Tourist Experiences Racist Treatment In Philippines – “The Worst 4 Days of my Entire Life”

Hey-Joe deserves all the credit for finding and sharing the following video:

Thanks for sharing, Hey-Joe, and I hope you don’t mind me submitting it as a main post.  It really deserves a front-page headline.

I hope everyone shares the link with anyone thinking of traveling to the Philippines on holiday.

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    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Phil thats a bullshit study.
      No mention of China or Japan.
      I am not apologizing for the Flips but to lump them before Japs and Chinks are they fucking kidding.

      As for the article I am not sure commenting body size and looks are Racism maybe Colour but I would have to hear the word there.
      But for a country obsessed with how they look I see and hear them talking all the time.
      Usually about me too. SANTA CLAUSE!!!!!!!!! do I take offense Nope !!!!!!!
      I just remind them of BAD SANTA and NO CHRISTMAS.

      The idiot was here for only 4 days she reckons the country is so fucking beautiful and pristine water clear and full of fish.
      TELL ME FUCKING WHERE THAT IS ILL GO all the water I find is devoid of fish life and usually the most common thing I see when diving is Plastic bags.

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      The comments under it blow me away. It’s blamed on whites. A lot of the comments seem to come from other races, but being the internet, and they’re FB comments, who knows. But this guy, WTF:

      “Khalid · Ateneo de Zamboanga University

      Many are homophobic and Islamophobic, too. Not all, but many. I’ve met many. Some are neighbors, some are relatives. Some are classmates, some are even teachers.”

      “Islamophobic”, both myself and friends, mostly from the U.K. have heard the snide sneer “American”, doesn’t sound like much, it is the tone and if you’ve ever heard it you know what I mean. These experiences have all been with Muslim boys and in passing, totally unprovoked. To be honest I haven’t heard a Christian Filipino slur Muslims at all. They live side by side in squatter areas, no one complains about the prayer being sung in the wee hours. They seem to not even notice it. Christen squatter grandparents taking care of daughters abandoned children with Muslim fathers who don’t pay support. They don’t complain, I know because I asked questions, not hearing them griping about it.

      I am not talking about the different Muslim fighter groups using their religion as an excuse to seize control of areas of Mindanao. I just do not see the common, who live side by side display any prejudice against each other. In Davao City there are roadblocks coming into the city to prevent terrorist from coming in there just doesn’t seem to be any tension at all between Muslim and Christian Filipinos. The only real thing I see is the well known and justified fear of foreigners being kidnapped by Muslim terrorist groups outside the city. And I don’t blame the Muslim religion, I blame corruption, as always, is at the root of the problem.

      This is just the view of what I have seen, maybe others have seen different.

      1. Profile gravatar of Tacitus
        Tacitus Post author

        I would have to concur with your observations, BL, having experienced myself the behaviours you described. Many of the Middle Eastern countries and cultures suffer the same problems as the Philippines and their citizens want to get the hell out of their own countries as fast as they can by any means necessary. And sure enough, as soon as they do, they bring all their hypocritical bullshit with them!
        As Al has mentioned before, there are mosques here in the U.S. and Canada that preach hatred, violence, bigotry, women are inferior and all their other cultural bullshit. It is truly disgusting to watch them enjoy freedom and democracy while calling Americans white devils, treating women like shit and perpetuating religious bigotry. And like you said, corruption (political, cultural, religious, etc.) in their countries of origin is at the heart of the problem. Yasser Arafat might as well have been Philippino given all the shit he’s pulled. I hope there’s a special place in hell for corrupt people from the Middle East and the Philippines because they are doing a damn fine job of create hell on earth for their follow country men and women.

      2. Profile gravatar of Attila

        Dear BLX2. Nothing wrong being Islamophobiac. Myself and 99% of Eastern Europeans are Islamophobiac. I guess living under Islamic terror (Ottoman Empire) for hundreds of years and learning the true teachings of the Qur’an does something to the psyche. You can also say that Hungarians are also suffering from Communism phobia and Nazism phobia as well. Why? Because these ideologies are responsible for all the tragedies in our part of the world and we had decided that they are not getting a second chance. Some “educated” Filipinos will use all the tricks in the book to show how superior they are to whites. They have this need to go out of their way and blame whitey and sometimes kick in to whites. It’s trendy now and it is a world wide phenomenon, Filipinos will grab every opportunity to do it. Just look at my previous posts about how Filipinos view whites and Americans in general.

  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Once again Filipinos go out of their way and insist on being in the top ranks on a list/survey that is unflattering and negative. PINOY PRIDE!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      And all the while making laws that if you say one bad thing (AKA truth) you will be black-listed. Laws taxing foreigners 2x as much as locals..on, and, on it goes. The lady in the vid sure got a first hand taste. I can hear the out cry now from the pinoys if this lady were to give it right back to them. (STFU you stupid little under nourished brown monkey) OH, the headlines that would generate…The EVIL, hateful foreigner!! BURN HER… I mean BAN HER !
      Sing it with me… “It’s all about me”

      The hypocrisy of this shit hole makes me sick.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Hey Joe,
        Go read the comments under her vid on youtube. there is one where a guy says filipinos are racist and a pinoy gets pissed. Follow those comments.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike


          If I recall correct the pinoy replied to a comment made by a michael norfleet. If that not the name it will be easy to find as the comments stretch out.

