The Façade of Filipino Culture


When I was in my late 20’s I was working 2 jobs and rarely available to do anything outside of that. It was eat, shit work and sleep every day. Anyhow, my only option during that period to make myself available and open to a girl was internet dating, so I figured “what the hell might as well give it a go” and signed up to a free site to see what I’d lure in. That’s when I was first introduced to a Filipina. She txt me out of the blue one night while I was sitting on the toilet. From that day forward I had kept in contact with her for weeks, months and then finally visited her in a city a ferry and long drive away. Took me about 8 hours to get there but I felt it was worth it. I met her and liked her immediately since I THOUGHT I knew her and what her life was like. Little did I know that she was just another Pinoy debt slave who was probably going nowhere with her life since she was more than likely financially robbed by her family.

The “culture” didn’t make sense to me then and still doesn’t now. I used to joke about how she was just a babysitter forking over half her pay check to the family and living like a teenager in Mom and Dad’s (employers) basement. Little did I know, this was nothing to joke about, this was their “culture”. Be a subservient slave to your masters (parents) come to a 1st world country and then continue being a subservient slave, forking over your future to suit the dictatorial family back at home.

Eventually I dated more Filipino’s because I liked their tanned skin, the bodies, and their “old fashioned” way and what I thought was family values. Now here I am several years later committed to one with offspring and discovering the “values” of these people and how WRONG I was. That’s when I decided to write the top facades of Filipino culture.


The façade of Philippines culture


FACADE: Call me naive, ignorant, delusional, I don’t care, when I first experienced Filipina’s and Dating I thought of them as down to earth and knowledgeable. I thought they had this vast knowledge I didn’t know about since they lived in a poverty stricken country and experienced the hard life. I had many other friends from poor countries who had knowledge I could respect and admire which earned them friendship from me. I thought to myself that Filipino’s would most likely have similar values and knowledge. Because of the language barrier and (from my experience) the lack of words to describe things articulately, I figured they probably just lacked the words to express a lot of the things they knew. I figured someday I’d learn more and gain respect for the country and its people. I also thought they weren’t very materialistic! I figured they had good money handling skills and could easily resist temptations. I also thought they could see through bullshit and had the mental capacity to read between the lines with propaganda and subliminal media hype. I had this belief that they didn’t watch much TV and disregarded the lies and fakeness and stuck to their core, innate human values.


TRUTH: I’ve had friends from other countries, some from 3rd worlds who were pretty well informed and down to earth. They had good values and were not materialistic. They could resist products and useless items since they LEARNED from the hard life in their home country. What about Filipino’s? The truth with my experience with Filipino’s is that MOST of them value materials, mindless shows, throwing money away like they are rich, are easily persuaded, gullible like children, did not learn from being poor, and did not have this vast knowledge I was expecting. Most of their “knowledge” is superstitions and God fearing bullshit with no logic or rational thinking. I discovered they don’t have critical thinking brains and will fight tooth and nail to make sure they are always right no matter how fucking wrong they are. So, my conclusion from experiencing my wife CONSTENTALY threatening me when she doesn’t get her way and constantly playing victim and blaming, I realized I am dealing with merely a child brained adult and she and many other Filipino’s are far from down to earth.



FAÇADE: This was one of the MAIN reasons I wanted a Filipina over Western women. I saw all the divorces here and had many friends during my childhood with either a single mom or split parents taking turns with the child. Seeing all this throughout my childhood into my adulthood, and me, being raised by my married loving parents, it was essential for me to keep that bond and high value of marriage and family going. I didn’t want to be just another divorced couple down the road. After talking to many Filipina women and finding out that most of them came from “close” families with Mom and Dad present I thought of the Philippines as one of the best places for family values. I figured the kids were well treated, respected and provided for by their guardians regardless of their situation. I thought family there treated each other with decency and respect since, in a country with so much government corruption, all you have is yourself and your “loved” ones to depend on, why not respect and help one another? So, with all these beliefs implanted in my brain, I was certain this was the type of women I wanted to embrace!


