Things That I Can’t Get Used to No Matter How Long I Live Here

Things That I Can’t Get Used to No Matter How Long I Live Here! How About You?


If you look you will notice that almost everyone does it, no matter where or when. Especially when they exit a door going out, first thing is spit, men women and children. I walk a lot and am really tired of seeing the blobs everywhere. I was sitting across from a Gasul distributor, having a beer and in a 30 minute period the worker came out five times to spit. When the kids run out of their classrooms they spit, mothers waiting for them spit. It’s disgusting and nauseating.

Shouting at each other.

Fils don’t talk at each other they shout at each other’s faces. They shout from house to house all day anytime. They are so loud it raises my blood pressure. So many times I have asked people to talk not shout.

Noise of motors.

It doesn’t matter how small the engine, I have to stop my sentence when they go by because you can’t hear. They take the baffles out of the muffler so it’s just a straight pipe, or they have the home made pipes that are straight pipes. Also the big diesel trucks, I have to block my ears when they go by.

Air horns on buses and trucks.

They use them anywhere, anytime, and for no reason, or at a time when they think it will make traffic move when all it does is frustrate people. You know the horns I mean. The one’s that just about blow your head off if you’re close. Almost gives me a heart attack, they should be banned.

Noise of neighbors.

All lined up are rows of amakan or bamboo or plywood houses behind my rental house and all day every day they shout between the houses, ate, dai, bla bla bla, kaon ka bla bla. It’s especially annoys me when it’s 5am. Also from about 5am all the sound systems go on. The radio’s are the worst, they have those commentators that when they finish a phrase there’s some noise comes out. They have them full volume so that it’s bassy echoey boom sound. Sometimes I can hear four or five sound systems at the same time. And then they start the sing along so it’s like one big karaoke noise, wtf?

Heeeey, my friend, hey!! Kano, joe, fuck you, hahahaha bla bla.

I walk a lot in rural places twice a week. They feel compelled to say something when passing. I don’t know them and they don’t know me so wtf? Then you get the laugh even if you don’t react and you know they said something smart ass. Don’t walk past a school room when the class is on, omg, 50 hey joes. And if you do react it just makes them happy and makes it worse.

Dogs – A National Crisis.

The poor buggers. They are everywhere by the millions. Sometimes four or five per house. Every single one has flees and mange and is malnourished due to lack of protein. Sometimes tied to a one meter chain or in a cage. If I go to someone’s gate there’s like three of them all going ballistic and the owner tries to talk to me like they’re not there, buong ka?This country is like one big dog farm, even when the owners don’t have money for themselves never mind the dogs. It costs 1500p for a spay or neuter. It should be free through a government subsidy. I would say it’s one of the biggest crises this country has but it will never change.

No manners in line ups or going somewhere.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a line up and someone buts in, just kind of drifts in to the side. Or I’m walking up steps or in a crowd and someone steps on the back of my thongs so I almost fall, like don’t give any space. And they don’t line up in a line behind people they kind of come in from the side.

Throwing trash indiscriminately everywhere.

When I drive in to the town near where I live the road sides are full of veneer bags and rice sacks full of garbage. Most of them ripped open by dogs and everything spread around,and all the shit missing from the pampers, dogs ate it. If you go to a sari sari store, on either side there’s a line of junk food bags of every kind, cigarette buts, those long plastics that they sell water in, you name it. School playgrounds are just a field of bags and garbage. All because of lack of education and lack of caring. Unbelievable mess!

Bakeries where everything tastes the same – sweet.

Things look different but they all taste the same, sweet and sometimes salty. Really need some education and whole wheat flower. Oh what I would give for multi grain breads and good bakery stuff.

Calenderias where everything is full of msg and salt.

I try not to eat at them anymore because everything is laced with magic sarap (msg) and salt. I get a skin rash from it if I eat out at them for a few days.

Selling palm oil when the Phils is nothing but coconuts.

If you have ever been to Indonesia or Malaysia you will remember a sea of palm oil palms forever. That’s what they do with the land after they slash and burn the rainforest. Really enrages me, then we get the smoke from the fires here in Davao. So I don’t ever bye palm oil, but why is it so prevalent and sometimes hard to find coconut oil when the Phils is covered with coconut trees? Maybe they export it all to China?

Driving habits.

If I wasn’t a defensive driver with a lifetime of experience I would be dead long ago here. It’s all one lane in both directions where I live and the frustrated drivers behind the slow tricycles pass when they feel like it even when it’s in my face. I don’t know how many times I have had to go on the verge or get hit, really ignorant and stupid.

Thousands of multi denominational churches.

Almost every block has some kind of religious structure! Why do they need them? Someone tell me. The Baptist one’s are always playing music, the catholic and Igesio de Cristo want money, they all have weird rules that dominate your life. Why bother is my question. I look at the sedimentary rock in my area and see the millions of years old fossils of coral and giant clams. Oh really, God created this a few thousand years ago, ya right. Get a brain, halleluiah.

The use of PA systems when not needed.

How many meetings have I seen where the room is as big a living room but the speaker is using a mic. Churches, seminars, classrooms, anything, but it’s not needed, yet no one questions it.

Pricing systems pork and goat.

The number one meat eaten here is pork, but! If you live where I do you see endless numbers of goats wondering around. If you go to the palengki and try to find goat it’s not there, unless it’s a big market. When I do find goat, which is super delicious, low in cholesterol and fat, it’s like trice the price of pork. Why? Pigs require intensive care, special food, stink, noisy, and the meat is the fattiest and highest in cholesterol of all. Who decides the price of the goat meat, why is it expensive, they don’t require any care, just let them roam, they breed like flies, WTF? Why not make them half the price of pork and sell the meat everywhere? I’m serious there are millions of them here. Three times more than pigs! So why double the price? Must be cultural?!

Fat women.

I don’t know why but compared to a few years ago there is an explosion of overweight, chubby, fat and obese women over the age of about 30! Is it an increase in the middle class due to OFW’s and immigrants money? Is it a lack of caring after having kids and the hubby not doing it anymore? Why, and why suddenly? I don’t know but everywhere I look they are there with flowing blubber.

Floor ladies in department stores.

I really feel sorry for the poor things for they have to endure eight hours a day six days a week. The floors are as slippery as ice but they still have to wear heals when it should be rubber flats. They wear those stupid non see through nylons, short skirts so they can’t bend over. The makeup is so thick you could peel it off and use it as a mask. All rules from some idiot not living in the real world with no regard whatsoever for human comfort or respect.


How many security guards can you count in a department store? Who opens the door for you in a convenience store, carries automatic weapons at banks, security.  Searches your bags endlessly, sitting outside of every imaginable building. Imagine what would happen to the unemployment rate if they only had the one’s necessary? How many bicycle, tricycle, motor drivers, taxi’s are there everywhere you look? At least 50% are redundant. Need I go on? What a mess.

Christmas from September to January.

Every retail outlet from Sept till New Years is playing f……g Christmas music. WTF?? What the hell is wrong with this nation? It doesn’t snow here; there are no reindeer, its multy denominational, why four months, who decided? Just another non-sensical no brain for no reason just bullshit that nobody bothers to change.

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  1. Profile gravatar of dontgettheirflees

    I’m new to this blog. Thank you for your share , I now know I’m not alone with these thoughts.

    At my place the dogs room around the streets in packs. They attack by-passers and their owners seem to enjoy it.
    Officials do nothing of course and nobody else seems to be troubled about it as they just take another road.
    My wife ended up hunting them down when entering our property out of fear for rabies. After all only 500 people die from rabies every year , one neighbour died of it 5 years ago.
    Every time 1 got down , the neighbours added 2 on the street….. Because , in their tiny mind , they own the street in front of their house.

