Hey PLDT! Look What People Are Saying About You!

This is a story of how Filipino business practices that are monumentally stupid.

I am a Filipino Computer Engineer working for a large, multi-national IT services and products
provider. I work on various networking technologies that make large-scale internet and mobile
services possible. I am in-charge of research, design, development, and testing for these
services before they even make it to the marketing department. I had been exposed to international
standards as I was able to work abroad for quite a while. I have been in this field for quite a
few years now.

I have subscribed to the 5.0 Mbps PLDT MyDSL plan. It was working fine, the bandwidth was
good and the latency was low. Up until this January, that is. I was working with software
that required good latency in order to be functional (okay, it was an online game, bite me).
Generally, my ping ranges from 30~80 ms, not bad for a Philippine ISP. But around the first
week of January, my ping started to spike at around 300 ms! I did what any seasoned engineer
would do and did some basic troubleshooting by elimination. In minutes, I have concluded with
utmost confidence that nothing was wrong with my hardware and software (including the PLDT
supplied modem). You see, when I trace the route from my house to the PLDT server in
Makati, the tracing completes in less than 30 ms. Going outside their network, though, would
take at least 200 ms.

PLDT - Expect failure, stupidity, lies, and dumb-shit techniciansSo, I called PLDT tech support to present my case. A relative of mine works in a call-center,
so I generally have the idea of what to expect: a bunch of questions that will be asked in
order for them to be able to troubleshoot my problem. A brilliant came up: I would tell the
tech support person that I have done the basic troubleshooting in order to save time. After
waiting for 30 freaking minutes, a tech support guy finally answered my call. It basically
went like this:

Tech: Good afternoon (blah…blah…) How can I help you?

Me: Good day. You see, my internet connection seems to have a very high latency. I have
done basic troubleshooting and I have personally isolated each component of my network
and have concluded that there are no problems with it. I have completed 3 power cycles
for the modem you have provided, to no avail.

Tech: Ok sir. Did you try to turn it off and on again sir?

What the fuck!? I just gave him a detailed explanation on what I did including the power
cycle and he asks me a fucking retarded question. Okay, well, maybe he didn’t understand
me. So I decided to be a reasonable gentleman and did as he told me. Nothing changed.
Here’s what happened next:

Me: Okay, I have done as you have instructed, to no avail.

Tech: Okay sir, please open internet explorer (blah, instructions to clear my cache)

Me: (WTF?) … Okay. Done. Nothing has changed.

Tech: Okay sir, is your modem connected to a router?

Me: Yes, but I guarantee: the latency from my router to your modem is less than 1 ms.

Tech: Okay sir, please plug your computer to the modem directly sir.

Me: Seriously? I told you, there is nothing wrong with my router. My computer to router
latency is less than 1 ms, and so is my router to modem latency.

Tech: Sir, we need to test if it is the router that is causing problems. We do not advise
using routers other than the one we have provided.

Me: So, you are telling me that your PoS router, made by who knows what company, is better
than my custom-firmware high-end router? (DD-WRT, I know you guys can relate)

Tech: I’m sorry sir, we really have to check it.

Me: Fine, but I bet my balls that it won’t change a goddamn thing. (I then do as he said
exactly as he said it) Okay… Done. Nothing has changed.

Tech: Can I put you on hold sir, I have to check your line.

Me: Okay (Finally!)

5 minutes later

Tech: Okay sir. I have checked your line, and it seems that there is no problem. Can you
go to Internet explorer (unintelligible babble about going to speedtest.net)?

Me: Okay… Done! Downloads are ~2.0Mbps and the ping is still 300 ms.

Tech: Um, sir, did you use the PLDT Makati Server?

Me: No, I specifically chose another server because that is the reasonable thing to do.
I did not pay 3000 per month to view the PLDT website.

Tech: Um, sir, just test the PLDT Makati Server please sir.

Me: No, I will not fucking do that because I have no goddamn business with the PLDT
Makati Server. I look up websites from overseas and I have no fucking reason whatsoever
to watch your stupid website! If you are not going to help me then I demand I talk to
your supervisor!

