Transportation Summit Will Save Us All

Politicians proposed yesterday for a transportation summit to address road safety looking at offering a training program for drivers, more stringent measures for licenses and imposing heavier fines.
“The big bulk of statistics on road accidents were attributed to human error, let’s address this very serious problem through the help of concerned government agencies that can provide proper training on driving, factors contributing to human error in road accidents include reckless driving, bad overtaking and bad turns.” one politician said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said about 7,000 Filipinos die each year and thousands more are injured due to road mishaps. Of this number, 79 percent are due to driver’s errors, 11 percent due to defective vehicles, and 10 percent due to bad road conditions and ill-maintained roads. Based on the latest data from the DoTC, the death toll from road mishaps rises by almost 14.6 percent each year. It is projected by 2020, without any intervention, around 300,000 people will die due to road crashes, the DoTC said.

You can’t train intelligence, respect and humility. The corruption in the LTO will still allow inexperienced drivers to get licenses. Increasing fines will give the corrupt police more leverage to demand bigger bribes.

Every day on the road I see so many people and their vehicles that break every safety, environmental, and traffic rule ever written.

So who is in charge of this mess? the DoTC, who is one of the worst-performing departments ranked 63rd out of 64 with a rating of 4/5 people being not satisfied. Just look at the train users, originally there were 60 trains. Last year, the number dropped to 20, then 14, and nine, and now, seven. Apparently, the target was to have zero operational trains they just didn’t tell anyone. With one of the biggest budgets you would have to question why they are now calling for a summit on road safety.


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    The problem is many Filipinos have never been overseas so they would not know that there is transport options that are available. All they know is buses and jeeps pretty much. I remember when I tried to suggest that they should use the existing road system and inlay tracks using a light rail system (trams) it was met with gormless looks was simply just don’t have an idea of the concept. As you know, when they don’t have an idea of the concept simply ignored and the status quo reverting to what they already know which is inefficiency, failure, corruption, and the rest continues as always done for years.

    Planning tends to be shortsighted and is no account for future as they always think in the moment and not for the future. You have to have a look at the Manila Metro train network to see how that is choking.

    Nothing will therefore have a change.

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    Balikbayan Box

    So, the Failipinos have two choices…

    RAISE FINES so all their traffic enforcer buddies can extort more from drivers and offer lessons that no regular driver can afford to attend and hold a meaningless “summit” (party) for all their buddies to waste government money.


    Stop being corrupt assholes and spend money on improving the roads, adding more lanes, adding more trains and building highways.

    Yeah, I know which one they’ll choose. LOL.

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    Phil Doh

    Any time a filipino proposes anything you just have to assume they are looking at ways to extort money. Improving things is rarely the true agenda.

    Maths was never my strongest subject, but isn’t this statement exaggerating slightly – “It is projected by 2020, without any intervention, around 300,000 people will die due to road crashes, the DoTC said”

    7000 deaths a year, 14.6% increase each year, over 5 years = not even close to 300,000. Somebody get the DoTC a new calculator.

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    Where do they see human error causing accidents? I see filipino stupidity, lack of discipline and impatience just to name a few. Yep, again they refuse to admit the problem staring them right in the face. Soon we will hear how the traffic problems are all the fault of Beavis.

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      I always laugh every time there is a huge bus accident. No, I haven’t gotten so jaded I laugh each time a bunch of pinoys are killed. I laugh at the LTO and DOTC pretending to care. They say they are taking it serious this time. So, they go out and start inspecting buses and stenciling part #’s like that has anything to do with the accidents. The accidents are cause by drivers and by the shitty roads the DPWH (another worthless dept. Anyone see a theme here?) approves and gets bribes from. So the bus driver, trying to make good time has to drive fast on a 2 lane road or “highway” with limited visibility while sharing the road with triccycles, dogs, rice, rocks, jeepneys, slow drivers, crumbling roads, vehicles with no markers, road construction every 3 miles, etc. So, its no wonder the they get into accidents. When a bus has to overtake a tricycle moving 15 mph on the “highway”, it makes the situation dangerous. Then given the fact he is a pinoy and drives like shit only makes matters worse.

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        Hey Joe

        I don’t laugh when I see accidents. To be honest I hate to even call them accidents here. The way they drive it’s more like a on purpose.
        But I just don’t care anymore.. I see more motorcycle crashes around here than anything else, cracked open skulls and blood all over the pavement, and I don’t care, as they do it to themselves. I feel bad that I think this way. It makes me mad, as I am not like this. I’ve been here too long.. I need a vacation

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          Yeah, I’m jaded to the point I don’t care and the accidents are simply consequences of their shitty driving. When there is a large bus accident the lto goes out sbs starts stenciling parts as if that has anything to do with the cause of accidents. Then the looks on their faces like they are seeing these accidents for the first time is worth a laugh.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    What a great idea – larger fines! Once again, Pinoy ignorance and stupidity pops it ugly head up. It just doesn’t occur to the brain-dead-zombie-creatures that they already have fines which are rarely issued, due to lack of enforcement. Is enforcement ever mentioned? Of course not – just larger fines.
    The Failippines has more fucking road rules than they know what to do with. They also have more Police and LTO officers than could possibly be needed to enforce these laws. In true Pinoys style, these departments and the people who “work” in them do sweet fuck all. No job is too small to be ignored!
    Worthless fucking imbeciles.

