The Quality Of Filipino Education Courses. Real Example.

People often comment about the education system in the Philippines being poor and I would like to give a real case example of a course to show you just what subjects students study.

Example is a well-known education provider for a two-year associate program in computer technology. I’ve given image examples of the course outline below.

As you can see there’s very little in the form of computer technology being studied. A closer look at the subjects and electives reveal some disturbing facts.

Physical education?


Philippine history, government, constitution?

Society, culture and information technology with family planning?

Philosophy of man?

Civic welfare training service?

Literacy training service?

Reserve officers training corps?

Physics and probability and statistics?

….Where is the IT in this?  Very little that I can see

….You be the judge

In addition what used to annoy me was that annual Christmas parties and events at some of these colleges were compulsory and form part of the examination Mark. Non-attendance at parties was seen as a failure on the subject matter.

Some of these privates schools made money charging out gown costume hire, meal costs which were quite expensive and other project costs as another way of making money out of the students.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    The Failippines pumps out the most ill-prepared, useless IT graduates I have ever had the displeasure of interviewing or employing. I have one young guy working for me right now, who has a four year degree in IT (programming) awarded by one of the universities in Baguio. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that in order to make him productive (ever) I’ll need to run him through a heap of basic programming courses on How I’ll ever teach this imbecile to think for himself, or solve real world problems is beyond me. He seems completely incapable of independent thought. Unfortunately, he’s just typical 9even better) than most. Maybe I should ask him about Philippine history, government and the constitution? Fucking imbeciles.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        It means that instead of fucking your wife you sit down at your computer and do interesting, not-reproductive IT stuff!;-)

        Unfortunately it doesent work in the phils! The humidity and high temperatures put everyone in permanent “screwing mode”, and the result is clear for all to see!

        I’m not against screwing! Im against uncontrolled screwing without prevension in this day and age! Viva Papa!:-)

        So if you want your grandchildren to get rich you should bet for 200 mill in the phils in a 100 years, cos it’s gonna happen! 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          “humidity and high temperatures put everyone in permanent “screwing mode””, actually that puzzles me, I want it cold to start, leaves a lot more room for things to really get hot.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Perhaps it’s the smell, Biggie. You know, the old “pheromones” that makes animals want to mate. Maybe with Flips, it’s what drives them to have sex! sex! and more sex! And guess where the concentrations of ‘pheromones” are found? The ARMPITS!! via sweat glands, also the skin, saliva and even urine. Yep, but the armpit is the magic place. So, the hotter, more humid the environment, the more you sweat, right? So more sweat = more pheromones that trigger the “horny hormones” = Flips on the loose will have sex regardless if you’re dripping in sweat, the more sweat the better!

            If you google Pheromones, lots of literatures discuss the role of pheromones in animal behavior, sexual activity etc. Interesting field of study actually 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Sarah, I have to be honest, I’ve never been near a Filipino who smelled of sweat. A couple of times a finger test has gaged me and called a halt to activities. But never been bothered by body odor, not even beggars. As far as pheromones, one time there was a woman at work who just migrated from Russia, a couple of other woman had to have a gentle talk with her before she killed us all! WOW and I mean WOW, she really overwhelmed the ventilation system. And she told them what you just said, it was considered attractive.

          3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            nothing worse than wrestling around in bed all hot and sweaty.. ewwwwwww

          4. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Well, maybe the flips are not screwed together in the same way as you Mr. BLX2 😉 My personal impression is that ..Southern girls are hornier than northern girls. Of course there are exceptions, but generally. I have given the “honour” to warm, sweaty climate, but of course the genes are also in play. This is a complicated issue which I merely scratch at the surface..

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          I know what you’re saying Biggie, but I have sat next to Flips with arm pit odors, male and females alike. But the worst offenders are the “Bombays”. What do they eat that makes them stink??? Even here in Oz in cooler weather, they still smell so bad, I avoid sitting with them in rooms with no adequate ventilation or even with ventilation, which is hard as most buildings here are air conditioned.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Even in nothern climes they give a…noticable odour. I think it may be a three-factor combination: Lots of Curry and other siices, secondly a not overly great use of shower. Third, a lack of changing clothes regularly.
            I also have the impression that they are very comfortable with this state of affair, as it applies to many of them. Maybe in their culture it’s a way of defining your…”personal space” 😉

            Anyway, if they’re most comfortable to mingle with their own kind this is a most effective way to do it.

