The Mayor of The Philippines Rodrigo Duterte Continues the Filipino Trend of Making New and Bigger Problems out of Existing Ones

Rodrigo Duterte is every horrible Pinoy trait all packed up into one package.

With absolutely no moral conscience, even after his oath to uphold the Constitution and execute it’s laws, he had every intent to toss that oath right out and start killing innocent people, as promised, right out of the gate. He could not wait to issue the order for everyone to start killing who THEY THINK are criminals. Yes, they are innocent according to the Constitution. And in typical Pinoy fashion, Duterte feels justified in placing himself above the law which the Filipino people put in place. The law does not say that the President gets to decide who’s guilty and who’s not. But this shameless idiot has now given the common citizen the right to be judge, jury, and executioner.

Yes, he’s right to declare “A STATE OF LAWLESSNESS”. Duterte turned it into a state of lawlessness. Because it is against the law to kill people who have not been arrested, charged, and then convicted of a crime. Duterte has tossed out law, and created lawlessness like never before. He has legalized murder, and given ordinary citizens the right to kill anyone they think is bad. It’s sickening!  

Duterte modern day HitlerHe claims he answers only to the Filipino people. Well that’s a hypocrisy as well. The Filipino people ratified their Constitution by democratic process. And nowhere does it state that the President is the exception to that law. Period. Therefore he is NOT answering to the Filipino people. He is simply violating their Constitutional rights. The “innocent until proven guilty” is not there to protect the guilty. IT’S THERE TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT. So his actions and orders PROVE he cares nothing for innocent lives, therefore he has no moral conscience. Not a good thing if you’re the President. 

It’s a perpetual cycle of sheer stupidity and complete absencedownload of simple logic and reasoning. This is why Philippines will never ever ever progress, and will forever repeat it’s mistakes, and always be ass-backwards. In a nutshell, they don’t “get it”, and none of them can think for themselves or be individuals. They will never take the power that is theirs. They will always need someone to tell them what is right and wrong. And they will never figure it out for themselves.

They now have a President who is blatantly doing wrong, and they the sheeple are all on board with it because he’s telling them it’s right.

“If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful.” ~ Rodrigo Duterte

Nobody (except for idiotic Pinoy sheeple) would argue that this is the ravings of a lunatic mind.

1d225c158411f2554c3b344692856c5cThey are so desperate for a hero, they’ll pull a piece of shit from their ass (as they have now done) and regardless of how shameful his behavior,
they will delude themselves he is right, and insist he’s a hero. They are clueless that the entire world is pointing and laughing and facepalming at them. The world is wrong, and they are right.

When simple facts are reported about it, they spit venom and blame them for destabilizing their country. “The international media is publishing negative articles about our beloved country”. Well, when you behave in a negative way, and someone simply reports it to the world, WHO’S FAULT IS THAT??? My god, what stupid fucking clueless idiots!film

Here’s the fucking stupidity: The Justice System here is broken, dysfunctional, and corrupt, and has been for a LONG LONG TIME. Likely much longer than the “drug problem”. You and I see that as a big big BIG problem. Without a halfway functional Justice System, justice can never be served (I’m talking about real legal justice, you know, the kind of justice done correctly, like a civilized country).

And what is the common way Filipinos deal with problems? DO NOTHING, or try to fix it in the most idiotic way possible (like they’re now doing with the “drug problem”), thus creating much bigger problems.

So, enter Duterte. Now I can understand when he was Mayor, he did not have power on a national level to fix the Justice System. So he bypassed it and went vigilante.

d3b203e3aa7afffd8b73bdd2c8d4b28eAnd now that he has the power to clean up the justice system, what does he do? He does not take to heart his oath to uphold the Constitution, and like a REAL hero would do, prioritize cleaning it up, and restructuring it, and fix it. NOPE! Continue to bypass it, and continue his love of killing people. Now he can kill so many more! He turns the nation into a vigilante state, and thinks that’s honorable and the right thing to do. And fuck anyone domestic or foreign who criticizes him. He is clueless to how unbelievably stupid he paints himself to the world by being a loose-lipped moron.

