Top 10 Most Stupid Things About Philippines

This list of the most stupid things in Philippines can virtually go on forever. But it’s close to my bedtime, so I’ll just list my top 10 that I can think of off the top of my head. Enjoy.

  1. SM Mall security checks. The pseudo-frisk at the waist line and dip of their stick in your bag.
  2. PLDT, enough said.
  3. Water pressure
  4. Power lines and posts
  5. Customer service of any kind
  6. Honoring warranties (or rather, NOT)
  7. Filipino drivers, enough said again.
  8. Serving of food at restaurants: Main courses served before appetizers, asking to order dessert before you’ve even been served your main course, only 1 or 2 ice cubes in your beverage, or glass with ice and ice is half melted, dishes come out one at a time and randomly over the course of your stay instead of all at once like the rest of the world.
  9. Getting your Filipino employee to actually do the job he was hired to do.
  10. Traffic officers standing in the middle of a straight highway, not at any intersection, waving cars in the only possible direction they can possibly go anyway. But 200 meters away there’s an intersection that is all fucked up and uncontrolled.
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    hey I like your blog! it makes me realize im not alone.
    You’ve been here for what? 5 years? try 25 years of restraining your anger!
    Every.Fucking.Day. I feel rage coming out of me wanting to beat the hell out of Filipinos for forcing themselves to become stupid even if the average Filipino is well educated.
    I hate this “Filipino Pride” nonsense, as if its something they achieved by working hard.
    I hate this society of inbred, noise-loving, inconsiderate assholes.
    I hate the fucking police who cant do anything, but act like a hotshot and walk proudly with a gun.
    I hate the traffic and the drivers who prioritize on looking “cool” on a motorcycle more than learning to be a responsible driver.
    I hate these street gang fraternities who think they are invincible and important for some reason(after allowing to be flogged just to gain friends)
    I hate their lack of sense of time, discipline and care for the greater things in life.
    I hate how they say they are “nosebleeding in English” even if we claim that we are the “best” English speakers in Asia and an average Filipino had 12 years of English studies.
    I hate how many of us cling to successful people and act as if we are part of their success.
    So many more to say. But I haven’t read your other blogs I think you already said those anyway.
    oh, and Filipinos don’t like hearing the truth, they don’t like criticism, they prefer sweeping the crap under the carpet and wait till it rots….

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      Captain PFB Post author

      Why not let your frustrations be heard here as a contributing writer of Philippine Fail Blog with your own authored posts? I can set your account up here with contributor permissions and you can post your articles here anytime. If you’d like to, just click the “writers wanted” in the navigation menu and fill out the form. I think being here 25 years, you have plenty of interesting things to write about.

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      Most of the netgative character traits attributable to Filipinos are identical to the common character traits of African-Americans. Call me wht you will, I make statements that are fact based. The crab mentality; even parents (gamete donors) will do their damnedest to prevent their own offspring from ascending. Abject laziness; hang you ass over the edge of the bed to take a crap on the dishes you left sitting on the floor.
      Hand-out beggars; you have more than I do, I deserve some of your success derived resource.
      You haven’t done anything for me in a while; fuck you.
      The nuclear family trumps all others; father turns out his 14 year old daughter, she thanks him and will fight to the death anyone who criticizes her useless despicable POS “father”.
      Insect-like breeding habits; the more children I spawn, the stronger I am as a man. Breed what you can feed makes no sense to these self-loathing dastrads.
      Ok, that’s my rant –

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    Me too, I’ve been here 25 years. I used to think nothing could surprise anymore about this country, or it’s general population. However, daily, I still manage to find myself standing speechless, mentally shocked and stunned etc, at the even greater depths of idiocy, they continue to sink to……

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      And that, no doubt, is in the urban areas. Out in “the province” it is minute by minute. The abject animalistic insanity will keep your lower jaw agape endlessly.
      Insanity. Idiocy. These are nice ways of saying cro-magnon.
      The populace, which grows geometrically each month, is so incredibly ignorant it truly boggles the mind. Getting the simplest thing accomplished is so frustratingly impossible I have to succumb to drink in order to cope.

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    All of the above!

    I do think it is good to vent, I fully subscribe to that being a health process.

    If you can no longer see the good things, then I think you need to worry. If all you see is the ‘red lights’, and don’t even notice the ‘green lights’, then the balance is probably gone.

    One of my favourite stories was when my girlfriend was chatting online to one of the vast Filipino diaspora. She turned the iPad to me to show that she was chatting to a pretty girl somewhere in my home country. The girl had been living there for four years, and it seemed natural for me to ask where she actually was. The answer bordered on the unnatural. The response came that she didn’t know where she was. I sat with my mouth open for fully ten minutes. I then suggested that she couldn’t have understood the question, and that Rosalie should ask her what town she lived in. The answer came back that she lived in the south of England. Through gritted teeth I asked again, could she tell me the name of the town. For goodness sake, I was only trying to make polite conversation! The answer from the girl who, let me remind you, had lived there in the UK for four years, was that she did not know the name of the town she lived in. Oh my oh my! It is difficult for me to conceive how that is possible.

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    It’s not only in Philippines, from where i am those traits blossom all over the place and we’re told its because we’re not accommodating towards filipinos which is why we’re upset. Near 300,000 pinoys in a place with only population.
    And we get bombarded daily on how pinoys are superior to us in everyday and we would starve if not for filipino despite seeing the stuff done everyday.

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    3, 7, and 9. What the FUCK is up with the water pressure? It’s not like this place doesn’t get any rains! I check in to the Makati Shangrila once a month just to feel the pressure!! Open the dam I say when I step into it!!

    Filipino drivers. Jesus Christ! When you step into your car, you’re not going places – you’re going to war. I’ve personally learned to say “fuck all ya’ll” because otherwise I’m not getting anywhere. We gotta master that one.

    My guys have been given so much leeway, that they abuse it even more and slack off even more. They think they deserve more.

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    1) driving – pinoys thought that driving is operating the vehicle and that’s it. no road courtesy no discipline.
    2) common sense is not so common or the lack of it. pinoy failed reasoning and pinoy failure to comprehend logical reasoning. FUCKTARDS!
    3) blocking of pedestrian walkways, elevator, conveyors – only pinoys deliberately blocks it, for no reason at all just because they want it. lacks courtesy, lacks discipline.
    4) pinoys are emotional fuckin machines and they want their problems (which they made) solve by someone else. they don’t hesitate to “emote” and show self pity to borrow or ask for money. and if you give them money expect that they will go back to you and ask again – no hesitation at all.
    5) filipino time – nuff said.
    6) they thought caucasians – excretes money or print money for a living.
    7) send their family members abroad to work as maids, whores, dancers and doesn’t squirm at all. family member sucks them dry.

    i can go on and on and on.. but i incinerating the whole nation is viable solution.

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      Captain PFB Post author

      I don’t hate Filipinos. Not at all. I don’t hate anyone. Hate is ugly. Although many Filipinos accuse me of hate simply because I speak the truth. I share my very real experiences here, and give my thoughts in an honest and very bold, blunt way.

      But what I say here is not hateful. It’s just fact. If something is stupid, and very obviously stupid, and most people would agree it’s stupid, then it’s truth, not hate. If none of what I write here on this blog is true, and if Filipinos were really smart, and their country was really clean and orderly, yet I was writing the opposite, THAT would be hate. But fortunately, what I write here IS true, and because it is true, anyone with at least a measureable amount of intelligence would agree. So it’s just fact. Stating fact is not hate.

      There are many Filipinos that I love very much. They’re stupid as fuck, but that’s just the facts. I still love them. And there’s nothing wrong with loving really stupid people.

      Incinerating the whole nation…THAT would be hate. I’m not for that. Philippines is a sovereign nation. They are a self governed nation. If they wish to continue being really fucking stupid idiots, then that’s their right as a nation of people. And it’s other people’s right to say how fucking stupid they are, if, in fact, it’s true, which it is.

