The Pacquiao Delusion

A Facebook post I recently read:

Pinoy mentality = crab mentality

Filipinos think that you’re only good inside the ring. You’ve proved them wrong when you became a congressman and immensely helped your kababayans even if they are trying to pull you down.

Now as a senator, please, once again, prove them wrong!

It makes me sad how our fellow countrymen and women degraded you.

They discriminated your

They Made fun of you when you decided to run for senator.

Yet you give them more than enough where you could have saved it up and live a perfect life.

They belittled you to the fact that you didn’t graduate on time and all they see in you is just one man warrior fighting for our reputation as a filipino.

Little did they know that your kindness and purity is enough to lead us away from poverty and corruption.

Little did they know that you still wish you could have finished school at the right time, but you sacrificed your self to fight to feed your family and now your country.

Little did they know that when you fought in the ring is not just for money to feed your family and for the charity that you will give but, you risked your life just to give us acknowledgement from foreign countries about us as filipinos. And you kept on fighting Just because we wanted to be acknowledged even more.

This is why you deserve my vote, because i know that I’m risking my vote for a great man, with great a heart and who loves his country more than him self. You chose us over your career and now i choose you to be one of our senator.

So let’s break this steaming hot pile of bullshit down and address it with at least a measurable level of reality.

Filipinos think that you’re only good inside the ring.”

Do they? Every single Flip I know worships Pacquiao and thinks he can do no wrong. And besides, after completely failing as a congressman, they elect him Senator. It’s everyone else in the world who knows anything about what the job of a congressman is that thinks he’s only good inside the ring.

“You’ve proved them wrong when you became a congressman and immensely helped your kababayans even if they are trying to pull you down.”

Please explain exactly how he proved them wrong. If you are referring to him building a housing project for the homeless out of his own pocket, handing out rice paid for out of his own pocket, you’re an idiot. He didn’t need to become a congressman to do that. And that is not at all in the job description of a congressman. Idiots.

When asked by reporters about his record in February, Pacquiao pointed out that he was training for two fights last year. “I don’t want to boast about what I have done in my district, but you can see my accomplishments in my district. It’s important that you help your constituents and not just sit in Congress,” he said. “[In Congress] all you do is file bills, but the bills have no benefits to the people.”

It’s true that he and his wife have been generous in sharing their personal wealth with their home district, but the comments suggest that perhaps legislative work isn’t for him, and that he may not understand exactly what it is. This attitude also reinforces the entrenched system of personal patronage that has long plagued the country’s politics.

“They discriminated your knowledge.”

{{{{{{SNORT}}}}}}} I just spewed coffee from my nose I laughed so hard at this one. He is absolutely clueless as to what the job of a congressman is. He does not even remotely understand representation.

Pacquiao should “first understand the job of a congressman before he understands the work of a senator, before he studies the responsibilities of a president,” de Leon said.


Manny Pacquiao did lots of good things for people as Manny Pacquiao the wealthy boxer. He did little to nothing as a congressman, because he is too stupid to understand what it’s all about. He should just stick to giving handouts. He is too stupid to make the connection that a congressman’s job is to fix the problems that make them need handouts in the first place.

And what do these morons do? They elect him senator.


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  1. Profile gravatar of crosstown

    One of those mythical “good books” states… Morons begat Morons… enough said! BTW. you failed to mention, Pacquiao promised (a Philippine promise.. empty and baseless!), that he would dole out great sums of money to aid the embarrasingly poor area he grew up in. And? Yep..after he got his tons, zillions of pesos, that poor area HAS NOT SEEN A PESO!! In other words, he didn’t do $hit for those people. To boot, they even bestowed the title of Commodore in the Naval reserves on this pug. Even while that dumb SOB can’t even row a fucking boat! Dutarte? The Philippines is exactly what he is all about, personified!

  2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    This is the issue I have with Pacquiao:

    He comes from poverty and has seen plenty of 1st world countries that do things completely opposite of the Philippines. He must have seen how corruption just completely fucks up the country.
    So instead of being an absentee, worthless congressman he could have been a voice for change. He could have inspired the people to stand up to corruption, he could have named the truly evil people like Estrada to make certain thieves (and their family) go to jail or never hold office again, and he could have been the voice for the people to stand up to demand better. Filipinos are so lazy they need someone like him to motivate their culture.
    However, he has done zero of that. It wouldn’t even require much effort, just a little speech here and there. Much easier than running for congress.
    Then to make things worse, he pals around with the most corrupt politicians like Binay and Singson. Those who are so evil, greedy, vile, and been running their areas into the ground for decades. Look up the guy Chavit Singson, he’s the very corrupt governor and the guy with the yellow-tinted glasses in the actual ring with Pacquiao. He gives these evil bastards more currency instead of speaking against them.
    He’d be better off doing nothing. Playing role of fake messiah and empty seat/ empty headed politician does more damage.

