The Madness That Is Filipino’s Using Cell Phones – Part 1

I’ve got so many images of texts from Filipinos that it’s mind boggling how stupid they are. I have shown many local Filipinos the messages I receive on my phone from requests for abortions, food, money, pay bills to landlord issues and being stuck in a location without money to return home (why do they go somewhere with just enough for one way?) – and yes, these stupid fucking idiots think that they can just ask and PERSIST like beggars asking for money always.

It’s embarrassing for the culture as a whole.

All day, all night they text.  24 hours a day.  No matter if its 1am, 3 am, 12 pm – the texts continue.

My record is 115 text messages all up in one day – I was averaging 1 to 3 texts per 15 minutes.  Begging for money mostly.

Dead grandma burials, family emergencies which turned out to be school projects and more.







These people are fucking persistent when they want money but nowhere to be seen when they don’t need you.

And for those defenders of Filipinos who think being negative is wrong. Seriously, you are buying into the shame they (and the church) dish out that it’s wrong to speak up, wrong to say anything about someone else Filipino.

Look at the guys that defend Filipinos. You will see they have been tied to a leash (aka a wife) and would never have experienced the “real” Philippines because their highly protective wife would have been keeping all the bad cousins and uncles out of the picture so she can paint a good picture.

In this article you will see how –

  1. Filipinos are impatient;
  2. Filipinos are like beggars, harassing for money. All over the country is like this.  It’s rampant.
  3. Filipinos have a low mental maturity age. Someone who is say early 20s has the equivalent mental maturity of someone in early teens in a developed country.
  4. The are people without food in the Philippines because they cant afford it. Yes, malnourishment exists in the Philippines.
  5. They don’t take NO for an answer; They don’t care about your needs if you are sick, wanting to sleep. As you will see, they IGNORE all you say focusing on themselves in the conversation. The world is about THEM and their PROBLEMS. This is Narcissism.
  6. They use guilt and shame to get what they want;
  7. They make assumptions. Eg. you say a time, when they want something they will ring or harass not a minute later. They will harass at all hours of the day; Its a constant sea of texting and phone call harassment asking for money.
  8. When you enter the personal space bubble of a Filipino, There’s an expectation to give even to support “dead grandmas” and people you have never met. They will even use guilt and shame in asking for money or something horrible might happen by a certain time to add pressure to the guilt or shame even if the story is made up and they think I have arrived off the last aeroplane!
  9. What Filipinos promise is BULLSHIT. they never repay, never are reliable and what they say and mean are two things. They are most reliable when they are in need and desperation but after thatthey never honour their word and forget what perilous positions they were in at the time.


How many fucking times have I read a text “I’ll pay you next salary”.  Don’t ever, ever – believe that.  They won’t.

Just like using the words “lend” which in English terms means the likelihood repayment will be made, they won’t repay.

It’s a 100% default rate over 10 years with me and my friends.  Thats right – 100% of money given to filipinos has never been paid back.  Despite the drama and crying and harassment, they forget afterwards.  They love the drama in the country and will stoop so low like Hollywood actors to try and get money.  It’s not scamming, usually the purpose is genuine in some cases but its unethical how afterwards, when the problem is solved THEY WON’T HONOUR THEIR PART OF THE BARGAIN.

Filipinos despise scammers yet when it comes to repaying the money on load – THEY ARE GROSSLY UNRELIABLE.  THEY Won’t REPAY.  They can’t, they are buried in far too many fuckups that they then start believing their lies.

I’m going to post some of the texts I’ve received.  I’ve lost many, but the aim is to show you – that you aren’t going mad.

Example-1 – Have a look at this.  Haven’t we all had this bullshit “don’t skip your breakfast.” 

from a person who apparently has been abused and controlled by their Filipino parents?

As if I will  forget to eat!

These mindless “don’t forget” texts are constant.

Have a look how persistent this person is – they are ALL like that to a degree.

Note how stupid she is – I said I was in Denmark (as a joke when I wasn’t) and she wanted to meet.

