The Beatles, Victims Of Pinoy Pride: Screwed In Manila

I found an amazing article that details the one and only time the Beatles set foot in the Philippines.

What’s interesting is that the author keeps mentioning that the actions of the security guards, police and other officials were vindictive because, of course, the Philippines was under martial law at the time of their visit. However, we all know that very little has changed since becoming a “democracy”.

In short, as Kanos, the Beatles were treated like a commodity – there to please the President and to tow the line so not to injure the Filipino national pride. They were also seen as cash cows and made to hand over all the proceeds of their Philippines concert: Quote “They made him pay an amazing airport leaving Manila tax that I think they just dreamed up. Strangely enough, I think it came to the same amount as the receipts for the trip”.

It’s worth mentioning that the Beatles were so disgusted with their treatment that they vowed to never go there again and the trip was nearly the final nail in their touring coffin.

I nearly said at the beggining of this post that this article is a real eye-opener – but we know different. It’s just the same old shite that we are all to familiar with.

I’ve concluded that for Kanos, the richer and more successful you are, the more shit you will experience in the Philippines.

Anyway enjoy the article here:

Original Source:


After the trials and tribulations of Japan the Beatlesstiffed2 headed for a two shows in the Philippine capital Manila. On July 3, 1966, The Beatles landed on Philippine soil for the first and last time. This two-night stopover in Manila proved disastrous from arrival to departure. Upon landing, The Beatles were immediately whisked to a pier and put on Marina, a yacht owned by Don Manolo Elizalde, two miles from the port. This arrangement completely cut The Beatles from their associates for at least two hours— the first time it ever happened.

beatles.philippines.manila.1966On July 4, The Beatles held two soldout concerts at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium with a combined attendance of 80,000; the evening concert registered 50,000 paying audience, being rivaled only in size by the concert The Beatles gave at Shea Stadium in New York on August 15, 1965. Such record-making statistic though was supplanted by the succeeding events owing to a fiasco that happened earlier in the day.



The Beatles’ alleged snub of then-First Lady Imelda Marcos occurred on July 4, where a lunch was scheduled at Malacañang Palace at 11 a.m. with 300 children waiting to see The Beatles. An hour before the party, a delegation came to the Manila Hotel to collect The Beatles. Brian Epstein, The Beatles’ manager, declined the invitation on the grounds that no earlier arrangement had been made and The Beatles were still in bed.



The day’s scheduled concerts, however, later proceeded successfully. In between concerts, local televisions reported the alleged “snub” showing footages of children, some crying, disappointed by The Beatles. Epstein watched in horror and went immediately to the television studio to apologize and set the facts straight. But barely had he started reading his press statement when the transmission blipped.

Newspapers carried the headline, “Beatles Snub President.” The following morning was the scheduled departure of The Beatles to New Delhi. Suddenly, The Beatles and their entourage realized they were practically on their own without any help: Room and transportation services were withdrawn. In the airport, the whole Beatles entourage was manhandled as it made its way to the plane.

Tony Barrow, the tour’s publicity man and part of the entourage, claimed that Epstein received the invitation the night before the concerts but remained noncommittal. Whether it was wise for the local promoter to take this silence as approval is now moot.

stiffed3Bill Harry, in his book The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia, acknowledges the existence of an invitation from Ramon Ramos, the local promoter, for The Beatles to pay a courtesy call on the First Lady, but it was slated for 3 p.m. of July 4, an hour before The Beatles’ scheduled afternoon concert. Ramos did not pursue this invitation, since The Beatles wanted to be in the concert location two hours before the set. Nor did he inform anyone in Malacañang about this. A further mixup in schedule emerged when the Palace set the meeting at 11 a.m. as reported in The Manila Times on July 3. Whether anyone went out of his way to settle the matter, and what transpired in this effort, if any, remains unknown.

Peter Brown, the executive director of NEMS Enterprises (The Beatles’ Vic Lewis, the tour agent, received the invitation while still in Tokyo but failed to relay this to him.

Much to the Beatles surprise,bt_man5 the palatial tyrants were extremely angered at the Beatles neglect and the morning after the concert, The Manila Times ran the headline “Imelda Stood Up!!”. The ramifications were to become serious. Philippine promoter Ramon Ramos refused to pay the Beatles for their performance! Bomb and death threats were telephoned to the deluged British Embassy and to the boys hotel suite. Brian Epstein was so distressed with the situation he arranged for a press conference from the hotel to apologize for the misunderstanding. BUT…as fate would have it, some unforeseen static blipped out his interview from most all TV screens in the country! (more than a few thought it was probably more shenanigans by the Marcos clan).

