The FILOsophy of FILOgic

  • Words speak louder than actions or behavior. Therefore I can behave badly, as long as I profess my goodness.

  • Those who have money should give some to me.

  • Be proud of who I am, regardless if I am a lazy, freeloading leech. I am Filipino, therefore I am proud because of national pride because I’m Filipino because Filipinos should be proud because of national pride just because. 

  • Always fuck and have children so there will be more proud Filipinos. If I can’t afford them, just abandon them to the streets. 

  • Ask and you shall receive. If you don’t receive, tell them what a selfish no good bastard they are.

  • Always take the path of least resistance. If it’s difficult, it’s impossible, so don’t even try. If you fail, blame it on someone else.

  • I am never wrong. If I am wrong, never admit it. Never apologize, for it will show you were wrong. 

  • Whatever I am given, I was entitled to anyway.

  • When receiving instruction, NEVER follow the instructions. It shows the instructor was more intelligent, and we just can’t have that now can we? Always find your own way to do things, no matter how much harder or ridiculous it may be. 

  • Self-preservation at all cost!

  • Never read rules, signs, laws, etc. They do not apply to me. I am above laws and rules.

  • If it’s not nailed down, and nobody is near it, it’s mine. 

  • Always be God-fearing. Even though my God approves of everything I do, which kinda makes fearing him pointless. 

  • When you see a new cell phone you want, tell others your Lola is in the hospital and you need money to pay the bill.

  • Never preserve money for known up-coming expenses. Just spend spend spend, then create the emergency need and ask others for that needed expense when it comes time to pay it.

  • Never pay back loans.

  • Do only just enough to keep your job. Never do well. Always live on the edge of patheticism.

  • Never become independent and responsible. You will end up being the person people like you go to for money all the time.

  • If something is 5 pesos cheaper at the store on the other side of town, spend 8 pesos to travel there so you can save 5 pesos.

  • Encourage the world to invest in your country with catchy slogans and words….but don’t give them any incentive to do so, and take 40% of their profits. After all, it’s all about the Filipino. The world should be honored to give to you with no return.

  • Manny Paquiao can do no wrong. He is all the pride you need.

  • Never order more stock until you’re out of stock.

  • Criticize those who make intelligent choices and do what is right.

  • Say yes, even if you mean no. Just don’t show up and say you had an appointment. When asked if you knew you had an appointment then why did you make this one?, give a blank stare or just don’t respond.

  • Never consider other people’s time. Always be late. 

  • When meeting someone at 9am, wake up at 9am, shower, take your breakfast, watch Wa Wa Wee, stand in front of mirror and fiddle with your hair for an hour, then go to 9am meeting at 11am.

  • When you go to a meeting, never leave early enough to allow for traffic delays in the middle of rush hour. Always just blame traffic. Failure is never a result of your inability to FUCKING THINK.

  • If you work for PhilPost, do absolutely nothing. I mean NOTHING! ESPECIALLY Do not deliver the mail! Just let it stack up, and wait for the recipient to come in asking for their fucking mail. Take some home, open them, keep anything of value, throw away the rest. And ALWAYS boast how great The Philippines is.

  • As a restaurant food server, never periodically check on your guests. Make them wave you down. As a restaurant manager, make sure there’s always at least 25% of the menu items unavailable. As a restaurant chef, always pre-cook food, and leave in a warmer all day to dry out and coagulate. If they complain, tell them that’s how it tastes and send it back to their table to finish. 

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  1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Here’s my contribution….

    If you get invited to a party, bring your best friend and her family, your sister in law and her family etc and don’t tell your host till you get there so she can’t say “NO”. And don’t bring a gift. If she can afford to give a party, she does not need your gift. And if you fancy any of her dinner service (cutlery, plates, even pots), feel free to put them in your bag as souvenir. And bring your brats even if she says “no kids”. After all, what is a party if there aren’t any rowdy brats running around wrecking and breaking everything?

    1. Profile gravatar of
      David Harden

      5 years here never been invited to any party.
      Have had Pinoy want to use my bar b q but I wasnt invited.
      If I am out, many Pinoy are drinking red horse and start the conversation, then it always leads to they are poor and can only afford 1 grande beer each,
      I am American and drinking 3 small sml so I should buy them drinks.
      I just leave. F them.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Hi Sarah, my lovliest! 🙂 Long time no see.. Actually I was going to “misuse” your “return-button”, cos Filo has ommited his.
      Ok! I’ll make it a …” doublet”: You 2 got sharp pens! Remind me never to antagonize you!:-) 🙂 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Hi Muff, my SM (nope, not the mall! – that’s short for “my soul mate” – 🙂
        Am still here bubbling in fury over being ripped off yet again by those dumb Flips over in the RP. Will try and write an article about it today.

