The Perfect Unsuccessful Scam

Hey All Members.

Just inspired by a previous post here, I’m sure these I met in Iloilo 2012 got the best part out of me.

A former staff member of mine reside there. I fully trust this guy (he retired as my General Manager).

Went out there to visit him and plans were made well in advance, creating opportunities for us to have a great time together.

I planned a short stay at a resort, naturally paid for by me, so I invited my man, his 2 sisters, 2 grand children and an expat from England (female) which I worked with in London 1989.

Since planning went on almost 6 month before arrival, I was pretty sure to get all things covered, rooms, food, car, gifts (don’t forget those) and all.

During those 4-5 month before my visit I suddenly became a “very highly wanted friend” on Facebook for many of my former staff’s family and friends.

Okay, why not, it’s all normal. I white guy comes along, let’s give him a good impression and lots of friendship, i thought. BULLSHIT. They just wanted to either scam me or fleece me for money.

It goes like this; Well arrived to the airport 12 “family/friends” meets me in the airport. My man is there naturally, excusing a bit for the big gathering.

Went to his place in a taxi (him, sisters and me), so I sort of “forgot” the remaining 9 people meeting me. BAD choice, because within an hour or so they all came to my man’s house, even bringing 6-7 more with them. It was a scene to behold. Partly I was glad for the attention, partly a bit scared.

Later that (late evening – night) my man and I could finally sit down with a beer in peace.

First we had to go through all our good memories. He was a great guy among my staff and I had lot’s of greetings to pass on to him from customer’s, suppliers and more.

Then in the wee hour he said; “Sorry mate, but I have to warn you”. He was very concerned about how my stay would be, mainly due to the fact that all his family (naturally), but also 100’s of others, knew I would be coming – and he saw that as a tread to my safety regarding money, time and emotions.

When this guy worked for me – as all my other staff – I convinced them to sign up for a pension scheme. They would put 4% – I would put 8% of their base salery into this pension fund, so after 20-25 years of service, they would have a pretty good pot to live off. Being from Philippine, going home after 27 years abroad, this guy brought home a heavy pension and buying power. Although paying tax on the pension in my country (it was tax deductible when paying in), he had a nett pension of 76.000 pesos a month, partly from our company, partly from other sources.

I knew all this and I was so pleased he could retire in peace money wise. Little did I know (but now he told me) that since coming home, his family and friends always pestered him for money when pensions arrived in the bank. We sat there on his terrace all night and talked about all this. O…some stories he told about thinking he helped, but was so often scammed for money. Giving money to friends so their children could afford education, only to find out money went to stupid things, money lent out to house repairs, only to see nothing was ever done to those houses, money to sick relatives, you name it, but also explained he could hardly refuse due to pressure, culture and family, so over the years (8 years home) he settled for this, still allowing him to have a bit of money and a good life.

Me…? I was furious. This guy worked ever so hard for me and did well. Now scammed on a daily basis.

He shared his house with 2 sisters (age 53 and 54) (yeah… one of them wanted to marry me..hehehehe) and 2 grand children (age 23 and 26) and was very fine with this.

After 2 days of talk, many visitors (what did you expect?) our friend (the English lady) from Davao came by and we went off to the resort. I have ordered 5 rooms and after settling in at 3pm, we met up at a local restaurant for lunch, drinks, long talks and enjoyment. Then the flow of family, “friends” and onlookers just grew around our table. Lots of kids, aunts, boys – you name it.

We had already ordered our food, so little did I know that these scumbags were ordering drinks and snacks ON MY TAB….!!!!

It went on for nearly 3 hours – yes it was fun, we had some talks across the tables, few left, few came and went, there was a constant flow of 10-15 people beside us.

I asked my man to help me paying OUR bill and he suddenly became silent and VERY scared. Before asking for the bill he realized that WE (I) properly would be footing the bill for all those who came by (some had already left).

So he went to the cashier and asked for the bill – sort of “off line” so no one saw him doing it.

Sure….we had a tap of more than 8.000 pesos to pay. My English friend said; “I knew it” – and partly did I, so we had to come up with a plan.

Still with 9 of these scammers to sit by, we got our “bill” and I started to ask for money from our “guest”…….!!!!

Disaster Outbreak – “OH NO”; “He invited us”; We’re his friends”; “How can he ask for us to pay”; all went on in Hillgaynon (i think it’s called – a local dialect) and Tagalog, partly mixed with English.

I simply refused to pay – full stop. I, nor my man, ordered those drinks and snacks (one even had a meal on a complete difference table), so why should we pay..??

