The Source Of Filipino Stupidity

Let me formally introduce myself before I move onto what I am about to say in my story.  My name is Al, and I am a foreigner from America visiting Philippines long term to be with my wife, who happens to be a filipina.  Even though I married her, I am not afraid to admit that she is an idiot, I even included her in my first story that Filofail had posted for me from my comments section. 

Another interesting fact about me that is mind-blowing, and may hypo-criticize me is that I am also attending school here as well.  Yeah, I know what some readers may already be thinking,” I’m calling Philippines a Nation of Idiots when I am trying to gain my education from idiots.”  Well as this blog clearly states, not ALL filipinos are idiots, only most of them, and attending their school will give me the advantage in truly understanding Filipino Stupidity and why it is so recognizable by those not from here. 

I am not referring to the ones who are westernized, or the 1% of the nationals who happens to have a glimmer of intelligence.  I’m saying ‘stupidity’ in a general sense that the majority of this country is very undeveloped and there seem to not be any existing smart locals to help improve their economy, and if there are any smart Filipinos, then where the hell are they?  They are certainly not out there making their buildings look any better, resolving pollution and waste management issues, and they certainly are not out there managing the flow of traffic and enforcing safe driving in Philippines. 

My experience in their school gave me a closer look at who these idiots are, and how well they learn before graduating to become failures in life.  I found out that is the reason why so many failures exists in today’s Filipino economy, that’s why we have so many Jeepney drivers, tricycle riders, and people cooking street food for chicken scratch at least every 50 meters on every road in this country.  I’m already imagining half my class being Jeepney Drivers someday, the pay so pathetic. 

Let me get into depth as to why they will be that way.  As what Filofail indicated countless times over and over (which happens to be true) is that Filipinos hate to listen!  I am beginning to think that Filipinos have a serious case of ADD because they really don’t follow instructions, they love to speak and shout out loud while the teacher is talking, or even when another student is giving a presentation.  I personally hate giving presentations because I hate being talked over, and it’s sad because the teachers don’t do a thing about it, they feel as if they are absolutely powerless, or they really just don’t care.  My course professor of my degree programs is probably the only Filipino I respect out of all my teachers because she partially see what we preach and talk about on here all the time. 

Every class she lectures how she hates when her students comes into class late, she hates how they talk while the teacher is talking, and she hates it when her students are cheating by photo copying their assignments from other classmates.  This part was hilarious because she showed the class two exact essays that were word-for-word with two different names, and asked us if we thought she was stupid to not find this out.  Wow, filipinos are not even smart cheaters! OMFG!!! lol….and she seemed frustrated too.  Everything that she has mentioned pretty much describes the work ethics of the filipinos I encounter on a daily basis, especially the being late part! 

I always gets slow services here, when I am scheduled for an appointment they come late as hell.  Like when my cable installers came at 830 PM one night when I was told they would arrive during the day time, many aircraft delays at CebuPacific (just look at their arrival schedule for proof), and half the time I order food they are always late!  Lateness has been so common here that I pretty much expect it with everything, which had put me in the habit of planning everything a few hours or minutes earlier than the normal time, depending on the situation.

Another contribution to their stupidity is the fact that they are all idiotic 15 and 16 year olds when they reach their first year in College.  That is a fact!  In America and many other countries, we are at least 17 or 18 when we first started college, and if you are 15 or 16 it is only because you were gifted and had a talent for intelligence that you were accelerated up a few grade levels, but that is not the case for Philippines.  After speaking with some of my classmates, turns out that they only go through 10 years of grade school instead of 12. 

Philippines is idiotic and undeveloped enough, would it hurt to give them the 2 or more years of education they need so they can improve their lives?  I mean this place looks like shit in most areas, not forgetting how it smells like shit as well, seriously.  On top of the fact that they start college at a young age, their ‘so-called’ college level material is very equivalent to my high school level work, and I’m not even talking about my senior year either.  They are learning in College what I have learned in high school, so there you go, another contributing factor to filipino stupidity. 

Am I lying? If so, then just look at all my classes that I am acing!  Wait a minute, there is one class that I am not acing, and that is Philippine History, but what do you expect? lol..  I can go on and on and ON about this, but I’m sure there will be a few filipinos out there reading this will contradict this in some possible way, just for me comment back and prove myself right again.  

A message to Philippine National readers if you are reading this article:

Before judging me, I don’t hate filipinos, I only hate stupidity, which happens to be a common trait among most filipino.  Plus I married one too, so that makes me far from racist or prejudice in any shape or form against filipinos.  Don’t be afraid to admit what I say is right, you have to look at what I say in a non-bias perspective.  For example, pretend you are not filipino (that way you are not offended), imagine you are a foreigner living here in Philippines under these conditions, is what all I said true?  Is what all that is said on this entire site true?  If for some reason you still can’t see past logic and find this article, or this entire site as untruthful,  then my bet is that you have never experienced a better way of life, you grew up here, and you learned all your ways of life here, therefore all these things we are talking about seems right to you. 

I invite you to spend a week in America and come back, I bet you will see the difference.  It’s like tasting generic brand cereal all your life, and you had no idea that it tastes like shit until you tried the brand name, and refuse to revert back to generic brand. Anyway, I hope you all can see the messages that is being said here.  If you all can change yourselves one by one individually, then true change can happen here in Philippines.  


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    Hey dude, unlike you, Im afraid to admit that I am a bigger idiot for marrying an idiot. Goodness man, goodness.. Its easier to instruct/converse a toddler than a college degree holder adult. My old man was right and I should have heed his words – he has lectured me about culture incompatibility so many times, but me, being young and stupid then, I thought I was wiser.

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    just a question….. if you didn’t like them then why would you marry them in the first place?
    I mean…. can’t you just file a divorce?

    1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

      Technically no divorce in Da Flipland. If you mean “annulment”? Its for the rich only and if both parties have lots of time to spend in the court proceedings. But Im considering it.

