The Sword of Damocles

OK, this is not quite a sword, but might as well be!


This is perhaps the greatest example of Filipino stupidity and inconsideration! I took this photo on the way to Baclaran, Manila to go shopping. What was so amazing was, this piece of junk, which appeared to be an old bed frame, was suspended mid-air by a piece of rope and pulley, right above the paths of people living in the area!! The owner of this junk obviously has no regard for the safety and well-being of others, children in particular! What was more surprising was, when I pointed to the people there the danger this piece of suspended junk posed to them and their children, everyone agreed it was dangerous, no one liked it, but no one wanted to complain to the Barangay captain!!!

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    Captain PFB

    I’m sure they did not even consider the danger, and even more likely, didn’t think anything at all about it…..until you mentioned it. Then they just agreed with you. Sort of like they agree to whatever the Catholic Church says, and so on……

    Dumb little robots.

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      Sarah Post author

      Noticed how the person sitting on a motorbike just sat there nonchalantly? As if there’s no danger above his/her head? We know that life is cheap in the Philippines, but WTF, surely, if it’s your own life that’s at risk, you’ll do something about it, like not even sitting right under that bed frame????

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      @filofail FLIPS are “UNIQUE” individuals like what Ace stated. That bed, or whatever that thing hanging is nothing but not a threat for them. In their heads there’s nothing wrong, kind of like flies on their food. These are normal for the FLIPS:

      The smell of burning garbage, smell of piss on the streets, dog shit on the ground, cruelty to animals, JEEPNEYS!, motorcyclist, not stopping for pedestrians on PD lanes, not following rules, SPITTING, being noisy and the love of noise most of the time,being a douche, begging, nosey people, being low class (that’s why the PH is still a 3rd world) STARING at you for a long fucking minute! (which I do not really get at all), HONKING all the fucking time! And there’s a lot more to point out and these are all NORMAL for them FILIPINO folks.

      These will not register as an issue for them because they DO NOT REALLY GIVE A FUCKING MONKEYS SHIT’N ASS ABOUT IT! If you already corrected them, have given them something that needs to be maintained, budgeted, protected. They will also find a way to SCREW it up down to their standards πŸ™‚

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    Sarah Post author

    Yes, they agree it’s a danger, but that’s how far as it goes! No one wants to confront the owner of the junk, no one wants to complain!! Keep in mind this puts everyone’s life and limb in danger. The utmost display of Filipino stupidity!! Let’s hear what Ace’s opinion on this, shall we?

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    Filipinos know that the hanging bed frame is dangerous, but they value smooth personal relations more than safety. They pretend this problem doesn’t exist and will live and let live. Over a month ago, I had .45 caliber hand gun firing within 20 meters of my computer and they had fired into a guard shack. In normal countries, we would report the discharge of a fire arm, BUT not here. They don’t have trouble.

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      Yea.. Filipinos think they are above the law. Ifs the other persons responsibility if they hurt themselves.

      Ive been to places and said “thats dangerous”

      Reply.. Well..its not our problem if someome hurts themselves.

      Thats how society is.
      Take no responsibilty. Put it.on others.

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        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        I can help you there Sarah. It’s another demonstration of the superiority of Pinoy ingenuity. Stupid westerners would look at that old bed and see a pile of junk. Romy Dong Jun looks at it, and he sees a future home for his prize roosters! To keep it safe (and to show it off), Romy Dong Jun, has hoisted that future rooster house high for his neighbors and many friends to admire. Often, he and his pares will sit right under that future rooster house, looking up and admiring it whilst they swill red horse and eat pig intestines on a stick. Once in a while, one of them will stir to go and piss on a wall, and make jokes on his way back about how that lovely rooster house might fall on his friends and kill them all. He might even pull on the rope, and give that thing a good ol’ shake, and his friends a fright. That future home of cock fighting champions has never once fallen down – oh, except that one time during the typhoon – and nobody was under it so it didn’t matter. Romy Dong Jun, just tied those old pieces of broken rope together and pulled that future home of champions right back up there!

        And now for the good news. If Romy Dung Jun and all of his friend were sitting underneath, and it did fall and kill the lot of them, not a single brain-cell would be harmed in their demise.

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          Sarah Post author

          Great explanation Cyber. Except stupid westerners would look at it and see danger first and foremost. That’s because we value our lives and those of others, that’s because we have consideration for our own safety and the safety of others. And that’s because stupid westerners usually dispose of that piece of junk.