    I have children here and I use all absurdities I notice to teach them what is wrong , most of the time in front of the people who commit them.
    Like in the supermarket at the cashier , “you see that woman that passed in front of us?” Well that’s impolite right? Now daddy is going to show you how to address these kind of people”
    I actually have my hands full with teaching. The funny part is when they highlight me of the pinoy behaviour.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      The thing I find most troubling, and one of the things I’ll never get used to is this:

      It’s one thing to just say nothing when someone is blatantly fucking rude, like cutting in a line. I never hear any Filipino speak up when someone cuts in line.

      But here’s the utter fucking stupidity and something that blows my fucking mind about these fucking idiots;

      I WILL SAY SOMETHING TO THE PERSON WHO CUT IN LINE. And when I do, they act as if I have violated their right to be a complete fucktard. They act like I AM RUDE FOR SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT IT TO THEM!!!! And it doesn’t stop there! Oh no! Every other dumbfuck flip around us looks at me as if I AM THE OFFENDER!!!! Like “How dare you confront someone for being rude!!

      WHAT THE FUCK?????????

      I will NEVER get used to that. Ever.

      1. Profile gravatar of dontgettheirflees

        I never mind the fact that they are offended. It’s one of their neuron that starts to move and goes back lazy one you’re out of sight.
        My main concern is that my kids and myself don’t become like them.

      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        HOW DARE YOU!!! Heard it from X2 a couple of times with venom in her eyes. It was due to my very checked response to her extremely inappropriate behavior. It was a mouth dropper, HOW DARE YOU belonged to me but I chose to calmly defend myself, yet she threw her shit in my face. I’m such a putz….

      3. Profile gravatar of

        When a monkey cuts in line I tap his shoulder. I point to the back of the line. Stare at him as long as he responds while giving the fligger the evil eye.

        They actually respond pretty well when I do this. Communication is useless with these people. Don’t waste your energy. They don’t understand a SHIT!

        1. Profile gravatar of


          Hahaha where did u get your profile picture from it look excatly like some guy from Poland that making documentaries ( Wojciech Cejrowski) just 20 years younger in the psycho version 😀

          1. Profile gravatar of


            Some random guy I found on the net. Named Filthy Frank aka PAPA Franku. I occasionally watch his retarded videos whenever a FLIP fucks up my day. His videos reminds me of how demented FLIGGERS are lol.

            ROFLMAO Wojciech Cejrowski does look like him just younger! What a coincidence. XD

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          They really are the most inconsiderate little fuckers, but they are not rude. Westerners are considered rude to people when we have been cheated. So we say something. Filipinos are teh other way around. They are not rude cause they are shifty little fuckers. They avoid confrontation and back down really easy. They are not rude cause they don’t say anything, they are just inconsiderate fucks.

          1. Profile gravatar of


            I like it when you say “They really are the most inconsiderate little fuckers” reminds me cockroaches 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

            Yeah Johnny, you are right. Very inconsiderate. I am in a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur eating my lunch minding my own business when this 50 something Filipina taps me on the shoulder, and asks me if I want to donate to some poor kid program. I just told her in Tagalog I don’t have money, etc. I did of course, but that’s not the point. You don’t come up, and startle somebody when they are eating especially to beg money. She went away quickly, and I think because I spoke her language and got sarcastic. She just kept on smiling. “Ok Sir”… bla bla. Yeah…. No shame!

            As an aside, I had a lingering dry cough in Cebu City that immediately cleared up once I landed in Malaysia….. No doubt it was staying with me there due to the pollution.

      4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        There was a post somewhere that the grade D movie actors got their elections registration/.
        There was a lineup but the guards shoved them out of the way to let these famous turds into the office.. Sometimes you can not buy class!!!!!!!
        These turds were just pissing all over themselves taking pics of these grade D actors.
        Such excitement!!!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

          Yeah, if anyone rioted against the actors and the tards who run the place then they would have been treated equally. Instead, they got starstruck as well and wussed out.

          They have their rights, and they could fight for it. Actually if everyone protests everytime those clowns from the government (and maybe the private companies) screw up and anything, everything would be a better place.

          Case in point: The Balikbayan boxes and the EDSA Revolution.

      5. Profile gravatar of dontgettheirflees

        Ever tried when they look at you offended and you ask them : Do you think it’s normal for to do this?
        Their face changes from offended to totally surprised like: Euh , what is he asking? What word did he say? Think? What is think?
        It’s almost like they get scared that you are going to force them to think. Must try , it’s actually funny to see how the word thinking is repelling them.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Chubby, fat and obese women are All over the western world! ‘Tis most fitting and proper that they should fill the Land of Fools! 😉

      Firstly the pinay loove fatty, salt,sweet unhealthy food! This is Not something new! Now the moneys there to fatten up! Then the…innate laziness and lack of self-disciline will also addto this…beautiful dvelopment!:-)

      Within only ca. 10 years the phils will fill up with beautifully SuperFat ladies, and will probably be the most sought-out country for small western men, who Really Loove fat ladies to care for! ‘Tis a…fetish!

      The amount of Blubber you see today Mark, is nothing against what the Future will bring! The Whole Country will …..Vibrate by the….steps of Fat Ladies!:-)

      And We, who love this blog should…Rejoice! Cos it will be the Ultimate Proof of phil decadence!

      Maybe the…export of these fat cows will be more difficult that the present one, of sweet, slim pinays, at least let’s hope so! There are enough Superfat cows in the Western Hemisphare not to get the pinoy Breedingmachine producing them too!

      Anyway ’tis really something to look forward to, a…future tourist magnet, like the….strays, the roosters, the garbage….and the Fatty Ladies!:-)

      They will multiply! Just you mark my words!:-)

      The Future indeed is …rosy sweet, like… Fat!;-) 😉

      Anyway, let me conclude that this fatness-tsunami is a…disease, which furthermore underline the…”measureless”….low morals and lack of restrain and self-discipline in pinoy culture!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Yees, but there is yet another advantage, for those of us who enjoy to see clair examples of decadence and lowlifestyle. I truly dont know if fat people(fat women especially;-) actually are more stupid, but they appear to be. (some newer research indicates that there are some connotations)

          Joyful to behold the fatfilled countenance of thousands upon thousands of Superfat pinay women, it will strenghten Our argument of pinoy stupidity even more, as Superfat people generally look(and often behave) more stupidly than slim ones.

          For the newcomers it will be easier to avoid the danges of the phils, as Slim, sweet pinays Much easier are able to twist the heads of innocent little expats than the….Gigapinay! (I’ve just coined this Expression! You may use it according to the Mufazza-lisence, but you may Not pretend that it is Your invention!)

          Actually I saw the need for this expression as I was disrespectful to Cows, which was Not my intent!

          The….Gigapinay is a modern invention and I expect to do her justice by mention her in several articles.

          Cows (even pinay cows) are calm, dignified creatures who do not break the que, spit on the floor, swear and lie, fatten up to discusting proportions! Cows deserve our respect! The Gigapinay does not!

          If I were a businessman I would invest in….augmenting the production of heavier furniture! It used to suffice with bamboo or plastic furniture for a pinay. No more! The…Gigapinay will break any normal furniture and she is ….breeding and Augmenting fast!

          Another dangerous consequence is…aviation! Pinoys are seldom very meticoulous with….anything! If u put ca 10 gigapinay in a smaller plane the plane will have an Overweight of ca. 1 ton! This is is enough to make the plane not lift as it should, and even to crash! If you do not want to end your life patethically in….a Heap of blubber…..I would suggest caution! It Will happen!

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          You forgot,!!!!!!!! the big awning !!!!!!!!!
          Cant live without the big awning over the porch.
          Itty Bitties everywhere where are the big awnings
          Who wants a big barn, or a fat wife AAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.
          I would stay in OZ if I wanted that.
          Ive removed all the mirrors in my house , so I don’t reflect MY visage.
          But I have Pesonality

    3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      I see my answer on the fat ladies was only partial.
      The question was “why around 30 and why suddenly”.