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    FAFI Post author

    @azuldell2013: As for your comment on filing a divorce, I hope you read my first post which was posted by Filifail for me. My first post was actually a comment, which was exposed as a full blown blog story, which was titled “Filipina idiot wife” dumb as a bag of rocks. In there I indicated that I married her because of her qualities, but didn’t realize until later how her culture was and how strictly she conformed to it. In the 3 years I knew her prior to marriage, we stayed together because of my frequent short visits, any keeping in touch through skype. This has actually been my first visit to Philippines where I stayed longer than a month, it has actually been 3 consecutive months so far and this length of stay is allowing me to realize all of these bad qualities. This is my 11th visit, my 1st ten visits were all shorter than 3 weeks at a time, there isn’t much I can learn about Philippine culture in only 3 weeks or less 🙁 and now that I am familiar with it, I don’t want any part of it. Read my first story, you will see where I’m getting at. Thank you for commenting though.

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    So you’re complaining of the gap in education between the United States and the Philippines? Did you happen to account for all of the factors involving this? Such as the education budget, the problem of rural education, even transportation for these young learners?

    I graduated from Philippine high school at almost the age of 16, and went straight to American college here in Georgia. Got my registered nurse degree at 18, supposedly a tough degree, and working on my Nurse Practitioner’s currently at 23 years of age. Although I admit, it was a tough transition (mostly from cultural boundaries), but what my PI school system has taught me is a fierce love for learning, something that can extend beyond school. Although Filipinos go for 10 grade levels, our school days range from 7:30 in the AM to 5:30 PM. I believe this helps to account for the difference in the quantity of grade levels.

    Here in America, core classes start, with most of the material you learn from high school, so I don’t see any difference.

    There’s a lot more than meets the eye. I’m sure you have classmates of intellect. Please do share all of the stories, and not just the negative ones, thanks.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      The education budget gets swallowed up by graft. The rural areas do not get much support because the big cities take most of the government budgets.
      The government schools they have split classes lasting for 1/2 days.
      In the private schools , quality of education is not much different. You can tell the filipino attitude is there because they have FEES for everything. If the teacher does not show up in private school, they do not text or call the students, so 40 or 50 people waste their time in traffic. Also, they waste time and money on ”outings”, and classes for trivial things.
      The real problem is that people with the money and power to do anything do not care because they have an escape plan if everything gets ugly. They can sit in their ivory towers, tinted SUV’s, and walled coumpounds, so they do not have ”touch bases” withe massa. The poor people have no money and no power except for votes.
      However they vote for artistas, comedians, and other ”wowwowwee” personalities that are dumber than a sack of hammers.

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    This is bothering. But I don’t think the education system is to blame here. Rather, the one to blame is the Filipino Mentality.

    See, education can only get you so far. You can teach something to them but, without the right situation, the lessons won’t stick. You can teach them of morality, of literature, math, science, music, art, but the true value (the one where you not only “know” but also “understand”) of such lessons will only be lost to them. Adding two more years in their education system will not change that, much more so with the immature minds of 18 year olds in the Phil. I truly do not think that Filipino idiocy stems from education. But it has so much to do with their problem in foresight.

    [I may be using the word “Foresight” here wrongly, so let me define it for better dialogue. Foresight is when you do an action keeping in mind all possible results and all possible repercussions from your action. A greater form of foresight is when you prepare for the repercussions and deal with it accordingly, sometimes dovetailing so that you can prevent such repercussions from happening.]

    Dealing with isolated cases, I often ask my friends and family why they do stupid things. Why they often times contradict themselves. And why they do these things in such a way that would not only harm them, but would also harm others. Their answers are often garbled, confusing, and one even admitted that he doesn’t know (in other words, he wasn’t thinking).

    Sure, other people from other countries also do stupid stuff, but what is troubling is it is more rampant here in the Philippines. Ask some of them why they do stupid stuff, and they cannot answer. In some cases, they’ll turn to religion. And finally, in some cases, they are disillusioned.

    Was it perhaps arrogance that made Filipinos believe that they are above the law? Was it perhaps arrogance that some try to defend their country out of patriotism even if they were in the wrong? Was it arrogance that made a president buy an outdated warship to battle a nation that clearly overpowers our nation in terms of weaponry and manpower? Or perhaps it was delusion? Perhaps it was delusion to think that our law was written for the satisfaction of churches. Perhaps it was delusion to think that minorities: females, LGBT, indigenous people have lesser rights. These are men and women who have had good education (“good” relative to the natives). Some even traveled abroad for further education. Some obtain Doctorates. And yet they adhere to their beliefs. They act without fully taking into account of the effects of their actions.

    I concluded that the reason why there are so many fucked up things in this country can be alluded to our inability to foresee possibilities in our future. And those of us who can foresee, use it to gain monetary satisfaction, proselytize, and fill their bellies with political power.

    Address the problem of foresight (together with the problem of religion, politics, manners, and admittedly, education) and you might have a slightly better nation. Adding two years to an inept (at times, no fault of the school itself) education, in itself, won’t change our thoughtlessness towards others. It won’t change the fact that most of our solutions to problems are only immediate and does not address possible problems. It won’t change a lot of things. But seeing that we have the capability to do many things at once, being a nation after all, maybe “one-step-at-a-time” isn’t an ideal solution.

    Okay, let me stop rambling now. Some of you may not agree with what I’ve said, in fact I may have probably jumped an argument here and there (I can at least admit to my lack of foresight). The thing is, everything is jumbled up here in my thoughts.

    I hate a lot of things here in the Philippines. From the inexistent Customer Support to the cheezy, stupid, annoying, mind-numbing idiocy we call as the “Philippine Entertainment Industry”. I hate how homophobic the country is and how we poke fun at the dark brown-skinned indigenous people, at fat people, at foreigners, at everything else as long as it is not ourselves. I hate how the poor constantly want hand-outs. I hate so so many things that can be found here in this country.

