“Thou Shalt Not Have Any False Idols….duh!”

OMG!  Kaine!  Where have you been!?!?  You’ve missed so much stupidity!!

Well, actually, I didn’t miss a bit of the stupidity.  You can’t actually BE here and miss any of the stupidity.  But I definitely did keep an eye on your stories here, and the comments.  But I’ve been a bit busy with some new work…AND….I’M MOVING OUT OF THE CITY!!!  About damn time, right?  Don’t worry, though.  I’ve already confirmed that the stupidity extends beyond the city…just in smaller doses.  But, while I’m in the middle of this move, I’m just a bit busy.  But just so I don’t leave you hanging……..


So I’ve noticed that no one has written about the Floyd-Manny fight yet.  I can only guess that we, as an intelligent collective, know that the whole thing was nothing more than a dog and pony show anyways.  So I won’t dwell too much on the fight.  Instead, I’d like to focus more on the aftermath…where the real fun begins!


Well, well!  SO many places to go with this!  But here’s what it boils down to.  On one side, “The Money Team”, headed by Floyd Mayweather himself.  He’s brash, arrogant, a womanizer, and probably a laundry list of personality flaws.  On the other side, Manny.  He’s “Mr. For The People”, “Godfearing”, and a womanizer as well. And I could go on and on about what I think about him…but I’ll spare you that.

We all know by now that Floyd won.  How?  He won by dancing around, putting in quick jabs and avoiding punches.  It was definitely not a slugfest between two boxing giants.

What’s of note is that Floyd is managed by both his father and his uncle.  His father advised Floyd to be aggressive and slug it out.  However, his uncle advised him to do what he’s always done to win matches…box defensively and win by points.  Floyd took his uncle’s advice, and it paid off.

Manny, however, walked into this with nothing more than his drones and a slogan that said “God is on my side”.  It is said that, in the last few days before the fight, Floyd was training hard while Manny was working on recording his intro song.  This is, perhaps, the best example of the attitude each boxer had going into this.

More importantly, what was incredibly obvious was that Manny failed to do what Floyd did from the start, which is to devise a Plan “A” and a Plan “B” to handle a strategy that Floyd IS WELL KNOWN FOR.  Of course, Manny’s team SAID they have a plan; “Floyd can run, but he can’t hide…that’s our plan!”  Floyd, however, studied Manny’s technique hard, and chose his uncle’s advise as the best way to handle manny.

Another detail that’s come out is that Manny was suffering a rotator cuff injury at least two weeks before the fight, and that he aggravated it again during the 4th round.  It’s also come to light that, when filling out the pre-flight questionnaire, Manny answered “no” to the question asking him if he was suffering from any injuries.  This prevented him from getting any shots to numb the pain during the fight.


Now we get to the good part!

I posted a comment on an article that criticized the Filipino reaction to Manny’s loss that read like this:

The author finally writes a good article with good points.  I liken the Filipino response to Manny’s loss as a cage full of simians that didn’t get their daily bunch of bananas.  There’s lots of howling and screaming, and the brown stuff starts flying.  Outside of the cage, from a comfortable distance, the much more advanced genome just point and laugh….”Silly simians!” they say…

The original post had the words “Monkeys” and “Fecal matter”…damn moderation made me change it.  But you get my point.  Filipinos resorted to name calling, which included gay slurs left and right.  In fact, it’s safe to say that Flips represented their true nature more in this moment than at any other time. Flips are crybabies that love to criticize the rest of the world, but can’t take a loss with grace and dignity if their lives depended on it.

Even Manny himself was complaining that he should have won the fight “Because he thought he threw more punches.”  This despite the COMPUBOX numbers, which are computerized and VERY accurate.  But even that wasn’t enough for him.  NOW he comes out with “Oh, hey..wasn’t fighting at my best because of this damn shoulder injury”.  You mean the one you said you DIDN’T have right before the fight?  One has to wonder…no, skip that…not wonder…KNOW that you’re doing nothing less than making excuses for losing to a superior boxer.

As a response to Manny’s “injury excuse”, Floyd came out in an interview with, to paraphrase, “Manny is full of shit about his injury.  He fought just as he always did.  His punches were strong and fast.  I don’t buy the bullshit, and neither should anyone else.”