  2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I agree with the first comment the map is wrong.
    If the Parents have not lodged missing persons with the police they should be arrested for facilitation as they probably rented them or sold them.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    We speak good english.. This is the standard excuse these peeps use when defending their racism It is always worse in other countries. I wish I had a dollar everytime I heard that song and dance bs.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I was talking to BL, Don, Angel and Joe about your comment if you had a dollar every time you heard that. We agree that you should get a dollar for every time you heard that PARTY AT AL’S. HE’S BUYING!!!!!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        They have standard set excuses they all use to defend their country.
        Most of them have never been outside this nation at all. So how would any of them know what it is like in other countries??????????
        If one of them said something bad about my country,, I would agree with him or her… becos ,my country has gone downhill fast……
        Can you imagine the butthurt if one of them were thrown out of our countries because they violaated some silly rule??????????

    2. Profile gravatar of Tacitus
      Tacitus Post author

      I’d be willing to accepting a farthing, Al. And sure enough. if I said that to them, I’d most likely get hot air out their arses because “they speak good English”.
      Like so many other words in the hypocritical lexicon, I’m willing to bet they used the term racism without fully understanding and grasping the term and the complexities it implies. And in true Philippino fashion they’ll use the term racism, not to describe it in the context of an anthropological social issue fundamental to human nature, but use it in a self-serving manner where they are the victims when in reality they are the perpetrators.

    3. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      From now on, when they say “It’s worse in other countries”, ask them what other countries they have been to. If they say none, then ask them how they know what it’s like somewhere that they have never been. Good way to get a “blank stare” I bet! 😉

      1. Profile gravatar of FLIPmonkey


        Do monkeys even speak ? I’ve tried communicating with these CHIMPS in ENGLISH they either mix it up with Filipino language and English. I’ve tried speaking to FLIPPERS on the phone and I have come to conclusion that they FAIL to communicate!

  4. Profile gravatar of Nik

    i don’t get all the hassle in this particular case. you guys have really high standards and expectations. everyone knows that she is black and fat, including herself, it’s obvious. but for some unknown reason it’s forbidden to speak that aloud. mankind restricted self too much with this tolerance bullshit, it’s totally not normal when you have to weigh every your word thinking about other people, if you can really hurt them that much.

    once again, i think i posted it in other comments where this video was posted first. if you’re attacked with words use your words to retaliate. since local people here don’t get sarcasm in any form simplest way would be to tell them to fuck off. but i guess in western world it’s more polite and tolerant to gulp the insult and record long whining youtube videos instead of standing for your own.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Here’s the way I see it. Yes she is heavy and black. It was also her first time to the philippines and that was a very short visit, 4 days. I’ll wager that most here wish they had left after 4 days, but I digress. Back where she came from it is rude and ill mannered to say such things, yet filipinos think nothing about saying anything rude to or about anyone. I have heard them say “Look! A nigger.” aloud while pointing at the person they are talking about. BUT if anyone says anything negative about a filipino then that is not allowed. They can dish it out insults and criticisms but cannot handle others saying something about them.

      A lot of the comments under her video and the one where ABS-CBN replied the filipinos are pissed. They say they are not rude, racist while still calling her names and insults. Their own comments prove her right about what she says about filipinos. Now atch, I’ll bet they declare her persona non grata and blacklist her. No pun intended. The filipinos are starting to show the double standards they are well known for: We can say anything we want about anyone but no one is allowed to say anything about us.”

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        Filipino men are often rude to my wife when we walk together on the street. Usually about wanting to have sex with her in case I can’t satisfy her. There is a stereotype about Kanos having soft penises and Filipino men likes to offer her sex to make up for it. Interestingly I’m tall and in shape and I’m in my early 50’s. None the less they still have that belief. At first I did not understand what they said as they always addressed only her in their local language. After an incident in Manila I finally asked her what was she told by three men on the street. She did not want to tell me. It was about my penis and about wanting to have sex with her. I was furious and was ready to go back and confront them. She got in front of me got on her knees and begged me not to. She was afraid that I will be stabbed or hurt. She explained that Filipino men have some serious ego and they could just kill me for confronting them. Just my 2 cents worth about how insulting Filipinos can be.

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Behavior like that shows a total lack of empathy. What if all of us with teeth went around pointing, laughing and shouting jackolantern at all the human jackolantern’s here? Or those with mole issues here? I am not for PC, I hate it, there should be common decency and empathy. Yes most of us will at times poke at or critasize someone’s quirks. But attacking someone’s ego to their face using their physical attributes is shallow. It’s ok if it’s some fat f**k Cluster B like MB, actually attacking the ego of a Cluster B is one of the few ways of getting control of the situation, they have the most fragile ego’s of all. The woman asked nothing from them, was actually a paying guest of the country, was taking nothing from them and was not inconveniencing them in anyway. She didn’t pose even an unfounded or misconceived threat to them in their mind. If they found it funny, that’s fine, but there is no reason to make her aware of their ridicule. That’s childish and un-empathetic, 2 important red flags that you may be dealing with a cluster B.

