The Filipino Sari-Sari Store Mentality.

If you ever noticed when you’re talking to a Filipino or Filipina that they defend their Filipino’ism quite strongly in fact in denial when shown clearly with evidence how stupid things may be or the patterns that are associated culturally in the way they act.

More often than not you will find a response received like “not or Filipina like that”. It’s as if they have to prove themselves that they are different and that scamming, lying, cheating and treating each other bad is just a minority.

The daily “goings-on” the largely reported here I really only found by living here. Tourist to the Philippines that see everything with their Filipino rose coloured glasses from their luxury of a hotel room or poolside lounge never see the realities of living in the country. As the saying goes you don’t know people until you live with them.

When I get the response not all alike that I say, yes – – – not all but most. Where’s overseas you will find least.

I also term at the Sari Sari store approach. As your relationship progresses most likely you’ll get asked to fund a store to help Mum or dad. It is such a common theme an idea as to what a viable businesses (as you know Filipinos cannot do maths and work out what a viable businesses). Often I ask, how many stores and street or take a look and you will find there are often between 3 to as many as eight other stores in the street all selling the same crap. Hanging coffee, sachets of shampoo, tins of tuna, small bottles of Coke and the list goes on – you know what is being sold there is being sold everywhere – there is absolutely no point of difference. Filipinos cannot see a point of difference just like they cannot see sarcasm, irony and other relational things when they speak. They have very little relational sphere of focus even on the fact that if they do something stupid what the outcome would be.

The Sari Sari store approach is what keeps them poor in some cases and subject to being ripped off constantly. They think that many Filipinos are honest and reliable people (remember they live by the saying not also looking like that). They therefore will have very little in the way of question marks about their own fellow Filipino. You’ll often find Filipinos no matter in the country or overseas will gravitate toward each other and that’s when the games start. No other country, being the nine been to many one met people with even from the first outset of the conversation they will ask for money. So with that mentality in mine of the Sari Sari store there will be very little in the way of determining a good Filipino from a bad Filipino. Their approaches this doesn’t apply to me, on good, this person is good, this can make it – we all live on hope.

This is where I get so angry when I end up having to pick up the pieces of a Filipino fuckup.

I’ve been dating women here for many years and I often find the so-called great investment, awesome business idea, long lost friend – simple searches reveal that these are scams perpetrated by fellow Filipinos.
The girls actually believed the messages they were hearing because they also thought model Filipino like that and that the scammers and is country are in a minority. They are quite defensive saying of been here long enough and found that 100% of Filipinos never return money given to them when they say they were going to return it, that you never receive any money from Filipinos (so I question why a long lost friend would be sending you a computer, camera and money) et cetera. I’m not a negative or sceptical person – I’m always open to a good deal but when you work with Filipinos you know that Filipinos will never feel good deal.

Sari Sari store mentality as I mentioned is what gets a lot of Filipinos into trouble is generally their western boyfriends that will end up picking up the pieces of the financial loss. I cannot believe some of the stupidest things that I’ve heard as to investment schemes, free gifts et cetera – and when I expose the floors and why I could see that there was something fishy I was told not or Filipina like that.

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    yes i know about this response… its not the minority most have this mentality to get something from you… Influence; it is acceptable in their country to exploit and others see it as easier than working and more profitable ; They are predisposed to seizing an opportunity when it comes up. A sense of entitlement; a very unrealistic, unmerited or inappropriate expectation of favorable living conditions and favorable treatment at the hands of others. i used to feel crazy when people criticized my perceptions of the people in general there. because most seemed to possess this mentality to freeload…or parents expecting money because you are dating their unemployed daughter…isnt that enough???? on top of that they say we love our families very much… well i didnt see it quite like that either…. i dated a filippina whom keeps coming no matter how much i break off with her. i feel relieved when she is not around as i hate getting drawn into her familes drama and sense of entitlement they have…. its not close ties to me,…. its exploiting cildren even
    A “husband” or “wife” is often viewed more as a “functional” object or enabler, children are their form of retirement or added source of income… children confor as well and dont see it for what it really is….they expect their children, especially the daughters, to support them for life. If married especially to kano.. the husband assumes much of this responsibility as part of his ongoing “bride price” which is presumed in their culture. Presumed but don’t accept it, its parents using/exploiting/controlling their children for their needs, a sense of entitlement in the narcissistic family.
    Marriage is generally viewed as a “business” to the family. This includes supporting parents and siblings and the slew of other relatives that smell you coming… conformity is essential. Autonomy is not tolerated. The parents sacrifice their children’s budding independence on the altar of family unity. These children grow up without a solid sense of identity apart from who their parents want them or need them to be. when there are several that have this mentality or leaned behavior it becomes a Parasitic lifestyle: an intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline. I can add making others responsible for their mess or not learning from their mistakes. Under this family model the cycle just continues.

