The Philippines deserves Communism and dictatorship! Reward their STUPIDITY!

So, from what I hear from a few of my co-workers (who are Filipino), they have elected a dictator-Marcus style president. Doesn’t surprise me in the least!


I was annoyed the other day with my wife. You see, she never changes. She just keeps making the same stupid mistakes over and over! I’ll make the story short here. She wants to go to the Philippines during a major recession. Had her hours cut and basically doesn’t have any money! But does that stop her from making illogical decisions? NO, absolutely not! She wouldn’t be Filipino, otherwise! So once again she’s back in her debt hole which I predicted and has a trip booked to go back there. Am I frustrated about these common dumb decisions? No, because I know these people never change and will willingly reward themselves for their stupidity or ask for rewards from you! All you got to do is laugh at it and shake your head with disappointment and then shrug it off because it will never change, so don’t let it effect you! Speaking of, she wants some free money for her trip from me – who is responsible with money! Guess what? How about you FUCK OFF!


What I’ve realized over time-living with a Filipino day to day- is you just can’t fix them unless they are FORCED and THREATENED and ABUSED! The majority have such a short attention span and with the average IQ of 86, they sure as hell can’t think for themselves and make those logical and smart decisions on their own. They have no fucking forethought or preparedness like more intelligent people have. Look at what happened when that typhoon hit? They just sat there and let it come their way and wipe them out! No common sense! This kind of absent mindedness needs to be heavily controlled and guided! So I say, fuck it! Give them what they ask for and give them what they worship. What do they worship you ask? Dictatorial, Communistic oppression! Most of them are born and raised to serve their masters (parents) and do their bidding since they were just toddlers, and bred to worship abusive leadership, so it’s innate to them. They live and breathe this kind of shit and so they DESERVE IT! Are these people ever going to fix their own country when they have the mentality of a child? I mean, come on. From my experience they can’t handle money well, they worship materialism, they love to display shallow tendencies of showing off and many lack any sort of leadership qualities. So I say, the hell with it! Give them what they deserve! We hear it time and time again from these people that “Marcus, our great dictator was the best president to ever grace the Philippines”. The only way they can clean up their act is if they are oppressed, dictated and abused! This is what they’ve grown up with, living with their pimp parents, so this is what they admire and accept as great leadership! It makes perfect sense. This is another part of their “culture” I’ve recently discovered. Ask any Filipino….I mean ANY and 99% of them WORSHIP MARCUS! Now, I don’t really know all the details of corruption with this guy, but from what I’ve learned from other Filipino’s is, he robbed the country of its gold and valuables and hid them away somewhere for himself he enforced martial law and heavy Communism and ever since they had him the deficit sky rocketed and hasn’t been repaired since. Whether this is accurate or not, he was a dictator, believed in martial law and initiated brute force to these people, PERIOD. This is not freedom in the eyes of a intellectual!


So you see the example I made with my wife? She just doesn’t change. The stupidity supersedes all reason and she just runs around in circles, chasing her tail, creating problems for herself and effecting those around her. Under law, I can’t really dictate, threaten and abuse to get my way, which is rightfully so. It’s just not humane and rational to do such things in my country. But over there, you have a bunch of wild rabbits procreating like mad, making illogical decisions, never learning and never improving. So what do you do with a bunch of wild rabbits that are infesting and contaminating an area? You quarantine them, create order, dictate and oppress them until they change their bad habits and the only way these people will EVER change their bad habits is to be FORCED and GUIDED like sheep! So I say, let them have what they so desire! Communism, dictatorship and control is what they admire and worship, so what better decision then to have a new Marcus style president do just that!


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  1. Profile gravatar of Grinnil

    The other night while we were at the boulevard, my wife pointed out that there was a lot more people out than usual. I told her they are just enjoying their freedom before duterte turns it into a dictatorship. It’s funny that he said he was going to reward cops for killing people that they “suspect” are criminals, not that they know are criminals. So, by that logic, the police should kill the politicians, since they are the biggest criminals.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      How about this. My wife says Dirtyturd will be good and I point out he is an admitted killer. Her reply was he is talking about bringing back the death penalty (wow, imagine that but since when did he need a law to ok killing people?)
      Her reasons why he will be a good leader?
      1.) Videokes have to go off at 10pm in Davao.
      2.) Firecrackers are illegal in Davao.
      3.) Davao has a speed limit.

