Thing I Hate In The Philippines

I am a Filipina and have a love/hate relationship with this country. 80% hate, and 20% love, my hatred towards the number of stupid, illogical, idiotic and ignorant people have overpowered my ‘supposed’ love towards my own country and my own blood.


Here are the FEW reasons why I hate this country, and I do hope some, if not most, would agree with the list:


  1. Women are goddamn cheap. Foreigner married to a Filipina? Filipina asking foreigners money for sexual pleasure? Not new to my ears.

Yes, not all of them are gold-diggers but there is a huge probability that you’ve met one along the way. I’m still in college and stay in a small place with a maid, with financial assistance of my parents. Her stupid daughter got pregnant with a guy from her class and needed some money. To help her fund the medical needs of her daughter and her soon-to-be grandson (DURING THAT TIME), my parents decided to add a few hundreds from her weekly salary. I also give her 200-500 a week before she leaves m during the weekends to help her. She once borrowed one of my laptops (I use a MacBook, but I also have an HP I use for Windows applications), so she could talk with her ‘family’ via Facebook. Since I have classes and brings my Mac in class all the time, I handed her my HP. After a few weeks, she forgot to log it out and there I saw her asking foreigners money! She was pleading them to give her money because she could not afford the medical fees her daughter would face and could not fun her grandson in exchange of introducing these men to other Filipina women she may know of. She couldn’t even talk straight English. (I’m not saying my English is great but hers is far worse than how a kid can speak)

Our other maid, who is now in UK, is also the same. She met her husband online a few years back. She married her because she wanted to be: a. rich, b. have a beautiful white daughter, and c. so she doesn’t have to work because HE IS RICH.

My cousin’s maid on the other hand always ask Indian men on facebook some money for LOVE! As if… She publicly posts her request and tag these men on her photos. Our maid, the first one mentioned above, told me she actually watch these men naked on webcam and she does the same before getting some money…


  1. The government is fucked up.

I don’t even want to listen to what the hell is in the news right now! I have always asked my father how the hell Binays win and his answer “Who do you think voted for them? The poor stupid ones.” His follow up question would be, “Who are those people who do not vote? The small portion of the Filipino population who have brains.”

Filipino logic: FAMOUS? Manny Pacquiao? Fucking give him a position in the government! RICH SHOWBIZ PERSONALITY? He won’t corrupt us… Bullshit

This may not be appropriate, and admin can remove this: I was once asked by my father on what would I do if I became the 3rd Filipina President. I answered: “Kill all the stupid people. Kill 98% of the country’s population” (The statistic data’s an exaggerated joke. Although, it may apply…)

  1. Traffic EVERYWHERE!

I have visited a few countries, and by far… nothing is comparable on how awful any person’s experience would be in the traffic jam here in Manila! This country is prone to road accidents as well. Why? Taxis, jeepneys, tricycle and motorcycles appear from nowhere!!! Not only that, but there are a lot of jaywalkers!


  1. A Filipino winning some international competition? “FILIPINO AKO! #Pinoypride”.

All I say, “FUCK IT, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN”. Every one can win the fucking competition. One Filipino just got lucky. But if a Filipino is mocked in another country, everyone gets butthurt. This news would most likely go trending for days, and will be inside the news for the night.


  1. Speaking of news… yes, the local news now features….

…where celebrities when on vacation during the Holy week!

…how celebrity couples broke up etc.


I thought The BUZZ was made for those celebrity gossips.


  1. Scammers, holdapers, murderers, rapists etc. on the streets

In countries I have visited, I can use my phone outdoors with no problem of it being stolen. I can use my laptop while sitting on the sidewalk bench or while waiting for a bus. HERE: Hide your phone in your bag? It still gets fucking stolen. This is why I never walk on the streets alone. Not the mention the nasty air pollution the traffics give. FX Holdapers? My friend had experiences twice in a week! Thank God, my parents pick me up/ drop me wherever I go.


(Not related to the topic: I have once experienced a cab driver in South Korea who shamelessly farted on my way back to the place I was staying! He only smiled before opening the goddamn window. I couldn’t help but laugh though!)


  1. It’s on trend? Let’s buy it! (or Let’s do it!) –this applies to women, maybe a few men as well.

There are a lot of social climbers in the Philippines. They are stupid enough to buy things that are beyond their means. 3-DAY SALE? ‘Let’s go’! Can’t afford? ‘Use a credit card! It’s still on SALE!’ My grandmother has always disciplined me when it comes to spending. I do not buy what I don’t need. My phone is basically a gift by both my parents because they pitied how I’ve been using the one I had since high school!

*insert name of popular celebrities* do yoga! Let’s do it! *insert name of popular celebrities* advertise this new product? Let’s try it! The long list goes on.


  1. Every corner is considered a freakin’ toilet!

Back in my hometown, we have no neighbors for the next 2-hectare lot. But one thing I hated before was waiting for my school service to pick me up in front of our gate during my grade school and high school days! Why?! Those jeepney drivers or passers-by pee on the side of the gate!! It smells so bad!


  1. Filipino’s weird beliefs!

I love my grandparents, but one of my grandma’s believes in long lists of superstitions. Have you heard “Bawal magwalis ‘pag gabi, pag may patay”; “Bawal maligo pag kumikidlat”. I stayed for a week during summer at my grandmother’s place. There’s thunderstorm! My grandma did not allow ANY OF US TO SHOWER!!!


  1. Only few challenge their selves in improving their life. As long as there is money, they spend.

This is what I hate the most. Also applies to a few of my friends, and sadly to my own father. I have been fond of saving my money since I was a kid, so it wasn’t news when my money grew in the bank that my own father has to borrow a few thousands here and there (which he never returned). They settle for the average, only a few aimed high. If their worked paid them enough for what their current need is, it would be okay. Filipino families usually depend on one or two people working for the whole family. You have an OFW in the family? He/She will be funding all the needs of his/her own family + his/her parents + his/her siblings + his/her sibling’s kids and so on and so forth.


P.S. I’m a Filipina but I absolutely hate ADOBO. It’s oily and salty!