This is typical where, like self-absorbed narcissists, Filipinos will ignore largely what YOU SAY

and focus on THEMSELVES.  In this case, no proper conversation can be had

its all about them meeting.

From lots of dates, a person this keen to meet is WANTING SOMETHING MOST LIKELY MONEY. 

In a lot of cases, they will spread their legs for easy pesos.

Note how geographically illiterate she is – I said I’m in Denmark.



Like many conversations, what I say is IGNORED.  It’s as if I am non-existent.

scammers filipino scamming texting sms

This next example BELOW shows the begging that goes on.  It’s horrible.  There are seriously many people in the country that have no money for food.  They are always texting asking for money and as I mentioned, doing “deals” like I will pay you next salary, the release of some pension, etc.  It’s all crap.

Filipinos are unreliable.  GROSSLY UNRELIABLE.  Money is largely spoken for.

Either they are lying, believe their lies or are seriously up to their eyeballs in debt you will never get repaid.

Filipinos are very, very impatient.  They will arrive at your doorstep unannounced, even if you say you have work to do. These fuckers will simply turn up. They don’t care about you and your world – they only care about the world according to themselves.


I would say I am at work, have work to do NOTE — W….O…R…K …WORK- they are HOT TO TROT – they would ring and text in an hours time and say have you finished your work day. They don’t understand the concept that I will not turn up to their work, so why turn up to mine. JUST Won’t REGISTER. As I mentioned, Filipinos don’t care about your world- they are only interested in theirs.  A number simply came and sat on my door step!Screenshot_2014-11-18-01-25-13_20141118012757843

They had walked some miles (so they say, but that could be a lie) to ask for food money as they didn’t even have the 7.25 pesos for a jeep.  It’s hard to tell as many girls do “rounds” of foreigners begging like a milk run and turn up in taxis.

I had filipinas turning up at my doorstep, ringing ringing me at 2am, 4am etc.  Absolutely ZERO boundaries and no respect for anyone human.


Many Filipina live in denial that they are beggars. YES Beggars and you will get many texts in the day begging for food. Its real. How esle can they get food if they have no job?

This (below) is another example of the level of impatience of Filipinas. Look at that- a mindset of an ADD kid. commonly referred to Attention deficit disorder. I said i was not back until 2:30pm, confirmed. AT 12.16 im getting BEGGAR texts happening, at 1.31pm after not answering the phones are ringing.  Many texts, many calls.

What if this was the other way. Yes, Filipinos are the chasers when they want food or money but are never around when you want your money back.


The madness of texting goes ALL DAY – ALL NIGHT.
They hand out my number to friends, family, cousin and work colleagues. More begging. Its embarassing.
Seriously. It is embarrassing for the culture.
Proudly Filipino 🙂

Even at 2.20am in the morning the beggars aren’t letting up.

Strategy – what they commonly do is go in low. They will ask – just 100 pesos. Ok? whats a 100 pesos to someone for food. Then the next texts are “have you arrived at eg. m’hullier yet”. Do not ever say you are there, just send the money if you need. When you say you are there at MH sending they will then start on round 2 of the harassment. Trying to work you up to another problem and more money. It is crazy. The most stupid Filipina i had was asking for food for one text then asked for a handbag. I think she was forgetting who she was talking to. Some are genuine. I know they are hard up, have no work and that is ok – i give without the expectation of repayment as help but when you get asked for a handbag for work after, thats when it becomes disgusting behaviour.


Filipinos live in a deluded world of high SELF ENTITLEMENT.
Fuck. They then think when you get into their personal space bubble
whats your is mine and mine is yours”
but wait?? they come with nothing.

but expect everything (of yours)

Filipinos are NINJAS.

…. they bring NOTHING to the relationship table except a pussy.

Like babies, these misfits and losers
no matter if they have a degree expect to be taken care of.

Worse still, they think they have control of your money
and will start to harass you.

Worse again is when they use GUILT AND SHAMING
tactics liek the person below – WHOM I NEVER MET IN PERSON!
Only spoke to off a dating site.

Worse still, never mention a time to the Filipinos.
For when they want something they will misrepresent
you. I said i will call in the morning to discuss this situation.
At 9 to 10 am I am getting texts trying to heap guilt on me.