            “Unstink” is a modern anglo-american concept. Most peoples of the World stunk horribly for thousands of years and many still do!
            But the Bombay variant is more…pugnant, you could say. They also have a..”cousin” called “Bombay-belly”, so this is something that is dearly cultivated in that area;-)

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Even though the school is a fail, anyone, with any analytical skill and a real interest in computers can learn a lot of the basics from the internet. “teach this imbecile to think for himself, or solve real world problems”, that says it all CG. You know a green programmer is more hungry to learn than they are for money. If he was worth your time he’d of already been asking you to direct him to courses to bring up his skills.

    2. Profile gravatar of Newq

      There’s too much logic in computer science. It’s a profession for people who love logic. But guess which people have a stormy love affair with logic?

      I sometimes have my programming needs done by contractors on fiverr. You would think a lot of the programmers there are Filipinos, being that this is an English-speaking country with one of the biggest populations on earth. Nope, the programmers mostly come from India, Pakistan, USA, Indonesia, Germany, Argentina…

      Philippines? Scant.

      There’s too much logic in computer science.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        I think its not so much lack of logic as lack of will to Methodic work. To programme you have to be very methodic and systematic! If not you will “fall off”. There is weather no will nor no tradition to methodic work or studies, thats why all is a shambles, and people have to go out of country to get decent education.

        Thats more where the flips are not ” preened” weather from their local culture nor at any level of education in their school-system.
        (Of course you could call this lack of logic too, but its not the same)

        Pinoy mentality is more to party and eat lechon, what a lucky bunch!;-)

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I got a sales pamphlet from a motorcycle shop.. I ran the figures through an online interest rate calculator.. They charge a whopping 70% per annum for financing. I wonder if any flips know how to calculate the true interest rate??????
      Or even if they would care to find out??? I will ask a few of them.. I will pretend to be stumped on an interest rate question and see if any of them can answer the question???
      So at 70 % interest rate,, the flip is poorer than a church mouse.. Oh well,,, there is koroke and red horse to forget about having no money

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        You got it Al. That is why they get rich f-ing over the stupid.
        The wife and I have said how easy it would be to screw some of these people, but I will not. Even if some deserve it.
        These folks have no moral direction, so it is easy for them.
        Check out what the Indian 5-6 guys charge. They charge by the week. They make cRaZy money!!

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Hello Hey Joe!!
          Cash price is 66054 pesos.. down payment is 3,300 P.. 12 months of payments at 7,273 ,, I got 70 per cent per annum off an internet interest calculator for a motorcycle.
          The interest rate may be 7 %, but if you make monthly payments,, there is the EFFECTIVE interest to consider. Which is slightly higher;
          There are loan sharks hanging around casinos willing to pawn cars, real estate etc for spot cash.. However, I think your life span may be shortened quickly if you lend to the wrong person.
          The 5/6ers often sell junk on high prices. I see them collecting every day at homes and businesses. They just have to trust the person. They can go to the baranguay hall and lodge a complaint for all the good that does,, The baranguay is afraid of people voting against them.
          But, I am not long for this world,, so fuck em all.

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Phys Ed must mean basketball.. Natioanl service training has something to do with army training,
    No wonder they are screwed. They can not teach typing in grade schools.
    P/S if u hear of a canuck who hung himself off the an edsa foot bridge,, that will be me. Imagine the trafic jam,, when they are all taking selfies with the dead kano.!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      I wanna let you in on a Part 2. The girl that was doing that course… was dating a Jap guy. He was going back to Japan so kindly helping this poor girl paid ONE YEARS OF FEES for course and bought a PC.
      guy leaves…
      Semester 1 already started… so…
      gets refund for sem 2 fees. much less back as penalty fees etc
      the PC… oh thats pawned… again at a loss.. it was a cheapy windows thing…
      so pinay has CASH
      and pics of her now on FB showing to all friends a post of this cash and a big smile
      ……….. but will she “invest” it ?

      1. Profile gravatar of Angel

        Of course. Invest in some name brand shoes and bags. And of course, to treat her friends at some fancy restaurants. Then she’ll just go to Recto and have some class cards printed as “proof” that she finished the year.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Cos not!:-) The point for a true pinay is not to earn money, it’s to use it!
        So here is where the “rich kano” comes in.
        His money is the everlasting guarantee that she can spend forever!
        Mind you, this is not only in the phils, all over the World women mooch off of men, not least in the good ol’ u.s. of a…

        And How do they spend the money? On themselves, purses, expensive bags, shoes, expensive travels etc. Its just the way the world is, unfortunately. Not all, but very, very many……

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I saw Hidden Cities on tv the other day where they were in the philippines. The host got an interview with Imelda Marcos which was a riot. IM said she did not have an obsession with shoes, they were good rulers of the philippines, her husband was a great man and they did not know they were getting kicked out of office. Talk about ignoring the facts and denial.

