The Landmark Makati – FALLING IN LINE the Filipino Way

Ok so I guess I’m going to get a lot of crap by saying I go to mass every Sunday (I’m a Catholic). Anyway, I have been going to mass at this chapel at the Landmark (in Makati). It is at the topmost floor w/ no escalators (just stairs & elevators). But what I’m going to write shit about is ANOTHER infuriating FILIPINO habit…the one where they CANNOT simply fall in line or respect the line…

EVERY TIME I am there there never fails to be one or two monkeys who simply intersect the line once the elevator opens (I am sorry, I come with my mother who cannot take the long flight of stairs so I have endured this in the past weeks). However, I am so tired of this ‘monkey attitude.’ I see them cut through pregnant women who wait patiently in line (some are even men)…anyway, I should just keep quiet…I know this isn’t a civilized place…even in a religious place. The Landmark/chapel ushers/usherette & elevator operators see this but do nothing…much like Filipino ‘apathy.’

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    Captain PFB

    Alicia, do you go to mass because you think that because you’re a Catholic, you have to?

    Another question, do you say you’re a Catholic because you were born to parents who were Catholic? Or do you actually believe in the invisible man in the sky with all kinds of powers to do anything yet does nothing at all with them?

    I don’t want to give you crap until I know what your mindset is about that. Please clarify.

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      Church in malls! ONLY IN THE FLIPINES!! WTF?!?!?! XD I hired a priest to start a mass in my garage tomorrow. Who’s in ? 🙂

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        I almost forgot we will be also collecting DONATIONS which is a mandatory ritual of the mass *Smirks*

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      I can’t knock Alicia. Even though I have become more of an agnostic or even atheist at times, I can’t knock someone esles beliefs. Here is my quick story how I went from believer to believe the RCC is such a stain on the history of mankind.

      I was a Catholic in the USA, born to a very devout mother,,, too devout.
      So, of course I was a catholic, went to sunday school, alter boy for a year (no touching, guess I wasn’t sexy enough), etc. So, I was always forced to go. Fast forward until I start to live on my own, gather my own thoughts, and find out who I really am I really did not go much. I kind of felt guilty I went maybe like 6-8 times a year and would almost feel shame for not going. However, it was also the late 90’s or early 2000’s when the molestation accusations were finally being proven true. So maybe these priests and the ones who protected them were not so holy after all. I still had that little bit of guilt in me though, and maybe its cause I knew I was disappointing my mother.
      Well, after I lived in the Philippines for more than a year and I could really see the BS the RCC continues to do, I am so grateful I was never going that much. You can really see their manipulation, deceit, greed, and lack of empathy for the people they preach to. Just seeing how they crowbar themselves into politics and have socially engineered such a fucked up society with not even remorse, but with pride and motivation to keep doing it. Not to mention how deceitful and evil the most good Catholic Filipinos can be.
      Further, look into the history of the RCC and you will see horrendous torture, murder, land-grabbing, sex-capades, and just the worst in humanity,,, all somehow in the name of god. Did you know there was a time to accuse a priest simply of a lie, you had to have at least 20 witnesses? Who do you think made that rule to make it so difficult to simply catch a priest?
      I could go on and on, but in the end, I refuse to give 1 penny to them ever again. I do not want them to use that money to hide pedophiles, to landgrab, to tell Filipinos to keep having excessive amounts of kids, to get invovled in politics, to ban divorce, or keep perpetuating a broken awful system. Catholic countries all share the same similarities: corruption, violence, high crime rates, murder, poverty, overpopulation, etc. How is that?

      Further, they seem to get involved in politics and gov’t a lot, but is it to ever really help? Couldn’t they speak out against corruption, name some people, refuse to acknowledge certain politicians, refuse a bullshit gov’t project riddled with corruption, demand to see the costs of a project to keep it legit, or lead a protest against someone like Estrada for Mayor since the dude was found guilty once before already. Of course they can’t do that cause it benefits the society, not their entity.
      Finally, what really gets me is seeing all these priests pal’ing around with Imelda Marcos, Binay, and other openly corrupt politicians. There hasn’t been a more evil woman in history than Imelda Marcos or a more greedy woman at the least. Her and her husband locked away people for no reason, stole billions, bankrupt millions, and more than 20,000 Filipinos simply disappeared or were murdered under her rule. Somehow the priests, bishops, even the pope, and RCC simply forget that. The priests are always at her parties, functions, etc acting like old friends and that she is the sweetest old lady. In that sense, they legitimize her to the poorest and uneducated masses and I’m sure Imelda gives some pretty hefty donations or “love gifts” to them. And why not? It’s not like its her money and the RCC, being such a moral authority on ethics and god doesn’t seem to mind questioning where the money came from.

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        Was a Catholic by default (Fil mother) and I remember at 7 years old sitting in church and when the collection plate came around I thought to myself, “If god is almighty and provides all, then why do we need to give money when we need it more. Money isn’t needed in heaven.” I tried asking this question to the adults in my life at the time and of course I get the casual brush off because I was just a kid. That was just the start of my being able to see past the illusions of the RCC.

        Also you’re surprised clergy associate with an evil person such as Imelda? Remember you’re in the country that’s currently considering electing her son for president barely one generation after her husband robbed the place blind. As if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but you try explaining that.

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    If they are cutting in line and shoving pregnant women out of the way to get to church, then its acceptable right?

