To Live And Die In PH

So, I’m reading the news and I come across this tragic tale:

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Two Swiss nationals were killed after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds in Opol town in Misamis Oriental Sunday afternoon, October 5.

The Opol Municipal Police Station said about 3 armed men approached and shot the victims, identified as Robert Loever and Baltazar Johann Erni, near the entrance of D. Yasay Beach Resort at around 1 pm.

The victims were shot in the head and other parts of their bodies, police said.

Their partners, who were with the victims during the incident, were unharmed and were able to tell the police that the shooters wore no masks and just walked away after the shooting.

The police said the victims were said to be staying in the upscale Xavier Estates in Cagayan de Oro City. 

Initial investigation showed that no valuables were taken away from the victims. 

Now, a simple dissection of this story reduces it down to two simple sentences:

“You either come to the Philippines to die of old age or to die early in a meaningless murder.  Either way, you’re going to die here sooner than later.”

Now, it’s MY understanding that any civilized society endeavors to elevate itself to a point where murder is left to the the criminally insane and those who do not fear either capture or great consequence.  But what can you call a society where murders such as this happen?  No masks, no getaway…just a casual stroll away with two lives ended senselessly?  That isn’t a society.  It’s a lawless free-for-all, where criminals do not fear capture or consequence.  You could argue that this could be just one incident, in just this one place, and doesn’t speak for the Philippines as a whole.  You could even make that argument sound very logical.  And then I’d add in THIS local story:

Some robbers seem to be getting more brazen these days.
This was the case in San Juan City on Tuesday, when three armed men robbed a beauty parlor and at least one of them even demanded a cup of coffee from the victims, GMA News’ JP Soriano reported on “24 Oras” Friday.
With footage from a closed-circuit television system, the report said the armed men managed to take P400,000 from the establishment in just five minutes.
Investigation showed the incident occurred shortly before 5 p.m. on Tuesday at a beauty salon on Jose Abad Santos Street in Barangay Little Baguio in San Juan City.  One of the robbers pretended to be a customer. Two companions then followed him inside and declared a holdup.  The men poked a handgun at the salon’s Korean owner and took the owner’s mobile phone. They then herded the staff behind the counter and had all of them kneel at gunpoint.
One of the men took the bag, jewelry and wristwatch of another Korean. The robbers also took the money from the vault. Before fleeing, one of the men cut the phone cable so the staff could not immediately report the incident to the police. They also herded all the staff to the restroom before escaping. Police theorize the robbers may have familiarized themselves with the establishment, and took advantage of the tarpaulins covering the windows.
One of the elements I had to edit out was the Tagalog comments where they said one of the robbers demanded a cup of coffee before leaving the store.  Stopped and demanded a cup of coffee!?!?  Now, imagine any other holdup in any other civilized country in the world.  Who stops for coffee in the middle of a robbery?  Criminals with no fear of law enforcement is the answer you’re looking for.
And since we know there’s no reason to be here for business unless you have a lot of money for bribes, that leaves only one reason left to be living in the Philippines.  Some Filipina made you think she was your soulmate and convinced you you’d be living in paradise with her in the Philippines.  To support that, how many foreign women do you see here living with Filipino men?  Not a lot.
So, is it the nature of foreign men to to be lured to their deaths by Filipinas?  More and more it seems to be this way, since I can’t imagine anyone dumb enough to buy the tourist slogans.
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  1. Profile gravatar of Alicia Cummings
    Alicia Cummings

    I have seen recently a story (real-life extended report) on an international channel about a foreigner who married a Filipina & was killed obviously by the relatives of this Filipina (I think claimed his insurance, etc.), the foreigner’s family was interviewed & all, until now, so many years had passed & no justice had been served, it was done on their own home, I believe they stayed in a province in the Philippines somewhere

    the philippines is just pretending to be a “civilized” country but really it is not, months ago i’ve seen in a talk show a couple of “popular” lawyers in the country & they openly admit that no rich filipino was ever found guilty of a crime as justice can really be bought in the philippines

    just recently there are a lot of crimes w/ photos posted on social media (holdup w/ armed men during daylight in the middle of Edsa)…women being grabbed during daylight along Shaw Blvd. or Megamall…it is a lawless country

    if you know some Filipino-Chinese, kidnapping is very rampant now because the “pork barrell” (source of illegal funds) of politicians had been abolished & now Filipino politicians have to resort to kidnap for ransom to raise funds since “election is already NEAR for them” (READ: 2016), everyone knows this, Chinese community knows this, a lot of them have been killed because of this but obviously it is OK for Filipinos…it is everyday life as always…

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      I want to take a bullet to the head, then miraculously get back up and gut a motherfucker in public. Too bad life doesn’t work that way. I suppose you can always hope that they get cancer and die a slow horrible death, poor and alone, with maggots infesting them before they are finally dead.

    2. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

      are you refering uh to the daily ramble uh about the whole chinese-philippino race rows? do u get that? like there is zero intelligence race war going on there? or are u saying everyone who kidnaps in chinese?/ im confused, but I heard so much non intelligent race war shit going on while I was abandoned there by god, but I was at the stage where if I was some type of military commander my handgun would have been going off daily bam that’s racist shit ho. fuck…this is martial law!!! respec, where was I.

      I think you are saying the chinese are rich targets is that right? I don’t get it and don’t want to put my foot in it right now, I actually caught myself driving by in a taxi drooling and staring down those security guards with m4’s thinking wow I want one of those right now…wtf …maybe my wife can get one…by the time I had been there 2 weeks I knew exactly what was legal and what wasn’t and in no way did I think that was the end of it..but three boring years passed and no illegal firearms. If I was getting kidnapped id want some firepower sh*t an ak47 or something haha..

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        Captain PFB

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        Got back to discover the site was down.

        Wouldn’t you fucking know it, the ONE FUCKING TIME a conflict happens, I don’t check the site after the update and leave for 2 days! Sorry about that guys.

        Philippines: What can go wrong will go wrong.

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        I thought I was banned too, I was preparing to stab myself in the stomach like those Japanese people do with the mini sword on their knees, what can I say Asia touched me, after a few days of questioning my pride.

        I also thought the website was hacked by an intelligent philiipino who inadvertently was being a pain in the a$$, but I brushed the thought off everytime I reached the intelligence word and went back to the banned idea

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    Here is the irony as well.
    If they actually catch murderers or criminals, later they should have less of them committing crimes. It’s a deterrent. Since no one ever gets caught, it emboldens more people to commit crimes.
    Did they ever catch the guys who shot that mayor when he landed at terminal 3? They not only killed that guy, but I think 3 other people got shot in the chaos and a little kid died too.