Time Has No Value, Especially Yours

I just wanted to express my thoughts on the Philippine Customer Dis-Service. It is always assumed the gov’t of the Philippines is corrupt, lazy, incompetent, and will make you wait for hours just to get the simplest things accomplished. However, this seems to be in all aspects of the culture whether it be dining out or in my case, going to the bank.

Usually when I go to the bank, I can go directly to the manager or the customer service rep, transact easily, and be done within 10 minutes. This is a blessing of holding US Dollars cause it makes me a preferred client and I have seen the entire bank lobby filled with customers just sitting and I’ve always pitied how much time they are wasting. However, I had to go to a different branch where I did not know anyone and got a taste of it myself.

I got #46 while they were on #39. I thought the wait would not be too long and there were not a lot of people like there are some days. Then after about 10 minutes I realized the line was not moving and they were still on #39. They did not take a customer for 20 minutes and the line just got longer and longer. How? Why?

IMG20150303094231That is when I noticed they care nothing about their customer’s time. Look at these guys just sitting there. They were sitting there longer than me and could care less. Granted, they are probably workers of someone whose time is too important to be wasted there himself. However, this just shows how little Filipinos really respect each other as it is just wasted time and/ or money. Time has no value! “Your time has no value and I’m not at all concerned about helping to save you time by doing my job more efficiently”, is the Filipino mindset or “God forbid I actually feel consideration for other people”.


It was a full 20 minutes before the #40 was called. The tellers just sat there counting or doing whatever they needed not really thinking of assigning at least one person to keep the line moving. When I asked, they said a teller was out and that justifies making people wait. My transaction cost me 40 minutes of waiting to process a 2 minute deposit.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    They care not. They could not even calculate how long a queue might take to move along. Standing in a queue is just a variation of sitting by the side of the road, watching the traffic go by. Nothing more than a pleasant, air-conditioned diversion from their daily routine of idiocy.

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    looks like Cebu IT park branch)

    yes it amuses every time and actually it’s any bank and any facility with customer so called service. moreover those so called customers don’t mind being treated like shit.

    and if you start to raise your voice you will only get “oh one more arrogant stupid kano” look. there’s no problem for them, thus nothing to fix. as they say, respect culture or gtfo =)

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      You raise your voice to a Pinoy, you are quickly reminded you’re just a foreigner here and get told “go back to your own country!”

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    Don Quixote

    I always find an excuse to see the Customer Service People , My A$ account or My US$ account needs something like interest, then whilst there whip out the ATM card and get some peso.seemingly as an AFTERTHOUGHT
    They have no sense of humor.

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    Johnny Post author

    Agreed, it seems the best way to get anything done is to raise your voice. However I don’t want to do that and hate they almost forced me to do that. When I don’t have the time I get irate and I know they’re thinking that I am arrogant about it, but I need to get things done. I just tell them it’s part of being American. Our time is very valuable and we like to get things done fast

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    Well what do you expect from the nation that they are proud of their lack of punctuality and they think it’s so funny when they say “filipino time”
    Bunch of dumb asses

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    I’m curious, what is the culture shock involved for a Filipino going abroad the first time? Are they intimidated by the fact that they are expected to get everything done correctly and, like, yesterday? Do they have trouble adjusting to the pace of real work? Or do they take it all in stride and actually appreciate a society where everyone does their job correctly the very first time, and without being asked?

    Sometimes a Filipino at work seems like a water buffalo – content to just sit there and not move at all until someone comes up and pokes them into action, then they move at a leisurely, plodding pace.

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      They usually have some of their retarded moronic flips to keep them company while they waddling around the world. That dilutes the foreign influences that may creep into their psyche.


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      As a FILAM that spent 90% of his life living in the USA I can tell you the three biggest shocks they get in the first week.

      1. Traffic is orderly and moves with precision and ease not to mention moving at 100kph is totally normally and sustainable.
      2. Having to do your own housework is a real bummer. No more helpers.
      3. The 1st world isn’t all rainbows and Hollywood images. Not being productive here will kick you in the ass 1000x harder than it did in the PH.

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        Hello Filam
        Thanks for above post.. Have you seen flips that came to the usa and they were amased at how different it is???????
        Any extra stories would be appreciated.

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          I married my first wife in Jan 1983 and she arrived in the states Dec 1982. We stayed with a couple I knew as the husband served with me on ship. My wife did have a few issues when she first got to the states and we went to the super market. She would walk around amazed at all the selections and I would just follow her when she would ask where to get something. One she was looking for was QUACKER ( like duck sounds) and I told her where it was, in cereals. She seemed amazed at how organized everything was.

          BUT,,,,,, you can never get the philippines out of a filipino. I owned my own Freighliners as you know and she would go on the road with me for the weekend. Well one time she said that I retired she wanted to buy a “Winniewago” and drive around the country. She meant Winnebago. Her handle in the truck was “Pillows” as,,, ok:
          One pillow under head.
          One pillow along back.
          One pillow hugged into belly.
          One pillow between knees.
          One pillow between ankles.
          To this day I still wonder how she got pregnant with our daughter. You know how hard it is to find the pussy in all them pillows? I wanted the handle “Pack Rat” as she kept EVERYTHING her fingers touched. Caught hell over that suggestion.

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            Don Quixote

            I had the same issue the first time I went to work in the USA , thirty five years ago,
            Then Australia was a very different place. I could not believe K Mart, Sears etc. Days long before Costco and Walmart.
            It truly amazed me. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I can have empathy with Pillows, A lot of us can forget what Australia was like back then. I grew up on a dairy, they sold basically three types of milk in OZ. Full cream, Skim, and Homogenized then I walked into a supermarket in the USA the dairy counter was 50 meters long.!!!!!! Even today Australia cant match those memories we are getting closer.
            Anyway, QUACKERS.
            The child bride likes UNCLE TOBY much better than QUAKER. I have to bring her the UNCLE TOBY Oatmeal, from OZ who knew they were connoisseurs of oatmeal.