Pulling more strings the next day when the Beatles were scheduled to depart the country, Misael Vera, Philippine Tax Authority, insisted the group could not leave the country until every penny of the taxes owed them was paid! Of course, they never got paid anything but Brian hurriedly forked over a bond out his own funds for P.74,450 (around $18,000) to settle the matter.

stiffed4To make matters worse, all security detail assigned to the boys were withdrawn leaving them extremely vulnerable. They were literally kicked and jostled as they left their hotel and totally harassed all the way to the airport. Things were no better there where the airport manager has also removed all security for the Beatles. They went so far as to shut down the power to stop the escalators, forcing the boys to scale several flights of stairs with their own luggage, only to face an angry mob of 200 Filipinos brutally manhandling them! Ringo was literally floored by an uppercut and kicked on the ground. He suffered a sprained ankle as well and had to be helped to the customs area. Mal Evans and Brian Epstein were injured as well. Alf Bicknell suffered a cracked rib and a spinal injury.

When they finally approached the plane, a large booing crowd jeered and mocked them chanting “Beatles Alis Dayan!” (Go Home Beatles!) Once in the plane, some scraping government officials “decided” the Beatles were NOT authorized to leave the country due to inaccurate “check in” procedures days earlier… This led to another 40 minute wait on the Tarmac while Mal & Tony Barrow went back to the terminal to clean up the necessary paperwork. Only minutes after the Beatles angrily departed, did the press run a statement by President Marcos stating “Their was no intention on the part of the Beatles to slight the first lady or the government of the Republic Of The Philippines”. Obviously a bit too late to do the Beatles any good.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: excerpt from “The Beatles Anthology”…

image-8-for-the-beatles-1966-gallery-487875488Ringo: I hated the Philippines. We arrived there with thousands upon thousands of kids, with hundreds upon hundred of policemen, and it was a little dodgy. Everyone had guns and it was really like that hot/Catholic/gun/Spanish Inquisition attitude.

George: There were tough gorillas, little men who had short-sleeved shirts and acted very menacingly.

The normal proceedings in those days was that because the mania was everywhere, we didn’t pull up at an airport and get off the plane like normal people. The plane would land and it would go to the far end of the airfield where we would get off, usually with Neil and our diplomatic bags (we carried our shaving gear and whatever in little bags), get in a car, bypass passport control and go to the gig. Mal Evans with Brian Epstein and the rest would go and do our passports and all that scene.

But when we got to Manila, a fellow was screaming at us, “Leave those bags there! Get in the car!” We were being bullied for the first time. It wasn’t respectful. Everywhere else – Amercia, Sweden, Germany, wherever – even though there was a mania, there was always a lot of respect because we were famous showbiz personalities. But in Manila it was a very negative vibe from the moment we got off the plane, so we were a bit frightened.

We got in the car and the guy drove off with us four, leaving Neil behind. Our bags were on the runway and I was thinking: “This is it, we’re going to get busted.”


Neil Aspinall “Take me to wherever you’ve taken the Beatles.”

(Neil Aspinall: The army was there and also some thugs in short-sleeved shirts over their trousers and they all had guns. You could see the bulges. These guys got the four Beatles and stuck them in a limo and drove off and wouldn’t let them take their briefcases with them. They left them on the runway and those little briefcases had the marijuana in them.

So while the confusion was going on I put them in the boot of the limo that I was going in and said: “Take me to wherever you’ve taken the Beatles.”)

George: They took us away and drove us down to Manila harbour, put us on a boat, took us out to a motor yacht and put us in this room.

It was really humid, Mosquito City, and we were all sweating and frightened. For the first time ever in our Beatle existence, we were cut off from Neil, Mal and Brian Epstein. There was not one of them around and, not only that, but we had a whole row of cops with guns lining the deck around this cabin that we were in. We were really gloomy, very brought down by the whole thing. We wished we hadn’t come. We should have missed it out.

Ringo: The Philippines was really frightening. It’s probably the most frightening thing that has happened to me.

George: As soon as we got there it was bad news.

