The Crazy Tactics Filipina’s Use To Get YOUR Money.

These are terms that I made in reference to the way Filipinas deal with people in order to get money.

Time close/sunset close.
Ratcheting technique.

After a while when you get into the bubble of the Filipina you start seeing a similar pattern as to their begging “modus operandi”.  It starts becoming clear when they open their mouths and utter words no matter which part of the country your in – they all have the same approach, something that must be a cultural thing they defensively deny.

I got absolutely sick of the amount of begging going on, 95% of the women I date in the Philippines will beg for money after two or three dates.  I recognised a generally consistent pattern leading up to being asked for money and I will share that pattern with you in this article.  Just check it out and you too will notice a similar strategy at play.

Remember that when they say “not all Filipina are like that” (a most overused expression) that is true when they are not within your personal space bubble – but when Filipina come into your personal space after two or three dates, even one date on the same night! They will start annoying the crap out of you and this level is when the ADD into play and the HARASSMENT BY PHONE becomes beyond stupidity to point they are annoying you for cash at 3 AM, 5 AM, 1 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM, 9 PM as if they don’t sleep OR made a full-time job out of harassing you for money. From hundreds of dates I have experienced over last 10 years in the Philippines, as I said … 95% of filipinas… once you enter into their personal space or harass you some level of financial assistance. THIS IS FACT.

Let’s look at the terms are mentioned above:

step one – – Time close technique== ASK FOR MONEY
The time close technique (I also call it sunset close) is where you get that frantic call or text begging for something that has to be done within a certain time, else something bad will happen (the amount will double, the police will arrest me blah fucking blah) – the original situation will close by getting worse and a much larger/worse situation will develop– hence the term i use TIME CLOSE OR SUNSET CLOSE – I find it really amazing that whenever Filipinos want something they always have load for their phone to ring or text, always on time, always prompt and reliable, always messaging you back AND FILIPINO TIME DOESN’T EXIST – when Filipino’s want something you get more respect.

Example time close situations I have encountered have been largely similar but varied including getting kicked out of their rental property, threat of the hospital bill doubling, the hotel bill will double if not paid by a certain time, the police are just about be called and being held under restraint – and the bill is going up hourly for the hotel – blah fucking blah (seriously I am sick of the texts and I will be showing what level of stupidity and immaturity these filipina women are!

Coupled with this TIME URGENCY is the human element – the aunt there and she is angry, the doctor is here and he is angry as the e.g. bill is unpaid.

Coupled with this is that the people are waiting – , we have arrived and are waiting – FUCK I didnt tell you to travel there you fucking morons!

and if you try and say you will go and drop the money personally,  you will get some LAME excuse (Why are Filipino’s experts at failing and lame excuses??) such as e.g. if the doctor sees you here and being a foreigner he will increase the bill, my family are here and I will be embarassed (and your asking for the fucking hospital bill to be paid??), etc. blah..fucking blah…


I found that the Filipinos WILL LOW BALL, it appears that this is a strategy to get agreement. Usually they are evasive as we know using weazel words that mean something else eg. use can i borrow when they mean give (as they never repay your money – just remember that!).  They are also evasive to get a meeting and will not say much.

They will often go on low – – around 50% really what they need or are asking.  Trades people do this, employing contractors and labourers will do this.  Go in low, sometimes rediculously low.

Step three –Once agreement is reached – ratchet up the deal.

so many of my friends and foreigners i have seen have been ratcheted.  This is where the Filipino has low balled, you agree and then they start changing the terms, quality being supplied or demanding more moneySO FUCKING COMMON!! ITS NOT FUNNY.  much like a ratchet works… it starts increasing but not decreasing…

Lets continue with the Filipina example.  The Foreigner agres to give money.  Agreement is reached, say eg. 100p i will go to the pawn shop now and send you the money by epadala.

you will get texted ….

Are you there yet?

Are you there yet?

Are you there yet?…… Oh my God this is so annoying when you get 10 texts in the short space of time saying a you there?

Do you know why this is done?

Step Four – asking you constantly if your at the money sending shop is done because if you get frustrated with all the text you will say “yes!!   I’m here and am sending now the money” (aka so stop harassing the fuck out of me you moron).