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            @Don. “USA the dairy counter was 50 meters long” ? I think you have about 10 years on me Don. When I was a kid I remember milk machines along the road where you could get a quart in a glass bottle. The milk man stopped by my great grandmothers house a few times a week.

            I was living in Indianapolis the first time I heard of Wallmart (’94, ’95?). I remember the adds on TV, waiving the stars and stripes. The marketing strategy was buy American, nothing but made in USA sold there. Talk about leading the sheep to slaughter……

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          The amount of QUALITY food and products in the store. The bus system. Can’t just flag a bus at every corner. LOL Can’t pee at any wall o hydrants anymore. Taking a quick bath in the sink of a public bathroom because the bathroom is clean. LOL They hangout at garages thinking everyone will stop by and have a chat session with them but they look stupid sitting doing nothing.

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            Dude the amount of Quality products is due to the government. The comstitut ion says 60% must be owned by Filipinos and 40% nlmax foreigners. Many foreign companies ain’t gonna jv with locals for sovereign risk.
            The tax on ported stuff even rice and fresh food is 40% plus VAT ..nonway can it compete locally. The imported products become so expensive then theres port delays..corruption at customs etc. Local Filipinos block even onion imports or.different businesses eg did you know only Filipinos can run island ferries? Foreign operations aren’t allowed. HIGHLY PROTECTIONIST COUNTRY WITH WORST BUSINESS OWNERSHIP AND TAX STRUCTURE

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    Flips believe in safety in numbers. Since they are paid nothing, the company usually keeps enough of them to get a days work done,
    As for the temporary filp workers in canada, all the boss has to do is wave that visa at them,, weed out the worst ones,, the rest shape up pretty fast. mainly because they have 40 useless twats waiting fo them in the feelippines for the western union pay check
    Lots of them ,form ”associations of fil am or ossie flips” so they can continue their scamming. and bullshit.

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    I’m curious, what is the culture shock involved for a Filipino going abroad the first time? Are they intimidated by the fact that they are expected to get everything done correctly and, like, yesterday? Do they have trouble adjusting to the pace of real work? Or do they take it all in stride and actually appreciate a society where everyone does their job correctly the very first time, and without being asked?”

    What culture shock? They will do anything possible to stay in a clean country but bring their traits with them. LOL

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      Don Quixote

      Nope, Pulubi.
      The culture shock is we are not all rich. we go to work, we don’t work on Filipino time. we eat shit and drink there just the same as if you live in the Philippines.
      It is not a fairy tale land over there.
      As I said once every Philippino should watch that Documentary on the DUST BOWL in the USA it would scare the bejesus out of the,
      My wife has seen enough, she loves my house, friends and neighbors etc. But would never live here.
      She prefers to sit in the Philippines and hope the money keeps a rolling in.

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        It’s probably not the culture shock that bothers the Pinoys abroad so much, but the homesickness and then having had to deal with the demands for money back home. It is so all common for Pinays to come to Oz on a Saturday, Aussie husband tries and do his best so she won’t get too homesick, so he takes her to meet other Pinays. First thing she asks is, how easy would it be to get a job or what sort of work she can get. Come Monday and she’s off looking for work to send money back to her piranhas back home. Don’t worry about acculturation or honeymoon. The poor sacrificial lamb has to work!

        Those lucky enough to have married generous husbands stays home, socialize, play mahjong, never mixing with Aussies. So fast forward 20 to 30 years later and her English still sounds she’s just come from the mountains yesterday.

        I had a Pinay patient once, she was in her 70s, her husband just had a stroke. Turned out she’s had dementia for awhile. He ended up in a nursing home while her Pinay daughter sent her back to the Philippines, to be cared for by her family. What kind of care, we don’t know. Hopefully enough to keep her safe and fed.

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          “so he takes her to meet other Pinays”. That I have been told is a BIG mistake in the U.S.. My ex brother in-law is a don’t fuck around with me kind of guy, calls them like he sees them with no excuse. The guy knows his shit both in the suck and the U.S.. Truck driver who goes coast to coast. It isn’t that the pinays get “Americanized”, across the country there are cliques of pinays that reinforce their corrupt narcissistic ways. The foot went down hard on her being able to visit these girls. Without me saying a word to him (must of heard the ex’s version through his wife), he told me to leave her ASAP, she was no good. Their mother runs the show. She has 3 daughters in the U.S.. The oldest is a complete nightmare from HELL and she has the poor bastard so locked in death is his only way out. She doesn’t even have to pretend. My ex has to pretend to get by, she is working hard to send the money back home and can’t pull bullshit anymore about carrying her weight after I left. The truck drivers wife knew right from the start he knew the game and she would be gone at first sign of shit. I think being on the road with him all the time also lowers her options. It works well for him. Under the thumb doesn’t work for me, I want to see them grow in positive direction if you know what I mean. Wife 2 gone, no money problem. It was blame, control, out of control and violence problem. He’s right, first sign of shit, you can’t second guess, it only gets worse. I sit in guilt, I fucked up, it would of been kinder to her to of dumped her from the beginning and not try to teach.

        2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          A pinoy was working in iraq in a warehouse, making 28,000 pesos a month, which he would need a 50,000 peso/month job in the flip land to get the same thing. Well since since he did not have 1000’s of useless twats to talk to after work, he quit
          WHY??? Because there is no people!!! Of course it is a frgging desert compound.
          DAH! So he quit,, come back = no job,

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      Johnny Post author

      That is what I always wondered.
      Especially when:
      they drive slowly, talking on the phone, cut people off, change lanes randomly without signals, etc. I bet they are so shocked and scared when (1.) The other drivers begin yelling at them for slowing down traffic and (2.) When a police officer actually does his job and gives a warning/ ticket (without demanding a bribe).

      Cutting in line and being yelled at by the people behind.

      That most people can actually do their jobs or have some kind of a brain.

      Adjusting to Western time (By the way, what is the point of even saying a time at all if people are expected to be late)?

      They realize Filipino food is awful and no other culture really accepts it like Thai, Chinese, Japanese, even Vietnamese. The only people who eat Filipino food are Filipinos who happen to live in the same area, not anyone else.