It took us (them – the scammers) more then an hour to settle their bills, huge discussions among them, who ordered what for whom, even at one point a police office tried to solve a minor issue.

We just sat there and enjoyed “The Scam That Didn’t Work”

At one point the Restaurant Manager said; (not in English, it was translated for me) “why don’t the white guy not pay, he should”….. There you have it; White Guy have to pay.

We certainly enjoyed all days together there and I’ve been back few times to follow up on our friendship. The English lady moved to Iloilo and she’s now on a VERY good term with my man.

I couldn’t be happier – and my money stayed where they belong, so in all, a very successful trip

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  1. Profile gravatar of IrishPat

    Well done, glad to see you stuck to your guns, it’s a pity more people couldn’t be like you an teach these scum a lesson. Too many have been burned by this scam. I suspect most of us have learned to avoid this situation and now question in great detail how many and who will be at any outing\excursion.

    I had a similar experience bringing my family wife the two kids to a Water Park. I said to bring along a couple of other kids and an extra adult or two to help watch the kids. So I arranged transport and off we went 4 adults and 5 kids in total. Well the plan seemed to change once the transport arrived and my wife decided or had it decided for her, that we should go to a different Water Park, which was much further away but cheaper and just as good. I found out on the way when I notice the ride was taking a lot longer than expected. I let it slide, after all didn’t want to create a scene and ruin the day for the kids.

    Anyway we got to this other Water Park and hit the entrance to pay, as soon as I hit the booth my wife informed me that other family\friends had arrived and I should buy an extra 15 tickets, pay for a big hut etc. Stupidly I paid everything as the total cost was only 2500 more than I was expected to pay at the other place and didn’t want to ruin the day for the kids.

    Well my biggest shock was still to come. This Water Park has no slides, rides or even a lazy river. It was just a collection of swimming pools of different sizes with some landscaping and lots of open bamboo style huts. There was a tanoy system set up with music blaring in the vicinity of the huts. So my wonderful day out with the kids at the water park was practically ruined. My kids enjoyed running around with the other kids and I was pretty much stuck with a bunch of Pinoy adults who spent most of the day being annoying and getting drunk in the hut, rarely venturing out to enjoy the WaterPark. To add insult to injury, at the end of the day, I was asked to pay the return trip for the extra passengers. I paid everything as was just glad the nightmare was finally ending, but never again, that’s the day, I became kuripot. If ever in the company of Filipinos, I’m number one kuripot.

    Since that day I’ve learned my lesson and my wife has learned to dread family excursion in the Philippines, Unless I know exactly who’s going and where we’re going, likely expenditure, I refuse to go or pay.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I hate their system for anything like that. I just did a little post on it to another article. It is the “fee + fee+ fee = Fee-lippines” strategy. Pay for entry, pay for bathroom, pay for hut, pay for chair if you don’t want hut, pay for food/ drinks (I actually understand that), pay for bigger hut cause you have too many people, pay for karaoke machine, etc.
      I don’t even want the fucking karaoke machine, but some group of pinoys 5 huts over did and now we all have to hear it. The fucking score theme between songs is so loud and annoying every 5 minutes.
      Then most times, their area is really nothing. Its just a pool or rec area. Nothing great to begin with anyway.

    2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      Ive been sucked in like that a few times. My wife has a massive family, over 100 cousins and counting. Say we want to go swimming two cousins will want to come. Next thing we need another motorbike and more people will turn up offering us rides. Then they will bring a kid or partner and by the time we get there, there is about 15 people. Naturally we have to hire a hut and videoke machine and buy beer and meals and of course nobody contributes a peso. I am like you and just pay and learn my lesson but what gets me the most is how they have absolutely no shame in doing this. Hell I just wanted to go swimming with the wife and her 2 cousins. Something else I have to wisen up to is to not let people wander through our house. Having a big family it is kind of a open house with about 50 people a day passing through. If your not careful the fridge gets emptied out should you go out for a minute. Again I dont care about the cost I am just left in awe how fucking rude these people are. I understand why some people have their own fridge, locked up in their room that is also locked. At first I thought what tight arses but now I understand. I noticed when I came here I noticed the Lola only ever cooks for herself and no body else and we would eat by ourselves with heaps of people in the house and out on the terrace. That would not happen in my culture as we cook and eat together but in their culture you have to or else you will be feeding everyone.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Wife got tired of the crap too and started to work it different. No one tells anyone that we are going to a resort, beach or what ever and wife goes out and buys the food or we buy it on the way. Then we call a taxi or rent a car and driver that we know and take off without notice. At times wife will let the driver bring one or two guest with him but that’s all he brings. It’s a shame it has to be done that way huh?