(Neil Aspinall: They drove me to the end of a pier and I got out of the car and said, “Where are they?” They pointed: “There they are,” and there was a big boat miles away in the middle of the habour. There were what seemed to be rival militia gangs. One gang had taken them and put them on this boat to meet some people who weren’t the people putting on the show. It was all very strange. I never really understood why they got put on a boat.)

George: We’ve no idea why they took us to the boat. I still don’t know to this day. An hour or two later Brian Epstein arrived, really flustered, with the Philippine promoter, and he was yelling and shouting. Everyone was shouting and then they took us off the boat, put us in a car and drove us to a hotel suite.

The next morning we were woken up by bangs on the door of the hotel and there was a lot of panic going on outside. Somebody came into the room and said: “Come on! You’re supposed to be at the palace.” We said: “What are you talking about? We’re not going to any palace.” “You’re supposed to be at the palace. Turn on the television.”

We did, and there it was, live from the palace. There was a huge line of people either side of the long marble corridor with kids in their best clothing and the TV commentator saying: “And they’re still not here yet. The Beatles are supposed to be here.”

We sat there in amazement. We couldn’t believe it. We just had to watch ourselves not arriving at the presidential palace.

maxresdefaultPaul: I went out on my own in the morning to the kind of Wall Street area (Makati, the financial district -Ed.). I remember taking a lot of photographs because right up against it was the shanty town area. There were cardboard dwellings right up against this Wall Street which I’d never seen so well juxtaposed. I got the camera out: “Wow, this is good stuff!” And I bought a couple of paintings from the shanty town as presents to go back home and went back to the hotel to have lunch.

Everyone was up and about then and we were in our hotel room when they started saying: “You’ve got to go to the President’s Palace now. Remember that engagement?” We said: “No, no, no.” The promotors, with those white shirts with lace (called a “Barong Tagalog” -Ed..) that everyone in Manila seemed to wear, looked a little heavy to us. A couple of them carried guns, so it was a bit difficult.

We were used to each different country doing it their own way. They were starting to bang on the door: “They will come! They must come!” But we were saying, “Look, just lock the bloody door.” We were used to it: “It’s our day off.”

We found out later that it was Imelda Marcos (with her shoes and her bras) waiting for us. Somebody had invited us and we (gracefully, we thought) had declined the offer. But there was the TV announcer saying, “the first Lady is waiting and pretty soon the famous pop group will be arriving”. And we’re going, “Shoot – nobody’s told them!” We stuck to our guns and sat the rest of the day out in the hotel. We turned the telly off and got on with our day off.

Imelda Marcos, having lunch in 1996 (minus the Beatles!)

Imelda Marcos, having lunch in 1996 (minus the Beatles!)

Ringo: Personally, I didn’t know anything about Madame Marcos having invited us to dinner. But we’d said no and Brian Epstein had told her no. John and I were sharing a room and we woke up in the morning and phoned down for eggs and bacon (or whatever we were eating in those days) and all the newspapers because we always liked to read about ourselves.

We were just hanging out in our beds, chatting and doing whatever we were doing and time went by so we called down again: “Excuse me, can we have the breakfast?” Still nothing happened, so we put the TV on and there was a horrific TV show of Madame Marcos screaming: “They’ve let me down.” There were all these shots with the cameraman focusing on empty plates and up into the little kids’ faces, all crying because the Beatles hadn’t turned up.

(Neil Aspinall: The Beatles didn’t do that sort of stuff for anybody. They wouldn’t get involved in politics and they wouldn’t go to the palace.

After it was all over and they hadn’t turned up and people were going barmy, we asked Brian what had happened and he said: “I cancelled it. You weren’t supposed to go there.”

It turned nasty in the Philippines. I didn’t eat for three days. They would bring up food that was terrible. Even if it was Cornflakes for breakfast, you’d pour the milk out and it would come out in lumps. They had given you sour milk. I remember once ordering dinner and it came up on of those big trays with the rolled lid on it. I rolled back the lid and Ohhhhh! Just by the smell of it I knew we couldn’t eat it.

Paul and I sneaked out there as well. We must have been very brave or very naive. We got in a car and drove for miles. It was like Manhattan for five minutes and then a dreadful shanty town for a long way out to some sand dunes. We bought a couple of pictures, sat in the sand dunes and had a smoke, then drove back to the hotel with everybody freaking out (especially the security): “Where have you been? How did you get out?”