        You can usually tell when I’m pissed off with those MORONS because my swearing increases. I don’t normally swear in real life you know. – unless someone really pisses me off 🙂

    3. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      I order in plenty of my e-liquid concentrate along with auto parts and such and my experience has been about the same.

      I was lucky for some time as we had a postman that did his job and delivered right to my door. 100p per package + tip.
      I was good with the tip as he always came and saved me the bother of going into the city (a fate worse than death)

      But as is normal, he (postman) quit/got fired or whatever… so now back to the normal BS of standing in line for hrs at the post-office.
      As of late, they added a new fee (lunch money?) that I can not find in the philpost list of fees. p10 to look it up on the computer, even when I have the tracking printout in hand. So, now it’s the normal p100 +p10 + a waste of the better part of a day + the increase in my blood pressure and risk of life and limb driving with these ass-holes, just to have the privilege of standing in line smelling stinking armpits of all the other poor soles doing the same…
      p10 per head x the the huge number of people in there per day…someone is pocketing some cash. Leave it to a pinoy to ALWAYS find a way to scam you !

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        ” Leave it to a pinoy to ALWAYS find a way to scam you !”

        Blatantly and with no shame at all. They even look you right in the eye while they rip you off, as if it’s completely normal. OOPS, I forgot…..being shamelessly and pathetically corrupt IS normal for the Filipino!

        Such “god fearing” people eh?

    4. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      One time I met someone in Baclaran. After paying for dinner for her, me, and her chaperone, she suggested that we go to her parent’s house so that I could meet them. When I was there, they asked me if I wanted to drink, and I said no, as I don’t drink alcohol. So they bought me a couple of those small plastic bottles of coke. When I left she said she was embarrassed that I hadn’t bought drinks for her family. I almost never buy drinks, as I don’t drink myself, and I don’t even think about it anymore. Sometimes being oblivious is the best response!

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Ahhh but, so we are constantly told, in Flip culture, it’s the person who does the inviting that pays*

        *Except Kanos who will be expected to pay for fucking everything at all times.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          And even when the Kano has no intention to invite anyone, the Flip associate (read GF/wife/hangers on) will invite the low lifes on the Kano’s behalf, everything paid for by the Kano. But do they include the poor sucker with their conversation? Of course not! Do they even come to him with a plate of lechon? The ones I observed in restaurants and fiestas are pretty much left to fend for himself, ignored, abandoned . And the Flips call this “Filipino hospitality?”.

          1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            Yeah, you reminded me of an incident that happened 7 or 9 years ago. I was with a friend and her chaperone, at a reasonably-priced resto, when all of a sudden 2 trikes with 8 of their friends showed up. Of course, I was expected to pay for it. I had her leave with me without paying, and her friends had to scrape up 800 pesos to cover the bill after we left! I gave her 800 pesos to pay her friends back later, it’s wasn’t worth the fight at the time. Who knows, she might have kept the money for herself and told them I didn’t pay! Yes, I don’t consider her trustworthy now. Maybe her friends learned something, but I doubt that they would remember it even if they did!

          2. Profile gravatar of Sappho

            My SO and I had visited islands in the Philippines. He was a bit behind in Filipino culture. We were at the pier. The taxi driver offered him that he would charge 600 pesos to drive for us. I insisted that the hotel was 1/8 miles away from the port and the fare was too much. I convinced my bf now is my SO that the place was not far away. We agreed that we should walk.

            Driver said, “Kasalanan mo yan dahil tinuturuan mo!”
            English translation: “It’s your fault because you’re coaching him!”
            I responded, “You’re a fraud!”
            And the driver added, “Hindi ka dinisiplina ng mga magulang mo!”
            In English, “Your parents did not discipline you!”
            I shouted back, “Ikaw naman tinuturuan kang gumawa ng lakokohan!Sana magkacholera ka dahil sa pangloloko mo sa mga tao at mga dayuhan!”

            The altercation was getting weird, so I left among my company.

            I don’t miss the Philippines and the vast majority of people. I don’t want to accept their stupidity. And I’m so happy that you guys witness my frustration. For them, I’m the stupid one.

          3. Profile gravatar of

            Absolutely true. No matter the occasion, if there is food, or some other type of “luxury” involved, you can certainly count on at last one “unexpected guest” (usually more).

    5. Profile gravatar of Sappho

      Many Filipinos only take. I don’t find them helpful. I can give you one example.