Think this is a one off – WRONG
This is a common tactic.

1. use “people are around – aunts, uncles” to build up how serious this is, that they are getting shamed.
2. create urgency, time closing.
3. put a deadline on it.
4. HARASS the person with a lots of texts and calls for money.

As it turned out, this filipina bitch wanted money for a dead
grandmothers burial. A grandmother i had never met.
Like what the fuck! – self entitlement gone mad!

Yes – thats Filipino culture!.

I never mention a time. I said to one person one time that
i will phone early evening. yes EARLY EVENING as im at work.

I got texts – that the person was waiting for me at 6 pm with
their friends. Yes, reliable (when they want something):) early evening is waiting
like beggars for their free food and drink

along with arsewipes who come along UNINVITED

for free food and drink.


Filipinos will harass you constantly.

Note the time. 10:37am
25 missed calls.
Have you ever had this when you are chasing them?




These monkeys laugh about Filipino unreliability
and Filipino time

But when they are hungry and have no money
…. fuck they’re reliable!!



it turned out; this person was ringing me constantly
trying to get 50 pesos out of me from 4 am they started ringing
to ask for a load so the mum could ring the brother
in Manila for food money.

Unreal. They spend 6 hours working on trying to ask me for 50 pesos.
This is the fucking stupidity of the place so more
begging can happen to buy food.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul comes to mind.

And note how they get no sleep.
Going from 4 am driven by mum who doesn’t give a shit
about her daughter getting decent sleep.


Lastly is this text. Again, self-absorbed.
The only focus is on themselves and to meet
and most likely beg for money.

Such an embarrassment.

It’s impossible to have a decent conversation with
Filipinos as they are mostly self-obsessed. You could say
you were depressed and about to jump off a
building and you will get “so you don’t want to meet me still
“. I have had a lot of these style responses and  shown

my friends during their conversations how

self centred the person they were chatting too was.
All Filipinos think about is themselves.
don’t give a shit about YOU



Don’t think for a minute i’m dealing with the arsewipes in the slums. No, I have had well qualified professionals working for major companies doing the same. Begging. It’s accross different lines of society, it is Filipino society as a whole.
Yes sure, NOT ALL FILIPINO are like that sir is a catch cry. Yes, NOT ALL, but most are.

Overseas the percentage might be rare to total population that you will ecounter the harassment i did. In the Philippines, its not RARE, ITS COMMON. Therefore, yes, its MOST.

My statistical evidence is based on hundreds if not thousands of interactions at close level (relationships, family, dating etc). Forget what tourists say and dealing at a store or shop level – this harassment doesnt happen in those situations. You need to dig into Fipinos and really relate to them to see how they do this bullshit carrying on.

Seriously, I don’t want to hear another Filipino problem again.

Sadly, there are songs and jokes about Filipino probelms! its that engrained in society they accept Financial problem, family problem, job problem – blah blah blah and EXPECT YOU SIR to cop up and help.

I suggest you buy another phone. Dual sim phones are crap. I still had chances of accidents happening by sending texts from the wrong number. Get another phone. Get another number. TURN OFF THE PUBLIC phone at night. Public i mean, if you are dating the phone number that you openly give out to prospects but NEVER, NEVER ever give your private line out that you trust to people who are reliable, trustworthy, not going to harass you and try and take ADVANTAGE OF YOU as Filipinos do.

More examples soon

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    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      hey @newark
      yes, i think we will both agree that finding a “professional” in the Philippines is extremely hard.
      I had a gutful of morons, the ones that keep saying
      “Ah… ok”
      “Ah… ok”
      “Ah… ok”
      “Ah… ok”
      “Ah… ok”
      “Ah… ok” … after everything you say and not much coming back.

      My next strategy beyond the bags of rocks waas to try and find a “professional” as I put it

      – my reference was to someone who worked as a financial controller that had a couple of large city hotels.