          I supposed you can look at it this way: If the stupid Flip did not suspend that bed frame, where do you think it would end up?? Possibly in the Pasig river or some creek or waterways that would block the drains, which of course contributes to flooding. So maybe we should thank the idiot Flip for not throwing that junk in a nearby river. So, how many Flip brains went into work to figure that out huh?

          I liked your concept of future rooster house though πŸ™‚

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    When i see places & mess like that, it really make me feel the area of my wife in Philippines is a real paradize compared to all this crap…

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    That is why I love the pics aspect. You can’t always describe these things in words. Every article I do, I try to include the pics. I mean, Flys on the hotdogs for sale in the mall? No 1st world person would think that’s possible.

    Are we allowed to put lore than 1 pic per article? If so, what am I doing wrong? I tried a couple of times, but it didn’t work for me.

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    Sarah Post author

    Has to be a bed frame Mikey. Why would a crab trap have wheels and springs?

    And I agree with you Johnny, a picture tells a thousand words. Photography is a also a hobby of mine, although I’m still working on it. πŸ™‚

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I don’t see the springs. Looks like heavy wire grill on the outside of the wood. Then if look at top it looks like there’s another that angles in so that what ever enters cannot exit. But who knows. You know that one filipino motto,,, KEEP IT!

      1. Profile gravatar of juan

        i think it is a cage, that is being used during fiesta, where in it will have colorful chicks, ducklings. notice the 4 wheel bearings, that is meant as wheels. πŸ™‚

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Hard to say. I mean we are talking about a people who are not smart enough to turn their headlights on at night no matter how dark. Not to mention stupid enough to cover the headlight with a red lens.

          1. Profile gravatar of juan

            it’s either that or you think you are being abducted by alien because you can’t see a damn thing on the road since light is too bright and you literally need to stop your vehicle, even doing the flicking of your headlights thing sometimes does not work.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            You see in the news a few weeks back where some guy in Germany had a functional WW2 Panther tank in his garage? My question, where can I get one?

          3. Profile gravatar of juan

            No idea, but i can give you ideas where to purchase those ww2 remodeled jeeps. πŸ™‚

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    Sarah Post author

    I drive one of those Mitsubishi military style Jeeps (like the ones you use in MASH) when I’m in the RP. Naturally it sits higher than other vehicles. Stupid Flips on the opposite traffic kept flicking their lights indicating I should turn high beam lights off. I don’t turn high beam lights on when in built up areas, but they think that I do!!

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    Pinay Lover

    There always seems to be a mutual feeling with Filipino’s that something should be done about that problem, but nobody thinks that “hey, I could fix that problem”. They belong in a communist country where the government does everything for them. They would fit right in.

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    sorry sir we dont have

    hey people
    thought you were smarter than the fipos?
    that is not a bed frame, which is any cage or something for fishing. Check it out closely!
    It has wheels (ball bearings) so that one can slide down it.
    and that is not so heavy, and will be tied up all right.
    you embarrassed you that yourself when you discuss about such shit. as if it is not 1000 other hazards gives here that are much more dangerous..

    1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      If you are going to criticize other people, try to use correct grammar, complete sentences, and say things that make sense. To wit:
      If it is not a bed frame, say what it is. There has been discussion as to what it is, and several people are not sure.
      When you say “It has wheels (ball bearings) so that one can slide down it.” who would slide down it? I certainly would not slide down it, that would be quite painful! Because that is what your sentence means, that (some)one can slide down it.
      When you say “and that is not so heavy, and will be tied up all right.”, that is a sentence fragment, which, by itself, has no meaning in this context.
      And your final sentence doesn’t make much sense either.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angel

        Agreed. Go home, “sorry sir we dont have”, you are drunk. Haha. Seriously though, I don’t know what it is, and I’ve lived most of my life in the PHL. Looks like some sort of gate, with wheels.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah
      Sarah Post author

      sorry sir we dont have, your english and grammar is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, you are honestly not making sense! You are obviously an illiterate Flip trying to impress us with your dumbness! We are not mind readers, so if you have something to say, could you please re-phrase and say it clearly, and if you are lacking in such grey matters to compose such intelligible sentences as such to be understood, I suggest you get help from the rest of your Flip friends with 86% IQs!

