalism is alive and well in the Failippines! Really, who were the groups who clamored for independence? The elite of Philippine society who contributed nothing but to fleece the country.

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    Remember the neighbor who got evicted on the 13th of July? The asshole that has a party most every night? So he’s given an eviction notice to leave the 13th then gets an extension until the 15th. The 15th he says he’ll leave the 16th then on the 16th says he’ll leave on the 18th. Anyone see a pattern? Now wife tells me he could be here as long as 3 more months. She says there is a law that says that if they cannot pay rent the owner has to let them stay in the rental for three months rent free before can kick them out. Anyone know about this? It is stupid enough to be a law in this country.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      If they do, ILL BET YOU anything it doesnt apply to us, only native born flips.
      They have another law , that RENT can only be increased by the Inflation rate or 10% upon renewal of a lease.
      Whatever is the least.
      TRY and win that fucking argument. if you are a foreigner.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Well it’s going to be interesting any way. Was told last night that if he don’t move today the owner has arranged for cidg to get him out.

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    Stephan Sutherland

    Hello guys,another Canadian from the great white north that has lived here for over 10 years (on and off) I seem to be lucky compared to a lot of you.I live in a quiet gated community with security and a huge wall around it. (except for the fucking dogs but I will get into that another time) Now this idiocy with the schools I can relate to as well as the blank stares whenever I go to the Villages office and ask them anything more complicated then their names. A friend of mine (who is actually called Joe),Gave me a good piece of advice.I have my own Local Lawyer who is quite smart.I pay him a small retainer to answer for me to these stupid people when they say Idiotic things.I use him perhaps once every couple months at most.I call him up and explain the problem than hand the cell to the idiot.Like as Don said My question to my Lawyer would be “what the fuck does going to a Mall have to do with my kids education”?I havent had that problem but when I want something from the Village office I get him to send them a letter directly hand delivered stamped, signed sealed And he came in real handy when a Jeepney decided that he wanted to occupy the same space I was in at the same second.He and the Cop said I had to pay the jeepney’s damage. I handed the cell to the P.N.P. officers and after about 5 minutes of arguing he told the Police “you don’t want me to come down there do you?”Anyway it does come in handy except for the fucking barking dogs of course.he couldn’t help me with them,But we will talk about that one later