Things To Be Pinoy Proud Of

With so many proud Pinoys in Philippines, it really isn’t any wonder why when asked what exactly they’re proud of, they cannot answer that question. Most use the stock answers, “We’re caring and loving people” or “Manny Paquiao” or “That guy from Black Eyed Peas”

Of course that’s a non-answer. Manny Paquiao would probably be a champion no matter what country he was from. Let me ask the Filipino what he would think if he asked me about being proud to be American. What if I said, “Brad Pitt” or “Kobe Bryant” or “Every member of Aerosmith”.

We all know why the Filipino cannot answer the question “what exactly are you proud of?” Because they have no clue about what they’re saying. It’s all about just being Filipino. And they know there’s not much of anything to be proud of their corrupt, disorderly, polluted, unsanitary, dishonest nation. If you have personal achievements you’ve accomplished, be proud of that. But it’s not because you’re Filipino. People from all over the world accomplish things. And they would most likely accomplish those things regardless of their nationality. It’s because you’re a human being who wants to accomplish things.

Well I’m here to offer some advice for the average Filipino to work on, so that he can give his claims of Pinoy pride some substance. Because saying “I’m proud to be Filipino” is like a thief saying “I’m proud to be a thief”. Essentially, you’re saying, “I’m proud to be an imbecile”. Because believe it or not, your actions are seen by the world, and what you say means nothing unless it’s backed up by what you DO!

Filipinos want to continue in being corrupt, lying, stupid, narcissistic idiots, but want the world to believe their claims that they are the complete opposite. NOTE TO PINOY: We see your actions, not your words!

Here’s what you can do Mr. Filipino, to begin to make your country something to be proud of. And we’ll just start with a few of the most simple, basic, no-brainers. Just a few common sense things that make a society appear civilized, and a little orderly. These are simple, no-brainer, common-sense things that are not happening in your country.

TRAFFIC (Applies to both motor and pedestrian traffic)


Have you happened to notice those lines on the road? Some are white, some yellow, some solid, some broken. They all have a purpose. The lines communicate to the driver when it’s safe/legal to overtake, when it’s not etc. These lines make up lanes. Cars are supposed to drive inside these lanes, between the lane lines. They are not there to center the lines with the center of your car. If there are 3 marked lanes on a road, that mean you should NOT have 5 lanes of traffic flowing, everyone completely, utterly, totally disregarding the lanes, mirrors nearly touching. This is a sure sign of utter stupidity and ignorance, as well as a total disregard for law and order. This is NOT something to be proud of. It makes you all look like complete morons, honestly. Start driving like a responsible, disciplined human being. Once you all do, you will have this to be proud of. Civility. Your motor traffic behavior is like a bunch of 5 year olds with no discipline, no concern for anyone but yourselves. This is called “idiotic”.


It’s just so fucking noisy in Philippines. Business establishments seem to believe they should blow your fucking eardrums out before entering their building by placing 4 foot high speakers billowing unrecognizable sound that is supposed to be music, at ear-rupturing volume at their main entrance. Maybe it’s because Filipinos need something to fill the empty space in their head. Want to have pride in being Filipino? Don’t make people deaf before they enter your business.


They set up a stage just a few meters from my house, in the street. And for the past two weeks, they have been doing some kind of “NO TALENT show”. There’s no way it could possibly be a talent show. Just no way. It has to be a “who can be the biggest, loudest brainless idiot” show. I won’t even go into details, as I’m sure you can imagine the pure random dumbfuckery that went on all night on that stage. And to make matters worse, it was just a small area, with a small crowd. But they had to have their shitty 35 year old PA system blasting so loud that you could hear it throughout 3 or 4 surrounding barangays.

Want to be proud? Then RESPECT PEOPLE’S PEACE AND QUIET! Even as I type this, there is some brainless moron down at the stage, it’s 7am Sunday morning right now as I type, and the Filipino idiot has the PA at full volume and seems to absolutely love the sound of his own voice. Sunday morning, early, and they are blowing out everyone’s eardrums. Fucking morons. Want to be proud? Show some respect and concern for your fucking neighbors!!!!!!!