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Hey dickhead, if your so fucking smart YOU tell us what it is then. Not heavy? Look at all the STEEL grating covering all sides.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah
        Sarah Post author

        He’s obviously just another idiot Flip Mikey, to even imply that such a junk was safe to get suspended mid-air because “it’s not heavy and will be tied up all right”. Yeah, real smart that he can tell how heavy an object is just by looking at the photo huh?

        So in this idiot’s mind, such a “light” junk is unlikely to fall down and injure people coz “it’s not heavy”. Another maggot that’s crawled from that infamous planet where Ace crawled from….Uranus.

        “if it is not 1000 other hazards gives here that are much more dangerous.”

        So what are the “1000 hazards” that ‘gives here that are more dangerous” stupid?

        1. Profile gravatar of emrys

          seriously, sarah, you got a point. I think when I’m back in the phil I’m going to make a log of hazards. not just for someone like me…but just everyone. sorry in advance that it won’t be so detailed for the rest of you. but really, I wouldn’t see something like this in the picture. but I do know rebar at face level and at foot level. holes and that. so super good catch sarah on how “this isn’t so big a problem”. and also how no one speaks up about it. also al,,,go canucks!

    4. Profile gravatar of emrys

      and that’s why it has to be suspended over a walk way? we sure do embarrass our selves with this kind of thing. 1000 hazards,yep,something to be super proud of.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Well here’s why I said welcome to the roo riders. Some guy on Yahoo is trying to tell me that Australia is part of the states. He claims that after WW2 Australia gave it’s sovereignty to the U.S.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Mike.
        Well,, the usa did give Douglas Macarthur to ossie land.. so he could plan their battles.. Then they gave him the nickname ” dugout doug,, hahahha

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Don’t forget he was also awarded the medal of honor. Guess the only person to get that by running from a fight instead of toward a fight.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I missed this one whilst traveling, We called him BUG OUT DUOG.
            He saved himself.
            I donated an Australian Flag to a bar in Subic, called the Generals, all the MacArthur paraphernalia on the walls mostly junk.
            Some Seppo Genius asked why is there an Australian Flag in the Generals Bar,
            He was a little offended when I told him, Thats where Douggie ran away too when he abandoned the Philippines to the Japs.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Ol Doug could afford to go to Oz. Before Doug and Quezon left the country Quezon went and took large sums of cash out of the treasury. He then gave Doug $500,000. A little known fact.

            “You know of General MacArthur the hero of Bataan
            Who came to save Australia from the Emperor of Japan.
            Now he’s in a Brissy bar kicking up his feet
            While the guys he left behind are up the fucking creek.”

          3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            It broke the Generals heart when he saw the aftermath battle of Milne Bay in PNG, I think it was
            The yanks were routed and ran, the first time they went toe to toe with the Japs. HE WAS NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.
            Ok for him to Bug out but not his soldiers.
            What he conveniently forgot was the Japs who by then were probably the best jungle fighting force in the world, they had fought their way through the PI,
            China, Vietnam, Malaysia Burma, Singapore Indonesia and were now heading south through PNG.
            He had conscripts fresh from the farm in the States. The Aussies were fresh back from the middle east , they had been fighting in the fucking desert not the jungle.
            They all had a quick learning curve.

          4. Profile gravatar of Sarah
            Sarah Post author

            I read Ol’ Dougie’s unauthorized biography when I was in year 8. Interesting…. he had a half Pinay-half Scottish mistress in the Failippines. BUT, the rest of his troops were prevented from fraternizing with the ‘natives’ for fear of exploiting them! Can you believe that, guys? You, Kanos exploiting the natives?? I would say that even back then, the native Pinoys already had the skills to fleece everyone and anyone!

            It also stated in his biography that the reason he was so immaculate, not a crease on his uniform, not a drop of sweat, was because he changed uniforms almost every hour!

            After old Dougie died, his only son changed his name to David Jordan, to escape his father’s fame, and took up music, literature, arts and the theater…. a far cry from his father and grandfather’s military tradition.

  10. Profile gravatar of emrys

    yeah,one hazard to show all of us….thanks sarah for the pic….not being an ass. but maybe on my latest reveal on my situation in the phil, this is really stupid. I wonder if they were yanking it up or down…did it get removed? for me, I run into all kinds of wacky shit. rebar sticking out of walls at “my face height”, rebar sticking out of the ground for people to trip over. lots o stupid construction things in the phil that should have been taken care of after the job has been done. but your right sarah. this looks super sketchy. good pic on really dangers that totally can be avoided. something like this in a first world country…just hanging there…would totally have some one coming to say “hey,this is a safety issue”. but in the Philippines,safety for others isn’t so important. I know that pretty well. no one speaks up.

    sarah you mentioned that people in the brgy. know about this but no one says anything. this is why problems don’t get solved. might seem trivial as it’s such a small thing. but if no one is going to address this as something dangerous. it speaks on how dumb everyone is on the bigger issues.