      1. Profile gravatar of Nik

        what i’m trying to say is that i’m not defending their stupidity. i’m just amazed how pitiful and defenseless she was, and how most of western people are actually. instead of mocking this miserable scum of people into their own shit she preferred to suck it on.

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      She’s fat and black. No need to point at her, charge her double, call her a monkey, laugh at her, or call her names. Shows a complete lack of empathy for other people or just an inability to “be cool” to different people, especially when touting the country as a #1 tourist destination. Also, Filipinos are just completely stupid cause they think she’s from the USA as a black woman. I highly doubt the average Filipino can point out Africa or the UK on a map.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        One time I was in the doctors with my wife (here in the West) and a Black African walked in with her two kids. My wife says “They are Americans” to which I replyed “Umm WTF”. I tryed to get her to guess the continent they are from and she could not answer. I told her Africa and she has never heard of Africa. She said they were Americans and that white people come from America to. Umm not lub, have you ever heard of England? you know that country where the English language comes from? Again no, had never heard of England before and had never heard or Europe before. I tested her later on and she could not point Europe or Africa out, just Philippines, China, America and Australia. These people are seriously stupid, off the scales absolute f ing IDIOTS. Maybe it is just me as I was always fascinated with maps of the world when I was a kid and can point out almost every country, something I and most kids I went to school with could do around age of 7 or 8.

        1. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

          Converstion with a DIA woman
          Me: Oh, you live in Davao? What part of Davao you live in?
          DIA lady: What do you mean dear?
          What part of Davao do you live in? North? South? East? West?
          DIA Lady: I don’t know, I am not good at maps

        2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          I bet if you went to manila airport with a world map and stopped all the OFWs and ask them were they were headed, then ask them to point out where that is on the map 99% wouldn’t have a clue.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Well, you would just think with them being on an island country the intrigue to see what else is around would be automatically set in. Not to mention EVERY Filipino wants to get the fuck out and have so many relatives working all over the world.
        Also, in the last 15 years we have google maps or google earth. Geography is so freaking easy now,,, too easy. However, Filipinos really don’t have that “hunger for knowledge” type of mentality. They really don’t think much further than their own barangays unless they think they can find work in Manila.
        Their education levels are just pathetic. It is amazing how dumbed down the culture is. You rarely see people here with skills for critical thinking or problem solving, let alone wonder for what else exists in the world.

        And what is so difficult of seeing a black woman? Why is that so shocking to point and laugh? Further, what would it be like if we pointed and laughed each time we saw 5 people on a scooter or short pinoys with rotten teeth?

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          “hunger for knowledge”, no curiosity what so ever. Worse, they reject it, they want to wallow in their delusions. A suggestion that we google a subject we disagree on NEVER works. They don’t want to see it. FB is reality, tsismis the truth, witch doctor knows best, please don’t abuse me with facts.

    4. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      To add to what Mike said, the PI wants to encourage tourism. Is this the kind of behaviour that will encourage people to fly there and spend their hard-earned money? Tourists want to feel welcome, not insulted. Naturally, the filipino mentality is to shoot the messenger, so nothing will be learned.

      30 million tourists visited Thailand in 2015

      5 million tourists (including returning filipinos) visited the PI in 2015

      Being treated the way she was certainly won’t help increase tourism!

    5. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
      Rice Ganda

      Agreed. If this was the ‘worst 4 days of her life’ then she must have had a very easy life so far.
      Loved this comment amongst all the ass-kissing and denials:-

      “You ARE actually a flat, black lady; Just like I am a fat, bald, pinkish-white man… Are you in denial and fishing for views and ‘you’re beautiful’ comments ? Or have you been living in such a politically-correct bubble in the UK that you are actually traumatized by foreigners ,who are not restrained by PC, commenting on what you look like? Did you Google the good & bad points about the Philippines before you went there or did you honestly just expect it to be ‘Like London except with sunshine and beaches’ and go to a third-world country entirely unprepared for the culture shock? SE Asia is really not the place to go if you are overly-sensitive,don’t like to be outside your comfort zone, or want everything to be politically correct, respectful and ‘nice’… If this is what you want, you should stick with Centerparcs; But If you want to experience foreign lands and cultures – then you could start by not being such a pussy. The last time I got offended by someone calling me fat I was in primary school. In the Philippines I just say ‘I know’, or flip them off, and go about my business. You must have some real deep-seated insecurities if what these backward idiots say about your appearance traumatizes you so much.”

