The Kid Had It Right

When I was still enamored with my little 21 year old empty headed bombshell I lusted after her posted videos on facebook.  Later on after I came to my senses I began to loathe them.  After we broke up I wish I could have done what this kid did.  He is mocking her and for good reason.  Poor kid got a knock aside the head which of course I don’t condone, but his point is well taken, and I’ll bet the cackles he got over it made the knock all worth it.  Good on you mate!


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      DJBuett, there is a reason why the likes of your ex- GF are called “Shrimp” or “Hipon” (in Filipino)….. because you just eat the body, but throw out the heads since it’s pretty much useless 🙂

      But seriously, if these very young Pinays start dancing like the ones in the video link, I mean how early do they start?? As soon as they walk?? This particular video is not in youtube, so you need FB to view it and form your own judgement.

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        djbuett Post author

        Hi Sarah…..I like the shrimp analogy…..I think the babes (literally) start learning this kind of dancing while they are still in diapers….shaking their booties and pelvic thrusting….as my ex told me (who has already found a new sucker and has the ring to prove it) “it’s just a dance love”….desensitized to overt sexually suggestive dance is not a good “skill” for a toddler to acquire

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    It seems that broken relationships form a common bond among the membership, or more accurately bitterness about Pinay-Foreigner relationships failing.

    I’m not sure why there is elevated bitterness, meaning more than that normally associated with break-ups. There is the ancient maxim that the higher our expectations, the greater is the calamity when our expectations are dashed upon the rocks.

    For humor, we can extract a common story in this. A smart man acquires a dumb girlfriend. He’s taken by her rear end, illustrated in the photo above and the video watching the rear end gyrate. The smart man expects the stupid butt-grinder to be so much more.

    That’s the humor. 🙂

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    Don Quixote

    Your right, ABOUT THIS ANYWAY.
    But this is not just Flipland.
    Women thunk they can change men HAH GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.
    Men put women on pedestals and get disappointed when they don’t measure up to their expectations.
    Lust only lasts awhile, then you need more in common. Like similar interests education. etc
    I waited 6 years before marrying the child bride. and she is 45 now. But she still surprises me continually with her naivety.
    College educated and a book reader but the simple things set her off.
    I would not have it any other way.