Although people kept saying it was a failure in the Philippines, the Beatles did two gigs to a total of about 100,000 people (after the Marcos thing). The fans had a really good time. They really enjoyed it. There were still thugs about, organising things (nothing to do with the army), but they seemed to be organising the fans rather than us.)

George: Again, we had a big problem with the concert. Brain Epstein had made a contract for a stadium of so many thousand people, but when we got there it was like the Monterey Pop Festival. There were about 200,000 people on the site and we were thinking: “Well, the promoter is probably making a bit on the side out of this.” We went back to the hotel really tired and jet lagged and pretty cheesed off. I don’t recall much of what happened after that until the newspapers arrived.

Paul: The next morning someone brought in a newspaper and on the front it just said in massive letters: “Beatles Snub President”. Oh dear! Well, we didn’t mean to. We thought, “We’ll just say we’re sorry.”

We were scheduled to leave Manila that morning and as we were leaving the hotel everyone was a bit nasty at reception, so we had to scuffle out as if we hadn’t paid our bill.

Ringo: Things started to get really weird: “Come on! Get out of bed! Get packed, we’re getting out of here.” And as we got downstairs and started to get to the car – we really had no help – there was only one motorbike compared to the huge motorcade that had brought us in.

George: It was “Beatles Snub First Family” – that’s how they decided to present it. It was quite likely it was the promoter or the agent who had done a deal; brown-nosing Mrs Marcos, probably. She was later quoted as saying: “Oh, I never liked them anyway – their music is horrible!”

The whole place turned on us. We had people yelling and screaming when we tried to get to the airport. Nobody would give us a ride. We couldn’t get any cars. There was nothing available.

Finally somebody managed to get a car or two and they put our baggage in one and we got in the other. We were driven to the airport. Two things were happening simultaneously: there were all the government officials or police, who were trying to punch us and yelling and waving fists at us, and then underneath that were the young kids who were still around doing the mania.

(Neil Apsinall: They were really putting obstacles in our way. When we were on the way to the airport, a soldier kept sending us round and round the roundabout until in the end I told the driver to pull over.)

Paul: We got down to the airport and found they’d turned the escalators off. So we had to walk up the escalators. All right, let’s get out of here then if that’s what it’s going to be.

Behind a huge plate glass window, the sort they have in airports, on the taxi rank outside there were all the Filipino taxi guys banging on the window and we’re all going gibber, gibber.

(Neil Aspinall: Nobody would help us with all this equipment and so we started using the escalators and then they stopped. So we had to lug all the stuff up the stairs and once we got it all up the stairs the escalators started to work again. The Beatles were going to Delhi and the equipment was going back to England. So at the check-in desk we kept saying, “OK, that’s going to Delhi”, and they kept putting it on the pile that was going to England. In the end Mal jumped over the counter and sorted it all out for us because nobody was going to do it.)

George: It seemed like forever at the check-in desk. We eventaully got into the departure lounge, which was a huge room, but then the thugs appeared again – the same people with the short-sleeved shirts who had been shouting at us as soon as we had got off the plane when we arrived in Manila.

There were a number of them coming up to us, pushing and screaming, “Get over there!” They forced us back and then another one would come around the other way, doing it again: “Get over there!” I was trying to keep my eye on all the people, keep moving ahead of them to stay out of their way. It was all really negative. I saw a couple of Buddhist monks and went and hid behind them.

Ringo: There was chanting, with people hating us all the way. They started spitting at us, spitting on us, and there’s the famous story of John and me hiding behind these nuns because we thought, “It’s a Catholic country, they won’t beat up the nuns.”

Paul: There was a group of nuns in the corner of the airport and when all the fisticuffs broke out we went over to the nuns. It was rather a nice little shot, nuns and Beatles in the corner. They didn’t actually protect us, they just stood there looking a bit bemused. Whenever they moved, we moved the other side of them.

Manila 1966 concert ticket stub

Manila 1966 concert ticket stub

John: When they started on us at the airport, I was petrified. I thought I was going to get hit, so I headed for three nuns and two monks, thinking that might stop them. As far as I know I was just pushed, but I could have been kicked and not known it.

“You treat like ordinary passenger,john-lennon-manila ordinary passenger,” they were saying. We said: “Ordinary passenger? He doesn’t get kicked, does he?”