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          You know, on second thought it might be good for all the uninvited to just show up, no really. I mean might get a chance to drown them and get away with it. Then I can hear them talking already. If you go to the beach or resort with the kano, don’t swim close to him.

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    A female cousin of my wife is famous for that. When seeing me she never says hi, hello or anything, just sits there staring acting and I know something is up. Then the first words out of her mouth after 15 minutes is, son needs meds, she don’t have money for food and the list goes on. I tell her to talk to wife and wife tells her to fuck off. Well this cousin shows up one day when wife not around and I’m sitting at back of house on back porch, she up front talking to mom in law. After about 20 mins she walks back, hands me folded paper and walks off to talk to mom in law again. I read the note and it is a pity party because she has no food to feed her kids and ask if I can help. At the bottom the last sentence is please don’t tell anyone about this.

    So I go to a sari sari about 20 meters away and buy 3 kilos of the best rice and point it out to her. She gets it and leaves after a few minutes and I thought nothing of it. Later I sent a staff to the same sari sari to get a liter of coke. Well staff came back with the coke and some news. As soon as the cousin got the rice, she beat feet to the same sari sari and got a refund on it. Starving kids huh? Her sole purpose in coming to the house was to beg from me, I mean think about it. There is no way she wrote that note in front of my mother in law or even at our place, ti was written before she even came. So the staff told mom in law, showed her the note and mom in law told wife who asked me, the bamboo telegraph huh? Well next time this cousin showed up mom in law tore into to her verbally and then started hitting her, and mom in law is in her 80’s!

    Well said cousin also has a brother who is not bad really. I set it up that I would take our son to the beach and invited a neighbor and his daughter, the male cousin, his wife, 2 sons and daughter. We picked up food and drinks and off we went. Son playing in the surf, adults talking and watching the kids and what do I see? It’s Shamu the land shark (female cousin above) about 10 foot from my table drooling with her pack of kids, about 4 at the time. Well it seems that her brother told her that I was going to the beach and she decided to invite herself and bring her tribe without even asking. Yep, she never said the first fucking word to me and started eating right away. Believe me, she could afford to miss a few meals. Well her brother pulled me aside as he knew what she has been doing and tried to do to me before and said he was sorry that he mentioned going to the beach to her and ashamed she showed up like that.

    Now anytime I plan an outing I will let son bring a friend or two, wife can bring a guest as can niece. I set a limit and say if anyone else shows up they pay their own fucking way. Wife stands beside that as she is tired of the leeches, scammers and such also.

    1. Profile gravatar of IrishPat

      Sound like you got a decent wife. Mine would never take my side in a situation like that. It would be more what’s your problem, you can afford it. That’s why any outing in the Phils for me was like a contract negotiation, nothing left to chance otherwise it was a free for all. Mind you I often received a thank you, but that was probably my wife telling them to thank me as the SOB likes that type of thing.

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        I’m also bless with a wife like Mike’s. She would always take my side, always no exception. If she objects to me then she would take the time and explain it detail and them we work out a compromise. I think of her as Hungarian not a a Filipina, seriously she thinks the same way and has the same values Iike me. She had a major confrontation with her father on my first visit to her family. The father demanded money from her while I was waiting outside with the taxi driver. She refused. He yelled at her saying “puta ina mo” I mean the word “puta” was yelled out so loud and was flying all over the place, She took her wallet out and threw it on the floor right in front of her father. That’s when the father jumped on her and started to scratch her face and choking her. The other family members had to jump in and hold them back. She was a single mother before we met. She made the wrong choice in Filipino men but being deeply religious not believing in abortion so she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. We all know how Filipino men are in general so no surprise there. As her pregnancy became more visible she was harassed to the point where she was asked to move out of the family house. She ended up living in squatter alone and that is where she raised her daughter alone until finally one of her sisters offered her a place to share . She was living on her savings from working in Malaysia in the previous years. She was not invited for Christmas and family gathering she was the lowest of the lowest and her experience made her very aware and critical of Filipino culture. That’s why she is not defensive and has no problem explaining intricately the dirty secrets of Filipino culture. We are married for 5 yrs and she is loyal and very loving. I could not ask for a better wife. We live in the states and she is not sending money and not plaining to do it in the future.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “I go to a sari sari about 20 meters away and buy 3 kilos of the best rice and point it out to her. She gets it and leaves after a few minutes and I thought nothing of it. Later I sent a staff to the same sari sari to get a liter of coke. Well staff came back with the coke and some news. As soon as the cousin got the rice, she beat feet to the same sari sari and got a refund on it.”