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      Random Numbers

      Marriage for the betterment of the family is still a reality in much, if not most, of the world. It used to be common in the west as well, but as we started to cherish our individuality and independence, it fell into disfavor. There is a long history of it, but this type of getting a monthly allowance from the married couple for the parents is kind of extreme.

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    I really don’t understand the sari2 stores.
    Go into any neighborhood and there is one every 15 feet and they are all selling the same thing. No one tries to differentiate or even offer food. Not to mention their items are more expensive than the local store cause that is where they buy the items. I guess you can make more money selling cigarettes one at a time, but if the guy 15 feet away is doing the same, then how much money is there to be made?
    Then of course, they try to get a family member to run it when the owner is not around. That never works cause items are always missing or it’s only after 6 months they realize they are losing money.

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      It is usually the OFW,, kano husband, or the relatives overseas who realise most businesses are losing money. A flip never keeps books or realizes the light bulbs, time spent buying supplies, bad debts, costs money.
      If you are going to go broke,, why work hard at it?? Another thing that pisses me off are franchises for donuts, etc. I dont know how many times I see a shop selling one thing only. Then the local 7/11 sells hundreds of things and donuts too.
      Also, lots of computer shops are hidden away so they do not pay mayor’s permits etc. I see most computer shops are bankrupt now.. 15 pesos an hour does not pay for the little urchins destroying head sets and keyboards.
      Also water stations are hitting the skids now too. I asked many hardware stores are business is??? They all tell me the same thing,, Not too good. The big building contractors buy from the factories and the owners are forced to sell to the dongs off the street.
      Now the big thing in Manila is condos and building apartments. If you look at a condo ,, most seem empty. There are very few aircons in the windows. As for building apartments, they will build until the supply is more than the demand. Every time I see people jumping into the same thing,, a bust follows.

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        No Pinoy would see the use of keeping a book for sari-sari store. Why?
        1. Ask them what bad debt means, they’d stare at you. They couldn’t even set a date in collecting payables, not strict on telling “If you don’t pay at *insert date* no more utang”. Probably why there are a lot of friends (friends of the owner and the one watching the sarisari store) who make ‘utang’!
        2. Simple math like 3×7 would need an approval from the calculator to make sure they ask the right amount of money.
        3. Too lazy to record daily sales, cost of goods, transportation costs and any other costs. Hence, you ask them where they base the cost of the goods, they scratch their heads and say “That’s the price of the other store.” How sure are they that the expenses incurred are covered by the markup prices they put? How much do they even earn? 8 pesos per pack of candies? Lol
        4. Why make inventory? When the owner need something, they get it there. When the owner’s family and extended family need something, they also take it from the sari sari store and never pays.

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      Random Numbers

      If they stay at home, don’t have a job, then opening a sari sari store makes sense, since it’s their time and their money. Kind of gives them something to do in a country that “officially” has about 7% unemployment, but most people would say more like 33% (I have heard as high as 50%). I have trouble believing the 7%, it seems like way too many people hanging out near home all day. So if they want to have a little business with low overhead they can “operate” while watching tv or making chismis, then a sari sari store makes sense. Now, if they let people borrow, or hire someone to work there, then it’s a waste of money!

