Theft Failure

So for the 3rd time in less than 2 months some stupid Filipino tried to steal a part/accessory off my car. Fairly rare car i own and little bit on the expensive side. Very hard to find parts. There are only handful of people that can afford to own them and the majority of them live in my community.

So the first time was a Tow Ring attached under the back bumper. This piece can easily be removed by simply twisting it to the left. The idiot Filipino must not have known this and broke it off perhaps with a hammer or something else heavy. Im left with piece of metal stuck in its socket. He is left with a Tow ring that is broken in half and has no connecting screw.

Second time my headlight washers were stolen. Not the wipers, but the mechanical thing that pops out of the bumper and shoots water at your headlights. All the guy needed to do was reach under the bumper, separate the hose, and twist to the left. He pried them out from the front with a knife or a flat head. He ended up taking a plastic cover and yanking the plastic hose that water travels through. I now have 2 diamond shaped holes in my front bumper.

3rd time (which was last week) grill housing was stolen. This is basically cosmetic piece that covers up the bolts that hold the grill of most vehicles in place. This is a simple snap in-snap out piece. Held by plastic push to release clamps. The idiot again tried to pry it out with a knife or flat head. He left many scratches and broke every plastic mount.

So i decided it was time to find out who has been doing this to my blue car. I drive around the neighborhood for half an hour and i spot a black car. Same year make and model as my car. The guy has 2 blue diamond shaped headlight washers mounted to his bumper. He also has a blue grill housing. Again this was black car. I take a closer look and the scratch marks are all over this grill housing and headlight washers. Obviously stolen off my car.

According to the dealership repairs would be around 20k pesos, but a 2 MONTH wait for the parts. I cant wait 2 months. I cant complain to the Barangay or file a case. Because at the end of the day i am a foreigner and he is a fucking native chicken. So I accidentally broke a window or 2 and left a few scratches around his car. Nobody saw me do this it was very late at night. This fucking monkey who ive never met or seen in my life comes knocking on my door the very next day! Why would he accuse me of doing anything to his car if i never met him and he never saw me. He didnt even know who he was looking for he just said the owner of my car vandalized his car. Great way to admit stealing my shit.

Anyway i came outside with my huge Filipino driver and he told to guy to never come around any more. Still waiting to see what this monkey is gonna do.. I will keep u guys posted lol

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    truthfully, I would be very afraid of this guy. I would move immediately.
    You can see he does not much brains or pride when he confronts the owner of the car that he was stealing off. You may won have a battle, but you can never win a war with these idiots. Just arguing with a three year old. Just some friendly advice from an expat living in Manila.
    I wonder if there is something like the stuff banks put in bags of money that they give to bank robbers?? the bag blows dye all over the bank robbers in five minutes,,

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      Louie Post author

      Ridiculous right? Absolutely zero shame! Most of my neighbors are Expats so its not that bad, but there are always those few Filipinos that destroy a peaceful community.

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    yes, but it only takes a few thiefs and mind bending party animals blaring with their with korokes to destroy your life.
    better to rent and see where a peaceful place is,

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    I love this post! How arrogant is this flip? He steals from you three times and then admits he did by calling on you the second something happened to his car. If you had stolen back your bits… but anyone could have doesn’t he damage. But he knew it was you because of his guilt etc.

    I would be concerned the pinhead might do something dumb, but he’d hire someone to do it. I wouldn’t have vandalised his car. I would have sent him an invoice for the parts and damage, with a copy in the barangay captain’s blotter. You wouldn;t get any money but it would embarrass him no end and make it public so he might hesitate getting revenge on your revenge.

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    Years ago vehicles were made of steel or some other conductive material. We lived in a place with many children and they all had a habit to go after my pickup truck as we went down the street. If they could, they would jump on the back bumber. Dangerous, but that is the mind of children.
    One day I gave them a surprise! As soon as one jumped on I through a switch which connected a second high voltage coil to parts of the frame. Hehehe, you had to see there faces as they lit up!
    Seems today something can be done between the ground and the frame. Triggered by the car alarm made silent, but what a jolt!
    Don’t move, give em a surprise!

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    there used to be people who put an wild alley cat in a suitcase. put suitcase on side of road, hide ..and then drive behind the car to see the mayhem of that wild alley cat when the suitcase was opened…