Trying to Awaken the Dead

My two story house sits back  about 60 feet from the main Hwy on backfilled property that is walled in and sits about 18 feet up above the many shanties strewn all around in the back.

Last week about 2:30 PM I started this load noise and a sound like some one was dying. This was above the music from the Internet sites that I have on all day.

After awhile I knew it was one of those Videoke machines that they rent out for occasions so that any drunk fool can start screaming into a microphone with the volume turned up all the way.

Great now I have to listen to this racket tonight I thought. I immediately closed all the sliding windows and solid wood doors top and bottom in the house in an attempt to dampen the noise a little bit.

This went on until after 03:30 AM. I have satellite TV in my bedroom as I have a hard time to sleep once I am awaken so I attempted to keep the volume up to over ride the noise from a few houses down in the back. Once the noise stopped the chickens started along with the dogs as the drunk people stumbled through the Barangay along with at least one person falling into the stream and what sounded like a big problem getting him out by the other drunks. By this time it was 6:00 AM, time to get things moving in the household.

This again went on the next day from before lunch time and continued until 4:00 AM. Now I was very pissed, two days without sleep. I then composed a letter to the Barangay Captain along with a copy of the Air Pollution Laws and some articles from around the Phil. about people in other areas getting sued due those damn machines making sounds all hours of the night.

By law they are supposed to be shut down by 10:00 PM unless there are other ordnances that require them to be shut down earlier. Also within the adjoining property or 150 feet out (whichever is closer) they are supposed to be no louder than normal conversation (56 db)

I found one Barangay official and told him I want them to do something about that machine and to have the Barangay Captain come see me. Next morning, again no sleep and could not find the Barangay Captain. I went to a hotel when I came home next morning I found the Captain and we went to the residence that had  the machine. They agreed get rid of the machine after I told them I would get a TRO and file a lawsuit against them and the least it would cost them was for my attorney fees. I was surprised how easy they gave it up.

Well late that afternoon again the machine started up again, this time I was really pissed.  Again I went With the Barangay Captain to the house. BUT they had moved the machine two houses down, with relatives and the same drunk people plus other around it. It seems that this house was across the boundary into another Barangay so this Captain told me he was sorry he had no authority now and that I had to find the other Barangay Captain.

I wrote another letter and found that Captain next morning but he would not do anything as he stated they were his relatives, I then proceeded to my attorney’s office close by to go and get a TRO from the Judge. After him preparing paperwork for non action against the Barangay Captain and also another  paper to explain the reason I did not have a”Letter of Action” from the Barangay we preceded to court. NOW there was  a power outage so they had closed the court and the Municipality so no Judge. Next day this was a Saturday so again no luck. This machine was silent all morning I was thinking maybe they got rid of the machine, BUT then late afternoon it started all over again until about 2:00 AM.

All day Sunday I was waiting for this thing to start again but nothing even on Monday. I found out that all of this week long Partying was because one guy died and the family and friends and anybody that wanted free drink came and sat around getting drunk and passing out then staring over again repeatedly. They had buried the guy on Sat. then partied all night.

The one positive thing that did actually come out of this was the Barangay learned about noise laws and I manged to get two stores that had these machines, one across the Highway and one in the front of my property, to close their door by 10:00PM and also to cut the volume down immensely.

Usually I start throwing large firecrackers on my property when the other dogs don’t shut up or other such noises close by. In this case the Videoke Machine was too far away and I would have to walk in between to many shanties and drunks to go there.

It is interesting when these people make so much noise but really get pissed off and throw rocks another destructive acts when someone else make noise in response. They even complain to the Barangays about my firecrackers but it is OK for their dogs to bark hours on end for nothing along with those chickens crowing all night.. It is simple, no noise no firecrackers. Firecrackers seem to wake them up but other noises that keep sane people awake does not bother them. But keep the firecrackers on your property. Also some places such as Olongapo City, do not allow any firecrackers so best check before you use them. But they do get quick attention. I also have CVCC cameras (with big sign) watching my front gate to catch anybody that want to throw rocks etc. Along with my two dogs, One Doberman and one German Shepard.

BTW these machine and other load noises can cause inner ear damage that also causes Hypercosis. (google it)  This is a problem that actually causes loss of hearing but the inner ear to amplified certain tones and sounds.Many of us war Veterans have that due to bombs, aircraft and other shell and gun fire.