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    Here is the best way to explain why the Philippines is such a shit-hole and why the roads are so bad.

    Every road in the Philippines is pure junk.Here’s how it works:
    1. A 100ft, 12ft wide road costs $100,000 to build.

    2. The local mayor says it will actually cost $150,000

    3. He gets his construction crony to build the road through a rigged bidding process. 2 fake bids and his construction crony is the 3rd who also happens to be the slightly lowest bid.

    4. Immediately after the contract is signed the contract crony gives local mayor $75,000 kickback direct to his dummy account, which is like a brother, sister, cousin, fake company, or an office aide who then works out how to get it to corrupt mayor.
    – Mayor then bribes each city councilor $1000 each to shut up and for their prior approval as well as the barangay captain who “makes sure the project is legitimate”.

    5. construction crony then takes $25,000 off the top for himself.

    6. Construction crony then purchases (on paper) top quality, lets say A materials. however, grade f materials are actually purchased with 1/3rd the remaining budget.
    – Constuction crony has to make sure his company (on paper) is a legit business just in case. 1/3 materials, 1/3 labor/, and 1/3 profit.

    7. construction crony and his materials supplier (who gives the proper invoice to show Grade A materials) then split up the difference.
    – Not to mention double the amount of materials are bought, but only half are delivered. I have personally seen a 10ton truck delivering (on paper) 20 tons of gravel.

    8. Construction crony now has shoddy materials and not enough to actually construct the road.

    9. So a 45ft, 6ft wide road is actually constructed with no rebar and it is worse quality than a USA sidewalk.
    – National gov’t auditor is bribed $1000 to say the road is the greatest quality, 1000ft, 12ft wide, and can withstand an atom bomb. He signs paperwork, signs off on the paperwork, and goes back to Manila.

    10. Mayor and city council have no shame, guilt, conscience, or embarrassment. Mayor and council spend $5,000 (from another budget and get another kickback) of city money to print up those tarp signs, posters, flyers, etc with their pictures (taking up a large %) to show the people what a great job they are doing since they put in a road. Also, they make it seem mayor and council are the ones who personally paid for the road, you know, to show the people they care.

    11. Mayor and city council then throw themselves a party as a self-congratulations (remember, no shame and no guilt). Party is thrown as a nice restaurant, banquet hall, or hotel owned by the mayor personally. City is charged for the party.

    12. Filipinos are too stupid, uneducated, and/ or don’t care about the blatant corruption so no one says anything. Media is easily bribed or in the pocket of local mayor so they “thank” the mayor for a job well done and a nice road.

    13. Road that was never supposed to crack or fall apart starts falling apart 3 years later. After 5 years, mayor announces plans to fix road. Hires his construction crony.

    14. Cycle repeats itself. Mayor implements 25 worthless projects per year in his town, repairs 15 more. Mayor lives in mansion, owns many local businesses, and has nice, expensive cars he cannot afford on his salary and it is blatantly obvious. Again, Filipinos are too lazy, corrupt, incompetent, uneducated to care or do anything about it.

    15. If mayor ever gets in trouble, he just bribes the auditor, judge, prosecutor, or their version of FBI.

    16. Mayor hides money in local businesses, the USA, Swiss accounts, dummy corporations, mistresses, relatives accounts, and many times loves to gamble in Manila casinos (even thought that is illegal too).

    Welcome to the 3rd world @#$=hole that is the Philippines!! It’s more Fun here because,,,,,,,,,,, ? Yeah, I got nothing.

    I posted this in Yahoo not long ago. Feel free to elaborate if I missed anything. We can make it a collaborative article with pics of shitty roads in the Ph. I already have a few.

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      Phil Doh

      Great post Johnny, deserves a thread on its own. I’m sure this is applicable to not only the roads. I was walking with a pal outside SM who works in construction and he was amazed at the cracked pavements less than 2 years after the mall opened.

      The funny thing is that the mayors involved in these scams will then shoddily fix the roads in return for votes.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I think it was too long for the typical Pinoy to read. If they did not like the 1st sentence, they would have just called me a Chinese troll. A few agreed and another called me hateful. I haven’t checked back in a while. But most times, saying the truth is met with being called Chinese, hateful, racist, or whatever. It just enrages me sometimes how stupid Filipinos are to fix their problems.