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    Don Quixote

    Its the flip jealieous trait!!!!!!!!!!
    One store opens, they see some one is making money. They want to make it too.
    Eventually they are like assholes they are everywhere,
    Never an original idea, why think if you can barrow the idea.
    How many water melon and maize stalls can you have in a line before no one is making any money.?????

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    We went to a resort and had to take a national highway. Well along one side for about a KM sits a bunch of clay pots for plants. Told my wife to look at it, there is the problem. One Dong decided to make clay pots for plants, sets up the kiln, gets the clay, makes pots and sets them by the road to sell. Then every other Dong sees this and says that’s a good idea, I’ll do it too and then other Dongs do it. Then before you know it you have everyone selling the same shit and they fucked up first Dongs idea and business.

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      Hey Joe

      Yes, sir. monkey see monkey do. It’s the same with the malls. Just how many malls can one city support??
      9 malls in this town. Big ones too. Just like all the hardware stores, sari-sari stores, selling all the same crap.
      Same mentality just on a larger scale.

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        That is what they are doing in my city. They are squeezing 5 different malls into 1Km of an area.
        Here is a comment I just wrote the other day.
        Our town had an ok mall. It was small, but it served the city at the time. Then came a bigger mall about .5km away that was developed in a responsible way for growth and the land owners did a good job managing what businesses went in. The mall became the focal point of the town and the original mall still did ok despite the fact they both had a lot of the same stores and a jollibbee in each one. however, as there was a lot of walk-by traffic and any city is just jam-packed with Filipinos, it did OK.
        So, our “great leaders” thought, why not more malls? So in an area between the original 2 malls, they squeezed in another mall, a “high class” mall, and next to the focal point of the mall, they are going to put in an SM. That is 4 malls in an area less than 1 km. That is 2 McDonald’s, 4 Jollibbees, more cell phone stalls, 3 inasals, and 3 movie theaters all within 1 KM!!
        Then the morons cheer on how its progress and more jobs. Even local Filipinos I thought were smart were cheering it on too. I told them you are just taking the retail market and breaking it down into smaller pieces. In a few years people will start to go out of business and one mall will become abandoned.

        I asked, why didn’t you assholes put up a small factory or better yet and IT park. An IT park with fast internet and stable power would attract good jobs, smarter people, higher wages, and an economy to cater/ support it. I said, “all you’re going to get are more retail jobs which pay P250 a day and sales girls just standing around, and maybe a manager making P500 a day. You’re not creating more jobs, but simply diluting the retail market. This is the province, people who travel here want to see nature or something different since they are burned out on city malls in Manila/ Cebu; why not focus on that?”I got blank stares right back at me. Luckily the foreigners agreed with me ( to reassure me I was not the crazy one) and even pointed out how we don’t even go to malls any more in the USA since we just order online. Once an online company can provide goods and reliable shipping (without things getting lost), the malls will see a tremendous loss of business.

        What I learned is the city has ZERO planning other than “what do I get” and they are not going to invest money into development they are too busy trying to siphon off. So, they don’t actually do anything. They just approve permits,,, for a bribe of course. It costs them zero and they can proclaim they did something.

        Why the Fuck do they have such a mall culture anyway? What is wrong with a nice park,, other than the fact they can’t build one without fucking it up.

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          Don Quixote

          In the real world you are right, Malls are going backward fast, they are closing down in Australia everywhere, the only things that are saving them is the renovate them ,build housing attached so they bring in more residents to support the shops. Walk into any shopping mall in Australia, you will find lots and lots of empty for lease shops.
          They are also bringing the outside in. Cant do that in the Philippines all the shit in the street will come in.!!!!!!!
          Its like strip malls, going going gone.
          Walking Street malls, are being dug up and reopened to traffic all over Australia. trying to reinvigorate the main street of the town.

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          Thats why I said in my town. Yet somehow I’m the crazy person. I told them, you are overloading and oversaturating the retail market. I got back blank stares.
          I said if you do an IT park or even a small factory, you can produce real jobs to support a retail market. Plus, those jobs are career type positions where someone can rise up and steadily increase their earnings, responsibilities, teach others, and build a community around.
          You know how Filipinos are with community though,,, they have no idea what it is.
          I felt like I was some guy from the future sent back 100 years telling people what is coming, but they would not listen.