TRUTH: The fact is, there aren’t any divorces in the Philippines because of Catholic Religion, there are only annulments which by dictionary definition is, ”a legal procedure for declaring a marriage null and void”. Many won’t go through with annulments because of their Catholic religious beliefs so you end up with shitty couples raising shitty kids.

It is also impossible for women to survive without a man in the picture, so if she ends up having kids with a man and he is an abusive bastard, she’s pretty much stuck with him. If he leaves, there is no court system to protect a single mom. No social checks, no child support, no NOTHING. So what kind of COMMON, and I mean COMMON marriages do you see in the Philippines? Cheating husbands creating offspring with their affairs while their wives just allow it, and apparently there is no shame in this, it’s just another bullshit excuse with the phrase, “It’s just like that in the Philippines, it’s our culture!” like we have all heard before.

To top it off, the common, and again, I MEAN COMMON married couple have dozens of kid’s they can’t afford. How do you think a household full of kid’s with no money and little food is going to go for the parents taking care of them? You get the picture….endless fights, cheating by the men, drinking, major depression, physical abuse towards the kids, and so on. Every old picture I see of my wife’s parents is them with this blank, stressed, and depressing look on their face.

Speaking of physical abuse, I know first-hand that it happens because my wife told me stories. They are fucking old school there, hitting their kids with bamboo sticks, wooden spoons, you name it. It’s another part of “the culture” that you don’t hear about. This would explain why many of the children are so damn submissive and compliant with their parents, never questioning and only OBEYING orders. And do they grow out of this? Nope…the majority serve their masters like slaves without question for the rest of their petty lives because “it’s the Philippines culture!”

Another thing I know first-hand is that there are a lot of murders there and families cheat and steal from each other. My wife even told me her and her sister, when they were little, used to take money out of Dad’s pocket. Great family values hey? I remember way back, sending a box of stuff to her parents and all of her family members pillaged through, taking what they wanted without question when they were meant to be for her parents. Apparently many of them do this…it’s just one big free for all where they are pushing and fighting for their useless items.

And on the topic of murder, my wife’s Aunt’s husband got murdered and he was white, with money. Now, his place was not ransacked and not a dime was taken. It’s pretty obvious it was a set up by the Aunt for money, since she was having an affair (another demonstration of happy marriage in the PI). This guy had a good pension plan and money, and if someone else killed him, what did they have to gain if they stole NOTHING from his house? Her own Son thinks she set his Dad up, so what does that tell you? And what did she do with all the money you ask? Well, she spent it on herself and spent it on her “investments”, which were my wife, and her siblings to go to school. I think this had a dual purpose for her to look like this generous, giving, loving Aunt AND to get free money from my wife and her siblings when they went abroad. All this done with blood money taken from her husband WHO WORKED ALL HIS LIFE AS AN ENGINEER AND DESERVED IT MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE!

And what disgusts me is the praise my wife and her sister give this horrid women. They are so bloody gullible it’s not funny! So with all this in mind, you get the picture of what REAL Filipino family values can be like, not to mention all the dumb OFW’s I see here racking up debt and giving all their money away to the demanding, dictatorial family back home.


FAÇADE: This is the one thing my Wife brought up when I asked her, “Tell me what the good things about your country are other than the tropical weather and nice beaches?” She told me the celebrations and all the festivals they have. I imagined these fun parties, like the EDM dance parties that I used to go to when I was in my early 20’s, but without the hard drugs! She told me there were big meals and great festive parties, neighbors and family would have. She said that Christmas celebration would start as early as September and New Year’s was one of the most festive times in the Philippines. A co-worker mentioned that they celebrate a prophet from the bible just about every month too, parading through the streets, commending their “saviors”. This all sounded fun and innocent to me. I figured religion (although I’m not religious) played an important role in their lives and they abided by the 10 commandments and honored that. Boy, was I freaking wrong!


TRUTH: They parade through the streets early in the morning on Sundays and wake everybody up who are trying to sleep. They not only blow limbs up from all the fireworks but they waste shitloads of cash on this just to have fun for one day. Large amounts of money is spent on food as well leaving them totally broke the next day….or more like the next week! LOL. “Shit, we have no food left and no money cause we spent it on those fireworks and food, what can we do?” They break all the 10 commandments, lying, cheating, murdering, denying, envious etc. From what I’ve researched, their parties are noisy as hell and never stop. So this being said, that part of the culture sounds unappealing.