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Well now she added something to google about the Philippines. It’s not a white, bald, fat guy that’s complaining about the hospitality here. Can’t accuse her of being a sex tourist with sour grapes. Nope, this was a tourist just on vacation, just to spend money and take pictures of her beautiful vacation in the Philippines to show all her friends. Ya know, word of mouth, and others would want to come. I wonder how many people will now never come here because of her experience? I wonder how much relief will not be donated next time a typhoon hits? I bet it will be more than 100 times what she spent coming here. Real people, with real bad vacations.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Who says she is not a sex tourist?????
          Maybe where you are living they are not around , but in Subic Bay we see plenty of white women on the prowl
          STRONG LIQUOR does not come exclusively in a bottle.
          It was not that long ago there were some very seriously weird bars in old Subic town.
          Maybe she got a knock back or got here and found out they had shut down that scene, totally ruined her holiday.

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Well they’re white, must have race issues or else they’d head for Africa. She’s not, what in the hell would she want a hotdog in a hallway for?

      2. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

        Rice: I think you may be a tad more sensitive than you make out. In a not-so-long-ago-post a flight attendant “hinted” that you were fat. You ostracised him at the time and took time to write a complaint letter. Later, you also also looked to see if he was still working for the airline, which apparently he wasn’t. Not bad going for a “hint”.
        Elaayne may have been oversensitive, but we all have some issues, legitimate to outsiders or not.

        1. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
          Rice Ganda

          @86andbelow Yes. I’m over-sensitive to Political Correctness, and I am also over-sensitive to people in the service industry bullshitting and announcing that things are ‘company policy’ when they are not, merely to satisfy a personal agenda or because they are having a bad day.
          If some flight attendant wants to think a 6ft tall Brit, former prop-forward, with a 42 inch waist is “fat” then I couldn’t give half a shit, nor would I be ‘traumatized ‘and think it was the ‘worst four seconds of my life’. However, what I will do is complain that some moron has just argued with me about a non-existent company policy in front of 245 other people. Hope that clarifies.

          1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

            I enjoyed your story. I thought that belittling him was correct, made him look like an idiot and lost him face.

            After that, your sense of indigence became overly sensitive imo. To write a letter, give it to your friend (who oversaw this man’s employ) and use his influence to remove a gainfully employed person (albeit with a chip, or having a bad day, perhaps….), and then look to make sure they had been terminated, was extreme….again imo.

            Personally, I would have let it go at demeaning him in front of 245 others. I reiterate: I feel you are more sensitive than you like to admit.

            Personally I am PC, but do not embrace the subtle movement of the goals being moved into the area of everything being so fucking sensitive (reverse racism, etc, that willfully leads everyone to an arena that only pits one against the other) that people cannot form a sentence without having to analyse before they speak. My mother was disabled with a crippling disease but was not a cripple, just as many of my friends are black but they are not n*ggers, gay but not sh*tstabbers – words that I refuse to use, and are rightfully designated as being derogatory.

            So, in closing, nice story taken too far. I trust you understand my view.

          2. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
            Rice Ganda

            Telling somebody that they are wrong and are lying is not “demeaning” them. It is “pointing out the fact that that they are wrong and lying.” Stop being so darned PC. If anyone pushes a blatant lie on me as ‘company policy’ like I’m stupid enough to believe it, then I’m not going to just take it in the ass.
            Don’t wanna’ lose face’? (whatever the heck that means) then don’t BLATANTLY LIE. Simple really.

            If someone writes a comment, you really don’t need to add bells and whistles to suit your own agenda. I never said that I asked my friend to use his influence fire the cabin crew or even that they were his direct reports.
            I said that I take the same flight every week and have never seen the guy again. I did not say that I deliberately booked airline tickets to see if the guy was terminated.
            By all means, feel free to make your own shit up, but don’t feel free to twist my words into something else.

          3. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

            As I stated in my shit, I agreed with your initial stance. To “loudly” demean him in front of the 245 other passengers was correct and to put him in his place probably caused him to lose face for “hinting” that you were too fat. I applaud that.
            However, you were not content with that. You then took the time to sit down and compose a letter documenting the experience. Next, you “handed” your drinking partner friend – who was a manager for the airline – a “complaint letter” stating that the flight attendant was “fat-shaming ANYONE who was an average sized European”.
            So, you were traumatised enough that you took the time to write a letter, embellish the truth by stating that the employee spoke to more than just you (“ANYONE”) and perhaps lost that person their job. All that for someone “hinting” that you were fat? Fuck me, what would you have done if he had said, “Oi, lard arse, out that seat now”.
            I feel someone less sensitive would have mentioned the employee’s behavior in passing with their drinking partner friend, not handed them a complaint letter. I also feel someone less sensitive would not have indicated there was more than one instance, without having completed a thorough survey, rather than making shit up. You are one person, not a group.
            As I said before, the second part of your story was, to my mind, unnecessary, excessive and deceitful.

          4. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
            Rice Ganda

            It would be good if new members could actually make comments on, and contribute to,this blog without some random wanker or wannabe smart-ass ripping every single one of their posts apart. I swear this 86andbelow and John are one and the same person.
            If people cannot have their say without being trolled, then what’s the point?