      …..stupid me, how could i not forget I am dealing with FILIPINO CULTURE which is unreliable.
      despite this i would get asked to pay for “urgent” repayments of small debts..

      the problem is … the higher you move the BIGGER THE ASKS
      they simply don’t like SSK branded phones and want iphones…
      trips to the local resort goes to trips to Boracay
      then they want to take the kids to Hong Kong Disney land and other dream holidays …at your expense
      so they can no doubt BOOST their low life egos on Facebook to their family and friends.

  1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    I sure know what you mean about not being paid back. A few of my wifes cousins have done it to me. It is a real pity because I actually thought I had developed a friendship with these people, one cousin I was almost going to have as best man at my wedding. The thing is they cultivate a good friendship with you and you think they are a one of the few decent people, then you loan them money for an emergency (a real one you can actually see). Then once you loan the money they never speak to you again. I found this quite strange because I never asked or expected them to pay me back and could not care if they never did yet there goes the friendship. Say you loan a westerner $50 because they are on hard times and you dont expect them to pay you back it is not like you will never see or hear from them again but in Pinoy culture they vanish and the friendship is dead and they dont even speak to you or acknowledge you again. I say to them now no because I dont want it to wreck our friendship and point out what happened with the other cousins. A trick I have now is to tell them to ask the mother in law to which they cower and beg me not to tell her they even asked as she will rip them to shreds for even trying. The thing is that when they are borrow I tell them not to worry and just pay me back when they can and not to stress about it yet I always get back I PROMISE I will repay you yet I have never been paid back. When a Pinoy says PROMISE it does not mean shit and I point this out to my wife that a Pinoy PROMISE is meaningless. Oh and yes it goes across all classes to. Even the wifes retired, ex doctors, Great aunty and uncle begged me for 5k to fix their Jeepney and Promised to pay me back in 2 days once it goes back on the road, that was over a year ago; at least they dont talk to me or show up when I am there now as I never really liked them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      I’d love to see somebody actually research this “culture” when it comes to “borrowing” money. There has to be reason behind this strange behavior of just burying your head in the sand after taking the cash. I’m sure it’s contagious and affects expats too who have been there too long. I lent 10k to a guy who’s been there getting on 15 years and all the promises under the sun when he took the money but haven’t heard from him in almost a year.

      Like somebody taught me years ago – it’s sometimes worth losing money to find out who your real friends are.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        My friends and I have experienced this;

        the girls (me and others) said to us

        “i feel so ashamed”,

        the family says “why dont you have cash, houses in your name and other things” like other foreigners
        they are so unbelievable Phil


      2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

        “Like somebody taught me years ago – it’s sometimes worth losing money to find out who your real friends are.”

        That reminds me of the old one-liner: “If you lend $20 to someone and never see him again, it was probably worth it.” 🙂

        Sadly, I lost a LOT more than $20. 🙁

      3. Profile gravatar of omgwtf

        @phildoh Who should research this so called ‘culture’ here? Ever seen the universitys here? No ID, No Uniform, No Entry but No Brain, No Own Opinion, No Problem. Additionally, the only Pinoy who could do this is most likely right now wipping a table in a Starbucks abroad for minumum salary and happy to be out of this shithole.

        Universitys in the west are centers of disruption and new ideas. See for example the current ideas like gender mainstreaming or the creatin of safe spaces. If you like them or not but that this things are developt and thought of by our young generation just shows that there is a evolution in at least some direction. Wether we like this ideas or not something is going to stick and people in the future are going to laugh about us for having concerns and thinking this is going over the top.

        My Professors in University threatend us that if they have the feeling we are just parroting them or anyone else they ‘make’ us fail, a) for having no own opinion and b) for copyright infringement. Here its the total opposite. If you don’t agree with the teachers opinion you are allready good to go home and cash your sisters remittance in. Students here are more like pupil, as someone here said in an other comment, they learn to make the teachers face happy, thats all. A University that doesn’t teach you critical thinking, to be disruptiv and to question the status quo is nothing more than an expensive hobby.

        I just saw an other Job posting in the Cebu IT Jobs Group where they encourage fresh graduates to apply as Computer Teachers. What can you expect from someone who never could reflect what he learned in College in the real world?