      So Philippines isn’t harming anyone but themselves by being idiotic ignorant dumb fucks. It’s their right. And it’s my experience that most Filipinos will fight for that right to be stupid dumb-asses. Because when you call them out on their stupidity, they are quick to behave as if you have infringed on their right to be an ignorant stupid fuck. It happens every time. At least that’s my experience.

      So whenever a Filipina blatantly cuts to the front of a line, I say nothing anymore. Because if I do, she will get mad at ME for having the nerve to try to stop her from being a stupid ignorant shit-for-brains. They feel it’s their right to be incredibly stupid, dishonest, and have no common courtesy or common sense.

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        I dont say anything anymore either. I have taken a different approach. Now I serve the “squint-stare” to counter the infamous blank-stare and it works every time like kryptonite. They look away because they cant take the gaze. When I’m in SM and I see them throw trash on the ground or do nothing when their kids do the same…I squint-stare. When I pay for a taxi and he says he has no change for 100 pesos…I squint stare. When I ask for 500 pesos Globe load card and am told “wala sir”, only to see stacks of 300’s and 200’s on the counter…I squint stare. It doesn’t change the outcome, but it feels so damn good.

        I also don’t get upset anymore when dumb shit happens because its just way too often and my sanity is valuable to me. I’ve decided to instead observe this national phenomenon as if its NatGeo or something on Discovery Channel. Its much easier to digest that way and my blood pressure is stabilizing.

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          filipino tv is impossible to watch.. something like watching 2 year old kids playing in a sand box.
          You know exactly what is going to happen next.

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        aThere’s too much to tell under this topic. I hate about everything in the Philippines. From those naked brown babies we see everywhere until the fucking impolite stupid questions that female clerks always NEED to ask you if ever you talk to her about something in the store. Expect a police interrogation. Their questions are always the same and in the EXACT same order: 1: Where you from? 2: How old are you? 3: (The most important) What’s your job? ( Which is so polite to ask to an unknown). 4: Are you married. Always!

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Yeah, they are so fucking nosey. They have no shame in asking the most inappropriate questions which are invasive and quite frankly NONE OF THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS.

          Dumb Filipino: “So where do you stay?”
          ME: “Makati”
          Dumb Filipino: “Where in Makati”
          ME: “I don’t even know you, why do you need to know precisely where I stay? Are you inviting yourself over or something? You gonna show up at my doorstep unannounced and just assume I’m going to invite you in and party just because we had a passing conversation while waiting for the LRT? Suddenly we’re best of friends?”

          Fucking mannerless prying idiots.

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    This blog is a total fail!

    Haven’t you travel to countries like Thailand or Indonesia?
    It’s a third world country dumbass! Most educated people expect the inconvenience aspects of the third world. People with a healthy mind and functional common sense does research, thinks and expects what those countries are about to offer before jumping off their adventure to the jungle Philippines…

    You’ve got terrible ISSUES! You are a LIE! An IDIOT! A HYPOCRITE! I can sense a pang of duplicity in all your icy written words. Assembling the dirty facts and hurling it against Filipinos is not going to make you a better person and you know it. Again I tell you once more and now I am the one who is going to think for you this time, if you feel you are struggling everyday as you are surrounded with our ways of living here then why won’t you take your ass back to your barbaric origin and forever place not even a foot in Philippine soil.

    For readers who happen to stumbled on this useless blog site. Please do not entertain this cold blooded idiot, further exposure through his thoughts can be contagious and may be harmful to your mental health.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Prove the facts written here are wrong. This is just a place of sharing experiences. The experiences did happen. And I’m not about to take up every third world country. I’m here, so I’ll write about my experiences here. That’s all I’m doing. Sharing real experiences. I’m not making them up. What’s wrong with that? Idiot. You’re just another idiot Filo denying, reacting, and lashing back. Your comment is approved because it strengthens and proves my points.

      Just like most idiot Filipinos, gazmen83 didn’t read the “about me” part of this blog where it explains the main purpose of the blog. But I’ll repeat it here.

      THIS BLOG ISN’T HERE TO HELP THE FILIPINO. IT’S HERE TO HELP ME AND OTHERS LIKE ME RELEASE THE FRUSTRATIONS OF HAVING TO LIVE IN THIS NATION OF HELPLESS < —-keyword IDIOTS!!! If I thought they were even remotely capable of being helped, I might take your advice gazmen83. They are not even capable of helping themselves! So why would I want to help them??? This blog is here to help me and others who, for whatever reason, are stuck here long term and need an outlet. Keeping it in and not dealing with it could be detrimental to a native dumbfuck's physical well being someday! Because the stupidity and ignorance is so mind bogglingly frustrating, it could cause anyone with a brain to snap. I am here to help THEM, not the native brainless shithead. You are WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY OUTNUMBERED here gazmen83. Read comments, posts from the contributing writers, and you're welcome to dumbshit all over yourself here also if you choose and have done so far. I am happy to approve your comments, because they very simply prove my points. This blog is here for those of us who need to share our experiences here and express our frustrations and angers about having to live amongst these mindless, helpless fucktards. This blog is here to help ENLIGHTEN AND INFORM others who are considering spending time here, marrying a filipina fucktard, or take up residency here. IT'S NOT HERE FOR THE HELPLESS FUCKTARD FILIPINO. TRYING TO HELP THEM WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE WASTE OF TIME YOU IDIOT!! It would be more productive to help a box of rocks get a high school education than to even consider the Filipino as capable of being helped. This blog is here as a WARNING to those who might be considering spending any kind of time here. So stop flattering yourself and your idiot kababayan by thinking any of us would even consider helping the helpless. Now the blog makes a lot of sense in that perspective, yes? Because if I had been warned of such idiocy and failure, I would have at least come to see for myself before making an instant decision of a permanent stay here that would be very hard financially to reverse. That was my stupidity and mistake. So I will do what I can to help others NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. But thanks for your feeble failed attempt at outwitting me. It was theraputic. I feel much better now.

      1. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

        It would be more productive to help a box of rocks get a high school diploma than even consider the Filipino as capable of being helped.

        Seriously man that is just too right. It’s just too easy for them to just say: That’s not our fault we are a poor country. BULLSHIT!! You live there since long enough to had have noticed that the poverty there is really the people’s choice. No one of them is interested to take themselves in hand and starting moving their ass to get out of the misery. I concretly tried to help many of those Filipinos by giving them some good hint on how to make money starting with almost nothing but none of those assholes raised a single finger to improve their situation.None of those `strombolone’ will try to use their guts. Forget it. They are too well and comfortable in their shit. They are only doing what they know: Fucking, drinking til there’s nothing left, gambling,texting, singing and praying. Where the heck are we going in life with that? There are lots of opportunities in the Philippines but people are just too stupid to see them.

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        Speaking of dumb fucks, add me to the list, I actually believed all the forums and groups telling of the wonderful Filapinas. They warned of a few scammers, but they are easy to spot. Well yeah, a lot are so blatant you move on quickly. My ex, now in the U.S., picked up I wouldn’t play the money game and would run so she went into stealth mode for a couple of years until we went to the USA and got her green card. Unable to explain her behavior is a sane way I Googled a couple of the crazy attributes. That’s when I learned the thousands of selfies at the PC and up to 4 hours in front of a mirror (this was not the crazy stuff I googled) wasn’t a funny narcissistic quirk. I was aware that Narcissus loved his image and I applied that to the ex’s quirk, not knowing the implication. But from a completely different angle I found out what NPD is and that it is one step below bordering a psychopath.