What you don’t see are any Flips going back and looking at the fight.  Did Manny flinch?  Did he wince?  I can tell from all of the NON-BIASED news bits around the world that he did not.

But that doesn’t stop the Flip from demanding a rematch that will never happen.  According to them, Floyd is a coward for not boxing the way they wanted him to box so Manny could win.  They call him a coward for dancing around so much.  They call him gay because of the same boxing “hug” that happens in every fight.

But what I call it is a lesson to Manny and other Flips around the world;  Stop making gods out of any Flip with a little success.  People succeed, people fail. But when you place them on a pedestal above the clouds, they’re going to fall…and HARD!  And when they do, represent yourselves as intelligent and respectful enough to congratulate the winner that had the superior plan.  You may not like him, but at least you’ll walk away with some class.

Wait..what am I thinking?  Class?  I should check my drink for drugs before writing things like that….

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  1. Profile gravatar of Stanley

    Unfortunately you did not mention the cheating on the part of Pacman, by not submitting true answers to a questionnaire given to him before the fight.

    He simply concealed the fact that he had failed to disclose a shoulder injury.

    Typical Pinoy LIAR and CHEATER!!!

    From the media:
    “”Manny Pacquiao hit with $5 million-plus lawsuit by people claiming boxer hurt viewers, gamblers by not disclosing injury””

    “The hits keep coming for Manny Pacquiao.

    Two disgruntled ticket and/or pay-per-view purchasers filed a $5 million-plus consumer fraud lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Nevada Tuesday against Manny Pacquiao, Top Rank, Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz, promoter Robert Arum, Todd Duboef, and others, for failing to “disclose the injuries suffered by Defendant Pacquiao prior to the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather held May 2, 2015.”

    The plaintiffs, Staphane Vanel and Kami Rahbaran, also said they are seeking a class action on behalf of “potentially hundreds of thousands of ticket purchasers; pay per view purchasers and persons who wagered on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight… which were victimized by Defendants’ failure to disclose and to cover up the injuries of Defendant Pacquiao.”

    This guy Pacman will likely not end with only one or two lawsuits, but may be kicked out from future matches, or even may be banned later from entering the US.
    If not yet, than soon his winning share will be attached, and he may end with nothing.

    But also see how his crazy mother is coming out running her “bastos-pinay” dirty mouth on Mayweather.

    ‘Mommy D’ to Mayweather: You cheated

    Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao has a mouthful for Floyd Mayweather.

    The mother of Filipino people’s champion Manny Pacquiao said she was angry at undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. because he cheated during the megabout with her son which aired in Manila Sunday morning.

    Mommy D said she got so angry at Mayweather that she wanted to face the American boxer in the ring.

    Read more: http://sports.inquirer.net/180697/mommy-d-to-mayweather-you-cheated#ixzz3ZgHMFfaB
    Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

    The Philippine-Icon has proven his stupidity and so his mother too. WHAT A SHAME!!!

    But for all Pinoy he will remain a hero…beacause they are all f.cken the same!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      I didn’t mention that because, Like Floyd, I don’t believe he HAD a shoulder injury. I know Flips are idiots, but I can’t possibly imagine that Manny was sitting alone while filling out that form. With the way his team scrambled about after the loss, complaining about how their petition to get his shot was denied, I can only imagine that this was their original intention. They meant to fight, and if Manny won, he’d say he did it with a hurt shoulder. If he lost (like he did), they’ll play the blame game and say he was at a disadvantage, caused by the boxing commission’s refusal. The only way to get there was to have Manny check “no” on that box.

      It just seems to me that it’s too hard to believe that someone going into the biggest match of his career would cluelessly check that box. By now he’d know that that would deny him that shot that would numb the pain so he could swing. So…if he WAS alone when he did that, then he didn’t know/forgot the game plan. If he wasn’t alone, then this was a game plan. Either way, there was no injury, and I’m sure we’ll see a lovely fake surgery with no documented proof of the injury.