P.S.S. I also have things I love about Philippines… but I can’t seem to think of one now.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Anne
    Anne Post author

    I spot multiple grammatical errors. Should’ve at least re-read it once before submitting… I wish to rant in Tagalog but most might not understand. Please ignore the errors. 😮

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      I don’ think anybody here is going to nit-pick over a few grammatical errors, and it’s always refreshing to hear from Filipinos who share the same frustrations. What is the reasoning behind the showering when it’s raining thing? I’ve heard of that before.

      1. Profile gravatar of Anne
        Anne Post author

        I can’t remember. I was just a kid back then. I hope it isn’t related to any ‘aswang’ stories though! Haha.

        I’m actually surprised I missed writing the story of my mother’s brother, who kept asking money from my mom!! He donated his kidney to my mom around 2001 or 2002. After that, he’s been asking my mom financial assistance and has been asking support even for his children’s education!! He hasn’t worked since then (my ‘chismosa’ of a maid told me he got fired from his previous work for using drugs at work and has beed a bum afterwards). I mean I understand that my mom should at least help him out but not everything!!! I see my cousins every weekend coming to get some money at home which includes their FOOD allowance, their school allowance and even their electricity bill!! Those are the same cousins my father has caught stealing/ going through our stuffs while they were staying at our place. I once left an iPod at my brother’s room thinking it was safe there, and it coincidentally disappeared the week they spent a vacation. Same summer my sister lost her waller, and she was desperate to find it since all of her IDs were there. Before the summer ended, she saw the wallet behind the TV (which we checked more than 5 times)! It was supposed to have 2,500php only but she was laughing when it had 3,000php. Our chismosa of a maid (again), joked about my cousin selling my ipod and returning the money he got from my sisters wallet. You might hear a lot of stories which will include our maid, but she’s been serving my family for 14 years or more :))

          1. Profile gravatar of Anne
            Anne Post author

            My uncle and her brothers were friends. She’s been loyal to our family and we usually take her with us when we travel locally (although we’ve had a few major and minor issues with her). She doesn’t steal from us, just asks extra money in case she urgently needs it. There are countless times me and my sister would misplace our allowance (ex. leaving it in our bags, clothes with pockets, study tables, kitchen etc.), and she would return it to us or remind us where she last saw it!

    2. Profile gravatar of Nik

      Do you have any idea why locals mess up “he/she” words so much? Just like in this post sometimes it happens in the middle of the phrase, like somethings goes short circuit in their brains.

      Overall i feel only bragging about amount of laptops, some rage and hatred here, but no positive thinking on how to make this place better. That’s the problem of so called advanced pinoys. They love to show how advanced they are, unlike the most of population, but still they prefer to crinkle in disgust instead of proposing ways of changing things.

      That’s why place is doomed to remain this way for long time. Poorest don’t care, rich ones just enjoy themselves not being poor. You need to sell your country over to foreign capital, that’s the only chance to see some positive changes.

      1. Profile gravatar of Anne
        Anne Post author

        With the he/she, I’m still unaware.

        I somehow expected this. Now aware that the post did not give off some positive thinking, and is self-centered as well. My father (when he was still working) has helped some of his cousins’ children with their education in the hopes of improving their lifestyle. A few of them actually finished college, but some were just getting the money and taking their education for granted. A few among them has given school cards with grades lower than below average. My father asked one girl why her grades never improved, yet she still asks for money for her projects and other educational needs. She simply smiled and was even proud to say that she didn’t go to all her classes. A few of my grandmother’s scholars on the other hand either got married before graduating or got pregnant while studying, hence some did not even finish. My parents also help some of them look for jobs both locally and internationally, depending on their qualifications. A few of them I have met personally.

        I do not see hope in this country. The only hope if someone else with a different mindset from us locals handle things here.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Most ladyboys who make themselves appear like a female (or at least TRY to) prefer to be addressed as “she”. It turns them on. So be careful! LOL!

            Just thought I’d impart that bit of knowledge. Coming from San Francisco, I’ve known a few. It’s hard to live in or around San Francisco without knowing a tranny or ladyboy. Hell, your neighbor might be one at night. If your neighbor never lets you near their closet, now you know why!

          2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Talking of ladyboys, and just when you think this story can’t get any more ridiculous –

            In a text message to GMA News Online, lawyer Harry Roque, the family’s counsel, said the Laudes wanted “P100 million moral and P100 million exemplary as civil damages.”

            GMA News TV’s Balitanghali quoted Laude’s sister, Malou, as saying they wanted the incident to serve as a lesson to other foreigners that killing a Filipino has entails heavy repercussions.


            I’d love to see the States just pull their boy out and say, “Fuck it, we’re done here. Over to you China!”

      2. Profile gravatar of Anne
        Anne Post author

        Nik! I now have a theory on how we commonly make mistakes with the use of he/she, her/him. I know this response is kinda late but eitherway, the thought came in my mind. We commonly use pronouns like “sakanya, kanya” which is generally used for ownership and is applicable for all genders. As for he/she, we use “Siya” and still used for both genders. So I guess we commonly make mistakes using these pronouns because we simply apply Tagalog pronouns for both genders.

    3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      We all make grammatical errors now and then. I’m not looking for perfection. I wrote those instructions on the user submit page because, and I kid you not, there are submissions that come in like this:

      this is the title of my post and i don’t know that the first letter of each word in a title should be capitalized. i must have been daydreaming during that lesson in 2nd grade.

      hi, my Name is frank. this is The first . time I Ever written a post for This blog i hop You will like It . I don’t quite Know exactly what To capitalize and What not to Capitalize , so i will capitalize Randomly . nor do i know that its Not necessary to put a space before a Period or comma . i also Don’t no how or when to Start a new paragraph , so I will Not make any . I will put extra random spaces between my Words aslo . I will not Check my SPElling ethier . but Hey , the guy That runs , this site will correct MY Grammar , and my speling and als0 my puntuation because I think He sit around All day waiting For posts to come in so he Can spend an hour deciphering what i , try to say.

      You would be surprised how many come in looking very much like that, AND FROM NON-FILIPINOS NO LESS! And then they expect me to publish it. IF I have time, I’ll do some correcting of minor errors, just so this blog doesn’t appear as stupid as those we write about. But if it’s like the example above, I just hit the trash button on it, and they have wasted their time (and mine).

      So, don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m just looking for at least a 3th grade writing ability. My sons wrote really well in the 3rd grade. An error here and there, but quite well. That’s all I ask.