      Going to the DMV and realizing there are no fixers, no urine test (which are fake anyway), no fake physicals, or other shakedown fees imposed by the gov’t.

      Throw their trash onto the street and (1.) Others begin yelling at them for their dirty behavior or (2.) When a police officer actually does his job and gives a warning/ ticket (without demanding a bribe).

      I always say, Americans can be very rude, but also considerate and aware of other people. Filipinos are not rude, but they are the most inconsiderate mofo’s when it comes to common decency.

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      Don Quixote

      Nothing new here. this has been going on since the days men started looking over the next hill.
      People come and go and leave their offspring behind.
      Look at the the half caste Korean Children after the Korean War , Japanese after WW2, Vietnam.
      That’s why the Jewish people descend their Jewishness as it were through the Mother.
      Is there any excuse for a father not to support his child . ABSOLUTELY NOT.
      If the parentage can be proven , then get the Philippine Govt. to talk with the relevant Government who ever they are. They will not be just Australian. As I understand the article Australia is one country that has reciprocal support .
      BUT and I stress BUT, the odds on identifying the fathers of offspring of bar girls will be difficult if not impossible., and Governments around the world are aware of FALSE claims against their citizens by Filipinos who try and claim support. How many bullshit claims have wasted the courts and consulates time and time again. MEN LIE , BAR GIRLS LIE.
      Unfortunately the Philippines is its own worst enemy in this matter.
      On a Topic I have raised before which is of a similar theme .
      I find it morally offensive with the father that passed away over there and haven’t provided for their offspring and spouses, this is a FAR WORSE and more PREVALENT problem than a fly by night visitor to your fair shores, who met a girl and there had a mutually financially beneficial arrangement..
      I have seen this time and again, Ive seen women starve them selves to get their spouse buried , passing the hat etc.
      only to have to sell everything within a year to feed and house them and their children.They can not go back to work as they are too old , have children to raise, no education.
      A lot of these low life men were existing on pensions from their country and, that ceased when they passed, unlike a Military pension that can continue partially to the spouse and children. Ive noted the USA does this well.
      I wrote recently about my mate who was dying of cancer, he returned to Australia, he wanted his children to come over as he was unable to fly. he bought their tickets got visa for his wife, children were already Ozzies.
      His ex the mother of one son refused to let her son fly unless she was paid.75000p
      Well my mate passed, he never got to see his wife and children again, he provided a house for them, which they sold.and established a business as there was no pension anymore. I hope it succeeds, when the children are old enough they will be able to head down under themselves, but will they make it, without a proper education and a guiding influence in Australia, raised among the great unwashed in the PI , I have my doubts.
      Some of this reverts back to the fact that a most Filipinos believe every foreigner is rich and they want to get on the Program or Gravy Train, and they find out eventually sometime it is an Illusion. Usually after a death.
      Its a shame, but it should be about Philippine Pride. not taking whatever the world dishes out to them.

      1. Profile gravatar of pulubi

        Don I agree with you. This has been going on for a long time . When the kano had 2 bases in the philippines they had a lot of this cases. My opinion on this is I don’t fault anyone. I see this as a two way street. The filipinas lure the “imported” guys to get out of poverty, green cards, and the foreigners are there to have a good time. Most pinay even try to get pregnant thinking they can trap this guys into staying with them. I am just really surprise this article popped up today, this time blaming the Aussies. The article shouldn’t even place blame on anyone.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
          Johnny Post author

          This is the fault of the kano, the woman, the gov’t, and the Church.
          If the gov’t actually cared about its citizens and there were financial repercussions to having children, the men would start straightening up right away with vasectomies, condoms, and the pull-out method.
          The gov’t gives into the church who oppose birth control, or morning after pills. Basically, any country that actually listens to the RCC seems to get all screwed up.
          There are plenty of prostitutes in the USA, Germany, Aussie, etc. They somehow manage not to get pregnant.

          Having more, unwanted, unloved children in the Philippines just adds to the further problems down the line, especially given that most these children will grow up uneducated and knowing they were not loved by their fathers.

          Btw, Dennis Rodmans father has about 37 kids in the Angeles Area alone. After 7 kids, the PNP should have picked him up off the street and given him a vasectomy whether he wanted one or not.

      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        “Is there any excuse for a father not to support his child . ABSOLUTELY NOT.
        If the parentage can be proven , then get the Philippine Govt. to talk with the relevant Government who ever they are. ”

        @Don. I don’t think that is a good idea at all. It creates cash cows of these children, put a guaranteed system in place and I can guarantee you there will be even a lot more of these suffering children that will never have a chance. Born only to be used for the check, they will see very little of it.

        My kids would be protected with a check, but if it happened with the wrong woman the thought is gut wrenching that it would be leeched. Plenty for child’s and mothers home, medical, and needs. Should be plenty left over to save for higher education, even medical school. Chances are though at 18 they hit the big fall, slammed into squatters ville without a clue. What a nightmare.

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    I think a lot of the problem lies in the Pinay/Kano rushing into marriage or relationships before they get to know each other well. Two years chatting online is just not the same because Kano don’t see the tampo and the fury whever she does not get what she wants. Also, Pinays want to marry now! Many gamble with pregnancy without discussing it with the man first, in the hope of marriage or at the very least, financial support in the next 18 years.

    Yes, I have also seen Pinays returning to poverty upon the death of their foreign husbands/BFs. Part of the problem is both parties jumpt into relationships and babies before trust is even established, as well as the Pinay notoriety for marriage-for-visa scams. It has become very common for old Kanos in the RP to advise each other “don’t take her back to your country because she’ll change”. Really? Or is it more the issue being once she gets to your country, she got what she wanted, whether she socialize with other “bad” Pinays or not.

    By the same token, I’ve seen Kanos who don’t trust their Pinays with their bank accounts. He drops dead suddenly and she does not even have money to pay for his funeral.