      As for his mother? Beautiful point. I never got that news, but it just goes to show the idiocy of the Flip. I’m more than twice Floyd’s size, and I wouldn’t even think about stepping in the ring with him. He’s hardcore and well trained and no matter how much I think I could hulk out, I know it wouldn’t end well with me. But Momma D…she’s just like her son. She thinks she can somehow have it all handed to her just by association. Let’s put her in the ring with him! It’ll be the funniest two hits you ever saw! Fuck cats! That would be the newest video viral sensation on the planet!

  2. Profile gravatar of oblivious

    Pactards will always be Pactards so I expected the name calling and racist comments from them. None of them know how to score a fight and they don’t even know when a punch lands or not. Their idol is just the creation of an old, greedy, dishonest businessman named Bob Arum who turned a B class fighter into the biggest hype-job in boxing so he can be his cash cow.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      I know…nobody ever really looks at how Manny suddenly went from an average boxer, with some wins and losses, to an instant “undefeated” the way he did. Floyd suspected. He couldn’t outright accuse Manny of it, but he sure left a way to find out. An Olympic grade blood test done in the US, not PH (duh!). Manny refused, citing his excuse as “a fear of needles”. Really? You can take a punch, but not a little prick in your skin??

      But everyone wanted this fight, and the pressure built. So what happens? Manny comes back..starts fighting. But he’s sloppy, and not at his best form. BOOM! His first loss. BOOM! His first knockout. What happened to Mr. Undefeated?? Well, some more time goes by, then they put Manny up again, promoting it as Manny just being out of practice before. But now he’s back, and he’s trained hard! He’s going to fight…..wait for it…..some loser that almost nobody has heard of that, even according to him, was a huge mismatch. Not even in the same league! Oh yeah! Big, bad Manny is back, everyone! Staaaaaand back! Then there was the Bradley rematch, which Bradley didn’t even want. One can only imagine that he barely put any effort into that fight.

      This was the first true test of Manny…the real Manny. After a couple of years where it’s unlikely he did any steroids in case this fight came up, and with him finally agreeing to take that blood test in the US. What this is is a true glimpse at the kind of boxer Manny really is without the chance that he was popping steroids.

      1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

        Yeah, for someone who is so afraid of needles, he has wayyyyy too many tattoos. 🙂 All I can say is, it is hard to cycle anything when things are random… Can someone explain to me why is his hgHEAD so much bigger now? 🙂

  3. Profile gravatar of Stanley

    By checking the wrong answer on the questionnaire, that idiot Pacquiao, opened on himself a pandora box of infinite lawsuits, by all the people who bet on this shithead.

    He will rather immediately wire out all his accounts out of the US, or they too will be attached.

    Soon Pacman will join the the pantheon of all Philippnes criminal heroes like: Ferdinand Marcus, Estrada, Gloria Macapagal, Enrile….

    This Pacman is not a hero, but a disgrace to all Pinoys of where they are.

    Will see by the first place if his booty will be released, or attached by his victims, or the boxing organization in Vegas.

  4. Profile gravatar of Stanley

    It is also a matter for an FBI investigation, to check the list of big bettors, whether some of them do belong to the Pacquiao camp betting against their idol(knowing about his injury).

    Are we before a big Pinoy Vegas scam? Wow this will be something(if true).

    About whether his injury claim is true or false, it is not a question of believe it or not.
    For this there is a hospital and doctors. It can’t be concealed!!!

  5. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    I believe the shoulder injury to be true, it was just handled in the wrong way. If there’s a conspiracy that it’s all made up seems a bit far-fetched with sparring partners, surgeons etc all involved.

    I don’t really buy the steroids stories either. The needles thing isn’t actually a fear of needles, but Pacquiao believes giving a blood test a few days before a fight leaves him feeling drained. Knowing Filipinos and their fear of blood, just the sight of it, this is probably just a psychological thing. Ever watched somebody involved in a traffic accident here and bleed out by the side of the road while crowds watch and do nothing? All because of their fear of blood.