    But I want to see the Philippines in a positive light. And this proves to be difficult especially since the results of the last election made me sorely disappointed with my nation as a whole.

    So, yeah, as much as I’d want the country to progress, our lack of awareness of a more clearer, less chaotic future, our foresight is so damned near-sighted it makes me sick in the guts. The selfishness I’ve seen and, personally heard makes me lose a little hope for the future.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I really couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with what you are saying. I agree it is the Filipino mentality that corrupts, and keeps this country from progress.

      If I can put it in other words, I see the average Filipino as only capable of living in the “now”. From my observations, they seem incapable of looking into the future, or learning from their past. Think of a woman’s nylon stocking, but think of it as the Filipino’s line of vision. It is a stocking that you cannot see through. Now stuff a volleyball in it. The Volleyball is a Filipino. Notice how the stocking (the Filipino’s line of vision) stretches around the ball, but as you move the ball through the stocking, it is closed at both end. The stocking (the filipino’s awareness, vision) is extremely narrow as he moves forward through the stocking, and it narrows back down as he passes through, so his sight behind him has closed off to a tiny hole as well. The stocking only widens, but hugs tight around himself in the place and time he is in RIGHT NOW. Can’t see much ahead, can’t see much behind. He’s just in the now.

      I observe poor choices being made which end with unfavorable or negative outcomes, choices made usually with selfish motivations, and they refuse or are incapable to recognize the mistakes, and they continue to make the same bad choices and repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and never will they take responsibility for them. There will always be some kind of blame or attempt to justify. They will never fully own their own mistakes.

      There seems to be an overwhelming sense of self preservation and entitlement among the natives. If you call them out on their mistake or stupidity that may have harmed another person, they will get mad at you, and act like you have infringed on their right to be stupid. They will act like they are entitled to be stupid, regardless of the harm it caused to others, and you have no right to confront them on it. If you do, they will make up something that you have done stupid in an attempt to justify their own stupidity. They will never take full responsibility for their own actions and choices.

      There is little to no accountability here in Philippines. Their overwhelming sense of entitlement and superiority puts them above the law and above accountability. And when you have the general mindset of the population thinking they are special, and the laws of common sense, common courtesy, and accountability, and the law of the land doesn’t apply to them, you have the chaos and corruption that is the Philippines.

      Decisions and policies are made without reason or rationality. Delegation of authority and responsibility is hoarded by those in top positions. They don’t want to share power. They want it all to themselves. This is why few people lower in the company cannot make many decisions. They have to consult the big boss in Manila who has a stack of shit waiting on his desk that he has to make decisions on, which could have been made at the local level on the same day, thus serving the customer better. This is why everything takes 5 times longer here than in western countries. They don’t want to delegate power. They want it all for themselves.

      It is a nation of unbelievably selfish idiots. They are so very devoted to God with the bullshit words that flow so easily from their mouths, yet in their actions they behave like satanists. They are “words speak louder than our actions” type of hypocrites, and they feel completely entitled and superior to do so blatantly.

      Anyway, I could ramble on about this forever also. So I’ll stop here.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        Well said, and that explains a lot on my end. As for the source of it, “their schools” it applies there too. We have a so called “Class Chairman” who doesn’t do jack shit, but he feels superior and content that he has that title. In actuality, I have been doing more work for the class to ensure that word gets out, everybody has the assignment, and when/where to be sometimes. Our class chairman acts out in class just like all the other students, can’t rely on him for shit. Now that I think about it, not once have I heard my wife openly admit to any of her mistakes, but she is quick to point out my mistakes. She would wait all month for me to make one mistake, just so she can feel better of having some intellect dominance over me. She still calls me an idiot for accidently buying her NIVEA soap instead of DOVE last week, even after all the countless stupid mistakes she makes on a daily basis. I guess seeing me make one stupid mistake is an accomplishment for her….lol.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        ”don’t you know who i am” is perfect example of no common sense.
        I am currently studying the truck ban and the result of it. Golllleee, the port is jammed up with containers, the costs of trucking went through the roof, there is a strike or demonstration going on. the truckers figure is easier to go bankrupt sitting and doing nothing than working.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      I am pleased to know that you have taken the time to reply to this, and just to make you aware, you did not waste your time because I did read every word. You did not initiate an argument since you do have the ability to foresee what I have seen, and admitted to the corruption of this country. I also see that your overall perspective of this topic is very relevant to mine, and as well as the other criticizers on this blog, which is to want better for the country. I admit that stupidity can be found everywhere, and in almost every individual, but when common stupidity is repeated by a single group of people, and it is constantly effecting the lives of others around them, it becomes a problem. Stupidity here has even effected my life, and wasted my money in this country. Example: I asked a dispatcher to help me find a taxi driver he knew the location of the nearest Taekwondo studio. He found one who said he knew, but instead he took me to a bunch of alteration shops and military surplus stores and never found the place I was looking for. So I told the idiot to just take me home. In turn of events, I never got to the place I was looking for, and I ended up paying over 350php for a taxi service I never needed in the first place. Even sadder, he asked for directions along the way. That was only ONE example how stupidity here effects me, there are many others. That was a true scenario that happened to me recently, I did eventually find the place after printing off the directions from the internet. I just had too much faith in Filipino taxi drivers and their sense of direction, plus he shouldn’t have said he knew where to find the place.