      Mikey, your story reminded me of that time when we gave the charcoal man some rice. It was in 2014 when the charcoal man came to our property to make charcoals from trees that have fallen post-Typhoon Yolanda. Since the charcoals weren’t done at the time, Mr. CM (charcoal man) tugged at our heart strings and said that he has 7 kids and no rice for that evening. I gave him P100.

      Next day, the ex and I were having a drink at the market square and here was Mr CM again, with a sackful of coconuts he was trying to sell. He was tugging at our hearts again, told us he only sold 2 and not enough to buy rice. So ex and I got up and went to store and bought 5 kilos of first class rice. I even gave the bastard P20 to pay for a motorbike ride as he lived in the mountains. I was suspicious that he would sell that rice and sure enough, when we returned to the markets next day for lunch, the store owner informed us that CM got off round the corner and sold the rice for P35/kilo. We paid P50/kilo the day before. Never again! Real low-lifes.

      Us Kanos really have a good reason to treat these Pignoys badly, but we don’t. Yet they make it out in their shows that Kanos are racists and looks down on them. Maybe some of us do, but it’s not for the reasons that Pinoys portray in movies like the one Attila recently posted.

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        Us Kanos really have a good reason to treat these Pignoys badly

        Kanos have a bad reputation mo matter what. They will be labeled as the abusers just to elevate them up as victims. One of my wife’s babysitter was a 16 year old girl and whenm she learned that I’m a kano she said to my wife that Kanos are rapist and pedophiles. Wife said she must have heard it from other or got it from the media. Filipinos have selective rage against rapist and pedophiles. A few misfit whites will always have a better chance to be on the front page than the thousands of locals.

    3. Profile gravatar of FLIPmonkey


      Man that female cousin of your wife is poorly educated. I can’t believe people like her actually exist. She doesn’t even talk to you. It’s like she has full pride and entitlement to ask, beg money from you. Yowza. Does she even just go in your house grab something to eat sit anywhere she wants doesn’t even say a single hi or how are you like shes the queen of the house? LULZ

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        She will just show up and like said not say a word. But one of the first if not the first in line to eat. Mom in law has tore into her and has actually beat her for her behavior, don’t mess with mom in law is the general belief. Back around 2009 wife and I were out of the house and mom in law was watching our son. Some filipinos showed up and said they were taking our son when they had no right to do so. Mom in law held them off with a bolo and she was in her 70’s!

  3. Profile gravatar of djbuett

    Yup….I’ve already gotten scolded for the results of my “stupid lunch” post, but, hell, I was only visiting for a few weeks and headed home the next day…But in spite of the temptation to scuba dive there, I will not be going back…bully for you for doing what I should have done…tak

  4. Profile gravatar of Denmark2
    Denmark2 Post author


    In any family – i think (and hope) there’s 1 or 2 single persons who just stands clear out, making the difference.

    As I wrote about my man in Iloilo – he’s the one standing out, but since his sisters – and their children always has stayed close to the family, these people really stands out – so glad they live together and support each other.

  5. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Denmark2, well done for standing up against these moochers-freeloaders! First time my family and I returned to the PI in 2008, we decided to go to a resort for the weekend. The party was only supposed to be about 10 people. Then as we boarded the multi-cab on the day, I noticed 2 girls boarded the vehicle as well. I asked Mum who they were and Mum did not even know and she was paying! So Mum asked asswipe uncle who the extra 2 girls were. They were the nieces of asswipe uncle’s wife!

    At the resort, the 2 girls kept hanging around with us. At the time I thought they just wanted to practice their English. Looking back now, asswipe uncle’s wife might have been trying to set up my older brother (who was only 22 at the time). Thankfully, bro had an Aussie GF back then, so evil demon wife’s efforts came to nothing. Except the 2 girls did enjoy the weekend with us, at our expense.

    1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2
      Denmark2 Post author

      Sure know all about this; “might have been trying to set up my older brother”.

      Ever so often I find myself bound in a triangle of a well-wisher, wanting me to marry hers/his aunt, sister, niece and daughter.

      ….and ever so often finding these awkward moments so difficult to run away from.

      Back in 2006-2007 they wouldn’t ask that much – and didn’t introduce me to so many “offers”, but then the “hunt” was on to get me hooked on to a female (of various age).

      Don’t get me wrong though. I do enjoy the female attention, but surely of my choice.

      A long term friend of mine living in Dasmariñas was not so careful when selecting a family member to meet me at Manila airport for one of my visits.

      My friend couldn’t come himself due to work shift at the hospital, so he arranged with his aunt to meet me.