This is the sheer stupidity and complete lack of respect for resident’s peace and quiet which started this Sunday morning at 7am:


This noise hasn’t stopped for 2 hours now, and it’s still on-going. I recorded this from inside my room, concrete walls, with my DUAL PANE WINDOWS CLOSED!!!! There is only a small crowd spanning less than 20 meters from the stage. Yet they have to have the PA system cranked up so that the idiot can be heard for miles away. These complete morons just don’t give a fuck about anyone. This shit has gone on for the past two weeks all evening until 1am. Then Sunday rolls around and they decide to start again at 7am.



I remember seeing this written in a recent article here. Philippines is supposed to be a poor country. You can find homeless people on the street pretty much anywhere you go. Now I know these fireworks shows are not cheap. And isn’t it strange how almost every night there are fireworks shows in Cebu City? 10’s of 1000’s of pesos being blown up in the sky almost every night. Your evenings are usually interrupted with the percussion of these explosions for several minutes, especially when trying to watch your favorite Cable TV show.

Wouldn’t all those 1000’s of pesos be better spent helping the poor, since these proud pinoys are such “devout christians”??????? NOPE! Just ignore the hungry homeless fellow countrymen, and have fucking fireworks shows every fucking night. And they’re proud of this???????? What a bunch of failed idiots.

If you REALLY want something to be proud of, stop blowing up 10’s of 1000’s of pesos in the sky every night, and take care of your poor people, as your Jesus commanded you to do. Stop being so fucking IRRESPONSIBLE with money!!!!!!

Readers; feel free to add to this list of “Things to be Pinoy proud of”. 



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  1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I would have to apologize to you for this comment, because I really can’t add to the list of items to be “Pinoy Proud” of. I live in a condo with a clubhouse area set up for entertainment, I’ve been to a school here that holds special events, and I’ve just been about everywhere in this country where they like to show off their talent. One thing I realized is that their talent is so repetitive and monotonous. The only so-called ‘talent’ that they have to offer here really just consists of singing, dancing, telling bad jokes, and self humiliation. I never really see any other form of entertainment being exhibited here.

  2. Profile gravatar of Kuripotkano

    Often times you hear someone preaching or saying some prayers over a loudspeaker. It’s like 6am, and I’m being blasted out of bed. I ask people on the block if they were disturbed by these early morning preachings? Blank looks, like they are lobotomized is the response. I think they are used to it.

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    1. NOISE – I used to get at 5am some guy with huge speakers in the village leaving his boom boom boom on all morning even a sunday morning and in the evening.

    2. WATER – turned off at 9pm – 5am … to save power … ummm what if theres a fire?

    3. SUNDAY – Church at 5am used to blast the service with outside speakers

    4. BUSES, VANS AND TAXIS – filling up while the passengers wait – 19 people in a hot van and they wait and wait and wait instead of doing the fillup before hand. In one case a van was marked going to another lcoation ie. it had Lapu Lapu instead of going to past Mandaue. It was a substitute van. The guy didnt take money until he was outside of Mandaue – so the girl clearly panicked and the guy still took her money and didnt give a refund. TYPICAL FILIPINO BUSINESS !!

    5. BREAD SELLER – 4.30am — he is honking at the gate .. wakes people up .. i said WTF?! he is honking .. anser “oh he want to see if anyone wants to buy bread”, like wtf?! they actually don’t care about peoples sleep, they don’t see themselves as part of the problem and Filipinos dont respect themselves enough to say to the guy fuck off and don’t bother me again.

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I also find it disgusting those religioius parades with loud hailers going past at 4.30am and the sinulog practicing going on at 4am.
    Seriously. Do these fucks respect people?