So basically, my call was escalated to the supervisory group. It fucking went the same way.
It was utterly pointless to discuss my issue with the freaking supervisor because he asked
me the same set of stupid questions. After explaining to his primitive mind that pinging their
own servers is a pointless exercise, he finally agreed to sending an “engineer” to my house
to check on the issue. I politely asked that they send someone with expertise on the
subject as I do not want to talk to a “technician” because the problem cannot be solved by
simply checking/replacing my wires. He said yes. I thought that was the end of it. But, I
was in for a ride.

So, the next day, an “engineer” came to my house and I discussed with him the problems that
I had with the PLDT latency. I let him use my $2000 custom-built workstation to check on
various stuff. To my surprise, the idiot used the PLDT Makati server to test my connection
and concluded that there was nothing wrong with the connection. I was fucking outraged. I
explained to him that it was pointless because it only checks my connection with PLDT, not
my connection with the rest of the world wide web. Here’s a testament to his monumental

Me: I use the internet to connect to various services around the globe, and I do not
even point my browser to the PLDT website.

Tech: Well, sir, it will have high latency because it will connect to other countries.

Me: Yes, I know that. But 300 ms is too high. A week ago, my latency was around 30 ms.

Tech: Sir, if you look at the speedtest sir, your ping is only 14 ms, very fast sir.

This goes on for a couple of minutes. It took a while to drill into his thick, primitive
skull that I am paying to get content outside PLDT, not to watch pldt.com. I explained
to him how large-scale network infrastructures work, how routing and QoS (Quality of
Service) work, and what throttling and congestion mean. He fucking disregarded it. He
was so full of himself and even boasted that he was a graduate of IT and that he was
not just an ordinary technician. He said he was troubleshooting networks for a very
long time. I swear this “engineer” was arrogant as fuck, but all the while oblivious to
the fact that I fucking create the software used in network equipment that are superior
to what his piss-poor excuse for a company uses.

I showed him that by performing a trace to the most common websites, google, yahoo,
and Facebook, it was very clear that from my network to PLDT’s bridge routers, the
latency was ridiculously low – around 20 ms. From their bridge routers to their own
service provider, the latency was around 280 ms. The fucker was speechless as I had
given him 30 freaking minutes of premium networking lecture (which, I should have
charged him for, by the way).

This idiot then proceeded to plug in this sticker-vandalised contraption, which I think
resembles a laptop from the Neanderthal age, to my router and does the same standard
tests. He did the tracing, and to my surprise, it was 80ms! Now, the smile that was
drawn across this idiot’s face was so fucking smug that it created something new in
the universe – a fifth fundamental force: an attraction between my knee and his face.
(joke from cracked.com)

Damn! I must have been wrong. But, as I was trained for years in true international
standards, I deduced that something must be different. It turns out that the idiot
used the standard DNS used by most PLDT subscribers. His trace always ends up at a
PLDT-designated router whatever the URL traced was. I had to explain to this cave
man that his trace results does not prove his case. This went on for a long, long
time. In an attempt to wipe off that stupid smile of his, I asked him to do a trace,
but instead of a URL, use an IP address instead. I was fucking right. No surprises
there. He doesn’t fucking believe what I had just said. He exclaims “Any IT graduate
can conclude that the slow one here is your PC sir”. At that moment, I wanted to
hit is smug face with my $2000 PC. That was it. I was fucking tired of his bullshit
and threw him out of the house. I called PLDT customer service and reported his ass.
I told them that he didn’t do shit to help solve my problem.

Within minutes, he was back. Apparently, his bosses in Manila sent him to fix my
issue again. I schooled this fucker for another hour and he asks me to sign a form
indicating that the issue was fixed. I fucking said no. He walked out. I called PLDT
support again. He went back. I called PLDT again, and demanded to talk to the person
in charge of their network infrastructure in our local area to school him as well.
They said they would send someone different on the next day.

The next day came, but, to my surprise, everything went back to normal. My bandwidth
was around 5.0 Mbps and my latency was 15 ms (not using PLDT servers to test, of course).
Someone must have grown tired of listening to my brand of education. I practically
schooled the idiots enough for them to get 3 diplomas, or something.

For now, my internet connection is back to normal. Next time, I might consider offering
tutorials and workshops to the shit-tier technicians that local telcos pass off as their
“engineers”. If it does improve services in any way, I would fucking do it for free. But,
knowing Filipino culture, it won’t change a thing as these idiots would still follow
company issued SOPs. I would transfer to other ISPs if they provided better service.
But as piss-poor as PLDT is, it is orders of magnitude better than Globe, at least in
our area. Fuck you Globe and fuck you PLDT.

