True Meaning of “More Fun in the Philippines”

I have been doing some experimenting around on this slogan, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” and I realize that it is completely bullshit.  Yet this slogan has been around and unchanged for years, and somehow it hasn’t failed to attract some of us fellow foreigners to this land of contradictory mottos.  In my experience of telling a good lie (when needed), I know that a lie will only fly if there is at least ‘SOME’ truth to it.

In every aspect of Philippines, I haven’t yet came across ANY logical explanation as to why it’s more fun, and what countries is it more fun than.  Obviously, it’s more funner here than those unknown and undeveloped countries that knows how to keep their mouth shut.  There is a difference between living in a fucked up a country and knowing your country if fucked up, than living in a fucked up country, and thinking it’s number 1 (Philippines).

I realized why I wasn’t ever able to see this ‘FUN’ is because of my relationship status.  I will admit, I have been doing some experimenting around (wink-wink) and been living the single life lately, as if I have no wife, and I saw how much more brighter things were.  No, I did not go to P.Burgos street or cross the lines by doing anything that would constitute as adultery, even as tempted as I am to do so.  Has anybody seen the movie “Hall Pass?” Well it’s been kinda like that for me in the past 2 weeks, except that I granted myself my own Hall Pass, no way my idiot wife will ever give me one.

The only difference in my life was that I just never admitted to any girl here that I was married, and saw how far things went.  A few occurrences had almost border-lined adultery, and I ended the experiment after one had gave me her skype, email, phone number, and a kiss.  I sat down and reflected on myself how much MORE FUN my life would’ve been if I was SINGE in Philippines.  This fun is a mutual thing for anyone of ANY sexual orientation because mostly everyone’s sexual preferences are exposed here.  The gays are clearly gay, the lesbians are clearly lesbians, and the straights are clearly straight….. with that said, there is a little something for everyone.

There is nothing worst than being stuck with someone you don’t wanna be associated with.  My wife is getting fatter every month (and no, she is not pregnant… she just got off the rag last week… thank goodness!), and when she has her filogic/pissed off moments, I can’t get rid of her.  On top of that, I’m getting tempting opportunities every week.  I manged to keep my loyalty in tact with her, but not sure how long it will last at this rate.

The moral of this story is; if you want to have MORE FUN in the Philippines, stay SINGLE.  It’s a lot better than being married to someone here with you.  I’m not encouraging anyone to cheat and be unfaithful, but if you THINK you found that special one, I’m just letting you know that if you marry her/him, you are stuck with them and ALL your FUN ends right there.  You can mingle, but I’m warning you not to get permanently attached.

Resource: My Life = Been engaged to this Filipina for 3 years, thought she was the one.  After marriage, she became EVERYTHING I didn’t want.  Ultimately, she is not so bad, but I could’ve done a lot better if I explored my options.

I totally have 4 guaranteed girls lined up if things don’t work out well with my wife and she finally leaves me.

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    Marius O.

    >> “I haven’t yet came across ANY logical explanation as to why it’s more fun, and what countries is it more fun than.”

    It’s more fun than Somalia or Iraq. Slightly. So technically, it’s true. They just forgot to finish the sentence.

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      FAFI Post author

      Yeah, but I hate to stomp on those countries for no reason because they ACTUALLY know how to shut the fuck up. Iraq is not telling the world that they are ‘MORE FUN’ and very industrious, because they know they are not. I respect that they keep to themselves, therefore I don’t talk about them. But Philippines on the other hand has a huge chip on their shoulder thinking they can compete with everyone else, and when we slightly dump on their ego, they get all butt-hurt. So to sum it all up, Philippines gives me a reason to talk shit about their foolish prideful ways. I have more respect for these other 3rd world countries than Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of Ian King
        Ian King

        The difference is that Iraq doesn’t have a tourism industry and likely never will, and the Philippines’ market is growing by the year. What exactly is the DOT supposed to say? ‘It’s never fun in the Philippines’? The slogan is supposed to be exaggerated and playful to entice foreigners to pay a short visit. Boasting about what the country can offer to tourists is not deceptive, and what Filipinos really think about the country is a different matter unrelated to tourism.

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    Marius O.

    well … I have to say, getting butthurt at the slightest slight, real or imagined, is a defining characteristic of the third world. You get much the same thing in India, Africa, and several other bits of Asia. Shitholes are shitholes, IMO, because the residents refuse to accept that they are shitholes.

    But yeah … Philippines takes it to a whole different level. You don’t get many Somalis claiming they invented everything and that their country is the best in the world.

    Being single? I dunno. I can imagine it makes things 100x worse to be tied down to a thick-as-a-brick Filipina with 0% chance of divorce, but personally I don’t find (most) Filipinas particularly attractive, and even if you do find a normal one to spend your time with, it doesn’t make the country’s other multiple failures go away – just (perhaps) slightly easier to ignore.

