The Omnipresence Of Things In My Neighborhood That Are Annoyingly Pinoy

tambok4If you live in a city it’s probably quite different, especially if you live in a village or development project, but if you live in a suburban neighborhood as I do there are certain things that are just always there. These are things that they just can’t live without, things that are just so PRESENT if you get my drift? Here they are, see if you can relate to them.

  1. Panic talking. The bisayan dialect has a weird nuance of going up at the end of a sentence. It sounds like a bunch of velocoraptors screaming at each other. Especially if it’s a group of intoxicated men.
  2. Crazed laughing. They sound like the wiked old witch of the west. Kind of like a high screaming sound and because the walls are so thin it’s everywhere and for nothing. A shrill and nasty sound.
  3. Yelping dogs. Not just barking but that continuous, ignored by them, shrill ou ou ou ou seemingly forever, non-stop annoying noise coming from every direction.
  4. Baying goats. Also non-stop as they tie them in a place where there is no food and just leave them there all day, or in a bunch of branches so they get all tangled and can’t move.
  5. Chain saws. They use them to cut boards for building. Sometimes for days on end non-stop whining sound.
  6. Empty Tanduay and Emperador bottles scattered everywhere and have been there for years.
  7. Multi colored plastic bags, food and beverage containers, junk food packs, cigarette buts everywhere you look, no end. Ripped up pampers that the starving dogs have eaten the shit out of.
  8. The smell of frying fatty meat from the dirty kitchen blowing in the wind.
  9. Circles of people with nothing to do, jabbering away about obviously nothing. Cause no work and no purpose in life.
  10. Smart ass kids with no respect, no manners and no prudence running around everywhere.
  11. The presence of a pregnant woman, every house seems to have one, scary future!
  12. The thuck thuck sound of a bouncing basketball with one of those orange haired, hair standing on end assholes playing it.
  13. The thuck thuck sound of someone cutting wood for the dirty kitchen.
  14. That aggressive hey call when they try to get your attention.
  15. Spitting in every direction by everyone.
  16. Revving motors every time they start them and noisy vehicles.
  17. Pants that end just below the knee and are difficult to walk in but would anyone dare to wear shorter ones, no way! Narcissism.
  18. A cigarette stuck between the fingers or in the mouth forever, no breaks.
  19. Face book selfies happening everywhere and anyone under 40 staring at FB for hours on end.
  20. Painted toe nails, usually black or dark red that are as sharp as daggers.
  21. Hairless mangy dogs sleeping everywhere.
  22. Pigs and the smell of their shit under or beside the house.
  23. Somebody, usually a family member, visiting to ask for money or to get free meals.
  24. Fat women eating Lechon baboi.
  25. A beautiful young girl with a looser bf with no future bothering her.Does it look and sound familiar. There are so many more.
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  1. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Shit you must be one of my neighbors seeing and hearing what I hear yep morons with no purpose in life but sit around and gossip smoke and drink cheap booze and see what they can steal next…..

  2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    With all the time all those people are sitting around with nothing to do, you think it would be too much to ask them to do a community cleanup? Hahaha!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

      Are you kidding? I helped build a center for a sizable village. It was primarily for kids. No shit, not one man from the village ever volunteered to help build it.. Even though it was being done for their kids. A dozen or more women volunteered where they could. It made me realize that these people have no sense of community. They pretend to with their carrousing and drinking. But there is no work in that. I’ll never volunteer again. I don’t care if a typhoon levels this place.

      1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        Denmark, this takes the cake in the thread you referenced
        I walk in my rural area for exercise and I swear there isn’t a square meter of land anywhere that doesn’t have a piece of trash on it, be it plastic bag, pampers, junk food bag, its fucking unbelievable how much trash is everywhere. I had a similar experience to you. I moved to a new place and went out to pick up all the plastic bags at the road, people who passed by were laughing and after a few weeks bags of garbage started to appear at my gate. Fucking unbelievable low behavior.

        1. Profile gravatar of tambok
          tambok Post author

          I did the same thing catabisis. Went out and picked up all the trash. A week later it was even worse and when I pick up everybody laughs. Really low lifes, especially the young unemployed ones with the standing up hair, super smart ass idiots always making comments.

  3. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    26. Someone having a piss or a crap in front of the entire family ,with the toilet door wide open.
    27. Someone pissing against the nearest wall or tree, because they can’t be bothered to walk the exact same distance inside to the CR.