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      hey @angeleyes

      I know exactly what you are talking about; virtually every foreigner has had the same experience.
      It’s like being a victim, where, you think your the only one – and then out it comes and someone responded to my friend who was scammed money thinking its helping them “HE GOT YOU TOO?”

      I know 3 cases in the last 2 months to do with Filipinos. Fuck worrying about street crime, dodgy cops, being pick pocketed. The main thing to worry about in the Philippines is FAMILIES!
      YES – these will slowly pickpocket your wallets and drain you dry and when theres nothing left – GO.

      The 3 cases i refer are over families asking for money. one was violently threatened after stopping payments. The other, in helping a person having a meltdown and ranting and raving – was helped by the friend and then when he asked for his money back was told to piss off if he valued his life.

      Sadly, this is not the first time and won’t be the last as more foreigners come ignorant of greedy bastard filipinos and try and live out a “dream” of living in the Philippines.
      When people are in that state of mind to desperately get out of a failed marriage in the US or paying high London rents or having a payout from ajob and to relive independence YOU CANT TELL THEM NOTHING.

      I know a guy that built a house, got ripped by the builders and just walked after the family started encroaching on him for accommodation and money. Things go so heated, he got so ripped off by everyone hell bent on borrowing money and lying to him that he folded and left everything! GONE – the family got a free house it seems. But he was “love struck” into building a house on land where he couldnt own.

      Thats right – never speak to you again. Filipinos are only heard when they want something. No matter how desperate and how many promices at the time – Filipinos take advantage of kind people.

      I think its some fucked up thing is they never see YOU – from what i can see is they post their “gifts” and wins on facebook, never mention who gave it to them and say “thankyou Lord for your blessings”
      that tells me over a decade monitoring this is YOU are nothing but a conduit for the Lords gifts. Look at Duterte, already theres “the Lord has spoken” pictures floating around facebook.
      Therefore, they feel good to burn off the provider as they are back to the Lord saying “thankyou for your gifts”, now wheres my next gift.

      Yes, that trick you have is correct. You have to build the team and use others higher up even grandma to build a shaming process.

      I also do this;

      Get as much clarity down as possible via text say
      then throw it back at them –
      ie. so what you are saying is
      1. you arent going to repay
      2. you acknowledge borrowing
      3. etc
      …. so you agree to all those points.
      …. ok, i am going to take a copy of these points and refer them to my colleagues – sounding like these are guns for hire
      and they will deal with you.

      After that they start focusing a bit more.

      They have absolutely no respect for even their own Filipino.
      My friend lent clothes to 2 friends to go to an event.
      never got back,
      went around
      1st lost the clothes – never recovered
      2nd the clothes were burnt and ripped – i mean what the fuck.

      Theyre horrible to each other –
      The whole society works on “i dont give a fuck – im struggling, everyone is struggling, don’t complain”

      Yes – a filipino promice is MEANINGLESS. agree. They are extemely untrustworthy.

      And heres the other evidence to say PINOY DON’T TRUST PINOY;

      1. They publish the names of power stealers in the paper
      2. there are so many requirements to get jobs
      3. why all the security guards in the country – even inside the work place – because theyre fucking theives
      4. hotel workers ghosting bookings, stealing stuff

      There are so many cases where the pinoys don’t trust each other – no need to say anything, their actions prove it.
      The way the whole society is structured on mistrust of the other and unreliability down to even the karaoke songs and filipino jokes of “no money” and “people ripping each other off” and lying and cheating.
      This is not from foreigners but people with the same BUM SKIN COLOUR.

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “I know a guy that built a house, got ripped by the builders and just walked after the family started encroaching on him for accommodation and money. Things go so heated, he got so ripped off by everyone hell bent on borrowing money and lying to him that he folded and left everything! GONE – the family got a free house it seems. But he was “love struck” into building a house on land where he couldnt own.”