      If you can’t write, don’t. If you want to, LEARN HOW.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        I like that George Carlin pic by the way. Man, probably my favorite standup of all time. The most politically aware of all standups and someone you could truly learn from. That quote says it all…..

      2. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
        Zurina Alvarez

        I’m Filipino too and what you’ve said was spot on.

        I used to love adobo but now, I got tired of it because my grandma kept on cooking it.

        What I hate about the Filipinos are their damn attitude. They like to latch onto someone else’s achievements and claim them to be their own. They’ll latch onto boxers, singers, anyone who has Filipino blood. Pinoys are anticipating Manny Pacquiao’s match and hope he wins. I honestly got tired of it after a while; it’s old at this point, people still give a crap about Pac Man?

      3. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
        Zurina Alvarez

        No wonder you still accepted my very first article that I wrote for this site. That article I wrote was full of grammatical errors and still made it here. It’s been heavily edited and it’s a lot better than when I submitted it.

        The second article I wrote was about Filipino literature.

    4. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
      Zurina Alvarez

      I’m Filipino too and what you’ve said was spot on.

      I used to love adobo but now, I got tired of it because my grandma kept on cooking it.

      What I hate about the Filipinos are their damn attitude. They like to latch onto someone else’s achievements and claim them to be their own. They’ll latch onto boxers, singers, anyone who has Filipino blood. Pinoys are anticipating Manny Pacquiao’s match and hope he wins. I honestly got tired of it after a while; it’s old at this point, people still give a crap about Pac Man?

  2. Profile gravatar of RBR

    The errors don’t bother me. As a photographer I was annoyed by the superstition about not photographing three people together.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      Out of those 9 windows, 1 or 2 will probably send money at some point. It’s a full time job juggling all those “suitors”, and can be quite lucrative. The irony is when it come to everything else in life these girls are dumb as rocks, but give them a scam like that to master and they’re actually quite smart.

    2. Profile gravatar of Kiwi

      Hahaha. Yeah, it is funny when you are chatting to a filipina on skype and you see them typing away but nothing comng your way. Plain and obvious they are chatting multiple people at once.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Don’t forget how they have to have 4 or 5 toolbars also. A Western friend of mine has an internet cafe and asked to update and improve the performance of the comps. No problem so first thing is to get rid of all the pictures. I don’t know how many times a computer had a picture of a filipino in it. Did I say A picture? Pardon me. More like 50 pictures of the same filipino in the same pose and more than one filipino doing it.

      Hell, they even drew a picture of a pecker on inside wall, cut and stole about 6 foot of cable off one pc.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I have observed that Filipinos and Filipinas are probably the most camera loving (or vanity?) creatures on the planet. Where there’s camera, they’d pose! No wonder Mike found so many photos in a computer!

  3. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    “have been fond of saving my money since I was a kid, so it wasn’t news when my money grew in the bank that my own father has to borrow a few thousands here and there”

    And what gets me, is that parents have NO SHAME in taking from their children. They gave you life after all right? SO you owe them life long debt! That’s the “culture” after all! Fuck like jack rabbits, procreate like roaches and take from your offspring until you die. Boy, the parents have it good. They can sit around, jack off and collect welfare the rest of their lives from their children, meanwhile ROBBING their children of their future because….well “that’s just the culture! Didn’t ya know?”

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      We give my mother-in-law a moderate allowance each month, which she never asked for, and feel comfortable knowing that her needs are taken care of. That is UNTIL my wife’s siblings come crawling out of the wordwork begging to borrow against their mother’s “salary” (I still can’t believe they call it that…) These mf*’s will find a way into your pockets no matter what.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        No decency for their own family, it’s all about the money. Money comes first above everyone and everything else over there, then useless merchandise, then possibly people…..but that might be giving them too much credit.

  4. Profile gravatar of vinzz

    I find this website, as i wonder many stuffs about terrible filippino mentality i encounter in my usual life.
    I married a filippina who was so sweet but i discovered her laziness step by step in my life.
    Ironically im not a nerd, im well build, sporty with an average qualified job & i used to have a rich social life before i meet my wife…
    And, i think im someone tolerant and the first time i listen such things about filippino people i was the first to be shocked and ready to call such ideas as “racist”…

    The first time i was here, I was amazed by landscape, rich outdoors opportunity and business possibility in a such developping country in this archipelago wich even motivate me to link with a girl from this country

    Now we are in europe with our 2 kids and day after day i dicover how hard is it to adjust with such people.
    I will post few things wich irritate me and i will start now.

    First, a greet thanks to your contribution anne, i wish i can discuss about all this stuff before i was engaged in a such way…

    1 : I am so bored with the filippino mentality of people who rely on relatives striving abroad.
    Happily, as a miracle i realize only at this time, now i know this morbid mentality, my wife has only one siter and one nephew for close siblings !
    I am not against the fact to help people in the need temporary, but im become crazy to give $$ to people who will buy smartphone, adidas without thinking next week they will starve again…

    2 : iam so bored with all this fat & oily meals, these horrible flavored chips and all this carcinogenic industrial sauce when i see all this nice fresh vegges & these nice fresh fish from sea available : So many times it’s me who had to cook there to have the chance to eat a high quality meal for only few pesos.

    I will continue later my grievances if you are not borred with my complaints.

    sorry for my poor english as im not a native english speaker.

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne
      Anne Post author

      And times those who asks you money have better phones than you? They do not think ahead and are really bad handling their finances. I was once inspired by my teacher back in high school in effectively save money: Savings – Allowance (Income/Salary for those who work) = Expenses. But most Filipinos follow Expenses – Allowance (Income/Salary) = Savings. Time comes that Expenses equate to their Salary so nothing/s left for future and emergency purposes. Worse Expenses > Salary using credit cards!

      Oily and fatty food has also been my personal problem at home! Back in my hometown, I have no say on what will be prepared for all our meals. Whenever I complain about having the same oily food, my mother would say “Pasalamat ka na lang at may pagkain sa harap mo. Maraming hindi kumakain” ( Just be thankful, at least there’s still food served on the table. There are lots, who do not eat) I’m not really fond of vegetables that are cooked with nothing but oil, pepper and garlic. I find it awful rather than fresh veggies with (or without) any dressing I usually prepare myself when I lived alone during my internship. I’ve always loved a nicely cooked tuna! Try to teach your wife on how you want food to be served or have do some cooking classes on her free time (who wouldn’t want that!)