      Of course some get fat after pregnancy and are too lazy to shape up, but that is not the main reason. That was always the case, anyway.

      Now the phil malls is a relatively new phenomenon. I think a Lot of the blubber stems from mall fastfood!

      Furthermore the fatsodiabeteswave in working class in the west and the increase of same in other developing countries have been….gradually climbing for ca 20 years!

      You ask ” why so sudden?” It is not sudden! This have slowly accumulated over Years and….Suddenly You get Aware of the problem! Thats not the same.

      But, to repeat myself, because of pinay love of fatty food, greater laziness, stupid, ignorant government etc. it all boads good for pinay actively competing with the fattest american girls in but a few years.

      Logically it should be able to breed the fattest women in all of, within ca. 10-15 years I estimate. Watch and you will see the numbers grow!

      The result will not be pretty, but….interesting. 🙂

      It is as if they are competing with…whales. Whales used to be hunted for their blubber, and much of the whale went to….female products, cosmetics, struts for skirts etc. Maybe it is a…..irony of history, that the culprits for whale-hunting themselves start to resemble whales,some years after, indeed there is some perverse justice there……

      In 50 years, when the pinoy successfully have destroyed all natural beauty they will still have their fat women! It will be heaven for…fat-lovers! 🙂

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    They used to kill dogs right under my bedroom window!!!!!!! Why?? Because that was the only place where there was cement pad.
    What a horrible sound. no gun,, just a knife.. fucking barbarians!!!!!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of


      Last time my mother went here for the christmas she almost cried because she saw a dog in the cage 😀

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I have always suspected there is a special school they go to in order to learn to forego logic and common sense. The most successful school in the philippines where ever it is located.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Actually logic is strictly prohibited in P.R. As an expat however, you are not informed of this fact! Only when you meet the blank stare do you understand that you are talking to an…android and not a human.

          This is the consequence of many years of indoctrination. To the average phil your demand for logic is an…abomination, and it makes you an…infidel on foreign soil! The most important reason the expat will never fit in, is his/her demand for logic and reason! When you say goodbye to those you are on the way to turning native..

  3. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Well you have stolen my post thank you I was planning on raising the same stuff yep retards and rude ignorant arse holes agree 100% but it will never change.
    Sometimes we have to just shut our eyes and turn off yep I know its hard to do and life living here can become very frustrating good luck my friend we both need a little.

  4. Profile gravatar of

    Filipinos are fucking uneducated monkeys of Asia. Mostly everything stated in this article is 101% accurate.

    Sick men of Asia.

    MOFOS in the PH can’t understand English. Everytime I talk to a monkey they cut your sentence most of the time, I’m not even half way done finishing my sentence they either change the topic or just keep Fucking interrupting you and would not let you finish on what you’re trying to say, especially in the PHONE. Fucking pathetic and rude.

    Proper Manners are already taught to a 8yr old boy. What the fuck happened with the Flips?

    Do these MORONS have ADHD?

    They don’t know how to listen.

    Honestly I have trouble communicating to these infidels WTF went wrong? Why do these idiots market themselves the best English speakers of Asia?


  5. Profile gravatar of Jamess

    Sorry po!
    Good fucking morning /afternoon/evening sir!
    Happy lunch/dinner!
    But i have a problem, I don’t have money for transportation!

    U wanna know what i hate most about the philippines? Philippines!

    1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      The Phils are a great place , here is all what is needed to raise a good economy , a beautiful country and much more…the only problem for the Phils are the Filipinos. if they was not here , the Philippines wouldnt be a fuck hole like it is.
      Just sent 1 Mio Flips to a first World Country and you will see in max 6 months , they brought this first world country also down into their standard

  6. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Another thing I abhorently dislike;

    Talking on the phone with a flip. Fuck me till I bleed instead, really.

    “hello, good afternoooooon”
    “hello sir?”
    “yes, hello”
    “good afternoon sir”
    “good afternoon, now what do you want?”
    “hello? sir?”
    “Is this Mr Kano?”
    “is that who you called?”
    “yes sir”
    “ok, then that’s me, what do you need? Get to the point of your call”
    “sorry po, good noon sir,”
    “if you say hello or greet me one more fucking time, I’m hanging up the god damned phone!!!”
    “Sorry po, hello?”
    “are we going to sit here and say hello all fucking day? At this point, did you forget why the fuck you called me?”
    “sorry sir”
    “are you going to fucking state your business at some mother fucking point?”
    “Sir, my business is Bong’s Auto Mechanic shop”
    “oh fuck me”
    “excuse me sir?”
    “would you fucking tell me why you’re calling in your next sentence please?”

    1. Profile gravatar of


      It’s good to hear I ‘m not the only one noticing these redundant phone lines.

      It’s almost impossible to have a general conversation with FLIGGERS, mostly but not all.

      All I can say is that Flips are not trained well to operate a common task which is to FUCKING communicate, understand and listen. Is that hard job to do?

      Who ever trains these Filipinos is a TOTAL MORON.

      Whenever I call At&t customer service I get connected to the fucking PH. I could tell the person is a flip with these lines. They try to sound jolly and happy at first but when you start to talk they dont understand shit. I had to repeat 3x for just a simple concern. What a waste of time.

      1. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

        I placed an order at McDonald’s, in Cebu City. I repeated it 3 times, and still she pressed the wrong button. I asked her why what happened. Cashier ignored me. She reached to ring the bell for the manager override, cuz they don’t have the authority to back out the simplest thing… Haaaaa. Bell out of order.. I barged into the managers office, and talked to her,and she made a gazillion excuses for the nit wit.. Even the manager doesn’t listen. I told her 3 times I live Zee boob City, and she kept saying oh you’re on vacation here. It’s too much for me!

        Just a few of these stupidities agitate me, and then I just cloister myself in my condo.. About 50 of these screw ups in a week period makes me buy a ticket to Kuala Lampur so I can come up for air!

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      And before they finally get around to telling you why they fucked it up they never stop with apologizing,
      A meaningless art form in the Philippines Apologizing.
      What just they cant ” under fucking stand” is I want the fucking job done right first time not a apology and an excuse.!!!!!!!!
      By the way I am Black Listed by Maintence Dept on SBMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently they took offense to my calling their manager a fucking idiot. Just because the prick wanted to dig prospect holes inside my house to find a problem.
      So apparently they are Not Mandated to maintain the houses on SBMA, so what the fuck do they have a maintenance Dept. for.
      2.Loud Television !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      3.I think the family are fighting when they visit, I go out to break it up. They are just eating and talking ?????????? I swear to god I though someone was being killed.
      4.Moving stuff in my house, just so I can never find it !!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a fucking PLOT, I’m not the only one I have three mates who have the same shit going on.
      They move stuff so we need them to find it for us, but they will never ever admit they moved it.
      5. Never admitting to anything
      6. SIDING WITH OTHER FLIPS in any dispute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the fuck am I always wrong !!!!!!!!!!!Just once I would like to hear I was right and that fuckwit was wrong

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Hello Don
        They should have their ear fones,,, and blast that tv all they want!!!!!!!! mfers,, the whole baranguay can hear that tv or stereo.
        then all talk at the same time,, more peenoise!!
        Does anybody here on this site have anything to do with a HOARDER!!!!!????
        My FIL is famous for keeping old junk. ””’But it is worth money”’ If it was worth money,, it would have been long ago and the money spent on red horse!!! the only reason why it is not sold,, because the trike to the junk shop costs more than the stuff is worth… Also they are sooooo afraid of someone making 2 pesos out of it…
        Please God in heaven strike me down and take me to Redenck heaven!!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          HOARDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Forgot that one too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Yup we still have every old suitcase I have taken to the PI, my store room is full of suitcases.!!!!!!
          Anything I try and junk.
          SOME ONE MIGHT NEED THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          After she leaves, IT GOES straight out into the street, the flips are the greatest recyclers on earth.
          Its gone within the hour, doesnt seem to matter what shit I chuck out.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            My mom (blss her heart) was a mild hoarder.. but these peeps take it to the extreme,, old bent up nails,, rusty crap,, even when they marry a kano the junk pile increases!!!!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            My ex wife from Bulacan was a hoarder big time. She had the basement filled along with the attic. Stuff included electric, water bills from 1983 and this was in the late 1990’s. The excuse, “We might need them if they say we did not pay the bill.” Odd thing it was the bill the company sent and she merely wrote “paid” and put the date on it. Now you talk about one room, got you beat.
            In 2003 wife took off to Reno and asked me to help sort through a storage unit (20×20) we had, I did which took hours until done, only to be told she had 2 more. But wait, it does not stop there. I talked to our daughter and the ex has the one I help with (20×20) at least one known one in Las Vegas, Reno and Ft Myers, Fla. Her trailer is stuffed with things she will not get rid of and what does she do? She asked our daughter if she “can store a few things in her basement.”

