The i’s have it! – Irrational, Inconsiderate, Ignorance with all traffic

It blows my fucking mind how absolutely fucking idiotic filipinos are, especially in traffic.

I had just purchased a charcoal grill from the hardware store a short walk away from my home. But there is a major highway that I have to cross.

Fortunately, there’s a nice big pedestrian crosswalk right there where I need to cross.

Unfortunately the paint used to mark the crosswalk was completely wasted (as are any and all highway and road markings, as they go completely and utterly ignored in Philippines).

So it’s peak traffic time, and traffic is just moving a few feet at a time. I step into the crosswalk and not a single ignorant stupid dumbfuck filipino stops, and EVERYONE is honking at me IN THE CROSSWALK, AS IF I HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE THERE!!! OH MY GOD!! HOW GOD DAMN FUCKING RUDE, IGNORANT, AND STUPID CAN A NATION OF PEOPLE BE????

Then I get halfway across and decide to keep going, and a big truck blows it’s loud air horn at me. Well that did it for me. I set the grill down, climbed up on the driver’s side steps up to his window and told him, “You will look really fucking stupid with that horn shoved up your ass, because if you ever honk it at a pedestrian in a crosswalk again while I’m around, that’s where I’m gonna put that fucking horn you stupid ignorant shit-for-brains!”

BUT HERE’S THE MOST AMAZINGLY FUCKING STUPID THING ABOUT ALL THIS: They were honking at me, because I was stopping them for a brief moment from moving forward about 10 more feet to the bumper of the car in front of them in the traffic jam!! (as if I was making them late to be 10 feet from where they are now on the jammed up highway.

I gotta tell you, filipinos never cease to blow my mind with their irrational illogical, amazingly discourteous ways of moving in crowds (on foot and by motor vehicle). The traffic situation in Philippines is so bad, because there is NOT ONE SINGLE FILIPINO who has enough brains to drive cooperatively, logically, and with at least a measureable level of courtesy in order to help traffic flow smoother and faster.

Yep, you people are real fucking idiots. Just stand at any road or street corner and watch yourselves dumbfuck all over each other. It’s sad, funny, and just so stupid.

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  1. Rick de Castro

    Oh my god. Why did I discover this blog just now? I LOVE this blog! It speaks the painful truth that Filipinos would just dismiss as “crab mentality” or something. Seriously, this country has a particular aversion to constructive criticisms.