I saw five in sort of outfits who were doing it, all the kicking and booing and shouting.

That was Brian’s cock-up. Because he’d had the invitation given to him and declined it and never told us. It was terrifying.

Paul: We were quite frightened. Most of the aggression (luckily for us) was directed towards our people. One of them got thrown down the stairs violently. But mostly it wasn’t overt, though they were annoyed.

We felt a bit guilty, but we didn’t feel it was our cock-up. Now, knowing more about the regime, what I think is that they had ignored our telling them we weren’t coming: “Let them just try and not come – we’ll make it difficult for them.”

(Neil Aspinall: I’m sure nobody got badly hurt, but that was because we didn’t fight back, so we got pushed and shoved. We knew not to fight back.

If we had fought back it could have been very bad. It was very, very scary and nothing like this had ever happened before – and nothing like it has ever happened since.)

George: Finally they announced the flight and we boarded the plane – and that was the greatest feeling, just to be on that plane. It was a sense of relief. Then the plane sat there.

Eventually, there was an announcement on the speaker saying, “Will Mr Epstein and Mr Evans and Mr Barrow (Tony, who was our press agent at that time) get off the plane?” They all had to get off and they looked terrified.

Mal went past me down the aisle of the plane breaking out in tears and he turned to me and said: “Tell Lil I love her.” (Lil was his wife.) He thought that was it: the plane was going to go and he would be stuck in Manila.

The whole feeling was, “Hell, what’s going to happen?”

Paul: When we got on the plane, we were all kissing the seats. It was feeling as if we’d found sanctuary. We had definitely been in a foreign country where all the rules had changed and they carried guns. So we weren’t too gung-ho about it at all.

Tony Barrow had to go back into the lion’s den and they made him pay an amazing airport leaving Manila tax that I think they just dreamed up. Strangely enough, I think it came to the same amount as the receipts for the trip.

George: We sat there for what seemed like a couple of hours. It was probably only 30 minutes or an hour, but it was humid and hot. Finally they reboarded, the front door closed and the plane was allowed to leave. I felt such resentment against those people.

Paul: I remember when we got back home a journalist asked George: “Did you enjoy it?” And he said: “If I had an atomic bomb I’d go over there and drop it on them.”

It was an unfortunate little trip, but the nice thing about it was that in the end, when we found out what Marcos and Imelda had been doing to the people – the rip-off that the whole thing was – we were glad to have done what we did. Great! We must have been the only people who’d ever dared to snub Marcos. But we didn’t really know what we were doing politically until many years later.

Ringo: We had fantasies that we were going to be put in jail because it was a dictatorship there in those days, not a democracy. You lose your rights in a dictatorship, no matter who you are. So we weren’t going to get off the plane. That was my first and last time in Manila. (NOTE: The Philippines were under martial law at that time, by order of President Ferdinand Marcos..)

(Neil Aspinall: I’m sure it made the band think hard about touring. It might have been one of the last nails in the touring coffin.)

(George Martin: When they got out ofgeorge-martin the country they said, “Never again. This is it.” They said to Brian then that they would not tour again. Brian said, “Sorry, lads, we have got something fixed up for Shea Stadium. If we cancel it you are going to lose a million dollars.”

Oops. They did do Shea Stadium.)

John: No plane’s going to go through the Philippines with me on it. I wouldn’t even fly over it.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    ….and the same, even higher levels of idiot pride and utter Filipino dumbfuckery continue half a century later.

    This is because Filipinos are incapable of learning from their past. Their shameful behavior will just continue forever it seems.

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    Is anyone surprised that even the Beatles were FUCKED over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its been going on a hell of along time.
    So don’t expect anything to change in a hurry.

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    I came across this old article about Imelda Marcos. The year was 1974 and Imelda was hosting the 23rd Miss Universe contest. On the night of the main event the beauties and the foreign Press were lined up for hours in the lobby of Imelda’s brand new Cultural Centre building waiting for the First Lady to show up. Eventually her limousine swept up the driveway and Imelda regally stepped out. As she passed down the line of girls, a bit like royalty, she stopped occasionally to shake hands with them and share a few words.

    When she reached Miss South Africa she asked, “What does your father do?” The nervous young woman replied, “Daddy? Oh, he’s in the mining business!”