          3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            And saving cardboard boxes of rice cookers and putting them on the china cabinet!!!!!
            You answer a question,,, 2 minutes later they ask the same question.
            drives me nuts.

    3. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      what Captain describe here is the fuckin truth….the sad fuckin truth…The phone conversations with them are extremely low that i find never any bad word against them…so low that I hold the phone in my hand and forget already to answer them back after i had to hear million times @ hello sir, hello who is there ( this is asking me the person who has CALLED MY NUMBER… I dont know what these people get into their daily cafe…but this kind of drugs they take most be absolute fantastic that i think often about to ask them directly from where they got the stuff…

    4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      They can never get to the point. It’s like that with their gov’t especially. They never just come out and say, “pay me extra money and I’ll get it done for you”. Instead, its, “sir, we you know have dhe rule and maybe sir, you can, you know, uh”. After 10 minutes of this, you simply say, “If I give you 300 pesos, you’ll get it done correct?” Thats when they immediately say, “yes sir”.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I worked on a drill floor with four cat 379 (450 HP) motors with no mufflers and it was not as noisy as EDSA!!! I can only stand it for a half an hour,, and I have to go home.
      Some noises we can stand and even enjoy, but the whine of one these cheap Chinese made motorcycles, dogs barking,, Kris (STD) Aquino’s voice, and wowowoweee will drive me around the bend.
      The sqautter’s area by my place is having a koroke tonite,, must be a birthday!! I notice they do NOT make noise when a certain church service is on. They know better because that church will do a driveby on them. Its not the RC church,, so you can guess which one it is.
      PLEASE shoot me dead

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        We all know pinoys copy everyone because they have never ever had a original thought.
        And they are always number one. So I would say they copied the Chinese and 1-uped them in the racket level.

        Plus I swear they must be deaf from the BOOM BOOM BOOM day after fucking day, never ending.

        Like my goofy son and his headphones whilst playing computer games. He YELLS AT ME VERY LOUD when I walk in.
        Take off the GD headphones and come to supper, i hear you fine… sill boy

  7. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    “Christmas from September to January”

    I guess this is the….Pinnacle of Pinoy Pride! As they are veery religious, and…veery materialistic, what could be better than shopping and singing carols half year round?:-)

    Actually this “chrismassy-thing” has been stolen from the americans and taken to the Extreme, as pinoy do with many things, a clair example of….the..”Neurotic nature” of phil society!

    The..”hahahaha’s, The….Towering Rudeness, the..”Entitlement”….the “Pride”….. all these are classical examples of a ” culture” of infinate neuroticism and out of synch and pace with itself! Where the Autenticity of this culture is as pure and unique … a Plastic Santa Claus made in Hong Kong!

    I would request those who read this to Contribute with…”sweet Christmas stories” they have experienced, where some of the…”plasticy, unreal feel” of pinoy Christmas would come to bear. It should actually be a chapter in it’s own right!:-)

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      It’s incredible the money pinoys will waste on tacky christmas crap. Back in september the wife’s auntie proudly posted her recently christmas decorated house on facebook. This idiot went and bought a disco glitter ball, yet can’t afford a tin of paint for the concrete walls.

    2. Profile gravatar of tambok
      tambok Post author

      I just tried to eat some of their fucking Christmas food. What a load of shit. Sweet ketchup spaghetti, sweet macaroni, salt only pork adobo, sweet peanut butter on sweet white bread, chicken that only tastes of salt. What a load of crap!

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        @joekano and filipino food is slowly killing them.
        HIGH SUGAR
        HIGH SALT
        made to a price. Thats all.


        THREE FACTS —-

        Filipinos don;t know anything to do with beauty.. they wouldnt know a good beach from a poor one. They build to a price, ive seen places where theres an amazing view of mountains or city but the stupid fucks build a wall to block it out.

        2nd thing filipinos dont know is GOOD FOOD
        they are like my parents days. its food, eat. NOt wheher it tastes good, etc no
        taste is salt, sugar, fat… all designed to mask the food they are eating.

        3rd, Filipino equate money with love
        more money = guy must love them
        less money he doesnt love them

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          I even see them eating that cheap ass spaghetti the next day and it is colder than a nuns tit. ewwwwww.
          The hot dogs have chemicals oozing out of them on to the plaTe

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          And if I may add FHPS, Filipinos equate materialism with love but don’t really appreciate what you’ve given. “Honey, buy me laptop, I lab yo”. “Honey, buy me cell pone, I lab yo”. But these gadgets often end up in Pawnbrokers or outright sold. If not sold, they’re wrecked before the year is over. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF VALUABLE THINGS! Well, they don’t know how to take care of their inter-personal relationships, what do we expect, huh?

          “Filipinos don;t know anything to do with beauty.. they wouldnt know a good beach from a poor one. ”

          Same as above. Give them a thing of beauty for them to enjoy, they don’t appreciate it nor take care of it. Think beautiful beaches and mountains, clean fresh springs…. they wreck it by throwing garbage everywhere, build ugly structures on beautiful landscapes. Destroy beautiful clean beaches with garbage.

          Talking of garbage…. anyone seen the news about the garbage left at Rizal Park after Christmas Day celebrations? 600 bags of trash collected by the poor sweepers! The stupid, filthy Flips did the same during the Papal visit in January of this year. The city collected 23 truckloads of trash post the official Papal visit! But instead of calling on the people to take their trash home, or at least put them in the garbage bins, the city authorities only called on the people to “bag your trash” to make it easy for the Park cleaners to clean after them. WTF?? You can bet your bottom $$ that there will be a repeat of that garbage scenario in the new year. It makes sense to tell these filthy Filipigs “if you can’t keep the park clean, you don’t come!”. But of course, that would be a vote loser. Typical Filipigs! Leave for today, bahala na bukas, for someone else will clean up after me. See the pattern of Flip behaviors here? Someone cleans up after me, someone pay my medical bills, my school fees, someone build my house, someone else educate my child, etc, etc. Dependency big time, no responsibility whatsoever, no shame.

          1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

            So true Sarah that they do not know how to take care of valuable things. I don’t buy the kids toys any more as they don’t last a week. I bought a kid a gun that blows bubbles and what happened when it ran out of bubbles, instead of refilling it with dish washing detergent the kid smashed it. Same with a remote control helicopter I bought, as soon as the battery went flat the kids smashed it. I noticed last Christmas a lot of kids got toys and when I visited 3 months later they had nothing, all smashed and wrecked. The adults are no better. My brand new motorbike was totalled after 3 months when my brother in law crashed it while riding it while drunk and I had repeatedly told him not to ride it drunk. The wife wants to buy a 6 year old a tablet. No love you cant because another kid will hold it then drop it and break it to spite the other kid, and everyone will think it is funny. I have never known such destructive people who do not appreciate gifts. I explained this to my wife while wearing a 15 year old t shirt that I would not throw away because it is a gift and is special to me. But when you think about it everything in the Phils is crap and falls apart anyway. I have never bought clothes in the Phils that have lasted more than 2 months. The zips fail, threads come out, button fall off. It is so hard to find anything of quality over there.