    1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

      My old mate in Iloilo solve that problem (for a while only though).

      He’s a Philippine – but worked abroad for me for many years.
      When “moved back home” he was loaded with a pension fund and a real good income.
      Transferred the old family house to a modern and stately place to live.

      One problem though…..
      At the far end of his plot, to the corner of the street, the locals repeatedly broke down his fence to go inside a piss (and what’s worse).
      At the same corner lays a sari-sari – and quite popular for locals as a hangout.

      Temporarely solution;
      Electric wires (AC50) – as he said; “to keep the chickens inside”.
      (He don’t have chickens).

      Men know what this means – and for some time it really worked well – but over time those pissing there made my mates life so difficult, he had turn the AC50 off.

      2 years ago he build a solid concrete wall along the plot, fencing in the view in.
      It was quite sad to see that, but what else could he do..?
      Problem solved for ever, but now customers of said sari-sari toss empty cans and bottles over the wall.
      Once I saw this done and confronted the guy doing it…responds.; “fuck you Joe”
      No respect for other people’s property.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      28.) A 79 year old, fat, hunch backed mother in law who refuses to shut her bedroom door any time she dresses or undresses.
      29.) The way they constantly defend each other.

  4. Profile gravatar of tambok
    tambok Post author

    30. People and kids in particular walking away from sari sari’s and dropping junk food packages as they walk, completely uneducated and oblivious to the problem they are creating.
    31. Dong with no license plates, no license and never had any driver experience doing a hundred on his motorcycle and passing on a blind corner after too much Tanduay and Tuba.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I kind of like number 31. Went to a resort and there was some pinoys drinking. We left in the car and they passed us on a winding mountain road like a bat out of hell, 3 pinoys on one single. So about 5km down the road we saw them again. They passed on a blind curve and had a head on with a big suv, killed all 3 of the assholes. Do I feel sorry or remorse they got killed? HELL NO! it’s called thinning the herd. After being here for years I have seen a lot of road kills. At first I felt sorry for them but not any more. Now when I see road kills on the news or in person I just think to myself pick your number “Less filipino assholes in the world.” and smile.

      1. Profile gravatar of tambok
        tambok Post author

        Ya totally agree. Almost daily I see the little crosses they stick in the ground where someone was killed. They really are fucking idiots and it’s only gona get worse cause there are millions of them breeding like flies. Maybe 50% of the motor drivers on this island have license and registration. No driving skills or rationale, no hesitation, no patience, nothing, just as usual push shove get in front, in first, watch im coming, get out of my way, fucking bullshit asshole idiots.

  5. Profile gravatar of crosstown

    I no longer offer ANY knid of assistance to the neighborhood kids. Why? Well some times back, I saw about ten kids or so, climbing up and down on a vary large tree. It had large limbs, and the kids would climb the limbs, and there was even an old rope attached to one. So I thought, maybe I can do something nice for them. I went to the local store, bought about 50 meters of 1/2 inch hemp rope. Then I went to a wood place and got two or three planks of 2′ x 4″ x 1″ lumber, and made some swing seats. I then proceeded to make two swings with some of the rope, and used the rest to make swinging ropes, with one foot blocks of wood on the ends. Ideal play ground stuff, so I thought. I went down to the tree and got the kids to help me throw the ropes up, and connect the swings, etc. A few days later, some old biddy comes up complaining that her grand kid couldn’t manage to get on a swing, because of the other kids, and bla bla bla. Guess what. One week later, some sick son of a bitch took a knife or whatever, and cut down all the ropes and junked the swing seats! Well, that was an inexpensive lesson. But a lesson earned.. NEVER DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES SENSE FOR THESE PEOPLE, because it’s a wasted of time, and TOTALLY UNAPPRECIATED. That is, unless they can get money out of it! Same rule applies to giving expensive gifts. To the PHilippino, a gift is looked upon as an item of re-salable for money, nothing to do with sentiment, NOTHING. More than a few times, I gave gifts, and some times later.. they were gone, sold, or swapped for some monetary value. I GIVE THEM NOTHING AGIAIN. Yes I AM BITTER!! Some things, you JUST DON”T DO!! But here, sentiment is ALL meaningless. It’s enough to make you puke!!

  6. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    32. The unregulated, no sanitary-clearance neighborhood fast-food purveyor on wheels selling fried pork innards, dried squid, fishballs, day old chicks and what have you. Guaranteed source for Hepatitis B virus.