The Title & The Power

Normally, in any other country in the world the higher title you have or higher salary you have the more you have to work or contribute. This does not apply here. Phillippinos are so horny in power and titles that they will do alomost anything to recive it. Where you are on the organizational chard does seriusly matter, its not about the job you do, its about the title you have and the power that comes with it. Phillippinos want to rule over other phillippinos, and the more people you have under you, the more respect you get, and respect is serious business. So yesterday i experienced a fight between three staff members in my company, and it was about, wait for it, The gate pass, who will have the authority to sign?…

I got the paper on my desk and signed the new signatory from the HR, because i couldent care less who signs the gate passes, as long as they are archived. But this was some real fucking serious business. And when the old signatory was no longer allowed to sign, he got pissed, because he wanted the power to sign what comes out and what comes in. This was a long disscussion and it all ended with my quote “Fuck it, ile sign the gate passes, nobody else”. Then they could start talking about who was best fit for it.. its amazing how much trouble they cause to have that little power.

The Title –  Having the highest title, and get as much respect as possible.

The Power – The power to do things that others cant, it doesent matter how small the thing is.

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    A couple of thoughts to share.

    This behaviour is also prevalent in the Middle Eastern countries and elsewhere. It got to the point in that people who introduced themselves as ‘DR’ were told that I didn’t care that they had a PhD, I was more interested in what they actually did.

    A very STOOOOPID girl knocked me off my motorbike last week. The next day it was her father who met me at the dealer to agree what they had to pay. He introduced himself, then added ‘I’m a VIP’. What??? Is there somewhere that offers certificates to attest to that? I told him that I didn’t care if he was the president. Really, what a way to introduce yourself. I felt like saying that he was the guy who had probably bought a fake license for his daughter, and whose daughter had NEVER asked me if I was alright as I dragged myself from under the motorbike and picked myself up. A VIP indeed!

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    I have already read an article wrote by an Ethnologist that was talking about the Filipino specie and without giving any details he said that Filipino like to feel superior to each other. It’s stronger than them (crab mentality). He also said that Filipinos are always trying to show that they are rich. Even if they don’t even have 5$ to open a bank account. What is pissing me off is that the guy who’ve posted the article toke it off. Don’t ask me why. You guys really must to read it. He made me noticing some things that I never noticed before. Like the fact that flipies are pointing things out with their lips instead of pointing with their finger or their chin like we do. I will ask the guy to repost the article so I can show it to you. You will be stunned when you will read it.

    A fight for a stupid signature for a game lol. How desperate.Thanks for the article. We are still learning about them. The truth is in details.

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    Holy fucking stupid guy!! I just went on the site where I found the article from the Ethnologist I was talking about. That Frenchman is probably working for a missionary. I don’t know if he’s just dumb or naïve but look at what he’s saying:

    To test the moral values ​​of a society, just look at how it treats its children. (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

    Few people are responsible for having plunged the children in distress in which they currently live, but I believe it is our responsibility to all of them out.

    The original article is in French. I just translated it. That guy is trying to change the Filipino mentality lol. We all wish you a BIG good luck! Don’t forget to give us a call when it’s done! We want to see this! Oh and try to avoid to put some money under their eyes cuz they can move pretty quickly sometimes.

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    Hi guys. Olivier Laot, the missionairy from France in the Philippines which I told you about the other day sent me the research about the article that an expert Ethnolpgist wrote. I strongly suggest you all to read it. It’s a pure information mine. That will allow us to learn the mental and physical aspects from Filipinos from closer with much more details that you and I would never had noticed. I’m so glad I finally have the full article. THAT IS SOME EPIC STUFF!

    Wrote by Jean-Michel Hermans. Ethnologist.

    Single bad news: It’s in French. The good news is: Google translate is doing an accurate job.