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          Hey Joe


          I think we all of agree that pinoys do not understand simple economics. They deny it in there tiny little brains, but the truth comes crashing down on them every day. Every day another little store that just opened 3 months ago closes overnight just to have 2 more open.
          As has been said by others, soon enough they will become ghost malls just like in the states and other places.

          The way I see it, the phils is doing the same as in the US. a real estate bubble. It will pop..sooner or later.
          That is why I do not and will not invest in the big Co that back these malls..SM prime, on. The signs are already showing. Dividend cuts across the board.
          And my other gripe with all the malls. NO infrastructure !! At least here, they build these malls, and no roads to get to them..

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            Yeah, that was another point I forgot to address. The ones actually putting up the money think its a good idea as well. I can’t imagine being SM, next to a gaisano, next to a robinsons, and then Ayala now wants to put in a mall. WTF!!
            If I was SM or the first mall to get there, I would simply put the mayor or someone on the payroll not to authorize another mall within a 15 mile radius. It would be good business for me and for the commuity as well. In a proper, decent culture they would already do that, but in the Philippines they are not decent, not smart, and cheating little fuckers so I would think bribing them NOT to let another malls compete withing 2km would only help my business.
            I just can’t believe they are willing to invest their money putting a large mall next to 3 other large malls. I guess Filipinos go crazy if there isn’t a Jollibee every 3 blocks. Seriously, there is a Jollibbee in one of our malls, then another Jollibbee about 2000ft away from that one inside one of those general merchandise stores, then another at a mall less than .5km away from that. Plus they are squeezing in 1 more and putting one more on the outside of all those. WTF!!!
            I think I own stock in the Gokongwei company JGS. They have Robinsons, but they also have Cebu Pacific. They pay a dividend, but I’m not sure if it has been cut or not. Btw, I don’t own much stock in the Philippines. With the elections coming up, they are ALL bound to go down. Just look at how much the peso has dropped to the USD in the last 6 months alone. If I had invested when Aquino took over, I would have done ok.

            Yes, all that chaos for malls the local infra cannot support. The public roads around these malls are always shit.

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        Don Quixote

        We are lucky we have one hardware store in Olongapo, it is well run, and you can get just about anything you want right down to Dyna Bolts and Real Roofing screws.
        Im pretty sure it is run by Chinese, but every time I go in there it is full of customers, people come from miles around to ensure they can get what they want.
        Ace opened up a short distance away, It id not seem to make any dent in the customers vying for parking and queuing out the door.
        You want something they don’t have, they will order it in , and usually you don’t have to pay up front if its something they realize they can sell.I ordered a new wheel for my wheel barrow fuck me they ordered in two so they had one in stock.
        They are out there.

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      Don Quixote

      You would think the way they copy ideas, they would look around find a successful country and import that idea.
      I have heard China years ago Head Hunted a CEO from Singapore to help them convert from their useless system to what they have today.
      Maybe the Flippers should find someone like him, pay him millions so he is Incorruptible, then give him Congressional Power to do something .
      Take it out of the hands of the Jealous Flips.
      Can you ever see that happening, not in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        Yes,, so true, The Japanese got the British Navy to teach them how to build war ships in the 1920’s.
        The Malaysians copied the Singapore system.

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          Must’ve been around that time they copied the Royal Navy curry Al. Japanese curry is based on a recipe taken from the RN and then improved. Delicious.

          I believe I read somewhere that one of the most utilised and important words in Japanese is “try”

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        Flips will go insane if someone incorruptible actually got in charge of something and did not tolerate corruption under his dept. They freaked out with Aquino who may not be corrupt himself, but hasn’t really done much to stop the waves of corruption. He’s made it much better, but that like taking from a score of 100 down to 85.
        Manny Pacquiao may not be corruptible since he has plenty of money, but no one even stresses with him going into politics. He’s too stupid and too lazy to worry about things he doesn’t understand. Then he hangs out with corrupt politicians like old buddies getting together, then lets his retard family enter into politics using his name and they haven’t done shit either.
        So that is teh sad thing. Even if a Filipino in politics isn’t corrupt that’s nice, but they aren’t going to do anything about how fucked up their country is. They simply sit in a seat and don’t steal and that seems to be the best Filipinos can hope for or sell their vote for.