TRUTH: I don’t think I need to write a Façade on this one, it’s pretty evident that Philippines food is the LEAST recognized amongst the Asian countries. Just look for yourself at the pictures and you get the idea. Chicken feet, fish heads, pigs, it’s all dirty animals and dirty animal parts. All the meals from my experience, look pretty bland. They have this abundance of great produce, yet they rarely eat it. Instead they eat shitty food that isn’t very nutritious.


216158174_25b2ac149eSo, I would write more on this topic, but I can’t name any other facades off the top of my head. The rest of the bullshit is evident. The government is corrupt. The streets are littered, the cities are heavily polluted including the villages, contaminating water, drains, soil etc. Taxes are high and social systems are low. Maternity ward is busiest place in the whole world (which is sad considering these are kid’s being brought into such a messed up country). Filipino’s have an average IQ of 86. The education system is very poor. They celebrate SPANISH culture and rarely do you hear anything commending their TRUE NATIVE culture, which is SAD. They scream, “Pinoy Pride” while all this is going on in the country which makes them look that much more SAD. They are commonly money wasters. With my experience, 8 out of 10 of them are complete money morons and will probably retire with NOTHING. They pride themselves on freeloading without feeling shame because “well, it’s our culture!” and you never hear them criticize their own country because they are simply in denial.





I rest my case.

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    Josh Randomtino

    Thanks for sharing. It’s not a surprise that filipino food is the least recognised in the world. Unlike thai, vietnamese, korean, japanese and of course chinese food, Filipino restaurants here in Australia are just like the ‘karenderias’ or corner eateries in the philippines run by unprofessional and rude staff. I’ve absolutely nothing to be proud of being a native Filipino. I can only raise my kids in a functional, forward thinking mentality and hopefully minimise their interactions with dumb arse fucks who only care about money and status. It’s all the things you mentioned that I keep my filipino friends to an absolute minimum.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      “. I’ve absolutely nothing to be proud of being a native Filipino.”

      Your damn right and your damn smart. If only the majority could see this and just admit it instead of living a lie.

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    On Filipino culture of being down to earth….nothing further from the truth. These people are materialistic, covetous, jealous whenever someone achieves something more than them and are so quick to put the high achiever down. Example of this is a daughter who is a successful OFW. Instead of saying “oh, good on her, she’s a bright girl” – instead they would gossip and speculate that the daughter was selling her body abroad. Which can be true for some. But why jump to conclusions unless you know for sure? Ah, but that’s because gossips become more interesting when laced with untruths.

    On throwing money like the rich . It’s because for the Filipinos, it’s all for show. They attend fancy parties looking like sons and daughters of the rich with the latest gadgets and designer clothes, but had to catch jeepneys when it’s coming going home time. Not even enough money to catch a taxi!
    Most of the time they befriend the rich, those who have material things like cars so they can borrow them! Yep, they liked to borrow anything, from money to goods. They do this by ingratiating themselves to you so that it would be hard for you to say no. And if you do say no, woe betide, they’d besmirch our reputation by spreading the word around the neighborhood how you’re the biggest ungrateful bastard that’s ever set foot in the country.

    On Filipino Family values. There is no such thing. It’s all for appearances. The close family ties/family values only works one way: their way. Try being an OFW coming home after 3,4,5 years with gifts for your family. Even old, old friends who could not even remember to send you a birthday card or Christmas greetings while you’re in Saudi all those years come snooping when you arrive, looking for pasalubong. You are sick and broke? Tough luck, you’re on your own. Maybe your immediate family might take care of you. Strange that all your friends suddenly disappeared?