  11. Profile gravatar of Sarah
    Sarah Post author

    Ah of course Emrys!! We must give credit where it’s due. Is it possible that the lazy dumbass Flips would think of taking that object every night to be stored somewhere so it won’t cause harm to anyone? In which case, if they have somewhere else to store it during the night, why not then leave it there all the time so it does not pose a safety hazard? But of course, “safety” and “consideration for others” is something that is unknown in Flipland.

    You mentioned about rebard sticking out…yep, nearly tore my face with one of those while walking somewhere, an unfinished building with a bent rebar sticking sideways, again a danger to others. Walked past it next day and it’s still there! No one fucking cares!

    On the other hand, JGramsay above did say ” they value smooth personal relations more than safety.” Yeah right. Unless you’re a Kano, or any other foreign nationality for that matter. They can piss you off and call you names because they don’t care! Smooth personal relations only applies one way in the great Flipland. Their way!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          See? Took me over 50 minutes to get this page to load so could reply. As to the foreplay use your imagination. Dangerous? More dangerous than where we live? See all the male PFBers in the corner with big grins a=on their faces, drooling down the chin? All sitting because getting up would be hard.

  12. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Trying to pull up info about snow world on their website. All it says is have to be 44″ to sled. There is a picture of a polar bear on the ice and the Canuk clubbing the seal must be Al.

  13. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    To all the kanos on this site
    Do not lip this canuck too much!!!! Just remember,, we beat the kanos back to the 49 parallel in 1812. and burnt your white house down to boot. haahahah
    I think there is still seal bashing going on , but in a limited way. Bridgette Bardot did a real number on our fur industry, eh…

    1. Profile gravatar of Jason

      Yeah except it was the British and not Canadians.

      It was British regulars and not the mythic “militia” that performed this action.

      Pat 20 years or so the textbooks in Canada have gone from “British and Native and Militia forces” to ” British and Canadian forces” to “Canadian forces”.

      I see it repeated often enough it has become a pet peeve.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        ’tis actually a Falsum? Sad! No Al will be depressed, knowing it wasent the canucks but the brit’s who burned the House!

        Well, it’s a first time for everything Al, go for it!;-) πŸ˜‰

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Good show Al! Suck it to them! We Vikings bashed the; english, irish, french, spanish and some more! And are ancestors to the Normans who conquered England! Still we are very humble and hardly ever mention it! πŸ˜‰

      Even the…joyful ravishing of thousands of nuns are rarely mentioned, humility and….discretion was and is, our metiΓ©r! πŸ™‚

      We would have bashed the yankees too, if they’d have the guts to show, 400 years before Columbus!

      Ohhh! If the flips could even have a…pittance as much to be proud of as us! Unfortunately we never came to the phils, but there were no nunnerys there at that time! πŸ˜‰

      But! Knowing of that horrible mentality we would probably have killed off most and sold the rest as slaves! πŸ™‚

    3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      There is supposedly a black Antichrist in that House now. Why dont you canucks burn it again?

      just burn it in the night and scurry to the border.

      Could make the americans a little humbler πŸ™‚

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    Fritz Fischlhammer

    That’s a mobile sarisari store, sarado na, thats why its parked there. They use it to push it through between the cars at the road lanes, you can hang a lot of their chunk for sale direct through the car windows. First class direct customer service …

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    Pru Dence

    Hi Sarah, Thanks for this post… I usually am serene and polite, yet everytime I was home, I just ended up yelling at people because of this kind of indifference, especially if children were concerned. In return, I was always the one to be branded as “bastos” or “walanghiya” or “arogante”. I always felt helpless and still am feeling helpless with the whole scene…

  16. Profile gravatar of Sarah
    Sarah Post author

    You are welcome Pru. I am the same as you, serene, polite, gracious and generous, here in Oz or back in the ROP. But lately, the Flip stupidity, greed and inconsiderate behaviors has gotten into me. I thank this website and its like minded members for keeping us all sane from the onslaught of Pinoy failings.