Top 10 Popular Jobs in The Philippines

1. Marry a foreigner

2. Have a family member married to a foreigner

3. Have a family member working outside Philippines

4. Inventing sudden illnesses paid by family

5. Scamming loved ones

6. Scamming foreigners

7. Divorce a foreigner

8. Getting pregnant with a foreigner

9. Never leaving parents

10. Moving in with spouse’s family

Least popular job in the Philippines
1. Work

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    Top 3 Careers that Failippinos Most Interest

    1.) Politician

    2.) Showbiz Personality –especially singer,dancer, actor/actresses/mistress

    3.) Religious Leader

    The latter 3 does not require brains

    Top 3 Careers that Failippinos Least Interests

    1.) Scientist (Natural and Social)/Engineer

    2.) Enterpreneur/Innovator

    3.) Intellectual Scholar

    The latter 3 requires brains

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    ugly people dressed as women,,,, canned laughter,, annoying noises,movies made in the middle of the nite,,copy cat programs made from usa films,, they even got tagalo on national geographic on my cable tv… these morons will steal anything.
    please shoot me if u see watching pignoy tv,, I am senile then,, ,,I will leave a note for the cops

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    Steve Declerck

    This top 10 is very accurate.

    About showbizz personality. My asswipe wife is watching ABS-CBN all day long (yes she hates to do some work, she prefers to be lazy all day long). I never saw such a horrible acting like the ones on those “teleseries”. Plenty of so called actresses, crying, screaming, yelling in front of camera and non stop nonsense conversations. I can’t believe people can watch that crap. When I comment on that shot to my wife, she would still tell me “she’s a very famous actress in Philippines”

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      So true Steve…

      I was watching X-factor the other night with my wife, and this little girl went up to sing and sounded AMAZING. Great tone and just a phenomenal talent. Audience reaction? NOTHING. My wife? NOTHING. The judges?? MEH

      The next kid comes up and literally SCREAMS into the mic for the entire song. I couldn’t even tell what song she was singing. It was horrible. Totally off key and no timing at all. Audience reaction? WILD. My wife? Jumping up and down clapping. The judges?? FOAMING AT THE MOUTH.

      What the hell is wrong with these people?? If its loud then it must be good. No talent necessary

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          Whats wrong is that it is the Philippines, and everything that is right everywhere else, is wrong here. Everything that is right here, is absurd everywhere else. Every other country makes some sort of forward progress, Philippines says “Fuck that, whats wrong with the world? We will go backwards!”

          So essentially whatever seems right, moral, reasonable, ethical, upstanding, honorable, noble, or otherwise “correct”, the Philippines seems to be 100% in opposition against it.

          As far as noon time shows are concerned, I rather be subjected to
          “RABID DRY MONKEY ANAL” than to sit through even 4 seconds of any noon time show here. I don’t even know what “Rabid dry monkey anal” is, but got damn it, it sounds pretty fucking terrible. But not nearly as awful as that repetitive high pitch giggling shit they incessantly use to fill the temporary silence between all the other noise.

          Every time I see a poster of an actor or actress here(I use the term “actor” very loosely) I just want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon and peel my skin off then roll in rock salt. There has GOT to be a better way.. No, this is the Philippines, and a thousand toothless grins says otherwise. everyday is opposite day here.

    2. Profile gravatar of GottaGetOuttaHere
      GottaGetOuttaHere Post author

      Have given up on motivating my wife to do anything with her life. She seems to be happy sitting in front of the telly all day waiting for me to entertain her. I wouldn’t really mind her watching the telly if it wasn’t for the fact that I can hear it in the background while working – and a number of things are just driving me crazy:

      1. Seems there is a piano and violin player who have a 24 hour job doing background music for practically every show … even the goddamn news!
      2. The constant wailing and crying in teleseries.
      3. Canned laughter in a non stop repetitive cycle.
      4. Singing … everyone seems to need to break into song at any point of time – despite their inability to sing.
      5. The annoying mix of English and Tagalog. Why the fuck do people start talking in English and then switch over to Tagalog like halfway through a sentence when they find out they can’t really speak the language. If you do not speak English just use Tagalog … no shame in that … but stop randomly throwing in an English sentence for the sake of seeming smarter … makes no fucking sense.
      6. Fat kids for some unknown reason being hosts or main events of shows. Shouldn’t they be a school learning something? Or maybe running around outside to loose some of the excess fat so they won’t die of fat-related sicknees in their twenties? Maybe they simply are just more intelligent than the grownups and that is why they are brought in to constantly give their opinion on everything …
      7. Gay people. Filipinos are obsessed with them. The more gay sounding the smarter they obviously must be, coz me wife is just beaming with joy when they do something really gay. I have no problems with gays at all, leaves more women for the rest of us, but I do not find just being gay a skill or entertainment.