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    I completely understand your frustration. No doubt the TOP OF THE LIST reasons I began to despise the stupidity of the Filipino people…senseless noise! My lack of patience,ability to adjust/ignore then ‘fuck-it’ attitude got me a few death threats!

    While living in a small BRNGY, renting a room on the second level of a three story house, with a balcony that hung to the edge of the only hard road in or out, I heard every noise that passed by. Nearly everybody in this small mountain brngy was related either by blood or marriage.I am unfamiliar with the Country or the culture really,I had visited the Philippines once before traveling around for 3-4 week, as this is my second visit which I have made arrangements to stay 3 mo.+ Had I known anything at all about these morons I would have never been there.

    After the first two months I was fed up with idiots on motorcycle,open exhaust,full throttle all hours of the night back-n-forth. I had brought several packages of water balloons with me from the states for the kids.I would talk the kids into picking up trash off the street (another thing that really pissed me off…litter), in exchange for a filled water balloon. I figured these idiots needed a bath anyway, so as they flew by, from the second level (`15-20ft. overhead) I would drop a baseball sized water balloon. After a while I got pretty good judging and they still had not figured it out, so I moved to the 3rd level. My gf continuously begging me to stop before someone got hurt??? THATS MY POINT! I figured it was a better alternative than coconuts or a baseball bat from the bushes! Besides there was little evidence left.

    She came to me crying hysterically one morning, telling me that one of the habal-habal drivers had gotten a gun and was waiting for me. I told her if she told me which one it was then I would stop. Smarter than most she would not tell me. I’m not gonna lie, I did stop after I seen how upset she was. Made me even more pissed because they thought they had won? I then became pretty skilled with a piece of bamboo and handful of popcorn!

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      Marius O.

      Although it’s tempting to take petty revenge like this, you’re wasting your time and run a very real risk of getting yourself shot. Filipinos consider premeditated murder a lesser crime than littering. It basically boils down to this (from the other story about noise):

      “When I asked why when they knew someone was sleeping off a headache they would actually choose to be louder, I got the characteristic blank stare and was told I was mean. It’s a free country, we can be loud, that’s how Filipinos are…get used to it”.

      You’ll never get a Filipino to comprehend that the planet has not been put here for his/her own personal use; that there are other people to consider. So you’re completely wasting your time telling them to dial the noise down etc. because you, as a human being, simply don’t exist. At best, you’re a cardboard cutout making wah-wah-wah noises in some foreign language.

      I have a theory that the Philippines has somehow selected the genes for sociopathy in a large fraction of the population. A sociopath is essentially a person who cannot perceive others as living, thinking beings with needs and feelings. To the sociopath, only HE is real and alive, and everyone else is a shadow: acts of cruelty, manipulation, and suchlike spring inevitably from their distorted worldview.

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      Marius O.

      For those who might be interested, these are the characteristics measured by the PCL-R, which is a questionnaire-like tool for measuring psychopathy:

      Facet 1: Interpersonal

      Glibness/superficial charm
      Grandiose sense of self-worth
      Pathological lying

      Facet 2: Affective

      Lack of remorse or guilt
      Emotionally shallow
      Callous/lack of empathy
      Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

      Facet 3: Lifestyle

      Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
      Parasitic lifestyle
      Lack of realistic, long-term goals

      Facet 4: Antisocial

      Poor behavioral controls
      Early behavioral problems
      Juvenile delinquency
      Revocation of conditional release
      Criminal versatility

      Other items
      Many short-term marital relationships
      Promiscuous sexual behavior

      Sound familiar? The average Filipino, I’m convinced, would score off the scale.

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    My advise to anyone who plans to rent or buy property in the RP…is to make multiple visits though out the day and night before you sign the final paper work. This way you will have an idea on the daily noise that you might encounter.
    My 1st apartment was ok in the daytime, but after midnight (when everyone got off work) that’s when the noise started up. After a month of endless noise and I moved out. I now live in a quiet better neighborhood. The rent almost doubled, but except for Sunday Karoke day…It’s 100% better.

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      Marius O.

      I deal with this by the simple expedient of living 1000m away from the nearest Filipino. I can still hear the roosters, and retards roaring about on scooters with no exhaust, but at least it’s at a much-reduced level of decibels.