The Baffling Self Denial Of Foreigners Literally Turned Pinoy

We all know that one foreigner who has become the devoured victim of Pinoy stupidity after living past the point of his or her own sanity.

So I’ve come across a discussion on Facebook where the OP (even though later admitting that he enjoys his stay) asks for advice on how to deal with corruption. As you can tell, Eric here is our exhibit A. We share a long history of debates about the rampant, visceral stupidity and filogic that occurs here on a daily basis, and this is the same guy that actually DENIES it to a point where you’d think he is actually a local masquerading as a foreigner. Anyway, here’s the conversation:



So go ahead and tell us about that ‘special’ expat that you know of.

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    Ahhhh! I have written about this as well. Here’s the deal (I think I figured it out after a few years). These guys that act this way are SO fucking happy that a chick is actually fucking them that they will gladly accept a TON of dick up their ass (and with a smile). The dick up the ass of course is figurative, but you get what I am saying. They will put up with ANY kind of bullshit and nonsense because deep down inside they don’t feel they are worthy of the pussy they are getting. These are the guys you see feeding some girl’s entire clan at a Max’s! Haha. Poor sucker.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      hahah thanks Phil, I nearly fucking swallowed my tongue when I saw that.

      What an arse licker. No wonder he gets an easy ride! He probably attracts parasitic types (not hard to do) and then thinks he’s best pals with them! He’s certainly good at pumping up the good old filipino pride and then surfing on it.

      One day though, he’ll fall back to earth and it will hurt like fuck!

  2. Profile gravatar of emrys

    one of the few foreigners that can say he is safe???? ummm. I have had 3, 6 month stays in the Philippines and I have never been robbed by some guy on the street. only from the couple pinay I did actually meet hahah. why would I join the guardian brotherhood? so I can pay them for nothing. I love how he name drops the site “living in the Philippines” and how he mentions that the guy who runs that site says he shouldn’t even be talking about it…..yet he posts it as an option and starts talking about how it’s so hard to get into and what it costs. the owner of the site probably didn’t want you talking about it because it makes you sound like a retard.

    most likely he lives in Davao city. Davao city isn’t that sketchy. it’s not that they are giving this guy respect. he says how cab drivers don’t over charge him anymore, or the street gangs don’t bother him. ummm…cab drivers in Davao city will vary rarely try and over charge you. they will always turn on the meter. what they will do is take the “long way” saying it’s a short cut. and street gangs not bothering him…street gangs there stay out of the street. it’s not that they are giving this guy respect, they just don’t want to start a problem and loose their job, in the case of the taxi driver. or get killed by a death squad in the case of the gangs.

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Didn’t that Don Hetherington wrote a book about how to live like a king in the Philippines for $1000 a month? Correct me if I’m wrong please guys?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Hey Joe,

        I went and read the article you posted the link to about bob. Did you read any of the comments? Most said bob was right in chewing out the maid and not the carpenter. Seems a lot of the people who go to his site kiss his ass too. Being me I had to leave a comment. What happens? It’s awaiting moderation by bob. I don’t think he’ll post it but do expect he’ll send an reply by email.

        That what good about Filo sitting over there. He let’s us enjoy COMPLETE freedom of speech here without fear. Now Filo knows us well enough that if we have a problem with him we will speak up. Yet he still allows us to put stuff up about him and not only the good things. Filo will look at it and formulate his reply to our post.

        Looks like bob will not tolerate any negative comment about him, filipinos or the philippines. Guess he can talk shit to, berate and insult but no one else can. What did I say in the reply section? Well I’ll admit I was pretty vocal:

        Looks like you have turned filipino. By your own admission you held the maid responsible for the actions of another. Looks like you are a FILIPINO ASS KISSER,TWO FACED MOTHER FUCKER ASSHOLE.

