We are all aware of the standbys in the neighborhood who are jack of all trades and master of none.

Well, one set of tumbuays put in the water lines in our house. It is a PPR type of plastic pipe, and needs a fusion machine to put it together.

Well  the contractor got mad after we refused to pay  him any more money. To install the water pump another tumbuay put a diffrent type of pipe onto the heavy duty PPR white pipe. ( We all know what this is leading up to) so the connection kblows apart because they are the same. Of course,, no. 2 tumbuay did not have a 2500 peso fusion machine.

Well, I decided to buy a cut limit switch that when there is no water running to the pump, it cuts of the electrical motor. However this switch only cuts out at 80 to 90 psi,,, ?? it can not be mechanically adjusted at all.

I am foning the credit card company to cut off payment and telling “”Best Tank /” to come and get their fancy limit switch.


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    Lol speakibg of water pipes

    A friend bought a house and found all these leaks happening. Water everywhere. It turned out the stupid filipino tradesman thought it a good idea to joib together pipe off cuts. All these small bits together to plumb the house. They call foreigners sti gy..kuripot…tihik… But filipinos take the cake when it comes to saving and parting with pesos. Theyll never do a proper job.. Always wanting to race home and sleep or play on facebook.

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      30-30 Post author

      They will spent hours cutting up bike inner tubes and wrapping it around the water pipe. Then wonder why someone goes nuts because of leaks,,,
      I fixed a leak in 5 mins. took the FIL 3 hours to wrap the pipe with rubber strips.
      They are cheap asses , always want a discount, never fix anything, wont spend a peso.
      They are even cheaper than Indians and arabs!!
      Pinoy pride no. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      However when they their fangs into a kano.. first class all the way

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    Alex Azar

    I heard that most Filipinos live in water. My coworker is from the Philippines and says the houses that have power have all their electrically outlets are placed high

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    These workers came to a relatives home. It was the 2nd time they came to unclog a drain pipe from the toliet, so I took a look and seen that the problem was a 90degree elbow. I tried to help and explain to these guys how to do it right. I get these blank looks, you know what I’m talking about. Family members gather, I’m explaining, trying not to come off like the know it all American. More blank faces, so I draw a picture explaining how drain pipes have to sweep like a race track or there will be problems. More blank faces,” oh they will just repair that one” someone said. That was 6 years ago, and to this day that pipe still gets clogged, and the toilet can’t be used until the ‘plumbers’ come to fix that one. I was giving them valuable solid advice, like was given to me years ago, unreal.

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    30-30 Post author

    the mechanics and carpenters just love doing a job on the cheap,,, they get to come back next month to %%%%repair%%% it again… more money for them

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      I used to, Kuripotkano, I used to. But after being ripped off by people I tried to help, I realized that these people don’t know the meaning of “gratitude” or “goodwill”. “Gratitude” (utang na loob in their lingo) is bandied around too much, but only if it suits them. Try throw it their way and they’d say “you’re counting! You gave freely, you should not be counting!”. Nowadays, any requests of “Ate, I have a problem” are met with “do I looked like I care about your problem?”. I know that I’m being labelled as “Madamot”.