    “That’s a coincidence ! “ Imelda immediately retorted, sweeping her arms around the magnificent lobby of her new Cultural Centre, “I’m in the mining business too! That’s mine, that’s mine and that’s mine. In fact everything you see here is mine!”

    Very enlightening…. here’s the rest of the article.

    1. Profile gravatar of Philophobe

      This is one of the worst things, that even the educated and well-off people there exemplify this stupid attitude. Now it’s so deeply engrained in this culture that only few of them can escape it (most of them hardly know anything else)…i’ve had it with Philippine culture and now can only laugh about this empty and senseless lifestyle.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Imelda is a congresswoman in Leyte. Her daughter is another congresswoman. The other daughter is a governor of the area. And Finally (and most scary), Her son Bongbong is a senator who might actually run for president!!

      Her and her husband stole billions, killed thousands, imprisoned 10’s of thousands, fled with all the money they could, stashed as much as they could for a decade in Swiss/ Caiman banks, oppressed a nation, sent the country to last place in Asia from #2, set a standard of corruption (and stupidity) for decades to follow, yet did not do one single day in prison.
      Not only that, the morons elect her & her family to higher office!! They did the same thing for Estrada and the Binay family! Yet, they have the audacity to say they want things to get better!?

      Even more insane is the area hardest hit during that typhoon is run by her family. She came from a political family, the Romauldez, and they are very rich.. So the mayor of Tacloban is like her nephew or something. When I found that out, I about lost it, cause again, you can never be shocked by the complete stupidity of Filipinos. So, that is another reason why the goods and money never made it to the victims and why the area is still so screwed up.

      @selene, Everyone should read that article you posted. The writer did such an in-depth job on that and really highlighted how evil and corrupt Imelda is. Now, she needs to do an in-depth article as to how stupid Filipinos are to re-elect her.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Can anyone ever remember which of any Pinoy politicians who went to prison for corruption??
        Let’s start with Marcos, then Estrada, Arroyo, and now Binay. NONE! If anyone is aware of Pinoy politicians going to prison for corruption, please share. Even Trillanes who went to prison for attempting a coup (to overthrow a piss weak President who was selling the Military to the Muslims), was able to run for congress while in prison and won! And funny how they always get sick when caught, in wheelchairs with neck braces. And who was that piglet looking woman? Ah, Janet Napoles. Anyone heard what happened to her?

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Napoles is in jail and was found guilty of kidnapping and taking hostage of the guy who squealed on her. The whole “pork scam” thing is still undergoing trial 2 years later so no one has been convicted of it yet.
          The 3 senators are in jail, but they have not been found guilty yet. Just enough evidence for them to be arrested without bail. They constantly profess their innocence, but do everything they can to delay trials and deny evidence.
          Corruption is so rampant in the Philippines, but everyone is an angel. If someone is about to be found guilty or go to trial, he/ she gets sick and needs to be admitted to the hospital immediately. Then the whole time, he/ she cries their innocence while saying it’s a political hit-job.
          Other than that, the only politician I know of that went to jail has been Aquino’s father back in the late 70’s for speaking out against Marcos. I’m stumped.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “The whole “pork scam” thing is still undergoing trial 2 years later so no one has been convicted of it yet.
            The 3 senators are in jail, but they have not been found guilty yet. Just enough evidence for them to be arrested without bail”

            And in time, when things cool down and forgotten, these criminals will be allowed out and sneak out of the country to be “treated” abroad for some condition that the Philippines could not treat? And of course that would be the last we’d hear of them for a very long time till the whole thing is forgotten and they quietly sneak back into the country. Only in da Failippines.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike


            How dare you omit one very important fact. After they sneak back into the country the filipinos will reelect them.

          3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            They just need to wait out the current president, then bribe the next guy to pardon him. Or, just wait for the corruption to kick up once again and bribe the courts.
            Then of course, get re-elected. Filipinos never learn.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike


          Consider if you will Justice (that’s a laugh on it’s own) Corona. They found 83 bank accounts in USD. Three of those accounts had $10 million USD in them. Now I’m pretty certain filipino officials are not paid in USD for one thing nor paid that much. Now it was made public about the total of the three accounts but not the 80 others. so they know of 83 but can only find out what’s in three of them? Now recently this year they said they found two or three of the accounts yet at first they said they had 83. What was in the 2 or 3 accounts? Less than 10,000 pesos total! Now Corina was “busted about year and half ago if memory is correct. No filipino ever asked what was in the other 80 accounts nor will they. So the way I see it Corona was given over a year to move the money to new accounts to avoid having it “taken”. But I’ll bet the ones who dragged their feet “finding” the accounts they already knew existed, where they were and how much was in them got a big payday from Corona.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Many times, the guys seizing the money or tracking it down will get a cut, then let the thief keep a cut. The guy should be in a dark jail cell. Yet he is just hanging out and probably just moving money around while negotiating with officials on splitting the money they find.