Duterte isn’t a President. He just continues to be a Mayor (in Philippines fashion). He is the Mayor of Philippines, NOT the President. He is not a leader, but a ruthless ruler. And it’s obvious everyone is too scared to oppose him. They’re all stupid, frightened little children who just cannot muster up the courage or brains to think for themselves.

A PRESIDENT with even half a brain would recognizeff1c56e26f97b611b6d344026e3de182 the problems, stick to the law (something they really haven’t tried yet), and show what law and order is about, instead of promote lawlessness like he’s doing now. He and his fellow dumbshits can form no concept of executing Constitutional law. I want to just slap them and say, “HEY! I HAVE AN IDEA! LET’S TRY SOMETHING YOU HAVEN’T TRIED YET! EXECUTE ACTUAL LAW, JUSTICE, HONOR, AND DECENCY! IT JUST MIGHT WORK!”

But no. He wants to behave badly, and make lame, ridiculous excuses for it, and try to justify his wrong-doing by pointing out the wrong-doings of other countries throughout history, which in his mind, will make his wrong-doing right. What an adolescent mind!

But like everything here, democracy, The Constitution,pr173670-2-2292082-640x640-b-p-ffffff and anything good in place is just there as an ornament to look good. Actually living by it and executing it seems to only be a suggestion, not mandatory. Everyone feels they’re so special and above the law. “The rules don’t apply to me, because I have very good reason and justification”.

What they have here is anarchy. The people are just too stupid to inform themselves, and they seem to be perfectly ok with a dictator to tell them what to do, and what to think.

A real leader who claims to be for law and order would be the first to obey the law. He would recognize the root problems, and prioritize them. If he wants to go after the drug lords and dealers and users, he would know he needs to have a working justice system. So fixing the justice system would be the first priority. Once that is functional, and if he still has the sick, twisted, megamaniacal, obsessive thirst to kill massive amounts of people, he can then invoke the death penalty, make drug dealing punishable by death, and then go after suspected criminals, arrest them, have them stand trial, present evidence, convict them, and then sentence them to the punishment (the legal way). But they have never really been able to follow any rules, ever. Funny but sad, isn’t it?

evolutionofsheepleThat is what a REAL leader would do. Instead, he is just alienating allies who are trying to tell him exactly what I said above, and he just doesn’t get it, and neither do the people. He cannot make the connection. There is a serious screw loose in logic. He is violating his own citizen’s Constitutional rights. Because they CANNOT understand the logic of “innocent until PROVEN GUILTY in a court of law.

The only way for progress is to come closer to following what’s right. Not moving further away from civility and offering RIDICULOUS LAME EXCUSES for it while pissing down the world’s back and telling them it’s raining.

Philippines will never ever ever “get it”.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    Hey Captain I was thinking the other day; Is there any chance Duturte could be hauled off to The Hague, tried, convicted and then put in a cage, 50 meters underground, next to Charles Taylor? As a member of the UN can he not be tried for his crimes? Maybe it is a little early but if he keeps it up I can’t see why not.

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    When he was first elected I got into an argument with an expat when I predicted the shit storm just around the corner. He kept telling me he can’t do this and that because it goes against the constitution. I had to point out that as nicely worded as the constitution is there’s not really much in there which is adhered to. And of course the man child has threatened to disband congress if anybody tries to impeach him. I think there’s very good reasons he’s visiting the armed forces every week, giving them pay raises and increasing their pensions. A true dicatorship like he had in Davao is his ultimate goal

  3. Profile gravatar of BobKuman


    The Tagalog’s term for “President”, was Pangulo Ng Pilipinas.
    If translated literally to Malay or Indonesian, it means “Village Elder of Philippines”.

    Yes folks, that term was the lowest level on bureaucracy chain. With Duterte, it was rightly so. He’s acting like a village elder, not a national leader.