  5. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    What can I say you have said it all except for the morons with dogs cooped up in small cages or on 2 meter leads sstressed out with constant barking treat your animals in a humane way Ooooo I forgot they are Filipino, s they do not understand that word

  6. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    The ‘man’ making that noise is mentally ill like the rest of them. No other explanation. I suppose we are lucky he doesn’t record his farts on a loop tape and press play at 2am

  7. Profile gravatar of John

    Well, the massive noise is the first thing I noticed, right at the entry of Manila Airport. It’s like everybody’s in a contest to pollute more noise!
    I just took a short video to show to the buddies who are planning to retire in Pinoy Land! It is not anything special; a view of an intersection in Manila, from a pedestrian overpass. However, that short footage says it all: the amount of noise and crazy driving in this video is nerve wracking. Driving in manila is like everybody wants to rape each other on the road! I may send it to one of these TV shows, probably win a prize 🙂

  8. Profile gravatar of John

    This is the only country in the world that serves rice in McDonald’s! (Borrowed from Polish_King )

    Let me add to your list: That was my first night in country side (as they call it “province”!!). I couldn’t fall in sleep, because of jet lag. Few minutes after I fell asleep, about 5:30 am, I felt a heavy burning smoke filled my nose & lungs! Am I dreaming? I opened my eyes and saw the smoke cloud all over the place. I jumped off the bed, thought the house has caught on fire! I was wrong. Just a block away out of our window, they were burning the garbage, including plastics and boxes covered with nylon veneer, etc.! That was our first pleasant morning in our vacation! The greasy smoke was tattooed in our lungs for a week…
    The Pinoy style litter dumping & recycling system is definitely something to be proud of 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Hahaha Because this the way we do in th Philippines 😀 My wife and me made a lot of jokes about it 🙂

      About the McD, look at the manu here and than the one in US or Some other countries and notice how few choices they have (same kfc). Last time we called McD delivery they said it will take 1.5 hour to deliver.

      About garbage, no comment… We lived in 6 diffrent places here, but only 2 where they actually took the garbage the right way. Now we are living in a place where the owner saying we should through the leftower to the banana tree and remaining put it on some metal thing where later dogs or somekids will destroy ( and we are living in subdivision just a shit one). Moving again next month. Before I was wondering why so many drivers driving with the foglights on when there is no fog. Now I know, its the smoke from the burning garbage.

      1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        Polish King…..Garbage * KURVAAA…( I think u understand what i mean)
        Even in the really expensive Sub Dev. we have that…Neighbour does lacquer with 8 x 20 liter cans his stuff outside.
        Next morning i pass the street ..what i see there ( The empty fucking cans directly on the sidewalk just 50 meters away of his house) This was now 3 months ago…the cans are still at the same place on the sidewalk and will be in 50 years something unique like a work of “Art”
        Before 3 weeks I did ask him ” The cans there look just not like a welcome gift on the street ”
        He did answer” I was that not ,sir someone put them there”

        Yes , Yes and i still believe horseflies fly horses

        1. Profile gravatar of


          “Polish King…..Garbage * KURVAAA…( I think u understand what i mean)”

          Haha using “kurwa” pretty often here in the Philippines but not more that my friend that using it even he speak English 😀

    2. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      Was today at McDonalds…Well…I go there usually only for the McFlurry because I dont eat the other stuff …
      So I know that they have since 3 weeks no McFlurry KitKat ( sorry po out of stock)
      Today I was at another branch… was late already and I had not eat much that day…I Go inside..and order what ? Right Mcflurry KitKat…
      I asked the guy before ” And out of stock or not ?” He said ” Sir. we have Mcflurry in stock” ( I did ask him clearly more times for Kit Kat taste …
      Well ….I have said anything about the Mcflurry and did order the rest ( just some fries and a bit to eat)
      I sit and wait on the table…they bring me the stuff….first I see is McFlurry OREO…I ve got a crisis there..( did i ask you more times about McFlurry KitKAt you retarded dumbfuck ?) Next….I look to my my Friend/ business Partner ..ask her “What is that for a shit ?”
      The Fries was not inside the box we all know from McDonalds ..they was inside their Paper bag for take out…
      Ok the boy came back brought the rest of the order to us..did ask him ” Curry Sauce?” BLANK STARE…( Was already so pissed that ive told my Friend only ” Come on talk pls to ur countrymen”
      She explains him then in Visaya ( I understand it not perfect but the meanings so i can built mostly also a set for my mind which makes sense) that we want SAUCEEEEEEEE Curry Taste and if McDonalds is so poor that they put already the fries inside a paper bag for delivery ? (She is a bad ass to her countrymen and i know well that i have to be careful with her ) 10 min later …food was already to 90% in my belly…he moved his ass back to our table and put a sauce on the table…i could not define what it was but no curry…then he gave me another invoice for this sauce. Did ask him simple ” Why”
      He:” Sir, what do u mean understand not blablabla”
      Me:” I mean the invoice for a sauce i did not order
      he:” but you did order it ,sir ”
      Me: ” Ok, you know what instead of your 15PHP for the sause I give you now 50PHP, the change you can keep but you have to promise me something”
      he: * thought already i am a nice guy to stupid…” Thanks sir, is there anything I can do for you ? ” ( remember just i did ask the guy to promise me something…no reply)
      Me: ” Yes, you can do for us something, I am on wednesday back in this place might be I order then something, pls promise me that you dont serve me or my friend anymore.
      Blank Stare, Flips around us was looking already and gossip also.