      In a small city of the US, I know several Filipinos. I was new in this large circle of Filipinos. They all know each other for over a decade. However, one day, one of them who makes $10/hour went through a lot of shit. She didn’t ask me anything. Physically, she was drained, etc. Her mother in the Philippines had a stroke. She ran out of money. Thank goodness that she is still alive today. As a result, she no longer be able to work (employed in government)-her health insurance did not pay anything at all. She is paralyzed. To cut a long story short, I posted on FB that their friend _____ needs their help. They knew this problem. Well, they didn’t donate even a dime. FYI, I didn’t demand a fix amount. I thought that the 40 Filipinas that can donate at least $5-10 would make a difference in the Philippines. I donated alone.

      I’m not rich. If I was, I wouldn’t ask for their assistance. Many Filipinos don’t know how to be charitable. All they know is boasting around their friends that they have this and that. If not boasting, they tell you how shitty their life is.

      Since then, I completely did not want to join those Filipinos that don’t want to help their friends in time of crisis. I wasn’t their friends. I was new. I stepped in for their friend hoping that they’d like my idea. They think that I want to scam them. LOL. That’s the noise I heard floating around.

      Frankly, I’d prefer the whores in NYC. They at least donated money for their friend when I asked them.

    6. Profile gravatar of

      Absolutely true. No matter the occasion, if there is food, or some other type of “luxury” involved, you can certainly count on at last one “unexpected guest” (usually more).

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Yes,, many flips celebrate at a local mcdos or jolibbes, so the great unwashed do not invite themselves to food,, boose and loose items around the house..
        Also, I have never been to a Chinese house in my entire life. Kind of strange!!

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Yep, very true.
    * Have absolutely no tact, simple etticute, or respect for others. Always take full advantage of every situation. Be as fucking pathetic as possible.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Filo, your Heading here is absolutely brilliant! (And true!) Dont get any better than this! (I especially liked the..”fucking-part”! 🙂 May be hard to swallow fore some, but! What the heck! If your Proud Pinoy your “blank-stare” will make the hurt go away! 🙂

      God forbid you should do Anything to improve your situation! (Lest be short-term, of course! 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of
        David Harden

        and that stupid ass shitting eating grin the Pinoy men do when they fuck up. Want to bitch slap them back into the birth canal.

  3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    When employing somebody in a company take on three people to do a one person job. That way they can take it in turns to do the actual job whilst the other two giggle and gossip.

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Any paper needs 4 signatures , (3 people will be on holiday, sick leave,, trip out of town, having a baby) triple copies, red ribboned, and stamped with official seal… We are in the stone age, so we can send papers by email, to be signed with that special signature pad machine they sell in Moa,,because we know our workers are lieing theiving POS’s
    That machine is just for merica,
    If there is a lineup do not have the numbering system, those morons in the line up can sort themselves out.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Pay me to do the job/repair/build in advance for the work I won’t do or will do substandard.

    Now for a few I have been told:
    “It’s your fault we will not release your money from our bank. We’re filipino and you know you can’t trust us.”
    “If you don’t want filipinos to steal your stuff then don’t buy it to begin with.”

  6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    “If you work for PhilPost, do absolutely nothing. I mean NOTHING! ESPECIALLY Do not deliver the mail! Just let it stack up, and wait for the recipient to come in asking for their fucking mail. Take some home, open them, keep anything of value, throw away the rest. And ALWAYS boast how great The Philippines is.”
    – Plus charge the recipient more money to retrieve their mail.

    “Words speak louder than actions or behavior. Therefore I can behave badly, as long as I profess my goodness.”
    – I think that is how Catholicism took of so much in the Philippines. You can rape, steal, murder, forge documents, lie, etc, but if you’re Catholic, then you’re automatically a good person. No questions asked.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Guys, here are the facts about Philpost or about mail / package delivery to the Failippines.

      I ordered an item from China.
      1) you MUST REGISTER anything you send over to the Failippines or else you’ll never receive them. The low life mother fucking thieving Flips will steal them.
      2) ALL parcel deliveries eventually gets into Philpost hands by the time they enter the Failippines, even if you get told “oh Sir, it was sent via DHL et”, it gets dumped at Philpost warehouses. I don’t know why that is? Maybe because the corrupt assholes can squeeze more money off you before you can get hold of your package.
      3) You must track your package – very important because the low life Flips DO NOT deliver packages! When you track your package and you see “Delivery attempt at 0800hrs”. It means your package has arrived. You wondered why the tracking says “delivery attempt” but no one arrived at your house? It’s because they don’t deliver!!!
      4) Make sure when you go collect your parcel, you have a few spare pesos to pay. I don’t know how they work out the payments. Mine (a small box of cosmetic items) costs me P100. The second lot, similar size box costs me P800. I am not sure why the 2nd one was dearer? Maybe because it was express? Or maybe because Flip Aunt jacked up the price when she collected it coz I was in the province. Therefore….. lesson no. 5 re- Philpost/packages. Collect the items yourself!