    I’ve been an avid boxing fan since the early 80s and can honestly say that fighters like Pacquiao don’t come around often enough. If he and Mayweather were to retire now it is his fights which will be replayed and remembered more fondly than Mayweathers. Hagler-Hearnes, Ali-Frazier, Gatti-Ward, Barrera-Morales these are the fights people want to see and watch over, two guys, as brutal as it sounds, bashing each others brains in. The Mayweathers, Hopkins and Klitschkos will be remembered as good defensive fights and nothing else.

    I hope I don’t come across as a Pactard with all this. I’m just an objective fan who enjoys watching a good fight. Last weekend was not one of those occasions.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      Being absolutely fair and objective, I can leave a margin of probability that there is a shoulder injury. However, looking at the facts in an investigative way leaves , in the least, a high level of incompetence anywhere in between checking a simple box truthfully to going forward with the risk of a permanent disability, to an outright lie to cover for a loss.

      As for a fear of blood and such…loo, we all have fears. Some heights, some spiders. I get that. Me? I’m a straight guy…straight as an arrow. Never had a homosexual tendency, butI have absolutely nothing against gay people whatsoever.

      But I would suck Mayweather’s dick in the ring at MGM grand for $100 million dollars. Hell, I’d invite grandma in on the action. I could spend a million on mouthwash and have a really nice life.

      And for the those in the know? Yes, I totally stole that from Robert Schimmel…with a few modifications. But hell, it’s true.

      When you have that kind of payday…FUCK FEAR! You take that needle! You drink a gallon of blood if they want you to! Hell…take a bath in blood! There is absolutely no excuse to use petty shit like that to interfere in a game. And the amount of blood they take, btw, is hardly any. There’s no way one can “be drained” from that. Hell, you can give blood and have it all back within a couple days tops, and we’re talking pints there.

      As for the steroids…sorry, I can’t find any other explanation of how a “B” level boxer suddenly becomes Cinderella at the ball, never losing fights and winning all those titles. It’s the same thing as Lance Armstrong…and we all know what truths came out of that.

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        Sorry man, should’ve replied a few days earlier but got caught up in offline pinoy problems and didn’t find the time.

        I’m not sure when you think Pacquiao was a “B” level fighter. Even in the lower divisions he was pretty decent. The whole drug testing thing is a bit of a farce anyway. It’s an open secret many boxers are on PEDs, but by tapering them off in the weeks leading up to fights they can escape being caught out. So a blood test 3 days before a fight is neither here nor there. The sport needs monthly tests between fights to be totally clean.

        To be honest, I must admit I’m probably slightly biased towards Pacquiao. I first watched him when he KO’d Morales in 3 rounds and then I first came here around the time he KO’d Hatton in 2. He was a pleasure to watch, and as a naive-happy-go-lucky Brit at the time (how times have changed for me lol) I used to hold my hands up to Pinoys and tell them your guy is the man. I’m now a big fan.

        I wanted to believe – and still do – that one man can rise from rags to riches and inspire a whole nation. Fairytale stuff, but its all bollocks. All he’s done is inspired false pride and stupid delusions of grandeur. Apparently he arrived back yesterday and did a small tour of Manila to modest crowds… We only sing when you’re winning mentality right there.

        It could be worse I suppose. David Haye blamed losing a heavyweight title attempt on a sore little toe. I think any fighter blaming an injury incurred during a fight – think Muhammad Ali braking his jaw against Keno Norton in round 2 and still going 15 rounds – is acceptable, but blaming and injury that you knew you had going into the fight is a bit lame.

        Whether the injury is true or not it will be used as leverage to try and force a rematch.

  6. Profile gravatar of oblivious

    It’s hard to believe any of the things Pacquiao’s camp is saying because I’ve followed them through every fight and they always make contradicting statements.

    Pacquiao has associations with people who gave roids to other athletes before. That and the fact that his head grew in size, how can a grown up guy’s skull get bigger still? I was just joking about the needles thing, I know the real excuse, oopppsss reason behind that and I don’t buy it. Being a Filipino myself, I know that we fear blood, that’s why we put a hardened blood on a stick and eat it. 🙂 I think the reason why they watch the person bleed to death is because they think they would cause more injury to the person if they move him, or they don’t want to get their cars stained with the blood. If they are so scared of blood, why even look at the bleeding man?