          1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

            This is a blog to express views!!

            I commented because I first read your NAIA response and then minutes later read your “Agreed. If this was the ‘worst 4 days of her life’ then she must have had a very easy life so far”, in denial comment. Both were posted within an hour or so of one another. I thought pot, kettle, black and so I expressed my view in as non-confrontational way as possible.

            On most occasions I am complimentary of people’s posts. I am also prepared to apologise when I have upset anyone, as I did previously with Mike, if I am wrong or have caused offence.

            You certainly react badly and seem to be sensitive to people pointing out what they perceive as a negative way to deal with a situation. It was a discussion, thats all. If you don’t see that being so upset that you have to sit down and write a letter rather than mention it to your friend, then that is your problem not mine – however, when you then discuss someone else as being sensitive then it is reasonable to point!

            You haven’t addressed as to why you did things in that manner. If you did, I could then AGREE with why you did it in that manner and apologise to you for indicating that you were overly sensitive.

            Your trolling comment is a complete copout and doesn’t wash, sorry. Your John comment is equally baffling.

            My view is still that you are more sensitive than you admit and your latest comments underline that view.

          2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

            I read this comment this morning and sorry Ganda but 86 has been a member for a while now and he ain’t no troll. We all see the new members join and vent away; some stay on other out wear their welcome. Pinoy culture is very frustrating but if we all blew our thoughts out Captain would think his servers are under attack with all the posts and comments flooding in. Stay calm it is just a blog, dont let it consume you. Surely you have a life.

    6. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

      Nik. Yes, she is black and fat, but they used the term “nigger” and pulled at her belly. Yes, the UK is too neo-PC and maybe she was expecting a Mindanao Blob welcome. Maybe the two combined will let her reset her sensitivity threshold quotient. We can all learn. Took me a while to fathom these fails.

  5. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

    Please, be ever so careful.

    When this video went viral, I posted a decent reply in support of af FlipFlopMale who apologized on behalf of his nation.

    As said, my reply was decent – like “happy you realize not all are fun in The Philippines”.

    Since using my Google account / Facebook-link, I was not hard to find for some asshole FlipFlopFailureStupidos.

    Had a shit storm coming and still goes on.

    One woman wrote me; “I’m proud to know this woman are not coming back here” – “We don’t like people who only complain”.
    Believe it or not, this FlipFlopFemale work as a teacher in Manila.

  6. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    This woman is in two protected classes and has been coddled like a fragile little piece of china in the West so of course she’s shattered.

    I’ve been told my whole life how horrible I am for being male. Denied jobs for being male. For being white. Spent 8 years training for a college athletic scholarship and the year I graduated as a High School All-American those scholarships were terminated in order to give women sports scholarships with zero attendance and revenue. Had idiotic “diversity” training forced upon me and been written up for referring to a young lady as “young lady”. She was a quarter-century younger than me and I did not know her name. If I was a black guy I could have called her “bitch” or “ho” and would face no consequences. But I either took the diversity training or lost my job. Because I am a white male.

    I’ve been publicly sneered at for “white privilege” and “male privilege/patriarchy”, called “whitey”, “Honkey”, “Bird Turd”, “Goober”, “Gussock”, “Cracker”, “Mayo” etc. Can you imagine the backlash if I posted a whining, crying video about all this? I’d be ridiculed for “Mansplaining”. There isn’t even an equivalent term for “blacksplaining” or “womansplaining” – that’s how rampant and brazen bigotry towards white men is in the USA.

    But gentlemen, in the Philippines the women call from second story windows that they love me. Where is your woman? Can I marry you? From the uneducated street vermin men I get “Hey Joe!” “Hey Joe!” jeering while pointing. So what. The women 30 years younger feint if I smile at them. I’m accustomed to all the bigotry in the USA. But it comes without the teen hotties falling at my feet.

    If you work hard and earn a good living in the USA – you are exercising unjust “power”. That is a more sophisticated put-down than “hey Joe”, but there is greater honesty in the crude name-calling. The PC put-downs in the USA are more cowardly for the pretense of being a victim while shaming and guilt-tripping me for what counted as virtue for millenia. Nothing we do is right.

    So sure, it’s cruder in the Philippines. But for fat old white guys that had their shoulder to the wheel working for decades – that crudeness means the yummy little dollops are brazen about how bad they want to fuck me. and I ain’t cryin’ about it.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2
      BLX2 . I think I got the link fro PFB in the first place on white male privilege. Yes, we can get the young hotties here, but you can’t keep them around. They won’t learn anything. Most smother you to death. Constantly check your phone and FB and even though you never chat with other girls they still go wako jealous, they actually make it up in their heads. Want to control what time I go to bed. The only thing I don’t deal with is tampo, shutting up and leaving me alone is what I would like. Maybe they’ve given me tampo and I didn’t even know it, I was enjoying the peace.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

        I couldn’t agree more that in general you are dealing with emotional immaturity. Fortunately, there’s plenty enough of them to select the right one.