        3. Profile gravatar of Mike


          Consider if you will Justice (that’s a laugh on it’s own) Corona. They found 83 bank accounts in USD. Three of those accounts had $10 million USD in them. Now I’m pretty certain filipino officials are not paid in USD for one thing nor paid that much. Now it was made public about the total of the three accounts but not the 80 others. so they know of 83 but can only find out what’s in three of them? Now recently this year they said they found two or three of the accounts yet at first they said they had 83. What was in the 2 or 3 accounts? Less than 10,000 pesos total! Now Corona was “busted about year and half ago if memory is correct. No filipino ever asked what was in the other 80 accounts nor will they. So the way I see it Corona was given over a year to move the money to new accounts to avoid having it “taken”. But I’ll bet the ones who dragged their feet “finding” the accounts they already knew existed, where they were and how much was in them got a big payday from Corona.

  4. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    How Filipino’s STILL to this day, glorify Marcus, I will NEVER understand.

    They worship martial law, a man that turned the country inside out and depleted it’s money, and favor this government more than a harmless popular 60’s rock band who (especially Lennon) would defend their rights and supported peace, but yet they are so fucking stupid and brainwashed they defend their abuser and “boo” them out of the country over a missed meet up with their master Marcus?

    It’s a shame NATO didn’t intervene and end Marcus right then and there!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “How Filipino’s STILL to this day, glorify Marcus, I will NEVER understand.”

      Quite simply because they are non-thinking, brainless idiots with no mind of their own.

  5. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    Sounds like all the flips in positions wanted a cut of the pie. All the way to airport departure.

    I experience the same flipship when dealing with any government agency in Manila. They send me to one window, pay an unlisted fee, send me to another window, pay an unlisted fee, send me to a person behind desk in the fucking parking building, pay an unlisted fee, send me to an office in the next building over, pay an unlisted fee, then back to the window bureaucrats again.

    When trying to provide charity relief whether its supplies or personnel, same crap, any government agency you have to deal with keeps taking a cut of the pie from the airport all the way to the relief site and back to the airport again. Here and there corrupt police try to get a cut of the pie too.

    1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      Yeah lets say a combined total of 100 million USD was provided as charity from a multitude of UN member nations and private parties. Theres a damn good chance less than than 1million USD actually make it to the scene because of how undeserving twats keep helping themselves to the funds.

    2. Profile gravatar of

      I have never paid a unlisted fee yet , always ask for ORIGINAL BIR RECEIPT .
      Never refuse to pay the unlisted fee, JUST ASK POLITELY FOR THE RECEIPT.
      If they have no receipt DON’T PAY.

      If you build it they will come.


      So just throw that back in their thieving faces. NO RECEIPT NO FEE

      I have to admit that if the child bride is with me its a lot easier, she is so polite when asking for the original receipt. I usually get high blood and want to strangle the thieving bastards.

      Who do you complain too, not the Police as the Commander will be getting a piece of that pie too.
      Lots of little pieces. make up into a mansion.

  6. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    If the people of the Philippines would put in just 10% of the effort they expend on being scammy, deceitful, corrupt, and flaky toward fixing the multitude of problems of their culture, they would all have no more need to be scammy, deceitful, corrupt, and flaky, and they could then have pride of ACTUALLY HAVING ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING HONORABLE.

    But the fact this hasn’t happened yet is because they are under a mass-delusion that they are great and wonderful because of Manny Paquiao.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      I note Manny has bought a mansion in LA. maybe he is thinking of fucking off BEFORE THEY REALLY FUCK HIM OVER.
      He would be mad to remain in the PI, the BIR wants his blood ,
      I cracked up when I saw the last debacle they tried when they went after him, when they didn’t realize the IRS form had changed.
      They were jumping up and down because they wanted an Obsolete form, that’s how it seemed to me.