    I appreciate slick boxers like Mayweather, the point of boxing is to hit your opponent and not get hit in return. It is hard to land a punch but it is equally hard to dodge one so I appreciate his cat-like reflexes and his great footwork. I am no fan of a slugfest knowing that they can suffer from brain damage like Ali later on.

    He who hits and runs away lives to fight another day 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      Good point on the swollen head. It’s definitely inflated over the years. Maybe it’s his ego which has caused it.

      “If they are so scared of blood, why even look at the bleeding man?”

      So they can take a picture and post it on Facebook (Anybody with enough pinoy social media “friends” knows this shit goes on all too often). If they taught basic first aid training in schools here – ie: stem the bleeding, place in recovery position, mouth to mouth etc – these poor fuckers might stand a chance.

      “I think the reason why they watch the person bleed to death is because they think they would cause more injury to the person if they move him,”

      – would probably be a faster and more humane death than waiting for an ambulance –

      “or they don’t want to get their cars stained with the blood”

      I want to think you’re being sarcastic with that comment, but I know I’m pissing in the wind.

      1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

        Well, if they can take a picture of the bleeding man to post on facebook, then it means they are not scared. All I am saying here is, if they just watch someone bleed to death on the road, it is never because they are scared of blood. 🙂 They might be ignorant? Yes. They might not care? Yes.

        I agree with you about the first aid training in schools though, it is important that everyone learns that. We can still get the training for free from Red Cross but of course not everyone is interested in getting it. To be honest with you, if I witness an accident involving a drunk motorcycle driver, maybe I am cruel but I can’t be bothered to do CPR on him, I will just let nature take its course. He got the Darwin award. It’s a different story though if it’s a drowning kid or something like that, then I would be happy to help.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          “Well, if they can take a picture of the bleeding man to post on facebook, then it means they are not scared.”

          Yeh because taking a picture from five feet away is the same as getting covered in blood whilst trying to bandage somebody up.

          Can we at least agree on Filipinos generally don’t give a shit about their fellow countrymen if they see them injured? Even if they don’t know the first thing about first aid would it be so hard to lend a comforting hand, a reassurance that help is on the way?

          Like Mike said – if the price is right they’d be there in a flash.

          1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            It seems that you wouldn’t ever agree that they are not scared of blood. If they didn’t help, being scared of blood is the last reason why they didn’t. I do agree that most don’t care, and a lot are too dumb to know what to do. I’ve seen people get out of their way to help though so I would not generalize either.

            There are a few government hospitals here that don’t ask for money. The service could be faster if there were more staff but usually there are only a few doctors and nurses and a lot of patients so if your case is minor, they would attend to you last.

            Here’s a story I wanna share. One time at one of those public hospitals, this guy came in bleeding, a doctor and a couple of nurses attended to him right away. He got into a fight with his drinking buddy and got stabbed a few times. When all the wounds are sewn, the guy got up from the bed and said, thank you doctor, I am okay now, I will have to go back to retaliate. What an idiot. The doctor said, you are not going anywhere.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Ob, try this true story on.

            My son, 5 at the time got a bad infection under his big toe right foot. The nail turned brown, pus built up so I take him to the local government hospital to get it drained and prescription for antibiotics. No problem right? WRONG!!! The hospital refused to even look at him or the toe. WHY?? Sit down for this one. ” We cannot look at or treat your son because the injury did not happen today”. I shit you not, that’s what they said. I was expecting to here pay us first but not that.

          3. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            Did you ask them what’s the logic behind that? So what if it did not happen today? What did they say? Seems like we got lucky our case happened that same day? Super crazy. Okay, I think I will need to go work my butt off now so I can afford to get sick. 😉

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            No, they got the security guard to stand closer. But I did ask them this. What if was hiking in the hills, fell and broke my leg on Monday. I then pulled myself by my arms but it took me until Wednesday to get to help. Since I did not break my leg on Wednesday does that mean you can’t treat my broken leg”? Again I got the stupid blank look filipinos are famous for.

          5. Profile gravatar of oblivious

            Okay, before I leave, can you write a fuckin letter that we were here and you refused to treat my kid? Just in case I might need it. 😉 I think that would be enough to change their mind.