    (I’m so sorry to say it Alicia, please don’t get mad).
    I always ask and laugh with my fiance when I see church in the mall. I mean, if you cannot be inconvenienced to go to an actual church on Sunday, then exactly how devout are you to begin with? Then I ask if they will soon entertain sponsors. Like, will Cobra be the sponsor of the Noon mass? They could have a slogan like, “Pray Hard” or “Energy Your Sould”. Since its in the mall anyway, why not go the extra step?

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      Too late about the sponsor thing. My son goes to a well known and big Catholic school and what is going on? Everywhere you look Globe banners stretched across the hallways. His teacher said Globe was one of their sponsors so I had to ask.
      1.) This is a Catholic school which is exempt from taxes, why do they need a sponsor?
      2.) Catholic church has BILLIONS in surplus cash. Why do they need a sponsor. (One arch in Germany admitted they had 2 BILLION EURO surplus in CASH!)

      Matters not to me where or if you go to church, that’s everyone’s right to choose for themselves. But here’s my problem with the church. They do nothing to hold priests who molest the children accountable. They just move them to another local to avoid arrest and charges. THEN my first wife is catholic and I’m am not. I was in the navy when we married and was overseas while she was pregnant. Know what I was told by a catholic priest? “Since your wife is catholic and you are not, your unborn child is a bastard in the eyes of god.” Did not matter that we were married in a church by a navy chaplain. That was my first taste of the hypocrisy of the catholic church.

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    I made the mistake of going with some of my employees to the local tax office last week, they were roadblocked setting up a new business account there and thought a white face would help (it didn’t, more on that later). So they had the ubiquitous Elderly, PWD, and Pregnant women line that was probably forty people deep along with the rest of the lines in the building and out of those 40 in line only one woman appeared to be pregnant. No old folks, just the lone woman that had a slight bulge in her stomach. One could argue that everyone in the country is a PWD including the Kanos that visit.

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    More catholic church hypocrisy. Just done a quick search and it seems the vatican is worth over $2 TRILLION USD. But how is that hypocritical you ask? Well the vatican owns several businesses and has investments. According to the website one of the investments the chuch has is BIRTH CONTROL companies!! That according to the website

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      I typed a whole thing as a response to someone. Basically, the Manila diocese needed 40 million pesos for a simple renovation to one of the oldest churches. May ask for donations and they came flooding in. Then after about a year and the cost going higher than 200 million peso, people started to get really mad. They started asking questions. One new source lookup their stock records. They said it’s nearly impossible to track their sources of income and what they have because it’s very secretive. However they did register the diocese with the SEC so they legally have to disclose all their holdings. It turns out they had 30 billion peso invested in the stock market alone. That is just for the Philippines

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        One I pulled up said in the states the average catholic give the church $10 each week and there are 85 million catholics in the U.S. so the church gets $850 million tax free each week in just the U.S.

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          Well, there is the salary for the priests, the electric bill, and the______? I would say renovation, but they always do a second collection for that. Maybe a lot of the money is needed for attorney fees.

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            Speaking of priests, in Davao city there’s a priest that has his own helicopter
            maybe is a Christian preacher…

            One day I was with my Filipina friend and I saw a priest driving an older model Mercedes. I recognised as being a priest because he had a white collar on and a black shirt…. I said to her what you think of a priest driving a Mercedes in the Philippines and she totally supported this idea that he needs to be well rewarded for the work he does. That did nothing to stop her givingf money of 10% a week from what I gave her (I was later to find out) as donations even when I said I’m having trouble with my budgeting this week with expenses…. No, they don’t give a shit about white man foreigner having cash flow issues that doesn’t even add up…. Money comes out the bums of foreigners

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            @foreignerhardpinoysoft “a priest that has his own helicopter”, That’s disgusting, collecting offerings from poor people and then to ride around in a helicopter. Talk about arrogant and self centered. How can he look at himself in the mirror? Politicians are bad enough, but when the clergy does things like that it’s the highest form of betrayal. It puts them even further below politicians which already are below pond scum. I am not positive the Pope knew about all the street kids locked up on his last visit, if he did, he should of publicly announced that it was unacceptable, cut his visit short and left the country. But he has to know way before now, yet has said nothing about it publicly. Where is the Christianity in the most known figure after Christ himself in all of Christian religion?

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      Wow, that is amazing. The funny part is he is just like a typical Filipino when caught in a lie or scamming. Listen to his bullshit when he says I live among the people and reporter says yeah but you live in a gated compound and have a private jet and helicopter! Listen to how he simply denies obvious truth with complete bs that he believes. To a Filipino, a shitty excuse is just as good as the truth when questioned directly.

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    I RARELY ride the bus but when I do I always know what to expect. The door of the bus is shaped like a vertical rectangle. The line to the bus is shaped as a horizontal circle. All that pushing and shoving bullshit just so people can get a seat. I always stand back and watch with disgust and then board when the few civilillized people board in a normal line but it’s going to be standing room only. Not the end of the world to stand and work out some stabilizer muscles.

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    Filipinos really have no discipline when it comes to lines. Ever taken the train in Manila? I think they have to have guard there to keep people from pushing and cutting in line.
    This also happens to me when I used to land from dubai or even the USA at times. There is such a mad rush to get off the plane, then baggage claim is so freaking chaotic. Everyone has to immediately grab a cart, then be the first to stand right in front of the baggage carousel so no one else can get their bags until they get their first and make some room. They seriously can’t sit back 2 feet from the carousel and let others walk up calmly when they see their luggage.
    There is always a sense of desperation and pushing when it comes to buses & getting off the plane, or just being first ahead of everyone.