      1. Profile gravatar of
        Steve Declerck

        Me too, I have given up. It’s exactly like you tell, the whole day in front of the telly, or sleeping half of the afternoon, while the whole house is a mess. And on sunday evening, I already know it’s laughing hour. That means sunday evening is showbizz. Indeed those hosts like so much to invite gays to make lot of fun. Then every 5 seconds : hahahaha, hehehehe, hihihihi and this goes on for at least 2 hours. I find it hard to immagine how a 36 year old woman can be so immatured. My 7 years old kid is already more developed than she is.

    3. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
      Richard aka Dick Head

      ABS-CBN is the biggest contributor to the dumbing down of Failipinos. Where I used to work, people talk about who won what, who was wearing what and other nonsense.

      I had a balikbayan friend from the Bay Area visiting me here in Manila some years back who was asked me if I saw him on a noon-time show on ABS-CBN (I don’t even recall the name of the show) where he appeared with his family. Apparently, they were pre-selected in the US to appear at the ABS-CBN noontime show as a visting balikbayan family competing in those stupid games on ABS-CBN.

      When I responded I don’t watch those asinine and hollow noon-time TV shows, he felt offended and answered back “Tangina mo, ang yabang mo”. (Rough translation – You’re a SOB and you’re full of yourself”.

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    Steve Declerck

    I meant When I comment on that shit to my wife, she would still tell me “she’s a very famous actress in Philippines”

  5. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    OK – let’s play a little game here. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a SINGLE Pinoy celebrity who is not at the very least some sort of fucking semi-moron-imbecile-halfwit. Maybe I’m just being a racist prick, and the Failippines is actually littered with Rhodes Scholars and Nobel laureates. Like I said, I can’t personally think of any. Who can set me straight? Anybody…

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric
      Eric neither. We live near the Fort and apparently the place is crawling with pinoy celebs. I couldn’t pick one out in a lineup at gunpoint though. My wife on the other hand can and these meatballs love to be noticed. I laugh my ass off though when I walk past someone “important” and my wife is falling over herself explaining to me who this or that person was – and I have no friggin clue. I actually played basketball with one not too long ago and this numbnuts was trying to explain to me how famous he was and the look on his face when i couldn’t place him was priceless. No talent = no fame. Sorry….

  6. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    keep reading these issues about “idiotic” Filipina wives. What the hell are you guys marrying? uneducated class c d e specimens? If so what do you expect!

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      My wife is actually a great mom and a fun person to chill with. Crazy loyal and all the trappings that go with that…but she suffers from her pinoy affliction every now and then which is funny as shit and a blast to rant about with others facing the same thing. No different than getting a room full of married dudes (from -pick your country-) without their wives – after about 10 mins the war stories come out and we all get a good laugh because its like the women share the same brain.

    2. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      Marriage, the biggest mistake man can make 🙂 😉

      I never found Filipina that is intelligent, funny, honest, understands that I need me time, doesn’t have kids and who’s not obese or taken. Usually things went wrong when some level of honesty was expected and most of the “intelligent” ones were obese that is huge turnoff to me.

      My gf is the sweetest person I’ve ever met on a level that doesn’t exist where I come from. We have lived together few years and not a single time she has raised her voice or complained to me no matter what, and how she takes care of us and the house is amazing.

      She never asks money to her family, I don’t support them, and she understands that this country is fucked up. She’s also only person that I trust my money with (she does my bank transactions), obviously I have my safety mechanisms but so far she hasn’t scammed me a single time.

      But is she Einstein, no, but since it’s next to impossible to find woman with her personality, attitude, body and looks (trust me I tried, I was like dating machine before) I’m trying to grow brains to her 😀 (Sent her to continue her studies etc. and she’s one of the brightest in her class… which unfortunately isn’t yet sign of intelligence 😉 )

      1. Profile gravatar of Analiza

        Well you can’t have all the good things in life my Dear.Cultural differences really matters!!!I am not that intelligent but funny,understanding,no kids and most of work out 24/7.As a Filipina I think for the Filipina’s to improve themselves is to use CS.We don’t need to be a wizard to make a difference!!Instead of watching those crazy ,stupid Teleserye why not do something to learn.They don’t need to go to college to educate themselves!!!First they need to know what they want?Second know there priorities?Third,do something to make a difference!Fourth,be realistic that marriage is not all about money.Fifth,your family is not your husband’s responsibility!Sixth,your husband needs a break!Seven,Always learn how to say “NO” to your family.Eight,Know your husbands needs and understand what feels.And lastly be honest and start making a move to become a better person…Marriage is all about understanding your differences and trying your best to be a perfect person for your husband!!