      No worries about your English. I’m probably worse. It isn’t my first language either.

      1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

        I forgot tell the smartphones are better than my simple phone : I use it only to call and it seemsto be exeptionnal nowadays.

        3 : The hope they place in future géneration as a retirement pension without really involving in the education, entertainment environment of the kids.
        In my case, my son looks brillant for his age, ( just expect it will last , we cannot be sure of anything of course). My wife try to manipulate him telling : baby you will help me when you grow and become a doctor/engineer or any brilliant professionnal….
        If this situation is possible in the philippines, it seems difficult for her to understand than in europe you have to manage your pension by yourself. The successfull kid will use his money to raise his new family, to house himself decently & use extra money for nice vacation,travels or cars or anything else but won’t strive to support the ancient even if it looks sad to asian culture.
        The most shocking is that she take all as granted : the kids needs to be brillant but she wont involve in providing culture, buying books or bringing to sport : it’s me who supply all this logistic and is able to bring them to nice place to enjoy.

        For exemple in philippines they teach my kids to venerate the olds with the hand on the forehead. But it’s without thinking i explained all to the kids : ” Why would you venerate this old fool you dont even know ? just consider its like you tell hello and be polite & dont forget you owe nothing to them – it’s not because they are older they are superior to you”. It seems harsh but i think it’s the only way to avoid alienation for them and allow them to go on a new level.

        4 : I have seen the exemple of a such sacrifice with the aunt of my wife : She is a nanny & maid in UK now and she spent the whole money she earn to support other without any recompense in exchange, even insulted by others who feel never satisfied.
        The 2 worst exemple are : -a : one nephew has been provided a job in a famous philippines airlines company with her help as she was a nanny of a head of this company. Few month later this stupid lazy guy was fired cause he was caught stoling tools in his nice job.So, since he refuses to pay back a loan he did with her to buy a car witch is screwed now …
        -b: Her only investment is a house she overpay to her mother & repaired with nice materials. Now , many siblings ask for this house & even squat it and she can barely use it when she go home.

        She allways need to pay for the bullshit of the others and it seems she enjoy it. It’s a stuff i never understood, may be linked with the catholic suffering passion, the need to pay for sins she never did or a certain form of self pride ?.a big mystery of human nature ?
        More i think about her, so many exemples come in my head so i will stop it for now

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “The successfull kid will use his money to raise his new family, to house himself decently & use extra money for nice vacation,travels or cars or anything else but won’t strive to support the ancient even if it looks sad to asian culture.”

          But he will be called “selfish”, “kuripot”, ” maka-sarili”, “madamot” by her free-loading parasitic family. If she has not changed now, she will never change. They never do! I have befriended Pinays who have been here for 25 years and no change in attitude whatsoever! Pinoy family would bleat “send money for this” and they send!!

          Right now, I have a Pinay GF working in the middle east, (not as a maid by the way). She was my childhood friend when I was going to school in Pinas. Let’s just call her “Sally”.

          Sally has been in the mid-east for 8 years. When she left her hometown North of Manila, she was supporting her old Mum, an Auntie who raised her and an older brother. Sally by the way was married to a low life abusive Pinoy, so she left him. Sally was one of the decent Pinays. She was too proud to hook up with someone, then drop the bomb on him for money for her annulment. So Sally was saving money for her annulment.

          Then older brother met a single mum (are there any non-single mum Pinays left in PI??) got her pregnant (why, oh why do they do this knowing they are dependent on younger sister for support??), and surprise, surprise, no money to pay for the hospital to deliver baby! So you can guess by now who paid. Poor Sally, had to drain her savings to pay for brother’s uncontrolled sexual urges.

          So, with the brother’s GF (which he took to the family home that Sally paid for) and the GF’s child from another man, and the new born, Sally is now feeding five people!!! Was the brother looking for a job? NOOOO!!!

          Sally returned home last year, paid P100,000 to secure the brother a job doing security work. How heavy do you think security work is?? He lasted a total of 5 days!!!! Said he could not cope with night shift! DUH! So he’s been unemployed since. In the meantime, his GF got pregnant again and delivered another baby early this year. So that now makes six mouths to feed with Sally the only person supporting them!! I kept telling her to “don’t support your brother! He will soon find a job once his family go hungry!”. “but if I don’t support him, he will starve alone with his family” – was her reply. That’s the idea! He will never learn to stand up for himself while you are there to support him! What would happen if you get sick? how many people will starve if you can’t work? “Bahala na ang panginoon” – was her reply. OMG!!! there you go again, leave it to God!
          And if God don’t come to the party, blame it on him!

          So, as I write this, Sally is back in the mid-east, the working camel for her freeloading family, still married to her low-life Pinoy, still no money for annulment. I told her she’d be saving forever, poor forever. Her mum is getting old, Auntie getting old, they’d soon need medical care, and who do you think they’d approach? And Kuya (older brother) is still making babies. It’s only a matter of time before he makes baby no. 3…..and Sally is stone cold broke, she tried to borrow money from me last month. I declined her request and I explained why (all of the above). I don’t think I can save her.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        When I first started going back to the Philippines after I finished my education, I was hesitant to eat at the “carenderias”. But then my choices are Jollibee, (YUK!), KFC (YUK!) McDonalds (YUK!) and all other western style restaurant because they appeared clean. That is, until I ended up with a bad stomach a few times after eating at Jollibee. After that I decided to try my luck with the carenderias. So far so good. And they have my favorite meals of stir fry bitter melon (ampalaya) and Pinakbet. 🙂

        I hate foods that are floating or dripping in oil. But it seems that kind of anything fried or western is very popular there. I wonder if they are ever taught about the health benefits of traditional Filipino vegetables? Many have medicinal properties. Give me “utan bisaya” (and all vegetable meal) anytime over a lechon manok (roast chicken) 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of Anne
          Anne Post author

          My brother and I have been fond of eating lumpiang sariwa and pinakbet! Healthy foods are extremely pricey here, especially in restaurants which is why they prefer sticking with fried chickens and breaded porkchops. I have stopped fast food for about 2 years now, and really proud that I no longer crave those disgusting processed burgers in Jollibee and McDo! I can’t imagine how I even liked them when I was young!