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    Don Quixote

    And did you notice they all charge the same price, far be it for one of them to break the program.
    The road to Bataan, has klm of watermelon and maize stalls, head north they have the mango hwy. miles of mango stalls.
    The same price as the market in Olongapo, AND THEY PAY NO RENT OR LICENSE FEES.

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    Give you another example……..we have a lot of hardware stores here around….
    we was looking for a 2 component varnish finally have found it at Citi Hardware….
    ( Me: felt already happy after a long search ) then the surprise..i did ask the girl ” ok where is the catalyst for this varnish you sell ”
    She” Sir what , i dont understand sir ?”
    Me” Catalyst, can u read here on the can pls, this is a 2 component varnish this means there belongs catalyst , hardener in it”
    She” sorry sir sold out”
    Me” Whaaat? you put here in the bench a 2 component varnish and you sell the catalyst for this varnish not ? how i should use it now ?”
    She” maybe you can use it without catalyst”
    Me: Yes i understand, only in the Philippines” thank u

    Tired to discuss with these honks already…just when u think there is success …then the next pinoy will top it with stupidity

      1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        yep they have sold it of course…finally I needed 2 days to get my stuff from another store…..
        Hardener …2 Comp varnish is for the most of the sales guys and girls…a complete new mathematics..they stare always at me when I ask for a 2 Comp varnish like they never hear about it… The problem is they CANT listen !!! When they hear varnish , the first is… they show me a Boysen stuff ENAMEL Oil based… then the explains are going to start
        I NEED 2 Comp Varnish no Oil Based no Nitro Based…) Polyurethan ! You understand me what I want ?
        Then I see already the face …and i know ..that was too much in 15 seconds ….Nitro , Polyurethan ??? Hmmm “what wants the fuckin Kano now from me ?” I am here to sleep the whole day and this shit Kano disturb me at my daily bedtime ?!”

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      They never get embarrassed when all the bridges and roads wash away in storms. I think pinoy pride is the ability not to feel shame, guilt, or embarrassment.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          IDK, I see those tarpaulin signs with the mayors face all over. His face is just above a shoddy road that he built and repaired 4 times in a year. They seem proud of such shitty standards or maybe he is proud cause he has stolen so much from that shoddy road project.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I can accept a bridge washing away even a road if it is undermined, what I am talking about is just rain fall hits the road surface and it washes away, there was no sealer or hardener in the tar mix.
        86 I was being sarcastic about the sun.
        But I bet the shop assistant was not.

        1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          the shop assistant was totally serious when she did answer to me…Of course she was serious have here never seen someone who told me a clever joke.
          When I tell to someone of our employees ( he made bullshit) with a smile ” Man are you taking there some drugs or other stuff ?”
          Answer” Sir, I do never take any drugs”
          Then I realize…I am here not in home where i can have a small talk because mostly the IQ is too low to understand differences between fun and a serious talk

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            When we first arrived in RP we didnt have a car. I needed a sheet of ply wood. I found what I wanted and asked my wife to see if they could cut it to size. We had to put in on top of a tricycle. She spoke to the guy for a good 5 minutes before I butted in and said is it yes or no? It probably took 30 minutes to get to the cutting, which my son could have done better. They make the simplest job or discussion into a whole day event.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Yeah, I’ve seen that too. the roads crack in 1-2 years time and in 4 years they are worse than a gravel road.
          Just watch the news or read each time there is a typhoon. They lose a lot of bridges. They are undermined cause of Filipino construction, not because of a severe storm.