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            I used to be floored by the flips attitude about Marcos. Now, although a bit twisted, I think of a quote by Byles Mather, “Which is better, to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?”. Believe me, I do not support dictatorships or marshal law. The Marcos’s almost single handedly really plundered the country big time. But in what passes for democracy as well as law, order and fairness here, I do wonder which is really worse, the one tyrant/thief in Manila or the thousands of equal opportunity tyrants/thief’s now both in Manila and at the local level. Are foreigners safer now or then? Are even rock stars really any more secure? We know foreign businesses is actually worse now. Is it that big of a mystery that the average Filipino who lived under marshal law then and “democracy” now don’t see his dictatorship as so bad?

        2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Yes, my children’s mother is one of those, me, the kids and her parents if she could get away with it. My youngest moved out of the house early. She still had support from me because she was still in school, she worked a job after school. Her mother “barrowed” (not a pinay, but same definition of “barrow”) $300 from her. A month later my daughter got a call from her maternal Grandmother bitching at her for borrowing $300 from her mother and not paying her back. She told my daughter she was responsible for taking care of her mother not them. They owed their mother for all she did for them (like what? living off their backs while they grew up?). I asked my daughter if she told her Grandmother the truth, it was her mother who barrowed the money from her and didn’t pay her back. My daughter didn’t even turn her in for lying. Both apples fell very far from the tree. Both have stand up men who feel blessed. I don’t know where they learned to be the way they are, so maybe genetics is a factor. Thinking about it, I don’t have a single close female blood relative who mooches. Some are even the higher bread winner. When husbands got laid off, sick or even disabled they didn’t run and hide, they carried the family. I had a non blood uncle who inherited a lot of land. He became disabled around 60, a carpenter who also farmed his land for extra cash. If they took welfare the state would put a lien on the land. They refused to let that happen, they refused to sell any of it to help pay the ever increasing land taxes. My aunt emptied the elderlies bed pans well into her 70’s to keep that land free and clear. Why? My cousins have now all built houses on beautiful property that is now worth millions and each have plenty of it to divide for their children. Maybe I can “blame” the woman in my family for the trouble I’ve had with woman myself. I’ve always seen woman as the backbone of the family, with all my bad experience I still have problems coming to grips when they turn out to be an Albatross. There are a lot of twats in the U.S., but I have known many more backbones. Filipinas being better woman is a JOKE!!! Lets face it guys, most of us made bad choices in our younger years. Almost all the good woman are taken and only fools would let them go. So we come here looking for younger ones who’ll go with us old farts, lured by the lie that they are better than the older shitheads on the market at home.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “Phys Ed must mean basketball”

      Wrong….Phys Ed means SEX!!! And everyone passes with flying colors, as evidence by the multitude of babies born every minute in the Failippines!

      National Service training – means how to fleece anyone and everyone, regardless of race, color or creed. Preferably a Kano sucker of course, and more than one the better. OFWs comes as next best thing.

    3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Yep Al, and they won’t even cut you down first!! Selfies first with your carcass hanging on the edge of EDSA bridge. Only in da Failippines!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        I think you are in the wrong by not wanting to pay for getting dumber. By the dubification process you would fit better into phil society, you would be less dissatisfied and generally more at ease. To be dumb with the dumb is not always a bad thing..

        Dont worry Sarah! First we will sell our CAES-sticks. Then we will, thoroughly document the inhuman pinoy treatment of Al’s carcass!…

        Then…we will use this footage to the utmost degree! Put it all out on the Tube and the Real Truth of P. will be revealed for the World!

        Then approach the U.N. All in good order!

        Then they will need to change the: ” more fun in…. Etc.