          I am looking forward to be in Boracay and Palawan to try out their seafood as soon as I get some free-time! (Most likely not now since the rainy season is bound to begin) My aunt has been bragging about getting great deals she got last January in a station in Boracay and how fresh the lobsters are there! She did say, there was one station to avoid, but the station they stayed in was better than her experience in Hawaii.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            “Healthy foods are extremely pricey here,”

            Are they really expensive there? Why would that be, considering one can grow veges anywhere over there even with a smallest piece of land?

            Whenever I’m in Pinas, my cousins and I enjoy observing Pinays with Kanos in restaurants. My cousin liked to point out which Pinays have never been out of the country, because they’d try eat a piece of steak or fried chicken with fork and spoon!

            One of the things I find frustrating in Philippine restaurants are the lack of dining knives! I asked a couple of times in places like “Mang-Inasal” or Jollibee if they have dining or steak knives. I was either met with “not available po” or with a blank stare.

  5. Profile gravatar of

    The Pinoy free-loading, dependent, entitled mentality is my biggest hate in Pinoy culture. Seems “utang na loob” only run one way, their way, that is, they expect to be favored all the time just because “you owe us”. The biggest example are the parent’s expectations that they are entitled to be supported by their kids in their old age. I’ve even heard of a Pinoy Dad with a decent job teaching primary school. He was in his mid-40s when his daughter married a Kano. He resigned from his job after the wedding! And the daughter has not even left the Philippines yet!!

    Mum’s Pinoy family are no better. They are a bunch of ungrateful, arrogant, entitled, lazy, dependent, greedy free-loading parasitic fuck-wits I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet! And that’s just some of the adjectives that I can think of right now. I already mentioned Mum’s generosity in building a house for her parents, who in turn gave it to Mum’s free-loading, entitled older brother without asking Mum’s permission.

    Then there is her younger brother, the arrogant, entitled, boastful, hypocrite (coz he and his wife go to Church 3 times a week and gives money to the Priests!) Police officer considered rich by Pinoy standards. Thanks to Mum, he never had to worry about a mortgage. I think he is the worst of the lot of them. I also have an Aunt who lives in Germany and sends gifts to our poorer relatives. Auntie argues that she would only send to our poor relatives. Rich, greedy Uncle does a massive “tampo”, “woe is me, why does Auntie hates me?”. WTF??? Just because he only got 2 boxes of chocolates?? He wanted to be given wine, pots and cutlery sets, shoes, clothes, things that he can afford to buy and we used to buy him designer clothes anyway, (he won’t wear anything not bought in department stores and they must be designer labels i.e. Levis) when we ourselves are happy to wear any from Ukay-Ukay (second hand stuff) if it looked good on us! I used to insinuate to him “you know Uncle, a monkey will always be a monkey no matter how expensive you dressed him in”. I don’t think he got substance of that one. DUH! We’ve given this Uncle laptops – twice! But when we wanted to give to a poor cousin my old laptop, cousin being a student, greedy Uncle protested: “oh, the one you gave me is already broken”. WTF?? We only gave it to you last year?? Mum did not want to upset him, so gave in. Chocolates and cheap watches for our poor Aunties and cousins were taken by this greedy Uncle even though Mum already gave him an expensive Police watch, which he turned his nose over, saying “they’re very cheap here”. WTF??? It costs Mum $150 focking $$$ to buy the damn watch.

    Then in 2011, he wanted to borrow from P250,000 from us to renovate his house (that Mum paid for originally). He promised to pay Mum in full when we go back there for x-mas. Mum said “that’s $6000 I gotta take out of my bank, losing my interest, therefore I’m gonna have to charge you interest”. Uncle protested, saying “that’s why I’m borrowing from you because you’re my sister so you won’t charge me interest”. This Uncle’s wife by the way loaned money to anyone at 5-6. Don’t really know what that means, all I know is that she charges a hefty interest. So Mum asked him “you loan money as a side-line for your business, why don’t you use your money to renovate your house?”. Uncle said “oh, they’re all being lent, and I won’t get paid till December”.

    So come December 2011 and we went there and the promised “I’ll pay you in full” did not materialized. Mum got paid an initial P25,000 and in the subsequent years, she would get paid P25,000 but only when we go there for holidays. Mum was getting upset by then, but kept her cool till she got paid in full. But get this…. when Mum received the last payment, Uncle made her sign on his notebook that Mum received the final payment! Did Mum made him signed that she loaned him P250,000?? NOOOOO!! Of course, as usual he asked Mum to buy him some designer clothes before we return to Oz. And she did…

    By then we told Mum we did not want to sleep at Uncle’s place anymore because among other things, he expects us to pay for our stay even though we buy all the food, and we bring gifts, lots and lots and lots of gifts!! And when we buy our own special food and puts them in their fridge, they’re gone in the morning! The Uncle’s greedy wife says “oh, we ate them because we got hungry watching basketball last night”. Did they asked first?? NOOOOOO!!!!

    Next visit was 2012, Mum said we’d sleep over at her sister’s house which is in the same compound. OMG! Uncle and his wife did not liked it at all! They got upset, so many things were said. I suspect they were worried that they’re losing control of Mum. And they weren’t wrong. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Uncle insisting on pasturing his animals (goats and cows) on Mum’s land eating all the trees. Mum finally told him off. Was he remorseful? Focking NOOOOO!! His feelings were hurt, now him and his wife are not talking to us (good riddance parasites!!) and worse, his wife is spreading gossips around Mum’s town, trying to destroy her reputation. So now, we don’t go there anymore. What was once a seemingly beautiful place for us to go for holidays have lost their attraction. All because of Pinoy greed, among other things. Oh, there’s more other stories, but the tale of my Mum’s greedy family are just starters.

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne
      Anne Post author

      This happened to my Aunt (my uncle’s wife)! She has half-brothers here in the Philippines, who continually ask her money to pay for their house, bills, tricycle, children’s education and more. One of her brothers got another woman pregnant (besides his first 2 wives who live in the same house) and begged my Aunt to adopt the child as her own and bring it with her back in LA! He was complaining on how he can’t give the child a good life and that my Aunt would be able to give her niece a better life! My aunt’s expression was priceless when she was telling the story and was like “Heck no, I’m not taking his daughter with me back in the US! I have my daughter’s futures think of! He’s already giving me headaches with every single penny he asks. It’s insane!” I don’t think they’re of speaking terms after that. This happened during their visit November last year!