This next sequence is called – RATCHETING

This is where the Filipina will start working up the “deal”– so with Filipinos… normally there is agreement as above, getting the meeting or the money etc by going in low (TO A  POINT IS — YOU THINK .. HOW CAN THIS FUCK WORK FOR THIS, OR ITS ONLY A SEND OF 100P FOR EXAMPLE), THEN, if they are stupid on their calculator and work it out, forgotten a urgent bill in need and will ask for more  (which I doubt),  this is where they often get called liars and cheats – they simply do what they always do – get the deal and then change the terms up. Because this at this point in time is where they start changing the deal to suit themselves or asking for more money.

They’ve gotten some level of commitment/agreement out of you but they want to extract a little bit more at this stage.  They know foreigners largely keep their word and Filipino don’t keep their word.  They play this fact.

So…. back to our example of
going to the pawn shop
to send the filipina some money

In relation to ratcheting… once you’ve said you are at the pawn shop…. and about send the money they will then start another stage where they will say I need extra, can you give me some extra and will use lots of guilt, shame etc to try and get the extra, even CRYING.

They also use excuses like I have no food, can you give me some food money for rice or fare to get to work, medicine (fuck!! I hate the way they use that word medicine constantly…. I need medicine).

Something that was salient in their life…. that they did not discuss in the round one of negotiations to obtain money — THEY FORGOT. I had one person do this constantly many times that I was dating to the point of annoyance. I would go and give them some money ..a small amount as I knew her situation and then when I was at the pawn shop to send the money they would then start harassing me for more money. So I ended up stopping this notification that I was at the pawn shop and text MONEY SENT.  (A 23 year old with a mental age of a 12 years old – like most filipina’s – low maturity, low intellect- lacking basic social skills).

So basically what started out as an agreement for  example, 100 pesos in the first level – by the second level they wanted to ratchet up to 200 or 300 pesos by placing pressure on the giver a.k.a. foreigner for more needs through guilt, crying, shame etc.

I find that other foreigners have come to basic agreements with Filipinos on eg home renovations, hire cars, IT contractors etc and a figure was agreed and the service was agreed but at the end of the day inferior quality was provided — I CALL IT BEING AMBUSHED and SUBSTITUTION (one quality for less quality happening) for the driver became the cousin using his OLD car not the brand-new hire car with professional driver as discussed or the tour guide bought along family and expected them to be fed and housed in a hotel as well.  — FUCK ME THESE PEOPLE ARE GOOD!! VERY VERY FUCKING GOOD and being covert narcisissts they know how to play the hearts of foreigners.

I Must also stress that don’t ever believe the line – family emergency. The term family emergency is often misused much like the term borrow. Borrow means in Filipino language to give with no prospect of repaying back the money. I had a family emergency which turned out to be asking me for money for a school project.


As mentioned, often third parties are used in situation to increase guilt, shame, pressure. This creates urgency and emergency in the situation. In most cases they won’t tell you that they’ve eg. left to go to the pawn shop they will just go to the destination. They will say they bought the aunt as well or the uncle and everyone is waiting for you to send the money. This is classic pressure techniques. In some cases where amounts are being demanded for the hospital the time close would be say the hospital will charge another day it is not paid by eg. 5pm – the family is waiting here and they are upset and crying. If you ask, I’ll come to the hospital and hand deliver the money haha test– you will get in reply……the doctor is angry and he will charge more as your foreigner. I will be embarassed in front of the family.  They don’t know you and will ask me questions — and who paid the bill Missy????

I have had this line so many times from these liars!!!

As you can see – Filipina’s are masters of creating emergency, urgency, pressure, deflection using smoke and mirrors and deception in order to try and get money.

pressure pressure, pressure that is the technique.


When they’ve got their money – they’re off. They don’t return calls, they don’t return texts, and wont answer the phone, etc —they will go back to filipino time…that my friends are Filipinos through and through. That is Filipino style.

Filipinos are uncaring – when they want something they’ll be so self-absorbed at all cost, they don’t care whether you’ve been sick in bed, down on your last dollar, et cetera. I’ve been sick in bed and have not been able to walk for days and then been told I’m lying, can I go and send money. How many times do need to tell someone you have been sick in bed unable to walk – the Filipinos will keep harassing the point you need to turn off your phone. They are idiots with low mental age and huge level of immaturity. This simply will not listen to you especially if they’re bouncing in full flight amongst the Facebook friends and social networks trying to beg for money.