    On marriage and annulments. Only the rich can afford to pay annulments which is beyond the reach of the common Filipinos. They (the Pinoys) know how difficult and expensive annulments can be. Yet they marry anyway because of 1) pressures from family and 2) pressures from the girl herself who finds herself pregnant despite being a Nursing student! Duh! Even the lowly educated girl here in Australia knows how to avail themselves of contraceptives. But then, it is common knowledge that the Ace card for the Pinays are babies. Get pregnant and he’d be obliged to marry you. Not always true of course, but these dumb asses can’t think past today. No forward planning as to how to feed that extra mouths if her plans to entrap a man by getting pregnant backfires. Fast forward 2 plus years and she’s on dating sites looking for a Kano to bail her sorry ass out, to pay for her annulment and to (hopefully) support her and her child/children.

    The Filipina being submissive to the parents was not just the result of physical abuse. Indoctrination is more effective when it comes to shaping the young Pinay’s mind, how she owed her parents for bringing her into this world. This is often the quoted reply from my Pinay friends here who are stressed to the hilt with the ongoing money demand from parents. I tell them “well, don’t send. Tell them you’ve got your own life and family to take care of”. The most common reply are “oh no! We can’t do that! We owed our lives to them because they gave birth to us”. “So you owed them simply because they had fun in creating you? That don’t make sense to me. So how long do you think you need to pay your parents for?” The reply usually center around “there is no price for utang no loob. It’s a debt forever”. Even the KGB would be envious of the result of these offspring’s brainwashing.

    And the exploitation of the female children start at a very young age. Next time you go to the Philippines, notice how many little girls do errands like laundry, carrying buckets of water nearly their own weight, chopping wood, cooking and sometimes with a young child on her hip almost as big as her, Mum’s latest baby while Mum procreates some more.

    On being religious. It really amused me to see my Mum’s family flock to the church early Sunday morning, then come home and gossip and malign anyone and everyone who displease them. To those of you married to Filipinas, ask your wives if she has read the bible, or when was the last time she’s read the bible? Or even her family, ask them if they’ve read the bible or familiar with it’s contents. Chances are, there are generations of families who were born and died not even seeing what a bible looks like. I could go on forever, but I’m sure most of you have observed this too.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      “On being religious. It really amused me to see my Mum’s family flock to the church early Sunday morning, then come home and gossip and malign anyone and everyone who displease them. To those of you married to Filipinas, ask your wives if she has read the bible, or when was the last time she’s read the bible? Or even her family, ask them if they’ve read the bible or familiar with it’s contents. Chances are, there are generations of families who were born and died not even seeing what a bible looks like. I could go on forever, but I’m sure most of you have observed this too.”

      Lol. That part of your writing made me laugh out loud. They commit just about every sin yet they preach about how catholic they are!

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    Phil Doh

    How can you criticize the cuisine when half of it’s “not available, sir” anyway. Seriously, though it’s utter dog shit. When the new SM opened here I was happy because they had a small deli counter with decent cold meats and cheeses. I went every week to stock up on all that rare goodness you rarely find here. About a month after it opened all the good shit was gone and replaced with pig trotters. And they still the sign overhead saying “Deli Counter”.

    I remember when Let’s Eat Crab opened up here and thinking how they must have spelled “Crap” wrong.

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    Your points are incredibly accurate, and the one that stands out to me the most is the “Family Values”.

    I used to hear my Exwife tell me how basically my family values were inferior to pinoy family values because my mother had been divorced twice. One from a cheater and another time from a drunk murderer who worked for a local cartel.

    Would tell me how I cant understand these “close Filipino values”.

    I never grasped this, especially seeing then cheat each other, lie to each other, conspire behind each others back, attack each other, usually with fists, but was also witness to a knife fight, a fight involving a broken table leg, a fight involving a glass ashtray being thrown around, a fight involving a chair being hit against tome one, and a fight involving a gasoline container, and the threat of lighting em up…

    I NEVER fought like this with my family. The most I have ever seen in my entire family my whole life, and even in other peoples families State side was verbal quarreling…THATS IT… I think I may have scuffled with my cousin once or twice when we were 11 or 12. Beyond that NEVER!!!

    We certainly never attempted to kill each other for God’s sake.
    By the way it wasn’t even their fake family values that made me question their bullshit “facade” it wa mostly external factors.