    So we come to the question of: why did she not saved up for such an event, or even studied, set up a business, knowing that the (usually older) Kano is likely to die first before she does, short of an accident on her? Perhaps, again the answer lies in the Filipino attitude of “God will provide?” Perhaps, those of you who are living with or are married to Pinays should educate them tha hope is a bad investment strategy.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      My long term plan was marriage, then about 5 y/o take the wife and child home. The illusion was they would learn better ways before a child and have real family values by the time we hit the states. Just didn’t happen in try number 2. Lucky no kid.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Haaha ME TOO
        5.5 years
        I had no kid
        Looked after hers
        All it.was was buying time
        Spending on kids upbringing

        I wanted to stay in ph
        She wanted to fuck off the hell out and family pusshing her bad to get out.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      TRUE STORY! and the blame is stupid foreigners who don’t stay and spend time in the ph getting to know these people so they think ..I’ll just get her over and pay her to come here. THEY FALL IN LOVE WITH A PHOTO
      Went to a party. Going away party for girl. She is sitting there arm around her ex pinoy.
      My ex greedy mother fucking cheating typical Filipina said yea she is taking a chance with the fat guy. Going to the US. He had her visa after applications were approved for her her kid. The kano proposed 8 days after meeting.

      Well..I have many stories my ex’s friend went to Switzerland sight unseen.. She lived it up there.. And the swiss dude said nope who else so she sent her friend again SIGHT UNSEEN so she got her free trip to Switzerland where this old guy married her. She is there like a kid in a lollypop shop no doubt sucking a lollipop on fb displaying all her photos “look at me..look at me”..its fucking sick..

      Another guy from the US bougt phomes..camera..iPad etc.. Yup as they do..spoil the self absorbed money pit viper you get nowhere other than USED. she pissed off and his for a while. Thus desperate kano must think filipinas are in short supply. They were engaged 1 month!! After meeting so she returned. Even locals said she is a user and scamming him. He didn’t listen. ..she went to the states all paid visa etc byhim..how long you think that gonna last

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    Johnny Post author

    Another thing to realize is there are varying levels of Filipinos going abroad. Some with skills or education have been dying to get out of the Philippines and have dreamed of a society where things move in an efficient manner with a community of Not-Filipinos. Many might come from self-sufficient or even rich families. Some realize it is the only way to provide for their family and will quickly fall-in-line when they get overseas as they are grateful.
    Others who may quickly marry a guy who then takes her to the USA or UK might be in for a rude awakening, Especially if they are ill-educated and come from a poor family. Before the poor girl goes abroad, they are already demanding money and giving sob-stories to make it her duty to send money back.
    The funniest ones to go abroad are the people from rich families. They have a hard time adjusting to life where you have to work, cook, clean, chores, home repairs, and raise your own kids. Many cannot handle being without a maid, yaya, or personal driver. I’ve seen a few of those Filipinos come back after a couple of years to take over the family business again or open their own.

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    Yup.. They have no value on their personal time and don’t respect the value of other people’s time. They’d happily go 3 hrs in a jeep to get a smal debt of pesos than say pay a pawnshop fees. I know people that won’t ring and just.leave only to find people aren’t there .. Even getting their stuff back. Filipino time IS another way of saying ..I’ll turn up when I think it’s right and I want.. I really don’t respect you as your a similar POV mentality to me.and sit around doing nothing all.day waiting for the future dream to happen. …the worst is the ones who randomly ring and say we are here now come to our gathering (yup no notice)or JUST TURN UP at odd times eg 3am and get offended when you don’t entertain them. Like what? You are offended that I didn’t let you in at 3am when you turn upnat my door…what the fuck
    . your offended that I didn’t drop.everything to come to your party you said is ON NOW.. What? You got offended when you said we are going to videoke (aka you come and pay for.we and my friends etc) and insaid no I’m not coming along (so grubbing bluffing Filipina and her friends missed out on free songs and food)

    These are gormless fucked up culture..and 95% of Filipinos are like that

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    Thank god I found this site. I’ve spent time in the Philippines and was baffled at the filogic, lack of common sense, lack of forward thinking, filipino time bullshit, false promises, lies, distortions, and other crap. Oddly enough none of this was from the filipina I was spending time with but her family, her friends, and all the other filipinos.

    I’ve spent the last few hours reading story after story on this site and can related to pretty much all of them. If I told some of these stories to someone who hasn’t been to the Philippines they would think they were made up but having actually been there I know these stories are 99.9% spot on.

    I told a friend of mine, “having been to the Philippines I now understand why they’re a third world country, their backwardness in everything keeps it that way.”

  13. Profile gravatar of Grapes of Wrath
    Grapes of Wrath

    From the picture, that definitely looks like BPI.
    I had a similar experience, and worse, the idiot guards called me out for using my phone. I was checking Facebook and emails. What the hell do they want me to do? Waste my time?! Oh!

    So I went to Twitter and ranted, tagging BPI.

    The manager called the next day and apologized. Now, I always get preferential treatment. I still pity those who have to waste their precious time.
    How things “work” here.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I went with my wife to make a deposit at Land Bank on Commonwealth once. Walk in the door and people just sitting everywhere looking bored or dead as there was only one teller working and there were about 45 people there. So wife fills out the deposit slip and takes it to the teller and the teller puts it at the bottom of the stack and tells her to sit down. About an hour later she is no closer to getting anything done than when she walked in and the filipinos just sit there.

      Well I was new in the country so I went up and asked the guard why with all these customers why there is only one teller, blank look and walks off only to return with the manager. So once again I asked the same question and told him we have been waiting over a hour to make a simple withdraw as my wife walks up. So manager asked her something in the dialect and they start walking to the only teller where the manager goes through the deposit slips and finds hers, still on the bottom even though other people walked in.