Some examples of time close IN ORDER TO OBTAIN MONEY FROM FOREIGNERS include –


I got a whole list — this is not even touched the surface of it…

I need to pay my exam fees by this afternoon by 5 PM otherwise I cannot graduate, the fee will double.

I need to pay the hospital bill by 10 AM, else another day will be charged to the bill.

My boyfriend left the hotel room and the hotel staff have me here until I pay, if I don’t pay within three hours the police are coming.

I came here for a job interview and to see my family but I have no money to get back home.  I need to go on the bus tonight to work tommorrow else I will be terminated.

The owner has thrown all my stuff out because I have not paid my rent up to yesterday, if I pay by 5 PM today they will not relet the room.

I need to pay XYZ by tomorrow otherwise, XYZ will happen and I will lose XYZ.

I need 5,000 pesos for an abortion (to a pinoy! – BACKYARD ABORTION CLINIC) and if its not paid by tommorrow the doctor (who was angry at the non payment to date) said it will be in another stage of pregnancy and the fee will double. … and you cannot come and deliver the money as your a foreigner and the doctor will charge me more and this is an illegal abortion clinic.


If ratcheting part 1 is not enough… Filipino’s as many will have a go.  Filipinos want to milk anything for what its worth as they have a lack mentality.  Lack of food, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity…therefore if theres something on offer they don’t have to work their lazy asses to get they will take as much as they can.

Ratcheting part two – often find when they have gotten the money the phone will be silent. Sometimes if you ring up and say did you get the money? – They will say they got robbed (i kid you not), they don’t have enough bus or boat fare to get back home to get XYZ as initially requested etc … so the deal is doomed and THEY HAVE FAILED but have in possession YOUR MONEY!

this is where they start crying, using guilt, etc to then go for round three of getting more money.

So remember

round one was go in low – half of what you want.  Show a lot of ADD (attention deficit disorder) to harass the target into giving.

round two – work up the agreed amount try and ASK FOR EXTRA using scarcity e.g. of food, lack, pressure that the aunty is in there at the place they went on their own accord ie. just turned up and waited (fuck me i shake my head how these people don’t value their time and wait) and people are upset.

Round three – have some situation happen either robbery or you need more money for food and fare or that you need the cousin to accompany you to achieve what was wanted in round one and two. Otherwise you cannot go, this cannot be accomplished.

My article above might be best be presented

in a flow diagram… of what actually happens:filipina money scam

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  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Just don’t go out with girls who have EVERYTHING to gain by dating you. Go out with a girl who has some kind of job, responsibility, or decency. I lucked out cause my fiance buys things for me all the time and actually drives me around cause I refuse to buy a car in the Philippines.
    One guy did a post one time I thought was the best. He got to tired ofgirls either asking him for money or reeling him in and then asking for money, he learned to have fun with it. I wish I could remember his name on here.
    Basically, he told a story a girl he met, a nurse who he went on about 3-4 dates with and actually like. Then she suddenly had the family emergency of “grandma sick” and had to fly to Davao. He quickly checked the flight schedule and knew 1. she was lying and 2. She was about to ask him for some money. So he waited.
    When the texts came in asking for money (in a rush, time constraint, etc), he had fun with her. He said he was on teh way to western union, then said he sent the money, but got the # wrong, then he sent it again but got the name mispelled, then tried again but the office was closed so he’d do it the next day, then said the money was on the way, then she said it never arrived, etc. He strung her along for like 2 days or something until he told her “I invented this game you’re playing bitch” and never heard back.

    I know for certain I got plenty of the details wrong. If anyone remembers or if the original author could retype it, it is definitely a great story and lesson as well.

    1. Profile gravatar of emrys

      agreed johnny, that article was pretty funny the first time I read it too. also, I agree to your statement of finding a girl with a job,resonsability,and decency. I had a couple tries before I found the girl I’ve been with for 1 and a half years. she buys me stuff too. it’s pretty nice to have someone come home with a treat or present hahahha. but it wasn’t always like that. sometimes I wonder if she is actually Filipina hahahh

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      sorry @johnny55 they are still stupid idiots no matter if they have a job!