        “Come to the phils, experience true compassion”…. Mmmmm…

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I will have it all programmed to ship the junk to ossie land. Yup, one click of the mouse, and off the bridge i go.
        Maybe the flips have extensions on their selfies sticks to get closeups of me??/

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          I’ll put it into production Al! The proud name of the gadget will be: “Carcass Al Extension Stick”. Or CAES for short. Has a…groovey sound to it…..Iwill see too a part of sales proceeds go to your relatives, I wouln’t want you to haunt me. 😉
          If you’d like you could help with choose of form and color, ups the autenticity. Hell, you could even write certificates before the hanging.
          Oohh, what great marketing genius has the world not lost in me…:'(

  3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    I have met a few proud graduates of IT here.

    Me: What programming languages did you study?
    IT Pro: Blank stare w/silence.
    Me: Visual Basic, C, C++, C Sharp, Java, Fortran, Assembler, COBOL, VB Script, Java Script?
    IT Pro: One of those.
    Me: which one?
    IT Pro: I can’t remember.

    They graduated but can’t even remember the name of the language(s) they studied. They don’t know what the name SQL is. They don’t know the difference between bit and byte. ASCII, ANSI, EBCDIC, nope, not a clue. Once met a girl that said she was an IT professional, said she was an encoder. Curious about what she did I pushed for more details. What do you encode? Printers. Printers? What do you encode for printers? In the end I found out what she called encoding was hitting the print button to send documents to a printer. Binary, hexadecimal, nope. They never heard of it. Windows update/driver/application slipstream/integration, nope. Windows audit mode, Sysprep? Nope.

    They know what Word is, they worked on Excel but can’t remember how to do formulas on spreadsheets and they’ve heard of PowerPoint. That’s it. There are many IT disciplines and it would be impossible to study them all, but these graduates don’t even have the basic skills to be application users let alone IT professionals.

    1. Profile gravatar of Angel

      It seems IT professional / encoder = pushing the print button. Nice, I’m an IT professional then. I’ll have to remember to put that down on my resumé.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      When I was first hiring for my company, I was so stupid to think a college degree actually meant something in the Philippines. My English graduates did not want to speak English. My IT people could not even type or perform simple calculations on excel, and it turned out I knew more about cpu’s than the programmers. It finally got so bad, I was forced to do a hiring test for ALL college grads applying for a job.
      #1 was a typing test with a simple 2 paragraph page they had to retype. Although it should take less than 3 minutes, I gave them 5 to get it completed. However, some people took 20 minutes. Again, these were fresh graduates.
      #2 was an excel test. Just type in some numbers, and start adding them together, then perform a highlight of certain fields. That should have taken 5 minutes max. However, it took one “programmer” more than 16 minutes to complete.
      My partner and I just sat there in amazement of the scores. It was so sad.
      I had to personally learn to fix some of my computers since my IT people had no idea. Even though they were performing a differnt job than IT, you would think when called upon to actually use the degree they spent the last 3 years meant they had some knowledge. However, it was always, “I don’t know sir”.
      These schools should be ashamed of themselves. Yet, I don’t think Filipinos actually feel shame.

  4. Profile gravatar of Mitch

    Of course the famed education quality starts early here!

    1st grade quiz: Jun steals 2 pesos. Bong shakes Jun down for 2 pesos. Bimbo borrows 2 pesos from Bong for a family emergency.
    How many pesos do Jun and Bong have?
    Critical common core math here in The Land of the Not Quite Right.

  5. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    My word holds a lot of weight when it comes down to speaking about the schools here in Philippines bcuz I had opportunity to attend these schools here. I tell ya, it was one complete fuckin nightmare, and it only made me even dumber. I was paid to attend their schools FYI, so I don’t you thinking I did it to learn anything or for any educational attainment. I have SOOOOOO much to say about the schools here, but it’s too much to say so I will summarize some quick thoughts I have on this subject.

    Students there cheat as much as they litter garbage on the streets. On top of that, teachers allow it too! The education is very substandard, I mean, some of the shit I was taught in high school I was re-learning here. The students there act like fuckin animals, they don’t listen to their professor while he/she is speaking and they have a very low attention span = Zero Respect! I’m well aware that the schools do chump up the charges to steal money outta you. Some of the bullshit expenses that they made mandatory, which are included in the tuition are fees for the annual Christmas Party (I never attended those, but I was forced to pay it anyway), Library fee (I don’t check out their old and outdated books, that’s what the internet is for), fees for the medical clinic (the place I never go to), and other miscellaneous fees that has nothing to do with education.