      Oh, I did ask the guy at the Philpost if they did attempt delivery. “no Ma’am, we don’t deliver packages”. “so why did you put attempted delivery on your tracking?”. Dumb stare and a shoulder shrug. I guess he was just told that they don’t deliver. Period.

      1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers

        Welcome to the Proud Postal System, where we don’t deliver even in the best of weather, and steal anything we feel like, even if we have no need of it! One time I had a small package, it was a little device to convert a 40 pin 1.8 inch hard drive connector to a compact flash drive for my mp3 player. What are the odds that anyone in the post office had a need for such a device? And it’s only worth about $2, including shipping from Hong Kong. But naturally, it went “missing”. PhilPost is why LBC does such good business!

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        It’s so frustrating. I hate them so much cause they are simply asking for so many fees. You simply just want your item and you have paid for it and paid for shipping as well. So when you get to the Philpost office and they ask for another 100 – 200, you simply pay it and get mad again. Especially if you have been waiting.
        It’s funny cause they sometimes they deliver the notice you have a package at the office.

        I once got really snarky with the lady at the counter. I just kept asking if she thinks its fair for me to pay again. The item (from China) cost $5, shipping cost $3, and picking up the item cost $5 again. I told her simply picking up the item costs more than the actual item and shipment from China!
        She just kept saying, “well, this is how we do things” and I kept asking, “does that make it right?”. Complete going back and forth until she finally admitted it wasn’t right. I said do my fees go directly to corrupt filipinos or if they are actually partially used for something else. I left with telling her that is the problem with the country as no one cares about blatant corruption. I told her I would purposely never order anything ever again to send to the Philippines and this country will always be 3rd world. I kind of let a little frustration out on her, but not in a mean way.
        Funny thing is there was a Chinese/ Filipino guy at the counter next to me who was cheering me on. He said he gets angry every time as he always ships things in. He started giving some shit to the lady as well. I left hoping she would cry by the end of the day and go yell at her boss. Wishful thinking.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author


          WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO PICK IT UP????? When someone sends a letter, 99% of all postal systems on the face of the fucking planet delivers it to the mother fucking address that’s on the letter…..EXCEPT IN PHILIPPINES.

          And their response to every stupidity, every lame system, every “fuck you in the ass” fee is “dats dee way we do it in dee Pilippines!” Yet they’re so proud….OF WHAT????????

          Fucking brainless, worthless pieces of worm shit. This culture is so low life and crippled and lame it falls miles short of anything that could remotely be considered human. These people are fucking maggots. They have completely under-developed brains that are incapable of reason and logic. What a sick, mentally diseased culture.

          If Philippines were to sink into the sea, and all the people drowned, I really don’t think anyone would miss them. They just don’t matter to the world. They are just a burden, at best. They are simply a charity case to the world. They offer nothing to the world. That is the reality. And it cracks me up every time I hear how proud they are. What a bunch of shameless, deluded imbeciles.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I have a theory why they don’t deliver your mail even if it’s supposed to be registered: Because they don’t trust each other!! See, you have to pay more fees just for these assholes to release your mail. In my case, a package from China. Thankfully it was only P100. Yep, I have to pay the low life maggots P100 for not delivering my mail.

            So, if they have to deliver your mail, and you are REQUIRED to pay them P100 or more for you to RECEIVE the mail that is rightfully yours, the bosses at Philpost are worried that the postman might be tempted to pocket the fees collected for RELEASING YOUR MAIL to you, the rightful owner of that mail. Knowing the history of thieving at PhilPost, I would say, that is the reason why you have to collect your mail at their depot.

            Why they have to put “attempted delivery” on their tracking, when they have not even poked their noses out of their aircon offices, is beyond anything imaginable from civilized, normal thinking people like us.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Yeah @sarahfin
            Far be it for them to make the carriers accountable. They could easily assign them, let’s say, 25 items, of which they are to collect 100p for each if delivered. So if they return with 17 of the 25 items delivered, they need to have p1,700, and the remaining 8 undelivered items. If they return with anything missing, be it money or posts, fire their ass.

            That is just way too complicated. Their tiny little retarded brains are void of even the simplest common sense. Nobody makes anyone accountable here. That’s why it’s so fucking corrupt.


          3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            2 and a half years I was with PLDT and I can count on one hand the amount of times a bill arrived. Go a few days past the due date and the idiots cut you off, so then it’s down to the office to queue all morning with all the passive morons who will never complain. I’d love to have a peek in the sorting office of philpost. They must have mountains of undelivered mail.

