The Tobacco Counter At Prince

A short account of line cutting;
Waiting at the counter for cigarettes in Prince. Very busy, just before Christmas, a woman in front of me is buying baby milk (why the fuck is baby milk, tobacco and booze sold together?).

Another woman slides up to the woman getting served, so close i think, oh they must be together. Oh no, the other woman gets her change and walks away then this second woman orders all her stock for her sorry-sorry store.

Ok, I realize I got bumped, no biggy, I let it slide. But as I’m waiting, another rude bitch tries to slide in beside me, I’m boiling inside, wishing her to make her move, I’m tight as a spring and ready to strike, I’m 6′ 2″, slim, and mean looking when i want to be.

I put on my war face and wait.

Sure enough as the other woman tries to squeeze out with her supply of fortune and champion, woman 2 starts to speak to the sales assistant who is more than aware I have been waiting. I unleash the Kraken and say in a very loud, deep voice in slow clear English “Excuse me, I am next, I have been waiting in line, you have pushed in”. She looks up at me, mumbles something and moves out of my way. The sales girl, not wanting to make eye contact, asks me what I want.

Loud voice again; “I want a full carton of fortune white stick”. She replies, “white stick Sirrr?”
Im done now. I see the security guard eyeballing me from his bamboo stick duties, so I snarl through my gritted teeth, “thats wat I fucking just said”.

She served me, I paid, got my change, and as I rudely pushed past the troll who tried to cut me out, I called her a fucking monkey.

Im kinda well known in my town, due to my unusual dogs, and the fact I drive a tricycle and speak a lot of bisaya. Im sure they know me better at Prince now…..

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      I don’t think they will kill you just because you did that. If you are an a-hole that cause a lot of trouble to anyone then yes there is a chance. If you ran over someone and decided not to help them, then yes they will seek justice and order a kill for you. They kill within reason. (Trust me, we have employees who use to behead and another use to be hitman) My suggestion is just be in the middle. Be nice to everyone but talk to them nicely if they are wrong. People here are sensitive when you become direct with them but they will understand. This is base on my experience.

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    I know cutting in line is a major pain in the fucking ass here in Failapine territory. These A-holes do it without a bit of remorse. I’ve never seen that in the U.S. when I shop. But in the U.S. when I shop I do see that if someone is in line with only a few items and someone is in front of them with a large shopping cart over flowing with items that the person with all of the items will usually offer the person with only a few items to go in front of them. If you notice here in the Failapines that never fucking happens. You can be in line at SM or Puregold or wherever and only have 3 or 4 items and the person in front of you has a whole shopping cart full. They can see you standing behind them with only 3 or 4 things to buy but no way in hell will they offer you to go ahead of them. They may have to wait an extra minute or two but its impossible for them to give up their place in line. They only think about themselves. Could care less about helping out a fellow shopper. Also, trying to navigate around these fucking assholes in the isles of the supermarket is like trying to drive thru EDSA. They are fucking idiots. Can’t keep their carts out of the way. Block traffic and pay no attention to what’s going on around them. Couldn’t care less if they are in somebody’s way. Then at Puregold after you check out and pay for your groceries another hassles occurs. If your bill is over 500 pesos the cashier has to go and get the signature of her supervisor to make sure that you paid. Then of course you have to have the security guard check the number of bags you have and sometimes the contents just to make sure you didn’t steal the items you paid for not 20 feet away from him. But then with all of the thieves in the P.I. I guess you can’t blame them. They know all of their fellow countrymen are a bunch of thieves and con artist and can’t be trusted.

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    Hey Joe

    Good for you !!
    So many times they do this to me also. More often than not I keep my mouth closed, and I regret it later. I guess I just don’t want to cause trouble. But on the other hand “they” did start it by cutting in line in the first place. Right???

    They drive the same way, leave 1mm of space between your bumper and the guy in front of you… and some jack-ass WILL shove in that space.
    I hate tail gating ! but seems if you don’t you will end up going backwards.