        Never one to give up (the exception to quitters never win) I searched again. Found gold in one who has no interest in money or keeping up with the Joneses. Lucky me, NOT. As far as my sanity and safety, I would rather of dealt with money problem. NPD to the max. I’m too stupid to live. Pay attention to the slightest quirk, don’t think they just don’t understand and will learn, you must turn off your empathy for humans at once and RUN!!!! Don’t doubt yourself, don’t try, just run!!! I wish I could be an alcoholic, I envy them here. If you want to change girls like underwear, you will be ok, just wait till their first FUP and move on guilt free. But permanent relationship, good intentions, don’t come here with that in mind. No good deed goes unpunished.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          BiggestLoserx2, am sorry you became a victim by one of these visa opportunists.

          I think part of the problem is some of these Kanos who paint the Philippines as a paradise! It is NOT a paradise and never will be! Not in our lifetime anyway!

          I remember a particular Kano who was doing exactly the above, painting the Philippines as a cheap retirement haven, with plenty of young women to pick and choose from. Therein lies the problem. Plenty to pick and choose from, but the question is….will she stay with you forever?

          And of course, he really was selling dreams, literally, via his e-books. Interesting to note that he broke up with his GF last year, has had plenty of potential GFs, but he can’t seem to find someone who’d stay with him.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      “Useless Blog”??? Yes, I agree it is useless to the native Filipino dumb fuck. And I would be even more stupid to assume what’s written here to be useful to the native Filipino. Because it’s S.O.P. to deny, react, and lash back at any criticism at all, constructive or not. And you have proven such.


      It’s quite useful to those who are not informed of the mindless stupidity in this country and are considering taking up residency or long term stay here. In that light, it’s VERY USEFUL. That is one of the purposes of this blog. Another purpose is for those of us with a brain who are here to share our factual, real experiences of mind boggling ignorance and stupidity among ourselves. It’s not here for the native idiot.

      But of course, the typical selfish idiot filipino who usually has his/her hand out to foreigners assumes that anything about filipinos is there to help them.


      Now, step outside, observe the behavior in traffic, services, government, sanitation, civility, discourtesy, sheer ignorance, absence of common sense, and they way Filipinos treat each other, and tell me what is the REAL SHIT FACTORY!!!!

      Fuckin’ idiot.

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      I’m a Filipino and I was able to relieve the stress of my everyday disappointment about the Philippines through here.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        I’m a Filipino also, and this is my blog. Seems there’s only a few Filipinos that are smart enough to understand how fucking stupid their own people are. The majority walk around lambasting those who have the balls to admit reality while they wallow in delusion and denial that they are somehow intelligent despite the avalanche of obvious proof they’re fucking idiots. The proof is everywhere as soon as you walk out your front door.

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    You are the Pathetic “GRINCH” that came to the Philippines.
    Whatever you do isn’t going to justify the consequence of your stupidity. Now you are stuck here? Deal with it!

    You the Idiotic pathetic “GRINCH!” have no flexibility to adopt into your new environment, again do i have to explain everything all over again to you? YOU ARE LIVING IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! Expect third world experience!!!
    Since you justttt canttttt, you stubborn asshole… I know everything is too much for you to bear, the magnitude of information is too much for you to handle and your brain haven’t reach that much depths where normal people abides their intellectual property.
    This isn’t going to be easy for you. You feel as if you are the victim of this country and now you think it is your responsibility to create a watchtower of your awful experience. soooo predictable “ZZZzzzzzzz” boring! can you even.. just forgive and leave everything as it is? This is something out of your control NO. Are you even capable of hacking your own mind and turn every experience into a more pleasant one? NO.
    You may want to influence the people around you in the first place but its just so hard, you are not capable, your mind is not that complex to be influential with a bunch of monkeys out of control and no capacity to rise above the animal kingdom. Then you gave up. Now by default, your reflex inclines you into a defensive state of becoming a COWARD asshole who transfers all your frustrations through a computer keyboard as you may call it “Therapeutic”? idiot!


    NOTE: You Suck! I thought I’m going to get some any mental stimulation by conversing with some real intelligent people in this blog but “ZZZZzzzz””” sorry but you are so boringgg “ZZZZzzzzzzZ”. I can’t help it, I have tooo “ZZzzzzZZZZZZZ”

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      The “third world experience” huh, just accept everything as OK huh… One of the traits of Filipinos is that they are haughty and egotistic but are cowards in looking at the real world and indulge in the illusion that they are content. I know its not me you are talking to, but you are actually making it worse for us with your stubborn and unrefined manner.

      And yes this blog is therapeutic with all the stupidity i’m hearing and seeing everyday on the streets of M.Manila.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        He’s not making it worse for me. He is everything I expect from a dumbfuck Filo. I approve his comments because they fully support and prove what I say in this blog. He supports this blog (he just doesn’t realize it).

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      It is obvious that this idiot is severely affected by anyone who criticizes him or his country. And now he once again thinks that his rant just made Filipinos smart and everything wonderful and ok here. He now thinks that his rant just made it ok for Filipinos to keep behaving, thinking, and operating in such mindlessly ignorant and stupid ways that it will continue to cause severe human suffering among his own people. He thinks that it’s ok for the suffering caused by a nation of horribly stupid and corrupt idiots to just carry on, and he justifies it with the typical idiotic pathetic “Well, this is Philippines, that’s the way we are here” dumbfuck mindset, and nobody is allowed to be shocked and dismayed by it, and certainly nobody is allowed to say anything about it. Just shut up, and say nothing about it and watch us keep fucking each other.

      What an idiot.

      “You feel as if you are the victim of this country”
      Not quite. I’m just pissed off that you victimize each other every day. Unlike your idiot kababayan, seeing people suffer because you’re just too fucking stupid to figure things out here DOES AFFECT ME. And I talk about it. Sorry you don’t like what you hear Filipino idiot. But typically, you claim to respect freedom of speech, yet you want to attempt to silence any criticism against your stupidity and ignorance. Very typically Filipino. Idiot.

      I rather enjoy watching you idiots squirm like you’re doing now when people call you out on your stupidity.

      “I know everything is too much for you to bear, the magnitude of information is too much for you to handle”
      OMG!! YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!! Magnitude of information?? From a stupid fucking Filipino??? THAT’S HILARIOUS!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! COME ON EVERYONE! LAUGH WITH ME!!

      “You the Idiotic pathetic “GRINCH!” have no flexibility to adopt into your new environment”
      So if I create a blog and chit chat in some leisure time about the utter stupidity and ignornace, that means I have not adapted in my new environment? When will I adapt? When I stop seeing ignorance and stupidity? When I become as ignorant and stupid as the lot of you? When I just keep my mouth shut like the rest of you about corruption, ignorance, and pretend starving children caused by the people you elect because you’re all dumbfucks and say nothing about it, is that your idea of “adapting”? You’re one blind fucking idiot. You attempt sounding intelligent, but typically, you FAIL!

      You can’t take criticism. You have taken the route that you have been brainwashed to take, lash back and deny, and fight to justify severe stupidity by calling it tradition. It’s your tradition that keeps you stupid and from real progress. And it’s your tradition that causes undue and unjust suffering to millions of innocent children of this country. YOU SHOULD BE SO FUCKING ASHAMED, YET YOU DEFEND.




    3. Profile gravatar of

      Wow…everything said in this blog really IS true. In reading only TWO of your messages you have managed to solidify and prove each and every statement made by filo and his team of writers on this blog. Well done…well done indeed

    4. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      The problem isn’t third world, you have a pathological narcissistic society. It’s a not a label or slam, it is a reality.

  9. Profile gravatar of

    Oh, one more thing.
    If this is not for everyone? then check your web banner, the “YOUR” in it. that is self-explanatory.

    I think you are a fake, you keep on changing your intention for this site, but I do believe I can see your ulterior motives anchored since the beginning of your blog.

    Now what huh? are you going to quote again the things I say? well since you don’t understand then what? you are going to twist my words then turn it all against me? huh? borringgggg… Dumb! You are so predictable waste of skin!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Nope, I’m just going to continue to see you as you are. A typical dumbfuck Filipino. Deny, defend, and lash back at criticism. You’re just another in a long line of them amigo.