      Manager then hands the teller the slip and tells her to do it now as “If we take care of him he might put a lot of money in our bank.” Then what happens? About 10 filipinos get out of their seats and go up to wife and manager and start talking loud so I walked over and asked what was going on. Wife told me they are complaining because the manager pulled my slip from the bottom and took care of me. Well I just looked at them and asked one question, “Why didn’t YOU complain to the manager that it was slow and only one teller was working and should open more counters?” Mass stupid looks and we just walked off.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Yup that’s what it looks like.
      Fucking cushions with no backs, The fucking machines that take too long to save you time.
      I just go to Customer service all the time and sit down, when they ask me why I want help, I say I cant sit on cushions I need back support.
      PLAY THE OLD GEEZER. Dumb as a do nut anything to jump a queue.
      It is amazing how they will run after me.
      They probably think I am a silly old cunt.

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      Yeah, that was BPI in one pic and the main pic with the 3 tellers simply ignoring the customers was ChinaBank. I don’t know why I couldn’t insert 2 pics in the article. I put them in. One pops up on the main page, and the other pops up on the article.
      Either way, you can see how much time is wasted just to make a simple transaction. I would have gone insane if the guard told me not only did I have to wait there for an hour, but I could not use my phone.
      That is why many times on the deposit or withdrawal slips, you see the “representative” line. People who do not have the time to go to the bank send the maid or their worker to do it. I’d much rather send an employee, but that just wastes the money I pay him and he could be doing more productive things.

  14. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    We applied for our Philippine passports via the “travelling embassy” in Australia. We arrived at the venue at 8am and there were already 50 Pinoys and only one laptop and 2 Pinoy staff. Some of the Filipino families travelled all night and with babies. The place was so chaotic, it resembled a cockfighting arena. What did the mobile embassy do? Tried to do what they do in the Philippines – First come first served…..but as they do here in the Philippines, they’re jumping queues,!!

    As more and more people arrived, the place became more chaotic, people started to lose their temper. Mum went to the guy doing the registrations and said, “listen, this first come first serve basis is not working. Why dont you use the numbers system, so that new arrivals will have to take a number and there will be no arguments of who should be served first”. “Ding!” *lightbulb!”. What a good idea! So we helped out in cutting the small paper squares and numbering them.

    The crowd became more orderly after that. But…..the processing was soooooo slow, it was like 30 minutes to process each person. Apparently their equipment was playing up. Duh! They had come so far away, why did they not checked that everything was working smoothly the day before? You’re not in the Failippines anymore, Toto!

    We got allocated number 14. The Pinoy staff were still processing client number 5. By 11am, we were getting hungry, so we decided to go home, then come back at 3pm. We just timed it perfectly: the staff were processing client number 13 when we returned. what a circus!

  15. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    TRAVELING EMBASSY ???????????????????
    My god who ever heard of such a thing. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why would you even need a Flip Passport, then you have to pay taxes, you get Balakbyan on arrival, that’s 12 months, are you thinking of staying there longer.??????????????

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      Actually, the USA has a traveling embassy about once a year to different locations. They do notarizations, witness docs, or other small passport issues. It beats having to go to Manila or mail it to the USA.

  16. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    We got the Pinoy passports so we can own properties here, maybe own a business. The Pinoy in me bought out lands being solds by relatives at dirt cheap prices. I was going to build an apartment complex in my city land with greedy, thieving asshole Uncle managing it. Ha! Might as well give the keys to the bank to Ned Kelly! It only took me 2 years to realize I can’t trust any of the lowlifes here.

    When asswipe Uncle heard I won’t be doing anything with the land, he offered to buy the city land off me…..for the same price that I paid for it 7 years ago when I’ve had offers to buy it at 4 times the asswipe uncle was offering. I told asswipe Unc to stick his corrupt money where the sun don’t shine back that way. 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      What are we going to do with you? I mean you tell uncle to shove it up his ass and then tell me to go to a dr. so they can shove something up my ass. HUmmm??

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Mikey, the difference was, I told it to Uncle with much contempt, I told you to get them CC shoved up your ass coz I want you to live longer. Asswipe Unc, I couldn’t care less, in fact if you’ve given me Lucifer’s hotline like I asked you to, I’d tell him he can have uncle’s soul for free. It’s a bargain!

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Okay Sarah,
      BUT. my mates wife is dual citizen, all she did was go to Flip Embassy in Sydney , swear allegiance and pay the fee, she got a letter that she was a flip again, she never asked for a passport.
      She didn’t want to pay the departure taxes they charge flips.
      I know for a fact he has at least three properties over there. They just go as Balakbyans, can do anything there. For 12 months at a time I think they can get another 6 months at local immigration.
      I may be corrected , but that’s how it was explained to me.
      I think there is a limitation to HOW MUCH LAND YOU CAN OWN in one spot , say 1000 sq meters. Which is a lot in the PI where they sell land by the square inch.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I just looked it up Philippine Consulate Web Site, took me thirty seconds.
        Balakbyans. Native Born, but foreign nationals can own, 1000 sq meters Urban, 10, 000 rural. If there is a business involved it is 5000 sq meters Urban, 30,000 sq. rural

    3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      What were you even thinking ?????????????
      Trust a flip to manage your affairs.
      Remember the Movie The Castle.
      YOU HAVE TO BE DREAMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Just keep letting them thunk they are winning.
      Never get into business with family especially not a flip family. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    The passport was a just in case thing. I also own land in the province, so altogether, more than 1000m2.

    Was gonna open a RP bank account with it, as one of the IDs since I don’t have any other RP IDs. Till I realized the banking system is shit, the queues at any ATMs are a mile long anytime, anywhere, and that’s if the machines dont run out of money by the time I get there! Not to mention the machines only dispenses maximum amount of P20,000 a day. The queues at the money chnager are 0 to 2 people at any one time. I travel with $$ cash instead.