      Anyway, let me move on. I don’t want to assume too many things about you, but you speak as if you are a Filipino national if I am not mistaken. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea and think that I am racist towards filipinos, because I am not. I go to school with them, married one, and even party with them, so don’t be afraid to admit if you are filipino. If you are filipino, you are one of few filipinos I spoke to who seems to have some common sense and at least a glimmer of intellect. I can see that just by how you express yourself with words in your reply to me. If there were more filipinos like you with the same mindset as you do, change can possibly happen in this country of filth and chaos. But seeing and doing are two different things, so I can’t give you too much credit. Being unable to foresee is one thing as well, but how can you preach foresight when their future is right before their very own eyes? If they looked around themselves, that is the future they are going to live a few years from now, but maybe I am using ‘foresight’ in the wrong sense too. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, this saying has been well known in my country as well. Those mistakes were made, and most of them were put behind us, forgotten, and never seen again. As for Philippines, these historic mistakes are being made on a daily basis, even the basic principle of driving is being made daily. I’m sure you read the blogs so I’m not going to repeat what has already been said countless times on this site. You seem intelligent, I can’t tell you what you already seem to know, but if you are a filipino national of this country, you have more power than I do to deliver a message. Not just because of the language barrier, but they see you as ‘one of us’ trying to do the right thing, and they may follow by your example. If I try to distribute change amongst them through my actions, it will seem like I am imposing on culture, trying to change what they think is right, and trying to invade in on personal space. You have the liberty and luxury to change this country while only myself and a few other angry critics can only lecture, rant, and negatively talk about the horrible aspects of this country. The power lies in you.

  6. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    I too have been absolutely astounded with these total retards. I can not for the life of me understand why they are so helpless. Until several months ago I may have inadvertently stumbled on somewhat of a answer.

    The son of the mayor of the city child attends the same school as my children do.
    I see this arrogant SOB with his armed guards and convoy of vans most everyday hauling his brat of a kid to school.
    When I say brat, I do mean brat. My son tells me how disruptive this kid is. A constant pain in the ass.
    The school principal and teachers have tried to address the issues with the father, but he could care less. His son is failing in many of his classes. And again the school principal has offered tutoring to his son. The father (his greatness) went nuts ! stomping around the school yelling at everyone.. this man is a nut case, drunk with his perceived power. Mind you he ONLY is the son of the mayor. As far as I know he holds no office in the city.
    But he sure is a legend in HIS OWN MIND.
    After this retard calms down some he want’s to buy a diploma for his son ! Yes bribe the school to graduate his stupid ass brat kid !

    So this made the light bulb in my head go off. Is this somewhat of a answer to why at least some of these people are so f-ing stupid?? they just buy a diploma ?? and never get a real education???
    I thought …why not?? you sure as hell can buy ANYTHING in this f-ed up country for a price, and I do mean anything.

    I watched closely what the reaction of the school would be. Because if they were to take this ass-hole’s offer I was going to be shopping for a new school for my kids TODAY!

    To there credit they refused. And Mr. fucking big shot stormed out of the school with his brat in tow never to be seen again.

    So there is peace in school again and we feel even better about our choice of school for our kids.
    So, we have at least a small glimmer of light in this shit hole of a country.

    But watch out….. Mr. big-shot king of the mindless ass-holes and millions of his minions just like him are wandering around out there right now.

    Take care, and watch you back side.

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I see facebook is full of these fools showing pics of their idiot kids PASSING high school. You would think they went to the moon.
    Graduation is coming up.. but I am NOT going because it will be full of noisy music, dancing or whatever

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      It’s just as bad in the college level too, bout time I am free from having to hear these idiots for a while…. Whoo-hoo!!! But the process is just gonna start over again in June. I just love how these idiots call this break period “Summer Break” when the months that are included during this break consist of late March, April, May, and half of June. Maybe there seasons are different here, because I can’t imagine there being a winter here. But I figured since Philippines had copied so many traditions from America that they would call the period between March and June as “Spring” and not “Summer.” Well anyway, a break is still a break, and I’m fortunate to not have to deal with noise for about 3 months. 🙂

  8. Profile gravatar of crosstown

    Rule #2, number 1 being: If you are a foreigner, never trust a Philippino. Number 2 goes like this. Never-Ever underestimate the Stupidity of a Philippino. The amount and depths, are incredably insurmountable! Fathomless stupidity!!!
    There are people walking around this country with the title of Doctor, and they can’t even stitch up a cat! And all it takes is….Pesos, and you can be or BUY anything, and/or title. EXCEPT if you are a foreigner. And if as a forigner you try, then you’ll get drained for most of your money, and you will get NOTHING. Not even a “Soreee Sirrrr”!!

  9. Profile gravatar of Nika

    First of all, the design of this site is a FAIL. Really? Give me a break.

    Second of all, do you know what “context” means? How about that Filipinos and foreigners are ethnographically, culturally different, and that they live in different terrains and speak different languages.

    My point is, your world view/reality is not necessarily the same as ours. Here’s a concrete example: Eskimos have many different words for the different kinds of snow. Native English speakers have only a few words for snow, because it is only a small part of their reality and that they do not live and breathe in snow 365 days a year. Filipinos do not have a native word for snow BECAUSE IT IS NOT PART OF OUR REALITY. Starting college at 16 years old for us is normal because it is our reality, even working as sex slaves at 16 years old for your pleasure is, sadly, now part of our reality.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      If you’re going to call something a fail, please substantiate it. We don’t call you a stupid filipino without substantiating it by elaborating on the things you do (and fail to do) and say which makes you a dumb fuck Filipino.

      So please, don’t just blurt out “the design of this site is a FAIL”, unless you explain what exactly makes it a “FAIL” in your idiot mind. Otherwise, people like us with common sense and reasoning will just view you as a typical Filipino who is mindlessly and begrudgingly lashing back with no substance.

      1. Profile gravatar of Nika

        This website design is a fail because (1) the size of the article font is too small for the chosen font, (2) the background picture uses a bad kind of blue (pale blue???), and (3) the banner is of a double-sided Philippine flag. It sucks in my opinion, but I’m not going to call the web designer “stupid” or “an idiot” because I do not know his IQ or state of mind.