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      So damn true…

      The truly amazing part is the get indignant if you open your mouth and stand up for yourself. As if cutting in line is their birthrite. I think the worst I ever experienced was when I was actually in the middle of being served and speaking to the cashier about something or other, and this fucking moron comes in interrupting for eggs and load as if she were the only person in the world. The cashier looked at me like “what can I do? So we just ignored her. She was pissed of course but I enjoyed the shit out of that

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    Martin Brown

    I agree with Kiwimuzz, the way you dealt with it could end up with you dead. I cannot keep quiet when someone pushes in front of me but I try to remain polite. Sometimes if I am in the mood and want some amusement, I say to someone who has pushed in “I think you dropped 50 pesos behind me” and off they go looking for it and I reclaim my spot in line.

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    Its Phils allover. But for sure its the bloody same in KL and in Indon, no idea of line. Shoot one time I am at a Holiday Inn Bar (Guangzhou I think) and waiting to order something, up sidles some bloody female local and steps right in, gave her both barrels immediately. It stopped I got served. Just a total piss off.

    But the shittiest crappiest worse part is this lot comes to Aussie and does it here.

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    jimmy smith

    Got cut in line yesterday too, happens almost every time there is more than one costumer and I am there. I am the gagu foreigner here so its my own fault. I could have just stayed at home. Went to renew my visa so I can go home next sunday, then they wanted Icard at immigration which I couldnt pay cause I am on a very tight budget after my bank back home closed my account possibly because there has been fraud with it. Basic procedure for banks in my country, the government talked with them trying to reopen it as I have about 24000 kr on it equal to 5500 US dollars. But not possible if I am not there in person.

    I dont have family or network at home so nobody but useless and slow working government to help. This trip here was a death sentence for me. At immigration I complained and the guy there got aggressive and showed me to the head guy at the Davao office and there the man accepted I wouldn’t need Icard since I am going home. So we agreed on the price being 4040 peso which I had with me and just enough to get back to the family’s house where I am staying this time.

    But going back then the same guy had them pt some scam feee of an extra 1000 peso so the price was 5040 peso which if I paid I couldn’t get back then and would be stuck in Davao. So I had to go back without getting visa renewed and wasted the money traveling for no reason. All I had was enough to buy the cheapest burger at jollibee and there I was cut in line 3 times by some fat bitches who sure didnt seem to be hungry alot. Unlike me only eating every 2nd day cause I been cheated and fucked over by people here as well as my bank making things a lot more difficult than I ever tried before.

    So now I got the 4040 peso and a ticket going to Manila and the taxi to ninoy aquino airport and terminal fee and that’s it. But no money for getting their visa scam paid, so I cannot leave the country. I been thinking alot since last night and come to realize that the best thing to do is send my story to every major newspaper at home and some tv stations. I already did that, it wont save me, but might save others.

    I will go to manila, pay a hotel room, get a decent meal for the remaining money and then hang myself in the room. Best choice for a man in my situation. Last year a Danish man jumped from his condo cause of similar situation. I don’t have condo anymore, so don’t have that luxury of choice and the hotel I can pay for wont be on a high floor and I am not going to get crippled and then stuck here. Far better to make sure it works. This is not a cry for help, but a warning to ALL planning on going here. STAY AWAY.

    Lots of women around the world, choosing one of these here might be a death sentence for YOU too! Go to Korea, Japan, Thailand or Malaysia, Cambodia or stay at home and accept age caught up with you and enjoy the good times you had when you were younger. I am 39 years old, not bad looking, not white trash and I got killed here by myself rather than living the pinoy life and risking arrest and torture in their prisons since I am an illegal alien here.

    STAY AWAY is my advice. Thanks for the bog, had a good time getting the final pieces of this puzzle the PI put together. I understand now the errors I made and I accept the price that comes along with it. 3 more days and I am in the gates of Hell. An appropriate name although not really harsh enough in my opinion…..

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      I feel for you. I too am left with nothing but debt. I am behind on my visa and desperately trying to get the cash together to pay all this shit off and do a visa run in a few months.

      It is so hard to research coming here as everything seems to be positive until the plane lands.

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    Captain PFB

    Damn Jimmy, that is a tough situation indeed. Don’t kill yourself man, something’s gotta give. You’re still very young. You haven’t failed until you stop trying. So keep trying.