      5-6 = 20% interest. I’m pretty sure your mom wouldn’t be asking more than what his greedy ass asks from people he lends money to. How he had the guts to ask your mom to sign as a proof of the completing the payment and asking ‘rental’ fee during your stay here in PH amazes me. That man has nothing on his mind but money, money, money. Same goes for his wife trying to ruin your mom’s name.

      Is he gay? He seems to be attracted to designer brands so much! Is it weird when I get so proud whenever I get cheap deals when shopping overseas! Who wouldn’t love $1-3 skirts and shirts or $5-8 dresses? It’s cheaper than the ones sold in Divisoria here in PH! It’s like I have bragging rights finding cheap nice deals with my friends. I already find my $40 watch somehow pricey but it looks nice and classy! Wow! You should’ve told him his face won’t change even if you bought him a Rolex!

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Hi Anne, first of I just want to let everyone know that I’ve had to delete my account because my private email (and I’m sure yours as well) was visible to everyone!! I tried changing emails, but I waited for approval since last week! So in the end I’ve had to start again, so yes, this is Selene under the new username “Sarah”. As you can see, I am using the same pic. 🙂

        Thanks for the explanations re- 5/6 Anne. Now I know. 🙂 I’ve heard of the words so often, but no one has been able to explain to me in simple terms how that works! And no, Mum did not charge my asshole Uncle for his debt. After all, she’s the sister…..according to him. But now, Mum’s heart is closed for most of these freeloading, ungrateful, entitled parasites. And no, he’s not gay….he’s got 3 other GFs aside from his wife, 2 GFs were married to Kanos…. And yes, this is the guy who goes to Church 3 times a week. Fucking hypocrite! I really wonder why his ass has not started to burn as yet! But due to his ignorance, he still believes he’d go to heaven when he dies because he gives money to the church!!

        Talking of taking babies overseas….. we were offered a newborn baby girl by our laundry lady 4 years ago while we were there on holidays. The baby was unwanted, unplanned pregnancy. As usual, they breed like rabbits without thoughts on whether they can afford to feed baby. We had to decline. Overseas adoptions are not that easy for Australians even if the baby was given freely!

        Your Mum’s half brothers Anne sounds just like my Mum’s 2 brothers…..insatiable appetite for money!

        I loved Ukay-Ukay anywhere! I’ve bought some great bargains in Cebu and Manila. There are several malls in Baclaran that I liked to frequent whenever we visit. I call them the “Chinese Malls” because all the traders were Chinese. It is not posh like MOA, but I liked going there because we find something different. My Aunties and cousins could not understand why we prefer the down market Baclaran than MOA. I tried explaining that what we see in MOA we also see in shopping centers in Australia.

        Anyway, for these ignorant fuckwits like my Uncle, they think that if they wear branded jeans, they’d looked as handsome as the Kano models!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          “Hi Anne, first of I just want to let everyone know that I’ve had to delete my account because my private email (and I’m sure yours as well) was visible to everyone!! I tried changing emails, but I waited for approval since last week!”

          I would like to address this statement:

          Over the years, I have been faulted by many who seem to believe THEIR anonymity online is THIS SITE’S responsibility. Although I do what I can to make the site as secure as possible, I am not a programmer or developer. The platform on which this site exists is WordPress. When you comment, an email is sent to the author of the post notifying them of the comment. In that email is the user’s email address, and the IP address of the host of the email. That’s the way WordPress email works. That is something beyond my control or knowledge to change. Have you ever sent or received an email that did not display both the sender and receiver’s email? I sure haven’t.

          When you join a site like this, where you want to remain anonymous, why do you use your private, personal email to sign up? Who’s job is it to do YOUR thinking? Mine? Or yours? Your security and anonymity online is YOUR responsibility, not mine. Also, I don’t think there is a website on earth that doesn’t log IP addresses. If you’re going to engage in activities on a website, that is the risk YOU take. And NO website can 100% guarantee your privacy and anonymity. But we do our best to try as much as possible within our ability.

          I use a VPN which virtually places me in the USA. My IP address is logged on websites (like this one) as a USA IP address. I never associate my real name or any other personal information with any email address. Of course there are times when you want to do so. That’s why I have more than one email address. You can sign up for yahoo mail, gmail, and a wealth of other web based free email accounts, and you can make them completely anonymous and use them when signing up for websites like this. I pretty much thought that in this day and age, people would know that. And if you don’t, you should. Because it’s not this site’s, or any other site’s responsibility to teach you. IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

          I take responsibility for MY anonymity and security online. You should too.

          Secondly, and I’ve explained this before, and I’ll say it again; This site is not employing a staff to keep watch on it 24/7. It’s just me. I have a business to run and many other duties. I do receive email notifications when new posts are submitted and for several other functions that need moderation, but not for everything. There are times when I am very busy with other things, and I don’t have the time to get to this site for days. I’m really no different than many of you. I’m sure you don’t come to the site for days when you’re busy as well.

          But if there is something pressing that you feel is important, you are all certainly welcome to use the “contact” page and send me a message and ask me to expedite something that is important to you. I’ll surely do my best to react and respond as quickly as possible.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            Privacy on the web should be taken pretty seriously these days, considering how much easier it is with facebook (face recognition data base system) and all the other social media sites, to locate people. A VPN is a really good tool, there’s a free one that I use called “spotflux”. The free version will disguise your IP address for web viewing/posting.

            I tend to think, “shit, what if my wife reads this stuff”, but then I consider: 1. She NEVER want’s to hear about anything negative about her shit country so the possibilities of her ever taking this site seriously is NIL 2. There are dozens of other men like myself in similar situations telling similar stories so it could be anybody 3. I always view this site in “private” mode on Firefox, so there is no history recorded. “never heard of that site honey, never been to it!”

          2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            Oh….and I think all the warning signs are there in the description before you submit a story….Lots of red lettering and blinking arrows and stuff…..heheh

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          One more point. Have you checked your junk email folder for the email verification that this site sends when someone signs up or changes their email? That is something that does not require my manual approval.

    2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      Sounds like you’re better off without them. I often wonder why many Filipinos don’t disown these family members who blatantly lie, beg, steal and manipulate to get what they want. I know if I pulled that shit with my family they’d wash their hands of me.

