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Can I just vent out something when I stumbled upon a particular Facebook post being shared by someone that I could not just scroll down because the opening statements just got my immediate attention? Apparently, it’s been going on for days, and more and more people are adding up into the bandwagon for the uttermost support, and a few who dared to criticize or balance it out. I felt like there’s something wrong to the message she’s trying to come across, so I tried to talk some sense to her.

But what I had found is that some of them, who dared to confront, just cannot read between the lines of what you’re trying to point out to them. Even the woman who was so enthusiastic promoting about the PLAIN TRUTH cannot seem to process it, like you have to explain it word for word, esp. if you’ve written it so long, like all they can capture is what make them tick or are most sensitive to them. I’m not even sure if there are concrete bases or supporting proof points to the truths she has listed or that some are still under process but she chooses to bring them out anyway. She looks like a well-educated woman and seems to have made well of herself, but I just don’t understand what she was trying to do.

So what I kind of discovered is that you have to put your words as simple as possible because a lot of them just cannot fathom your message if constructed to a certain degree, esp. metaphorically or allegorically. They will be baffled with your use of objects or symbolic figures that you will be the one looking like a nuttard to them. And most of them don’t take sarcasm pretty well, so maybe you better not, or they might take some of the words so literally that you may have a lot of explaining to do, which is a tedious process if you choose to do so.

And you cannot just playfully use anything God-related to your words because some of them can go ballistic about it as if you mean disrespect or something. They are very, very sensitive about that. If you scroll through now the thousands, most of what you can see are about prayers, being a Godsend, God Bless, Amen, Hallelujah, Jesus, etc. There is basically God in everything. So my impression is that they generally like praises; to praise and to be praised. I guess they feel better that way.

So with regards to handling criticisms, and esp. when you hit on their nerves that much because of some of the words being used not even intended to offend or whatever but as a reference, which for some fail to realize, they will hit you with their best insults possible, and they’re kind of really good at it. And what I also noticed is when others give some quite valid and reasonable but opposing viewpoints, they are instead welcomed with further insults, foul words, name-callings, misunderstandings, etc.

And that woman seems to be very omnipresent, even replying from time to time, esp. if it gets her attention. As to the point I was trying to make, I’ll share one similar conversation:

FB user: “I support many things this government has done: FOI, for example… I’ve had multiple opportunities to leave this country and I always come back because the Philippines is my home, just as much as it is yours and I want to make it better for those who do not have the same opportunities as I do. I know hundreds of brilliant, patriotic citizens like me who do not agree with many things about this administration. We all have something to offer and to contribute. We all deserve to be heard.”

Zealous Woman: “I said if you cannot appreciate. Wala namang “disagree” na word sa post ko ah?” (Translation: There is no “disagree” word to my post, is there?)

FB user: “Well fine, according to all definitions I don’t APPRECIATE bilateral talks with China.

As far as I know, basta Filipino ka may karapatan ka tumira dito (if you’re Filipino, you have the right to live here). I don’t think a lack of appreciation is reason to be made to leave. Obviously you feel differently and that is your right to feel and express. If you don’t appreciate my statements that’s fine. It doesn’t matter what you appreciate or don’t appreciate, you’re my kababayan I’ll defend your right to live and breathe and work here as long as you want to.”

So before this gets way too long, how can you talk some sense to this woman? It’s like there is this general mentality going on that, whatever level of intelligence or form of common sense one has, less educated and very educated alike, if they see someone who projects himself or herself very well, they’re easily pulled into it, and be like, “Wow, that sounds right to me. You make total sense. Those who don’t get it are the retards.” Perhaps we are just so very impressionable people.

It’s like most people are easily played when it comes to their emotions and beliefs. At one time, some of these political figures are so popular and loved. The next thing you know, they’re the devil by exploitation or association. If an idea is promoted and it becomes popular, just like Pinoy Pride, then it can become a part of the norm, and the best thing you can do is support it, without question. If it seems like the general population or the social media think it’s the right thing to do, then it is the right thing to do, or just for fun and it’s a Pinoy thing to do. Therefore, pak ganern!

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    That is the way most filipinos are. If you say something or put up facts/experiences they don’t like they go straight to name calling, insults and so forth. They will very rarely back up their point with reason, logic, facts and common sense. If you go through comments here you will find filipinos who do get mad at what we say. They will make something up, blurt it out and because they said it they really believe that alone makes it a fact.