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            They do. I have been there a few times, once to pick up a package sent from Honk Kong because it had been MONTHS since it shipped. I went down to go find out if it was there, and IF THEY HAD ANY INTENTION OF DOING THEIR FUCKING JOB AND DELIVER THE FUCKING THING.

            They told me “It’s not in our system sir”. Well I made them look physically at the piles of undelivered posts. Guess what, they found it. It was there for months, AND STILL “NOT IN THE SYSTEM”.

            What a fucking complete show of total incompetence and sheer stupidity.

            Then the brainless lump of shit tried to charge me 100p to take it with me. I told them to show me official documentation of such a fee. Because I know there isn’t. Long story short, I shamed them into “waiving” the fee that doesn’t exist, and I left with my package.

            I’ve never experienced such low-life behavior in my life before coming to this nation of total retards.

          5. Profile gravatar of
            David Harden

            I Havent found one contribution to the world living here, searching the net or asking them. At least I contribute by paying all their bullshit fees the Pinoy wont even pay, they just move to another relatives house. I call them inbreeds, pisses my wife off, lol

  7. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    Heres a true story:

    We all went outside of Manila BY BUS at around 5am to a baptism of a half Kano baby and then off to the dads house afterwards. We spent the morning buying beers, lechon and preparing the house for the guests who arrived.

    Come noon the party had only just started but suddenly the Kano’s wife’s cousin decides he has to be in Makati by 2pm. “He can take the bus” I suggested. “No, he’s training to be a priest and cant be late so Mr Kano will have to drive him” said the wife.

    So….Mr Kano leaves his own house party and drives Mr LazyFlip all the way to Makati, taking him several hours.

    By the time the Kano has dropped off the flip, it’s rush hour! And, of course, time he gets back home all the food and drink is gone. There’s nothing left for Mr Kano to enjoy and his house is in a total mess, thanks to the fuckwit cousin of his wife.

    Since then, I havent seen or spoken to either the Kano or wife but I wish them well! It’s interesting that the wife never saw an issue of driving the cousin back to Makati, even if it would screw up the day, when everyone else, including myself, were prepared to use the public bus!

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Let me guess…. Mr Kano is heaps older than his wife, right? So he allows her to dictate what happens in HIS house, HIS food, HIS money, HIS car. Why do these Kanos allow that to happen in a place like the Philippines where young cheap Pinay asses are jumping out from the wood work to snare one of you guys?? 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Well they are surprisingly of a similar age and around 38 now if they are still alive. A lot of guys allow their wives to dictate what they do and suppose he does. A lot of men are programmed from birth to make their wives happy and do what they want to. I suspect they are no longer together, who could survive such a set up :). Im sure the cousin would have been back to the house at some stage to complete operation: fuckup marriage. Plus the Kano had all the neighbours coming round for freebies, san migs and the like.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Sounds like the wife don’t care or respect her Kano husband. Typical dumb Pinay, only interested in maintaining her now “elevated” status, not maintaining her marriage that actually brings such benefits to her and her family and….neighbors!

          Programmed from birth to make their wives happy? Kalbo, that’s shaping your son to be “pussy-whipped”! I will never teach my son (or sons as the case maybe) to become pussy whipped! Respect everyone, yes, not just women, . But to obey her all the time even though the requests are unreasonable? Not if I have anything to do with it! I will be the mother in law from hell! 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Quick Al shoot me, I want to come back with Sarah as my mom. I have never been accused of being PW’d, but I have been told to stop being a door matt (for decades). What confuses me is how I am such a selfish prick to some woman, while at the same time being told to stop being a door matt by others.

          2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            @BLX2 come on, you know the answer to that question! The people who say that you are a door mat are standing outside the relationship, whereas the ones calling you a selfish prick are the ones who WANT something from you! And when you say no, well, FiloFail said it at the top:

            “Ask and you shall receive. If you don’t receive, tell them what a selfish no good bastard they are.”

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Have you ever driven a dog-sledge Sarah? You have to be Very firm! If not the dogs take command! If you…Loove dogs,,,, you will be a….very bad driver! Capiche? 😉

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Nope, never been anywhere near a dog-sleigh. Only ever seen them in movies and photos. Ah I see, Flips behave like dogs, huh? You have to be very firm….. only difference is, the dogs learn quickly. Flips never! But the Flip assholes remember who are easy targets (for money) and remember what are the best tricks in their black books how to extract money.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Social media friends are their black book,, come down from the mountains on a carabo and flip flops and within 6 months they know every trick in the book and every immigration law
            At least a dog you can toilet train,, these fucks still piss on the floor with a toilet bowl sitting beside them, Do not disgrace dogs by comparing them to flips,,,
            Too lazy to point i guess.