    If some of the folks here are willing to help you out and donate money, please accept it. Do you have a Paxum account? If so, I can help you out with a little something to, and collectively, those of us who can send a little something may be able to get you through this until you find a solution.

    I can set up a private password protected page here so that further discussion on this matter won’t be public. Let’s think of something. Send me your suggestions guys.

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    Unggoy Post author

    Kiwi and Martin,If I was worried about my life,I wouldnt take risks,I love to live on the edge and Im kinda good at it,not an ignorant fool,I know not to cause hiya,Im discreet, and have good back up at all times.The Anonymous Bear taught me a lot,Im NOT a average white tourist that has no need for a gun,I live here and know how to look after myself,if not,bahala na,better to die on your feet than live on your knees.As for Jimmy…take a breath man,not your life,fight til your last gasp,never give in.
    Unggoy out

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    jimmy smith

    what stopped me was fucking 1020 peso. the guy who the top officer called when I was in speaking with him went there to the desks and said to cancel the Icard. Then he made that extra fee up. I could and can document that it doesnt exist cause it specified in my extension stamps. but he refused to look at it and refused me access again to go speak with the head idiot. I dont have to go back to davao and renew cause travel there is about 900 peso forth and back included and running out of time now. Flight departs sunday and I got no phone anymore. My ex gf whos family I live with for the time being took all and today I found out she had private, secret savings for herself which could even had made me be able to eat daily. Was lying outside the church today here in Surigao del sur. Lianga. Raining and thinking of cutting my wrist in front of everybody while it poured down soaking me up. Not ONE of these zombies stopped to ask if I was okay, not ONE ! They were just amused and entertained. True Satanists. I wrote the newspapers and still waiting for response. MY government is shit slow when it comes to these situations, they been critized 100s of times by our press and its still the same crap from them I get in my mails. We are working on it they keep saying. Fuck them, and I am not a beggar, never asked for anything in my life. I was self made, never had parents giving me car or other things. Now this shit cost me everything. It was a death sentence and I was my own jury, judge and executioner to be. Sorry to have bothered this blog and its users with my problems. If you are thinking of going to the phils then DONT if you value your life.
    I see my mother and my father, I see the line of my people back to the beginning of time. They bid me take their place among them, in the halls of Valhalla. Where the brave may live forever.
    If I had a gun I would spend the last peso on going back to davao to the office of immigration. and kill the 2 guards first, then the bastard who made my exit from this hell impossble, and then the fat guy in the top office and save the last bullet for myself. Wont happen cause I aint got no gun, they have no idea how lucky they are. Mother fuckers !

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    Sorry, but can anybody explain to me why Jimmy needed a visa to get out of the Phils? Is that maybe becausee he forgot te renew his tourist visa on time? Thanks.

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        I need an exit visa to leave the Philippines when I have been here up to the maximum 18 months. I need a visa to stay here and another one to leave… WHAT?

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    Thru experience I try to deal with paying my annual fee for my I-card or getting my re-entry permit when I leave the Philippines. It usually works out OK because I know what to expect. However, there are times when I just don’t feel like putting up with the bullshit from the Filipinos because I know I could be getting fucked over. Like when my wife needed to renew her passport or when my mother came to visit and needed to get a visa extension. I didn’t want to put up with the B.S. so I went to a travel agent and had them handle it. It wasn’t really that much more expensive and the extra amount that I paid was worth every peso just not to have to deal with these assholes in person. Also, if you are going to be overcharged by the govt. workers in the office you might actually end up saving some money.

    I really hope that everything works out well for jimmy. He has had a rough time of it. I don’t mean to sound insensitive but he may have been able to avoid a lot of his problems if he hadn’t overstayed and taken proper care of his papers before they expired. We all know that Filipinos are vultures and if you fuck up and don’t have your shit in order it only makes it that much worse. Once they get their claws in you they will suck out every drop of blood as jimmy has found out. If you plan to spend time here please make sure you have your shit together and don’t expect any sympathy from them because they will suck you as dry as a well in Death Valley if they get the chance.

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    Ok,thanks so much for explaining! I was little in shock after reading his story. Im planning to stay in Phils for longtime, starting next month. A tourist-visa is not so hard to extend di ba.