The Perfect Storm Driver


I’d like to relate a story of a road accident I had years ago – the fateful day I had an encounter with the “perfect-storm” driver.

It was a dark night on an unlit road that a motorcycle driver came closing in towards my car on an impending head on collision. I quickly swerved out of his way only to have him slam on the side of my car. I didn’t make it – my car was a broken mess.

We later found out the driver was drunk, didn’t have a helmet on, had no license to drive, and was just months into paying installment for his new motorcycle.

The barangay captain calls us over to settle matters and the punchline was a shocker – they wanted me to pay for hospital bills coz the guy (a bloody mess himself) is poor, merely living in a pigpen house.

I was just like “DUH?????”. I even had to pay installments for my P12,000 TV set (yes I was that poor years ago) and you expect me to dish out money for your stupidity?

Well here’s the final punchline: My party walked away with the guy’s cheap cellphone – as his payment for my car’s damage (it was hardly enough to cover anything actually).

Not the ending you may have expected, but we just had to teach the guy a lesson. Really hope it sank in!

Well flashing “Poor” card doesn’t work if you have “Stupid” card all over your face. 🙂

It just keeps me wondering – what makes these zombies tick?

Well maybe the guy has a death wish with a checklist :

  • Drive drunk [ check ]
  • Drive at night for minimal visibility [ check ]
  • No helmet for maximum injury [ check ]
  • No license for maximum jail time [ check ]
  • Use new motorcycle I can’t even pay for [ check ]
  • Cause as much trouble to a hapless random victim [ check ]

This is class-A perfect-storm stupidity at its finest – only in the Fail-ippines!

And they say “it’s more fun in zombie land”. Sure – make my day!

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    Hey, I thought I was the only one that called it zombie land, since they wander about without brains….

    I am so lucky I have not encountered a money issue. A lot of Pinoy make fun of me for being poor…

    I don’t have any OFW family abroad! Or mail-order brides!