    Heard a few similar stories –

    Guy bought a mango farm the size of a few football fields, gave it up and walked when the family became too much. Another guy fell in love with the place, bought 2 houses next door to each other, went back to OZ, came back after 3 weeks later and the places were overrun with about 50 pinoys. Couldn’t get them out, everything in the gf’s name, so walked. Expensive lessons to learn.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Yes @phildoh it is so common – given that filipino have the 60/40 ownership rule
      lol – i mean what the fuck!
      60% goes to a local ownership
      leaving a NON CONTROLING SHARE to the foreigner

      But in the Pinoys mind 60/40 is what they think is 50/50 and fair.

      Thats filipino negotiation style that
      no matter how much you bend over and help and get fucked up the ass by them
      they often have default programming in their psychy that they have been hard done by
      and knowingly or unknowingly will fuck you up the ass and still feel no shame, guilt and sense of remorse.

      The other thing is marriage – no divorce Phil.
      A lot of guys won’t realise that the arsewipe husband is still entitled to 25%
      (50% OF THE GIRLS SIDE) – and will reappear when he finds out the ex is with a foreigner
      and demand FUCKOFF money.

      The filipina are so fucking stupid – to the level of a bag of rocks
      that they think marriage is a ticket to happiness. They don’t have any concept of the
      ramifications and LEGAL obligations involved. Just beyond their thinking
      i mean the legal obligations of ownership etc
      as when you have ZERO, NOTHING, NO ASSETS, NO JOBS etc
      other than spreading your legs and making babies
      thats all they know

    2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      Hey Phil my wifes cousin (19 years old) has been with a poriegner (52 years old) for three years now. He has just spent 7 million peso building a really nice 3 story house in the village. Well the shit is going down because he has a corporation in the Phils so it is in his name not hers. All the family are shaming her after spending 3 years going on about how smart she is. I cant understand how she is smart, she couldnt afford to go to school before she met him, has never worked a day in her life, all she has done is suck dick and she is no oil painting either. My question is what right does she have to have half of 7 million in her name? Anyway during the build he insisted that he only wants to live in the house with the two of them but after a one week trip to OZ he come home to find her parants, sisters, brother, brothers wife and their 3 kids living in his house and they are not leaving. It will be interesting to see how this pans out for him. He is either really rich or really fucking stupid and I am betting on the latter, the fact he is even with her is enough proof.
      Oh and FHPS the whole time the house is going up and he is showering her with iphones, laptops, money etc she is putting it all up on FB and guess what? It is all thanks to the lord for her blessings, never once mentioned him. I have a really stict rule with my wife, if ever I buy her something and she posts it and thanks the Lord over me the shit will go down big time. I also made this clear when I bought her nephew a bicycle, it was actually nice to see thank you Tito Angeleyes instead of thank you Lord for my blessings.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        Hey and while I am mentioning blessings to the Lord I find it so ironic that these people consider themselves Christians. The Romans were around long before Jesus was born, heck they nailed him to the cross. The Catholic church to me is nothing more than a country trying to colonise the world. Before Christianity came along they were happy to let people celebrate paganism so long as they paid their taxes to Rome. The Catholic church really has no authority on Christianity and if you ever went to a Catholic school you would of spent bugger all time learning about Jesus and all about their saints; people who dedicated their lives to serving the church. I find it ironic that the three largest Catholic countires in the world, Brazil, Mexico and Philippines are also some of the shittest countries in the world. I often wondered if lying and corruption was a Pinoy thing but I now beliieve it is a catholic thing, even Italy has massive problems with corruption. Catholicism is such a massive fraud, it is only the largest Christian doctrine due to the church colonising the world. If only people could see how full of shit it is.

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        is showering her with iphones, laptops, money etc she is putting it all up on FB and guess what? It is all thanks to the lord for her blessings, never once mentioned him.

        hehe i know what you mean
        A lot of Filipinas do that – ie. post stuff on FB and thank the lord for the “gifts” and show off a strategically placed bag
        and the provider never gets a mention.

        THESE PEOPLE ARE BRILLIANT!!! it’s like they have taken the handbook of life from Aldi Supermarkets etc where you have supermarket branded goods – the supermarket gets rid of the supplier and slots in another manufacturer but the whole time the customer sees the same product, nothing ever changes.