        You can’t call someone “stupid” or “an idiot” just because he/she cheated or stole from you. You could say the person is money-hungry or just likes to pick on you foreigners, but maybe not stupid. It takes a bit of brain to pickpocket a person. Get your terms straight.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          Im a bit surprised that this old article is still farming some comments these days. Well your view of the website being a fail is quite illegitimate being that you are commenting on personal preferences. If you are trying to view this site on your tiny tablet, then of course the font will appear small to you. I applaud your courage in trying to deliver some substance as to why you think it’s a fail, but I believe statistics would speak for itself here: Not only is it good enough to drag authors like myself and many others to this site to blog and comment about our idiotic Philippine-related experiences (which was the sole purpose of this site), but it was even enough for some of you lame-brain Filipinos invest time coming on this site, sign up for an account, and comment on it. If you’ve gone through the process of getting here, setting up an account, and post your input, then this blog had already did it’s job. Your random outrage is only just fuel to the fire as to what we preach about on here on a daily basis. So what if the background is a little pale blue (which was a recent change), the main focus of this blog is the content and information.
          Ultimately, do you even know HOW to set up a website with coding? So before you try to insult something, make sure that you are proficient at whatever you are trying to depreciate. I don’t know much about you, but I’m sure a balut-brained Filipino like yourself probably doesn’t know the first step in setting up a website. I encourage you to surprise me, but I bet you are googling it up right now anyway. What’s the matter? Did I just prove myself right?

          1. Profile gravatar of Nika

            I’m viewing the blog with an 11″ laptop. Font still too small for me.

            I’m not interested in coding because I tried studying that before. Just as you won’t ever be interested in my job.

          2. Profile gravatar of Nika


            I’m viewing the blog with an 11″ laptop. Font still too small for me.

            I’m not interested in coding because I tried studying that before, and I couldn’t really get the hang of it. Another Filipino is good at it and set up my website for me. I could say the same to you, I don’t think you would know how to go about my job, but you can comment about it.

    2. Profile gravatar of Keith Richards
      Keith Richards

      Nika said: “How about that Filipinos and foreigners are ethnographically, culturally different, and that they live in different terrains and speak different languages.”

      When someone has been wronged by a lie, a cheat, or a theft [let alone abject idiocracy, which can be worse!] Then they have been screwed over …whether they are from darkest Africa, Disneyland or Timbuktu is immaterial. Different cultures surely have different standards of decency but I know of NO CULTURE [except one??] on this planet where theft, lies, cheating and stupid skunk piss BS is subject to interpetation as to the “right” or “wrong” of it …. So your argument is a fail but I am all for giving second chances…, would you like to back up your premise with a supporting argument of actual merit? [and if you would, keep the “victimhood” of colonialism out of it??]

      1. Profile gravatar of Nika

        Social problems here in the Philippines may be too deep to comprehend for someone not belonging to the culture. I’m not covering up whatever wrong my fellow Filipinos has done you, but I’m doing my end to remedy it. You’re not really remedying the sitch, in contrast, because you resort to hate speech. If you’re going to describe someone, stick to accurate adjectives.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          It’s not exactly hate speech if its true. It’s just being real.
          Lies, Theft, idiocy, being and cheater, all seem to be very accurate adjectives in my 13 years living in this place.

          So far there is nothing you have said that others have not well considered in their lives here, be they short or long. The daily stress one goes through creates a painful dependency on logical explanations to the most moronic things. We have to immediately seek out reasoning for the problems we witness. We don’t just sit here with our thumb up our ass talking shit for no reason. We sit here talking shit because we know its hopeless, and every other avenue has been exhausted.

          Some people here are more vitriolic than others. While I seriously doubt everyone on this site agrees 100% with everyone else, the stories we share are all commonalities. Those collective situations are reason enough for most foreigners to have reasonable grievances, regardless of what social problems exist or how one may try to justify them as being “too deep to comprehend for someone not belonging to the culture.” .

          1. Profile gravatar of Nika

            Have you been to other places in the Philippines? And why 13 years, why not go back home and leave behind the moronic things you witness?

            I say it’s (maybe partly) hate speech, because it’s all angry words for a specific race, when it’s not as homogeneous as you think. Some Filipinos think that it’s unfortunate that the US make some of the kids here spend pesos for acts like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry (whilst not getting proper nutrition and education), but we don’t think all Americans are stupid.

            “So far there is nothing you have said that others have not well considered in their lives here, be they short or long.”—> maybe try considering using politically correct words too. This will help searching this blog on Google if you want issues to be out in the open.

          2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            I don’t think “all” Filipinos are stupid. I think a large number are stupid. By stupid I simply mean, lack common sense.
            (I’ll elaborate momentarily)
            Talking about such things in the way I am isn’t racist, as I’m only currently speaking of Filipinos, which is a nationality, not a race.

            I stay here 13 years because I would rather my daughter grow up n a place I can control her outer influences better. The US, is not a place I would want to have her grow up. I also find many Americans to be so god damned fucking stupid, that I would in all honesty prefer the Philippines hands down, so don’t get me wrong. The over arching point here in my opinion (and I can only speak for myself when I say this) is that when I say a Filipino is “stupid” I’m not referring specifically to their lack of common sense per se, but more to a general mentality that everyone else in the world seems to not have. Being unique doesn’t make them special, it only hurts them as a society.

            Their general mentality prevents them from having a better quality of life, a life many of us would like to see people here enjoy.
            NOT for our benefit mind you, as I can go back to the US whenever I want. But for the sake of seeing a people of this country have the opportunity to make something of themselves, each and every individual.

            To be contributor in this part of the world rather than a joke. To be able to maintain their affairs in a way that is reasonable and conducive to a better life for all citizens.

            It starts on the smallest levels, but these smallest levels are unattainable to the Filipino for the most part. Only few grasp this, and and make the change to climb out, all the while being held down by their compatriots.

            If one then gets out, they are likely is 9x out of 10 irrecoverably “guilted” into supporting slackers the rest of their natural lives.