        I beg forgiveness, please bear with me. But it works for us because the wife is in charge of mistresses. Whenever we stay in the Philippines, five months the last time, my wife interviews candidate mistresses. She lays down the law. The wife is the boss. If the wife says dump her, she’s gone the next day. I’ve never had to do that, but I will if she says so. The wife establishes a budget including valentines day gifts & etc. for the mistress. If the mistress is not doing her job, I go to the wife and report. I had to do that once the last time and my wife straightened her out. I was actually going to dump her and my wife said to give her another chance. She told me to remember how she was herself when younger.

        I had no idea this was going to happen. But it turns out you are absolutely correct. even more than you know. From the beginning my policy with the wife was 100% transparency. She could look through my cell phone, emails, call at any time – and you are right. She was suspicious of every little thing at first but I was always true blue. I was out picking wild flowers for her once and she was certain I was up to no good. When I showed her the flowers she said “I am such a stupid girl”. There were messages she misinterpreted and I told her to call or write the people herself. She did and I was in the clear. She called me when I was traveling on business once and seeing clients, including some pretty spiffy girls. I handed the phone to the girls and one by one three of them told her how I had been bragging on her the whole trip and how lucky she was.

        After a couple of years my wife not only had complete confidence in me, but we played pool together at a topless joint. It was never my style to sit at the stage or buy lap dances. It just seems to me that strippers improve the atmosphere. My wife was never a dancer but for some reason she really started digging the whole scene. She kept trying to buy me lap dances and at first I resisted. Holy Toledo one lap dance was 20 games of pool! But it got to the point where she was so insistent I said OK. Well, it turns out that this turns my wife on.

        I’ll cut to the quick here. With porn, strippers, and mistresses we learned that as long as my wife is in control, there is no jealousy and she actually gets off on it. If I so much as looked at internet porn without her knowing about it, just as you say, she got jealous. But she can sit down next to my mistress over drinks and chirp along happily like little birds. You should see these girls in front of the big boss, my wife. They rush around the apartment to clean up before she comes over. They defer to her like a general. It’s crazy.

        Believe me, I am in absolute agreement with you and it is only because she is in complete control that this works. I made one mistake in 7 years of part-time mistress keeping. We only do this in the Philippines, but one time my wife encouraged me to maintain contact with one of them after we came home. Just one phone call and suddenly I was looking at relationship catastrophe. But I had a program ready to rush into place.

        Before I agreed to try this out, I read a lot of literature on how men and women recover from affairs. There’s a bunch of well-established steps like the no-contact letter and taking absolute full responsibility even if the wife is the one who came up with the idea in the first place. You cannot put one tiny bit of blame on her, and all your energy has to be on empathy and understanding. It took about two months and I was pretty worried that first month especially. I had told myself before I went down this road that I better be prepared to lose her despite her being the one who offered it to me.

        We call or text every morning and night along with touching base during the day. The mistress’ family – from the first moment they are on board with the truth. So is my wife’s family. Her sister thought she was crazy but her parents actually laughed. We talked all this through pretty carefully for a full year before the first experiment and I aborted that first attempt. Only once has a girl that I met had an adverse reaction to the idea of talking to my wife about being a mistress. I mean of course many say “no” but this one exploded on me about being a liar. So I brought my wife by to meet her. Whoops. My wife had some kind of visceral reaction to this girl and it is the only time it ever happened.

        The hardest thing up until the near catastrophe was the fist stripper. On the way home my wife was going through a gut-wrenching aftershock. At first I was confused and angry. I thought I had been tricked. But she insisted she was “training”. Toughening up for the real thing. I said I wanted no part of the real thing and that’s also why I bailed out of the first attempt even after her assuring me. It’s pretty bizarre that on the one hand it is a turn-on for her but on the other hand things can go bad quick.

        Remember that my Filippina wife is the one who offered. That makes it a Catch-22 situation where asking for it probably means it will never happen. I have no advice except the observation that 100% transparency including both families and the wife with a kink is why this has been working.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Lol, that explains it. Yeah, I’ve had ex’s in the past (and the last one I just booted) tell me I can get something on the side. I didn’t know if it was a trick or they were serious. Doesn’t matter which it was, I’m just not interested in that. Ones already too much…

  7. Profile gravatar of FLIPmonkey

    I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one having bad impressions on tourism in the Philippines. I’ll post my FIRST Boracay experience soon, been busy with work and will never go back to Boracay. The beaches are great but when you go in the middle of the island and transportation wise (unless if you rent a van/car that is overly prices for $50-70 per day you fucking kidding me!). I would say BORACAY IS A SHITHOLE compared to the Caribbean.

    Some REAL news on Filipino Tourism:
    The video is outdated but it doesn’t matter even though it’s 2016. I would say Monkey tourism is still the same today…. ROFLMAO!