    3. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      Tend to agree with that view Hawkeye. My Pinay is damned smart, and would be considered so in any country. Just the same, I “get it” as to why guys marry some of the less intelligent specimens here. Frankly, it’s just uncomplicated.

  7. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I can’t stress enough how true this article is. According to this, my wife, her family, and all of her friends have jobs, and they don’t do a damn thing to really earn it. Even sadder, my Filipina idiot wife has been assisting her sister in playing with foreigner’s emotions on Facebook for money. Yeah, she is a fucked up influence. Teaching her sister how to pretend to love someone so they can send money, and it actually has been working. Since this is partially ‘Foreigner Fail,’ I’m not going to intervene because it’s that foreigner’s fault for being so damn stupid and gullible, but he will learn someday. Nobody reached out to me and warn me of all the chaos that exist in Philippines prior to me coming here, and besides, he is only putting money in my wife’s family’s pathetic pocket. It’s not benefiting me, but I am being benefited to have more knowledge of them. Yeah, and her best friend is a big time pro at this! She does it for a living online through facebook.
    According to my wife, she has about 8 guys sending her money a month because they are all in love with her. And she hopes that none of them visits her, because that will keep her away from the computer and her boyfriend business. Kinda fucked up right? I don’t condone this, but what can I do about it? The guys are in love, and the girl is getting her money. Putting an end of all that for the sake of principles will put a lot of negative attention focused on me. I’m totally done with this corrupted country, can’t wait to go back.

    1. Profile gravatar of
      Steve Declerck

      Hi FAFI,

      If your wife is assisting others to fool around with foreigners, that’s perhaps also the way she feels about you. My asswipe wife is not any better. I also wished somebody told me prior to getting married over there. Too many men still think that love can be bought. Indeed, one day they will learn it the hard way.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I’m surprised I didn’t get to this comment until 6 days later. Yeah, I thought of that possibility of why my wife is probably clinging onto me. As money driven as she is, I think you are right. That’s alright because I don’t plan on staying with her forever anyway. I already found another Filipina who isn’t like that and it’s going to be a rude awakening for her when I leave this country without her in 2 years. Unfortunately still being married to her, I can’t bring any other woman with me except her. But this will give me time to re-establish a connection with this new girl (or whichever girl I find most intriguing), until I am ready to ditch my current wife for someone else.

        Honestly, I have no intention on getting married again, fuck that! As for my appeared stupidity of going from one Filipina to another one. Well my current wife is the first Filipina I met, and physical attraction fooled me big time when meeting a non-American girl, who is hotter than American chicks, so I got whipped real quick. Yep, that’s stupid me! Married the FIRST Filipina I ever met. I admit to my stupidity, but now I know that my first choice, is never my best choice. After being exposed to the Philippines after 11 visits, I think I found one who is truly meant for me, but marital attachment is what’s repelling me away from her. She understands my situation, and she has a situation of her own, so we may end up trying to work it out anyway.

        To get back on the related topic. My current wife is a scammer at heart, and it’s sad that she is influencing this behavior on her sister. She converse with me about it as if she thinks it’s ok to engage in such scandalous activity. Her best friend makes a living doing this. She is a fucking pro. From the petty gossip I received from my wife, her best friend makes somewhere around 30,000php a month. That is almost double or triple of what the average Filipino makes at most retailers (SM/Hypermaarket) and fast food joints. If she hangs around scammers like that, then no doubt my wife probably has the same outlook on me. Most likely she views our marriage as a job or source of income, rather than a marriage for the sake of emotional desires.

        I know what I’m dealing with and how to settle it, so no need for advice 🙂

  8. Profile gravatar of Alicia Cummings
    Alicia Cummings

    Have 2 comments on your post:
    1. never leave family — actually i think this is a good thing about filipino culture, this enables them to finish college, also, unlike in other countries, there isn’t much suicide/depression because people do not get as lonely/depressed as people from other countries, they are able to easily connect & talk to family & love ones when they have problems, they actually don’t need to get a shrink & get identified w/ mental disorders

    2. least most popular job is work — correct, as we see on informal settlers, squatting on other people’s properties (in the philippines this is normal & pitied upon, and the owners are the devils), the president should only count as unemployment those who are really looking for jobs, not those who DO NOT WANT TO WORK — i actually don’t believe you will not be able to find a job in the philippines if you are really looking & responsible, i mean, there are a lot of callcenters here who gets anyone from the streets