    What I mean be that was, you would so often here people screaming at each other in the streets. Ya know, because filipinos love building their houses all up in everyone elses shit with zero lot lines. So it is easy to hear fights. I mean……A LOT of fights. Seems like several fight a week out there in the streets.

    I saw this 12 year old getting chased through the streets by his uncle with a knife, (the son of an american woman living in her house while she stayed in the US)..
    I saw two guys going at it with a piece of rebar, No winners there.
    I saw a lot of knife and machete battles, mostly threats because who wants a face full of that shit? lol
    Rock throwing, bottle throwing, Animal killing, you name it.. We can get to Animal cruelty another time, thats another hot topic with me.

    Whenever the balikbayan boxes came…….. all hands abandon ship!
    These people its like bloodthirsty dogs salivating over the steak.. Waiting for the word to go, all jockeying for position to get in the box first.
    Then just like you said, they go into greed mode, and then after selfish mode. This one woman I know who lived in the same house as me my sister in law at the time, became literally enraged that she didn’t get the perfume first and that she deserved it because she had an office job. To get even she helped run up the electric and water but decided to not pay and run away until late at night so she wouldn’t be questioned about it.

    Then you have the horders. These are the ones that like to take everything and then lock it away in a cabinet so they dont have to share. They like having the power of the purse. Like a bank, but of shitty canned foods. Vienna sausages and spam and pork and beans, some chocolate. No one just comes out and says, “Hey can I have a bar of Irish spring?” no that would be to east instead they sneak around picking locks an causing problems.

    Or in my case sneaking into my room and stealing cash. Then summarily deny it even though you have them on your cpu camera doing. They will just break out the threats and blame you to shift responsibility “ITS YOUR FAULT!!!!”.

    MAn I could literally go on and on with this. I have enough to fill several books.

    Generally though what I have seen is that that particular class of filipino, (which by the way makes up the majority nationwide) are self centered, childish, shallow as hell and vindictive as fuck over the slightest thing.
    Their self deluded fantasies of family ties, values and all that jazz are nothing more than a verbal panacea used to make themselves feel better as well as to make themselves feel superior.

    My experience with a filipino family was a house of anger, conspiracy, drugs, theft, violence, lies, cheating, and vindictiveness.
    They all claim to b different, but they all have these values to some degree. Alos love to hang on to a grudge for fucking YEARS!!!!

    Let that shit go already.

  5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    Also alcoholism…
    I have never seen so many drunk people in all of my life. I mean get drunk go puke in the street loudly and then go drink some more. Talk loudly yell around at people laugh go puke some more and then drink again.. Wash , rinse , repeat daily for the rest of their lives.

    No wonder there are so many fights. Living in close quarters to these kind of people can make a person go mad……And I did go quite literally insane, which is why I was forced to come back to the US.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      It reminds me of Native Indian reserves. A welfare state where there is hand outs and all people do is drink and fuck. Very similar to the Philippines except they get hand outs from their child slaves.

      The more hand outs the more life purpose diminishes since they just drink it away and party.

  6. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    As someone who lived on a res for a while when I was a kid I agree 1000%.

    Not just them either, Its the whole “welfare” mentality. You see it with a lot of people in the US and Im just going to say it the majority of them are minority people, and I’m going to go even further and say mostly black. All the Mexicans I know even he illegals, work their ass off.
    I have seen everyone from white trash to black trash, to any race in the US. If you are trying to get a free ride for the sake of getting something for free, you are trash. this includes the (NATIONALITY) of the Philippines.

    they are the nightmare of what a government dependant people look like at the end. A bunch of people obsessed with trivial shit, eating shit food, being generally ignorant to most things both within their nation and outside their nation. A people who love to complain about how bad things are, but won’t do a damn thing to change it. A people who see the government out of control with greed and corruption, but have gone so far as to say “meh, thats the culture.”

    All Welfare states lead to societal detritus than is next to impossible to clean up.