          2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            The only thing they learn is to wake up in their hovels,, get aa pedicab to church,, get atoned for their weekly sins, give money and do the same scams all week.
            I got a party outside for a baby christening going on. Complete with food ,, big ass koroke system rental.. going full blast,, Meanwhile,, they are renting a rat’s net shithole , falling down house,, ???
            In my day ,, people were cheap with their money. Maybe some of the older kanos will remember those times. We only had a party at xmas and new years,, with a pair of socks for a present.. good times are gone..

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Yep, dogs in general are pretty fast learners. They’re teachable. Filipinos can’t remember what you told them minutes ago. They don’t listen, they don’t learn. They just keep doing things the same wrong way, repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again, thus causing poverty and human suffering. And they just mark it up to, “dats dee way we do it in dee pilippines!”

            Fucking brainless retards.

      3. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        If this kano is American. You can thank the bullshit American “PC” political correctness crowd (fem-a- nazi) for the emasculation of the US male.
        They walk around like little well trained nurtured puppies AKA pussy-whipped.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Grrrrrr…. And it’s fucking up the kids, I really don’t know how my daughters came thru to be responsible workers, great mothers and cherished partners (well the oldest has her hubby the cop a little pw’d, but she’s the one making the real bucks in the family), considering their mother. There are a lot of good woman in the U.S., but their busy doing what they got to do. They don’t have the free time that the PC fem-a-Nazi have to try to combat the moronic crowd hell bent on dragging everyone down. They’re too busy doing what’s right in the face of insanity…

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Yep. I have to put my foot down often with my partner and say, “I WILL NOT do things the Filipino way, because it inevitably leads to dysfunction and failure in my household and our business.” and I often give my partner the option to leave and go start his own business and we can end our relationship right now if he doesn’t agree. But it was MY money that got us here, it was MY money that started the business. Therefore the buck stops with me. I am the sole CEO. And I have no problem telling him to his face that if he cannot accept the fact that his ingrained Filipino filogic will lead us to failure, and accept my leadership in this situation, then he’s welcome to move on. But if he wants success, as we’ve had for the past 12 years, then he better follow my lead. Because I refuse to follow his.

          Yes, there are times when he can come up with a sensible idea or solution. And when he does, I am more than happy to agree to it. But the buck will always stop with me. The final decision will always be mine. If he doesn’t like it, he’s free to walk away from the success we’ve built UNDER MY LEADERSHIP.

          So far he’s been smart enough to stay. Sometimes begrudgingly. But I really don’t give a fuck if he’s grudged or not. As long as he follows my lead. He can be as grudged as he wants. I look at his actions. His attitude is secondary.

          1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Sounds like he’s at least smart enough to know he’d be lost without you. Many wouldn’t be able to look beyond their hurt feelings and would seek revenge for questioning their stupidity, especially if they believed they could carry on the business alone or with somebody else (as happened to a friend of mine who was murdered).

      4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I’m glad you said that Sarah. Some of these guys really like being run over by their wives. It seems they rather bow down and do anything and give everything to a free-loader than get into an arguement with her. I also don’t know why these guys get married so quick. There is a never-ending fountain of young pinays eager to meet a foreign man. Instead of wading through all the coal to find a diamond, they pick up the first lump of coal they find and commit to it. There are actually a lot of good women in the Philippines, but they may not be the 22 y/o girls some of these guys really like.
        There are plenty of older, professional pinay types who earn their own money, but can’t seem to find a decent guy in the Philippines. If a guy at least finds a girl who has her own car, that is a much better upgrade than the barrio chic with nothing , but family baggage waiting to attach themselves to a foreigner.
        Next, it is easy to stand up to these women. If they don’t respect their husband or boyfriend, its time to leave. The bright-side is there is another pinay right around the corner.

        Now, I’m kind of a hippocrit. As much as I love my fiance, if we ever break up, I’m done with Filipina women forever. I’m never dating another Pinay as long as I live cause I have had enough of the Philippines for 5 lifetimes. I’m going to marry an American cause that gives me more reason to lessen my time in teh Philippines and increase my time in my home country.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “I’m glad you said that Sarah. Some of these guys really like being run over by their wives. It seems they rather bow down and do anything and give everything to a free-loader than get into an arguement with her. I also don’t know why these guys get married so quick. There is a never-ending fountain of young pinays eager to meet a foreign man. Instead of wading through all the coal to find a diamond, they pick up the first lump of coal they find and commit to it. There are actually a lot of good women in the Philippines, but they may not be the 22 y/o girls some of these guys really like.”

          So true Johnny, so true!! Yeah, I really don’t see the reason for rushing into marriage with Pinays. Maybe part of the problem is, Pinays pushes for quick marriage, perhaps afraid their “meal ticket/ATM” will get snatched by someone else? I’ve heard lots of Kanos say “Pinays want to marry yesterday!” . Well, if you analyze most of the girl’s motives, you can understand why she’s in a rush to marry, especially if she’ unemployed and have had a kid or two, or three…..