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            Don Quixote

            A while back they ran out of money erecting a new bridge over garbage river on SBMA, the old bridge built by the Americans when they built the base had concrete cancer so they had to replace it, FAIR ENOUGH anyone would say.
            So they blocked it off for anyone to use and directed traffic through the congested streets of Olongapo.
            Don’t stop the TRUCKS from using it and limiting it to local traffic and have weight limitations , NO SHUT IT DOWN.
            Next thing they start construction and everything was going smoothly , I though just maybe some one knows what they were doing, then all hell broke out, the next tranche of funding had not arrived , or went missing, so cranes and supplies disappeared overnight never to be seen again.
            Six months later new contractors start,
            I noted them building coffer dams etc, fuck I thought to myself they are really know what they were doing.
            They then started to build a house across a river out of blocks and lahar fill and poured the concrete by hand. No concrete pumps, no pre stressed concrete spans or even no steel spans.
            They built lintels across the spans . It looked just like a house going up with lintels they build for earthquakes here.
            Now this bridge is open to all traffic, no weight limits , the old bridge is still there for kids to play on, not even used for pedestrians.????????
            I’m just waiting for the first tractor trailer to snap it in half, as it leaves the duty free port with a 40 tonne container ion its trailer.
            The city of Olongapo where they directed all the traffic , now this bridge is open , NOW HAS A HEAVY VEHICLE CURFEW , I guess they are scared they will come back.
            I have since found out they have all the land already to bypass the whole area, they are just waiting for some moronic country to pay for it.
            Im sure the local politicians and Manila rich dudes already have the land along that route.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        The idiots who built the bridges are in merica or ossie land!!!!!!! They know better than to stick around for the corruption charges to be laid against them!

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    yeah, I think it’s funny that they don’t research an idea to see how profitable it might be. they just see someone making money and think,”oh ,that’s a great idea”, until a thousand other Filipinos start doing it in a square mile. they don’t seem to realize that when there are so many shops doing or selling the same thing, that your only going to have so many customers. sari sari, fried chicken, water stations, carendiaria are all perfect examples where they just absolutely saturate a market to the point where it’s unbelievable to even think of starting one of those businesses. but then they do anyway.

    my girl loves to make money, and sometimes I have to let her do “one of her great ideas” with out me saying anything. usually she figures out that she is loosing money and it’s not worth it. it’s a good thing she has a real paying job that pays a good wage a month. if she didn’t have that I would mention the problem with her other ideas more often. the only time I step in and tell her an idea is stupid is with pyramid schemes.

    I think it’s so funny how someone can outline the entire scam and Filipinos think it’s such an awesome idea. probably because it’s a scam. but my girl came to me once when her cousin tried talking her into buying vitamins to sell. right away I new this was going to be a scam when she said she had to buy the product. normally,yes you have to buy product to sell. however with this you had to purchase the product, but you didn’t get to keep the money. you had to give all the money back to the person you bought from. when you hit your “sales quota”, that’s when you get such and such amount. then she does her classic” see, it’s a good business”. then I had to explain what a pyramid scheme was. when I explained what was going on, the light bulb turned on and she realized it wasn’t a good idea. but her cousin still badgers us to buy vitamins so she can make her quota.

    If you want to start a business in the Philippines, a pyramid scheme is the perfect thing to do. they say it’s hard to scam an honest person. but that’s what makes things like pyramid schemes perfect for the Philippines.

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Hello to all,

    This website explains all the troubles the usa has with ponzie and MLS scams.
    Anyway, another trait of the filipinno is to HOARD every piece of junk known to mankind. Boxes from the Chinese junk they buy at MOA,, proudly displayed on the cabinets,, they even do this abroad too, rusty nuts and bolts,, old junk tools, broken fittings, they wash tin cans out to sell!!,,, newspapers and books which are like candy to termites, ( they never read anyway) .. I see tool boxes full of old junk..old junk CDS ,,,But it is worth money???????? If it was worth money,, they would have sold it a long time ago, They are too cheap to build anything ,, unless there is a white eyes to build it for them.
    Is there anybody on this site who is stricken with this hoarding curse?????
    Al,,,,,, SHOOTMEDEAD
    Hoarding usually goes hand in hand with the sorry sorry store trait, Same mentality