  18. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I have three RP bank accounts , at BPI. requirements DID NOT REQUIRE FLIP ID.
    I have an A$ account, US$ account and a ATM peso account.
    I transfer the money from OZ to $A dollar account , I have to give them 4 days to give me Aussie Dollars to take to the money changers.Saves carrying that much cash or getting ripped off by banks FX rate in OZ
    When I arrive in the PI , I get them to ring their Treasury in Manila for the best rate , DON’T accept the tellers computer !!!!!!!!
    BPI will be within one peso of the FX rate , BUT only if they get the OK from Manila.
    The best part is they HATE to order in the Aussie Dollars so they bend over to get you to take the peso,
    or transfer the peso into ATM card.
    The land about is 1000 sq meters in one lot, you can own 10 lots as long as one is not 1000 sq meters.
    I think rural land was 3000 sq. meters. that was different.
    I will have to research it again, I actually read the Real Estate Act of the Philippines a long time ago.
    I can tell you it really fucks up the geniuses when you can throw facts back at them when they are trying to sell me their shit or get me involved in the family scams.
    Once they found out I knew more than them It was easy , they left me alone.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      “BPI will be within one peso of the FX rate”. At BDO I get USD converted at less than .20P off of the Mastercard rate and just checked yesterdays high and BDOs was .27 under the high for the day (have to convert at teller to get .05p extra).

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      N o, they don’t need RP I’Ds. But they asked for 3 types with photos, all I had was Aussie passport and driver’s license. Plus they also wanted police clearance. After giving me the list of requirements, plus minimum deposit of P5000, plus their lousy service, I decided it was not worth it. I can also wire money to myself from Oz to here, and get it in 3 hours. No need for banks if you’re not comfortable in carrying cash.

      I have also studied real estate laws and inheritance laws, hence another reason for dual citizenship. Mum owns a farm in her province, which me and my younger sister can inherit as dual. Auntie in Germany is not dual but owns several properties in the city and the province. I told her she’s gone over the limit of the land size as a balikbayan, apparently Germany is one of the very few countries that does not allow dual citizenship. Her only daughter was born and raised in Germany and is not interested in the RP anyway. I told Auntie daughter won’t inherit as s he she’s not Balikbayan and is 100% foreign national. At least this is what I was told.

      There seems to be no clear guidelines on inheritance laws for children of Filipinas with foreign citizenships.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
        Johnny Post author

        Hey Sarah,
        I can kind of relate to your stories,,,, even the one about the thieving uncle.
        My mom made sure to get my dual citizenship. Foreigners can own inherited land, but it become a legal battle with a corrupt Filipino uncle contesting it in a corrupt Filipino court while the person inheriting it (not a citizen) has to fight the case in the Philippines while also trying to meet immigration standards. To get around this, she just made me a citizen and sold the land to me. Done and Done!! Crazy uncle can contest all he wants. He even tried until he found out I was a citizen. We even let him think I was not a citizen all the way until I had to produce the passport and the certificate of citizenship.
        The laws regarding property are so murky in the FAIL-ippines. Filipinos have the hardest time with property rights,,, mostly due to corruption and stupidity.
        Wills almost mean nothing in terms of property. Wills are only good for dividing stocks, bonds, businesses, cash, cars, etc. Property follows a strict rule (in show and of course can be bribed out of in corrupt RP).
        For instance a couple owns land:
        – Wife dies so husband gets 50% and the kids get 50% ( 1 child = 50%. 2 kids = 25%. 3 kids = 16.5%, etc.)
        – Now husband dies = kids get the remaining 50% divided evenly among them.
        That is easy enough, but if one of the parents has a kid outside of the marriage or previously, it gets complicated. Then since there is no divorce, old spouse could show up at any time and demand his share.
        In the USA, a will is final. If you don’t want to leave anything to your kids, that is your wish and you only need to fill out a dis-inheritance clause to do it. Philippines, the dirtiest, scamming, lying, cheating, drug-addict, murdering child still has a right to the land of his parent (s).

        In conclusion: The Philippines is not a law-less country like it seems. In fact there are so many laws, they override each other at many turns. Congressmen and councilors who make these laws are corrupt, incompetent, just want the job for prestige (not for good of the country) and do not take the time to actually think over a new law (or the effects/ confusion it can have over other laws) so even the lawyers have a hard time. So that is another reason cases can drag out for years.

        Here is an article that might help.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny
        Johnny Post author

        With your cousin and your auntie. One idea that might work is to set up a corporation with you, your sister, and your cousin as the incorporators. You and your sister own 60% of the company, while your cousin owns 40% (on paper). Then have your Auntie sell the land to the corporation, either a real sale or a fake sale (you’ll still need tp pay taxes on that though). Then you or your sister manage it and simply deposit her share into an account for her. You will then have the option to sell your shares later to your children or other family members instead of having to go through court battles over real property.
        That keeps the land in the family and gives her some income to visit the RP for famliy get-togethers.

        Note: Usually it takes 5 people at minimum to form a corporation. As a way around this, some people simply find “dummies” to fill in the 4th or 5th person as they can have only 1% of the company to fulfill the 5 person requirement. NOW, I have just heard they changed that rule and any one person can form a corporation, but who knows?
        – That is another reason I hate the fucking Philippines. There are so many laws and amendments in a country where corruption, bribery, incompetence, and stupidity dominate.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Thanks for the information Johnny. German Aunt has already said she will only sell her lands to me coz she wants to be paid in Euro $$. Greedy uncle won’t stand a chance trying to contest anything with us. He’ll run out of money trying to beat us. Dumbfuck uncle just can’t get into his brains that what he is dealing with are people with $ and fire, unlike his long suffering neighbors who are all scared to say “no” to him.

          Yes, land disputes can be deadly in the Philippines, families fall apart and people get killed because of it.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            Sounds like your uncle is a barangay captain.
            You might be able to beat him in court, but it will frustrate you to no end and make you think of breaking the lazy judges kneecaps. The judges have really held the country hostage by making families fight for years without any reason except due to their laziness or corruption.

      3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Hello to all.
        A lot of real estate here is under court battles and have land taxes due for many years!!
        A house down the street was demolished becos the family got into a fight over it. Across the street from me is a house that has many tax arrears but must have 25 flips living there in chop chop shacks.
        I see many properties that the owners are abroad. In fact, the sellers say on the website they are moving abroad or the agent says the owner is abroad, That is a good reason to offer a whole lot less money.
        In Pasay, there are very few houses for sale, the ones that are for sale are high priced.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
          Johnny Post author

          Yes, we have a land case in the Philippines. It takes more than 5 years for the simple case to be resolved. In the meantime, taxes keep accruing and squatters take notice. So even if you win, you then have to sue the other party to pay the taxes (since they stole the land through forgery) and then you have to go into another 5 year legal battle with the squatters. Time has no value!