      I said to a friend that these girls are good for nothing other than a fuck. They have nothing to talk about.
      He said … surely theres something decent there…

      well, let me say i tried degree qualified marketers, accountants, managers and they all have
      that familiar GROVELLING VOICE…
      ummmmm can i have a talk to you?
      ummmm i have a problem…
      …sorry to disturb…

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Sorry you’re having trouble.
        I found a great girl. Just like Emrys, she simply comes home from trips with things for me, buys dinner for me. pitches in, and has surprised me with the occasional flight or 2. She is very independent with a family who doesn’t lean on her either. So that a is a plus and another plus.
        My issue is I’m not sure if my love for her is stronger than my hatred for the Philippines. I really get depressed in the Philippines at times and just start to have the people there so much other times. Combine that with the fact I’m only 41 and won’t get a job there and have to start a business to make income,,, a business where I have to deal with Filipinos again makes me nauseous at the thought of putting myself through hell again. So time will tell.

  2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “When they’ve got their money – they’re off. They don’t return calls, they don’t return texts, and wont answer the phone, etc —they will go back to filipino time…that my friends are Filipinos through and through. That is Filipino style.”

    You forgot “Thank you” Foreign. The assholes very rarely acknowledge receipt of money much less send a thank you text or email. Ungrateful motherfuckers!

    I have stopped logging into Facebook for almost a month now because every time my cousins see I’m on line, the messages popped up “Ate, have a little favor”. Or “Ate, it’s my birthday today”. I am fed up with the lot of them, I’d rather not hear from any of them if all they can think of is how to get money out of me, not even asking how I am, or my family.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Its incomprehensible how a whole culture can be so greedy and unthankful!

      Must have been a serious glitch somwhere in the development!

      But “low maturity” and low mental age explains a part of course.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      ungrateful. Simply … the church instills…
      “share your blessings”
      and they thank the lord…
      i often think they think …givers in the Philippines aka foreigners
      are just conduits for the lords blessings you share

  3. Profile gravatar of tambok

    A really well wrote intelligent article. I was ripped off for thousands by two people who had a very well planned plot. I was so naïve. Now I got lucky even though she is poor. I guess sometimes luck plays a role in relationships.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @joekano thanks Mark ..
      its amazing how filipinos are all bred like sheep
      they say very similar things
      and have very similar ways
      you start seeing their smarmy patterns

  4. Profile gravatar of

    they are not shy, bold and exploitative sociopaths…. sense of entitlement…they think its fun freeloading.. easier than working for it… i offered my gf jobs in thailand,, yeah right…. no she was free ride…… one day she ll be alone in her shack with her family for exploiting people doesnt get you far for long

  5. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    Even if it doesn’t seem they are after money, beware, some are just purely emotional vampires, and in the end they are just as financially damaging and even more mentally damaging. Exposure can cause PTSD, PTSD-C and also cause symptoms that mimic bi-polar and/or Schizoid. But it is not. Feeling even a little crazy? Or your head confused. Research Cluster B Abuse. Then get your ass to a good doctor and get help. If the doctor doubts you, find another one who knows what they are doing and knows what the hell is going on.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      It can be fixed once you know what is going on, but sometimes exposure can even damage the hippocampus. Many of these predators themselves have damaged amygdala and hippocampus. It may seem unbelievable, just take the time and do the research. You may feel like your going nuts, but just remove yourself from them any way you can and get help. The very first step though is to realize it is real.

  6. Profile gravatar of Harley

    Over time as more people get screwed over by the leeches and more and stories come out, hopefully some people will start to take warning. They use the what I call the ‘high pressure salesman technique’. Buy now or the price will soon double! After so many years of seeing how they operate and seeing how uncaring and ungrateful, I wondered how can they be so heartless. Think about this they grow up their entire lives ingrained in a culture constantly hearing stupid excuses and lies. Its a little tougher for them to scam each other because they’ve grown up both telling and hearing all the lies and excuses. Then along comes foreigner who is sick in bed and says I can’t send you money now or I can’t meet you at place xyz now because I’m sick in bed. The filipino then calls you a liar. Then they are ungrateful even after they did get something. Rather than thank the person that they just scammed they will laugh or even ridicule the person they just scammed….saying ‘you’re the one who insisted on giving’. Always throwing it back on you. If I did believe in an actual devil (which I don’t) I’d say they are the devil.