  8. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Im PROUD – yes, proud to know filipinos are fucking idiots

    they cant even turn on a tap, find theres no water and turn it off the other way
    they cant even put food away and leave it out all night only to get upset stomachs and wonder why

  9. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Its all about what you can offer or they can scam lie or cheat from you, as far as them liking us no in most cases they do not but will smile and use there childish laughter to try and convince you they do.
    Every day here someone is the victim of there false friendly smile we are lured into a false sense of security while they set about to pillage from you.
    They will look at you smile talk behind your back at the same time in there dialect knowing you do not understand and using racist remarks.
    As I have said they are snakes in the long grass you need to always be aware that they will bite you they are not your friend you are only a target …..,

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Agree 100% Barry. I always say to the naive newbies, “beware of Filipino smiles, for what lies behind that sweet smile are vicious venoms”. Philippines… the land of smiles, land of lies.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        and those newbies say
        1. it wont happen to me
        2. you cant generalise
        3. to borrow a filipino expression “not all filipino are like that sir”
        and so it goes…
        6 months goes by… perhaps they been stung a few pesos from a hooker or something
        12 months goes by and they have been in a relationship
        2,3 years goes by …these turkeys start getting fucked over

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          theres so much resistance from NEWBIES to want to hear everything
          its negative talk they say
          you are destroying their “experience”
          their new found freedom in life
          to come to Asia and live
          so they go and ignore what you are saying
          …BAM – filipinos can see these fuckng idiots and go for it

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Foreign, you just described my best friend’s experiences in the Failippines…. old, naive and soft hearted meets NPD with MASSIVE Cluster B traits. Pinay spreads her legs within hours of meeting, then won’t let go. Love bombs and histrionic tears till wham! anchor baby was born. She suddenly went from a dingy dorm to a fancy apartment…. all paid for by him, and more to come in the next 18 years, all for the sake of the baby. Most expensive fuck he’s ever paid for all his life, he’d give anything to turn back the clock.

            There are 2 things you need to leave behind in your home country if you are heading for the Failippines: your conscience and your “little head” 🙂 Realistically, get your self neutered temporarily or permanently to avoid above nightmares.

            Your conscience will be used for maximum advantage to extract everything from you, to maximize their profits for so little effort. Hell, if your soul is worth something, these lowlifes will take it too!!

        2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          They’re all fucked up. There are the straight up scammers that you see coming. There are the ones that want you to take the whole pamily out. Those have been easy for me, the answers always been no, and I walked away.

          Then there are the ones that are a little bit more subtle on money, they are scamming, but from interaction with a few, they seem too stupid to realize they are scamming for money. Some are hilarious in their stupidity. They never make it to my bed.

          There are the ones like X1, who lie to themselves, hide their thirst (though it does leak out, watch those confusing red flags, yes they are that stupid, and yes it is money), they think they really do love you, they don’t even know it’s really money, they can’t face what they are. But once loose in the states it shows up. In the end X1 was unbelievable. She told me what she really thought. I learned how her mind worked. This sweet, quite girl with the great smile, ready to jump and do anything you asked, too much ready to kiss ass for my taste actually. But how her mind really worked, wow, I actually started dry heaving one time, everyone is just a cartoon character in her play, no one else really existed but her. No one else mattered, just her. I was floored, how could anyone think that way. That was when I discovered NPD.

          But unfortunately I was ignorant of Cluster B and histrionics. And back to the cesspool laboratory I went. Looking for that much talked about great woman who will take care of things, who will be supportive as you support them., loving, caring, blah, blah, blah.

          It’s not always money they’re after, but it does end up costing you and it can get even more insane.
          Oh so loving (lol, it’s called the love bomb if you research Cluster B). Smothering in their love. Insanely jealous over nothing. And I mean nothing. If there isn’t even the slightest reason to be jealous, they make it up in their head as reality. Literally not out of her site but accused of cheating. Flirtatious herself, but can’t conceive she IS flirting, yet constantly accusing you. Double standard to the max. Violent rages over not being the center of attention. But it’s your fault because you’re not giving her attention. No concept it is their behavior causing you to withdraw. Fight, flight, withdraw. I mostly withdrew to calm down. Not allowed, yelling and screaming hours on end (but always say I yelled at her). Trying to say nothing during her tirade, she would get pissed.
          Her: say something, say something, say something, say something.
          Me: I didn’t do….
          Her: Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up.
          Me: Silent
          Her: say something, say something, say something, say something.
          Me: Silent
          Her: say something, say something, say something, say something.
          Flying knifes, forks, plates, glasses, mugs, food, remotes, smashing chairs…..
          Kicking, hitting, biting….
          For hours, locked inside the gate with her holding the keys. So crazy there was no way of getting out without hurting her I remained trap, one time for as long as 17 hours non stop insanity. Bruises (And I do not bruise easily) from being hit with a broom. But at that point you don’t feel it at all, you’re totally numb, really, it’s so insane, you’re mind so overloaded, you actually do not feel pain. One time kicked repeatedly in the thigh, I felt very little. But the next day it hurt when I went to sit or to stand up. Took me a minute to remember the cause. All the kicking.

          Of course it was all my fault, I made her do it because I was ignoring her (withdrawn).

          Meet a Histrionic (aka Attention Whore) with Narcissistic Rage.