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      FAFI Post author

      Yeah, they may not be the most attractive women out there, but in my opinion they beat the hell out of most choices you would find in my country (America), unless you have a taste for fat, overweight, ogres who puts personal priorities over basic needs. I’m not saying that all American women are that way, but that’s pretty much what’s left over these days unless you are lucky to pick up a good one while you are still in high school while they are still hot, young, and educated, and manage to keep her for life. If not, then the only women out there who makes themselves available are the ones that most guys don’t want. Most of the hot ones gets drafted into pornography, or gets hitched to some super rich Vegas guy. Yeah, I’m not all that and a bag of chips, but I’m far from 3rd world ugly. I definitely have choices here, but I’m unfortunately tied down to a Filipina who is gradually losing her figure each year, but I do make sure keep some female tides around here in case shit doesn’t work out in the end. 0% divorce rate is true, but I have 100% chance of leaving her ass if I don’t want her. I recently found a 21 year old who i have lined up, and I have a 29 year old who had just left for a 6 month contract as an OFW who seriously digs me, but I’m not that serious about her. And if I was single, I would’ve had countless other choices at my school, but they are mostly typical Filipina idiots anyway, and I don’t find stupid girls to be attractive. Overall, all these choices are not worth settling down with. They are nice to be around after a while, then all that fun, energy, and excitement tends to wear off quickly. It’s hard to connect with them based on cultural differences and rarely having anything in common with them. My wife is nothing more than a maid that I sleep with every once in a while, after that, we rarely talk, we don’t hang out, and we never watch TV together. If I could get rid of her, I would. She is the only reason why I can’t invite other women who wants to come over and engage in the same activities that I enjoy doing. Oh well, that’s my fuck up. The lesson here is = Don’t marry a Filipina.

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    I sort of heard that they thought up this slogan to attract tourists or some shit.
    Well if you want tourists, STOP FUCKING WITH THEM.
    Philippines Visa 30 days Malaysia 90 Singapore 90 Thailand you can get a 90 day at the terminal before you even hit immigration just go and ask.
    and the biggy FREEE.
    No ACR cards, no 59 day extensions no terminal fees fees fees.
    and do you know what the three countries biggest numbers of tourists in Asia
    by a country mile.
    It doesn’t matter how much you advertise, you get robbed and ripped off in the PI thats the problem.


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      FAFI Post author

      Even sadder, your welcome gift as a tourist when coming to the Philippines for the first time (or 2nd/3rd/4th/etc time if you didn’t learn from the first time) is getting fucked over at the airport.


      Of course to you, it doesn’t seem like five times the price, because you are use to paying $25 (1000 php) for a cab to get you around in your home country, so in your mind you are paying fair price. But after you’ve been here for a while, you catch on that you got screwed over since day one. When you leave, expect to be fucked over again with these Airport terminal fee of 750php. Now, according to some recent rumors, that 750php terminal fee at NAIA airport had went away. I know the 200php terminal fee at the CebuPacific Domestic airport was expunged.

      Anyway, for any of you first timers out there thinking about visiting Philippines for a short time, and you don’t feel like letting these taxi scamers get an edge on you, you can just travel to the departure terminal and wait for oncoming taxis who are dropping off passengers who are smart enough to get out of this hellhole, and have one of them take you home for a somewhat decent fair price. It will take a little looking around, so good luck.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        if you go up to departure area in most airports, taxis are dropping off passengers. so you can haggle a lot better with them. the arrivals area has a monopoly that charges 4 x the price.
        the terminal fees are added onto the ticket price now,, i think. then the airport does not have to hire tambauys to collect the fees. The airlines use a computer system (Excel instead of chipping on stones)that automatically computes the fees and remits them to the government. Welcome to 2014.
        also I learnt a trick today. You go to the hotels website and usually they have a map that shows where they are. So you can print or draw a map of your route. Tell those taxicab peons you have GPS in your celfone , so you know exactly where you are going at all times. also take a pic of the license plate and text to a friend. If there is any problem,, text the LTO.

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          FAFI Post author

          In my comment above, I meant departure terminal, not arrival. I mistakenly said the wrong word. I just fixed that with a quick edit. Yeah, I do that too, and it’s a great idea because I’m tired of being ripped off downstairs at the arrival terminal taxis. They tried to charge me 900 pesos to get to my destination. After walking out with my bag to the main street, I managed to get a regular taxi, who got me there for about 200 pesos, and on top of that he only charged me +50 for his ‘traffic’ excuse. So technically, I only would’ve paid about 150 pesos.

          I haven’t fell for the arrival taxi scam since 2009, I think that is an accomplishment 🙂

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      FAFI Post author

      I’m a complete dick, I don’t even know what the word “Love” mean. I just spontaneously give appropriate reactions towards people actions…. that’s all.

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    Yes, single and mingle are the words of the Philippines.

    Ask yourself why would you come to a ass-backwards 3rd word country called Philippines to find a woman to Marry? Someone who in few years will remind jabba the hutt, who don’t and will never be able to understand you or reason the tiniest because she’s simply too stupid and lazy to even try. Who’s uneducated and in case you get kids will transfer her “intelligence” to them by teaching the idiotic traditional “wisdom”. It’s FAIL!

    Filipinas are like bandages, you use one as long you need one and then throw it away 🙂 In any case never marry one! If you want to marry Asian there’s lot’s of more intelligent women with better genes just couple of hours flight away. And based on experience (own and friends) it’s easier to find educated and intelligent Asian woman elsewhere (e.g. all of my friends Thai girlfriends speak better English than my exes, are Einsteins compared to them etc.)