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Can you believe that the cheapest land in the Philippines is waterfront and that is not because of watching the natural beauty. There is none !!!!!!!!!
            Some of the most expensive is along a highway with stinking fucking trucks, jeepnees and trikes. DOH???????

          3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Angel, I have given Flip relatives good quality items, such as cell phones and handbags from Europe, designer sunglasses from the US, etc. One cell phone I had was from Germany. I had it for 5 years, Not a scratch on it when I gave it to Flip Aunt. I went back to Pinas 10 months later, cell phone was still working but keys were very sticky, probably on the way out.

            The Italian hand bag I gave to a cousin, she claimed it got stolen. The cell phone from Germany I gave to another Aunt, lasted 3 months. She claimed it just stopped working. A cousin later told me she sold it.

            I have seen them mistreat anything and everything, never value anything that’s given to them for free. I’ve seen similar behaviors from our Australian Aborigines. They buy expensive appliances, only to promptly smash them if and when the occasion suits.
            Angel, I think you are in NZ, correct? Do you see similar behaviors amongst the Maori people? And to my Canadian friends, do you see similar behaviors amongst the American Indians? Without sounding ethnocentric, do you guys think these destructive behaviors are inherent amongst the 3rd/4th world societies (irrespective if such societies exists within the 1st world)?

    3. Profile gravatar of tambok
      tambok Post author

      It’s Dec 29th and I was just at SM. What’s the music I’m hearing, Santa Claus is comin to Town, I’m Dreamin of a White Chritsmas. wtf, doesn’t the management know it’s over, finished. There are still street kids singing carols at night. still the fire crackers, fuck I hate this season, it’s insane here.

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I know people who carry .25 centavos coins so they can pay only 7.50 pesos for a jeepney ride.. but a 300 peso meal at mcdos is no problem?????
    Yes,, the xmas stupid season would be a good post!!!! hahhahah

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      I think it the 2 centavo ones that have the hole???
      They make good washers. i keep a drawer full of them out in the shop. Cheaper than real washers. haha 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I’m out,!!!!!!!!
      Get back there in the New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      They were playing fucking Christmas carols in the office at SBMA in fucking August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Don.
        Have a breakfast of 3 eggs sunny side up,, small steak,, texas white toast,, baked beans,, coffee,, pure orange juice,, for me.
        And eat a huge tripple AAA steak with all trrimmings served by a busty waitress,,, hhahah
        And go to a huge buffett with all the trimmings,, ahahah
        Think of us poor saps in the feelippines once in awhile too

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Just getting an order of Fish and Chips , that is cooked in clean oil is reward enough.
          Buying a steak without the worry that you can actually chew .
          Going to the supermarket and finding what I want without searching is enough, because some lamebrain moved it or it all sold and they have no intention of ever replacing it because it sold out.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Ah Don, I was just contemplating what to have for breakkie here….. fish and chips with salad!! And that’s after my one hour massage at $1 per minute. Oh, how I missed my massage lady in Cebu who only charges…. “it’s up to you Inday” – bless her soul, but pity about her thieving, low life scumbag husband who worked on my fence and charged me Kano skin tax with his shit job. Massage lady is appreciative of P200/hour or about $Au6. 🙂

            Maybe, just maybe, I will return to the Failippines next year to get pampered, buy more shoes and get more pampered 🙂

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          MORE LEG HAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          MORE SMOKED TURKEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I’m not hammed out yet but fucking close, I know the child bride started bitching yesterday she was thirsty all the time from eating ham and turkey as it was mazarap.
          That was just after she told me we need to carry a leg of ham back to the PI in baggage for pasalobong.
          Then too thirsty, but she has been overdoing it.
          I may wait before buying the leg of ham in case she changes her mind.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Black Licorice, yup the currency of Subic Bay. the Sepos are crazy for it, I cant understand why its not in the PI. I usually bring back a couple of Kilos for pasalobong which I charge for. Flips hate it !!!!
          I can get my Kosher Pickles at Pure Gold so no need to smuggle them in. delicious ones too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Yup massage hurts here in OZ , SO I go to Physio which I can not do in Subic Bay. My Physio put my shoulder right for the first time since last July.
          And I get back $40 from HCF.
          So only $20 out of pocket.
          Maths please. low bloody exchange rate my Flip Foot Massage is 300 plus tip of 200. equals 500peso, would I let her near my neck not a chance in HELL.
          Physio costs me 670 p with the current exchange rate and money back from the health fund., and at least she actually knows what she is doing here in OZ.
          Better looking too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 out of 10 blonde blue eyes. MAGUNDA TO THE MAX.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I prefer to fork out for a massage here and there, usually a fortnight or whenever I feel like it. I don’t include it with my private health insurance since it jacks up the premium. I’d rather give the money to my Chinese massage lady here in exchange for massage, than give it to my thieving, low life Flip rallies who just expects it for free!! Thank God the low lifes has not bothered me in awhile, fingers crossed. The Chinese massage is very good also. 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Why pay for a massage? Plenty of guys on PFB would gladly do it for free. Hang on while I push my way to the front of the line.

  9. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I never want to get used to the Philippines. I’m so happy I left last month. I wasn’t getting used to the Philippines, but I was getting used to being angry with the fucktards behavior at all times as well as getting used to the fact they are failures at everything they do (or attempt to do).
    The country is about to have a new president. Sadly, the one who is leaving is the only one who has been half-way decent. At least he’s the first who hasn’t been stealing for himself as much as possible. With a new president coming in, the Philippines is about to showcase to the world just how unbelievably incompetent they are.
    How many people are about to be killed or assassinated in the coming months? They have been on such a huge tourism and investment campaign over the last 5 years foreigners are more aware of the Philippines than before.
    Now they have heard of the Philippines, they will witness how retarded they are. The typhoon was a nice preview to their theivery, corruption, poverty, lack of empathy, and shameless ability to cheat each other at first chance.

    I was starting to get used to the overall stupidity of them. Anytime someone told a story in the PHilippines or of Filipinos, I automatically assumed the Filipino in the story was stupid and/ or corrupt. 4/5ths of the time I was correct. I have such disdain and zero respect for that awful culture. Even after leaving, it still angers me when I hear from friends and their “pinoy dealings”.
    They are a corrupt, shameless, pitiful culture, and nation. That is something us foreigners can never get used to. Let’s be thankful we cannot get used to the Philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I know when I have to leave !!!!!!
      When I want to choke the living fuck out of every driver on the fucking road, TIME FOR THE DON TO GO.!!!!!!!!
      or when the Child bride warns me for the umpteenth time I will be killed by some gagoo flip. If I dont stop bad mouth the fuckwits.
      High Blood to the max.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yep, “warns me for the umpteenth time I will be killed by some gagoo flip”
      – They are not the brightest people and they are not confrontational, but I worried to they would get drunk later, find their courage/ deception, and come after me later on with a bolo. I always gave people the respect they deserved until they showed me they did not deserve it,,,,, which happened to me often. That is when my anger or condescending attitude really started to come out.