          About your comment re-barrio chic – so true!

          1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

            Over the years Ive noticed how much brainwashing goes on. This comes from everyone from family to jeepney drivers, clerks, waitresses,shop assistants.

            Gossip is a great manipulator and most flips will go out of their way to avoid being gossiped about. BUT It seems to me that most flips will not tell others to go shove it and mind their own business. They will go right ahead, answer intrusive and personal questions and even try to please the person doing the gossiping.

            Once I was with a girl at NAIA. We went to the PAL ticket desk and the lady there immediately asked us if we were married. (The answer was No). The next question was why we werent. That send gf into a massive sulk. Then she used to get auntie telling her if I didnt marry soon, she would introduce my gf to a Kano marine she knows, who would want to get married ASAP. My response was to fuck off and go marry the Marine, which didnt go down too well. I also told her I didnt want to ever meet that bitch auntie. (Yes, I went into total meltdown!). It was always the same…”Mum is asking when we are getting married!” etc etc.

            I’ve learnt that if you’re a Kano in the flipipines, expect to be under 24 hour assault by cheese-miss, back stabbing and interfering family members who, of couse, know best. It’s almost as if when flips encounter something genuine and honest that’s working (a good relationship) they immediately seek to destroy it. I’ve even had flip bartenders tell my gf (in my presence) that they saw me at said bar with other “sexy” girls. Or they would enquire straight away how much money I was giving her!

            I’ve even had Hotel porters and security saying stuff to my ex like “So, you like big dick eh!”.

            So, right off the bat, as a Kano, you are at the total mercy of complete strangers and family members!

            It’s all about the Quo!

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, the car shows she can save up, pay for something or shows she has a decent salary. Plus shows she can maintain something.
            @sarahfin: These guys marry girls with everything to gain and nothing to lose. Actually, she and the family have everything to gain and nothing to lose. What kind of relationship is that?
            The irony is many of these older guys find a barrio girl or a bar girl and “fall in love”. Then when they are discussing their future together, the plan is to send the girl to school or get her educated or smarten her up. I always scratch my head at that one cause to me it says, I’ll have to smarten you up so we can have a future together. Why not just find a chic who already finished college?
            Many times, these guys educate their gf’s and then the girls turn on them. They get smarter and either go back to their original pinoy bf or find a way to fleece the guy. Further, when there is such a large age, education, life experience, and cultural gap, what the hell do these couples talk about?
            My advice to any of the guys going to the Philippines: Tell the girls you are already married in the USA. Then proceed to tell them you cannot legally get married in the Phil. That can give you some time to find the better, right girl. If you meet the right one, then tell her the truth. Also, tell them you are not in town very long. Any girl pushing a guy to get married right away is not a good girl.
            Now, I fully admit I may not be a good guy and definitely not the best to give advice to. I have been with my fiance/ gf for over 3 years now and have not fully committed to a marriage date yet. Luckily she hasn’t pressured me into it very much, but I feel like an ass not marrying her yet. I would happily marry her, but I just hate the Philippines so much and she does not want to go to the USA.

            There are plenty of older pinays looking for a guy. When I say older, I mean like 30+. Many have their own thing going on with no ulterior motives when dating a foreigner. Since there are more women than men in the Philippines, they have fewer options other than the married dudes or deadbeats. Guys just need to look a little harder since they have a little more self-respect and not throwing themselves at any foreigner walking by.

  8. Profile gravatar of Kane Malarky
    Kane Malarky

    If you are a Vice President of a condo developer, and you are signatory on the deed of sale representing the company, and a foreigner who has been waiting almost 2 years for their deed of sale asks you what is going on, give him your business card because you are a VP, and ask that person to text you to follow up. And when they text you, just ignore it, put it out of your mind, and wait until they come in to your office again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  9. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    re If something is 5 pesos cheaper at the store on the other side of town, spend 8 pesos to travel there so you can save 5 pesos.

    that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo true!!!
    i often wonder seeing all the jeeps … where is everyone going.
    My ex-gfs would spend … 50p in the van and spend 2 hours travelling ONE WAY – 3 rides!!! to save 100 pesos or less.

    I had one that would spend HALF OF HER DAILY SALARY on 4-5 rides / depending on route one way from the province
    area — pedicab – trike to town – van hire to SM – jeep or taxi to work — and allllll the way back!!