    On top of that, foreigners are OPENLY charged more to attend their schools. I don’t really give a shit bcuz I don’t pay for it anyway, but there is a section on the student’s class schedule that reads “Foreigner:” and it would indicated “Yes” if you are, and “No” if you are not. Comparing my enrollment to the other local students, I noticed that I was charged 1,095 pesos per unit while the pinoys were charged 795 per unit, which brings our totals rounding up to be about 32,000php for a foreigner, and about 24,000php for a local in a full work load.

    I really couldn’t handle attending their schools, it was material so easy that even a monkey could do it. I even got on the deans list in my first year there. It’s not really an achievement and nothing to be proud of, bcuz I barely didn’t do anything. Back in America I’m just an average Joe, but here I’m a fuckin genius to these animals. But in the end I started getting too much unwanted special attention and been recommended to enter in all these competitions and was required to take this English proficiency exam to boost the school’s ratings on their English proficiency. Doing my best was a bad move, so I decided to take it down a notch and tried to ‘NOT TRY’ as least as I possibly could and be off the radar. The last thing you want to be in a pinoy school as a foreigner is a SOMEBODY, so I tried desperately hard to be a NOBODY and finally got all that unwanted attention off my back. But my foreigner appearance still haunted me and was still specially hand picked for certain events due to my looks and prior achievements. I had enough of that place, I would rather go to hell than to spend another day in the schools here. What a nightmare!

    1. Profile gravatar of Angel

      “On top of that, teachers allow it too!”

      I’ve had instances when the teachers themselves would have a student write the answer sheet on the blackboard for everyone to copy so the whole class can pass with flying colors. Lesson here is: if you want to pass, cheat.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I’ve heard of that too as well, it happened at the mental institution (or if you wanna call it a school) I attended here, and in more than one subject they did that. Thing is, the answers were multiple choice and all you had to memorize was the letter for that question to pass the exam. It was only 2 professors who did this worst form of open cheating, but others did cheat their students in other ways which assisted in them passing.

    2. Profile gravatar of Pissnoy Allergy
      Pissnoy Allergy

      FAFI wrote: “Back in America I’m just an average Joe, but here I’m a fuckin genius to these animals.”

      Sounds like the plot of the movie “Idiocracy” written and directed by Mike Judge, the creator of “Beavis and Butthead” 😀

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I saw that. It completely applies to the Philippines. However, in the movie all the people were dumb and scamming was not really their priority. They were just innocent stupid.
        The Philippines is stupid and those with any brains and/ or position in gov’t use it to scam.

      2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if Philippines had inspired him to create that movie. He probably got the idea of that movie by paying Philippines a visit.

  6. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
    Random Numbers

    Schools charge more for foreigners in the US also. In fact, most US colleges and universities have a 3-tiered system of tuition, resident, non-resident, and alien, and aliens (foreigners) at state schools often pay 5 times as much as residents do! That’s why they are trying to recruit more foreigners to attend, they end up subsidizing the residents tuition. So you really shouldn’t complain, by US standards, you shouldn’t be paying 1095 pesos a unit, you should be paying about 4000 pesos (or more) a unit.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Damn, you just had to shit on my parade now did you? Well I’m not gonna fight against facts that I have no knowledge of, but with that being the truth, the schools here should be paying me to attend their schools since they are doing the opposite of making me smarter. If I attended there another year then my mind would’ve been dumbed down to a pinoy’s level. I would totally be a pinoy by now if I had continued. I never heard of a school making someone more stupid, but that’s what happened to me here.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I know back home there is the resident and non resident fees but not sure about the alien part. I don’t think you can say the aliens subsidize the residents fees. I’ll wager most of the aliens get grants and such to attend. So it’s the U.S taxpayer who foots the bill.

  7. Profile gravatar of Pissnoy Allergy
    Pissnoy Allergy

    Talking about education. Have a look at my profile and see the image I use as top banner. I ripped it from a Pinoy government site. The text “Before the “home alone party” got started” was added by me. The text: “Manila Yellow Taxi (Phaoto Advertisement, August 1941)” was there on the original image.

    When I first read it, I thought “Phaoto” might have been the company name for whoever made the ad. But it is probably “photo” misspelled. Gee!