          6. Profile gravatar of Mike

            And who to enforce it? You know they will band together. In Dec 2009 our son got kidnapped and we knew who and where they were so wife goes to the PNP. What happens? They call the kidnappers up using the number from my wifes cell phone, that’s a start right? WRONG. They told the kidnapper that they better bring our son back by 3PM the next day or they would be charged with kidnapping.

            So I told the PNP that makes fucking sense, give the asshole 24 hour head start on running and hiding. But in the end they did go to where my son was being held. Only AFTER my wife put gas in the police van, got them snacks and drinks.

          7. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Filogic huh?

            Fortunately I’ve not had to visit the hospital too many times here, but when I have I can’t believe I see the same don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude as I do everywhere else – staff standing around joking, nurses dawdling down corridors texting. As with every other industry anybody with an ounce of ambition or talent up roots and find work abroad, leaving the Philippines with the bottom of the barrel workforce.

            Read a sad story the other day on an expat FB page – a foreigner with diabetes had his foot swell up so goes to the hospital, where they prescribe him some antibiotics. A week later the foot turns black so he goes to another – the most expensive – hospital in the city to get it looked at it. They tell him that the previous hospital had prescribed the wrong antibiotics and that now the foot was beyond saving and they would have to amputate.

          8. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            PD, your story reminded me of the saga or Mr Thomas Hunt of Cagayan de Oro back in 2009. I think what happened to Mr. Hunt was the lowest any human beings can do to someone, espeically as the guy was in his 80s, apparently tricked by his Pinay wife into returning to the PI alone. Mr. Hunt was also diabetic, but his wife only sent $500 a month for his needs including food and medicine. But the money were sent to her family. $500 a month in the Philippines is barely enough for a western person to lived on, especially if one had to buy medicine. Mr. Hunt ended up in a Philippine hospital where he eventually died. His wife never followed him there because she was happily ensconced with her young BF in the US.

            The irony of this story was, the hospital refused to release his body for burial unless the bill was paid! and apparently, the hospital kept charging for everyday that the body was kept in the Mortuary!

          9. Profile gravatar of Mike


            I was watching the news a few years back when a woman holding a baby was being interviewed at a hospital. Since I don’t speak or understand tagalog I asked my wife what was going on. I thought maybe she were a victim of crime or something. So the wife tells me she delivered the baby at that hospital three months ago. I then asked what the problem was since both mom and baby looked healthy. Well my wife then told me the hospital has refused to let her leave since she delivered because she could not pay the bill. I started calling it medical kidnapping or medical hostage taking.

          10. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            They are not supposed to detain people in hospitals who can’t pay their bills. It is actually in the legislation. But as with most laws in the Philippines, it is not obeyed and the hospital just keep the patients anyway. Detaining a living, breathing patient is something else because he/she will of course want to go home. But it becomes a perpetual cycle that the hospital bills would keep growing for everyday that he/stays in the hospital even though he/she is now medially well enough to go home. But to detain a dead body??? It’s the height of Pinoy stupidity and greed.

            And I have heard that you have to pay up first if you want to be treated in the Philippines. But what happens if you’re unconscious and alone? Especially if you’ve been robbed of all your money and credit cards. I guess they’d let you die? I’ve heard of locals dying on the footsteps of the hospitals there because they had no money to pay as deposits for treatments.

          11. Profile gravatar of Mike


            They will not treat unless you at least make a down payment. We had a diner in the metro area back in 2007-08. One night a pinoy got attacked across the street from our dine late at night while eating. Stabbed with an ice pick in the lungs. Favorite weapon as hole is so small the hospital has a hard time plugging it. So a trike driver rushes the gut to Fatima hospital within walking distance. What does the hospital say? PAY US FIRST!