      1. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
        Zurina Alvarez

        It’s Filipino culture. In our culture (I’m Filipina, by the way) family is EVERYTHING. No seriously, Filipinos choose their family over everything else. That’s how loyal we are.

    3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “I’ve even heard of a Pinoy Dad with a decent job teaching primary school. He was in his mid-40s when his daughter married a Kano. He resigned from his job after the wedding! And the daughter has not even left the Philippines yet!!”

      Why does that NOT surprise me in the least?

      They are so stupid to just immediately assume the “rich kano” will now support the whole family. QUIT YOUR JOBS EVERYONE! BING BING MARRIED A WHITEY! WE NEVER HAVE TO EARN OUR OWN MONEY AGAIN!

      Fucking lazy ass idiots.

  6. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

    I really hate the forced “pinoy pride” here. It’s quite trivial and further prevents the country from embracing progressive development concerning other countries, governments, businesses, cultures, etc. i.e., “let’s do everything the pinoy way!” or, “everything from the outside world must have a pinoy version here”.

  7. Profile gravatar of hikage

    Strongly agree with you Anne. I have a grave hate on this 10 things too.

    I am a “Panganay” and since I was a kid which felt a curse till now.
    I stumbled on Anti Pinoy’s site I’m glad I’m not alone having the same point of view.

    To add more, I also hate also the concept of utang na loob

    The author of the article pointed out that
    “Kids in this country are raised not because they are loved by their parents but rather because they are seen as farm hands, as investments, as passports, as tools for success, wealth, power and honor for the family”.

    Let me share my experience.

    Recently I got an increase on the company, my brother and my parents figured it out.
    The last time I gave my parents money they complained that its not enough given that I got an increase.

    I got increase due to I passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3. In the past whenever they see me doing Japanese stuff they mock me and say nothing pleasant coming out of their mouths.

    They have no claim whatsoever in what I earned! They didnt sent me to learn Japanese. The Degree I earned in college that they said they sacrificed the funding doesnt even helped me getting a job for 2 years.

    I strived and dealt the pain just to improve my life that helped me land my decent paying job right now.

    And yet they always use the ‘Utang na loob’ card that they have a claim on whatsoever I have achieved.

    What I strucked me most is someone, probably my mother or brother made a lie which lead to
    the sudden arrival of my father pointing out I’m contesting the money I give on which I heard the famous line ‘Walang Utang na loob’.

    So evil that I cant imagine someone related to you by blood can do such lengths like this.

    So fucking twisted reasoning, fucking twisted culture. This lead me to serious questions like Why have faith on PH? Why stay in the PH for long? Why bother in PH?

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “The Degree I earned in college that they said they sacrificed the funding doesnt even helped me getting a job for 2 years.”

      That is completely irrelevant. It is the parent’s duty to prepare their child for independence and to become self-supporting, without asking anything in return. Obviously, Filipinos don’t see it that way.

      I have never once thanked my mother or my father for giving birth to me. Why? Because it’s ridiculous. It was their choice. And had they NOT made that choice, I would never know, because I wouldn’t be I. I just wouldn’t be. And I surely wouldn’t know the difference in order to hold a grudge. “You didn’t give birth to me you bitch!!”

      And the form of child abuse Filipino parents inflict on their children by raising and ingraining them with the idea that their children owe them something is outlandish. And this is why nobody has a sense of identity or sense of self, or self esteem. They are raised feeling like they are owned. Like they are their parent’s property. It’s utterly disgusting.

      And the whole way of life seems to be centered around that. Instead of the parents working hard to secure their own future and retirement provisions, they just spit out one child after the other in hopes one of them will be successful enough to support them. That’s how they secure their future. Have a bunch of kids and raise them to think they are under obligation to support them. Spit out enough of them increases those chances of one succeeding.

      Filipinos are such lazy morons.

      1. Profile gravatar of hikage

        Yeah I strongly agree and it’s parents obligation to send their kids to school.

        In my case, what I really hated is the part that they claim something on my increase.

        Whereas it is only me who helped my self learn a skill and yet the stand they have a claim.

        The ‘Utang na loob’ spells a curse.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Well, that’s why we call Philippines “ass backwards”

          Customer service is actually reversed. Businesses operate in a way that gives the impression the customer is to serve the business.

          The people are there to serve the politicians.

          And of course, children are born to serve the parents.

          Philippines is all ass backwards in every way imaginable.

          1. Profile gravatar of hikage

            Since then I’ve been reading articles about these.

            Nothing new to me but upon stumbled in this site, I saw alot of people’s experiences that made my blood boil to this sick country and vented out mine too.

            The average pinoy that dont care or dont realize are more or less idiots that go with the flow of the idiotic system.

            The ones that are bothered with it like me doesnt want to blend or breed with them that’s why they flee someday. More power and more posts to come in this blog

      2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        But FILO, how can you mock the “culture”! You can’t say negatives things about the Philippines if it’s the “culture”! If it’s part of the “cult-ure” than every negative thing imaginable is excused.

        It’s their favourite word to excuse the grim realities of child exploitation. “But sir, didn’t you know? It’s the cult-ure!”

        A cult of dictators (parents) emulating Marcos and conducting martial law on their children. That is the cult-ure after all!

  8. Profile gravatar of Penance

    Well! This is certainly a new and growing perspective. Filipino/Filipinas finding a place on the Internet to vent their own frustrations about their very own country…the same one that can put you in jail for being a downer on the Pinoy Pride Parade. It warms the heart to see a little bit of the Patriot exists around here.

    There is a line from a band called KMFDM that says “America gets the celebrities it deserves.” Well, that is true. But in the Philippines, it’s more precise. Filipinos get the poverty they deserve, plain and simple. They choose to laziest way out of everything, and the only real consistency they have is to be too stupid to have enough awareness to stand up and demand change. As I always say; throw around some bowls of rice, and Flips will sit down and shut up every time.

    The fact is, Filipinos don’t really want a better life. They want everyone else to make a better life for them. On a national level, they’d rather have everyone else spend/donate billions of dollars instead of investing it themselves. They view human beings as an export product to make money from without having to lift a finger. They let the only viable industry to get a job from locally to be the BPO, and they give tax shelters to every foreign corporation that wants to open shop here while charging the “middle class” the same tax rate as the super rich, sans the lawyers the super rich have to whittle it down to nothing.

