The “Appointed Son Of God” Is One Very Wealthy Pinoy

Ordinarily if somebody were to pronounce themselves as the son of God they would be laughed at, but Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, obviously knowing how dumb and gullible his fellow pinoys are, has built a cult of over 6 million followers worldwide and become very rich as a result of the idiots trying to buy their way into heaven.

Mansions, helicopters, private jets this vain and greedy prick has got it all… because, according to him, it is God’s will for him to have all these luxuries.

It’s funny watching this interviewer laughing at his ridiculous claims.

It’s easy to think he’s just a conman, but knowing how delusional and narcissistic filipinos are it’s quite possible he does actually believe he’s the chosen one.

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    You gotta watch the interview the ABC News. The American reporter went there and its so funny. He asks him direct questions and he gives the “filipino” vague answers or bullshit that ramble on, trail off, and go out into space.
    The best parts: 03:06 , 05:00 , 05:50.
    is he says, “how do you justify all this wealth (that watch) when people are starving?” His answer, “if it is not gods will, he can take it away”.

    Reporter: Jesus lived among lepers, prostitutes, the poor
    Apollo/ New Jesus: I live among them
    Reporter: You have a jet and in a walled compound
    Apollo/ New Jesus: I live among them. Well before this, I lived among them
    Apollo/ New Jesus: for example,,,, pinoy bullshit, pinoy bullshit, pinoy bullshit, pinoy bullshit, and more pinoy bullshit, oh and god talked to him or something.

    So that is why Filipinos are such good liars or the worst kind of liars: The believe their own lies. That is why I’m so proud of American culture after living here. WE CALL BULLSHIT and get angry when someone keeps insisting on telling us their lies. We get mad someone could think we are that stupid to believe them. Filipinos always just nod their head and say, “of course you are jesus po”. Fucking tards.

    @filofail: Can you recommend the best software or way to edit youtube videos into one? I’ve been wanting to put together a little video of Filipinos being asked direct questions by Westerners and just the blatant lies or bullshit they spew without missing a beat. Just PM me if you have any recommendations.


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        Cool thanks.
        I’ve just seen a few videos where Filipinos are just lying their asses off or spouting off something completely stupid to distract from the question.

        The best part will be when Pacquiao claims to be the chosen one. Talk about conflict. The idiots won’t know who to believe.

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    Oh man, dont come me with this guy……. When I need again a new dosage Pinoy pathetic dumb fuck ( means i stayed for the whole day in my house) i watch him for a few minutes…Have you seen his followers ??? They are totally Nuts ….just watch them a bit while he is talking !!!! This freak takes a few parts out of the bible and then he built a fuckin Pinoy ( I know all ) story around it ….

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      btw this damn VICE GANDA ……each time i see this Bayot in the TV … I have an urgent need to throw a huge stone into it…then this nerving background voices each time he tries to make a joke…its like they want to make a commando to all Flips ” hey now u have to laugh… it was funny “

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    Don Quixote

    Can you believe this shit, and he isn’t the only one raking in the fucking money, its no wonder the Philippines is in a perpetual state of poverty giving to these fucks, and the celebrities who fawn to them should all be excommunicated actually use the Catholic Church for something.
    I suppose I can swear now, Jesus Christ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tony james

    I recently learned that Iglesas ni Christo believes Christ’s return after the Rapture to reign on earth for 1000 years will take place in the Philippines. They also believe that Filipinos, not Jews, are their God’s chosen people.

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    All of the religions claim they are God’s chosen people. All of them claim they if you belong to their sect, you will be fast tracked to heaven.
    They never tell you your wife will drag you out by the feet, throw you into a hole, if u r lucky,, and get another sucker to pay the bills.
    The first Manalo claimed to be a Messenger from God. I see small churches all over the place here. And when u look up there is a apartment complex above them. Hmmmmm,, no land taxes, no income taxes, complete freedom when you start claiming to be a religious church.
    I got to start a church here, too.
    Preacher Al

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      It’s just too bad for the RCC doesn’t hold the monopoly on it anymore. I think they would kill anyone who thought about being a different religion.

  6. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    They sure do have some real tall walls around the compounds, f-ing huge! My son makes comments like,, are they getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, or something. When ever we drive by.. 🙂 sure looks like it.
    Brain washed zombies is close to the truth.

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      Apollo Quibloy who “lives among the people” has to have high walls too. I think there is no such thing as a neighborhood here. Every house is surrounded by large walls or a large gate.
      When my fiance saw me via skype in the USA walking the dog, she commented on the neighborhood. She said, “It’s really beautiful there and people have such nice yards. Where are the walls or fences?” I said, “this is what an actual society looks like”.

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        Well it looks like he has actually done something good. If he has truly sent thousands of poor kids to school, then he’s done more in a few years the RCC has done in the last 3000 years.
        I really hope that is true. It seems no one in the Philippines does anything that is not a direct benefit to themselves. So I applaud him with a lot of skepticism and a sac of salt.

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    I’ve only recently found this site. It has provided hours of lulz.

    A former employee of mine, a Pinoy, once told me there are three sure-fire ways to get rich: Crime Lord, Drug Lord and Praise the Lord. It seems he was completely correct. I’ll have to watch the embedded video, I could use the amusement.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    The reason this guy is so successful is because he 100% believes his own delusion. I can’t think of an easier place in the world to convince people of utter bullshit than the Failippines. Proof that you can only kill a sheep once, but you can shear it for life. Baaaaaaa! Baaaaaaaaaa!

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    HOLY COW SHIT I never imagined that there’s this cult religion in the Failipines. Reminds me of Jonestown. Geez.