      I could not really take it anymore. Also, we have some family issues that have driven me crazy. Basically a family member and his thieving cunt of a wife stole the majority of family property. What they have not sold off, they hold in their names as a snails pace and equivalent of an insane asylum court system figures it out. So, witnessing first hand how pinoys attempt to project an image of a court system is infuriating. It would be funny if actual property or lives were not tied up in their clown show. Seriously, if they are not corrupt, they are so freaking lazy. The easiest court case takes 4 years when it should take less than a week. So, it is aggravating cause once you are at the mercy of ANYTHING Filipino, it is like having a large, really stupid parasite attached to you for years.
      I’ve had so many fantasies of assassinating corrupt judges, customs agents, , the mayor, retarded BC’s, etc and I loved entertaining the idea. I’ve had many conversations how to start a silent revolution in that awful place or simply put evil people away. Evil people there seem to only get more evil, greedier, more arrogant, and more blatant. However, I realized its not even my country and why do I need to care so much? I hate witnessing evil (not to mention stupidity) on a daily basis so I finally had the epiphany there is no place for me in the Philippines. It can sink into the ocean or go the way of Zimbabwe/ Somalia for all I care.

      I got so angry or I used to go the other way with Filipinos where I ask the most basic questions to make them feel as stupid as possible. Or when the taxi driver would not turn on the meter or blame traffic, I got to the point where I would just ask outright, “so you’re trying to cheat then?” and watch him deny it cause Filipinos have zero idea where the line between cheating and not cheating is.I had no idea I was that capable of being so maliciously condescending to another human being. Then I would ask, “do you know what cheating is?”, “why are you trying to cheat me”, “don’t you have a conscience”, “do you know what a conscience is”, “are you capable of having a conscience”, “conscience means you should feel bad for trying to cheat someone”, “so saying you need the money or you are poor means its ok to cheat people”. I did that a few times and instead of giving some scamming pinoy a conscience or making the world a better place, I would get a guy whose English suddenly got worse and I got angrier. So the idiot won.
      I had no idea I was even capable of anger, let alone so much of it until I lived in that shit-hole. Looking at a stupid pinoy trying to cheat me and wanting to choke the life out of him made me realize I needed to get out of there. Further, when I started to hear of flooding/ landslides and I heard people died I used to think “how sad” and by the time I was leaving the Philippines my first thoughts when I heard of some landslide or mass casualty situation I would say to myself, “good” cause I knew it wasn’t a calamity that killed the people, but their own stupid behavior. However, We should never think like that and I had to go or risk losing my compassionate side forever.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        A very good comment, and one of the best to make one understand the perils of ones own mind by staying there too long! To get your own compassion rotted away as you watch would be one of the worst things I could imagine! Sounds like you did right choise Johnny.

  10. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    And yes, that stupidity of, “hey joe” or “hey man, where you going” as foreigners walk past is completely stupid as well. I cannot get used to that either. It just shows how unbelievably dumb they are.
    When they say, “hey joe” I turn and look at them and say sternly, “what!”. They look stunned and just stare back with a blank-stare (and mind probably). While they stare, I just look at them some more and say, “what do you want? You called me and now you have my attention. Now, what do you want?” Again, they just stand there with their mouth wide open and stare. I guess they don’t think much past saying, “hey joe”.
    Of course, I only do this when I have time and feel a little angrier. Usually, I walk around outside with headphones on so I don’t have to hear the stupidity,, or the horns honking

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      🙂 Johnny.
      I do the same some times. I will turn to them and “what Juan ” or bong, boy
      That blank look, just never gets old. Makes me smile to see them lock-up, BSD over the most simple things.

    2. Profile gravatar of


      I’ll never get used to every FLIGGER staring at me all the time I don’t fucking get it………….. It can take to fucking 30secs for just a fucking stare. Either kids, old, security it does not matter they fucking STARE at you for ages man!!!!!!! If you do look at them and stare back it’s would be like a blank stare contest of WTF do you want? All ya’ll got to do is ignore these FLIGGERS.

      If it was a hot Filipina I have no problems with that XD

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      kind of displays their mental capacity. They say, “hey joe” for no real reason other than they see a foreigner walking by. When the person responds, they have nothing to say and stare blankly. Kinda shows they are not thinking very far ahead or thinking of what the fuck they were even doing saying, “hey joe” in the first place.

      1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers


        When I hear “Hey Joe” or “Hi Friend” or “Hey Boss” I just ignore it, my friends know my name and if you are going to treat me like I am just a foreigner here for your amusement I won’t even give you eye contact.

    4. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      When they call me ‘heyJoe’ I simply stop in the same second, turn my head slowly to the fucker and look into his eyes. No word , no moving , simply nothing. But I still look into his eyes. Just watch them how nervous they will become when ur doing that. and do not look for a second into another direction…only into his face. These fucktards have to learn a bit what fear means …

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        When I get back to the USA, I’m going to start saying, “hey pinoy” every time I see a Filipino walk past. Or I’m going to say, “hey pinoy, give me money” and hold my hand out. When they look at me in confusion or ask what I’m doing, I’m going to say, “well, this is the way YOUR people treat me in YOUR country”.

  11. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Johnny, Joe
    I just speak French to them when they even talk to me, if they can beg in French I am stuffed, but to date no Hey Joe back in French.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They just assume because I’m white I must be a GI Joe I think, maybe I’m wrong. But that’s how I interpret it, as I live on an Old US Navy base I thought it was part of the local lingo.
    But your right Hey Joe, That blank look is Priceless, I’m sure they practice that in the mirror.
    I have noticed even the school children have it down pat.
    When the child brides niece tried it on with me I chucked a wobbly, why would an intelligent almost college age girl cock the head and give you the blank stare, ?????????????

  12. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Just remember an ol saying
    “you cant get quality where quality can’t be given”

    Filipino style is about aiming at the bottom.
    bottom feeders …

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      All strata of society, from top to bottom, Aim for bottom! There is at least something they all agree on! 🙂 The unity of determination is…fascinating!
      The result accordingly!

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      You should visit Olongapo, every Smoke Belching Noisy Exhaust pubic utility has plastered all over it.
      “AIM HIGH OLONGAPO” !!!!!!!
      It would be hilarious if they weren’t such pieces of crap driving down the road. ( Ive even seen turn signals painted on some of them )
      So they are not aiming too fucking high.

  13. Profile gravatar of tambok
    tambok Post author

    Revving engines.
    There’s another thing I forgot to mention. Revving engines whenever they start them. Anytime, anywhere, 5am near my place, even the mechanics do it, over and over, full rpm. It’s really bad for the crankshaft bearings when they are not in gear. Drives me crazy as I know it’s pointless. If I was to ask them why they do it, I wonder what the reply would be? Ambot! Ehwanko! ?????????????

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      You may have also forgotten the constant crowing of roosters. It doesn’t matter what upscale community you live in. If your neighbors have 2 meters of a yard, there are 2 roosters there. Even the high class Filipinos at times raise roosters for the weekend fights. Sometimes, they let the help raise them or the let the help have chickens as another source of income. Either way, its another fucking noise all night and morning that Filipinos are somehow incapable of hearing or have the ability to ignore.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        No live stock allowed on SBMA.
        Fucking dogs and cats take a while for the owners to get the message.
        But there is a wall of death around my house, I have warned them all.
        IM KILLING RATS so keep your dog out of my yard.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I leave my left over food out in a plastic container in the dirty kitchen, as I know there are rats there coming up the drain way , open gutter from the street. when I notice the food missing the next food is laced to kill the rats, I gave up on the Flip shit and import my own with my boxes.
            The Raticide you get at the supermarkets over there does not seem to work.
            But Ozzie rat bait seem to work just fine.
            I note within a week the food seems to last a few days instead of disappearing in an hour ,
            I have also noted some feline raiders are missing in action too. fucking cats ate my mudflaps on my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            The wall of death radiates outwards from my dirty kitchen.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I suspect the idiot Flips deliberately destroy the mufflers of their motorbikes to make them really loud, to attract attention.
      Noticed how majority of the fuckwits who do this are young males? “Look at me, I’ve got a loud motorbike on installments”.