        Like I said, don’t think he will post that since most of the post kissed his ass telling him he did the right thing. But I do expect an email reply from him which I will forward to Filo if he wants. Since bob has now been baited into replying in private we can see what happens when someone does turn native filipino. For the record, I normally don’t speak like that but felt bob deserved it.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Mindanao Bob is a fake asshole who kisses filipino ass and thinks they are the greatest. Anyone notice he charges U.S rates on his website? And about his investigative service, that’s a fucking joke and lot of bullshit. He does not check anything out. He will read a paper about some foreigner in trouble and right away according to him the foreigner is guilty and the poor filipinos are innocent. Does he bother to investigate and ask the foreigners involved themselves? NO, just goes by what the filipinos tell him. A fucking moron he is. Here we have a filipino trapped in an American body, probably stole it.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I once came across that Mindanao Bob’s LIP a long time ago. He actively discourages any of his readers from making anti-Filipino or anti-Philippines comments, because he said “I lived here, my livelihood is here”. Another friend later told me he was afraid to get deported. I can’t see any forum surviving if you suppressed their freedom of expression, can you? That is why I like this Phillipines Fail blog because you can say anything with no fear. And the new format is just great 🙂

      2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Right on Mike ! Want to see Bob for who he is???

        Read his own blog post from 2010 where he shows us his true pinoy self.

        drunken party, beer bottles left in the yard for days, orders his wife to do something about it. Then bitches out his maid in bisaya no less. And he is Oh, so proud of himself.
        You lazy fu%k !! bend your fat ass over and pick up your own mess .. makes him feel like a big man to order others around. Just like a lazy pinoy…makes me sick.

      3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        I stopped visiting his site a very long time ago. You don’t have to spend very long here to realize guys like that are just complete brown nosers. His “services” seem like utter bullshit, just selling stuff you can learn for free online.

      4. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe


        Yes sireee I sure did read the comments. They piss me off as much or more than his highness’s post did.

        Glad you said you’re peace. But know damned well it will never posted. It’s Bob’s way or the highway. No freedom of speech on his site unlike here.

        Yes, it will be fun to see his reply. Bet he is pissed anyone dare say something bad about him or his beloved phils. If the truth comes out it would cut into his bottom line ya know…and we sure as hell can’t have that..can we???
        I see that tard in the malls here from time to time. Hard to miss him and his crew in tow.

      5. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        What put me off about his forum was that he did not encouraged free speech, because he lived there. Where’s the fun in that? And yes Mike, I agree with you. This forum of Filo’s is real democratic in every sense of the word.

        As I said earlier, I only went to check it out, maybe once or twice to look for info about the Philippines. But I was not impressed. And in a few of his earlier articles, he painted himself as a humble, good Kano who supported his wife’s family. I checked it last year I think? It’s not the same as it was. Few bloggers who were making comments about the contents of the articles.

        Back in 2008, he had a lot of followers and some of said followers wrote articles for him. I wonder if they were paid?

    2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      @ Sarah

      “Back in 2008, he had a lot of followers and some of said followers wrote articles for him. I wonder if they were paid?”

      Yes they were. I know this because a relative of mine’s kano husband is one of suck-up writers.
      The husband I speak of bought hook/line & sinker bob’s bull shit on “living like a king in the philippines”

      So he (hubby) thought hooking up with bob and make the big cash was a good idea.
      Some 18mo later he is back in the states (tail between legs)after spending his entire late mothers inheritance of 30k USD. He was planing on staying here permanent.

      So much for living like a king. As he works in the produce dept and his wife works 2 part time jobs in quickie-mart in FL-USA to make ends meet. Yet still acts to this day like he is a big-shot to me and my wife. I assume he does not know that I know all about him 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        US30K is a lot to lose in 18 months! What on earth did he spend it on?

        I guess Bob saw an opportunity to make money (sell e-books) and stay in the RP. Back then, I thought his followers resemble the personalities that make up a cult. So gullible…

        Further to the living like a king in the PI… I think you’d need more than $1000 though. That was the figure that was touted to entice Kanos to move to the RP. A Pinoy can do it, no problems. Dried fish and rice are dirt cheap.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Hey Joe,

        Since Bob turned pinoy and acts it and the kano hubby thought bob was the greatest thing in this country. I wonder how much of that 30K wound up in Bob’s bank account and how. I mean Bob does think this is the greatest place and the greatest people so much he acts like and thinks like them. So, maybe Bob offered this great “investment that was sure fire”.

        Now if you are living in same city as Bob do me a favor. If you hear a kano yelling and screaming let me know then I’ll know he read the reply.