      In general I do this not to these boys , to discredit them because their managers are guilty for that dumb fuck. They are guilty to give them a job… Its this non thinking always. The simple things they cant manage or do. It drives me crazy.. I have nothing against it when something goes wrong, but you see here so often that they shut totally their brain down, there is not one time a moment where you can see them to solve a simple situation by their own. Like a robot…

    3. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      A few years ago, McDos offered something called a “McRice Burger”. It was around 2007 or 2008. There were two offerings: One was a burger, topped with some kind of brown gravy, with a “bun” made from rice. The other offering was a chicken patty. Mind you, it was grain rice, not rice flour. Different, but I kind of liked them.

  9. Profile gravatar of djbuett

    Nice article Captain. In my short stint in Cebu I experienced all of the above, including the most horrible voices imaginable during karaoke…..and their love of that shit can not be overstated. I am 56 years old and actually went to a karaoke center in Japan last summer with my kids for the very first time. I liked it for about 20 minutes, but I became bored very quickly and longed for a quiet corner and my kindle…My sister in laws relatives “rented” a karaoke center for a party I paid for and then I found out for an extra few hundred pesos they could keep it through the weekend…..After the party I was thinking good riddance to this oppressive noise maker (they had it outside of course…sorry neighbors) but then I had to endure 4 days of it, and they did it almost all day long…..When I lived in Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer I did not have electricity but read hundreds of books by the light of an Aladdin Kerosene Lamp. I can’t remember a single time when I saw anyone reading anything over there, ever…..phones, tv, karaoke, laughing and talking about nothing….wasting time….

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Don’t you just love the new commercial advertising a rum brand? The famous filipino “actor” says,,, “When I sing, I drink. The more I drink the better I sing.”

  10. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Water that is brown coming out of the tap.
    Crappy internet, took 2 hours just to get PFB to open.
    Poor customer service.
    Shoddy workmanship.
    Complete lack of manners.
    Double standards when it comes to justice for foreigners.

    And the filipinos always bragging that they are world class at all of the above.

  11. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

    Something else to remember if you don’t want to take the death metal music route. Look up the noise ordinance in your city. If there is one, present it to the barangay captain. I have a friend who put a stop to that shit in his area.

    1. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

      Until you find out the noise makers are relatives/close friends of the barangay captain. Congrats now you’ve made enemies and you know they’ll cling to that ball of hatred until death.

  12. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Lol .. yea

    1. i was in a place where there was a cement business and got dust over the area. people complained, got nowhere. i said all this stuff is going into the lungs of your kids (concrete dust) – found out the captain and people who you’d complain to were getting payments from the concreting company to be quiet.
    2. friend had an accident with a guy, who had an unregistered bike. no licence. why? he had hit and runned a guy (think killed him) some time befoere and was mates with the tanods and b’captain.
    those cunts will just come around and say back off .. after all tanods and b’captains .. if you cant get onside … your case is good for nothing.