            Now the family of the one who got stabbed were on their way yet Fatima would not even look at him until they had cash in hand. A CATHOLIC HOSPITAL. So the driver takes him to the next hospital about half a km down the road. Guess what? PAY US FIRST!!! Again they will not do anything until they have cash in hand. Does not matter his family is coming with cash. Well poor pinoy dies while the trike driver is taking him to the THIRD hospital. I wonder what the third hospital would have said.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          The story about the guy who died while the trike driver took the victim from one hospital to another was horrible!! Any other 3rd world country does that? And I am sure ALL of the hospitals the trike drive took the victim were Catholic hospitals, because most of them are! Even the ultra-expensive, private St. Luke’s in Manila.

          That kind of behavior really swayed me from being an agnostic to atheism. Do you also know that these Catholic schools and churches are exempt from taxes in PI? And yet, look at the amount of money they charge the students for providing a poor quality education, which focuses on singing and dancing!

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I have come to expect that from the catholic church. Look at the widespread sex abuse by priest. The priest who just got sentenced for running a drug ring. The cardinal here in the philippines that gave an interview to the Daily Inquirer. About what? His illegal ivory collection and how he smuggles stuff into and out of countries. The catholic church turns a blind eye to all of this yet the followers still defend the church and it’s behavior.

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Mike, your priest comment reminded me of a priest from Mum’s town who went to a nearby municipality to steal a golden bell!! I was not sure if this is one of those large bells, or one of those smaller ones that they ring during the mass. But he did not get away with it….he crashed his car while getting away and he died. Obviously, their Catholic God did not agree with what he was doing! 🙂

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Sarah, so their god OK’s them stealing from anyone they want except from him.

          4. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            LOL! It seems that way 🙂

            I just can’t fathom why these Pinoys can’t see that the Priests are not holy, that they are mere men capable of committing sins just like them. I’ve even met some kids fathered by Priests during my holidays there.

          5. Profile gravatar of Mike

            My ex wife was convinced that when a pope dies he becomes a god! As to pinoys thinking priests are holy, I can see why. The Spanish and catholic church started brainwashing them with bullshit 350 years ago. My mother in law is 78 and has hard time walking and raised a catholic so she cannot go to mass. What does the priest tell her when she went last year for the first time in a long time? You are going to hell because you do not attend mass enough but for a donation he can pray for her and save her soul.

            Now despite her age and condition mom in law is a tough woman. She basically told the priest to fuck off. Told him that god knows she has trouble getting around and should understand why she did not go to mass regular. Still the priest kept at her about going to hell and that only catholics went to heaven. So what does mom in law do? She got back to the house fuming, renounced her catholic faith and that very night went and got baptized as born again. Now there is nothing of the catholic religion in her house.

          6. Profile gravatar of Mike

            My first experience with a catholic priest was when I was in the navy as an E-3. I was married to my first wife (pinay) and she was pregnant. The ship had a priest fly over so the crew could talk about any problems they might have. I never have been catholic nor ever will be but I talked to him about my concerns with our first child coming.
            The priest (an officer) asked where my wife was from and I told him the philippines. He asked if I was catholic and I told him no. Know what his reply was?

            “Well since your wife is catholic and you are not your unborn child is a bastard in the eyes of god”. I shit you not, that’s what he said. Right then I learned that catholics were some of the biggest hypocrites around.

          7. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Kal, I suppose you do have a point. I just love how they prat to St. Mary, St. Joesph, St. Joan, St. Michael, dead popes, dead nuns and ststues then deny having more that one god or praying to a statue.

  7. Profile gravatar of TiredFailipino

    I’m so relieved that pacman didn’t win, no proud pinoys roaming around as if they can fight like he does. Come monday all my pinoy co-workers are silent and wont talk about the fight, which I bet will be different scenario if pacman did win.

  8. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    “So I’ve noticed that no one has written about the Floyd-Manny fight yet.”

    Actually, sorry to bust your nuts on this, but I did emphasize about the May-Pac fight briefly at the end of my recent article that I just written a few days ago when I had finally returned to the blog too. Well I guess nobody had read my article all the way through unfortunately, but I understand that I did write quite a hefty amount of content. So I didn’t expect everyone to read it all the way to the end. Plus, I only elaborated briefly on the fight with my opinions. I think you had clarified the fight more in depth anyway, so I applaud you for writing it better.