        With filipinas they just change their boyfriends, the whole time the fb appearance is the bf are never really there – my case
        and all the gifts are coming in left right and centre – holidays etc
        and thats it ….. the bf is in the background, unbeknowns to many of the friends

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila

          They kill two birds with one stone when they never mention him. First they free themselves from Utang na loob. Second they show themselves as someone who gained god’s attention through his blessings. It serves their ego by showing to others they are getting personal attention and favoritism from god. They are so special lovable and worthy!

      3. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Tell you what. You have a Harley delivered to my door and I will post a pic on FB thanking you for it. God? That fucker can go buy his own, you know I exist.

      4. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Serious though. Remember the Kano in Surigao City who built a really nice house that was 4 stories high? His family is big in Fla in the cement biz and sent him $22k a month to live on. Well he had to live that nice big house. He got in car with wife and was headed to town when the NPA pulled up beside him and started shooting. To escape the dip shit makes a right hand turn into a cemetery (not the best place to hide from people trying to kill you) that had one way in and one way out with big walls 360 degrees.
        This guy never went back to the house which was worth well over 15M pesos. Custom kitchen, counters, stove, cabinets, a/c all the way through. Last I heard he was beating feet back to the states.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Got something better Mikey, it’s about a Danish Kano who built a 2-3 storey high mansion in provincial Philippines, north of Manila. He was scammed by his wife and her relatives coz she hired all her relatives to build the house, but everyone took their cut, from cement to sand to nails etc. And even the rice!! Everyone in the pamily were dipping onto the sack of rice, including cousins and maids.

          When Kano realized how much he’d been scammed, Kano and Pinay wife had a HUGE! fight, Kano fled in the middle of the night taking shelter to a Kano friend’s house overnight, then escaped to Manila in the early hours of the morning. He returned 3 days later with a court order so he could at least retrieve his passports and personal items (family pics and personal documents). No go. Pinay wife had her own goons, threatened bloodbath if the PNP accompanying Kano husband would insist on going past the gate. Guy eventually got himself a new passport, then went back to Denmark, lost the lot.

          Moral of the story…. only buy or build something in the Philippines you can afford to walk away from. Even dual citizens should heed this warning.

          1. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

            I am reminded of a James Bond ending to some movie, I do not recall the name of the movie. In it Bond was finally in possession of some secret whatever. A Russian agent with an armed soldier showed up to get it from James Bond. Bond had no gun so he threw the whatever off the cliff and it smashed to pieces and said to the Russian agent, “That’s detaunt, You don’t have it, and I don’t have it.”
            Perhaps you may understand where I am going with this?
            Tell everyone in the house there is a free meal at JB to get them out of the house, then set fire to the place and those leeches come home to see the place burnt down. I know there are laws against being a pyromaniac, but the leeches get nothing.
            “That’s detaunt, you don’t have it and I don’t have it”
            I read once where some American borrowed his nice lighter to a Phil lady, the lady then called the cops on the guy and said he stole her lighter, when confronting the police over it he took and and threw it far away

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    I had a friend who was texting a girl
    trying to get through to her
    all she repeated was guilt and shame

    “so sad, you don’t want to meet me”
    replied – no no im not feeling well at the moment
    “you don’t like me”
    replied – no i didnt say that, i am unwell at the moment
    “so you dont want to meet”

    These filipino are obsessed about themselves and themselves alone
    they don’t give a shit about you.
    YOUR WORLD means nothing to them
    its about THEIR WORLD.
    fucking narcassists.

    I had another –
    you’ve all had the “im sad today” texts from these narcassists.
    so i said to my friend
    “say you are sad”
    still the reply was
    “you don’t like me”
    you dont want to meet ME

    I….. ALL ME, MY … I ….. they are fucking some of the most self centred individuals i have encountered.

  4. Profile gravatar of tambok

    About seven years ago I was living with a girl in a rental place and the owners lived in a bahay kubo next door. One night my gf went to visit her parents. I got drunk and didn’t remember anything the next day. The gf came home and we moved as planned. When we got to the new place I discovered that my two wedding rings and about $2000 were missing. The only person that could have know where those things were was my gf. She had the whole thing planned and made sure she wasn’t there. When I went to do a blotter the owner was already there at the police station doing one, about what I don’t know. Anyway it was a well planned rip off and I couldn’t prove fuck all.