  3. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    My 20 pesos worth of opinion.

    MPacquiao doesn’t know jack shit about legislation. He did very poorly as a Congressman I don’t see how he can do better as a Senator. He is what Arum said years ago – the country’s social welfare system which is what stupid Filipinos think is the job a politician, to dole out money. He is also proof of the immense stupidity of Filipino voters who will need at least two centuries of education before they realize their own stupidity. Looks like he will use the Senate as his launching pad for the best seat in the house – the Presidency of the Republic of the Philippines. He’s got six years to prepare for it. Unless intervention, whether divine or man-made upsets or disturbs his plan.

  4. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

    Pacquio’s win is the result of a well-known name and a country desperately lacking heroes.
    I am surprised he won as poorly in the polls as he did. Considering crime stopped in the country during his fights, I would have laid money down that he would have been the number one senator.
    A filipina I once knew in Mindanao who spoke perfect English told me he was not considered smart because he did not speak English well. lol
    It is news to me what Johnny said that he didn’t give away a lot of his money helping the poor. I lived in Mindanao. It was a well-established rumor that he did indeed help many with his money.
    If Jonny is correct, then it confirms the power of propaganda as it is about the bullshit of Duterte making Davao the 4th safest city in the world. Not only are rapes God-awful high there, it isn’t even in the top 20 safest cities in the world. Hell, even New York, Los Angeles and Chicago is rated safer according to this site.
    Now, if those three cities are safer than Davao then it has to be a screwed up place.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Think back along the last 4 years or so and recall Manny is in the PA reserve. Manny has a fight and wins, pinoys clap. Manny then has another win and is promoted to master sarge. Then Manny has another fight and wins so they promote him from master sarge to lieutenant colonel (2011), quite a jump huh? Then I heard after this last fight them promoted him to brigadier general but cannot verify that.. Now how many people in history have gone from the rank of sarge to lt colonel in 5 years? And all of based not on military knowledge, performance or skills but simply because he won boxing matches.

      For comparison Audie Murphy joined the army shortly after WW2 broke out and was a private in June 1942 and sent to Europe by the time the war ended he was a first Lt in 1944 after being awarded the medal of honor. But Manny gets promoted faster for winning boxing matches? That is an insult to any soldier any where who had to EARN their rank. But at least now we have a little insight as to why the AFP is so fucked up and incompetent.

      1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
        Richard aka Dick Head

        At least Audie Murphy was an authentic WW2 hero and had real military experience.

        MPacquiao was a poor boy who made good in boxing. The country needed a hero badly to promote the “Filipino Pride”, whatever that means. So media and politicians in government worked together to push him into the national consciousness by giving him the honorific “Pambansang Kamao” (which is a meaningless title). Some cities/towns made him an adopted son and like you mentioned, he got an AFP officer’s commission just for winning his fights.

        MPacquiao arrived in the boxing world when boxing as a popular and profitable sport (for promoters) was on the verge of “dying”. Back in 60’s thru the ’90’s it was the heavyweights that attracted the most attention from fans. People knew of Marciano, Liston, Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Norton, Spinks, Foreman, Tyson. But it was Ali who gave boxing that level of popularity that promoters can bet their money on. When he retired, those who came after him couldn’t quite sustain the popularity of the sport.

        Ask any one in the Philippines if he can identify the current world heavyweight boxing champion and chances are he wouldn’t know. But definitely same person would know about Pacquiao. Pacquiao is like the southeast asian version of Muhammad Ali, he brings excitement to the sport. But unlike Ali, Pacquiao doesn’t really talk much but gives his audience, fans and promoters a lot to talk about after his fights.

        And when media and sportswriters romanticized MPacquiao’s life story with some embellishments here and there, big time promoters, advertisers and gamblers knew there’s a lot of money to be made.

        If the guys makes it as President in 2022, the younger generation of enlightened Filipinos should plan to migrate elsewhere. My 100 pesos worth of opinion.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Filipinos are users and not just towards foreigners but towards Filipinos.
    Take Pacquiao – he is getting fucked up the arse by his fellow Filipino bretheran and more.
    It was even raised that there is a concern people are using him from his church.