  8. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Btw, The son of the infamous Marcos family bongbong (such a stupid name) claimed to have a degree from Oxford. After just a little investigating doubts were raised if he ever received his degree from there. Of course, he claimed foul, media persecution, said the typical “how dare you”, but could not produce a record. Then of course Oxford produced his transcripts to where it was obvious he attended for a time, but never graduated.
    So, this guy with billions of stolen money supporting him and nothing else to do could not graduate from where he claimed. He just figured filipinos are stupid and will trust me for what I tell them.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        The irony is the moronic Filipinos elected him to senator, but they are probably going to put him as VP or president soon enough. So, after his parents basically looted the country and sent it to the depths of hell as well as made it the laughing stock of Asia, they are prepared to select him as President possibly.
        He has already been caught lying (numerous times) about his education. Then he was also named in the Pork Barrel scam for siphoning off a few million for himself. Then he has the Marcos name. So, when Filipinos elect this guy and then cry 5 years later how bad they have it, does that mean we can laugh at them? Could the USA just say, “sorry, you’re too stupid to receive anymore assistance from us.”?

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I disagree that marcos will get elected. Let’s look at how filipinos vote.
          1.) Whoever gives them the most money to vote for them.
          2.) Family member dies.
          3.) Actors.

          NoyNoy gets whacked in 1983 and they elect Cory because they feel sorry Noy got wacked.
          Cory dies and they elect Ninoy because they feel sorry for Ninoy.
          Roberdo gets whacked in plane crash and his wife gets elected to high office.
          Estrada elected because he was a movie star.

          So here’s the way I see it based on the above. Grace Poe will get elected because:
          1.) Her dad is dead.
          2.) Her dad was a famous movie star. (Only in the philippines though)

          So right there Grace has all the requirements if you think filipino. I’m waiting for Dolphy’s kin to run for office.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            I definitely agree with you. However, she is out.

            It looks like Poe would have been the better person for the job. They just disqualified her.
            Filipinos like things to be awful and stupid, so anytime something good comes along they figure out a way to get rid of it.

  9. Profile gravatar of

    Sadly, it is like this is the USA as well.

    I majored in Japanese.

    95% of my classes were about geometry, US history, geography, sports, and all sorts of things that had nothing to do with Japanese.

    I expect engineers and physicians are required to do the same…

    1. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
      Elias Loco

      No surprise there. As like a rip-off from Americana system, they just “Tagalized” mostly everything like their Shakespearean form of Florante at Laura and Ibong Adarna (1st/2nd year). Then Rizal’s two greatest works (3rd/4th year) in Tagalog, of course. That’s what makes it Pinoy, not the Spanish form since they’ve made the people kind of very allergic and sensitive to that; like it didn’t play any significant part to the country’s overall history. I don’t know how those are taught these days with the somewhat hurriedly imposed not so polished K-12 system.

      Then there’s the popaganda form of Tagalog-based history, the seemingly perfect image to be told of their national heroes, ardent pride and government stuff, when you start counting the first president from the revolutionary republic and not the 1946 independence, even trying to rename the country to Maharlika and Rizalia and even adding another ray to the flag’s central sun. The renaming stuff I believe is not taught in school. It’s something you find when you Google or do some form of research. And that other ray stuff was headline news some years before.

      They’re becoming more and more absurd in their aim to perfect their desired identity. So I don’t know what to believe in anymore or what makes sense because they have made a lot of things very confusing and the rest of the population continue to play dumb and not even begin to question the stuff they’re learning in school.

      The system that I partook in college was that you study these miscellaneous subjects for the first two years, studying chemistry and physics again which you already did so in high school and some math subjects again with the addition of calculus, whatever your course may be, even if not math-related, you still have to study calculus.

      To sum it up, a lot of the subjects are like almost useless and not really applicable to the course you are taking or to your every day life’s activities but we have to go through all of them before “majoring” in the 3rd/4th/5th year in college. Basically, it’s like paying much extra for bloatware that you don’t necessarily need.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        They say it makes you more “well-rounded”. I disagree. It is just for money. My college adviser said geometry will help me think about Japanese logically. Without it, I will not be able to think with logic. She said this to a German. When I was a newborn I had the most efficient method of breastfeeding developed through thorough research and analysis! 🙂

        It is stupid.

        You want to stir things up, tell them Rizal was a traitor and Bonifacio was the hero…

        What I really want to know is, why does the Philippines have State Universities, but no States?…

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    Funny. The dude in the pic look Korean…

    Not that “Filipino” looks like anything, since I look like a Viking.

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      FHPS Post author

      yea .. thats marketing filo style
      notice the white skin people on tv ads…
      never dark skin
      and the constant references…
      “tired of the dark hagard look” selling whitening cream

      but its an oxymoron to write on that brochure
      be the next visionary lol