      3. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Maybe Ol’ Bob there is a scammer. Here he is in the philippines and has at least one website right? Now what does he say on the main site?
        my ebooks are $299 for the whole set. U.S. prices.
        I will provide consultation for $100 an hour. Again U.S. prices.
        I provide investigative services for what? U.S prices again.

        Yep, sounds like Bob found a way to swindle that kano hubby.

        I would like to buy Bob for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.

      4. Profile gravatar of Beavis

        @Sarah, actually I did live on $1000 a month without much problem for a while, in Puerto Princesa. Went to a restaurant almost every day, took a trike most places. I wasn’t partying all the time, but I wasn’t making a special effort to be cheap either. Lived in a modest apartment for 6k a month. Not a bad place. It’s clean there, has most of the conveniences of a city but less of the hassle.

        But did I live like a king? Nah. Certainly not by Western standards. But by Filipino standards, maybe. But if you’re willing to live modestly, $1000 a month can be very easily done.

      5. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I went and looked under services offered by bob. Here is a run down.

        Consulting. Answer questions about filipino culture, manners, tradition, starting a business, getting a wife and so on. Fee $100 and hour, one hour minimum.

        Need some errands done but cannot do them yourself? Fee? Pay for his transportation, meals, hotel and other expenses plus his personal fee of $300 A DAY!!!

        So here we have an American overcharging, screwing and taking advantage of foreigners just like the filipinos do.

  4. Profile gravatar of emrys

    I also love the comment from the jan guy of” ok, eric try sitting in a room with the wrong 14 year old girl” ummm… why is this guy talking about 14 year old girls and how if your in the room with the wrong one, she will stick a knife in your bag. so the guardian brotherhood protects pedophiles? it’s no wonder the guy from that site didn’t want him talking about it hahahhha. oopps, guess he spilt the beans on the pedo ring.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    theres different time horizons before the penny drops how stupid a lot of people are in the Philippines.
    Some foreingers take longer than others to realise.

    The internet is full of PROPOGANDA from Rappler and other sites written by travelling bloggers who spent only a short time in the country having a holiday say 1-4 weeks and write a glowing report how they love filipinos and the “culture”.

    One needs to distinguish and those long termers here can see through the writing. These articles are written by people that have either only been to BORACAY and palawan, that have never lived in the province in a village where theres poor water, electric, no internet, intermittent phone signal, shabu shabu takers and drunks and a lot of unemployed, bored people. These freelance writers who glow from their assholes about how good things are havent experienced DAY TO DAY LIFE, theyve lived a holiday life here but havent had to endure the interactions with local business, local tradespeople, government departments etc.

    In short, those glowing comments are nothing but horse shit and those people that say for example stick up for filipinos should get out from around the resort pool and experience something real instead of comparing the hotel staff or “back home” – that things are similar with generalised statements like “cant be as bad as (back home)”, You get that all over the world, the hospitals are like that from where i come from, you get dodgy doctors everywhere, blah blah blah
    its all generalisations and most likely these people have been here under a years duration in the later cases and still are living in denial.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Most people do not travel to 3rd world countries. Expat workers experience the stupidity of these people.
      If tourists happen to go a screwed up country,, they stick tto the beaches and would not dare to venture out.
      However, in da feelippines… the poverty and corruption hits right in the face.. there is no escaping it.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Yep, i have friends who are filo lovers and all they do is stay in 5 star hotels for even a monthly or two monthly rate and get a car from the hotel to airport or vv and pay 900-1200 pesos for a 200 taxi fare and eat at places only filos on subsidies from foreigners or their OFW family members would go.

        Many people that have only been to Boracay think the rest of the country is like Boracay and the prices to stay and eat are similar.

  6. Profile gravatar of Stephan Sutherland
    Stephan Sutherland

    I just keep away from them.I have one in the house no maids or any family of hers stays here.I know now better than that.I got taken years ago no more.If she gives me the Tampo I show here where the door is and tell her I can get two tomorrow so don’t fuck with me.The more you have to deal with the locals the more the BP goes up.Its enough going shopping once a week ,or to a restaurant that doesn’t
    serve dog food

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Too right. Stay away from the locals as when they ce into your “personal space” bubble they are the most demanding.. Energy draining..stressful people on the plannlet..that are so mind numbingly stupid ..waiting to dump.their problems on you.