      You have spent plenty of time here. I would say that contradicts your claim of “borringggg”

      Get over me already. If you’re bored, go find something else to do then. I guarantee you won’t be missed. And the authors of this blog will continue to freely express themselves and our experiences. That’s all it is. So you’re welcome leave if you’re bored.

      (But here’s the thing: “When severely pissed off and affected, claim to be bored”) We all know you’re not bored. We know you’re furious about the true criticism of your country, and just can’t handle it. It’s obvious.

      1. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

        It looks like hearing the truth about your people do not hurt you but it’s making you bored and sleepy. Very fascinating.I think I start to understand a little bit about the mentality in the Philippines. Starting from the guy that is selling some peanuts in the street until President Aquino, as soon someone is starting to tell something serious that might change things, everybody around that can hear it start to feel bored and sleepy. That explains how come I saw some 4 years old cheezy sketches on the official site of the so serious president Aquino (no kidding go on his site. they mention that we need to leave our slum in advance in order to be at work on time. It even shows that eating fruits is good for the health).

        Basically we need to turn serious things into a childish fun joke to be understood. Mmhhhhhh! I’m not sure I want to dress myself as a clown just to explain to a pinoy how do we tie our shoes or that we don’t go in a wedding dressed in shorts,sandals and a t-shirt with a Pokemon on it.

  10. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    I guess the idiot gazmen83 wants to be the center of attention here. And I’m happy to give it to him for a short time.

    Because the only people he has on his side are more dumb fuck Filos (the subject of this blog). But as you can see so far, nobody has spoken up in his defense. He stands alone here.

    He is typically paranoid. Thinks we have “ulterior motives” to this blog. As if it’s some kind of conspiracy to bring down the nation. Imagine this headline: “PHILIPPINES COLLAPSES AT THE HAND OF A LITTLE BLOG ON THE INTERNET”. A bit paranoid? You think? LOL!!

    But those of us with a brain know that this is just a simple little blog authored by people with a brain expressing and sharing their experiences here. We are writing about real true experiences and coming upon fact based conclusions that FILIPINOS ARE MINDLESS IGNORANT SHIT-FOR-BRAINS MORONS. And we are totally free to do so. He’s just pissed off that the truth about him and his nation of heartless shit head fucktards is getting out to the world, and might prevent foreigners from coming here, which would decrease the chances of more handouts for himself. Idiot.

    If you’re not mindless ignorant shit-for-brains morons, then you have nothing to worry about, and we’re all just a bunch of liers here, right? But I know you cannot disprove the idiot things we write about here. That’s why I am confident we are not publishing lies. Just real-life experiences.

  11. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    gazmen83 says:
    “Whatever you do isn’t going to justify the consequence of your stupidity. Now you are stuck here? Deal with it!”

    Thank you! I am! Welcome to Philippines Fail Blog! Welcome to my free speech release. I’m sorry you can’t even remotely understand. You’re a dumb fuck among dumb fucks. But people with brains need an outlet for their frustrations. Utter stupidity and ignorance every fucking day, everywhere you go can be very frustrating. This is how I deal with it.

    On the same note, I do understand that criticism infuriates and frustrates you. And this is how you are dealing with it. By denying, and lashing back. Your denial doesn’t disprove what is written here. We have seen all of this with our own eyes. And we just tell the story here.

    Unfortunately, your dealing with criticism doesn’t help your people. Just continuing the tradition of non-progress, denial, lashing back does nothing for your country except keep you fucking stupid and ignorant.

    As I’ve suggested before, why not recognize the problem, admit it, and use this energy you put into lashing back at criticism into changing the minds of your people? You are just another link in the stupidity chain, unless you break the chain.

    This blog isn’t here to do that. Again I will say, this blog is here for those who need an outlet and share experiences, and to warn people who are planning to come here about the mindless stupidity they will encounter with anything they do, and everywhere they go here in Philippines.

    I see your people as completely helpless, and you have strengthened that insight even more. Maybe when I begin to see Filipinos recognizing the problem, admitting the problem, and working to make a change starting with themselves, instead of just typically denying and lashing back, I might begin to change my perspective of your helplessness.

    Want me to stop thinking you’re stupid as a tree stump? THEN STOP ACTING LIKE YOU’RE STUPID AS A TREE STUMP!!

  12. Profile gravatar of richmess

    What I think we ought to say, and probably don’t do so often enough, is things like ‘too many’, ‘the majority of’ … as in ‘Too many Filipinos seem unwilling to use their brains’. It is not ALL Filipinos, but it is absolutely certainly, from my day to day experience, far too many. I’ve met Filipinos who are gorgeous people, who are considerate, and charming and funny, and exhibit on a regular basis that they are prepared to use whatever intelligence they have .

    This reaction by Filipinos like ‘gazmen83’ is curious. I’ve experienced similar a few times. Others have certainly referred to this over-defensive reaction here and elsewhere.

    I think it is a similar process by which bullies are cowards. People who leap to their own defence with even greater prejudice than that with which they’ve been attacked, are probably suffering from low self-esteem.

    ‘This is a third world country’ might, just might, be some of the explanation for what we witness (and I say it again with emphasis) DAILY. But it isn’t good enough. I’ve travelled extensively, lived and worked in several different countries, and have been on this planet a few years now. At other times, I have fought quite fiercely against the idea that poverty does in anyway equate to bad behaviour. It is not a cause and effect, at least it certainly does not have to be. It isn’t good enough to blame any shortcomings on it being a third world country.

    At the risk of being trivial (but hopefully achieving a bit of humour) Indonesians do know that the soup comes before the chocolate pudding. Sticking with a similar theme, Thais do take pride in preparing food with good, fresh ingredients. What other countries do you want to throw into the pot? Laos is much poorer than the Philippines, and people act with dignity and respect. Where else … ? The Philippines comes out very poorly in comparision with other countries. An interesting one is Singapore. Apparently, the two countries were in similar positions in the 60’s, and a betting economist would probably have put his money on The Philippines. Look at them now? The material difference is staggering, and I think the way in which people conduct themselves, though it might not be so easily measured, is staggering too. One word! Just one word describes why. INTELLIGENCE!

    AND, here’s the thing. I will not say that the amount of poverty is a pretence. I see on a regular basis people living in very poor situations, battling against the appalling circumstances which this country gives them. BUT I will say that the lack of money in this country is rubbish. The official figures are, like too much in this country, a complete lie. There is much more money circulating around, in many peoples’ pockets than the official figures would lead you to believe. Many people have got money.

    It is not possible. As far as my understanding of such things extends, it is just not biologically possible for Filipinos to be as stupid as they appear. The ‘cogs’, the mechanism, must be there. It is just that, far too often, they can’t be bothered to use whatever brain they have. Driving, service in shops, policemen not doing their jobs, people not doing what they say they will, hospitals delinquent in their fundamental duty, people looking at you blankly because they don’t like the question, not being able to say sorry when they are clearly in the wrong, defending the indefensible, the crude greedy scamming, the lack of willingness to actually do their job, crazy voting for proven criminals, curious interpretation of their Catholic faith … too often, far too often, there is a lack of any intelligence being evident.

    I could go on … BUT gazmen83’s reaction is just further evidence of something being deeply wrong with this country. OH! The usual question, which really annoys me, is ‘why do you stay’. We all have our personal circumstances to deal with. That’s enough.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I stay because I’m not unhappy here. I am happy here. That doesn’t change the fact that the people are fucking idiots and I express it on this blog. That doesn’t change the fact that I completely sponsor programs that help them. I think they are stupid not because I’m unhappy here, I think they’re stupid simply because they show themselves to be stupid every fucking day, and I write about it here.