            Three days a go while taking out my trash, I walked passed to men talking in the common area of my condo area, these guys, both do nothing, as I can see them outside daily hanging around a videoke hub all day. The one was speaking to the other and saying in no uncertain terms just how proud he is of himself that he is a slacker. He eats well, he can buy drinks and smokes. He’s just a precious little snow flake. Surely he does not represent all Filipinos, but he certainly doesn’t help their reputation either.

            Before that at my former town house there was a woman and 5 people who moved into the unit next door to me. She didnt really seem the type to be living in the same area. Her and her “group” consisting of herself and 4 to 8 other people were noisy as hell, leaning on my door, drinking, farting and pissing on the wall in the corner near my unit.(Referring to the men in her group). They seemed to have the need to leave their door wide open all day and play the television at volumes so high my walls shook. Not to mention they talked loud as hell too.

            After about 5 months of talking to her, the other neighbors and the landlord of the units, I discovered she is married to a foreigner named David and collects remittance. Indeed I have even heard her on the phone loudly speaking about all the money she needs for… whatever. She liked to make everyone hear what she needed.
            She would then summarily go pick up the money with her pinoy boyfriend and have a karaoke party in the open area in front of our units.

            Again, an abusive, lying, cheating, conniving behavior not unseen in the natural world to be sure, but seen for more often in the Philippines. I, and probably every other foreigner on this sight can list off literally dozens upon dozens of instances like this. When compared to where we come from I can only give you a hand full of situations similar. This is very telling, and if being resentful toward such behavior causes one to get hurt, then a spanking is what they deserve, so be it.

          3. Profile gravatar of Nika

            Yeah, I’ve had a noisy neighbor before. He’s feels he’s better than us because he’s a seaman who travels outside the Philippines, but I don’t like taking shit from him, so I reported his behavior to the barangay officials.

            So, no, I do not tolerate this behavior.

            But that was an isolated incident, the guy apologized to us and left our neighborhood a year after.

            What I mean is, the area you are living in does not consist the whole, or even the most, part of Philippine culture. This might sound regionalistic, but Tagalogs are usually didactic and feel they are more worldly than other Filipinos. You can see it in their language, they’re too wordy in expressing things. It’s not their fault, it’s the result of the development of a culture, so whenever they come to our area and tell us how to do some things (like members of a good community should not smoke or drink—> this is a big part of our culture, a big function in socializing and exchange of ideas), we just let them talk until they get tired, and when they leave, we do things our way (to avoid cultural friction). We don’t want to rant about it. Again, we understand it’s how their culture is shaped, not the individual person.

            These cultural predispositions can be controlled though.

            By the way, I’m a Filipino but not a Tagalog, not living in Manila. Our province is a lot more different, with our native language and English are the languages of transaction, and Tagalog takes a backseat as an “entertainment language”. Our culture has some bad aspects too, but the law is there to prevent us from enacting the cultural extremes.

          4. Profile gravatar of Nika

            RE: “too deep to comprehend for someone not belonging to the culture”

            Really, Filipinos are a familial culture. If your children are starving and you can’t find a job because you only finished kindergarten, and if you do not own fields to cultivate, what can you do? And even if you get to feed you children for a day with, there is no quick reversal of the psychological and bodily damage that hours of hunger has inflicted on them.

            In my opinion, it is our country’s quick and uncomfortable switch (not transition) to Western standards. Maybe it’s our government’s way of pleasing the international community (that includes you).

            So really, don’t view our culture with a Western point of view, if you are not prepared for things that are different from what you have in your home country.

            And don’t tell me that there are no criminals in your home country.

          5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            Everything you just said I can agree on with you.
            Nothing is incorrect from what I can see. But where the familial attributes come into play I do indeed have questions. the most obvious being, why so selfish?

            There seems to be some serious problems in Filipino families, that contrary to the widely held (Filipino belief) that Filipino families are super tight knit, they are severely damaged.

            They will back stab one another, they will lie to one another, cheat one another, they will in some cases even attack one another. This is an alien concept to foreigners mostly. To the point one can only stand out side looking in and simply say ” My GOD you people are so messed up.” It’s brain damage. This is only on families, not other social issues and certainly not issues based on common sense, like obeying rules, and reading signs, and following instructions or having common courtesy to those around you for the sake of just being kind and reasonable.

            To the second part of your post. A transition from whatever culture you may have had into a western culture only leaves open one possible way of viewing the Philippines, (A western point of view).

            None of that ultimately matters however. Things in my opinion should be brought down to much more utilitarian way of thinking.
            Other Asian countries are equally as permeated by the west, yet still maintained their identity. I have been to Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, japan, Singapore and Cambodia. while a few of the listed countries are also developing and as such have a way to go in order to make a better quality of life; the Philippines is THE ONLY one of that is in a constant state of retrograde in all ways of life.

            “And don’t tell me that there are no criminals in your home country”
            Not Sure what this statement has to do with the conversation, I may have missed something. At any rate, No,.. The US is full of evil and retarded fuckers, starting with the President, all the way down to the ass hole who stole my bicycle when I was eleven.

          6. Profile gravatar of Nika

            I’m assuming you’re in Manila or some other big Philippine city? Because it’s so different here, and I think Manila is a degenerate city. It’s dog-eat-dog there, and that is not tolerated here in our province.

          7. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            I lived in smaller province down south, it was basically the same thing. Its the people in general and the mentality that make life difficult. In fact, the greater part of my time here has been spent in smaller provincial towns, not Manila. I only moved two Manila two years ago.

            So the greater portion of my bad experiences all come from provincial areas.

          8. Profile gravatar of Nika

            This is sub-culture, the ripping off of foreigners. It’s like they’re trained to cheat on foreign men. I’ve heard stories but I don’t know anyone personally who does that. And I know a handful of Filipino women who are married to foreigners (who do not lie, steal, cheat their husbands, and are very smart).