    All thats left is an idiocracy wherein people are trapped with nothing more to do than make lots of noise, fuck anything that moves, and drink themselves to death.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      I can understand the lack of work and shitty environment that Filipino natives have to endure, but I think for many of them, they choose their life path. It wasn’t set in stone, it was directed by their own doing, simple as that. Take for example my Wifes Father, he had a chance to get schooling and get a better job, now admittingly, I was never a school guy and I didn’t feel I needed it since I lived in a 1st world and could work my way up, but in the Philippines, everyone who has that chance should take it NO MATTER WHAT, since if they don’t they will be poor and freeloading off of others the rest of their life. What did my Wifes Father choose? You know the answer. Now he’s driving a Jeepney which is considered one of the shittiest job’s to have in the Failippines.

      Many people choose their life path. As for the Native Indians, it’s screwy for them…I would say they are a product of their environment, shuved in mobel homes, given free tax money, and not having a purpose because of this welfare state breeds drunktards and a waste of life. These people I feel for deeply since they were robbed of their land and traditions and forced by government on how to live.

      If you haven’t guessed, I’m a big libertarian…>I hate government, since they ruin just about every country sooner or later. I see it happening here in Canada and in the USA. USA used to be small government, no socialism and it was a prosperious place… you see that going to shit in a hand bag!

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I lived on a rez too, Mr Spartacus,, and it seems the more money the governments throw at them ,, the worse they are… they could a 10,000,000 dollar one day and broke the next,,, spend it on garbage,, never a plan for the future and tomorrow,,cant even plant a garden,, which is very simple… a dollar saved is a 5 dollars earned…..
      The governments could screw ANYTHING UP,,, they develop pockets of poverty so they can collect votes,,,,,

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    when i was in collage, we had a minor subject in management and our professor once said that the Philippines lacks subjects on business. so what you have is a society that produces employees instead of businessmen or business women. though there is nothing wrong with gainful employment, i being an employee myself. but a course in business would teach Filipinos at an early age the value of money and discipline on ones spending habits. the basic rule being don’t spend more than you earn.

    as for family values in the Philippines, in my opinion, i see as having it’s pro’s and cons. true Filipinos have close family bonds, that is why we take care of out elderly and younger siblings. i have a crewmate that made sure his father and mother’s mortgage of their farm land was paid before he got married. BUT this is also open for abuse, i have another friend working as a doctor in our town municipal hospital, she has a patient with 10 children. the father is a tri-sikad driver, the mother is a part-time labandera. my friend asked her why did you and your husband have so many children when you can hardly feed them? the mother replies, if one of them become successful someday, he/she will take care of all of us. now what i find truly disturbing is that there are more people with that mindset and they are the one’s who are breeding like rabbits on crack.

    as for religion in the Philippines. i have a Filipino-Chinese friend who’s theories go something like this. “the priests in this country are interested in keeping the masses poor and uneducated so they will have plenty of parishioners to give them money”. though me and my friends got a good laugh at it, his hypothesis seems hold water if you think about it.

    as for the celebrations, yes i truly believe we just have too much of that. the average Juan De La Cruz just wants to go to the local fiesta, drink himself under the table, go home and gorilla fuck his wife, have more kids, blame the government for his predicament, pray to God to help him out of the hole he dug himself into, and wait for a handout form relatives or friends who actually sacrificed and worked hard to better themselves (of from the vote buying corrupt politician during elections). i do not know if the Philippines will ever improve, maybe? maybe not in my lifetime. but in the meantime i’ll just be working hard and save up for my retirement someday

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      Pinay Lover Post author

      I just can’t understand the freeloading mentality. It seems to be the worst in the world. Like you said, they have dozens of kids and expect at least one of them to be successful and give them hand outs the rest of their life. This is robbing childrens future, and I despise that. Children are used as pawns for the family, nothing more. I have yet to understand if my wife’s sister is getting ripped off or not, you see she’s paying for this land, but I don’t think she even has documented proof, therefore, I think her parents are just pocketing the money. I will certainly post a story about that if I find out that is indeed what they are doing to warn other OFW’s, your own parents are scammers!