      4. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Anyone can inherit Sarah, even a foreigner. Where it get tricky is if and when you dispose of the property.
        Then some real Bullshit Laws come out in the open.
        Things like fucking family, that are remotely related to the dead wife .
        They have to be bought off before any sale.
        They apparently have rights too.
        BUT you can live or rent that property for ever just dont try and sell it.
        Thats when they will fuck you.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            Agreed!! Without divorce being legal in teh Ph, sometimes people who have been together for 30 years can have problems if one person was married before. Causes a lot of problems when a greedy pinoy shows up and demands his share.
            A sale is final!! So, have your mom and aunt sell heir land to you and it is done. Your uncle can’t contest or do anything about it. Btw, how did I know he worked for the gov’t? I was wrong about him being a brgy captain, but I knew he had to be a gov’t emplyee who lets his position get to his head.

  19. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    That’s US Dollars and yup and I get almost equivalent with that.
    That’s why I have one of them as well.
    With the Little Aussie Battler down to 33 peso to A$ ..
    The worst part was I didn’t send over a lot more when the dollar was high, but I was worried about the Bank Insurance in the PI.
    500,000 peso that’s why we split it up into different accounts.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      P500k, after the first pinay wife I no longer had that problem, lol. Actually I write a check every month and never have more than two months expenses in the system. A couple of times I’ve skipped the check in anticipation of a possible runner.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
        Johnny Post author

        If Binay wins the presidency, it might go to 55.
        I think the elections are scaring off investors. I remember when they just booted Estrada out of office, the rate was like 57.
        These morons want to keep electing thieves, I’ll enjoy the stronger dollar.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I cannot even believe they are considering that allegedly corrupt sawn off runt.
          Did he face his accusers nope, sent in the lawyers and sued for defamation as he knows it will be years before that ever gets to a court. Meantime if elected he is beyond the reach of the courts.
          The sign of the Morally Bankrupt .
          If innocent he would have been at the hearings screaming his innocence !!!!!!!!!
          Can you believe who is in Coalition with him. or SUPPORTS his Candidacy
          ESTRADA Former D grade actor elected President jailed for Plunder Pardoned by Arroyo
          LAKAS-CMD party, ARROYO now recognized now as the most corrupt President in Philippines History.
          Guess who will be the first person pardoned if he wins.
          BAGUMBAYAN , Bloody hell the Gordon’s again !!!!!!!!! They raped and Pillaged Olongapo for years
          NPC The bloody Marcoses again.
          CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I will be weighing up my options if he is elected, as this indicates the Philippines is beyond redemption.

  20. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Sounds like your uncle is a barangay captain.”

    No he’s not Johnny, worse…..he’s the deputy Chief PNP, Intelligence operations. What a laugh that is…..intelligence operations. He’s got brains the size of a gnat’s penis.

    I will write the full story next few days, coz uncle is a classic example of Pinoy stupidity and greed. Oh, he’s so stupid, he’s got what we call in Australia….”foot and mouth disease”, another PNP officer almost shot him last week. Wished he pulled the trigger so I won’t nèed those tandem riders 🙂

    Will be busy today for more family reunion. Watch this space.

    1. Profile gravatar of pulubi

      Lucky he is an uncle otherwise they can put you 6 feet under and brag about it. At least thats how it used to be. Marcos era, the presidential guard and military used to kill anyone that went against the regime or speak bad about it even just trivial things too. I used to hangout with marcos nephew and his bodyguards bragged about doing this kind of shit. Ahhh the good old shitty days it just makes you sick. LOL Some of this military idiots are carry over from the past regime too. Anyways nowadays you are allowed to buy any guns so I would just practice hard on my double taps. Get them first before they get you.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Pulubi, a lot of people will put him 6′ under before he can get to me. And those are just the good guys, colleagues he screwed during drug busts. Throw in the baddies who are also out to get him….and you get the picture. I was here in January, tried my best to get him to come out for dinner to a nice resto. He won’t coz he’s in hiding and scared. He’s all mouth, but no balls.

        1. Profile gravatar of pulubi

          Thats good! I worry about this. Past still fresh in my head. Lucky for me I hang out with the right people it doesn’t mean I like what I heard and saw.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Thanks for the concern Pulubi, but asswipe Unc can’t even kill me with a meat axe 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Ah the Philippines where they walk around with a knife in one hand and a gun in the other.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Johnny, for all the Filipino pride and Pinay’s sales talk of “close family ties” in order to hook a Kano, in reality, these people don’t respect each other, they don’t care for each other like we do in the west. If they show caring and loving, it would be in the hope of a bounty at the end of your visit, or a multitude of pasalubongs next time you’re back. These people would kill each other for money, inheritance, land, and yes, even for the women! I’m just a niece and uncle’s dispute was with my mum. But he dragged me into this. I will make him pay, and I can.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
        Johnny Post author

        It can go 2 ways. A tight family (like the Chinese) work well together to protect the assets and multiply it. Then they realize things get easier as more money and dividends accrue. There is strength in numbers, especially with land since squatters, agrarian reform, thieves, local gov’t is always after it. It needs to be watched closely. As an American friend of mine once asked when I told him our family issues and of the Philippines, “How the hell do you steal someone else’s land?”
        If one family member is corrupt, greedy, incompetent, etc, then it goes the other way quickly. No one trusts each other and people start to make alliances. When an uncle or brother sells something thru forgery or whatever, then the others demand payback or retribution. It becomes a mess.
        One rich friend I had in the Philippines divided his lands up or put them into corporations for his kids a while ago. His kids were really good and really hard workers making their own income. His logic was, “I trust and love my kids. However, I really don’t know the people they are married to and I don’t trust them”!!
        NEver trust the inlaws!!! They are the cause of 95% of family disputes.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Yep..they steal land or.even the families that control government say its for “public purposes” as the case of my ex gfs uncle
          ..then he found out the buyer was the company of the mayors daughter

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            Pinoys are the biggest little land-grabbers.
            It’s amazing with that agrarian reform. They give such little to actual farmers and pretty much give it to the mayors, DAR heads, or people who bribe the DAR. Many times, they don’t even pay the landowner.
            Then the farmers start crying they didn’t recieve their share. They cry cause they didn’t get the share of something that was taken from someone else. They could care less about the person it was stolen from. They only want their “rightful” share.