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      Another great quality of the flip – being totally unable to weigh up distances, travelling time and costs and come up with a sensible decision on when/where/how to travel! Aside from that normally a trip that should take 10 minutes will consume a whole day because you’ll have to pick up about 20 family members and their balikbayan boxes on the way. Of course, they wont all fit in one car which noone (except you the Kano) will think of until they acually see with their own eyes that they wont fit!

  10. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I know the guy that was hiring a secretary in Cebu. Apart from the many people that didn’t show for the interview appointments he had to laugh one who said she was caught in traffic and so was very late for the scheduled appointment time. When he looked at where she lived on her resume it was literally two blocks away and she could have walked their faster.

    Another crazy person responded to his advertisement. She had no job. He recognised that she had one year previously applied for the same position he had and he had offered her the job but she didn’t show up for work. There she was applying for her old job back again and she didn’t even realise!

  11. Profile gravatar of

    No no no.

    Did you not hear?

    100% of all Filipinos are devout Catholics!

    Including the cross-dressing male prostitutes!

  12. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Many times, these guys educate their gf’s and then the girls turn on them. They get smarter and either go back to their original pinoy bf or find a way to fleece the guy.”

    Absolutely agree, Johnny! Your comment above reminded me of a Kano in my mum’s province. He was 45 years old, financing the high school education of his 14 year old GF, with parent’s consent of course. The idea was, when she turns 18, they will marry. Except she got pregnant to Pinoy BF when she turned 16! 🙂 Yes to your comment also that the girl’s family have everything to gain and nothing to lose if and when she hooks up a Kano.

    The most common thread of a conversation when Flips see a Kano is “where are you from?”. This would be followed by “are you married?” and if you say “no”, you get asked “do you want a wife or a GF?”. Hell, even if you say you’re married, they’d still offer you a Flip woman!! Is the country full of wannabe “PIMP?” – and around the 3rd or 4th question would be “how much is your pension?” – this would be asked either before or after “where do you live?”.

    The problem with older Pinays though, a lot of them, in fact, I would even hazard a guess that majority of them have had kids from another man even before they hit 25 years of age! Hence the dating sites are overflowing with unemployed single Pinay mums, A lot of men also don’t want a ready made family.

    Some don’t mind, but in a place like the Failippines where the women are desperate to hook up with any foreign man, why pick an older single mum when you can have an 18 year old?

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I’d actually rather have the hard-working, shit-together, educated single mom than a fresh, retard level 18 y/o barrio chic. Of course, I would not want a girl with more than really one kid.
      I’m talking of the women who are about 28+ with a good career or business and have something then can bring to the table. I’ve met a few who have zero kids and cannot meet a decent man. I cannot imagine hanging out with a pinay under the age of 25 who has no education (or awful education). What the hell would you talk about?
      I know many of these guys just want sex from these girls, but why get married to them? I’ve met a lot of guys in Subic still single having the time of their lives. Even though I think it would get old after a while, I think they are way better off than the guy getting married to a leech.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        You’ve got your head screwed on the right place Johnny 🙂 Wished all guys are like you. Yeah, 18 year old are eye candies. BUT one thing ALL guys should remember….18 year olds eventually get old too you know, and FAT! And in the case of Pinays, they don’t even wait till they’re 30 before getting FAT once they have enough food to eat.

        So, when she gets OLD and FAT, what have you got on your hands? A brainless piece of lazy, good for nothing parasitic lard? Yep, if I were a man, I would choose an older, smart, sensible girl who is strong enough to say “no” to her family, and is actually on my side.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Thanks Sarah,
          That is another plus. When a girl has the balls to tell her family or a family member “no”. That shows she will not be run over or guilted by freeloaders and she won’t let the guy get run over either.
          I think one of the issues is the better women are not very aggressive. Also, they play very shy or reserved. So the men go for the aggressive girls more than the sophisticated women.
          When I see these old guys with girls who are 30 years younger, I always wonder what they discuss or talk about. I would see a girl that young as a child I have to educate on all levels. That is too much trouble.

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      To Al
      OMG the hypocrisy !!!
      But is nothing less than expected from these primitives. We burn all matters of toxic trash anyplace we wish, toss our trash where we please, defalcate in the streets, and cry to the world.. Help us, mother earth is dyeing boo-who boo-who.,, give me money.

      Sad fact is most saps around the world will give. Just like the typhoon BS. If only the world could see the truth about this place, and cut them off. Not one penny more !
      At least some people see this site, and see the real Failippines, in all of it’s glory.

  13. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Hello Hey Joe
    Well, change will never come from within this country. I cant even tell my wife and niece about my country with out getting a 1. u r racist,, 2. it is worst in other countries. answer

    Only when there is a economic boycott against this shit hole,, will it change,,, Imagine the uproar from the immigrant (TNTS) vote all accross the world, if there was a boycott against these horrible country.