      So I will continue being charitable, I will continue to help good causes that feed the innocent children who are victimized by the horribly high levels of stupidity and dishonesty, and I will continue to think they’re fucking imbeciles because they simply are.

      I would not want to go back to USA. I live a good life here, much better than I could in USA. That doesn’t change the fact that the people here are mindless shit-for-brains. I can live happily among them. Doesn’t mean I can’t also talk about it.

      gazmen83 is just too stupid to see it.

    2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      This is exactly my assessment.

      How can “This is the third world” be used as an EXCUSE? We know it’s the third world. That’s bloody obvious. But being third world isn’t something that happens to you. It’s a direct outcome of your own actions. As filofail is pointing out, over and over again.

      Poverty: I know what you mean. You look at the place and you think, “how can the Phils possibly be poor?”. And you realise that, actually, it ISN’T poor. But people piss away what wealth they have and don’t bother to use their assets. A sizeable fraction of the population have land. They were given it by the gubmint. Not much, but enough for a comfortable living. So do they learn how to farm, get the family around to co-operate, and pull together a farming business? Nope. They sell it to anyone who offers them a few thousand pesos for it and then blow the proceeds on shit; or if they’re too lazy to even do that, they leave it untouched and go out stealing stuff, because, you know, they’re poor, so they’ve got no choice.

      Fundamentally they have no clue what money is or what it’s for. The honestly think foreigners are just naturally “rich”. Most of them actually believe US dollars – a foreign currency – is money. They don’t seem to get that it’s just paper, that must at some point flow back to the US in exchange for US goods. And who buys US goods? Rich people! What a brilliant scam.

      Catholicism: the Phils is NOT Catholic. Their religion is some bizarre mishmash of traditional beliefs, animism, voodoo, or whatever it’s called, with a Christian veneer plastered over the top. The priests have a field day with this. A compliant, superstitious population who will do as they’re told, keep their heads down and their noses to the grindstone, and then go to Church on Sunday to put money in the collection pot.

      1. Profile gravatar of TheBlankStare

        Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been more than 6 months since I have bid adieu to that shithole of a country.

        Their ‘religion’ is messed up too. Look at all their men stare at other women, and their women also stare at men. They have no religion or values that come from it. It’s ok for their husbands to have “girlfriends”. Fucking idiots.

  13. Profile gravatar of

    Props to “richness” for effectively communication. There should be more like you and less like him to write.

    I never support, I never denied anything! I never defend the Filipino how stupid they are, checked my previous posts again on the other site. I am all against you Filofail! You are so contagious and now I hate you! You are so noisy and dumb and that reason is enough for you to be hated! You are the Nickelback! You are the Guy across the street that for no reason I want to give him a finger! Hey! F*CK YOU!

    I wrote in the first place because I’m looking for answers and that is the reason why I get myself into this blog site. And YOU TOOK IT THE OTHER WAY, because YOU DON’T GET IT. You tap back to your hardwired neural functions. You are maybe against them, but you are obviously acting like one of them, devolving, running in reverse back to your prehistoric roots.

    Hey Monkey “FiloFail”. This is your devolution! Check your Tails! WAHAHAHAAA!

    By the way richness, I am not staying in the Philippines, I’m just here to recharge my batteries.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      “effectively communication” < ----LOL!!!! OH MY GOD!!! gazmen83 hates me!! WHAT WILL I DO NOW?? I DON'T THINK I CAN GO ON LIVING!! gazmen83 hates me! I think I'll go hang myself from the balcony!! WAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!! “You are the Guy across the street that for no reason I want to give him a finger! Hey! F*CK YOU!” < ----- for no reason he gives people the finger, just like he's done on this blog. For no real good reason. Just hate because the truth about him is revealed. Everyone can see it. “Props to “richness” for effectively communication. There should be more like you and less like him to write.” < ---- pathetic attempt at getting someone on his side, in other words, ass kissing. LOL! “By the way richness, I am not staying in the Philippines, I’m just here to recharge my batteries.” < --- Another sad attempt at trying to gain a friend here. LOL!!! Why is this relevant? Why does he think anyone cares? Comes to FAILIPPINES TO "RECHARGE HIS BATTERIES??? Yeah, recharge his dumb fuckedness by lambasting those who criticize him, how very Filipino! LOL!! Ok, raise your hand if you think gazmen83 has flipped his lid. Raise your hand if you're thinking what I'm thinking....he's been kicked to the curb and now makes no sense at all in his attempt to limp away and act like he's not limping. LOL!!!! gazmen83, think you can write something...anything that doesn't prove every word of this blog correct? Anything at all? Tell you what. I'm going to give you the last word. Then go on your merry way thinking you got the best of us here at You are what this blog is all about. You may now walk away thinking you won while we all point and laugh at you limping off into the sunset.

  14. Profile gravatar of richmess

    All I would try to claim is slightly more measured, hopefully reasonable, communication.

    All gazmen83 has done is shoot himself in the foot. He recognises something different about the way I tried to ‘speak’, but then continues to rant and rage at FiloFail. That’s fine, each to their own, I’m just not sure it is very effective. Please forgive me if I sound at all as if I am trying to be superior. I am most certainly not! I am famed among those who know me for my sustained angry rants. They can be very healthy. That is what what I recognise in this blog. Maybe it goes beyond what I consider healthy at times, but that is for FiloFail to judge for himself. I can always lean forward, pick up the remote, and turn to another channel, can’t I?

    If you have never met a Filipino who is a decent, honest, at least halfway intelligent person, then that is a shame FiloFail. I certainly have, and for me that is all I was trying to say. I do admire the fact that you’ve let gazmen83 rant on. by the way, I am richMess.

    I can’t fathom what anyone is trying to say about my last paragraph. I was pre-empting a predictable attack. What I’ve said, applies to a number of people, but if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I have no problem with what you have written here richmess. I think you make a lot of sense and I wholeheartedly agree with you.

      Yes, I have a few native friends here who I do consider a bit out of the ordinary in intelligence. This blog isn’t addressing them, and when I say Filipinos, it means in a generalized sense. Life teaches there are exceptions to every rule. That goes the same with Filipinos. But I am sure we all can agree that the majority are dumb as a box of rocks. I pretty much figured most of us with brains would realize that it doesn’t even need to be clarified. It’s a rule of life.

      Rant on richmess. Rant and be well!

  15. Profile gravatar of mike-test

    @gazmen83 I understand you. I believe this site discusses idiots filifucks like you and no wonder it hurts your feeling so bad and reacted the way you do. Just like the author and some people here, we no longer believe that there is a single ounce of hope for failippines. And we don’t have any intention to help improve the situation nor wake you mother fuckers up. We simply don’t care (deal with it). We just want to express ourselves the way we want it.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      @ mike-test
      I hated him not because of the words he hurled upon my people, that doesn’t affect me idiot. I hated him because I CHOOSE TO HATE HIM. It’s not a reaction but a RESPONSE according from what I learned from him. Possessing a low-level of maturity at his age of around 40s or something isn’t funny. He is even dumber than Chad Kroeger!

      And by the way, one finger for you! FU*K YOU!!!

      1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

        PFB really hurts you mother fucker eh? And no he does not appear dumb but you do, trust me, you do. What you have written here simple says it “I AM STUPID BUTTHURT FILIFUCK”. You don’t even have a point – nothing but blahblah. Stupid filifucknos!

        FiloFail challenges you to prove him wrong – but you being a retarded filifuckno delivered blahblahblah but no fucking single point?

        1. Profile gravatar of

          There is no way anyone of you can even come to close on hurting me! what with words? NOOOO F U C K I N G WAYYYYYY! Shut the Fuckup!

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “I’m not hurt, NOW SHUT THE Fuckup” LOL!!!!!!!!!

            That’s like saying, “I don’t have any pain, but can you give me some pain medication?”