    And when the politician screws up, and his corruption shows, all he has to do is make a donation at the local Supreme Court, who will rubber-stamp a TRO that same day. Then they just keep the matter tied up for months and the public forgets. This is why Binay will likely still be the next president. Nobody cares. He gives out free candy, and that’s all they care about.

    On the street level, of course you have people pissing everywhere. Of course you have rampant crime, and a complete lack of safety. THERE ARE NO COPS. I don’t care what you see sitting around drinking coffee, or pretending to direct traffic. They’re not cops. They don’t get paid enough to be cops, and there’s not nearly enough of them to cover a quarter of Manila, let alone the whole country. And when they’re “working”, it’s really fishing for dinner money that night. All you have to do is ask any foreigner what happens when you try to bribe a cop in the US…or just point your finger at them…or even raise your voice an inch above calm. Until you have that kind of respect, and numbers, you’ll never be safe around here.

    As for the May-December relationships, I tend to leave them alone. They’re both consenting adults who know what’s going on. Any guy who thinks there’s a magical girl 1/4 his age that has fallen in love with him is delusional at best, and a complete moron at worst. It’s legalized prostitution, and as long as both of them know it and accept it, then more power to them. We all be animals when it comes right down to it.

    As for Filipinas playing the field online? Well, up until 2007, I had never heard of the Philippines. Until 2011, I had no idea how messed up it was, and by then it was too late. I was here. Use that perspective to understand that there’s a vast ocean of wealth just waiting to be tapped, and Filipinas have just the right kind of tools to go trawling for men.

    At the end of the day, you can warn everyone on the planet…guys are still going to think with the wrong brain until the alzheimers sets in. And moral compasses can show Flips which direction to go…but it can’t make them go there.

    There is only one thing that would have saved the Philippines…if they had agreed to be a commonwealth of the US like Puerto Rico did. But they didn’t, and so the only way you’ll see life improve is when China says “Fuck it!” and just takes over the Philippines. You’ll hear roar of “Pinoy Pride!”, and then soon after followed by “Yes Master….” as they bend over and take it like they’ve been bred to do.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “More fun in The Philippines” is what got me here. Talking to many online telling me how wonderful it is here. The tourism photos (you know, the photos where they spend 2 days spit shining a building and it’s surroundings just for the photo). That’s all I heard about Philippines, how great it was here. How friendly everyone was. How happy everyone is.

      Boy what a shocker when I got outside of NAIA and into a taxi and got a real look around. And for me, it was too late. I remember thinking to myself, “My god, what have I done?”

      As the months passed, the “god damn, what the fuck is wrong with these fucking idiots?” thoughts dominated my mind. “I can’t believe how unbelievably stupid everyone is here!” would play over and over in my head. I felt so alone in those thoughts. I thought I was such a bad person for thinking this. But I really could come to no other conclusion! I was completely surrounded by complete morons.

      Well the years have now passed, and it’s 11 years since I arrived. Nothing has changed except ME. I had to. I was going nuts with anger and frustration. That’s when this website was born. I had to have some way to release. Thought I would be alone, but to my delight, many who found the blog expressed their same feelings. And the rest is history.

      I am at a point these days where nothing shocks me anymore. I go about my days in full expectation to witness the “stupidest thing I ever saw” out-stupid the last. There is no limit to just how fucking idiotic this mass of Filipinos can be. And when it happens, I seldom react anymore. I’ve gotten to where I am more sick of being pissed off than I am concerned about getting ripped off, or whatever. All I can do nowadays is throw my arms up, shrug my shoulders, and continue with what I was doing.

      I refuse to waste what days I have left here in this life being angry, upset, and unhappy. I find ways to be happy every day, in spite of the torrent of idiocy that tries to keep me unhappy. It’s tough, but I manage. I’ve had to become a duck, and the idiocy is the water rolling off the duck’s back.

      But it sure is fun talking about it. Stupid can be funny. And Philippines is the funniest country I’ve ever been to!

  9. Profile gravatar of vinzz

    I discovered this blog yesterday & i read so many posts since in my free time.
    First i was enthousiastic to testify my experience but it seems all what i wanted to testify is allready here, all these crazy stuffs & crazy feelings are described here in so many stories.
    Seriously , this website is like a therapy, all what i’ve felt, all the anger,disapppointment, the deception, the defiance are here and i understand now im not alone with all these feelings. As filofail describe it so well, so many times,i got the feeling to be the only rationnal guy in this crazy place.

    So i will continue to describe the evolution of my feelings when i discovered i hate so many things in this country.

    5:the lack of curiosity :
    when i landed in the philippines in 2006, it was to meet a girl i was chatting with on internet for few month, she was a professional with a correct background & looked intelligent.
    I was an innocent french guy, with typical french prejudice : poor people are victims of social inequality, and this poor filippino people (in my mind at this time) were only poor people,victims of history and living with the hope to uprise one day to get their rights…Thats the problem in France : we think behing each fortune, there is a big crime and here many thinks Europe has to repent for crimes commited in history (colonisation) .

    With my first trip accross wonderfull islands i noticed the lack of curiosity of my gf : when i was allways lookind to places to discover, reefs to dive, new typicals fresh meals she allways crave for disgusting fastfoods, nasty sausage & fried rice.
    In big cities when i looked for historical places, restaurant that was the same stuffs she allways bring me in noisy fastfood with shitty loud music & soft hamburgers.
    By this way i discovered the lack of curiosity wich seem to be present to almost everybody in the philippines.
    This lack of curiosity is everywhere. Nobody understand there than intellectual simulation, is necessary to evolve. If you learn a stuff useless for now, it may bring you a lot of pleasure later or open a new way.
    I had the chance to be in Paris with her few years later : It was the time of an unique expo about art across history of the philippines and she wasn’t interested to visit it : the unique time in history so many philippino stuffs were gathered even never interested her…
    And that was only the beginning of my disillusionment.

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne
      Anne Post author

      Oops, sorry forgot to leave a translation. Bawal magwalis ‘pag gabi, pag may patay – Can’t sweep the floor at night, when there’s a wake. (Some Filipinos believe you’re driving the dead man’s soul away who’s trying visiting your family, or something like that.)
      Bawal maligo pag kumikidlat – Can’t take a shower when there’re thunderstorms.