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      Mike and PFB members,

      I need your opinion about this. Though I think he is just trying to scare me off, I just want to know what’s your take. Aside from Mike, I can add friend for those who want to take a look.

      The ‘picture he owns’ –
      The ‘supposed owner of the photo in the article’ –
      He wants it taken down because ‘he thinks’ it is his intellectual property –

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        If me I would ask him to prove ownership of said photos and if he cannot or does not then I would tell him to fuck off. Looking at his FB page he stikes me as two things, a hard core duterte ass kisser and a wanna be teenage thug.

        Now just because he “thinks” it’s his intellectual property does not mean that is his property. Does the pic list his name as the photographer? I doubt it. Then if you want to jab at him tell him “I doubt that the picture is your intellectual property as you claim. In order for it to be your intellectual property you have to have intellect first which you clearly lack.”

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            It won’t get past the Lawyer’s Acceptance stage, as he will need to put money up front

    2. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

      Filipinos just HATE to encounter other Filipinos that they can clearly see are more intelligent/successful than themselves. They even have an expression they throw out as a reply to anything told to them that went right over their head and it’s “EDI WOW”. It’s basically a shitty form of sarcasm that’s usually negative and serves to rip the speaker right off the podium.

      In my travels across the USA when someone has something intelligent to say, others will listen and agree or disagree but no one would ever just attack you directly for being smart but not here. It’s edi wow all day everyday amongst the locals to try and keep all conversations at a very superficial and simple level.

      1. Profile gravatar of BarcelonaYuanKi

        Hi there Pinoys!:) @filamboredintheph @fuhrerberdugong
        ”EDI WOW” ..Is a pinoy sarcasm implying that one is not as impressed as the impressor expects him to be..It’s a rather very effective way to rip (especially a boastful one) speaker right off the podium..but i think it’s meant no harm, that is, if you’re no oversensitive pinoy..and this slang is mostly used by millennials so don’t expect to hear this from older pinoys here or across the pond…Anyway, is there an English equivalent to this??

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            And don’t act interested in what they are saying. Throw in a yawn for good measure.

        1. Profile gravatar of Lily


          basically, most of the supporters are harmless and just full of hot air (i received a report that a UP professor got a scare from a supporter PERSONALLY while she was driving)

          “You already” – they use this when someone addresses their faulty logic in English and they can’t comprehend. Can also be used as just simply for fun when someone gets something he/she wants.

  2. Profile gravatar of Lily

    @eliasloco i know what you went through. that’s the kind of mentality they’re throwing out now. In with stupidity, out with logic and intelligence.

    Your question “So before this gets way too long, how can you talk some sense to this woman?” My general take is don’t engage. Let her engage you by posting something totally contradicting their lies. Filipinos love grandiosity and color, so while you are being truthful, make it scandalous as well. Like repeat what duts said against UN then insert sarcastic remarks. 😉

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    The ‘God Thing’ is used in order to depict a level of ‘Faux Sensitivity’ – Assuming that (out of respect) no one will defy ‘The Word of Dog!’ – Or even the merest reference to it! – It is a rather poor attempt of ‘Having the Last Word!’ However, my own maxim is one of ‘Fuck Sensitivity!’ Politely, I might refer them to Deuteronomy 5:4-21 OR more eloquently – “If you were so adherent to the ‘Word of Dog’ then surely the Ten Commandments would be followed! – Particularly the tenets of Bearing False Witness, Murder, Adultery, Theft, Dishonesty and Covetousness!” (Six National Pass-Times of The Philippines) OR more bluntly “As a Dyslexic, Agnostic, Insomniac, I stay awake all night wondering if there is a Dog!” OR “I’m an Atheist! I’m ‘Mysterious!’ – Deal with it!” The last response never fails! – Religion is either removed from the conversation, or the conversation is stopped in its tracks! – They cannot deal with a ‘Non-Believer!’