  16. Profile gravatar of

    You are a perfectionist! You are OCD, any typographical error that I made or my views can really get into your attention. Do you really have to give your response to any absurd situation that you come across with? So you can put your nose high upon them? I believe that is the reason why you created this blog site? You are a FREAK!

    I already told you, your words are too noisy; there is no point of direction. There is no what, why, where is it going, how? It’s like a war movie full of bombardment scene from beginning up to the end. Only raw facts, nothing more…

    Am I trying to make anyone on my side? NO. Now I’m not sure if still get the juices out other than your ignorance. You are now so flat and plain and you don’t give me awe anymore. That is the reason I’m losing my interest.

    1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

      Let me qoute you “You’ve got terrible ISSUES! You are a LIE! An IDIOT! A HYPOCRITE!” – What lie? Hyprocrite for what? Were you just terribly in pain of the truth said here? Or was it the profanity and swearing that you don’t like?

      Why not go to the extreme, why not compare failipines with Congo and Somalia? And diss on how fuck-up they are? But you know what? This blog is about Failippines and the domain name says philippinefailblog! Otherwise its called isn’t it?

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Lie, Idiot, and Hypocrite are simple words which doesn’t make any sense to the untrained mind like yours. Take time to SEE HIM what he is all about as a person! Idiot!

        1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

          My retarded mother fucking failipino frend why can’t you point out what was the “Lie” and “Hyprocrite” that you are talking about? Was it just a simple knee jerk reaction of a brain dead piece of shit filifuck?

          1. Profile gravatar of

            Hey Dumb Mother Fucker! this blog is all about him! This blog is created just for his kicks! He is not even serious about all of this ideas! He is a Freak! with all his pathetic motives running behind what he writes. He is a LIE!!!! A GRINCH!!! I don’t believe he is disturbed by the behavioral stupidity around him. The FACTS HE WRITES IS TRUE! but haven’t you thought he is THE PERFECT MOTHER FUCKER EVER LIVED? Shame on HIM!!!! on you also! for not thinking STUPID! He is a HYPOCRITE! I don’t feel him as human being! His Brain is so fucked up! and he is fucking everyone’s mind!

          2. Profile gravatar of mike-test

            Ahh.. So your more concern if he’s for real or not eh? What for? Who cares? I myself don’t give a fuck on who are you or the author or anyone here! I don’t give a shit if the author is not what he claims that he is! Shit! Im not even curious on who the author is! That’s NONE OF MY FUCKIN BUSINESS! Like others – Im here to express myself (or bash failipinos – whatever) and to relate to others experiences in the failed nation! Are you trying to fantasized the author – are you? If you wanna feel good website? Go to or something like that.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Has anyone noticed how gazmen83’s first comment sounded almost intelligent and structured, then as he is kicked to the curb systematically, we can read the progressive degradation of structure and grammar/spelling…etc.

      And now he has just been reduced to the level of a babbling disgruntled 4 year who has thrown himself to the floor kicking and screaming.

      Who else is laughing and shaking their head with me?

      1. Profile gravatar of

        I’m sorry, but I am here for the practice. English is my 4th language. But I do know Philippines, and I will try my best to write. Please let me in…

  17. Profile gravatar of

    They are raised in slums, and their priority is to get fed, grow, starts a family, have a mediocre job with a descent pay then contend with anyone by attaining all the finer things in life without giving any regard how their actions affects everyone around them. That’s the typical Filipino life is; without a purpose of living, mediocrity is a path for almost everyone and they are not even aware of it all.

    They are stuck into that mental rut and certainly no way of getting out of that yolk in which their folks places upon them! A perfect recipe designed for failure.

    But what can we do? If only true knowledge can rise upon an individual that will lead this country and pass on these ideals to the younger minds of the next generation. That will catapult this country to a finer generation.

    The Philippines is a young nation! Independence hasn’t reached its first century for what I think. It’s not that easy to govern a population of over a 100 Million spread throughout the archipelago.

    Americans is so fortunate to have the knowledge accumulated by the letters of Europe and its own forefathers from its earlier years where at that time, Philippines are not allowed to be educated by the Spanish government.

    You should be more compassionate about Filipinos rather than being frustrated. It’s better for you to shut your mouth instead of giving everyone the information how stupidity is rampant throughout this country. Whatever reason you have for what you do; you are only degrading your character as a person. And I totally see How Ugly You Are!

    @ FiloFail you are a uneducated Faggot! Real Men don’t talk like that!

    1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

      Oh ok – there goes your point. You want FiloFail and some others here to be compassionate? Well FUCK YOU! We does at some point, and in fact FF still does.

      Young nation? So is Singapore, HK, South Korea, Taiwan. In fact they are younger than us. And you can’t deny we had a good start and they don’t except maybe for HK.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Hey Asshole! better go back to your History Class before placing any of your dumb shit comments in here. The Philippines is considered still a young nation with a bad leader ever since. FUCK YOU!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

          Ahhh a filo traits – failure to comprehend whats not obvious. Yeah Failipines is young. But so does Singapore, HK, S.Korea, Taiwan – in fact they are YOUNGER THAN Failippines. And yet they are waaaaay more progressive, very progressive than felipins that its like comparing apple to shit. So what gives? Oh BTW just to prove how dumb failipinos are Google “IQ by nation” – Im not surprise at all. Every election proves that I am waaaaaaay fucking correct.

        2. Profile gravatar of mike-test

          Let’s dwell further – So who elected the bad leaders my retarded mother fucking bitch? Let me answer my question for you – FILIPINOS! You know why? Coz they don’t think or doesn’t have the capacity to think!

          1. Profile gravatar of

            Everyone knows that fucker! I already told you, I am not defending their stupidity! That is one of the things that I am ashamed of. My point here is that if keep on talking like that, I can imagine that you sucking someone’s Dick!

          2. Profile gravatar of

            My point is to keep your mouth shut from spreading your shit! This blog is here for a stupid cause. That’s all fucker

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            gazmen83 says: “My point is to keep your mouth shut from spreading your shit! This blog is here for a stupid cause. That’s all fucker”

            So you think we should shut up and stop sharing our real experiences here as a warning to unknowing first time visitors? So you’re not a proponent of free speech? You want to silence truth? You admitted your people and the ways here are fucking stupid. So what’s your problem then? Isn’t it obvious that you just don’t want people spreading the truth about Philippines? How about pulling your heads out of your asses and grow some brains and civility? Then maybe people wouldn’t write about how fucking stupid you are!

            FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

          4. Profile gravatar of mike-test


            Stop blogging failipino stupidity? That’s fucking ridiclous! That’s not going to happen my retarded frend! Why? Are you ashamed that the world will know how stupid the pinoys are? And your “pinoy pride” bubble will burst?

            Blogs regarding failipino stupidity are sprouting like mushrooms lately. Don’t take my words for it “Google” it.

          5. Profile gravatar of mike-test

            Your like asking ABS/GMA to stop airing “bad news”. I think you yourself will agree that you sound stupid.

          6. Profile gravatar of

            You D U M B M O T H E R F U C K E R. Do I have to jackhammer your thick skull to show you what I have been pointing out? It’s not about the FACTS you say on things! Its on how you say it! I already written how stupid Filipinos (MOST OF THEM) are! I would even want to support this idea somewhere but not here. Since there is a big difference!. This Blogs says ALLLLLL!!!!! without any precaution on leaving some things to the unknown. YOU ARE SO DUMB!!! Instead of starting a descent conversation you started me with “M O T H E R FUCKER!” MOTHER FUCKER!

          7. Profile gravatar of mike-test

            So are you! You are no different from us! Come-on mother fucker, I think its safe to say we’re not being judgmental here, you can join the bashing mother fucker!

          8. Profile gravatar of mike-test

            Domain name says it all – its a warning itself! If you can’t resolve the domain name itself how much more the content! If you are offended then its not for you. Nobody forces you to read shit here. Are you that stupid to figure that out?