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      Remember back to about 2008 or so when they were talking about upgrading PNR tracks 20 miles (or km) to the North and South of from central Manila (Santa Cruz Brgy). Well they said repairing and laying new rail to the South would cost $20 M USD so about $2 M a mile right. Then they said doing the same going North would cost $500 Million for the same work, $50 Million a mile. Now I’m not a math whiz nor know to much about laying rails but pretty sure it does not cost $50M USD to lay rail even through virgin land. So what do they have to do? Clear the squatters, survey and start laying rail. I fail to see how that cost $50M a mile.

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      Fucking me over, they got that right. Demanding an additional P10,000 with no ticket or anything in writing while holding my license hostage over the issue. Two different lawyers have told me they can impound the vehicle (and I wised they would), but that they can’t hold your license. Of course even a lawyer contacting LTO can’t get them to do things legally. At the same time they refuse to certify that the paperwork was counterfeit, thus making it impossible for me to pursue a pinoy who sold a vehicle with fake paperwork with a notarized Deed of Sale of Motor Vehicle. The PNP will not take a report without LTO certifying that the paperwork is invalid. A “Hearing Officer” telling me to do things that they know are impossible. I watched them go into a loop “Fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer, fixer” when what I was trying to say had NOTHING to do with a fixer. I tried to break the loop and explain what I had said had nothing to do with a fixer, but they were really stuck in a loop. It was like a robot with faulty programming unable to process any input just repeating invalid output over and over and over. Even their head movements were odd, circular and repetitive, not looking at you with those dead eyes. Then the wife tried to explain it, I tapped my foot on her foot and said “give up”. It was useless. This “Hearing Officer” kept telling me to do things that were impossible (like go to a permanently closed office over 200 km away to have them certify it was false, like making the lying ass pinoy go to LTO because he “has to”) instead of certifying the paperwork was invalid so I could report it to the PNP. They did inform me that the only real safe way to buy a vehicle was to purchase it through one of their “Accredited Dealers”. Yeah right. If an ordinary flip can rip you off with a notarized contract and all the LTO will do is use it to extort even more money from you and a lawyer can’t even do anything about it, the PNP won’t do anything, what chance would someone have if an “Accredited Dealer” decides to rip you off? I would now never dare to buy a condo or another vehicle. The taxes and custom fees alone on a new vehicle I was considering purchasing would be more than 10 times as much as the flip ripped me off of. Not even considering the lost profit from the dealer. Not considering the loss from me actually purchasing a condo. I was lucky because the financial loss wasn’t that big of a deal. Screw my license, I won’t buy another vehicle anyways. But the impunity at every level of this society is sickening. I would gladly pay triple the loss to see the guy arrested, convicted and given the maximum under the law and forced to pay the original loss even if his house has to be foreclosed on. But that is just a dream of justice in this land of illusion.
      Rant Off.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Try this one. We were looking at buying a house with two lots in Metro Manila and had everything we wanted in the house planned out. So off we go to the subdivision with the Realtor and look at lots with me asking questions all the while. One of the questions was what about cash discount to which he said there was none. Yet every other place did have a cash discount so my bat alert scam warning went off full scale but I play along. About a week later dickhead comes to our diner with a friend that works for the subdivision and again I ask about the cash discount. Both say there is no discount but did not know I already called up the office who told me there was a cash discount. When I told the assholes there was a cash discount and they just tried to rip me off by $15,000 both sat there stunned before making excuses to beat feet to the door.

        Then there was the asshole at BI who demanded 36,000 to give me my passport back after visa extension. But the asshole did have a little heart and lowered the demand to 20,000. Yet filipinos will tell me I’m making this shit up as the officials do not do that. Then call you anti filipino.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        How much to break the guys legs? Maybe hire a couple goons to break his legs, take a pic, and give it to you. That might help you feel better. Sometimes I think street justice is the only thing that might work to teach these guys consequences. Otherwise, they just keep cheating, laughing, and going to church on Sundays with no guilt or remorse.

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            It’s the only hope to get any sense of right vs wrong into their little minds. For now, they steal what they can with no guilt or shame, then go to church on Sunday. Why? Cause they are good catholics, that’s why.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I like your thinking!!! See on my mom’s side there is a full blood Cherokee grandmother. You know Cherokees the civilized tribe. Then dad says on his side their is Apache blood. I feel that in this country the Apache blood is better suited.

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          A suggestion if I may. Change your screen name to Johnny Vendetta. That has a nice ring to it, kinda mafia sounding. We’ll make Al “Big Al” so what if he’s 3 foot tall? I’ll be Mad Mike.

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      If your filipino just whip it out and piss where you are standing. Me I look for a store that has a Cr. As for shitting never expect to see toilet paper. I avoid shitting outside of my own cr but also carry a small pack of wet ones just in case.

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    News flash, just watching ABS-CBN doing story on foreigner falling through airport floor. The cause as reported by ABS-CBN, Foreigner too big. LOL.