            This sub-culture is sick, I do not support it. But we all know where it stems from.

          9. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            half of the real estate in this country is tied up in court cases becos the gradparents or parents passed away.

        2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

          Nika, You are right, every country/region in the world has it’s different cultures. In the last 20 years, I have live in 05 different countries. Each one had a different culture, many good traits, some bad. But only the RP seem to encourage a “Culture” of dishonesty or no common curtisee (sp).
          For instance, A few nights ago night I didn’t go to sleep until 4am in the morning. My stellar next door neighbor seems to think their is nothing wrong with throwing a Party/Karoke session until 4am. The next morning when I approached a couple different neighbors, almost all of them parroted…”what can we do”. When I mentioned “how about approaching the owner of the house, barangay, police”…I was told that’s “not the way we do things in the RP”.
          This Culture thing as you call it, is the reason why the RP is consistantly labelled The Worst in Asia.
          Every country in the world has problems. I’m willing to discuss the short coming of my own country, or others I’ve lived in, but…This isn’t “Kano-Fail blog”, this is Philippines Fail blog.
          Can you give us foreigners a couple examples of what you are doing to help fix this Fail Culture ???

          1. Profile gravatar of Nika

            I’ve had next door neighbor like that around two years ago. A Pinoy doing the same thing to a Pinoy like me. So… This one late work day night that he did a band thing right beside our house I marched to the barangay head quarters because he wouldn’t heed my gentle request to keep it down. When the barangay came over and he kept it down at around 2am. The next day he apologized to me and my family and learned that we wouldn’t take that shit from him anymore. That’s ONE dumb Pinoy.

            I do not tolerate a culture if dishonesty. I’ve once reported to the police what a fellow Pinoy did to me, but that just happened once. He’s in jail now.

            I don’t like complaining, but complain I will if someone does me wrong. But I won’t call a whole race stupid.

            Re: helping fix the “fail” culture
            Working with a community, gradually letting them learn that we cannot rely on dole-outs just because we are a poor third world country. That we have abilities that we can develop and can help in sustaining our respective families. That we do not have to sell our abilities short or kiss some people’s asses just so we could eat a bowl of noodles. That we need to work together to build resilient places of residence so we won’t have to beg from politicians or foreigners once a disaster destroys our home. Re-learning to cultivate our fertile land so we have nutritious food to eat, exploring alternative education (community-based education, homeschooling, group homeschooling, etc.). Producing competitive products for the global market, not just shabby products for pity buying. I don’t get paid to do this, but at least I get to eat organic food, live in a peaceful community, do my art, and meet people from all over the world who still believe that our culture can be a self-sustaining one.

            PS I do have foreign friends. A handful. We sometimes do stupid things together, and again, I stress, we do not think the other person’s culture/race is wholly stupid.

          2. Profile gravatar of Nika

            “More people like you mean hope for an otherwise dead country.”

            Well Manila isn’t Philippines, so…

          3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            thye say they are poor,,, evry weekend i can hear korokes and noisy radios,, where do they get th money for electricity???
            they have if it is for making noise, listening to crappy tv, but none for paying bills.
            i give up on feeling sorry for the people

          4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            if you piss them off,, they are at your doorstep in a heartbeat with their nosebleed english. been there and had that done to me..

        3. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          Everything that we are posting seems pretty damn accurate so far. So let me get this straight, telling the truth is translated into a ‘hate speech?’ So lets say I was a logical Filipino with understanding, and I said the same things about how fucked up Philippines is, would it still be considered as a ‘hate speech?’ The problem is that you are totally biased, and your only giving entitlement to your fellow Filipinos to point out the negatives without being discriminated for type racism or prejudice. The problem is: Filipinos wont EVER acknowledge their problems. I’ve seen this over 1000 times. Any level of identifying a problem with your country and people is quickly being misinterpreted as racism. Do you you know how many times I’ve pointed out problems with my own country? yeah, many times! So I would talk about my own country too, but you Filipinos gets so damn butt-hurt when anything negative is said about YOUR country. No matter how high up in the intelligent chain a Filipino is, they lack the ability to see their own problems. I got shit last week about this for pointing out the flaws in the education system to the department head of my course. Of course she denied everything, and tried to get me for being a racist spy (she actually did say something like that). So if there is a problem with your country, who the fuck do you expect to point it out? Enlighten me…..

          1. Profile gravatar of Nika

            I don’t believe I’m biased. I do complain about other Filipinos. But the thing is, I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. At this point I do less talking and more doing.

            I mean, it’s a gift to criticize to someone’s face. But it’s something else to air online, to people who have the same standpoint as you. Also, I say “hate speech” because you say this in hate, not because you’re really trying to constructively criticize.

  10. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    One of the dumbest things i’ve seen in PI was a restaurant in a certain capital town that would close for lunch. Yes. Opened 7am to 12, 1:30pm to 9pm. This town would fill up during the day with literally 1000’s and 1000’s of people needing lunch. It’s just like everywhere else on the planet people tend to eat breakfast and dinner at home while catching their lunch near their work. Dumbpino…

  11. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Another idiotic thing dumbpinos do is close their business during lunch. In most of the rest of the world people do errands during their lunch hour while they are there in the city. Many businesses in the States best time of the day is lunch time. ++++++WAKE UP DUMBPINOS+++++++++ You go to a business in PI during lunch time you hear snoring, in most of the rest of the world you hear CHICKA-CHING, CHICKA-CHING, CHICKA-CHING.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Closing a restaurant during lunch is about as stupid as closing a bar at night. Well, at least Filipinos are not stupid enough to go that far. But there was a time I was trying to try out this new pizza joint that opened up near where I lived, when I got there it was closed for lunch. Which is suppose to be the business hour for restaurants. What a bunch of dumb fucks. I said ‘fuck it’ and high-tailed it to Dominoes that day.

