True Tales Of Idiots Online

Since I could not sleep tonight I surfed the web to see what is going on in the world. I was reading Yahoo news when I found three articles that peaked my interest which I thought would be good for a laugh.

The first article was about the 800. boat people that Thailand and other countries are turning away. What I found amusing was what filipinos were saying in the comment section. One said there is no such thing as a free meal, why should Asia take and feed them when it is a problem caused by the West. As usual the one who posted it did not cite a source on how the West caused this problem. But he did have a solution: Send them to the West, they’ll feed them. Another poster (pinoy) said send them to the philippines and they can live on Southern Mindanao. Someone was kind enough to point out that the philippines cannot feed what they have already. The third poster said “filipinos are kind and good hearted”. ROFLMFAO on that one.

The other article, this will be short. Manny has 32 lawsuits filed against him due to lying about his shoulder injury on the form.

Now for the third article, again the humor lies in the comments of filipinos. The U.S. Navy is moving the U.S.S. George Washington back to Virginia for an overhaul and sending the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan to Japan in GW place. Now both of these are nuclear aircraft carriers. Comments from the filipinos:

1.) Since the carrier Washington is obsolete we can buy it.

2.) The U.S. should give us the carrier.

3.) We need to buy tanks to guard our shores against the Chinese

4.) We are buying 5 Freedom class ships, Burke class destroyers, P3s, F15s, fast attack ships from the U.S which will be delivered this year. ALL are brand new. (This poster claimed other vechiles also and total came to about 50 or so).

Now if anyone out there served in the U.S. Navy, then right away you see the flaws with the Philippines getting a nuclear aircraft carrier. For non Navy I’ll point a few out.

1.) It takes about 5,000 men to man the carrier.

2.) It carries about 90 planes.

3.) It cost about $7 million a day to operate.

4.) It’s nuclear, what happens to old fuel rods when replaced by the filipinos?

5.) Is there even 5,000 sailors in the Philippine Navy?

6.) MAJOR AFP cash conversion buffet.

7.) Lot of metal for Filipinos to sell for scrap. ( Who needs nozzles for the fire hoses anyway?).


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  1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    “Philippines getting a nuclear aircraft carrier.”

    Not since advent of Justin beiber has an idea been so horribly bad! Can you even imagine, I mean really, Really, really think about it. Just let your brain run with the thought for about 5 minutes and see where it takes you.

    LSD not needed for this trip.

    I once proposed a forum for crazy, wacky, and just plain stupid Filipino quotes that are in their own way priceless gems.
    Now that we have this spiffy new site format to play with, we can finally do it!

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      I know the US will not give the Philippines a Nuclear carrier……Im correct in this right?
      I mean, The US government has gone full retard so I’m sincerely hoping they wouldn’t give it to anyone at all.
      I need a strong drink.. Jeez.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike
        Mike Post author


        They were saying the same thing when the Guardian hit the reef. Give us an aircraft carrier for damages done. Well it did not good to point out that filipinos made the chart the Guardian used, how they dynamite and cyanide fish killing the corals and reefs. Guardian in news everyday until it was removed (before squatters moved in) then what happens two weeks later? A Chinese ship gets stuck on the same reef and does a lot more damage yet it was news one time the the filipinos were very quite. They knew they would not get money out of China.

        You buying?

      2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        Moreover, The Chinese actually destroy an entire reef island to build a make shift military base, but I guess the Chinese don’t count.

        Filipinos are spoiled brats that need a spanking. They won’t do anything to china because they might get punched in the nose and expect the US to do the walking and talking.

        But at the same time act like a spoiled child wanting to make demands and act all snotty to the US.. Give me break man.. Philippines needs an enema!

      3. Profile gravatar of Mike
        Mike Post author


        What do the filipinos say about the Spanish and Americans when they ran the country? They refer to it as colonize correct? Well after being here and they tell me that I just inform them it was no colonizing by the Spanish or Americans It was more like babysitting.

  2. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

    It’s hilarious how many Filipinos online post stuff they believe is true, just because someone else said so. The ones on Yahoo are the some of the worst, IMO.

    The country was previously ranked as one of the top regions (if I’m not mistaken) with social networking use, but it’s ironic how a third of them cannot grasp the simple idea of using Google, or the internet itself to find actual, hard facts. As long as they read it on Facebook, they automatically take it as irrefutable proof.