    George Carlin
    Rowan Atkinson
    Ricky Gervais
    Life of Brian Interview with John Cleese and Clerics

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    Captain PFB

    Filipinos cannot distinguish the difference between fact and opinion. If they want to believe the earth is flat, Tell them the earth is a sphere, show them pictures from NASA, bombard them with concrete evidence, and they’ll call you “biased” and say, “well that’s your opinion”. They are incapable of such reasoning. The only thing that is “fact” to them is what they believe, right or wrong. It’s right in their mind. Nothing can sway it, especially truth and fact.

    Filipinos are incapable of understanding, upholding, and obeying laws. They criticize other Filipinos for breaking the law, and at the same time, they are breaking the very same law. They are incapable of seeing faults in themselves, experts at seeing faults in others.

    Filipinos don’t listen. They feel the only thing important enough to hear is the words coming from their own mouth. How many times have you told a Filipino something and 5 minutes later they’re asking the same question? They’ll ask a question, and before you can finish answering, they’re interrupting or their attention has gone somewhere else, and they’re asking you the same thing again. They are incapable of effective communication.

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    Captain PFB

    Filipinos believe that they must lash back at you if you criticize in any way, shape, or form. They believe they are perfect, and can do no wrong. Therefore when you point out a wrong-doing, they get angry at you and lash back at you, regardless of the facts. This is an attribute of narcissism.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I just read a news article where the UN and EU are setting protocols to investigate the extrajudicial killings then come and investigate them. Duterte said that if they find there is extrajudicial killings and they can prove he is behind them, he will step down and walk away.
      All the UN, EU have to prove is is behind the extrajudicial killings is get the news clips where he says he will kill, telling pnp to kill, telling people to kill and they have his support.
      So he says if proven he supports the killing he will step down because he does not want to be president and never did.
      1.) No one forced him to run.
      2.) He can resign the office anytime he wishes.
      3.) He threatened to shut down congress and the senate if they started impeachment hearings on him. Does that sound like someone who does not want to be president? “I don’t want to be president but if you start to impeach me I will shut you down so I can remain president.”
      4.) In another news article Duterte is now blaming the U.S for the peso falling against the dollar.

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    The Plain Truth, this is a good spot to say what I just found out online.
    Our favorite philippine ass kisser, Mindanao Bob has a gofundme account set up now. Now he is claiming he had a heart attack and needs heart surgery and raising about $32,000USD. Now considering how he scams people online, how come I don’t believe this?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        MB makes it sound like he helps these people for free and did not mention he charges them $100 USD AN HOUR just to talk to him online, through email, on the phone or in person. Then if he has to leave his house and go out of town for them it’s $500 USD A DAY plus his fare, hotel, meals and all other expenses.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Hard to say. I mean the way he scams people on his websites how do we know it’s true? But if true I will do the heart surgery for him for free. Sure I have a rusty knife laying around somewhere and can use the water from my tap that has worms in it to clean the cut sight and wash the blood away.

            Hey, I went to change the pic on the article I had up and I deleted the article. I rewrote it and it is in review right now.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            If it is true and Bob wants the surgery and still live here then that proves he has truly passed the point of no return and went native. I mean, would you want or trust a filipino doctor cutting into your heart?

            Then if he has not gone native and still stuck in the PI he would be like ” Heart attack? Fuck yea bring that bastard on! It’s way overdue.”

          3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            I’ve seen Bob in the flesh and his pictures don’t do justice to how big he actually is, so wouldn’t be surprised if he has had a heart attack.

            I notice he doesn’t say where he plans to have the surgery.

            Some of the statements on that begging page are horrible:

            “I have a wife and 5 kids (3 kids of my own, and 2 Filipino children that I have taken in)”.

            Taken in? Their children not fucking stray dogs.

            “I have a lot of friends and fans on the Internet due to my website”.

            Fans? Seriously, Bob? Typical pinoy thought process – thinks more highly of himself than others do.

          4. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            Agreed Phil Doh! He’s more native than Tonto! There is also the possibility that the Old Fart is being taken advantage of by his ‘Alleged Family!’ – Waiting for the ‘Golden Eagle to Shit Dollars’ before they all fuck off with the cash, and leave him to fend for himself!

          5. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Phil & DD,
            So I take it your not going to rush out and donate to his fund.

          6. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            @oldnavyfart Mike, Over recent years I have come across several guys who have moved here to ‘Live the Dream,’ only to be ‘Turned Over’ by their ‘Adopted Family!’ Last weekend 30-30 Al dealt with another!