      Which talking of installments. Before the ex bought the jeeps, I contemplated buying a motorbike to ride around in Mum’s province. No one wanted to sell me a motorbike on cash!! Even though I explained to them “I don’t live here, I just want a motorbike I can use whenever I’m on holidays”. “But Ma’am, you can send money to your Aunt or cousins to pay for the installments” – said one dumb Flip salesman. Right! That will be the day! I don’t trust the motherfuckers not to pocket the money. The dumb Flip lost a sale.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I was in the finance industry many years ago, , so they are probably using the same system we used 30 years ago.
        Salesmen get commission for the sale, they get commission on the Insurance they write.they get commission on the Interest on the finance they write.
        But losing a sale is stupid too the max. No self respecting Ozie used car salesman would lose a sale over other comm.
        With the usury interest rates they charge in the PI can you imagine the commission they get.
        over the term of the loan say four year it would be 100% of the new bike cost, so 10% of that is a lot of money for them.
        The owner of the company would get finance offsets over his loans for floorplan, called DCP, when the finance is final they get the commission but they get offsets immeadiatly off their floor plan loan.
        Floor plan loan is for all their floor stock before it is sold.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I had the same problem. I was not able to find a bike for cash. It took a long time until I found some places that just wanted to get rid of some returns. I was able to buy one cash without much issues,,,,,,, except for the fact it took me about 8 months to finally get the registration and after numerous calls, visits, and finally demand letters. Do they try to figure out a way to fuck up everything?

  14. Profile gravatar of tomas

    you forgot a 12″ diameter toilet about 10″ off the floor w/o a seat and need about 20 cabo scoops to flush. I for one cant shit for the first week or so every time I go to Philippines… E.v.e.r.y. time.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Ok, here is what gets me. Sit down on the kiddie size toilet to take a long over due crap. Have to hold the balls and pecker up to keep them out of the water or keep them from taking a boat ride on a circling turd.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        I thought it was only our house that had the tiny toilets (and we have 5 of them!). I think the owner is full if shit so I guess that explains the number, but why are they so small?
        We had the DH land lady over last time I was home as we had a leak coming out of the ceiling (2 storey house). You can see where this is going already cant you? After fixing the blocked toilet I asked the plumber (who we had to find because LL’s workman was a moron) where is the toilet drain pipe. He pointed to it and when he saw my reaction he said “in the Philippines we use 2 inch pipe for toilets.” Of course in Auz we use 100mm which means YOU DONT GET SO MANY BLOCKED FUCKING TOILETS!!!!
        Now it all makes sense, the sign in the Singapore Air toilets saying please dont stand on the toilet (I would really like to see that as there is bugger all room in there if you use it properly), the sign in the toilets at manila airport and in SM restauants saying put your used toilet paper in the bin and of course all the toilets that are “out of service”.
        Light bulb!!!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          ”dont stand on the toilet”
          To Wombat.
          Taking a flight in Asia,, you are lucky if the plane has one toilet left working at the end of the flight. Plus there is piss all over the floor.
          Then, if you have a screen in a sink or on the floor…,, they seem to walk away. I put them in,, somehow they take them out.
          The Philippines has rain for 6 months, I swear every roof leaks here. Then they put the 35 peso Vulvaseal fix on it..Barely lasts until next rainy season.
          I found heavy tar oil works best. But that is 900 peso for a liter can, so out of a flips meager budget

          1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
            Hey Joe

            (Then they put the 35 peso Vulvaseal fix on it..Barely lasts until next rainy season.)

            That is what my father always said is being “penny wise and dollar foolish”
            And the pinoys take that to a new level.
            Had a guy (American) in the shop not long ago with a Honda CRV, complaining of a nasty noise and a pull in the front-end of his car.
            Problem was upper control arm bushings were shot. Okay, so pull the arm out to see the bushings were replaced not long ago. Honda and many other makers tell you to replace the entire arm for a reason. The reason is, the steel of the arm is very thin. And the bushing are also very thin. To hold the bushing in place after pressing new ones in you need to tack weld it in place.

            The pinoy mechanics before me did tack it in place. The problem was they burned through the steel melting the rubber of the brand new p350 each bushings causing it to fail again in less than 2mo. And never bothered to tell the owner the balljoint was also shot.
            So, for p950 I replaced the entire arm that includes 2x bushings and balljoint as a assembly. All brand new parts.
            Done and done right.

  15. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Don’t even go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I made a moron pull a shitter out after they installed one of them pieces of shit.
    Fucking Imbeciles could not find a cheaper shitter if they tried.
    They finally installed it on a twelve inch high concrete pad , it looked weird but at least I could get off the fucking thing without help.

  16. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    My fund gives me back $30 if I use the Chinese Lady in Coolangatta.
    I need to have the extras for later on, Orthopedic Surgery .now included haven’t had that ever but knees and shoulder getting worse by the day.
    I’m back at Toowoombah again then.

  17. Profile gravatar of Mike

    One that gets me is how the loan companies, Smart and such try to get foreign customers. Had them tell me, “apply, your qualified and we know Westerners pay their bills. It’s filipinos who don’t pay.” So you apply only to have them tell you that you need a filipino to be the main applicant. So here you are, bringing in 50,000 plus pesos a month that has been steady for years and they won’t approve you. But here come Dong who drives a trike, makes maybe 10,000 a month and he’s approved.

    Wife was working on additions to the house and needed a little cash short term. So she went into Asia Link loan company and got a loan against our car. Well they wanted a cosigner which turned out to be me. I went over it with wife and the paperwork before signing, the stress free part there. So paperwork submitted and told 3 days as needs approval from Manila and were in Surigao. Three days later it’s approved and funds released in 4 days, well month later the funds were still not released, delaying our building schedule when I was sitting out side my sons school. CP tones with a message from Asia Link informing me that my monthly payment of xxxxx pesos was due in a week.

    I figured this came from either the Surigao branch or Manila and felt it deserved a reply. “You will not get a peso out of me for something I do not owe. If you check the records you will find the money was never released for over a month and we cancelled. Money not released because some moron has his head stuck up his ass.” Never heard from them again.

    But the best fucktard was the guy who checked out our car. Asked if he knew how to drive a stick, “yes sir, I know how to do that.” So hand him the keys and out he goes while I watch from the window. 10 minutes the car has not moved or even started and he’s still sitting inside. After 15 Dong comes back in and talks to my wife who looks at me and asks if I can help him. “Why? What’s the problem?” He don’t know how to start the car. “He was asked in tagalog if he knew how to drive a manual car and he said yes. Why say that if he did not know?” He did not understand the question. “But he checks out cars here all the time and was asked in a language he is fluent in, how can he not understand.” Blank looks all around. Damn morons.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I asked for ________________ at the local hard ware store. The guy helping me asked in tagalog to another guy. The other guy shook his head and said no. I knew for sure the store had them there and he just did not know.
      So I asked him in English, “do you have any _____________ here”.
      He said, “no sir”.
      I said, “do you know what ____________ are”
      He talked slowly and said, “no”
      Then I asked him, “why would you say no when you are not sure”.
      Him, “I don’t know”.
      It was not a big deal at the time, but did let me know these morons are so afraid of looking stupid so they will lie. They don’t really look far into the future cause the lie gets found out within 10 minutes. Then they look even more retarded.

      1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers

        Yeah, they would rather just guess than say they don’t know. After all, if their being wrong costs you time or money, what do they care, they won’t see you again, right? One time I was in Cavite looking for a medical building, I asked 4 pinoy, I got pointed in 3 different directions! They would rather inconvenience you so they can look intelligent than admit that they aren’t sure.

  18. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    And then the next thing they skite about is they are the most fluent English Speaking country in Asia.
    I’m not sure to this day if they just don’t know or are too proud to say they cant understand you.
    Take your guess, buggered if I know which it is.
    Ask Wolfie, he is fluent in many and knows everything maybe he should apply to work at Ace hardware.

