The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Philippines 056Recently I noticed this sign has been removed,

Was it because the RPA had changed and there was to be no longer a National park?

Or was it because everyone knew it was a fucking joke?

Or was it because we had a new Mayor in Olongapo?

Or was the real reason, that this bridge was NOW  the main access road into Olongapo and this sign was now visible to the world and the sign had become a  Tourist Attraction ?

A sign of the ridiculousness that haunts life in the Philippines.

“This National Park” is on the banks of what we affectionately call SHIT RIVER, and you will note in the photograph buildings built all the way into the banks of the river.

SHIT RIVER is the boundary between Olongapo City and the SBFZ. this bridge is the main artery now as the old Main Gate has been condemned for traffic.

I do not know if these are squatters , but some of these buildings are quite substantial, and this bridge is adjacent to the largest public hospital in Olongapo so hardly a secret spot in the boon docks to squat.There are buildings for miles along this stretch of river built right over the water in places. Where they keep ,livestock in aerial cages where they can shit into the shit river, some attachments to buildings look vaguely similar to Aerial Toilets protruding out over the river.

This is the Tourist wonderland of Subic Bay.


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    Don Quixote Post author

    Fail that was quick,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will note the building in photo is three stories tall.
    My mother took this photo last time she was in the PI.
    I had to get her to find it, as they had ripped the sign down ,maybe the just stole it for the metal. who knows.
    But it is now a mystery.

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      Don Quixote Post author

      He also wrote a fantastic lyrics to the tune of Advance Australia Fair, but Hawkie wouldn’t use it as apparently the Patterson’s are still alive and well and know copy write law.
      They went with someone who had croaked with no heirs. that’s why we have that dreary bloody NA. they got it for free.
      That was the story anyway at the time, I heard later the family were OK with using it.
      The child bride watch for the first time, recently whilst she was in OZ, The Man from Snowy River.
      Oldie but Goldie.