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    god bless facebook.
    without facebook it would give no internet in the philippines.
    fb is the only reason for peoples to study it in this country 🙂

    press 1 …. press 2 …. press 3 …..

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      So true Andy, my entire school is governed by facebook. Even my course batch has their own facebook group as their main method of getting the word out. I am eve required sometimes to ‘Like’ something for part of my grade. The ironic thing is that some of my classmate don’t have access to the internet because they are either too poor to visit their net shop, or they are too poor to own their own computer with internet connection. Fuck PLDT, I am using the USB SMART broadband stick. It still sucks, but as a student and having a laptop, it’s convenient for me since it’s portable and I can take it to school if necessary.

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    I could have written this same article myself. Same shit happens to me. They know exactly what they are doing. They will go to your house, and as most Filipinos are dumbfucks, the “technicians” are not really technicians. They are just typical dumbfuck Filipinos in red shirts. I know this because I have a friend who is a “technician” for PLDT.

    PLDT does not hire schooled, formally trained technicians. They save a lot of money in salaries by hiring untrained idiots that they can pay half of what they would need to pay someone who at least knows his ass from a hole in the ground. They simply train them within the company, sort of tutor them on how to convince the customer that the problem is on the customer’s equipment, and not on PLDT’s service.

    What you wrote is a carbon copy of what I have experience with the exact same problems, multiple times, with multiple brainless turds they call “technicians”. They try to convince you to ping PLDT, where you’ll get good results. It is standard operating procedure to do everything they can to convince the customer there is no problem with PLDT service, and that the problem is within your own computer. Sad thing is, most shit-head Filos won’t know the fucking difference, and just say, “okay, guess I need to get my computer fixed”.


    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I can almost relate on the service’s end in a sad way. I was trained in the same way when I was working as a contractor for Time Warner Cable. I was a non-college graduate at the time, trained within the company. But the difference is that I was professionally trained by certified professionals who knew what the fuck they were doing. After a 2-week crash course on how to install phone, internet, and cable (without pay), I became a pro at it and been on my own ever since. I don’t know how long their training is at PLDT, but I bet I can out-school any Filipino idiot in the art of installing communications. But after seeing their tangled up cable lines twisted together all over the place, there is no way in hell I will work with any internet/cable company here. It is just too much work that I have to unfuck!!!

  3. Profile gravatar of FlipFailure
    FlipFailure Post author

    Getting trained in international standards really humbled me. They really know their stuff. I cannot even begin to describe how utterly unprofessional Filipinos, in general, are.

    PLDT sent me technicians to convince me there was something wrong on my end. I make their equipment for a living, so they can’t fool me. It just saddens me that they think of their customers as illiterate monkeys. My company always tells me that customers are basically like gods. You can’t have business without customers.

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      I sure do understand you’re frustration. Customer service in 99.9% of all Co. in this country is out to lunch.

      I am a ASE master cert automobile tech of almost 40 years. Also owned my own shop for 12 yrs. I see the crap that is done to cars here I want to put a gun in my mouth.
      Where I come from, you need to know how to fix all brands of cars A-Z from the 50’s to today with refresher classes every year for the new cars that come out.

      In this country??? Lucky if the dumb-ass has a hammer and a crescent wrench in a greasy rag when he fumbles around your car.

      Today’s cars are 4 wheeled computers with up to 3 computers networked together with fiber-optics. Oh, and here come this fool and he thinks because he rigged together some ox cart once he is qualified.

      Thank GOD I brought all my equipment with me. There is NO WAY IN HELL I would let anyone of these retards touch my car.
      So, I feel your pain…Flipfailure. I look at the automotive industry as (mine).. I love cars.. I have diesel running threw my veins.. These retards give all GOOD Techs a bad name. I am sure you feel the same about the IT industry, “your” industry.

      1. Profile gravatar of FlipFailure
        FlipFailure Post author

        There are good, great techs out there. Before I started designing stuff, I was fixing stuff up as a freelancer. I always give my customers what they need, without deception. I charged a higher rate than most techs, but I always disclosed everything up front.

        The “engineer” they sent me flashed his “IT” badge to me all the time. I wanted to fix his smug face so bad. We have shit-tier customer service here in the Philippines, and as a Filipino I grovel in shame.