    In the future, I will make my articles less than 1000 words so readers wont skip over anything. As for the fight, I lost every bit of respect for Pacquiao that I had left for him… if any. He is a true crab and he shown to the world what PINOY PRIDE is really made of. I’m really glad that fight had ended in my favor. Seeing PINOY PRIDE being knocked out just like that! Mayweather had just became my hero for that! 🙂 Anybody who can destroy PINOY PRIDE single-handed deserves to be called a “HERO” in my book.

  9. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    Since the fight didn’t end up in favor of the Flipinoys, I think the local news have now somewhat simmered down on Pacqman. Imagine if he had won, then it’s more than a month of ginormous Pinoy Pride celebration and some idolizing tributes and all the shit that the media can come up with to glorify our “national hero” (according to a CNN reporter) that represents the entire population (and so they say as they like to generalize the “sambayanan” and “taumbayan” concept).

    But wait there’s more! The local news is becoming fixated on that Asia’s Got Talent having more of that Pinoy Pride thing again going on as some “world-class” (their common favorite adjective) Noy-pees having reached the finals. I won’t contest about their talent if they’re really that good. But again, what I find really unattractive and somewhat annoying is their seemingly programmed propensity to always brag about themselves at the top of their lungs and with that accompanying Pee-noise.

    Can there be a way for them to honor their country and/or people to not sound the way that they’re currently doing it? And I say “the way they’re doing it” because I can’t explain exactly how but it can equate to something much like “hybris”, meaning it tends to sound or look excessive or too much. And I’m kind of dumbfounded as to how they still don’t find anything wrong or disturbing about that kind of behavior that they’re so proud of exhibiting.

    Sometimes I’m thinking maybe they’re just being overzealous, having reached the finals and all that, like it’s so uncommon that that is the only time they can scream for their sense of national pride and make the rest of the world know about them. But is that really necessary? Why can’t they be as humble as some of the other renowned athletes who know they’re the best but they don’t have to get that fact across the faces of everyone else or to the world?!

    But then again, since it’s recurrent, then it must a culture thing. And again, it must be that it’s how it’s being taught in schools and forever showcased by the media, that more or less everyone else should follow, that that’s the way to do it, that this Pinoy Pride thing is a national treasure, and that everyone should do the Pee-noise as a sign of solid support and solidarity amongst everyone here and anywhere else in the world for one or some “kababayan” on a mission to win whatever title it is that they can show off soon thereafter.

  10. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Our landlord is a gambler. I told my wife couple of days before the fight that if I had the cash I would bet the landlord the rent that May won. Wife thought it was a bad idea at the time. Well reflecting back on her thoughts I can only think that MAYBE she was right this time. How since May did win? Simple, the landlord in my experience would have excuses on why he did not have to pay his gambling debt to me. Anyone with any time in this country knows filipinos hate to admit they are wrong or pay up.

  11. Profile gravatar of don

    I attended a hospital in Palawan whilst on holiday there.
    I walked into the Public Hospital across the road from my accommodation.
    I was in intensive pain and hyperventilating, I was told to wait.
    The child bride was with me and I had PLENTY on me.
    I told her to tell them I was having a stroke due to the head pain and the dizziness.
    In short the treated me straight away, put me in a clean bed, where I watched the paint peeling off the walls.
    I had a young nurse take my blood pressure , she immediately called me a doctor.
    He prescribed me some Nitro Pills or something to reduce my blood pressure, they were available , the child bride went and got them from the Hospital Pharmacy, No problem with money.
    I had a nurse with me continually, taking my blood pressure every 15 min or so, until it was evident that it was falling.
    After it got back to normal approx 0500 in the morning they asked me if I wanted to stay in a ward.
    I elected to go back to my accommodation as it was close by.
    They offered to send someone over if I had a relapse.
    I asked for my Bill.
    THEY ASKED FOR A DONATION ONLY. I nearly collapsed again
    They had a TIP BOX on the counter near admission, or what we would call it.
    I left a substantial tip.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot fault the service I got after all the horror stories I had heard,
    The hospital may have been a SHIT HOLE but the staff was OUTSTANDING.
    So some hospitals are worthy of that name and believe in the Good Samaritan.