  19. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    I don’t live there, but I could never get used to the Pinoy ways of advertising something, usually real estate, and not post the price despite the rules of the forum (in this instance that states you must post the price. So you ask them “how much?” – instead of stating the price, they’d send a PM to you, and tell you “check your inbox”. This really pisses me off!! Either they are interested in selling, or they are not!! Can’t these idiots see that most people won’t bother sending a PM to ask for a price? Put the price out so that one can see “yes, I can afford that or no I can’t”. Such fucking dishonest people!

    And another thing…. the “for assume” deals . For assume means you pay them what they have already paid for a house and lot, then you take over their loan, usually from PAGIBIG. I could never get my head around that. If you’re buying a house, you’re buying a house. Pay them what the house is worth and it’s over and done with.

    I’ve inquired on a couple of townhouses in Cebu from these “For Assume” deals. I usually tell them “I have to pay cash because I don’t live there, therefore I won’t qualify for PAGIBIG. So how much for cash?”. Long silence as if they’re dumb struck. Well, they probably are. I was turned down twice for no reason. I suspect because they don’t really know how to calculate the remainder of the loan? Whatever, I gave up trying to buy real estate in the Philippines. The ones I have now are giving me enough trouble as it is.

    1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      Assume means pay them what they have already paid, plus assume all debts and liens? Who would buy such a thing? Why should I reimburse them for the interest on their loan? Do they really think they should be able to sell in such a way that they lived there for free? (I did mortgage and personal loans in a previous life back in the world.) Just amazing, I guess they figure that since most pinoy have no understanding of the world of finance they can just do this with no problem.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      How about trying to deal with the real owner.
      How the caretaker figures they will have to go when the OFW or whoever sells the property, so they will not tell you who the owner is or how to contact them.
      That way they an stay.
      I am trying to find an owner at present, but the caretaker has had the property for sale for the owner since 2012, and cannot sell it, I am sure the owner is pressuring him but he is hanging on fucking up every deal he can until the price is so low he can buy it. Or stay there for ever.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “Assume means pay them what they have already paid, plus assume all debts and liens? ”
        Correct! So if the original owner’s debt was P1.5 million for say, a townhouse, then original owner paid P600.000, that leaves P900,000, right? In normal circumstances, yes. But with the assume system, you pay the original owner the P600,000 she’s already paid, then take over the remaining loan plus interests for the townhouse. And this is where it gets really tricky.

        Don, another trick of the Flip real estate agent is to super inflate the prices of the property, especially if the owner or prospective buyers are both Kanos. So Mr Aussie for example only wanted P6million for his house, the low life Flip real estate agent usually inflates the price to anywhere between P6.5 million and up. That is why if ever you inquire a bout a property from the agent, you would not get a direct reply as to the actual location of the property, nor the identity of the owners.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          We had that issue recently, we sold two house we had on the SBMA thats why we are looking elsewhere, I had numerous real estate brokers annoying me , and I use that term loosely as none of them had an office.
          Approach me about their buyers.
          I gave them the price I wanted, everyone of the buyers pulled out as price was too expensive, one even showed up at the house and told me I was nuts.
          As I had no idea what he was on about, we got down to discussions, the broker had put US$10K commission on top of my price , more than 10% which made it a ridiculous price, I showed the Sepo my contact I had drawn up in case we found a buyer. After that we got on great and had a beer or two.
          I would not sell to him as he had been introduced by an agent , and she would have tied me up in court for years for a commission. even though it was all verbal nothing in writing.and she had never brought him to the house, but fuck the court system over there.
          Like I said trying to establish the price and ownership of is the issue, due to the primitive Title Deeds they operate under in the PI.
          They can borrow and pawn property and no one would ever know as there is no title for it to be placed on, there may be a rights certificate that has the pawn on it but when the new one comes out it is missing so the pawn is non traceable by the purchaser.
          I have a mate who has a Sanglongtera for 4 million, he has been in the house and block of 3or 4units for 8 years so far, and his contract is registered at the land titles office.IBA.My mates collection of rent has more than compensated him for the mortgage but that was in the contract any rent was his, as well they also signed an interest clause which with compound interest has made the mortgage impossible to pay out. ,I am going to use his lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          My mate is the biggest asshole on earth according to these buyers. why?????? because he has a mortgage and they were lied too by a fellow flip.So the kano with the paper is the asshole and the flip is poor suffering, but his mother who mortgaged the property has no idea what is going on as she is in the USA.
          The child brides family robbed her aunt in Arizona out of a fair price for her land, telling her they could not find a buyer all the while driving down the price so their family member in Canada can buy it for them, fuck the American Aunt.!!!!!!!!!!!
          Caveat Emptor in the Flipland
          This has not prevented the son of the owner selling the property 4 times to innocent buyers and when they show up to kick out my mate they find out about the mortgage.

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Assume means your betting your ass and mine you are right.
          Slight fuck up in my long post the last line should be after I am going to use his lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Profile gravatar of tambok
    tambok Post author

    Douglas so true.
    I stand in line and someone buts in. I’m driving and there’s someone trying to push me off the road. I’m walking and someone steps on the back of my thongs and breaks them. I open the door to somewhere and people push past me instead of waiting. I’m paying for something and all the people are dai dai dai to the cashier while she’s busy. I’m trying to concentrate on what I’m typing at an internet café and there’s noise everywhere. I’m eating somewhere and there are people spitting or picking there nose. They act like what they eat, pig!

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Hey joekano. Someone here called it the me first mentality. I didn’t pick up on it at first but our 6 year old says it all the time. He must have been taught me first at school. It obviously never goes away…..

  21. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    the things i cant stand include that famous line…

    “excuse me, may i ask you something” or similar lines
    even if its months after a last conversation
    the first thing is they utter
    is some apology .. but it still doesnt cover up that they have no shame
    for the next bit which is
    “can i borrow” — GRRRRRrrrrr — these fucking beggars
    Filipino’s = no shame.
    They are even more stupid to think theyre the only ones on this fucking planet
    wanting to borrow money and have problems (of which are thir making through stupidity)
    Then they live in denial that they wont ever pay back any money they borrow
    as the next problem takes over

  22. Profile gravatar of tambok
    tambok Post author

    This fucking dog thing is really out of hand. I just tried to rent a new place and went to the owner of the house, she had fucking nine dogs. I look out from my porch and what do I see, dogs in every direction. WTF? Really I am serious, this country is just a sea of dogs. What the fuck to do? They are there in every direction, even now as I am typing this at 1am all I can hear is dogs barking, howling, screaming, everywhere!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      And none of those dogs get walked as filipinos domt exercise largely as a whole. The dogs and probably tje filipinos are Just.tied up constantly i am sure.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      When the dogs bark, the flip dont even go see what is wrong! Maybe some one will steal their red horse oor they will miss wowowwee show!!!!!!

  23. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    If you want to make up a stew of sorts nothing flash the fucking mongrels will eat anything. Put in LOTS of ONIONS LOTS AND LOTS OF ONIONS DOESNT MATTER IF THEY ARE A BIT OFF, apparently deadly on dogs.
    Or Raticide in a sausage / burger pattie over the fence

  24. Profile gravatar of tambok
    tambok Post author

    Four months of fucking Christmas music then two weeks of hell, crowds, traffic, everything full, kids screaming all day, finally finished. I thought wow maybe I can have some peace for a couple of months before summer holiday! No such luck, the purok is having a fiesta at the basketball court next to my rental. So what do the crazy fuckers do, put up five speakers and a bingo table. Now its fucking boom boom boom all fucking day, screeching speakers and shouting. Can’t fucking escape the bullshit of these no brain idiots.

  25. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Joe my man,
    You live next door to a fucking basket Ball court. ?????????????????????
    You should be used to the boom boom boom all fucking day and night from the fucking wits bouncing those fucking balls.
    Never live anywhere they can erect anything out of the normal, vacant land included.!!!!!!!!!!!! They will find a way to use and fuck with the neighbours.
    But I got caught too so I am not blaming anyone it seems to be a right of passage get fucked over by the landlord.