      2. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

        Got tired of the rather frequent and relatively expensive Toyota car servicing bills for the fleet at work, so we tried Rapide. Didn’t take long before we went back to Toyota! Never seen so many cars go in for a service which then needed to go back within day(s)!

      3. Profile gravatar of crosstown

        Hey Joe, you’ll love this. A while back, I went to a sheet metal shop to have a specific piece of sheet metal cut to replace a damaged lock mechanism. So, the guy has to do an initial drill hole into the sheet metal plate. OK, fine. So, he picks up his drill, and finds that the bit is stuck. One would usually use a chuck to release the bit from the drill head. But, GET THIS.. this dumb son of a bitch lays the drill on the floor, takes a screwdriver and places it into the chuck socket-hole, and the proceeds to whack it with a large hammer, to loosen the drill bit! I was too speechless to ask the dummy if he ever even heard of a chuck key for a drill. And of course in the end, the piece of metal was not quite a straight as desired, OR required. Here’s what, I could bet you $1 on the number of trained technicans in this country, and the most I might loose would be LESS than $100! They ALL learn by “seeing-and-doing”, like those monkeys that pick ants out of logs using straws!! I’m thinking of opening up a store here in the country, I think I’ll call it “tools for fools”. Should be a winner!!

    2. Profile gravatar of Joshua

      Don’t know much about telecommunications but, in my opinion, the reason those telco companies are providing terrible services is because they don’t have competition. Why do they don’t have competition? Well, I think it’s because the Filipino government imposed foreign economic restrictions, like 100% foreign ownership is not allowed. These foreign restrictions turned off many investors too invest here, including many foreign IT and telcos. So, with these restrictions, why the hell would PLDT, bayantel and other telcos provide good customer service when they already monopolized this business in the country.

      Not only are they mediocre, but also too expensive as compared too other countries. -_-

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        I would think Globe is competing with PLDT. That’s competition. But they’re both run by Filipinos, so therefore, both don’t have a clue about the concept of customer service, and both employ dumbfuck Filipinos. That is the only reason you get shitty service with ANYTHING in Philippines. Because they are all run by brainless dumbfuck Filipinos.

        Simple explanation.

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    The only thing that surprises me about this post is that the “tech” came out the very next day. I had a PLDT rep tell me that their service wasn’t available in my building. I walk past a PLDT cabinet every single fucking day when i walk to the elevator and the clubhouse advertises their bullshit fiber service. When I mentioned this to the rep she said…

    “Sir are you sure its PLDT and not SkyCable?”

    I had to hang up before I murdered another telephone

  5. Profile gravatar of

    Yup same thing happened to us with Bayantel. After spending 2 weeks of arguing with them, we decided not to pay the bill. Now they still hound us for the bill. Fuck them!!!

  6. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    We have about 16 pcs on our network in the office and a SmallBiz Junior dsl package (8k a month for 4.5Mbps). Whether everyone is in the office or not the internet connectivity can be amazingly good for weeks, and at times months, on end until suddenly IT’S NOT.

    When PLDT tech support is called we go through the same scripted Q&A bullshit described above ALL the fucking time, except there’s one final question they ask – how many PC’s are connected sir? When they’re told it’s 16 we’re then informed that that’s the problem and that we need to upgrade our package e.g., subscribe to small biz senior (14,500 a month for 5 Mbps). When I ask if they will guarantee that the problem will be fixed if we upgrade the package the answer is NO!!!

    Suffice to say we have not upgraded the system and for reasons unknown to me after a few days or a week or so the internet connectivity goes back to being amazingly good. I’ve actually given up calling PLDT when the connection has gone bad and just accept that EVERYTHING is just plain SHIT in this country.

    There was even a time when we were told a tech guy would be around in the next day or so. No bullshit two weeks later, and after the internet connectivity miraculously went back to something more than respectable, a PLDT tech guy turned up in the office. I told him he was too late and escorted him out of the place.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Any ISP with the intelligence of at least a Labrador Retriever would keep a database of their customers and their account details. PLDT claims they do, but you still have to go through the list of questions when calling for tech support to report a problem. “How many PC’s do you have connected?” When signing up for this account, especially since it’s a business account, they should have all this info in front of them when you give your name and account info, thus avoiding the need to barrage your customer with the same idiotic questions every time you call.

