The Real Purpose Of Motels

I just had a brief conversation with my girlfriend so priceless, so classically Filipino, I just had to post it in the hope it might bring a little levity to an otherwise depressing litany of woeful tales.

We were watching an animated movie where they showed a motel in a tiny one-horse desert town in the U.S. My dumber half commented, “Why is there a motel in the middle of the desert? Who’s going to go there to fuck?”

After I finished rolling on the floor in laughter, I explained to Miss Bewildered the purpose of motels. “In other countries, motels are primarily places for travelers to stay the night.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize motels had other purposes… here, everybody knows a motel is just a place to go to fuck.”

More laughter, till I cried. “Babe, that’s because all you Filipinos do is fuck–and make babies!”

Stupid Filipino religionists

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  1. Profile gravatar of Shawn

    I’m new here, but have lurked for some time. I was rolling in the floor laughing over this one. Ha ha. I don’t live in the Philippines, but I have a fiance there, and have visited 4 times. I get a lot of chuckles here because I see some of the same things when I’m there–even though I’m not an ex-pat.

  2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    I’d imagine they would have a motel on every corner, accompanied by liquor stores. If there were safe sex stores with condoms and contraseptives they would end up going belly up, since protection and preventing pregnancy is completely ignored. Hell, I bet you if the government sent hoards of government employees door to door handing out condoms, the most amount of use they would get is for birthday baloons.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I went into Watson with my wife once. Well while at the back counter I noticed some items on display on the right. Then I look to the left and another item. What was on the right? Rubbers. On the left? Pregnancy tests! I could not miss an opportunity like this. I just had to point out to the women working behind the counter that they MIGHT sell more rubbers if they were not by the pregnancy tests. They, as usual here failed to see how the display contradicted each other.

  3. Profile gravatar of Penance

    Everyone shush! We all know what the CBCP says…there is no sex trade in the Philippines….unless you factor in marriage. Then it’s a booming economy (read: lottery winning for the whole Filipino family!)

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    Barry Smyth

    Like my ex Girl of 5 yrs said to me why do they put blink blinks on cars for L.O.L. she meant turning indicators and just like Motels they have no fucking idea about very much except fucking and having babies.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      Barry – using “blinks” requires forethought and a degree of consideration for other road users. Two things always guaranteed to be totally and fucking well out of stock in the Philippines.

      Blinks also waste valuable time for the driver switching them on and off – time that could be better spent cutting someone up or driving in a style comparable to a totally shit and intoxicated pugilist.

      Ok, Im done for the night, goodnight!

  5. Profile gravatar of Whiskey

    A turn signal?? By a Filipino? Ha!!! No way. These people won’t even yield to an ambulance! Talk about TOTAL disregard for your fellow man here! I think people are wondering what the hell I am doing when I pull to the side and let an ambulance pass. What are others doing? Either absolutely nothing, or they are taking advantage of it and driving behind the ambulance to get through traffic faster. These people could give two fucks that someone’s father, mother, Lola, Lola is dying and being rushed to the hospital. All they think about is “ME FIRST!!!!” Disgusting.

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne

      What do you expect from jeepney drivers and taxi drivers? But private cars do give way and let the ambulance pass. My experience though, my stupid school service driver back in high school do not practice this! He even follows behind the ambulance not thinking kids younger than me are still asleep at 5:30am at the back and he’s driving fast. A few among the grade school kids actually puked in his van early in the morning with his horrible driving skills!!!! One time, I really felt sorry for the kid I had to be the one asking for extra uniform and bringing her to the clinic the moment we got in school!! (Since she has no older siblings and our service driver didn’t give a fuck).