      1. Profile gravatar of constantino

        i’m Filipino and i even cannot understand where this false sense of entitlement is coming from. i am even surprised that the people i grew up with do the same thing. well not asking me to put their kids to school or put food on their table. but whenever i run into them, their opening line would either be “migs, imo yhado dako na, basi may pang pamahaw da para sa iya” (friend your godson is grown up maybe you can give him some money for snacks) or “oy! kamusta biyahe pare?, te basi may ara da pang shot shot lang bi ho” (hey how was work? maybe you can buy the next round of drinks).

        i grew up with most of these people, sometimes i feel sorry for them. but most of the time i try to avoid them. just because they think i made sacrifices and worked hard i owe them a piece of my salary… tax free! but despite these examples, i also have friends who have been successful in life, some work abroad some moved to the city and own a thriving business and some made really well in farming. but sad to say i know more freeloaders the successful individuals

        1. Profile gravatar of

          That is why I never volunteer to be “Ninang” (Godmother). Whenever they asked me, I remind them “I don’t live here” – (meaning the PI). But that’s exactly the point! Just because my country’s currency is $$$ they hoped that I will be generous with gifts.

          My Uncle who is a sitting Judge in our province gets offers to be “Ninong” all the time, from Christenings to weddings. I swear he does not even remember how many God children he has. But I am sure that these people want ties from my family because of what they can get off us, (favors, gifts, etc). The “Padreno” system is alive and well in the Failippines and is one of the greatest failings of that country.

          1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            I like how its called “An Offer”.. lol

            Like, I’m offering you this one time chance to give me some dollars, don’t pass it up, this is your chance,; come on!
            I used to get that “offer” all the time also.
            One time some provincial parents actually begged me to adopt their daughter.
            Part of me felt sorry for the kid because I could have given her more, but the other part smelled bullshit coming from the parents. I suspect the child was nothing more than a clever way for the parents to leech off of me.

          2. Profile gravatar of beameup

            I don’t know if you are considered a “foreigner” or not, but simply being alone in the presence of a child that is not yours can easily expose you to arrest. It could end up costing a large sum of money for this “problem” to go away, and there is evidence that the parents are in no way “held responsible” and in fact, often “cooperate” with the police.

          3. Profile gravatar of constantino

            i know how you feel Selene, i became godfather this particular godson i was referring to happened way back in the early 90’s. his father happened to be a good friend of mine, so i cannot just refuse. but nowadays i am out almost 6-8 months in a year so i hardly get invitations to be godfather at a baptism or wedding. but whenever i come home that’s when all the freeloaders (some used to be real good friends of mine) come in for and ask for free meal, drink, or money (money disguised as a loan but i am very sure i will never be able to collect that “loan”)

            being in government it goes with the territory i figure. my cousin used to be the municipalities vice mayor and he would get invitations to be ninong to a baptism or wedding everytime, this coming form people he does not even know. i guess some people equate this as person+government post=free money

  8. Profile gravatar of beameup

    They are full of pride and yet “have no shame”. Perhaps their “mentality” is a remnant of the “tribal culture” that they had before the Spanish arrived. I’m sure that the Spanish wanted to keep the “natives” in their place.

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

      Actually, the reason why the Spaniards brought the Catholic Church in to the Philthappines was not to “Christianize” them, rather, it was to unify and control them. Prior to the Spanish occupation, there were hundreds of various tribal groups in that archipelago who liked to chuck spears at each other (a common “rite of passage” in that day was for a young man to go to a rival village, kill a tribesman, and bring the head back to his village to prove himself worthy of “manhood” and of being a “fearful warrior”), and in order to exploit the natural resources that were available, the Spaniards needed to control and repress them. This would explain why the ideals of Christianity and the Catholic Church never took hold in these vermin (and never will). And yes, that “tribal culture” still reigns supreme in their lives. This is something I call the “spearchucker mentality”, for their attitudes and traditions have changed little from the days when they were rivaling tribes chucking spears at each other. Sigh….