      But there isn’t a company in Philippines that can so much as come close to grasping the concept of customer service, and customer convenience. When every Filipino, both customer and product/service provider, cannot even consider the possibility that they could be wrong about something, or that something could actually be wrong with their service, it’s always a battle about self preservation. Hearing the customer, and actually taking an interest and actually WANTING to solve the problem no matter who’s fault it is, is a totally alien concept to them.

      When you have a nation of totally retarded illogical, unreasonable, brainless fucktards who all believe they are way too intelligent to make mistakes, and are completely unwilling to admit them, and have no ability to understand that things can go wrong, and that you are obligated to do all you can to give your customer what they are paying for, you end up with Philippines.

      One of the most utterly fucking stupid things I have ever heard of in my entire life concerning a “Professional Service Company” called Cignal Satellite TV:

      You pay to get their service
      They come and install the satellite dish and decoder box and do the full installation in your home.
      You pay their fee on time each month to continue getting their service.
      Problem occurs, you are no longer getting a signal, service is interrupted for reasons unknown to you, because you PAY THEM each month to provide you with ongoing service.
      You call to report the service interruption.
      They tell you, “Sir, we will charge you an additional 720 pesos for a technician to come check the problem.”
      That HAS TO BE ILLEGAL!!! And I have tried to get them to understand how utter fucked up stupid, wrong, unfair, and blatantly corrupt that is, and they just think that saying, “It’s our policy sir” is justification.

      Filipinos go way beyond stupid. They are brainless retards. And that’s an insult to brainless retards.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I have found out personally from the root of Filipino culture that, anything that is an inconvenience or that requires anything additional beyond standard data ALWAYS has to be charged, no matter how fuckin trivial the situation is. Even at the school I go to here, it is STANDARD DATA to provide all of your own school materials, and it is STANDARD DATA for teachers to ONLY teach the given subject. Anything that requires any out-of-pocket expenses from the teacher’s end will eventually fall on the students, that even includes the issuance of test papers and assignments. Yes, that is correct. If there is an assignment that is not given on ‘yellow bond paper’ (or yellow pad paper), students are required to pay the cheap and affordable photocopy of their assignments. It’s very rare that this happens, but the fact that teachers are so fuckin cheap that they can’t waive the .50 or 1 peso fee so their students can collect their school work displays the lack of assistance the school offers for their teachers and staff. So we waste unnecessary time each time this happen to enure that these greedy teachers can extort money from the entire class so to pay for half their lunch, which is like a 5 minute or more process alone. Another example is when I take a trip to the local hospital. I had to get a shot, but the process was a lot longer than that. First I had to wait in line to pay for the doctor fee. I see the doctor, and after his diagnostics, I needed a shot. But prior to him giving me the shot, I had to wait in line again so I can pay for the fuckin syringe that he was going to use on me. Actually, he doesn’t carry syringes in his office, I had to pick it up where I paid for it, but at least he had injection fluid with him, which I also ended up paying for with the needle I bought. It’s amazing how they couldn’t cut time by consolidating all the charges into one and have me pay ONE simple lump sum charge, instead of paying for every little thing individually, which caused me to waste a lot of time during the process. I really don’t understand the Filipino mindset. Yes, the doctor has an obligation to give me the injection, but why do I have to provide my own syringe? He could’ve kept some in his office and included it as part of the diagnostic or doctor fee? What a fuckin idiot! As for that 720php fee, that is totally bullshit too. But I understand what they are coming from since it’s additional expenses to them since they have to waste gas by driving out there, but that should be included in the service. You can’t expect to pay for a service that is not working? I wonder if they are devious enough to charge you for their service if it had prolonged to over a month? I can’t think of any reasonable way to charge someone for something they can’t use, this place is just plain wrong in every aspect!

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          To generalize what I was saying above, they always leave it up to the customer to pay for their inconveniences that requires additional spending on the service’s side, when in fact the entire problem of occurrence is not on the customer’s side, but it is somehow pinned on the customer as if we caused the inconvenience. This whole country is a fuckin rip-off!!!

        2. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
          Pearl Of My Ass

          My experience at Makati Med was the same, you go from desk to cashier to desk to doctor to cashier to what-not… inefficient, medieval at best.
          It must be such a chock when one of these chimpanzees manages to experience any health system in a civilized country, must be like visiting the Twilight Zone.
          Or when an expat Filipino suddenly discover European or North American public transportation, must be like being in a SciFi movie, like in the Firth Fucking Element !