  13. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    When I hear people go on about Pinoy Pride I always think of these three questions,
    1 – If your so proud then why is your country named after a Spanish King who died over 500 years ago.
    2 – If your so proud then why do you drop your trash on the ground, even on your own properties. That is not taking pride in your surroundings.
    3 – Why do you always rub that skin whitener all over yourselves. If your so proud you would never use it.

    I honestly believe that when Pinoys talk of Pinoy Pride what they really mean is Pinoy Shame as it is a way to gloss over their failings

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      If Filipinos put as much energy into disciplining themselves to be honest, considerate, waking up their brain from it’s coma and learn to use reason and logic and a little bit of common-god-damned-fucking-sense as they put into being “proud to be filipino”, life would be so much better for them.

      I really don’t think they want it better. Too much work.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        I was reading a while ago how the roads in Manila were built by the Americans, the argument I heard was that if Filipinos actually obeyed the road rules, and had a bit of courtesy, the traffic would be a lot better. Apparently there is nothing the engineers (foreign) can do to make it much better as the road system is very well planned, the Flips just need to learn some manners and congestion would decrease significantly.
        Something else to is that Manila should not actually flood. The drainage systems put in place by the Americans is pretty much perfect, the problem is all the trash that blocks up the drains. If they actually had some Pinoy Pride and did not throw their rubbish on the ground, there would be no flooding in Manila. Every time Manila floods I see it as Pinoy Shame as it is totally avoidable. If only these people would wake up to themselves. It is so hard to explain to these people the consequences of their actions and is frustrated by the blank stare. If the UN wants to cut carbon emissions and pollution, start with the Phils. If we all lived like this the world would be almost destroyed.
        On another note, anyone want to invest in one of those power plants that burn trash and make it into electricity, like they do in Denmark. With all the rubbish floating around we could lay cables on the sea floor to China and sell them power, in a year or two we could push Bill Gates down a notch on the rich list. I am surprised they don’t have one already as this place is a gold mine for a power plant like that.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          YEah, I’ve heard the same thing. All the major roads were built by the Americans shortly after WW2. Filipinos can’t build any form of infrastructure that lasts more than 4 years.

          Yeah, I saw those W2E (Waste to Electricity) plants on a documentary and thought the same thing. However, they cost like half a billion dollars I think. You show up ANYWHERE in the Philippines and they know you have half a billion to invest, they will suddenly get creative with ways to scam that money from you. They might let you build it, then claim emminent domain. I mean, “if you want to fight it kano, you can go to our awesome court system and wait 10 years”.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        The one thing that always amazes me is how many ways they think can think of to scam. From govt to ordinary people, there is no shame, no level they won’t stoop to, and no amount too low they won’t work hard to scam.
        Like generals selling weapons to terrorists or the vendor scamming for ₱20.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          They lie and scam so easily, effortlessly, and shamelessly because in this culture, you are looked down on if you attempt to catch someone in a lie, or even insinuate that they are lying. YOU are the one who will be considered rude. Not the lier or scammer, nope! It is YOU that will be considered rude and bad person for attempting to make someone look bad because of their lies or scams.

          Seriously, this is one dumb-fuck, ass-backwards culture of imbeciles.

          1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

            This is so true Captain and it is the hardest thing I find with their culture; as a first world citizen I find this soo hard to deal with. This is such backwards thinking. What other culture does this? Can someone tell me because experience and google cant. I spent the morning thinking these people are dogs but then dogs are actually really cool, have many uses and personality that these people will never be elevated to. I then spent the rest of the day thinking what kind of animal these people most represent and I could not come up with anything. We need to invent a new word to describe these people and their backwards arse culture.

        2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

          What bugs me the most is being lied to and scammed by old ladies. We, and flips, are told to respect women, especially old ladies. When they start up their shit it’s hard to stomach.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I saw a few years back where they were thinking about changing the name of the country. Some of the names put up were filipino for brave warriors, fearless warriors and so on. Now how can that be when they cannot even defend themselves?

  14. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    Ironically, the guy from the Black-Eyed Peas was the ‘love child’ of an Afican American Airman and a Filipino hooker from Angeles City; so if it wasn’t for the sex trade, beer, and condoms only being available in XS Asian sizes, they would only be able to name Pacquiao.