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover Post author

        Instead of chucking spears at eachother, they are robbing, cheating, and trying to rival one another. A big popularity (who can rack up the most debt) contest. I just had that discussion with my wife today. She was telling me the OFW’s in 1st worlds are even worse, since they have access to credit cards, loans, and such, they can splurge on whatever they like and out-do the other Pinoy’s. Next you see them exposing their false success (racking up debt) on FB for all the other envious Pinoy friends to see and it causes that spear chucking tendency you speak of.

        I’ve never known a more envious people, where they will choose stupidity to rival another. Racking up debt to their hearts content to gain that pedistal of “success” which is truly just a fallacy, nothing more.

  9. Profile gravatar of Ugok Tao
    Ugok Tao

    I feel like they’re stealing the good stereotype of other Asians. Can’t believe how bad they are in math. Do they have any good asian traits? When it comes to food. I love Chinese food and I love Spanish food. I can’t understand how pinoy could put those together and make it so shitty. Love all asian cuisine can’t stand filipino food.

  10. Profile gravatar of Presto

    I’d like to add few experiences of my own during my 3 years stay in Cebu… Some frustrant, some funny, but all due to ignorance and lack of values… (Excuse my english, I’m not native speaker…)

    There’s a group of habal-habal near our condo, ALWAYS gossiping where might I have ‘picked’ my fiancee. Or the group of monkeys they have as vendors at department store, all of them together eating my girl with their eyes, lol. Last time I lost my cool and offered them a napkin for their droolings. Sadly they are so stupid they did REALLY thought they were drooling.

    Or the bakery seller who ALWAYS uses a calculator for TWO damn donuts 12+12=?????. Or few weeks back when I did order a roast chicken which was hot as hell, just pulled out from the coal, they wrapped in a single thin layer of foil and then asked me ‘Plastic sir??’. – No thanks, I’m feeling like carbonizing my hands today.

    Or the son of the owner of the condo I was renting, who tried to fuck my fiancee while I was abroad. That fucker lost his face as soon as I shown the text’s to his father while I was explaining him why we were leaving that condo.

    Or the asshole who did put a metal cord in a dark road while we were riding a bike in a resorts area in Moalboal, Cebu.

    Or when I lost a phone in a tricicle (cheap cherry mobile) and offered the driver to compensate him if I get it back. As soon as he realised I was the long-nosed foreigner who rided his trike, the bastard requested PHP 5K. LOL. I gently replied ‘For sure sir! Just wait me in the mall entrance!’. He did keep on texting me (with my own load) ‘WHERE U?’, while I always replied ‘almost there sir’, ‘traffic is so bad’, etc. After around 4 hours of him waiting in the mall, when he wasted most of my load, he probably understood I was not going to show around there.

    It’s more fun in the Phils…!

  11. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
    Zurina Alvarez

    “Then you have the horders. These are the ones that like to take everything and then lock it away in a cabinet so they dont have to share. They like having the power of the purse. Like a bank, but of shitty canned foods. Vienna sausages and spam and pork and beans, some chocolate. No one just comes out and says, “Hey can I have a bar of Irish spring?” no that would be to east instead they sneak around picking locks an causing problems.”

    Oh my gosh, you just described my family here. My grandma, and aunt hides a lot of food in their room and when I wnter their room, it looks like garbage. My grandma even said, “Mukha na tayong basurahan” because their room is so messy and everything is cluttered everywhere. They hide a bunch of food from me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend lives with us (long story) and he told me that there’s nothing to eat because they hide most of the food in their room. When you mentioned Vienna sausages and Spam, you were so right on. Vienna Sausages taste disgusting and it’s so nasty. They have those because my 7 year old cousin is used to eating that shit (it’s literally shit).

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      haha, yeah I cant stand vienna sausage, never have my whole life, it smells like dog food to me.
      Spam……….well Ill be honest, I don’t particularly like spam but I do like Ma Ling Luncheon meet, and the cheaper the better, give me that PUREFOOD or CDO luncheon meat.. LOL
      Im dead serious, I love that stuff fried with some egg.
      People on this site are going to call my ass out for being a hypocrite..

      On another note, locking away goods is just stupid, I mean especially since nowadays people can get nearly everything from SM hypermarket, Puregold, or some other place. Why hide fucking vienna sausage for gods sake? lol