          After it was over one of her FB messages was: You ruined sweet, innocent, ……… (name withheld to protect the guilty).

          Another one I had a very short time with 5 years earlier, but she was so immature (a real odd immature) I didn’t continue. For 5 years she would find a way to contact me from time to time. I love you. I don’t want anyone but you. I’m working now. I’ve grown up. I’m so hurt to see you have GF. I was so hurt to see you were married. I gave you my virginity, I want no one but you, I’m still waiting for you.
          So after 5 years I say what the hell only to end up in hell. Just because she had a pussy and could give good head she thought she was the best thing in the world. A sex goddess I guess. White skinned, pinoys would drool over her. But I don’t drool. Useless as tits on a bull, disrespective of money (in more of a wasteful manner, not a gime gime manner, if you know what I mean). Totally depressing to be around. Wouldn’t listen. Refused to learn to cook. She expected to be worshiped at her feet. She gave dumb as rocks a whole new meaning. Drama, drama, drama. If not with me it would be on the phone, with her mother drama, father drama, sisters drama, friends drama, every day drama.

          Could not listen to one fucking thing. Totally unrealistic. Bugged me for 5 years. I bent over backwards to get through to her. Warned her at 30 days, she couldn’t even last 5 months, enough was way more than enough.

          Post ass out the door FB: You just used me for my goods.

          total bullshit, I wished I never fucked her. Loosing her virginity 5 years prior was not my idea. I told her then she was acting too immature and we needed time before doing something like that. Honestly, virgins suck most of the time and I didn’t want to. I did give her what she wanted, twice, it did suck and was a crappy experience for me. She couldn’t grow up then, and 5 years later she was still a retarded 10 year old. It was my bad for ever getting involved, but damn, the girl lives in a total fantasy world where the ground she walks on must be worshiped.

          I’ve been with a few other girls here, and dated a lot. They’re so fucked in the head. They appear to believe their own STUPID lies. Their lies are so stupid you think it must be a mistake, language barrier. It’s not. They are lies, they are stupid lies, and the scary thing is I think they really believe their lies are true in their delusional world.

          Cluster B’s can be of any IQ, but here they are definitely 86 and below, sometimes way, way below.
          Thinking it might be better to just head home and look for a bull with tits.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

            I’m glad we have someone else here who has studied personality and character disorders because this is the root cause of the problems, Being proud of yourself without any reason is narcissism, and incredibly – it is inculcated in children, so it is passed from generation to generation. Combining low IQ with cluster B is a nightmare. It really would be a revolution in Philippine society to adopt “Filipino Humility” as a national standard instead of false pride.

            This narcissism is the root cause of the drama syndrome. Creating drama is something a two year old knows how to do, and most first world women grow out of it in adolescence. All one has to do is be non-cooperative. If you talk, she says shut up. If you are silent, she says to talk. When this non-cooperation frustrates their target, they feel powerful. Look how I can manipulate you to anger.

            I remember taking my mistress to do a zipline. Whenever I do something new, I am gung-ho. Turn me loose and let me rip it up. But there’s no drama in that. So the mistress acts stubborn, won’t put on the harness, sits down on the ground so that two men can’t even get the damned harness on her. Oh boy, look at all the attention I am getting just by being uncooperative! Cluster B.

            I have a test to offer those here that was a very important turning point with my wife. I didn’t know that when Filipinos ride a Jeepney, this is their time to zone out and turn their brain off. It frustrated me because I like to plan and organize our time in the city and my then-girlfriend would not pay attention. I tried to get her to look at my face so we could communicate. But she would not cooperate and it got me frustrated.

            When you show frustration, you will be punished. Blame the victim. It is your fault for getting upset with me for being a cunt. The way she punished me was to vanish the instant we stepped off the Jeepney. There were no other Kanos in this huge open market so this drew the attention of everyone around, the Kano trying to find his girlfriend.

            She maneuvered so as to evade me for quite some time and I could feel all of the stares from everyone watching the drama. I had started to head back home and she must have realized that so she stepped out where I could see her. I approached. She expected me to act like an immature Filipino and yell at her. Instead I walked up calmly and explained to her. She had a decision to make.

            Being happy is a decision. She could decide right there at that moment that she was going to commit to being happy and cooperating with me, or she could decide to sabotage our relationship with stupid drama. The decision was hers and hers alone, and the future of our relationship depended on what she decided that moment. If she trusted me, it would end up being the happiest day of her life. I assured her.

            She decided to be happy and cooperative. It ended up being the best day of her life. We have used that moment many, many times since then as an example to follow. Sure, drama is an exercise of power. But it is destructive. Cooperation is also an exercise in power. It does not have that thrill-seeking “ka-boom” of sabotage. But it produces much longer lasting, productive power.

            She also apologized for being so rude on the Jeepney and ignoring me. My God, what is more disrespectful than shutting out someone who is trying to speak with you? Especially if it pertains to organizing your time efficiently. Planning and thinking ahead. To be punished for it – that’s what makes you a Kano in the first place: thinking ahead.