The Neighbors, Real Filipinos

The Neighbors, Real Filipinos


I grew up in a relatively poor family. We had to be careful what we spent, no extras, always on sale food, never eat out, no taxis, no eating out. So I have a conservative personality.

Now I am in a poor country, supposedly, but how come my neighbors have more than I ever had?


I have been renting this house for ten months now because it’s close to where I am building a house; the rent is only two thousand a month. BUT! The bullshit I have had to put up with is beyond belief, a nightmare of noise and conflict that could only happen in this cultureless, bullshit of something they call a country.One blotter at the PNP and five complaints to the barangay captain. They call it culture; I call it a collection of the world’s worst fucking parasites.

OK here are the answers.

The neighbors are three families. Three houses directly behind are fifteen people. Two over are eight people and then the last are sevan. I know all this because my wife befriended one of the cousins in the 15.


So how do the fifteen behind have two motors, two game machines, a videoke machine, washing machine? Do any of them work? No of course not. The 26 year old leader bitch has two kids and doesn’t know who the fathers are. Typical huh. The twenty year old brother has completed grade six and has never worked a day in his life. He spends the day going back and forth to the sari sari to get one cigarette at a time and play basketball. All the other family just stares at the air. So how do they survive, were does the money come from?

Simple, the single mom has an Australian fuck that sends her 20000P a month. He comes to fuck her once a year. He was here in December. And guess what when he left two weeks later another fuck appeared, I wonder what he paid her? So the story goes on. They get there smokes and Emperador and other things because the bitch can fuck.

Now the other family. Also none of them have jobs. Why? Hah, simple the sister is working in Hong Kong. Why work when you get remittances every month, free everything for the sisters slave job.

The other family is Muslim. The husband is the Imam so he is at the mosque all day collecting money and praying to Allah to suicide bomb more people. He has five kids by the way, where does the money come from?

I go to swim at a resort three times a week. Why is it that no matter what time of the day or year it is there are always lots of people and kids? Same story, outside support. Maybe nobody in this shit hole does real work, why bother, someone is supporting you!

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    tambok Post author

    Ya I live in a rural area but the town has every fucking send money place, all, maybe 20, Cebuano, Palawan pawnshop etc. Always busy with fucking leeches.

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    These people don’t even consider biting the hand that feeds them. Some Pinoys act disrespectfully to the walking ATM (eg stealing after getting gifts) and they say they are unlucky when they become poor after the benefactor stops financing them.

    I don’t blame the leeches 100% though. Some expats are gluttons for punishment and some new foreigners/expats are willfully blind and refuse to use the brain that allowed them to earn money in the first place.