That’s my spot..and that one…and that one too..

I had an incident last weekend that enlightened me to a recurring condition that many Filipinos suffer from.

Delusions of ownership.

They literally think that they own parking spots on public streets, to the point where they won’t even park in a space next to the one they want because “it’s in front of my house, so I own it.”

What’s even more concerning is how they do this not for a principle to defend, but because they want to show dominance over a foreigner in front of their friends.

Of course, you guessed it.  I ended up telling the moron that he can go fuck himself, and went back to bed.  He had another spot on the street to park, and another spot INSIDE his gate to park.  He just wanted MY spot. I’m almost surprised that he didn’t actually piss on that spot to claim it, until I remembered that they piss on every spot anyways.

Short post…not very informative.  But keep in mind the mentality these idiots have when they’re trying to pull the “It’s customary in the Philippines” line of crap on you.  The only think customary about Filipinos is that they’re pissed off that the rest of us come from a world where we’re educated and treated with respect while they settle for crap lives in the garbage dump.  To compensate, they use “customary in the Philippines”, and “that’s my spot” to feel like their little lives have meaning.  They don’t.

The world has enough nurses and dishwashers.  They can stop breeding…really…please stop breeding.

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    Captain PFB

    Oh thank Chris Aquino I’m not alone! I have a neighbor directly across the street from me who has not one, but two signs on her gate “NO PARKING” as if she owns the street. Ok, being I have a spot in front of my own place, I don’t park there. And to be a good neighbor and keep the peace and (this is for you FAFI) be the better man, I respect her unreasonable and idiotic claim to public street area in front of her house. I don’t take it as a personal offense. I don’t want to get even. I let it slide right off my back.

    I find value in being the better man. To argue and piss at them, teaches them nothing. They like to feel they are the victor. Fine. Does it hurt me? No, not at all. Do I think she’s a gnarly ass cunt with delusions of ownership? YES, OF COURSE. Do I need to get even with that? Nope! Water down a duck’s back.

    What is the result? Peace, and neighborly harmony instead of pissy hatefullness every time we have to make eye contact.

    Now, here’s where she breaks the harmony. We have our 5 gallon drinking water bottles delivered every Saturday. The water company committed the cardinal sin of temporarily parking in front of her place. They are there maybe 5 minutes. No longer than it takes to grab 4 5 gallon bottles off the truck and complete the payment transaction.

    Mrs Gnarly Ass Cunt comes out and starts ranting at them and telling them to move the truck, “can’t you see the no parking signs?”
    I’m there paying the guys, and I intervene, with calmness and reason; “Ma’am, they’re just offloading a few bottles of water. They won’t be 5 minutes, surely you can just handle a truck stopped for a couple minutes, they’re not even leaving the vehicle.”

    “I don’t care! De sign say No Paking, dat mean no paking!”

    “Ma’am, they’re not parking, they’re stopping briefly to offload a couple bottles”

    “No! Dey paking! Sign say no paking!” See truck stop here, dat mean he paking!”

    “No Ma’am, engine still running, doors open, driver still in driver seat, not paking, stopping briefly to offload bottles. Besides Ma’am, this is a public street, it’s not your property, it’s public property, and I promise not to park literally ON your gate where your sign is, that is your property, but where this truck is, that’s public property, and he has every right to stop here. Would you like me to prove it to you?”

    “You fucking foreigner, you go back home to your country, you not wanted here!”

    “Ok Ma’am, yes ma’am. I will leave tomorrow. Will that make you happy?”

    “YES! Dat make me berry happy so I don’t have to look your face no more”

    “Ok ma’am, I leave tomorrow so you be happy, ok?”


    And I’m still here. She’s still here, I haven’t gotten even with her, because I didn’t take offense to her. Why? Because I’m the better man. I showed them civility. I didn’t worsen the problem, I simply didn’t make it a problem. She came out to start a problem, I didn’t give it to her. I let her bark like a dog, I let her feel like she won, the truck didn’t move until we were done, and I went back inside with a chuckle, and the truck drove away. No offense taken, no problem escalated.

    Haven’t had a problem with her since. She even says good morning sometimes! How about that! You gather more bees with honey instead of vinegar.

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      Here’s one for you.

      We rented a one bedroom apt that had a carport where we could park our car. Across the street and down about 15 yards someone parked a van all the time. Now we had another house and the car was parked at the other house and this pinoys van parked across the street the entire time. UNTIL,,,,
      We decided that we would start parking the car in the carport since we are renting the apt and have permission. What happens? Asshole with the van decides he has to park his van on our side of the street and park it so that he blocks our car from getting in or out. Like a fucking 2 year old he had no interest in parking 15 yards up the road and on other side until we brought our car to the apt.

      The apt owner asked him to park where he use to but that was useless. Then when I said something “I was causing trouble”. Yep the asshole even got a screwdriver out of his van and said he was going to stab me. Ok, fine, come on. I already had my lock blade in hand and he did not see it. So after about 4 months we no longer needed the apt and moved back to the house. What happens then? Asshole starts parking where he parked BEFORE we brought our car over.

      But their is one piece of sweet justice. He got his wife mad and she went out to the van and threw a cinder block through the windshield.