          9. Profile gravatar of mike-test

            There’s a survey on the left side of the webpage – you see that? The one that says “I Think Philippine Fail Blog is:”? Go on.. Click the “View Results”.. go on..

          10. Profile gravatar of mike-test

            The site serves whatever it wants to serve. If it serves as a warning to westerners for marrying pinays? I think that’s fair! If it serves as a warning to tourist – that’s also fair! If it serves as a ground to diss and allow us to vent our frustrations on filifucks – that’s brilliant idea!

          11. Profile gravatar of

            I do want satire, and tell my experience with the typical “Juan De La Cruz”. I already submit my request. and I don’t know if its going to be approved after all the shit I did.

    2. Profile gravatar of mike-test

      Hahaha! But you sound like that.. So by using your stupid filogic – were all bunch of uneducated faggot here? Aren’t we? Im ok with that.. What ever you say..

  18. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Thank you gazmen83 for raising the traffic of this blog today. Google search engines love lots of comment activity. The traffic to this blog has tripled today!

  19. Profile gravatar of

    FYI, Juan – The Lazy, is about the bad habits of a typical Filipino we experience everyday, I won’t mind, if you rejected it. I’m just looking for something to do in my free time anyway. Bye

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Are we keeping you up? How many hours have you been hanging around this blog so far? I think it’s been like…all fucking day? LMFAO!!!!

      Thanks for being our biggest fan!

  20. Profile gravatar of

    Sir, let me in. please…
    I’ll be good. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.

    I just want to write. That’s all… I’m going to be here up until august 1. I feel bored. Com’on let m in.

  21. Profile gravatar of

    Pardon me for all the things that I’ve done. But I really do feel like writing. I suck really but at least give me a chance

  22. Profile gravatar of richmess

    gazmen83 – I think you have been given much more of a chance than I would have given you. I guess that in person you are quite entertaining, but the horse is dead, it’s been dead for the last umpty or so comments, and you seem to be the one wasting your time and energy in still flogging it.

    FiloFail – I have posted a number of times, and often said that I appreciate what you are doing. The number of times when I’ve said ‘So it isn’t just me!’ have done my mental health a deal of good. Again, thank you.

    I do completely agree that with people who you get on with, or are at least working collaboratively with, you will got nowhere, or at least progress will be massively impeded, if you have to preface every comment with shit like ‘I believe that the majority … I am making a generalisation, but … I think this only applies to some … ‘. If you qualify every statement it gets very tedious. However, this is a public forum. I will, therefore, stick with what I think my original statement was. that I think WE should qualify our generalisations a bit more often. But, if you want to turn that throttle grip, mash the peddle to the floor … that’s your choice … it is fun … for a while … but you are certainly smart enough to know that you are going to have a car crash now and then.

    For now … best wishes (and yes, this does include you Mr Gagmen) to everyone!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Oh I love the car crashes like that of gazmen83. You know the type, they become obsessed with the blog and think they are the ones who will bring it down. Then when the idiot realize they can’t, they beg to be let in.

      He hates me, hates this blog, yet he spent all day here yesterday, and now he is begging to be an author. He is a real piece of work isn’t he? I think this is the perfect time to say good-bye to him. It was fun watching him make a complete stupid fool of himself here, but as you stated, it’s a dead horse now.

  23. Profile gravatar of TheBlankStare

    FiloFail, tell us the truth .. you’re paying gazmen83 to type in here aren’t you? If yes, where do I drop a dime in the PhilippineFail army kettle?

    This has definitely been fun! The best thing to come to on a Monday after sitting through stupid fuck traffic because some dumbass motherfucker went all nuts the second he felt a drop of rain on his windshield!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Not a penny my friend. I don’t need to. He is not the first native Filipino to “flip” out and dumb-shit all over himself on this blog.

      It’s such a travesty. Imagine if they put as much energy into changing their stupid thought processes as they do denying and blaming and stealing and lying how much better off they’d all be? I keep telling the dumb-fucks that if they would recognize their stupidity and ignorance, and smart up, they wouldn’t have to worry about blogs like these because these blogs wouldn’t have reason to exist.

      If you don’t like being called imbeciles, then don’t be imbeciles. If you don’t like being called stupid, then fucking think and grow a brain. If you don’t like the truth about yourself, then change the truth about yourself. But your screaming, denials, delusions, and illusions doesn’t change anything. It just continues to prove what is written in this blog.


  24. Profile gravatar of

    Whatever you may have written may have some grains of truth in it, but does your actions re-enforces any view of positive outcome? NO! The factitious disease has already been acquired and you are making it worse by giving us the facts! Hey patient! This is the cause, symptoms, and there is no hope for the cure and eventually you are going to die. This catastrophic faith for the general population has been caused by their self-inflicted stupidity.

    Hey Doctor Feel Good! What the Fuck do you want!!??
    Free Speech Mother Fucker!!?? What? To let anyone be aware how dumb a person could be if they have been raised in the Philippines Mother Fucker!!??

    I do not see any reason for these other than your LOW SELF-ESTEEM!!! You are by blood a fucking Filipino. And you wanted to be contrasted how different you are, didn’t you???
    I believe I have come into a Conclusion here!

    Tu el perro siempre los mismos trucos
    Adios Coño!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Again dumbass, this blog is here NOT for you. It’s here for expats who live here, as well as those considering taking up residency or long term stay in Philippines. It is a warning to them, and an outlet for us. Why do you continue to torture yourself and make a complete fucking idiot of yourself here? Go make your own blog. Hey, how about “”? Then you can tell all about how wonderful Filipinos are on YOUR blog, ok dumb dumb?

      Now you’re back on the naughty psycho side of you? You go from humble and nice to psychotic and weird. I’m going to start calling you Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde!

      I’m about to delete you all together. You’re just soooooooooooooo affected by this aren’t you? Have you no other life than to hang around a blog and confirm how stupid you are? Sheesh!

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        I Felt it was time to block gazmen83’s IP address from accessing this site. I just couldn’t stand to see him slowly flog himself to death anymore.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Yeah, sometimes you just cannot console a crying baby. There’s comes a point where you just need to lay it down in the crib, close the door, and let him cry himself to sleep.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          dude you need to archive this thread as complete and undeniable proof of each and every blog post you have ever written. It was glorious

  25. Profile gravatar of

    You are an EPIC DUMB!

    You are full of bias, I told mic-test to shut his mouth because I don’t get anything out from him, with all his “MOTHER FUCKER” conversation like that? Tell me if there anything I get anything from a guy like that? He gives a quirk sometimes, really funny, but now I can hardly remember the things he told me yesterday. Any of your fucking ideas stands temporarily in a brilliant light of the moment but eventually fades away from the fact of emptiness it contains -nothing more but sophistry and illusions about me.

    Don’t be proud of your yesterday because I didn’t dedicate my time solely on this fucking blog, I didn’t waste it since I get to trade a small chunks of my time in exchange for improving my English (so don’t you fucking antagonize a fish if he can’t fly properly, because I’m 100% sure that you suck better than me when it comes to swimming through another language) Multitasking my dumb friend is the way of a versatile and normal people like me. Haven’t you thought of that?

    But don’t feel bad, you are not that stupid anyway since you rejected me from becoming an author. I underestimated your logic for a Trojan Warrior. Believe me you are not that stupid as a Filipino does. I guess I have to put my mind a little higher than a 4 year old child to match your intellect.

    I Promise I WILL NEVER BOTHER YOU ANYMORE! and GO!, archive this double edge glory!


    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Still beating the dead horse gazgirl83? Still falling to the floor screaming and crying I see. You weren’t here because I blocked your IP address, and now you’re so obsessed with us, you now go to a different connection to continue dumbshitting all over yourself on my blog again. tsk tsk tsk….

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      If I may translate gazmen83’s supposed final comment to what it really means….



    3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I love how gazmen83 does the typical idiot Filipino hypocrisy.