      Yes, there’s she was – I instantly recognized her when leaving the terminal, but didn’t have a clue to whom the 2 young girls was.

      Never mind….. I did found out during our 2 hour drive down to Dasmariñas.

      Helen, age 24, single mother, living in the province (Nasugbu) and Melody, age 21 from Binobusan.

      O… didn’t the aunt try to “sell” those prime girls to me…???
      I hardly remember much from her sales pits, but naturally started out with Helen, telling me the girl were ever so well educated, honest and simple (why do most girls thing they are simple?).
      Next to tell me Melody wanted to live abroad and were in search for the perfect partner in life.

      Sure, I asked asked the girls few questions, both so shy that they so often just giggled or hid they face as answers.
      I’m not sure if the girls realized what was going on at all, but I kindly declined to “invite” the aunt and girls out for lunch, but did show my gratitude for them to meet me at the airport.

      Later my friend asked me; “you met ate Mia?” “I told her not to stress you mate”.

      To some extent I do understand, but me (at that time 51 years old) should not ary or have relationship with such young girls.

      The “Match Making” are still going on – and to all my friends down there; I do understand, but no, currently I’m not looking for a wife!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Your not off the hook yet so keep the guard up. A lot of times after wife and I meet a pinay I’ll get asked to help her find an American husband by the pinay at our very first meet. Wife jumps in and tells them to forget it because “he has seen how pinays really are and will not fuck up an Americans lifes by setting them up with a pinay.” More or less that’s what she says.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        ,” but then the “hunt” was on to get me hooked on to a female (of various age).”

        Denmark2, don’t you forget that when you go to the Philippines, you instantly become a white chicken in a brown dog’s yard. Next time you go there, better wear a chastity belt and leave the keys at home. 🙂 or even better, temporarily chemically castrate yourself that even if she mounts you, all she’s gonna get is “dead wood”. I’ll give you the name of the drug if you want it. 🙂

        “Helen, age 24, single mother, living in the province (Nasugbu) and Melody, age 21 from Binobusan.”

        Ahhh, the single mothers…. so many times we came across them. We usually get the lines of “I’ve got a cousin who would really, really loved to meet you”. And cousin was unemployed with 4 kids.

        “I hardly remember much from her sales pits, but naturally started out with Helen, telling me the girl were ever so well educated, honest and simple (why do most girls thing they are simple?).”

        Educated…. yes, but did they worked???

        And simple… I really laughed every time they say that. A common description of themselves in the dating sites read: am a simple girl… well, here in my country, when a girl describes herself as “simple”, it usually means she’s not a “full quid!” (for my British friends 🙂 ) or “only 99% (for my Filipino friends – although some of you might argue only 90% 🙂 } or “not the sharpest tool in the shed” as
        we Aussies call them. 🙂

        And based on some of the posts here, the latest one being Fafi and Attila, the girls were probably telling the truth about themselves… they were SIMPLE! For a change, they’re not lying. 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

          Chemical castration? What on earth is that? Pouring acid down one’s pants :-0 ?

          If it’s a drug or something along those lines, I would love to purchase about a million gallons of it and add it to the water supply there, or rent a bunch of crop dusters and spray it over the masses 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            LOL! Snake, no unfortunately at this point, you will have to swallow the drug in order for it to work. Don’t worry, once I finished my medical course, I will try and invent something that we can embed on rice. Flips can’t live without rice, so has to be a win-win right? 🙂

  6. Profile gravatar of FLIPmonkey

    Like what I said Den if you’re white in Monkey Town you’re entitled to pay. I’m happy that you refused and shuved their orders up their baboon ass! 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2
      Denmark2 Post author

      I feel happy to – because after this incident my man often tells me, that the pressure on his wallet have slowed down a bit.

      I know I’m bait for any 37 celcius warm (and poor) FFF. Please send regards to wife for her honest replies.

      Sad to tell you that Helen are now pregnant, expecting to give birth this month. Shortly after our “failed match-up” she got hooked up by a local guy – and you’ll never guess this….; He’s at no abode, gone, vaporized few days after being told the money shot result.

      Melody now runs a FB page promoting her simple life. Minimum 5-6 new selfies are uploaded weekly, still in search ( I think ) for the perfect guy.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Denmark2, I think you and DJbuett should buy lottery tickets together. 🙂

        But perhaps it’s too early to celebrate yet. Don’t forget you had lunch with Helen. You could yet get fingered as the “Daddy”. 🙂

        So Melody is spending her time trying to sell herself at FB? Why didn’t anyone tell her to get a job instead of spending so much time at FB hoping some Kano sucker will bite her bait.