  5. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    If you guys are getting strange texts and phone calls in the middle of the night, like “hi, can we be friends?”, that’s what the opening line usually is, be wary where you buy your phone load next time. I heard that some cell phone load retailers keep Kano cell phone numbers and sell them to whoever wants to pay…..P20 per Kano phone number. Damn! if I was aware that my number is being sold off, I’d demand a cut, plus a higher fee, say P50 per person? 🙂

    Anyway, the ex – BF was recently inundated with offers from 19 year olds to “clean” his apartment in exchange for him paying her college tuition fee. So ex told the girl to do some calculations because the amount he’d give her for cleaning his apartment is nowhere near enough to pay for one semester alone. Either the girl was just plain dumb, which in any case not worth sending her to college, she’d end up in AC or Mango Avenue anyway, or she was just trying her luck. In the end the ex had to be rude to her and told her outright “NOT FUCKING INTERESTED!!” before she stopped. I told him “she’s not interested in cleaning your apartment, she’s interested in cleaning up your wallet!”. 🙂 And yes, the only thing these Pignoys understand is if you are rude to them. But then, they turn round and accuse you, the Kano of being disrespectful to them!!! You can’t fucking win!!! There is also the risk that she’d cry “rape” once she is inside his apartment. That’s one way of cleaning his wallet alright. 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Attila

      Yes there is a double standard when it comes to Kano. Flips hold Kanos to a higher standard compare to fellow Filipinos and Chinese. A Kano can not be rude but a Filipino and a Chinese can. A Chinese business owner can exploit Filipinos but a kano will be reported by his employees if he tries. How is this work?

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Wished I know also Attila. I have also heard of Koreans treating Filipinos like shit! but do we hear them complaining about the Koreans? Nope!! But ask a Pinoy that they considered offensive, like “why are you selling expired tins of tomatoes?”. Instead of addressing your question, they tell you you are being rude and just go back to your own country! Pignoy’s greatest defense when offended. “Go back to your own country”. Try doing the same in the US or UK or Australia and you get sued, yes sued for racism, gratis to them, courtesy of the taxpayers, thank you very much! I’d rather see my money go to animal welfare!

      2. Profile gravatar of Attila

        Ok my wife told me why. Because we are easy target. A Filipino will build up his/her self esteem by tearing kano down to elevate herself. A Flip is simply afraid of Chinese and Filipino to mess with. We are easy (because kind and considerate) and rewarding preys to build their self esteem on. Bringing down a Kano is much more of an accomplishment then a Chinese or a fellow Flip. More bragging rights!

          1. Profile gravatar of omgwtf

            I guess because the Chinese dont have a problem to first bribe the shit out of every one who coud legally help you and then beat the shit out of you and break your legs.

          2. Profile gravatar of Newq

            It all depends on the particular Filipino, American and Chinese. And it depends on the nature of the business.
            But yes, if you’re imagining a situation where you got your stereotypical:
            uneducated/submissive Filipino employee,
            stern-faced Chinese,
            socially sensible American, and
            privately owned business,

            then your statement holds true. The socially sensible and reasonable American is not quite as fearsome as a socially insensible and stern Chinese.

  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Yep, all valid points about filipino behavior. Hell I made a comment on YT about the dona paz ferry sinking where I said it was overloaded, not maintained and safety rules were not enforced. What happened? I got a reply from a filipino who said I was full of hate for filipinos becuase my country did not have the resources that the philippines has and I’m mad because I was not born filipino. Now, how blind is that? Talk about filled with pinoy pride or more commonly known as PINOY BULLSHIT.

    1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      thats the problem in this country…..u want to have a discussion…with negative and positive…. u never get any discussion from the most low minded. All u get are these blind answers , answers which are hidden excuses for being helpless to understand the simple reason not, why you mention the negative points. conclusion….no improvement at all!