      He says:

      “You are full of bias, I told mic-test to shut his mouth because I don’t get anything out from him, with all his “MOTHER FUCKER” conversation like that? Tell me if there anything I get anything from a guy like that?”

      and then look at HIS comments, particularly the last comment:


      LOL so very typical of the stupid Filipino. They will criticize you for something, then in the same breath, do the exact same thing LOL!

      gazmen83, you’re just another stupid fucking Filo, ok? Clear? Got it?

      Thanks for not bothering us anymore.

      (who wants to make a bet he will certainly be back to reply? Any takers?)

  26. Profile gravatar of mike-test

    WHAT??? My English isn’t good too. And evidently Im bad in putting my thoughts into words and my composition sucks. But you gazmen – u da man! Your last statement sounds like a malfunction English translation software! DAMN!

    Cry baby.. Evidently your so sour (pride sooooooo hurt) that FF didn’t publish your article. I can clearly hurt you w. out even me swearing or cursing. Anyway.. Carry on.. Go on.. Shoot yourself further in the foot..

  27. Profile gravatar of TheBlankStare

    I would like to bet that he will be back to cry again.
    I would also like to bet that he’s all worked up because his gf/wife slept with a foreigner because his chuchu is too small for her.

    Speaking of, what is WITH the filipinas here holding hands with their boyfriends/husbands yet tearing the clothes off an expat with their eyes?

  28. Profile gravatar of

    OK, so how can we exploit this mass of idiots for our own ends? It is clear that the “schools” are going to continue to produce more celebrity worshipping, helpless morons.
    How does a smart Pinoy or average Expat gain financially from the idiot masses?
    Pissing and moaning because your restaurant order wasn’t served correctly, or complaining because you got cut off in traffic doesn’t benefit anyone. We are unable to help the helpless because it will simply be pearls before swine, and a lost cuase before it even gets underway. So, how does one capitalize o the ignorance and make one’s own life more comfortable?

  29. Profile gravatar of JosephA

    Oh, I could go on at length but I’ll try to hold back on it. I don’t want to start crying at the sheer uselessness of this country in general. Don’t get me started about the Cebu tourist visa office, or the electricity company, or the internet, or the shoddy food that you get here, or the situation with regards to renting accommodation where the owner ALWAYS keeps your deposit which is supposed to be returned to you after a certain length of stay.

    And I’m not going to mention about the idiots around where we live always banging their doors at 5 in the morning or revving up their stupid little motorcycles for like 10 minutes, once again, at some ungodly early morning hour…

    On and on…

    But no, this one is about Cignal the television service provider. We’ve been using Cignal for the past 8 months, prior to that it was Sky. We need to get a top-up for it at month end to continue with the service. We go to the local mall, cos that’s the only place around here (Lapu-dust pit-Lapu) that provides top up credit for Cignal. Most of the time, the agent doesn’t have any because… because… they never give a reason. So we have to then travel about 10 miles round trip in a tricycle to get top up credit. And that’s even though there’s a kiosk selling Cignal in the exact same mall that we’re supposed to get our monthly top up from. I ask the girl at the kiosk and she says ‘we don’t do that’. I ask the girl at the kiosk for a brochure with the tv channels… ‘we don’t have any’. I ask, ‘so what the heck are you doing here, standing around looking pretty all day?’ No reply of course. What the kiosk appears to be for is to allow a crowd of people to stand or crouch as they do here, watching the television for hours on end. And that’s it!

    Not end of story…

    About 5 weeks ago our Cignal box went dodgy. No power. No nothing. So no service. Tried to get it fixed, but to no avail. Couldn’t get in touch with anyone to come and sort the problem – the problem to be sorted was to provide us with a new box. Finally, after 3 weeks of trying, managed to get in touch with these… these… people, and I get a message that I have to pay 730 pesos for a technician to come out to the house. Imagine my fury! Or can you?

    So, I told them to f… off cos I was switching to Sky instead. Utterly insane level of incompetency or what!!!

    And that’s not at all the end of it either. I could relate to you the story about the water being shut off and no-one knew why. Well, as it turns out, we’re all paying some flunky the water bill money each month and he then pays the water company. There was me under the belief that I was paying it straight to the water company, but not a bit of it. Turns out that this flunky ran off with the past 3 months worth of water bills paid by around about 200 residences in this area. I mean, what the f…!

    Only in the Philippines…

  30. Profile gravatar of

    Hey guys, I’m new here. I lived in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines for 3 years. I can attest that Filipinos aren’t very bright. It’s in their nature to be passive and non-critical thinkers. They are peaceful and non-confrontational. The inferior technology and lazy mind-set makes the Filipino not progress like its Korean and Japanese counterparts. Check out Winston Wu’s site He goes in depth about Filipinos.

    Fascinating observations of the pros and cons of Filipino characteristics

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      anybody rememeber that filipino athlete that went to the oplimics?? anyway, he seemed to have a chance at some medal,, so they all jumped on the bandwagon of \\flip pride”. It seems his sponser sent an email to the gov’t requesting help(money) of coursae… well,,, the excuses was that the gov’t \”LOST” the email ,, about 10,000 soryy excuses from these gov’t thieves

      1. Profile gravatar of TheBlankStare

        LOL the fucking idiots still send email twice and also SMS twice because they think it legitimately doesn’t arrive (might be partially true for SMS due to their fucked networks).

        They fail to realize that 98% of the time it’s their fucking stupidity that makes the mistake of not typing correctly.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        thanks for the update,(I owe you a few beers ), I need a good laugh on how not to commit a crime in Canada!!!!!
        Probably like watching the Manila Bus fiasco

  31. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

    About 3 years ago just for kissing I subscribed to a failipino dating site call To send a message to those mega idiot girls we need to be a premium member (what a prestige). Being a premium member costs like 100$ a year payable with Western Union (typical). Anyways… I wrote to them many times to tell that I want to cancel my subscription for X and X and X and X and X reasons that are all extremely good. But it’s absolutely impossible to unsubscribe from that scam. Once you’re in their net they will keep you alive trying to get all the money they can from you (of course I never sent them a single penny. We must to be insane or pretty damn desperate). Look what it says when we click on Unsubscribe:

    There seems to be a problem on your request. Sorry, we can’t process it. Try it another time.

    This hypocrisy is typically Filipino! That’s not all. Look at the fat fucking stupidity the site is using to attract suckers who have no idea what this country is all about:

    “A stick of small pork barbecue costs 10 pesos each (about $0.25 US). Pork chops and chicken barbecue sticks costs about 50 pesos ($1.25 US). Grilled Squid is 90 pesos to 100 pesos depending on the size, and fish is 50 pesos to 100 ($1.25 to $2.50 US) pesos, again depending on size and also species. Hotdog, pork sausage, and other small servings cost 5 pesos to 10 pesos.

    A traditional Filipino dish and a comfort food for Filipinos are the various types of Barbecue. Anywhere in the country, there will always be a vendor on the street that sells this food, even several kilometers from the nearest town proper. Filipino barbecues are marinated slices of chicken or pork speared in bamboo skewers and grilled on hot charcoal. It is a mainstay in the Philippine food because it’s cheap and very tasty. ”

    Those crazy assholes are encouraging us to eat street food. What kind of damn cheap people they think we are? Of course they don’t mention how sick we’re gonna be for the next few weeks. Use your brain tabarnak! Flies are pounding their eggs in this shit!

    It’s all right to promote your country but can you at least use some good arguments? I admit it’s hard to find some.

  32. Profile gravatar of Alicia Cummings
    Alicia Cummings

    i remember stupid counter ladies at sm makati grocery, i’m going to pay, only have a basket, not a cart, tried to go to one of the normal counters since there are no customers there, cashier ladies just standing, but they won’t accept me, they want me to fall in line at the counter for baskets & wait in line there, wtf! stupid & lazy sm employees!!!