  12. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    When i first went to the pilippines i thought pilipinos were always pucking with me because i was a porigner. I use to race mountain bikes around the pilippines. This would entail dealing having to deal with shipping my bike with me when i would attend different events around the pilippines. I would go to the pier of such and such a place and attempt to get a “bill of laden”. It would take like 2 pucking hours to accomplish this peat after going to numerous different windows to pay some stupid pucking pee of like 15P. Normally they would always send me to the wrong window where the next wrong window would send me to the next wrong window and i would usually end up at the first window only to find out that i went to the first correct window the first time. FRUSTRATING… It was like every time i went to a pier i would go on this mindless odyssey because of my bike. At first i tried to accept this because they didnt see too many porigners with a bike then i thought they were all pucking with me because i was a porigner. Then i started traveling with pellow pilippino bikers and the same thing would happen to them. DUMBPINOS EVERYWHERE….

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      For a second, I thought your ‘F’ key wasn’t working, but after seeing the word ‘FRUSTRATING’ in this comment, I finally caught onto your style 🙂 Sorry for the irrelevant reply. But that’s one hell of a bike story you got there, I get that kind of confusion at the Manila offices here too.

  13. Profile gravatar of OA

    After reading much of the abuse masquerading as “hard truth” being peddled on this site (a couple hours of my life that I will never get back) I felt compelled to sign up and share a few “hard truths” of my own.

    1) The vast majority of Pinay women in lower economic tiers get hitched to fugly Western men for purely economic reasons

    2) Don’t flatter yourselves, you’re not God’s gift to women. Those desperately poor Pinays latched onto you because they saw a meal ticket. Did you ever delude yourselves into thinking otherwise?

    (of course there are exceptions to every sweeping generalization)

    3) There are a large number of competent Pinoys – I’d like to believe I’m one of them – but I copped out and left the country. Make no mistake, there was an economic motive, but the economic gap isn’t that wide anymore. I can go back to Manila and get a US$70K/year job. That isn’t particularly impressive by US standards, but it’s fairly decent by Pinoy standards.

    4) Your horrible experiences with superstitious, lazy moneygrubbers is because you had the misfortune to latch on to the most poorly-educated Pinays. Which is really a reflection of yourselves – the Pinays who can get a $70K job in Manila wouldn’t be caught dead with you.

    So at the end of the day – yes the Philippines is full of crap. I’m not denying any of it. But your experiences are also because of your circumstances.

    To be completely crass – as most of you are – losers attract losers.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “1) The vast majority of Pinay women in lower economic tiers get hitched to fugly Western men for purely economic reasons

      2) Don’t flatter yourselves, you’re not God’s gift to women. Those desperately poor Pinays latched onto you because they saw a meal ticket. Did you ever delude yourselves into thinking otherwise?”

      What gave you the impression this isn’t obvious to us? You’re just another idiot Pinoy with an ability to form sentences, which to you appear smart, but to people with half a brain, sound just like the typical dumbshit Pinoy making ridiculous claims and having delusions of grandeur about himself.

      You have done what most typical idiot Pinoys trying to sound smart do:
      You call it “abuse” when we essentially say the hard truth that Philippines is full of crap, you tell us there are a lot of competent Pinoys (yeah, 1000 competent Pinoys sounds like a lot on it’s own, but in relation to 99,000,000, it’s a drop in the bucket, and therefore easy to generalize that Pinoys are dumbfucks)

      Then after you feel you have accomplished your back-lashing against foreigners who criticize you, you turn around and admit we’re right…that Philippines is full of crap.

      So then this brings the typical idiot Pinoy mindset of when a foreigner criticizes you, it’s abuse, but when a Pinoy criticizes Pinoy about the same things foreigners criticize Pinoys about, it’s not abuse.

      “but I copped out and left the country. Make no mistake, there was an economic motive, but the economic gap isn’t that wide anymore. I can go back to Manila and get a US$70K/year job.”

      Then why don’t you? There’s a lot of competent Pinoys to keep you company, right? And you’re obviously full of Pinoy Pride, yet you copped out and left your country for money. If you’re so competent, and so proud, why not return to FAILippines and work together with all the other massive amounts of competent Pinoys to make changes so that Foreigners won’t “abuse” you?

      Foreigner criticizes Pinoy = abuse
      Pinoy criticizes Pinoy = not abuse, legit criticism.

      I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re just another idiot Pinoy. Sorry to disappoint.

    2. Profile gravatar of Nika

      I’ve found out that some of these foreigners do “sacrifice” by living with “idiotic” Filipinos in the Philippines because they get more retirement money than if they live in their home country/ That’s smart.

      But what they do not know, is that being assholes, warrants cook/waiter-spit in their food leading to stomach bugs. Or maybe just cheating them on a few thousand pesos off their retirement fund, in exchange for polluting the visual and olfactory environment. That’s smarter, and far more creative.

  14. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Another pilipino rocket scientist… I really dont know what the rocket scientist is talking about. All these 20ish something ladies tell me that i remind them of a 53 year old, balding, 250 pound Brad Pitt… Just ask them. But i’m only here for the great food… Remember play them like they are attempting to play you and enjoy yourself. Don’t take anything or anyone serious from the president all the way down to the poorest fisherman on the beach and you will be fine.

    1. Profile gravatar of Nika

      The waiter who served your food just spit on it, and you wouldn’t know this unless you get a stomach bug after eating. But you can’t prove this unless you get a saliva sample from that particular dish.

  15. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Nika i guess they must be spitting on just about every meal because most pilipino food is hard for me to stomach and i have diarrhea most of the time. Was it ballut that was on the fear factor?
    You havent been here for a few days. Did your caculator batteries die and you couldnt get into this blog because you couldnt get past the logon math problem? Glad you renewed your batteries…

    1. Profile gravatar of Nika

      Oh, my pleasure. Calculator is handy as before…
      How about you? Don’t you have Google or something? Why can’t you spell and capitalize properly?