  7. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Don’t even start me on these air-thieving pieces of shit. I have battled almost every day for nine months to keep a stable internet connection with PLDT. During that time, I’ve made more than 100 calls to the sheltered workshop that they call customer support, and hosted their mental midget technicians on at least 30 separate occasions. Do I have a stable connection yet – of fucking course not!

    Last Thursday I received a call from “Joy” – local head of the PLDT complaint division – a division which I was previously told did not exist. Joy seemed primarily concerned with the fact that on the last visit to my home by technicians “…you cussed our technicians”. I told her they where lucky I didn’t beat them all with a stick. Joy them proceeded to try and persuade me to shift to one of their equally useless competitors. It seems I’ve become too problematic for them.

    PLDT is little more than a government sanctioned, criminal enterprise. Their advertising could be described as misleading at best – and unadulterated bullshit at worst. Their customer support is so pathetic that it could easily win any “worst of the worst” award on offer. The incompetence and overt, mind-blowing stupidity of their staff is the stuff of legend. Frankly, their directors all belong in a prison cell for fraud.

    I literally gave up last Friday. I’ve now decided to leave the Philippines every month, and go to work in another country, where stable internet is a part of everyday life. That’s actually most places, except for here. The only alternative is to just bend over and take – like a good Pinoy.

  8. Profile gravatar of Kiwimuzz

    When I lived in Angeles City full time I used a company called ComClark/ACCTN for my cable TV and internet. I found them pretty good and reasonably priced.

  9. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    “The consumers suffer when the laws of the country prevent the most efficient entrepreneurs from expanding the sphere of their activities.” – Ludwig von Mises

    …but we all know that it’s “different” here in the Failippines.

  10. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    and you have to phone in and get them to deduct the bill for the time period the service was not on,, otherwise,,, you pay the whole bill for nothing.cable providers,,, thye are all the same.

  11. Profile gravatar of William

    Actual scenarios that I’ve experienced (with Globe in particular)


    Me: I’m experiencing a poor connection speed as usual, I’m paying for a 3mbps service and the speedtest result only shows 1mbps.

    Globe: Ok sir, is this the first time you are calling?

    (you’re fucking kidding me right)

    Me: No. In fact, the only reason I call this number on a weekly basis is because of this exact issue!

    … a few mins after running the same stupid preset diagnostics they asked me to do 100 times before

    Globe: Sir, what operating system do you use?

    (palm ends up going through my head)

    Me: OSX

    Globe: Sir, the reason why you’re experiencing a slow speed is because of your operating system.




    *the dullard on the other line pauses for 5 seconds*

    Globe: Ok sir, what we’ll do is send another technician to come over tomorrow to fix your modem.




    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Standard Operating Procedure: Blame the customer for all problems. Typical Filipino cultural trait, refuse to take any responsibility, blame others, deny, and self-preserve at any and all cost. What they are too stupid to realize is, that makes them look even more stupid.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          No proper messaging system? Well, let’s see…Bottom of the site is a complete live chat module, with chat rooms and one on one chat. There’s a “contact” link on the main navigation bar to contact the site administrator, each member profile has links to send a private message to that user….there is a “submit a post” link…..There’s a forum….

          What would you consider “proper messaging system”? Morse code?

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            You know what’s funny, ever since that post about Lee Kuan Yew, I have visited that youtube video to post on it, and I have been arguing with this Filipino idiot for weeks ever since I commented on that youtube video. This guy is in complete denial of my claims that Filipinos are complete idiots. He argues about how professional Filipinos are and tries every way to justify that they are very civilized people. It’s this guy named ‘BLINK DRAKE’ on the youtube channel of this video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsPQo6OXJAg I already have reinforcements backing me up on youtube to contradict that Filipino idiot, but even with that, none of our words are getting through to him. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. That’s where I have been most the time in the past recent weeks which may partially contribute to my absence here on PFB, but I’ve still been around catching a laugh at some of the comments being posted. This place cracks me up!