      Bob Arums too smart for the BIR,
      I’m sure that all taxes have to be paid in USA before he even gets his cheque from the Promoters.
      Fuck you cant even get out of the Casino without paying withholding tax unless you are a resident of Vegas and that’s from just playing the slots and black jack, you think they are going to let a fighter walk out of there without them holding back the tax for reconciliation later.

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        Got to feel for Manny a bit. He seems to genuinely want to help the country, and this tax bullshit they’re trying to hit him with is an obvious attempt by the oligarchs to let him know he’s not wanted in their circles. Somebody asked me the other day what I thought his chances are of one day being the president. My answer was that he’d most probably be assasinated before he got that far.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          My issue with Manny is he doesn’t speak out against the corruption. Instead he pals around with those corrupt thieves like they are old friends. He was campaigning and hanging out with Binay. The guy who is always in the ring with him (with yellow tint glasses) is Gov Singson. He is like the biggest gangster in the Philippines and huge plunderer. They say he used public money to build an airport in the middle of nowhere and the reason was so he could have his drug shipments flown in much easier.
          So Manny gives them power and legitimizes them to the public. If he simply spoke out and refused to be associated with any of them, he could do so much better for his country. Yet he chooses to become a useless congressman who never shows up?

    2. Profile gravatar of

      If the fuckers put 25% of the effort the put onto trying to scam and corrupt anyone they THINK has anything they want .
      THEY WOULD BE A FUCKING SUPER POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

    President ? This man has a second grade education! Because of his celebrity status, he won a seat in national Congress. It turns out that he holds two records. One as a world champion in boxing and the other one is: I kid you not, as holding the record for having missed the most votes of any filipino congressman in the history of the Philippines. Yet, he is still revered by his people as a savior. Think about all of those voting sessions that he missed because of his boxing career that would have brought money into his district which would have benefited his people the most. Only in the Philippines!

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Don’t forget the celebrity got Jinky what is it the VICE GOVERNOR ?????????????????????????????
      I’m missing something here.
      Their hero worship of celebrity is just amazing.

  8. Profile gravatar of kalbo
    kalbo Post author

    Paccy is ideal for the job in many ways – no education, famous, wastes his money on leeches AND to cap it all, is against the one thing that would really improve the lives of millions in the Phillippines – the Reproductive Health bill! Go Manny!

  9. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Why are you all surprised filipinos fucked the Beatles like that? They would fuck God and Jesus themselves if given the chance. Now you know why God and Jesus will not come to the philippines. Only reason the pope did is because the catholic church is just as fucked up as the philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Did you notice when the Pope was in Tacloban? He was there a year after the typhoon hit. He promised he would visit them and when he showed up a year later, he said, “I AM HERE”, and “I told you I would come”!! The 500,000 or so Filipinos cheered. He gave a long speech, some prayers, and then when another storm was coming he took off about 4 hours earlier than scheduled cause he did not want to “be stuck there”. LOL!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Exactly what I was thinking. I remember watching as they were worried about the storm. I remember thinking, “If this guy who claims to be gods #1 man and is leading 150,000 people in prayer can’t divert a storm, then maybe the people can see what BS the RCC is”. He apologized for having to leave, but I thought “if this RCC has such influence, wouldn’t they be able to make the storm go away?” Then he fled so quickly.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike


            So the poop, I mean pope goes to Tacloban a year after Yolanda then gives a mass and hauls ass as another storm coming in. Here is what I see. Filipinos saying the storm that came in was not as bad as Yolanda because the opp, I mean pope prayed for them before he hauled ass to safety. Second, when the poop, I mean pope hauled ass to safety how much of their money did he take with him?

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, I wonder ed if they passed the collection plate around for them. I heard a portion of his speec, which was basically mindless dribble. It was just, “believe in God and have faith”. Nothing more, but that went on for like 2-3 hours.
            Ironically, Imelda was in attendance. Did he speak out against her thievery, killings, lies, or anything that would get the people to stop glorifying her? Of course not! It was just more mindless speaking about believing in God no matter how difficult the environment.
            I pretty much became an atheist after living in the Philippines. You can always see pictures of Imelda Marcos hangout with priests and pal’ing around with them like they are best friends. These “moral representatives” of God seem to have no issue hanging out with evil people as long as they are receiving money and gifts.