    Well, no shit sherlock. Filipinos are users and they have a hoard mentality to grab as much as they can ..while they can.

    Take the fight he had. Paccy-man had a lot of people screwing him for money, seats, hotels etc
    it was reported in the paper.

    Im sure every Filipino cunt under the sun is trying to grab some of Pacmans wealth as they DO!
    MONEY grabbing is not just from Filipina – its males as well, all pinoy, all Filipinos from the top down!
    you have a prime example of politicians who plunder the wealth down to the street guy who jokingly sees a foreigner and says “wheres my gift”
    fucking leeches. ITS NOT FUNNY too …

    Look at this –
    Pacquiao bought the five-hectare lot for P95 million while the budget for the project is P200 million according to Rey Cortez, the project engineer.
    95 million? for a block of land, 5 hectares in General Santos? Come on – that is grossly over priced.
    Without seeing it, land is cheap down in Gen San.

    Filipinos love generous people. USERS are attracted to kind hearted people
    thats why Filipinos rip the shit out of peoples generosity by taking everything.
    Pacquio is stupidly generous in the name of god. He would have many arsewipes asking him for donations
    and to share his “blessings”. They would be playing on his guilt and shaming tactics as THEY DO.
    for him to give money

    what about filipinos cannot go in 1’s or 2’s or 5’s – no – they have to bring the fucking village
    when theres a party at SOMEONE ELSES EXPENSE

    Manny Pacquiao arrives in Macau with 350-strong entourage in two hired jets… while opponent Chris Algieri lands with six-man team ahead of world welterweight title fight
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    Filipinos do this, i had a friend who had 40 neighbours and family turning up who wanted to sponge free food and booze off him.

    The next round 20 people turned up in a jeepney.

    fucking freeloading assholes – its cultural cancer.

    You want a stupid man – you have Pacquaiao

    He would be struggling under the strain of arsewipes begging for
    everything including dead grandmas funerals, school fees, loan repayments
    who knows whether all the money requests that he gets are true. MOST of these claims for money are liars wanting to literally steal money for the next problem they ever lasting seem to be buried up to their fucking necks – annoying the fuck out of especially foreigners with their problems which, to a large extent is CAUSED BY FILIPINO STUPIDITY.

    1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
      Richard aka Dick Head

      I wouldn’t be surprised. Freeloading is a favorite pastime of Filipinos. If they knew free food was available, they’d swoop down on that party or banquet like a squadron of flies attacking a pile of shit.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike


      What a fucking joke!!! I read the article in comment.Manny does not flaunt his wealth? Only a filipino would say that why covering a story about Manny losing a $585,000 (26,910,000 pesos). Then add the fact just one of his houses in California cost $5 million USD, his wife buys purses that cost over $20,000 USD each, they fly around in private jets and has how many mansions in the Philippines. Then in 2015 he was buying a house in Beverly Hills for $12,000,000.00 USD. Not including that house he has a total of 7. But remember, HE DON’T FLAUNT HIS WEALTH!!! Hypocrites.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          @oldnavyfart yep Mike, i read that “i dont flaunt my wealth”
          hey its like what the girls say

          lol …
          they are such stupid people.

  6. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    They elected him because they probably knew he was just another sucker Pinoy. You know, the generous kind, but so generous they end up hurting themselves and not solving any problems. You keep giving, you don’t receive back from these people. It’s just take, take, because that is all they know. Fuck, Breed, Freeload. No wonder he’s adored and worshiped! He’s just another Santa they can leech off of. Great point about congressman/senate, you can’t fix the worlds problems by walking around giving out money, it’s just feeding the problem! They will never learn that way!

    You know what? The more I hear about the new president/dictator, the more I’m like, “fuck ya, kick em down, throw em around, show em who’s boss!” because they love the abuse! Just found out he’s passing a bill for a 3 child policy! Fucking love it, and I’m hoping it goes down the next few years to at least 2. That’s where the problems start, they fuck like jack rabbits, procreate like roaches, and then cause crime, violence, freeloading and annoyance. End it! Give them their martial law! Give them their beatings for being bad children! Give them all of it!

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover

      And when I say “generous kind”, I mean the ones that actually make it out of that shit hole, and then get suckered and guilt tripped into thinking they owe those bottom feeders all their earnings….that’s what I mean by Generous Pinoy!

    2. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      Absolute fine with the 3 kid policy…he understood the problem of this country….Fuck , Breed a bunch of kids but no cash and work and food. They need to have a hard leader or dictator just because they cant rule their own shit to a good. It will take decades to turn the crowd of filipinos into responsible hard working people