      I know, stop shaking your head now and laughing out of disbelief.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        That’s a crack up @oldnavyfart, your wife’s 3 reasons. In that cesspool of a place the bar does not have to be raised too high to make a difference but if Duturte is going to clean up he has one hell of a job in front of him.
        My wife’s pamily all voted for him because they think he is going to bring discipline and order to the place. I asked her how is someone in Malacanang going to make a difference? I told her if they want discipline and order how about starting in the home with their own children first, teach them manners and discipline like they do in normal countries. If Duturte wants to really make a difference start with the schools and make a social change with the next generation otherwise his death squads are going to be over worked with an endless task in front of them.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        It’s like I told my wife after Dirtyturd was elected. What did the filipinos just tell the world after they elected him?
        1.) Filipinos have no problem with murder.
        2.) Filipinos just admitted they are like children who cannot behave and need a keeper.
        3.) They admitted their country is in very bad shape.
        4.) They admitted their culture is in very bad shape and fucked up.
        5.) They admitted they need a babysitter.
        6.) They told the world that as a country and a people they cannot be trusted.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila

          Killing by Duerte is just a way of population control. Many Filipinos believe that killing is a way to reduce overpopulation. So let the petty criminals go first. by Duerte. Birth control is not acceptable but killing is.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover Post author

            Better than having them kill you for money, I say! There’s so many offing foreigners and running away free. I think it’s pay back!

          2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            I guess in a country where abortion and contraception isn’t very popular the best way to reduce overpopulation is civil war and global warming. We’re not quite there yet but those two will surely prove great decimators, especially in conjunction.

            And decimators are sorely needed, there is no God-given right to procreate us into oblivion!
            Now we are 8billion, obviously too much, the phils an excellent example. The main culprits here are diverse religions, with their perverse demand to “multiply and subdue the earth.” This is still adhered to by many, and it will be sufficient to bring us over the edge!

            Many do not see it yet, but we have “subdued” ourself into extinction.

            When glaciers have melted away, the rivers ceased to flow, the heatwaves become unbearable and aquifers depleted we shall see how humanity will cope. Actually we see it already, in a place like the phils… The ph. mentality of “lack” will soon get reasons to lack more.

            The Saudis are running out of money, that will have some necessary consequences for the millions of OFW’s there. There are not millions of jobs galore on the world stage now, some will just have to come home..

            In the long run Mr. Duterte will be the least of the Philippines’ problems! No reason to get a heart attack over his future stupidities, after all he’s a Pinoy, what can we expect?;-)
            But somehow I’m thankful the Philippines do not have nuclear capability.. The Pakistani do, and they’re not terribly much brighter..

            Then, I’m still waiting for some development in the Spratly’s.. (Yes, the correct spelling is without an “e”! 😉 It’s impressive how doggedly the chinos have dug in their heels there, and the facilities….a mere dream for Philippine soldiers in the same waters… But when the bullets start flying it’s not the quality of aircon which is paramount.

            Anyhow, we should be very humble and happy because of Pinoy stupidity, if not we would not be able to enjoy our exquisite blog;-)

        2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover Post author

          Hey Mike,

          The only thing they won’t admit is their stupidity and how their stupidity caused most of the problems in their country. They rarely own up to their wrong doings.

          1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
            Richard aka Dick Head

            You are right ! It’s gotta be someobody else’s fault, not theirs. I’ve seen it a hundred if not a thousand times. Finger pointing is something that’s almost 2nd nature to Filipinos.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      D30 has said some good things since he’s been elected that I started to think twice about it. He was supposed to be an outsider who would break the cycle of corruption. Then he appointed the son of Manny Villar (a very corrupt politician whose made billions) to the head of the DPWH. Basically he appointed a very high level position to a family dynasty. Great job!! Further, the father of this guy (when he was a senator) was steering all kinds of BS roadway projects and funds to his private interests such as ballooning projects over 30% higher than the already stupid budget,,,, in an effort to help himself.

      So the dude has changed nothing in his first appointment.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike Gutierrez
        Mike Gutierrez

        He also appointed Capt. Nick Faeldon, a known rebel soldier(who has yet to receive amnesty), to be the new Customs chief. He also put Gen. Danny Lim, a man who joined a militant group to stage a semi coup d’etat, and when that group refused to fund his senatorial campaign, jumped ship and joined another militant group, as the new chief of the Bureau of Corrections.

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    There is your chance. Convince her that she should get a one way ticket in case she decides to stay longer and spend time with the parents. Tell her you can take care of things while she is gone. So off she flies on her one way ticket and you change the phone numbers, report her atm and credit cards stolen. So there she sits in the PI and not enough money to buy a ticket back.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Some people were beginning to think maybe child bride had you done in. Nice to see that did not happen. Some how I suspect that is what has happened to Beavis though.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Ah, I’m too smart for that. I’ve got a lot of cards up my sleeve before it gets to that point. She’s going and I’m thankfully keeping my boy here! Thank God!

      And ya…sometimes I really need a break from all the Pinoy madness. If I get to involved in this shit, it makes me go crazy and stress out. My health is pretty fragile, so I do what I can to keep my stress levels low. Good to come back once in a while though!

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Duterte should crack down on fucking churches that blast their sermons outside on public speakers at 5am on sundays and some times of the year they are blasting at 4am!