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Fuckin true and on point! I had to confront my idiot Professor (who prefers to be addressed as a ‘doctor’) about a few matters regarding her quality of education. For one, she had correct answers marked as incorrect. Two, she continuously leaves the classroom during almost every test she issues, which gives everyone free reign to cheat, so I’m wondering why the fuck do I waste time studying if every Filipino idiot is just gonna cheat and blurt out answers to each other in her absence, it’s like she encourages them to cheat. She denies any wrong doing and says that I am the problem, and tells me to adapt to Filipino culture better. If that means sacrificing my integrity, she can forget it! I don’t have to stoop down to their level just to make a living, and even if I did go that low and conform to their ways, I know it wouldn’t fly that way back where I come from. I would be in so much deep shit if I acted like a Filipino back in America. She never admits she is wrong, but in the eyes of a REAL human being, we can all see that she is the one who has the problem. Plus her students acts like a bunch of fuckin animals! I usually have to wear earplugs so my eardrums don’t explode from the commotion of loud Filipinos who has to shout every fuckin word that comes from their mouth! I’m already at a point where my expectations for this place can’t get any lower.

  12. Profile gravatar of Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I hate all the following telcos in this country with a passion! It’s 2014 already and we still get the same crap.

    Since 2009, the year I started with online employment, I’ve signed up with these ISPs in the following order Smart, PLDT, Globe.

    Smart experience (2009-2013):
    The first 2 years were okay. After I decided to renew the service, everything went to shit. In 2011, I came to live on my own. I didn’t terminate the renewed contract nor tried to negotiate a change of address. I heard it was a hassle. So I left it open for Mom and the rest of the family to use.

    Same standard crap dialogue/diagnostics when they call customer service. One time, it was so bad they sent a “technician”. What they did? Transfer the canopy to another location on the roof then did some mumbo jumbo on the PC. Then charged them 600 pesos for that. Mom was furious and refused to pay. The next day no change in connection speed. When she called the ISP she was demanded the Php 600 service fee. Wow! She told them she will only pay if there was a difference in speed. Suddenly all went well but it was short-lived. Maybe because she didn’t pay?

    Before the 4th year was up, they suddenly cut off our Internet. Oh good. We’re finally free. Until we got a bill for the unused months. Another high blood pressure episode with their call center agents.

    When cellphones weren’t widely available in my area down south, we applied for a phone line. Mom kept following them up every single month only to be told new phone units weren’t available. Eventually she got tired and moved on. Behold one day PLDT installers came by, over a year after we applied for a phone line.

    When I was living on my own, I signed up for PLDT plug it. They were very enthusiastic over the phone and promised me I should have it within the week. A month later no PLDT people showed at my doorstep.

    Globe tattoo stick (2011-2013)
    I opted for a plug it because I was always more at the office than at home. Also I was part timing online. Same old story, at first it was really great then it went to shit. I could barely connect even when I was at the heart of the city. Honestly, I stopped using the thing and didn’t pay the bills that came after that. I wished to have the contract terminated but I didn’t feel they deserved to be paid for it. I probably have demand letters right now in my former home’s mailbox.

    Bayantel (current).
    I had to put my house up for sale as I have plans to leave the country this year. Right now I’m back at Mom’s. It’s fine. I get to use their crappy connection as I don’t want any ISP contract to my name. Oh wait Globe…

    I told the family I will pay to have our Internet connection upgraded. We were told by Bayantel any upgrade is not available in our area. One time, we lost our connection and it was on the graveyard shift. I asked help from people I know who were awake at that time. They gave me a hotline number. When I called it, the operator said, “Welcome to PLDT…” Apparently, I need a Bayantel phone line to use that number. Shit what kind of a service is that when they make it hard for you to call customer service? Okay okay I concede it’s customer disservice..

    A lot have recommended this LTE which I didn’t bother to look up when I learned it’s not available in my area, a fucking city.

  13. Profile gravatar of TheD

    You’re just like me. I have my own server with connections to the internet backbone. Note that the philippines has NO BACKBONE. The only one proposed was for universities in the 90’s which was 64kbps!
    Imagine my surprise when my Globe internet spiked with a ping of over 6000ms! Guess what the highly qualified engineer did? Thats right FUCKING NOTHING.

    Better yet, the engineer pointed to command prompt where I was running all the tests from and said (I quote exactly) “whats that”? FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

  14. Profile gravatar of Rey

    I have experienced the exact same thing. Technician says that the basis of your connection is the result on speedtest.net which uses PLDT server which is stupid.

    I think PLDT needs to be more transparent with their service as they are doing this because not everybody understands how internet works.