  21. Profile gravatar of TightWired

    Everyone has different ideas on what Family means… My moms brother is the black-sheep of the family. After a number of years of fuck-ups/fuck-overs he been thrown out of the family. He showed up for my grandmothers funeral and was told to stay in the car…on the threat of getting his 60 year old ass kicked.
    Not neccessarily pointed at your stellar uncle Sarah…but I still can’t get my head around the Flilo-fail idea of family. “It’s ok…he’s family”. My GF was telling me about how a few years ago she bought the TV/Stereo setup and left it at HER house. A year later it’s gone…
    Her: Where’s my TV
    Dead-Beat Brother: Oh we sold it because we had to throw a feista…
    I can go on and on with stories like this. “they’re poor, he’s my brother, sister, etc…” always seems to be the excuse. I told her that in the Real World…your brother would be be under arrest.
    I have absolutely no desire to meet her family…I would end of getting into a fight/killing in the first 5 minutes of meeting them….And she knows I was 100% serious when told her this the last time she ask me to visit. “Nope…you can visit them…but I’m going to Singapore for my Vacation.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Wife and I moved to a different island and her brother was watching our place. Turns out he stole about 30,000 worth of power tools ( was building addition to house) then took off to MM. In addition the items he took, digital camera, 4 bottles Jovan Musk and looks like 3 SD cards with pics of my mother who passed July 2014. Already told wife that if I run into the bastard I will kill the fucking asshole over the SD cards alone. My wife knows I’m serious too.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        ” I will kill the fucking asshole over the SD cards alone”, man that sucks big time.
        On a lighter note, can you find Jovan Musk here in the Phils?

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Haah my mate was delayed 4 days his employee he helped (esp his disabled daughter) sold all his tools!!!

        Wtf.. He returned and said
        .exactly that


        Guy gives gormless look
        Didn’t know when you returning sir…

        I needed to buy food.

        This is why Filipinos Fail on trust and loyalty. When push comes to shove they will do what they can to satisfy their own needs even what amounts to stealing and dishonesty which contradicts the church teachings to satisfy their own needs


        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          That’s why when we go away, the child bride makes arrangements at the local market so the family can get rice ONLY .
          She pays the bill each week or when we return.
          The shop keeper is trustworthy and knows the CB will not rob her.
          Just like the powdered milk .same same.

  22. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Family to Filipinos are like cows. You raise and feed them and when mature enough all the purpose is is to provide milk to sustain the rest of the scum. ..sorry..the people 🙂 Nothing more and as you know Filipino don’t treat animals with respect .. Just like they don’t treat family members with respect and pretty much anyone else for that matter with fucking respect.

    1. Profile gravatar of pulubi

      Reminds me of a 65 yo semi disabled marine who was living alone in a decent 4 bedroom house nice area in the USA. He was lonely so he went to the philippines to visit and vacation. He meets a filipina woman about 58 yo with 8 kids. Marries her and brings her to USA. First year the wife is so nice to him then following year she start complaining on how hard it is to take care of him. He doesnt know she is bitching this whole time. Complains to me that she is lonely and would rather go home to the philippines. Yeah right!! So basically this guy give her his pension money as long as he is able to take a nap in the aftenoon and someone cooks him dinner he is happy. The guys also eats filipidog food and watch TFC all day at his house. He says he is happy with the arrangement. The wife meanwhile goes out all day and hangs out with filipino she meetx here. Few years later the womans family in the philippines starts moving in with him to his house in USA. The woman now start running the house and tells this guy what to do. No more cooking meals for the guy and she is out all day. The guy meanwhile is now fully disabled and just sits at home watching TFC. LOL Happy wife happy home as long as the guys is a fool. LOL

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        I know a guy who had a Thai wife..took her to Germany!!! She’s out all night. She was working in a brothelbrothel at night for the family lying to him all the time as these liwars do (they talk normal..its normal for failures to lie and cheat that’s why they fail)!!! Not going out partying with friends. So she divorced him but by that the she has PR to live in Germany. Countries like Taiwan send the girls back home I think if divorce or death of husband. She said .. ” everything I do I do for my family” that’s the peck order
        1. Themselves and money
        2. Face for mom dad
        3 Family
        4. Gadgets
        5. Filipino friends
        6. Filipino boyfriend
        7. FOREIGNER boyfriend
        Foreigners are last on the list.

        How can Filipinos relate one on one????. Emotionally i mean. As Nelson Mandela said.. Talk to someone in another language eg English it goes to their head..talk to them in their native language (eg Tagalog) it goes to their heart. ..they have problems truly relating unless it has some 1000 peso notes attached to the outcome!!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

          A coworker married a Thai lady. They did well for awhile. She began hitting him up for money to send to relatives for operations, debts, etc. One day he came home and his house was empty. She had emptied the bank account, sold all the belongings and moved back to Thailand to be with her BF. He had supported her old BF for several years. He was humiliated and returned to Europe.

  23. Profile gravatar of

    I plan to revoke my Philippine citizenship
    My brother can have our house here
    I never want to come back anymore ;-;

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      There really is no reason to revoke it.
      I haven’t seen the downside of having it yet and I’ve had it for over 7 years now. If the country you’re going to needs you to choose between one or another, then drop pH citizenship immediately.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Sepple old Mate,
      Stay in Switzerland, and when they start to pepper you with requests for money. and THEY WILL
      It will be the only way you will get your money back.